The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


In Part One we met Jig, the pornographer, and two of his Str8Guy models: swimmer Tom and construction worker Chad. Both were hypnotized to good effect—they performed for the cameras better than ever before. In Part Two Jig and his stable of six now mind controlled Str8Guys moved from the city to the derelict Dude Ranch he bought with the profits from his porn web site. His Str8Guys got the place ready for the first guests who arrived in Part Three. In parts Four and Five we followed more adventures of Jig and his Str8Guys. They met their ranch folk neighbors and Jig considered the possibilities of adding some country boy ranch hands and local bikers to the Dude Ranch’s entertainment. In Part Six, it was winter and the guys got to know the bikers and country boys better while Jig extended his hypnotic mind control to include these new straight men he collected at the dude ranch. In Part Seven he found himself juggling mind control for a growing number of straight guys who helped set up an unused barn on the Dude Ranch as a biker barracks for his now mind controlled biker dudes. Everybody: guests, bikers, Str8Guys and ranch hands, ended up in the barn loft and on the web site cams. In Part Eight more biker dude’s arrived and were hypnotized. The Bar Straight’s country lad ranch hands learned some new tricks. A couple weeks have passed and Jig’s profits and fun continue...

Part Nine


I was finally getting the hang of things—if you catch my drift...;)—with all the straight guys at my Dude Ranch. When our guests were around they kept the guys busy; between guests, I had time to reinforce the dudes’ mind control... and keep them busy myself. Yes, it’s true, I love my job!

So I had a half dozen Str8Guys at the ranch, plus seven biker dudes at the Biker Barn, and the three handsome local ranch hands who helped out around the place. Mike, Mort and Matt, the rancher brothers, knew about keeping the place going and my city-bred straight guys learned a lot about running the ranch from them. The biker dudes didn’t do much around the place... but just being there meant I could have more guests at a time, since more mind zonked straight men were, uh, available!

So I focused the bikers’ zonked minds on working out and keeping their bikes and barn clean and neat, while the rest of the crew took care of the ranch. The biker exercise cam kept getting more hits. My customers would stay connnected for hours watching naked biker workouts. .. especially when The Dude was there... me too; couldn’t keep my eyes off that man!

That’s when Chad made things even more complicated for me.


I had sent my carpenter Str8Guy to town for some supplies. Couple hours each way. I could see the cloud of dust as the pick-up truck came back. When the truck stopped I noticed two young men in the cab with big Chad.

So I put on my “tough ranch boss” face and came up to the driver’s window. “OK Chad, what’s up?” “Well, Bossman, these two were sort of stranded out in the middle of nowhere...”

That’s when I got a chance to take a closer look at his passengers. Two scruffy boys in dirty jeans and sneakers, dark punk band teeshirts; stuffed backpacks behind the seat. They had longish, unkempt red-brown hair and looked close enough to be brothers... not more brothers! One was maybe an inch or two taller than the other.

So I introduced myself, “Jig’s my handle. Welcome to the Bar Straight Dude Ranch. Who are you boys? How did you get this far to nowhere?”

The taller lad spoke first, in a soft Southern drawl, “I’m Bobby Jim and he’s my cousin Billy Jo, “Silent Bill” to his friends. We were heading to the coast from Alabama and got lost and then some trucker dumped us off where Chad found us. He said he worked for a ranch an’ we could maybe get some food an’ work here.”

He and his cousin had the prettiest grey eyes, so how could I refuse. At least they weren’t brothers. “You both over 18?” They nodded. “Sure, boys, you can work for your keep. We won’t have any guests ‘til next week, so there’s plenty of time for you two to, uh, fit in.”

I grinned and opened the door to let them out. “You can start by helping Chad with the supplies. Then, Chad, I want you to take them to the bathhouse and get them cleaned up; haircuts, the works. You brought ‘em, so you’re in charge of ‘em.” As the boys were starting to unload the truck I leaned to Chad, whispering, “I’m putting you in charge of these new boys. There’s a bottle of whiskey behind the hot tub. A couple shots to relax ‘em. I want them shaved all over... you can leave a little tuft on the top of their heads; over their pubes. Then I want you all in boxer shorts only in the main room by the TV so I can start training them. Got it Chad?”

“Sure boss. I’m in charge of them. They’ll do what I say.”

Gotta love straight guy Chad! I knew how much he liked to dominate his best bud Tom, so I thought he’d do fine with these two. I was right. More than right.


