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Total Transformation Salon & Spa – Samantha (part 3)

If the week before had been bad, then this week was horrible. Once she got home, Sam spent the rest of the weekend smoking. If she wasn’t passed out from the crack, she was taking more of it.

On Monday morning, Sam called and took her first-ever sick day... and spent the rest of the day high. On Tuesday, she didn’t even think to call. When the sergeant called, she just said that she was down with the flu. And from the sound of her, the sergeant believed it. Sam told her boss that she might just take the rest of the week off. Which she did. Stoned out of her mind. Barely eating.

Throughout the week, Sam found herself thinking about Chrissie. She liked Chrissie. And Sam was having feeling about Chrissie that she had never experienced before. But she would find her nipples hard and her pussy getting wet the more she thought about her.

Sam was determined to make it to see Chrissie on time on Saturday morning. So, she decided to just stay up all night – which she did… stoned.

Just before 8, she hopped in the shower. She went to her closet and spent 15 minutes trying to figure out the right outfit to wear. “I want to look pretty for Chrissie,” she thought.

She decided against panties, put on her sexiest satin bra (she only had an A-cup), a tight red blouse and a tiny little black mini-skirt. She looked hot… (for a crack head).

Just before 9, Sam walked through the doors of Total Transformation Salon & Spa. Once again, Cassie was not shocked by what she saw – but only because she expected it. Sam looked like the crack addict that she was. Lack of food and made her already-thin body gaunt. The dark circles under her eyes were enormous. Cassie thought it somewhat pathetic that Sam had obviously taken the time to shower and dress pretty for Chrissie. But at the same time, she found it adorable.

“Good morning, Samantha. It’s wonderful to see you again,” Cassie said.

“Thank you, Cassie.” Sam couldn’t even look her in the eye.

“Let me get Chrissie for you.”

Cassie pushed a button on her phone to signal Chrissie that Sam had arrived. 2 minutes later, Chrissie appeared through the door.

“Hi, Sam,” Chrissie said excitedly!

Sam looked up, saw Chrissie and immediately felt wet between her legs. She hoped that her hardened nipples didn’t show through the bra and blouse, but she knew they did.

“Come on it, Sam,” Chrissie said, and the 2 disappeared into treatment room 3.

When they arrived, Chrissie asked, “Would you like to change into your robe?”

Sam just stared down, embarrassed.

“What is it, Sam,” Chrissie asked? “You can tell me.”

“I, um…” Sam stumbled, “I was kind of thinking that, um… Well, it’s kind of warm in here and I was thinking…” Sam’s voice trailed off.

“You were thinking that you might be more comfortable naked? Is that it, Sam?”

“Yes,” Sam mumbled.

Chrissie walked over to Sam and put her hand to her chin. She lifted Sam’s face to look her in the eye.

“I would love it if you would be naked for me, Sam,” Chrissie said. And with that, she plunged her tongue into Sam’s mouth and shared a passionate kiss.

A few moments later, Chrissie parted lips and said softly, “are you ready to get started?”


Chrissie reached behind Sam and unzipped her mini-skirt. She helped her wiggle it off. She recognized that Sam had no worn panties with a gentle pinch on her ass. Sam smiled. Then, Chrissie help pull the blouse over Chrissie’s head. Finally, she reached around and unhitched her bra. It fell down Sam’s arms and to the floor.

Chrissie stood back and looked at Sam. “You’re beautiful, Sam.”

Sam felt a drop start to run down her thigh.

“Let’s get started,” Chrissie said as she took Sam’s hand and lead her to the treatment chair.

Chrissie wet Sam’s hair down and began to massage the TTSS into her head. Chrissie was zoned out even before.

“How was your week,” Chrissie asked softly.

Sam tensed up.

Chrissie leaned to Sam’s ear and whispered, “you can trust Chrissie. You can tell Chrissie anything. Chrissie can help you. You love Chrissie…”

And there it was… Sam finally either realized of acknowledged that she was in love with Chrissie. She relaxed and let the warm feeling flow through her.

“So much better now that I’m here with you,” Sam replied softly.

Chrissie continued with the TTSS massage as Sam slipped deeper and deeper.

“Tell me about your week, Sam…”

“It was really rough, Chrissie…” Sam’s soft voice broke up and a tear came from her closed eyes.

Sam continued, “I don’t know what’s going. It feels like my life is a mess and my job is a mess. Can’t eat… can’t sleep… don’t care about work…”

“I see,” injected Chrissie

“But the crack makes it all better. Gets me through it.”

“What happened at work, Chrissie? I thought you loved your job?”

