The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Here’s a new story, my first posted to the net. Enjoy!

You seem to spend all your time over in the video lab,” said Susan as her roommate Andrea came in. “I don’t see how you have time to do anything for your other classes.” “Actually, I think I’ve found a way to combine two assignments,” said Andrea, smiling. “I’ve been working on a videotape which is also a special project in my Advanced Psych. class.”

“A Psych video?” Susan looked sceptical. She never was sure what it was that Andrea was up to in her major classes, but she’d been messing around with the video camera equipment and a computer for weeks. “How in the world is that going to give you credit in Psychology?” “It’s for that class on relaxation and altered states of consciousness,” explained her roommate. “I think anyone who sees it would be convinced.” She smiled, her large dark eyes flashing.

“You know what I think about that stuff, don’t you.” Susan shook her head. “I think it’s a lot of nonsense—it’s just in your own imagination, that’s all.” Andrea was still smiling. “If I showed you the tape, would you believe me then? I think it’s pretty hard to deny.” “Sure,” said Susan. “Just don’t be so sure. How long is it?” “About half an hour”, replied Andrea as she inserted the tape into the VCR. “Just have a seat over there.”

Susan sat down and brushed her dark hair back from her eyes as the tape started. It appeared to be just a blank, black screen, but as Andrea turned down the lights in the room a few faint bands of color could be seen. “I thought this was going to be some shots of your project,” said Susan. “You talked like this was some sort of demonstration or something.” “Shhh,” said Andrea softly. “It is. You’ll see. Now just look at it for a few minutes.” The rings of color were plainer now, and they were moving slowly out from a central point and disappearing as they reached the edge of the screen. Soft music had begun to play in the background.

Susan sat back in her chair and watched the rings as they grew and vanished. She had no idea what it was that Andrea was up to, but if this was her project, then she was in trouble. All it was was some simple graphics and music, just a bunch of colored circles that kept moving out from the center of the screen. It sort of gave you the illusion that you were the one moving, that the circles were standing still as you were drawn gently forward. She watched the circles, noticing that they seemed to come in a pattern that she couldn’t quite place. Andrea stood over to the side, watching as Susan stared at the screen. She knew that if she kept looking at it just a little bit longer, then her tape would be working as planned. The most important part was the first few minutes-after that she didn’t think anyone could stop looking at it even if they tried. And soon after that, they wouldn’t even want to try.

Every time Susan thought she knew what the pattern to the expanding circles was, it seemed she guessed wrong, and had to keep watching to figure it out. The illusion of movement was very strong now, and she had, without noticing it, given in to the pleasant sensation of being swept along by the glowing rings. The soft, tinkling music seemed to help. It distracted her as the rings kept coming, over and over. Andrea decided that it was time to see if Susan was responding as she should. “What do you think?” she asked quietly. Susan didn’t look up, but continued to watch the video, motionless in her chair. “It makes me feel a little strange” she answered. “It won’t hurt,” said Andrea, since Susan seemed ready to look away, “I promise. Trust me.” “Actually, it’s sort of nice,” Susan said more softly. “The colored rings look like they’re standing still, and it’s like I’m moving into them. . .” “That’s right,” said Andrea. She licked her lips. “Have you noticed how they keep coming, even when they look like they might stop?” Susan was staring fixedly at the screen. “Yess. . " she said, even more softly than before. “They keep moving. . they don’t stop. They keep coming over and over. . .over and over. . .” She felt a strange sensation that she couldn’t place as she stared at the screen. There was something about the way the colors changed as the rings moved that made it hard to look away. She tried to look up at Andrea and found that her eyes wouldn’t move from the center of the screen. A little voice in her head started to warn her, but the rings were glowing and moving so smoothly and prettily that she didn’t pay it any attention. Over and over. . .over and over. She knew that something about the way she was staring into the rings should worry her, but she couldn’t think of what it was. She felt so drowsy all of a sudden, but the pretty lights on the screen kept her from thinking about it, or about the way that she felt she couldn’t move. The smooth flashing rings of light kept her from thinking about anything except watching the screen. She knew if she didn’t stop looking at it then something would happen, but she was too sleepy to do anything about it. Too drowsy. In a minute or two she’d stop watching the pretty lights, but not now, when they were coming over and over. . .it was easier just to keep watching for a while. . she relaxed and let the soothing patterns carry her along, watching and listening. . .

Andrea was thrilled to see that Susan seemed to be oblivious to anything else except the screen in front of her. This was just the way things were supposed to work. She watched Susan’s expression closely as the next phase of the tape began, now that her attention was completely fixed. Now the rings seemed to develop a texture as they grew. As they expanded, they seemed to be turning as well, gentle spokes wheeling about. Susan stared as the turning rings moved in front of her. She was losing awareness of everything else in the room. The turning, whirling rings were so fascinating. The tinkling music was perfectly synchonized to the patterns, so that it seemed to draw her further into their rhythmic motions. Over and over. Round and round. She had never seen anything so fascinating. The patterns were absolutely mesmerizing. It was so easy just to watch, just to stare and not think about anything except the way the wheels turned and floated past her. Susan didn’t know when she’d felt so incredibly relaxed. Round and round. So relaxed. It felt good to concentrate on the screen. The whirling spokes were beginning to mesh now, meeting gently as they turned and grew. Round and round. So relaxing. The music was urging her to let go, to sink into the mesmerizing flow of patterns on the screen. She thought it would feel nice, like a warm bath. Round and round. Nice. Like a soft warm blanket. She began to sink into the screen. Concentrating on the turning, glowing rings and wheels. The music was calling to her as she began to let go and sink into the soft whirling lights. Round and round. . .her entire body felt warm and fuzzy as she moved deeper and deeper into the soft, whirling patterns. . .warm and drowsy. . .Susan felt like she was falling into the softest, most relaxing sleep she’d ever known.

