The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Hypnotic Roommates, Part 2

Susan’s smile became fixed in a broad, frozen expression as her eyes widened completely and became locked in a glassy stare. Her entire body shook lightly as she relaxed totally, and her head tipped to one side as she smiled obliviously into the screen. She was obviously entranced, completely under control. Andrea couldn’t stand it any more; the excitement of having her roommate hypnotized like this was too much for her. She hurridly took off her sweater and, after pausing to slow her excited breathing down, said softly: “Hello, Susan.” Susan smiled dreamily in response. “You may speak now,” said Andrea. “Hel-lo” said Susan in a soft, far-away voice. She continued to stare off into the rapidly rotating spiral on the screen in front of her. “You’re looking deep into the spinning disk now, aren’t you?” said Andrea, trying to keep her voice steady. “Yess. . .” answered Susan, “Deep into it. . .” “You’re hypnotized by it, aren’t you?", asked Andrea. “Yes, master,” answered her dazed roommate. “I am hypnotized.” “And you’ll do whatever I tell you to, won’t you?” “Yes, master,” Susan answered immediately. “I am in a trance now.” Andrea licked her lips. “That’s because you’re my slave, aren’t you?” “Yes, Andrea,” said Susan in her new little-girl voice. “I am your slave girl and I must obey.” Andrea closed her eyes momentarily and moaned softly to herself.

“Now, I want you to take off your sweater for me” said Andrea, biting her lip gently in her excitement. Susan complied eagerly. She wanted to obey. It felt so good to be able to do whatever her master told her to do. Her mind was a complete blank except for her desire to obey. She pulled the fabric over her head and sat watching the spinning disk in her bra, the light playing over her firm, swollen breasts. Andrea couldn’t hold back any longer; the sight of her pretty girlfriend turned into her hypnotized slave was exciting her more than she’d ever imagined. “Your bra feels tight to you now” she said in a soothing monotone. “So tight. You’d feel so much better if you just took it off. . .” Susan felt a warm, powerful urge to take off her bra as Andrea suggested. Her fingers reached up as if they had minds of their own and began to undo the fittings. Smiling dreamily in her deep trance, she removed it and let it slip from her hand. Her full, round breasts sat firmly on her chest, their wide brown nipples turned up slightly at the tips. It felt so good to release them. Her master wanted to see her topless. She would obey. She always did whatever Andrea told her to do. She was a good slave girl.

Andrea fumbled for the hooks of her own bra, feeling that she had to remove her clothes soon or lose her mind. The sight of Susan’s beautiful tits sitting out in the open was almost too much for her—she’d had to force herself not to stare at them ever since she began rooming with Susan, and now she could make all her fantasies come true. Susan was in such a deep trance that she’d never remember what happened to her, and she was utterly subserviant while she remained under. “Doesn’t it feel good now?,” she asked. Susan smiled happily: “Yes, master. . .so good”

Andrea reached up and began to lightly stroke her own nipples with the tips of her fingers. She caught her breath sharply and said “Now here’s what I want you to do. You want to lift up your hands now. . .lift up your arms until they stand straight out. You’ve seen pictures of people when they’re hypnotized, haven’t you?” Susan began to slowly bring her arms out in front of her. “Yes, master,” she replied. “Like a sleepwalker. . .” She smiled as she held her arms straight out in front of her, pointed into the flickering spiral on the video screen. Her firm breasts sat compressed slightly between them. “That’s right,” said Andrea. “Like a sleepwalker. . .you’re in a hypnotic sleep. . .” She was lightly kneading her pointed breasts with her fingers now, licking her lips as she watched Susan smile back at the spinning hypnodisk. “Hypnotic sleep” repeated Susan, “I’m hyp-no-tized. . .” She sat with her arms pointed directly into the spinning disk, wide-eyed and smiling.