“Didn’t go in all week. I just hung around the house getting high. Makes me feel better. I told my sergeant that I had the flu and needed the week off. But I heard from one of my suppliers that the police were sniffing around asking questions about me on the streets. I think they might be investigating me for something…” Sam trailed off and began to weep.

“It’s OK, Sam. Chrissie is here with you… it’s OK…”

“I blew all my rent money on drugs. I’m going to have nowhere to live. If they find out, I’ll lose my job… but I don’t think I care. I just… I just… just don’t know what I want to do any more. I just feel like my life is kind of lost all of a sudden.” And Sam completely broke down into tears.

Chrissie stopped massaging Sam’s head and pulled up a stool beside her. She put one hand gently on Sam’s forehead and held her hand with the other. “Shhhhh, baby. It’s OK. Chrissie is here…”

Sobbing, Sam turned her head toward Chrissie, opened her eyes slightly and said softly, “I love you Chrissie.” Then just stared at her as the tears began again.

Chrissie leaned over and embraced Sam as Sam broke down in her arms – Sam realizing that she was completely lost, helpless and aimless.

“I can help make the pain go away, baby. Do you want Chrissie to help,” Chrissie asked?

“Please help me, Chrissie. Please help…”

Chrissie leaned back from their embrace and picked up a syringe from the tray. Then she whispered in Sam’s ear, “you trust Chrissie. Chrissie will help you. You love Chrissie...”

“I’ve got something here that will help make the pain go away,” Chrissie said as she showed the needle to Sam.

“What is it, Chrissie?”


Sam just stared at the needle.

“It will make all the pain go away, Sam.”

More tears as Sam understood what this could do. But she didn’t care. She hurt so bad. Her life was upside down and she was completely lost. But she had Chrissie to help her. Chrissie would help…

Sam rolled her arm over and laid it in Chrissie lap.

“Do you want this, Sam, Chrissie asked?

“Yes,” Sam whispered.

Chrissie picked up a piece of surgical tubing and wrapped it around Sam’s arm. She found the biggest vein and slowly stuck the syringe into Sam’s arm, emptying the heroine into her. Before she could remove the tubing, the heroine hit Sam like a freight train.

For the next 3 hours, Sam lay in the treatment chair tripping. Her pain was gone as she just tripped off in her wild heroine hallucinations.

Chrissie monitored Sam to make sure she would get through it and come back down. Sam was flying high.

About 2 hours into it, Chrissie stood up in front of Sam at the foot of the chair.

“Sam! Can you hear me? Open your eyes, Sam,” Chrissie commanded.

Sam’s eye’s opened but couldn’t focus very well. She was in a different world.

“Watch me, Sam. Watch Chrissie…”

And Chrissie began to take off her clothes. First her top & bra. Chrissie had magnificent breasts. She played with her nipples for a moment. Through the fog, Sam felt a tingle.

Then, Chrissie unzipped her pants and let them fall to the floor. She was standing there in front of Sam wearing nothing but a thong. But that didn’t last long as Chrissie slipped her finger into the band and slid them off, holding them in her hand.

Sam started to come back to earth a little as she sat there staring at the girl she loved getting naked in front of her. This was a great trip!

Chrissie put her knees on either side of Sam’s body and slowly worked her way up the chair. She lightly rested her beautiful butt on Sam’s tummy.

Chrissie still had her thong in her hand. With Sam staring, she took it to her left breast and rubbed it over her nipple. The nipple shot to life with the excitement of the sexy, soft material.

Sam was panting.

Chrissie continued by rubbing the thong over her right breast, then down her tummy and back between her wet legs, picking up more of her pussy juice.

“Does Sam want to see what Chrissie smells like,” Sam asked?

Sam just nodded yes.

So Chrissie brought her panties to Sam’s nose – putting the wet part from her pussy right on top.

Sam breathed deeply as she took in the wonderful musky scent of Chrissie pussy. Without thinking, she brought her hands to her face and took the panties from Chrissie’s hands. Sam rubbed them all over her face, and then began to lick them. She wanted to taste Chrissie.

While she was doing this, Sam stayed on top of her and played with her tits. Alternating between pinching her nipples, running her fingers around her areolas, massaging and pulling the nipples up to her mouth so she could kiss and nibble on them.

Sam, on the other hand, sat under Chrissie, staring at the show and adoring the scent and taste of Chrissie’s panties. She came.

“Do you want to lick my pussy, Sam,” Chrissie asked seductively (like she need to)?


Sam raised her arms up as Chrissie worked further up the chair so that her pussy was just over Sam’s face.