So I settled down in my office to watch the bathhouse cam. “Boss says he doesn’t want you guys looking scruffy. He likes to keep a slick dude ranch image around here. So get those rags off and stuff ‘em in your backpacks. We’ll deal with them later.”

Chad stripped off his own shirt, jeans, socks and boots and was naked before they were. Chad has an awesome physique! Can’t get enough of that eye candy!

Silent Bill was hesitating, so big Chad wrestled him down and stripped him, using a put-on stern voice as he did so, “Bossman put me in charge, so you do what I say when I say it!”

Definitely a hot scene! Checked my web site stats and could see the number of members clicking in, as customers instant messaged each other or checked on our forum and heard a new scene was unfolding. So I posted a message to all the cusomers: “What do you want with these two?” Chad didn’t need my customer feedback to dominate the new boys, and that’s just what the paying customers wanted! And I say: Give ‘em what they pay for!

So there’s handsome, muscled, naked Chad sort of half draging the two now naked cousins over to the showers. After he got everybody wet, he made them stand with their hands up against the wall and their legs apart so he could use a scrub brush and soap on them. Very hot! The number of members on line doubled while I watched... people were telling people and soon I was getting new signups! Love that Chad! Couldn’t wait for the shaver scene.

Since Chad was used to me grooming him, he modeled what he did with the boys next on my hypnosis grooming sessions with him. He even used the same patter, proving how well my straight guy’s mind control was working!

The cousins had slim, nicely toned bodies with that redneck tan above their waists, but pale below. Nice redish bushes surrounding their uncut cocks and balls. Chad’s cock was sticking up, but theirs were still little birds nestled there. Nice fresh lads.

So there they were, bare assed, standing there with their hands clasped behind their backs, as Chad had ordered, when he got out the shaver and got to work. Zip, zip, zip and it was over too fast. But I now had two almost neatly trimmed lads with hair all over the floor.

So Chad disappeared for a minute while he had them clean up the floor. Nice scene with them sweeping naked. Then he was back with three boxer shorts and was hustling them out with a “The Bossman wants to see us at the ranchouse...”


So I was waiting for them when they came into the main room, nicely scrubbed and wearing plaid boxers. “You’re all looking good! Like Bar Straight Ranch hands should! I want you on the couch to watch an orientation video.” I had my G-rated Bar Straight vid on, but with my special subliminals in the background.

The lads saw images of the ranch; people riding; people swiming; people at the bbq. That they were all male people and were wearing our guest uniforms may not have registerd, since the subliminals were already at work. That’s when I switched to the swirling light display... still with the hypnotic subliminals. I started to talk them down and soon I had three zonked guys on the couch. Nothing sweeter than three straight men in shorts, hypnotized and listening to the sound of my voice. Watching their boxers tenting.

So I did the usual manly men routine and what happens at the Dude Ranch stays at the Dude Ranch. But I added a lot about how good it felt to listen to Chad and do whatever he wanted. Yep, I could imagine a hot three way scene with them; add Tom and it would get hotter. Basically, these two hapless cousins were about to become sex slaves. Well, they were lost in the desert and Chad did rescue them. They were wirey and tough countryboys who could probably take some abuse and still look cute. And I was pretty sure I could keep things from getting too out of hand. I hoped.

I put wireless headsets on the lads and left them with one of my looped mind control tapes. Got Chad up and we went off to get some leather straps and other equipment from the horse barn. I explained to my zonked Str8Guy how the boys needed strict training and how he was in charge. I told him he was going to be in charge of Tom the same way too, from now on. I found Tom, used his trigger words, and started to rearrange his mind control, “Chad has always been in charge. Tom-slave loves submitting to his big, strong slave boss Chad. Tom-slave gets hard whenever he obeys Chad...”


I knew Chad would take to his new job very well! We had some extra horse leads and leather straps that I had Chad cut and splice. While he did that and the cousins got more mind zonked, I took Tom to my office and put him deep under again. He had to be preped to be the example the cousins would follow. In their zonked state, they needed to see themselves as the same as Tom and he needed to behave the part. What part? That of naked slave stud, bound and controlled, for any cock’s pleasure. And I expected the biker dudes would provide the cocks! My web cams would be sizzling!