“Yes. . .yes. . " moaned Andrea. “Now you’re starting to feel a powerful urge to feel your breasts. . .to stroke and hold them. You can feel them getting so warm and sensitive. . .you can’t keep your hands away. . .” Susan slowly reached for her jutting tits, smiling as she took one firm breast in each hand and squeezed it gently. “Tell me how good it feels to play with your tits, Susan. . .” said Andrea, who was pulling on her own erect nipples now and hardly able to gasp out the words. “Tell me how much you love to feel yourself and rub your nipples. . .” Susan was stroking the warm flesh of her breasts rhythmically. “I’m playing with my tits now, master” she said in her little-girl voice. “They feel so warm and heavy in my hands. . .it’s so nice to squeeze them and stroke them. . .so nice to rub them. . .” She was cupping each heavy smooth breast in each hand, reaching around to play with her own nipples. “Tell me about your nipples,” moaned Andrea. She was shedding her panties as she spoke. “They feel so wonderful,” said Susan, “so nice. They’re getting hard now, master. When I stroke them with my fingers they stand up and feel so good.” She was tweaking and pulling on her huge brown nipples now, pulling on the warm flesh of her breasts with a flushed expression on her mesmerized face. “Make me play with them, master.” said Susan. “Make me play with my heavy tits.” “Yes, Susan. . .you want to pull on them now,” said Andrea. Susan took her firm brown nipples between her fingers and tugged them ecstatically, first one and them the other.

“Yes. . .yes, Susan, you have to play with them for me,” said Andrea. “You know that men like to look at them, don’t you?” “Yes, Andrea,” said Susan as she squeezed the smooth brown flesh of her breasts, smiling ecstatically. “They love to watch my tits. . .they want to feel them. . .feel them. . .feel them. . .” Susan massaged herself in time as she repeated the words. “They’re so big, Susan, “said Andrea, trembling with excitement. “They’re so big that you must be able to lick your own nipples. . .have you ever done that?”

“Yes, master,” said Susan. “When I’m alone and I want to play with myself. . .I lick them and lick them until I have to come . . .” She smiled as she cupped her heavy tits in each hand so that her nipples jutted out. “Suck them for me now, Susan,” moaned Andrea. “Lick your nipples.” “Yes, Andrea. I must lick them,” she said, pulling the left one up and tilting her head down. Her tongue moved out slowly, seeking the pulsing brown nipple. Andrea’s legs were shaking as she watched, hardly able to keep herself from coming. Susan’s tongue flicked against her own nipple, back and forth, then she bent forward and licked it more firmly. The front of her tan breast began to shine where she licked it, in smooth strokes, tongue busily slapping at the hard brown bud at its center. Andrea couldn’t control herself. Watching her hypnotized girlfriend licking her own tits was making her lose her mind, and she leaned forward toward Susan’s other breast, still cupped in her hand. Her lips opened in a small “O” as she approached. She felt flushed with the desire to finally put her mouth on Susan’s young body.

Susan gasped a little as Andrea clamped her warm mouth over her right breast. She was totally in thrall to Andrea, and the commands that she had followed had reduced her to a state of desire that she had never reached. She felt Andrea’s tongue began to slurp across her nipple, and it sent a hot bolt of pleasure into her. Her hypnotized mind registered only that as long as she obeyed this incredible sensation would continue...her entranced body was trembling at the sensations coming up from her throbbing breasts. She was a slave to the incredible feelings that her master was giving her. She reached down and cupped her heavy tits in her hands so that Andrea could suck first one, then the other, back and forth.

Andrea loved the sensation of Susan’s hard brown nipples between her lips. She pursed her lips around one of them and rubbed it with her tongue—she loved having that done to her, and she was sure it would have the same effect on Susan. The small wet smacking noises her tongue made were driving her crazy. and she knew that she’d have to do something about it soon. “Lick me, master,” Susan said, beginning to gasp a bit. “Suck meee. . .”

Andrea pulled back and looked into Susan’s flushed face and her glassy eyes. “Now, Susan, you will stand up for me, and take off the rest of your clothes. . .all of your clothes for me.” Susan stood up and obeyed. “Yes, Andrea. All my clothes.” Her shiny tits hung from her chest as she bent over to take off her jeans. Andrea could hear a small moist sound as she peeled off her panties, which were soaking with excitement. She stood wide-eyed in the shifting light from the screen, completely naked. Her waist flared a bit to smooth, rounded hips and tanned legs. Andrea walked over to the other side of the room and quickly shed her remaining clothes.

