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The Hypno-Domme Next Door

Kenny Meets His Goddess

Christie sat next to the unconscious Kenny, watching Sharon finish her holdered Capri 120. Normally, she’d have one of her roommates take care of the heat she was feeling, but she was much more interested in Kenny; he was currently unavailable, but she’d give him a good twenty minutes or so before waking him up to complete his seduction. Michelle brought her a washcloth to clean her hands. She’d never been one for cum on her body. As far as Christie was concerned, there were three places semen belonged after it was shot: the inside of a rubber, inside her (rare, but she enjoyed the contractions of ejaculation on occasion), or into the toilet, after she’d been satisfied. She had Sharon light a Saratoga for her, and then sent her favorite slave to the store for a couple of packs of Mores, while she plotted her next moves. Kenny had submitted to her, and she needed to reinforce that to make sure he wouldn’t just spontaneously become the same old Kenny, instead of her hypnotic toy—and Michelle’s love slave. Finally, she decided she couldn’t wait. “Kenny, this is the voice of your Goddess... it is a voice that you will always hear above all others. Your Goddess will give you your Michelle, just the way you like her, the way you want her, the way you’ve dreamed about her. Would you like this, Kenny? I can make it happen. I am your Goddess.”

“Yes,” he stated. “I would like that... very much.”

Christie seductively resumed, “Then you must worship me, Kenny. I am your Goddess, Kenny. My voice is a voice that must be obeyed. You shall do all that I tell you, because only I can give you what you want, Kenny. You will obey me. I will teach you how to please me with your worship. In exchange, I shall grant you your heart’s desire. Who am I Kenny?”


“That’s not right Kenny. The movie in your mind won’t ever play again, and Michelle will never smoke for you again. Now, try again. Who am I?” He hesitantly said her name again; Christie didn’t say anything right away. “Now you hear only the soundtrack to the movie in your mind, and the movie has gone dark, Kenny. The movie won’t play for you anymore. You will never see Michelle smoke in your mind, or in real life, Kenny. Because I say so. Haven’t I done everything I’ve said? Hasn’t listening to me made you happy?” He replied, “Yes,” with a tinge of fear in his voice. He was convinced that she would do what she said, and that anxiety, along with his fetish, was going to break him very quickly. “Now, who am I? It’s not a very hard question, Kenny, and I’ve given you the answer. Tell me what I’ve told you, and you will be able to see Sharon smoke, you can watch your beloved Michelle in the movie, and in real life, and... your Goddess will smoke for you... just the way you want. Who am I, Kenny?”

Kenny began to squirm, and he was recovered enough that his cock began to rise. Thinking of the possibilities, Mr. Wood? Christie patiently waited for his answer. “Christie... is... my Goddess,” he finally admitted, somewhat reluctantly. She prompted him once more, gently, just as Sharon came back through the door. “You are my Goddess,” he stated, more certainly.

“Relax and watch your movie again, Kenny. Your Goddess has started the movie again, and her voice is the soundtrack,” she said, and watched him smile. His cock was on its way to full erection. His fantasy had him once again, and she was going to manipulate it to her advantage. “Kenny, watch your movie, enjoy your movie, remaining completely still. You can not move, because your Goddess has commanded, and you must obey.” Christie led her entranced duo upstairs. Having Kenny’s mind was a powerful aphrodisiac, but she wanted to make sure she had it firmly in her grasp. She still allowed herself to luxuriate in the feeling of soft flesh on her flesh as her handmaidens undressed her, lovingly cleaned her, and then Sharon laid out her catsuit with the strategic hole. Michelle gently, lovingly, put lotion on her, scented her skin, all the while giving her occasional worshipful kisses, but Christie stopped her from doing more with a gentle word. She didn’t want to lose sight of her objective; Michelle and Sharon were extremely capable of making her forget herself. Christie put on the catsuit. She loved this particular garment; the sheer feel of the fabric, and the cooling breeze down below made her feel sexy and horny. Time for the tools of the trade. Christie put on her black latex boots that came just to below the knee, a present from Jamie and Marie. If pressed, Christie would have to say that her legs were her best feature, and the boots drew attention there. She looked at herself in the full-length mirror. I’m too fucking sexy. “Tell me how sexy I am, my dears.”