“Pull my hot pussy down onto your face, baby,” Chrissie said.

Sam did as she plunged herself into Chrissie’s hot, wet cunt. Sucking and licking. Lost in the rapture. Lost in the heroine fog. Loving it all. Sam came again. And again.

Totally spent, Sam passed out. Chrissie climbed off of her, put her bra, blouse and pants back on – leaving the panties on the tray - and continued to monitor Sam as she came back down.

Chrissie could tell from the monitors and Sam’s eye movement that she was coming back out of it. So she turned on the water and began massaging more TTSS into Sam’s head (what was left of it).

After a few minutes, Sam’s eyes fluttered open. The soothing massage felt wonderful.

“Hey, baby… welcome back,” Chrissie said softly. “How as it?”

“Amazing…” Sam slurred.

As she looked up into Chrissie’s eyes, Sam had a sudden rush of visions. Her breathing increased as it rushed through her head. Was that real or just part of the trip,” she thought.

“What’s wrong, baby,” Chrissie asked?

“Mmmmm… nothing…” Sam trailed off as she savored the images.

“I think we should give you some more highlights in that gorgeous long dark hair of yours,” Chrissie said.

Sam felt a rush… “Chrissie thinks my hair is gorgeous,” she thought.

“Sounds great, Chrissie. Whatever you say…” Sam replied.

For the next 30 minutes, Chrissie worked the color into Sam’s hair, then styled and dried it. Sam lay there throughout in a combination of coming further off of the trip and fantasizing about Chrissie.

Chrissie didn’t even need to program Sam to head right to the street and get her heroine stash or to make an appointment to come back next week. The heroine trip had hopelessly hooked her on the drugs and the previous sessions had hooked her on Chrissie.

“Time to wake up and get dressed, sexy,” Chrissie said bringing Sam back from her slumber. “Want to see what I‘ve done?”

“Oh, yes,” Sam replied.

Chrissie put a hand-mirror in Sam’s hand. Fortunately for Sam, she didn’t even notice her drawn, facial features. All she saw was the highlights and styling that Chrissie had done to her hair. Her natural jet-black hair had pronounced stripes of auburn and deep brown. Very exotic looking.

“I think you look beautiful,” Chrissie said.

“I love it,” Sam replied as tears of happiness came from her sunken eyes.

“Time to get dressed, sweetie,” Chrissie said after a few minutes of Sam admiring herself in the mirror.

Sam stood up awkwardly, having to hold the table for stability.

Chrissie handed Sam her bra. “Here, let me help you with that,” Chrissie said as she went around the back of Sam and fastened the bra hooks.

Next, Chrissie handed Sam her blouse and helped her get it over her head.

Sam’s eyes were fixated on the panties laying on the table – Chrissie thong. Chrissie let her stare for a moment as more visions of Sam’s trip and her first lesbian tryst flowed through the fog.

Finally, Chrissie said, “would you like to wear them?”

Sam just continued to stare at them. Unable to answer. Unable to look Chrissie in the eye.

Chrissie picked up the panties and walked behind Sam. She leaned close to her and said softly, “I would love it if you would wear my panties, Sam. Please?...”

Chrissie brought her thing to Sam’s nose. She inhaled deeply and let he r head fall back onto Chrissie’s shoulder. The Sam slowly moved the panties down Sam’s neck, across her breasts and down her tummy to her muff.

With a sexy sign, Sam lifted her left leg slightly to signal Chrissie to continue. So Chrissie slowly fell to her knees, behind Sam. And as she slipped her panties over Sam’s feet and up her legs, Chrissie kissed and nibbled on Sam’s cheeks.

She slid the thong all the way up – the back sliding between Sam’s ass cheeks, the wet center – wet with Chrissie pussy juice - nestling itself over Sam’s lips and clit.

Chrissie stood back up and came around in front of Sam. She pulled her face close and sunk her tongue into her in a passionate kiss. Chrissie’s right hand fell to Sam’s pussy as she massaged Sam’s clit through her silky thong.

After a moment, Chrissie pulled back from Sam’s lips and embrace. She picked up Sam’s mini-skirt and wiggled it up her legs. Then, she slipped around behind Sam and zipped the skirt up – taking the opportunity to run her hands over Sam’s ass.

Finally, Chrissie leaned toward Sam and said, “see you next week, sexy… sweet dreams!”

Sam started for the door – still struggling to maintain balance – a little bit from the drugs but mainly from the lust and rapture.

As the door slid closed, Bri entered from behind.

“I think her next visit will be her last,” Bri said.

“I agree, Mistress Bri. She’s broken,” Chrissie replied.

… To be continued…