Andrea watched Susan’s face as the patterns began to draw her in, hardly able to contain her excitement. Susan was obviously reacting just as she’d hoped. Her eyes were wide and glassy as she stared helplessly at the flashing wheels on the screen, her lips slightly open as she sat completely motionless. The whirling patterns cast shadows across her relaxed face and full, heavy breasts. The timing was perfect, as the patterns of spokes turned and meshed into a whirling spiral, a spinning whirlpool of colors and light. Andrea listened closely as the suggestions she’d recorded into the music became loud enough to hear. She knew that they were passing directly into Susan’s wide-open, receptive mind as she stared into the screen. Susan was helpless to resist now, she was sure. All she needed was to wait while the tape put her completely under. She was sure that no one could resist the hypnotic pattern that she’d developed—it was all she could do to keep her eyes away from it herself, and she knew what it was designed to do. Susan, though, was completely helpless as she stared directly into the screen.

Susan stared as the spiral became clear, turning around and around. Beautiful waves of color moved across it as it whirled. She was falling into it, letting go completely. It felt so good just to surrender her consciousness to it, just to sink into the spiral. Round and round. . .going down, deeper and deeper. It was pulling her in. Whirling and whirling. . .she began to feel obedient. The spiral somehow made her drowsy and compliant. It just kept going round and round and round. She felt herself falling into the endless whirlpool, disappearing into its fascinating depths. Slipping away. It felt so good just to give in. The music was moving in thick waves over her. So soothing. So good just to give in. Just to watch the beautiful spinning spiral and do what she was told to do. All those thoughts about looking away were disappearing. She wanted to watch the spinning disk on the screen. She wanted to keep falling into it and listening to the music. There was a voice in the music. She found that she would do whatever it told her to do. The beautiful wheel and the soft colors would control her. She was so happy to let the voice command. She would obey. Just watch the wheel, the voice told her. Whirling and whirling. She would obey. Susan knew that she had let herself fall under the spell of the swirling colors, but she didn’t care. It felt so warm and good to obey. She was a good slave girl. That’s what the voice was telling her now. She was a slave to the beautiful spinning wheel and the soft voice. She would obey. She was a slave. A slave to it. Everything the voice told her to do was an irresistible command. She wanted to be soft and submissive, to be under its control. The voice was telling her to come deeper into the spiraling wheel, and Susan felt a warm glow as she obeyed and sank further. It felt so good to obey. So good to be a slave girl. She would obey. . .

Andrea’s breath was coming in thick gasps as she watched Susan surrender her will to her voice on the tape. Susan’s face was utterly blank, eyes wide and glassy as she stared slack-jawed in total fascination at the whirling spiral in front of her. The commands that Andrea had implanted were clear above the music now: “Obey. . .watch and obey. . .relax and obey. . .you are watching the spiral. . .sinking into the spiral. . .it makes you want to do as you are told. . you must obey. . .” Andrea’s voice rose above the music a bit more: “You are hypnotized now. . .hypnotized. . .you are hypnotized by the spiral. . hypnotized by the beautiful whirling disk. . .” Andrea sank to her knees next to Susan as her roommate began to smile blankly, the shimmering spiral reflected in her wide, staring eyes. She was smiling at the swirling colors in front of her, a dazed expression on her face. Andrea loved seeing her like that. Her pulse raced as she realized that she would be able to make Susan do anything she wanted to now, that Susan wanted with all her mind to be nothing but her slave.

The voice was telling her that she was hypnotized now, and Susan knew that it was true. She believed everything the voice said. She was hypnotized by the whirling spiral that had become the only thing in the room. She could feel it hypnotizing her, warm waves of relaxation moving out from it into her open, receptive mind. Hypnotizing her. Hypnotizing her with the way it spun around and around, always going deeper. This was how it felt to be hypnotized. She never could have dreamed how nice it was. How good it felt to be under hypnosis, under hypnotic control. She knew who the voice belonged to now, that it was Andrea talking to her as she watched in a deep hypnotic state. Andrea was her master. Andrea was the master of the fascinating, hypnotic spiral that controlled her mind.. She was telling her that it was time to submit her entire mind and body now, to go into a trance. Susan wanted to do that. She felt a deep desire to obey, an overwhelming urge to submit. She was a slave, and all she wanted to do was serve Andrea, her master. To go into a trance. Andrea’s voice was telling her to prepare to surrender totally to her hypnotic power. The spiral was turning faster now. Susan felt all her thoughts begin to move down into it. She could feel the intense hypnotic influence reaching out for her mind and she submitted dreamily. Faster and faster, round and round. She was falling into it. Falling faster and faster. She could see only an endless spiral in front of her now, a deep whirling tunnel that pulled her in as she stared into it. Andrea’s voice was controlling her every thought, hypnotizing her into total obedience. Hypnotizing her into being a glassy-eyed slave girl. Putting her into a trance. Susan wanted that so much. She wanted the whirling spiral to control her mind. She could feel herself being utterly hypnotized by it now. With her entire body and mind she wanted to be Andrea’s slave, to obey her every command. The spiral was whirling so fast now that Susan felt all her thoughts disappearing. Her mind was going blank now. Completely blank. She knew that she was turning into a completely hypnotized slave girl now. She felt herself going under, going into a deep hypnotic trance. There was only the spiral. And the voice. The whirling spiral. The soothing voice. Andrea’s voice. Her master. She was her slave girl. She must obey. She must obey her master. She was hypnotized. Hypnotized. Hyp-no-tized. Hyp. . .no. . .tized. Hyp. . . . no. . . .tized. . . .