“Yes... Mistress... you look very sexy tonight,” Sharon and Michelle chorused, slightly out-of-sync. She smiled, even if they were enthralled, it still sounded good. And now for the pièce de résistance... Christie opened one of the packs of Mores and fit it into an eight-inch long black cigarette holder that she’d had customized to fit the slender brown cigarettes. One of her favorite play party subs was very into ladies with Mores in cigarette holders; she really didn’t care for the brand, but she wasn’t beyond using them to—induce scenarios. Leaving it unlit, she came down the steps, Michelle obediently following, her eveningwear gone, replaced by lingerie, while Sharon brought up the rear, still fully dressed. This session was for Michelle, but Christie wanted to have Sharon around in case Kenny proved a disappointment. If Kenny was as good as Michelle said, Sharon would get her share of the bounty later.

“Kenny, open your eyes, remaining relaxed and asleep. Look at your Goddess,” she purred sultrily. His eyes were blank, but the image she presented registered nonetheless; his cock twitched. “Yes, your Goddess has returned, and she will grant you your wish tonight. When I count to three, you will awaken, but remember that I am your Goddess, and my voice must be obeyed at all times. You have pledged yourself to your Goddess, because she can give you what you want. You will obey me, and worship me, Kenny. I am your Goddess.”

“I will obey... you... worship... my Goddess,” he replied in a monotone, sending shivers down Christie’s spine and a very powerful, warm pulse through her moist pussy. She smiled in anticipation. She counted him to consciousness, confident that her triggers were well enough ingrained that she’d be able to fix any awkward situation. Kenny gasped at the sight of her in her catsuit and Michelle in lingerie, and he got visibly harder.

She captured all of his attention by asking, “Do you have a light?” and posing with the cigarette holder. Judging by the tactless gape, her appearance made Michelle fade to insignificance. After a brief, frantic search, he provided the requested service. Christie exaggerated her drag, exhale, and hold, maintaining Kenny’s hunger and his rigidity, posing throughout, very aware that she had sufficient control of him through his fetish to get laid. But the domination... “Kenny, I can tell you like what you see. Are you surprised?” He stuttered incomprehensibly. “This proves that I am your Goddess. I know what you like to watch, without your saying a word. Michelle, I command you to smoke a More for Kenny.” Michelle took a brown cigarette from Christie and he sprang to his feet to light it. “You shouldn’t be standing in the presence of your Goddess,” she snapped. “I can stop this as easily as I started it.” He sat down quickly, and was rewarded with another smoking spectacle from Christie, and the sight of Michelle with a More. His eyes were so wide that Christie could see the dilation of his pupils. It was time. “Kenny, your Goddess has granted your fantasy. What will you do for her? She deserves your worship.” Christie walked to her favorite chair and sat, regally, posing for another drag and slow exhale. He peeped. “Worship your Goddess, Kenny. Worship me.” Kenny hesitated. “Michelle, sexy, slow, smoke,” Christie commanded. Michelle turned to the left, giving Christie (and Kenny) a profile view of a long, slow, draw, a careful picture-perfect french-inhale, and equally slow oral exhale finished with a brief, thick stream of smoke from her nostrils. He stared, mouth open, but still no movement. Well, she had other ways of getting what she wanted.

“Kenny, watch me,” Christie whispered, re-capturing his attention. “Watch your Goddess.” She took a demonstrative puff from the 8″ holder, fashioning a slow, nasal exhale. “And again.” This time, Christie swung her legs onto the sofa, crossing them, giving both Kenny a good chance to admire her long, latex-clad legs. She took another long draw from the holder, and as she inhaled, held it at arm’s length, before casually, regally, lifting her chin, and exhaling as Michelle had. Kenny’s cock could not have been any more rigid. “Look at my long, beautiful legs, Kenny,” she continued in her most seductive tone. See how the boots are so shiny... see how the light dances off them when I bounce my legs... up and down... up and down... making the light go up and down... that’s right Kenny, watch my beautiful light go up and down and up and down... and the light is now all you see, and you are going slowly into trance for me, into trance for your Goddess because she wants you to and you want to obey her... into trance as your body remains erect.” Christie stood, but Kenny’s eyes remained transfixed on the spot where her legs had been. She exhaled into his face. “Close your eyes as your Goddess’ smoke envelops you. Deeper into trance for her, deeply hypnotized.” He opened his mouth to say something, but Christie was too fast for him, exhaling at him again, and he was under. He was still hard. She put out the More. “Now you are entranced by your Goddess. What must you do when you hear your Goddess’ voice?”