“Come to me now, Susan. . .come to your master,” she said, and Susan’s arms came up like a robot’s. She walked slowly, directly at Andrea with her arms straight out and a look of blank obedience on her face, her breasts shaking a bit from side to side, and stopped right in front of her. Andrea’s knees were weak with her unbelievable excitement as she stepped forward and ran her hands over Susan’s smooth arms and shoulders. She stepped in between her outstretched arms and stared directly into her eyes. “Kiss me now, Susan. . .you want to hold me, embrace me. . .” Susan slowly moved forward and closed her arms around Andrea’s back. Her firm breasts were the next thing to touch, and Andrea gave a small moan as she felt the erect nipples press into her tits. Then Susan moved one hand to the back of Andrea’s head and pulled her closer, lips parting. Andrea tilted her head and their lips met, parting, moving slowly as they kissed. Susan was slow and deliberate in her hypnotized state, gently moving her tongue past her lips and in and out of Andrea’s warm mouth. Her hands were moving up and down the smooth skin of Andrea’s back, and she began to moan softly. . .holding Andrea’s body was her only desire.

Andrea pulled back a bit, and with a small motion commanded Susan to stay where she was. Her desire wouldn’t let her wait any longer. There were so many things she wanted to do with Susan and with Susan’s smooth young body, but she knew that there would be plenty of time to experiment, now that she had her under such deep control. She stepped back and sat on the same chair that Susan had been in when she had gone under, turning it to face her. She slid forward a bit, parting her legs—she couldn’t believe how excited she was; she’d never seen herself so wet. Susan watched, eyes fixed on Andrea, still lost in her deep trance.

Andrea slowly ran a hand down her stomach to the top of her moist patch of hair. She spread her knees wider and slid forward in the chair as her fingers brushed her wet, pouty labia. So warm and slick. . .she moaned and fought for control, ready to come at the touch of her fingers. “Now, Susan,” she gasped out, “you must come and help me now. . .come to me, Susan. . .” Susan’s arms came up again as she obeyed and walked over to where Andrea sat, trembling and panting. “Now get down on your knees. . .down on your knees like a good slave girl. . .good hypnotized slave girl. . .” Susan sank to the floor, eyes dreamily looking up ant Andrea. “Yes, master. I am a hypnotized slave girl.”

“Look down,” moaned Andrea. “Look between my legs, Susan. . .tell me what you see. . .tell me everything you see.” Susan’s eyes moved down as she was commanded. “I see your. . .I see your cunt, master. . .your wet hair. . .your lips, master. . .” She was smiling now, eyes fixed between Andrea’s smooth thighs. She moved her head closer: “I see your hand, master. . .your hand is moving down to your cunt. . .your finger is pulling back the wet skin. . .moving back and forth. . .”

“Yesss,” said Andrea, who was unable to pull her hand away from herself. “Watch it, Susan. . .watch the finger shining as it moves back and forth, round and round. . .” She was masturbating now, flicking the wet slickness around her clit and Susan stared at it in fascination. “Watch. . .the. . .fingerrrr” “Yes, Andrea,” she replied. “I’m watching it. . .watching it rubbing. . .stroking. . .so. . .fascinating. . .” Andrea felt herself falling into the rhythm she had used ever since she was a little girl, moving her index finger up and down, across and back, making wet smacking sounds as it went around and around. Susan was staring at her in total fascination, hypnotically fixated on the mesmerizing motion of her hand on her pussy. Andrea reached up with her other hand for her left nipple, which was so erect it almost hurt, and she knew that this would send her over the edge and give her the release her body was trembling for. But she had to fulfill one more fantasy: “Susan. . .you have to leaaan forward. . .closer and closer now. . .deeper into the motion. . .deeper and deeper. . .” Susan obeyed, her dark hair brushing against the inside of Andrea’s thighs. “And you, you have to, you have to reach out with your tongue now,” said Andrea in an orgasmic quaver, “You have to lick meee, lick your master’s pussy!”

As Susan swayed forward to comply, Andrea abandoned herself to the sensations that flooded her. Her right hand was busily rubbing her slick cunt as her left hand brushed over her thick brown nipple, fingers spread wide and stiff to fan across it, back and forth. As this started to send her over the brink, she felt Susan’s moist tongue contact her hot flesh, slipping in around her wet finger. This was too much for her to stand, she though she would go insane as the soft, rough tongue began to lick her. Lick her. Her slave girl was licking her as her hand trembled over her aching pussy, and she took her nipple between thumb and forefinger and squeezed it as she felt the first trembling muscle spasm begin. Susan was nuzzling her face between her legs as she began to come, electric shocks running up her legs to converge on her suddenly contracting cunt, head thrown back, her mouth open and moving as Susan licked and licked. It was like dying, like breaking into red-hot pieces as she came and came, hypnotized roommate between her squeezing legs.

There would be so many nights like this, she thought, as the ecstasy echoed out through her limbs. So many things to try. . .