When I took the headset off Billy Jo he blinked open his eyes and found himself looking at big Chad, standing there shirtless in jeans and work boots—chest puffed up, glaring, holding a leather lead attached to Tom, who was standing at brace, eyes closed. The lead led to his balls and stiff cock, where it was bound. Other than a leather strap around his waist (latched in back with a padlock—with his thumbs locked into thumb-cuffs also hooked into the padlock) Tom was naked.

Chad hauled a very zonked Silent Bill up and pinned his arms behind his back while I affixed another padlocked leather belt around his waist so we could latch his arms back too. Chad pulled down the youth’s shorts and ordered him to stand next to Tom. That’s when I took the headset off Bobby Jim. He saw the two bound slaves; looked confused, then scared. He tried to bolt, was tackled by Chad and we wrestled him into the control belt—wirey and tough lad! Since I suspected he’d be a bit harder to handle than his cousin, I was ready for him. One of the guests had left behind a ball bit that found its way to my “lost and found” box. We got that in his mouth and hauled him up next to the other two.

In my sternest bossman voice, “Remain at brace. Sometimes you slaves forget your place. You’ve always been slaves here. Don’t forget it; but don’t worry, your handler Chad always takes good care of you. If you’ve forgotten how to behave, watch Tom. Just obey Chad— remember, ‘A silent slave is a good slave.’ And no complaints when any of my guests, Str8Guys or biker dudes want to use you. That’s what you slave studs are here for!”

Then Chad took over. I love it when he takes over! He tied leads around the cousins’ cocks and balls; whacked Billy Jo’s bare butt when he squirmed, and pulled them all out of the ranchhouse and to the barn. That’s where I had decided to keep my new slaves.

I turned on the barn cams and watched what would happen next. They entered the barn at a run, “master” Chad cracking a bare hand across bare buttocks. Chad brought them to three empty stalls at the back of the barn where he left each standing at brace facing the wall, their leads tied to steel rings he had bolted there. Wireless headsets went on next and I saw Chad click them on; my LAN started the half hour sex slave mind control loop I had quickly taped earlier. Chad got his tools out and made three rough benches for the three stalls and put some old horse blankets on them. He had each slave lay down, on his stomach, while he bolted a chain to the wall next to each bench that attached with a padlock to a steel ring on the bench, so the slave couldn’t get up unless he was released. While he was doing all this he cracked Tom and the lads across their buttocks repeatedly, loud enough to hear clearly on the cams. Hot stuff!

I had programmed Chad to be very strict with the slave studs and control them completely. I kept the other straight men away from the back of the barn for a couple days so Chad would have some time to break-in the slaves and get the cousins used to the sexual acrobatics that I so loved with Chad and Tom. Watching him break-in the cousins on the barn cams was awesome! He’d have the lads kneeling and watching him put Tom through his paces on the barn floor. He had alsways liked dominating Tom and treating him a bit rough. Now he let go completely and really got into it. Tom and he went from position to position; sucking, fucking, 69ing. Then he’d take one of the cousins and force him through the same positions to which Tom had eagerly submitted. So it went on, with Chad sleeping in the barn too, and me bringing them water and food. They remained in the barn for a week, except for a naked run he’d bring them on each evening, on their leashes, through the scrub brush, while the straight guys were eating dinner. Tom and the lads really toughened up under this training and I had all sorts of customers wanting to reserve time at the Dude Ranch.


Since the next new group of guests were coming in a couple days, I knew it was time to introduce the new Chad and his charges to my Str8Guys, ranch hands and biker dudes. But first I had to get them all in the right state of mind control so they’d also believe the sex slaves had always been part of the Bar Straight Dude Rance experience. So I got them all together in the Biker Barn on morning. My Str8Guys and the rancher lads had their usual party gear on: cowboy boots and plaid shorts. The biker dudes had on what had become their uniform too: black biker boots, jeans with no underwear and white “beater” A-shirts. Good-looking straight men, relaxing with some beers, waiting for another “talking to” from the Bossman.

Within the first couple sentences (with the usual “what happens here..” patter) I had used all their triggers and I had a dozen zonked guys sitting there, quietly listening to the sound of my voice. That’s when I reminded them there had always been sex slaves in the barn, behind the wall in the back of the horse stalls. I told them how Chad was in charge of the slave studs and how they all enjoyed being used. Then I added one more point that just sort of popped into my head... that Tom had made a mistake with one of the guests and he’d been assigned to slave duty as a punishment. They’d get the same too, if any of them did anything that got a guest complaint, or made any other mistake, or didn’t do what Bossman wanted. I was really feeling my oats! I could just see myself finding an excuse to train The Dude as a temporary sex slave for a while... getting hard again as I’m writing this for the Dude Ranch Blog... Yep, a little discipline would get the place running right!