“I... must... listen... and obey,” he sighed. She gave him her approval at how well he remembered his lesson before commanding him to stand up and open his eyes, remaining deeply hypnotized.

Christie made Michelle light another More, then the two returned to Kenny, Michelle standing in front of him while Christie casually walked around him. “Kneel. Your Goddess commands.” He struggled a little bit against the compulsion, but his knees sagged and finally met the floor. “Michelle, sexy, slow, smoke.” Her enthralled roommate obeyed as before, drawing a gasp from the young man kneeling in front of her. “See what happens when you obey your Goddess? She rewards you with what you like. What will you do when your Goddess commands?”

“I will obey,” Kenny replied, much more quickly than before.

Christie again made Michelle pose for him; reinforcement of this reality was important. He’d soon do anything for her, in or out of trance. She continued this for the remainder of Michelle’s cigarette; each time Kenny repeated his vow of obedience, he was be “rewarded” by having Michelle perform in a live fantasy of his. It was suddenly very warm in the townhouse. “Kenny, close your eyes and sleep deeply in hypnosis until your Goddess awakens you.” The sight of Kenny on his knees with his head bowed and eyes closed raised the temperature even more. She was the hypno-domme Goddess, and almost everything was in place for her affirmation. Christie sat in her chair again, a queen on her throne. She woke her boy toy up, his penis mostly deflated. “Sharon, prepare your Mistress’ smoke.” Sharon ran a pipe cleaner through the holder, her dark eyes open, yet blank, and fitted a fresh More into it before presenting the assemblage to Christie. “Watch me,” she purred at Kenny. He was erect again by the fourth exhale, and it was extremely hot in the townhouse now. Christie handed the holder to Sharon and spread her legs. Michelle had said that Kenny gave good head; now was the time to find out, because she was ready to explode. “Come to me, and worship at your Goddess’ altar. Worship me, Kenny, from your knees.” He crawled to her, and Christie just about lost it. She pulled his head to her delta, holding him away from her by the slightest of margins. “Inhale the magical, arousing scent of your Goddess—imagine the taste and the delight. This is my altar, Kenny. This is where you will worship me. You know what your Goddess needs,” Christie cooed, hanging onto the last bit of self-control she had. She drew on it as her voice turned stern and she demanded, “Obey me and give me your worship.”

Kenny dove between her thighs with a strangled, “I obey my Goddess,” and Christie grabbed Sharon’s hand for the ride. He was very good with his tongue and hands, although not nearly as good as Sharon or Michelle; but then again, they’d had much more practice, especially Sharon. It didn’t take long for the combination of the power trip and Kenny’s efforts to send Christie into orgasm, as she turned red and squeezed Sharon’s hand for dear life. All three of them, her hypnotized slaves, there to perform as she willed... Reality coalesced around her briefly, long enough for her to realize that Kenny was still worshipping her before her brain shut down, and her next orgasm came on the heels of the first. She came down from that one and commanded him to stop his worship. She felt all wet and tingly... and itchy inside. She looked down at Kenny, his face wet with her juices, and then between his legs—his erection had already lost some of its rigidity, but it was still hard enough for what she had in mind.

“Lie on your back,” she panted, having ceased caring about the rubber in Sharon’s pocket. “Your Goddess commands that you will not cum,” she declared before settling on top of him. He moaned, but Christie’s hips were already churning. She was lost in the pleasure of great fucking, not caring about anyone else in the room, not even Kenny, whose cock was powering her to another orgasm. She lost control of her hips, and suddenly, she couldn’t breathe. Her body locked a few instants before a hail of multicolored lights blinded her. When she could see again, she was hanging onto his neck, bent forward. Christie let a long, loud breath go, and slowly made it back to her riding position. Kenny was looking up at her with adoration. He felt good inside her, but she still had work to do. She climbed off and stood up, making him moan in protest. “Silence,” she snapped in annoyance without looking at him, and waited. Good. He’s still obeying me. “That’s better. You have pleased your Goddess, Kenny,” she said, noting that the frustration vanished from his face, replaced by eagerness to see what his reward would be. Christie had a brief whispered conversation with Michelle, who removed her bra and panties as his eyes grew wide. “Fuck him now, Michelle,” Christie ordered. The zaftig blonde straddled him and sat on his straining erection. He moaned, very loudly, very happily, met with a soft sigh from his lover, which turned to moans of her own, and soon the grunts of unchained fucking filled the townhouse’s living room. Christie just sat and watched them, feeling a little tingle as Michelle came once, turning red, her eyes rolling up in her head, mouth open without any sound... She loved watching Michelle cum. She began to diddle Sharon absently as she watched Kenny and Michelle continue their passionate lovemaking. It wasn’t long before Michelle began to turn red again. It started between her breasts and traveled up her neck. Christie stopped playing with Sharon, licking the juices off her fingers as she prepared another holdered More. The red was on Michelle’s face and getting deeper; she was making nonsense sounds. Christie knew she was on the edge and shouted, “Your Goddess commands that your penis is super-sensitive now you will feel everything completely and cum!”

Kenny took a loud, ragged breath and lifted Michelle off the floor as his back arched and he screamed, “Michelle!!!!!” She bucked crazily on top of him, forcing him back to the floor, and then both of them vibrated, quite visibly, for long instants until they collapsed with a simultaneous “AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!” Kenny and Michelle lay still, panting for air, drained of energy. Christie lit her cigarette and cut short Michelle’s cooing afterglow with a few words. She got up and walked over to the sofa, leaving Kenny, his eyes still loosely rolling around, at Christie’s feet.

“I am your Goddess, Kenny, I made this happen. I made this happen because you pleased me with worship,” she began, speaking rapidly, not giving him a chance to process what she was saying. “And now you feel weak... drained... tired... happy... so weak... but so happy... as you watch your Goddess smoke with her long cigarette holder.” He was looking at her, but his eyes indicated that he was still in afterglow’s haze. Christie pressed her advantage, taking another draw, and, after a posed exhale, she gently rested her right boot on his chest. “Yes... you are so weak now, so happy... you like women with cigarette holders, don’t you, Kenny?” He managed something that sounded like “yes,” but Christie ignored him and continued without a pause, “Yes, and I have a long cigarette holder, and I am your Goddess and you are feeling weak... sleepy... you feel so good... so happy... so tired... so weak... soooo sleeeepy. And as you watch me with the cigarette holder, you feel your weakness become acceptance because it’s so easy to watch the long cigarette holder and listen to my voice... My voice telling you what to do... as you watch the long cigarette holder and it’s so easy to watch and listen... Listen and obey... the cigarette holder... it’s so pleasant... you’re sooo tired... sooo happy... feeling soooooo goood that you just want to watch and listen... Just watch and listen as you become more and more sleepy, and it feels soooo goooood... So good to watch, listen, and obey... Watch the looong holder, listen to the voice, and obey.” She continued to link his current mental and physical state with long cigarette holders. When his eyes began to close, Christie sharply said, “Kenny. Look at me.” to keep him in this extremely suggestible state for a little while longer. He forced them back open with effort. She took another posed exhale, her boot still on his chest. “When you see a woman with a long cigarette holder, you will feel the way you do now, so relaxed, so happy, so good... so very, very, sleepy. Very, very, sleeeepy... You want to watch, listen, and obey... The word you’re thinking of is submit... submission... watch the holder, listen to the voice, and obey... That’s it, you feel submissive... so relaxed... so happy... so sleepy... so very sleepy... and you are so happy to be submissive now... My long cigarette holder has made you happy to be submissive... you feel so good because of the long cigarette holder... You’re tired... and sleepy... and you have to keep your eyes open for me, Kenny, you want to watch my long cigarette holder... and listen to me... and obey... It’s so easy to be submissive now... don’t think, so happy, so warm... so sleepy... so tired... easy to watch, listen and obey... watch and listen... easy to obey... easy to watch the long holder... easy to listen... easy to submit...” His eyes were narrow, teary slits, his mouth frozen open. He was ready for the last little push. “Now you can close your eyes and relax completely into a deep hypnotic trance as I say, “Sleep now!” His eyes closed immediately and his head lolled to the side. Christie got down on one knee and whispered into his ear, “We’re going to play all kinds of wonderful games, my submissive darling. Sleep, sleep deeply, Kenny, dreaming of your sexy Michelle. Your Goddess will summon you in the morning.”