That’s when I called in Chad and his slaves. Chad had really primed the three for their debut exhibit. All were naked, well scrubbed and neatly trimmed (could imagine The Dude standing there too... just that little tuft of hair on the top of his head and over his cock; naked and ready...). They had their slave belts on, hands latched back, leads tied around their balls. All trotted in, led by Chad who was wearing what was now his uniform: shirtless, with his cowboy bandana tied around his neck; jeans and work boots. He was also wearing a coach’s whistle and had trained the slaves to respond to whistled signals. At a short blast, they stopped, faced him and stood stifly at brace. Three short toots and their cocks stuck straight out.

“Chad, please introduce our slaves and tell us how you’ve trained them.”

“Sure Bossman. Ya all know Tomslave. Remember, when ya fuck ‘im, he likes it hard. These two are BJ and BJtoo. BJtoo doesn’t make much noise, but he sure knows how to satisfy cock! The Dude Ranch stud slave herd is here to please! Strict trainin’ and lots o’ cock...” Chad grinned and showed us a couple muscle poses while the slaves looked appreciatively at him.

“That’s great Chad! Now show us how you’ve trained them.”

“Right Boss. BJs! 69 on the floor here, so the dudes can see ya. Tomslave, git my cock out and suck it!” Bound Tom quickly stepped before Chad, knelt and, using his teeth, pulled down his jean’s zipper, freeing Chad’s hardening cock. He immediately started sucking. Chad stretched up tall, put his hands behind his head, closed his eyes and grinned some more. The slave cousins were at his feet too, sucking each other with equal concentration.

After a short while, Chad pulled Tomslave’s head away, with a loud plop. His glistening erection was throbbing and oozing precum. Talking to the watching dudes, he continued, “Got ‘em trained by the numbers! Watch this. Tomslave, position #1!”

He stood, turned around, letting Chad release his hands, then bent over, grabbing his own ankles, presenting his butt to Master Chad. Grabbing the slave’s butt cheeks, he pulled them apart and, with one firm thrust, entered Tom’s greased anus. Chad started pumping hard while the slave grunted a bit at each thrust. A minute later Chad pulled out, again audibly, “Position #2!” Tom changed positions, this time on the ground, on his back, holding his ankles with legs spread apart. Chad knelt and swiftly thrust in, hard pumping again.

This continued for quite some time, through a half dozen numbered positions, “So ya just tell any slave the position ya want, and go for it!”

That’s when I took over again. “OK Chad, why don’t you continuing doing Tomslave and I’ll need two volunteers to put the BJboys through their paces. Dude and Moose! Let’s see you loosen these two. Then the rest of you can take turns. Stud slaves need to be trained to do as many guests as necessary; so you can all be substitute guests to break ‘em in... So, pair off and keep each other hard while you wait your turns. I’ll get Moose and the Dude ready. Let’s go.”

I grabbed the two big bikers by their jean crotches (already bulging nicely) and positioned them so I could sit while they stood. Had their big cocks out fast—and started alternately sucking and stroking them. The two stiffening cocks responded well and shortly I had pulled the dudes by them over to the slave lads. Moose grabbed one and the Dude the other. They didn’t use the numbered positions. They simply hauled the two up and impaled them on their erections. Very hot scene. Sure the web cams were steaming!

Over the next couple hours there was a lot of raw sex. The biker barn just oozed testosterone! The slaves, my rancher lads, me too, got mouths and butts stuffed various ways. Everybody ended upstairs in the barracks loft, sprawled across the matts. Eventually, every stud was spent and snorring. I rousted Chad and had him take the slaves back to the barn, since their mind contol was best maintained if they were isolated except when being used. I told Chad I wanted them all to rest and I’d need them later for some more training. He nodded his understanding and led his charges off by their leashes.

Then I got Mike, Matt and Mort to help me get some grub for the dudes. I decided to reward my straight men with a naked lunch... and the slave studs as desert.

So I sent the ranch lads off to get the bbq ready while I layed down between Moose and the Dude. I began with their triggers, working on their heads with my voice and their now limp cocks with my hands. The two big bikers were really getting used to being mind controlled and loved going under and getting hard to the sound of my voice. Yes. Lunch would be certainly be interesting.

To be continued...