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The Hornometer

This story is a work of fiction. If any of the technology described in this story actually exists, I’m not aware of it. This story is written by an adult and should only be read by other adults. Consider yourself disclaimed. I welcome commentary and criticism. My email address is .

- part 6 -

The following day, Mike called up Jason and asked if he was free to get together. “I’ve got to hear more about that jewelry shop from that old guy we met last week. Did you buy something for Caitlyn there?”

Jason responded with a simple “Uh huh” that was both confident and subdued. He hadn’t really told anyone about the past four days, where both his girlfriend and her sister had been transformed from proper, prudish girls into wild and insatiable women.

“Great! I’ll meet you at the pool hall at 8.”

“I’ll be there, Mike.”

As Jason was getting ready to leave to meet Mike, Caitlyn called him. There was a lilt in her voice as she told him that she and her sister were planning on taking a trip to the mall, shopping for sexy lingerie. “Would you like to meet us there? We’d love to model things for you.”

Jason didn’t know how to respond. He didn’t want to show up Mike, but at the same time, this was too good an offer to turn down. He paused long enough for Caitlyn to notice.

Before he could say a word, she asked him, “Is something wrong, Jason? Did Sam or I say or do something?”

“No! It’s just that, well, Mike and I were planning on meeting tonight, and, well ... I .. you know ...”

“Why don’t you and Mike both come? We’d love to get a second opinion.”

“Um, I guess we can do that. We’ll meet you at the mall at about quarter after eight.”

“Don’t be late, loverboy—”

Caitlyn barely got to finish her sentence when Samatha pulled the phone away from her. “Hurry up, big guy!” There was definitely a much more flirtatious air to her persona these past few days.

Fortunately, the pool hall was right around the corner from the mall. All Jason needed to do was get there before Mike, and make sure he didn’t put his name down for a table. He immediately left for the pool hall.

He arrived before Mike, and just hung back, watching some of the people on their way in, or trying to perform skateboard tricks in the parking lot. He poked his head in the door in hopes of seeing Mr. Erasmus, the jeweler he had met the week before, but the man was nowhere to be seen.

Mike pulled into the parking lot and started to get out when Jason walked up to the car. “Don’t get out.”


“We’re going to the mall instead.”

“Dude, are you nuts?”

“Trust me on this one.”

Mike sighed and said, “Okay. Get in. Why are we going to the mall?”

“Caitlyn just called me. She and her sister want to model lingerie for us.”

“You’re shitting me!”


“Does this have anything to do with that jeweler we met last week?”


Mike glanced over at his buddy, who, by this time, was grinning ear to ear. “Well, don’t just sit there. Tell me what happened.”

Jason proceeded to explain that George Erasmus invented this thing called a “hornometer” and that it can measure and then control the arousal level of anyone wearing it. He had bought Caitlyn a necklace with an embedded hornometer. “It’s really weird. It glows when it’s activated. I don’t know if Caitlyn realized that.”

“So you finally got to have your way with her, eh?”

“It seemed like she was having her way with me, actually. I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging or anything, but she was a real dynamo after the second time.”

“Sweet!” After a short pause, Mike continued, “All right. That explains why Caitlyn wants to meet us at the mall, I think. But what about her sister? She was like the biggest, tightest ass I’ve ever met.”

“Caitlyn called me yesterday morning and told me she had a surprise for me. When I showed up, but before I went inside, I what I thought was her horniness level to 15. Turns out she’d convinced Samantha to try on the hornometer. Don’t ask me how or why she did it, but she did.”

“Dude! That totally rocks! Are you saying you—”

Jason just nodded his head as Mike pulled into a parking space. They walked briskly into the mall and onto the “down” escalator.

As they reached the bottom of the moving staircase, they saw Caitlyn and Samantha waiting. Caitlyn stood up as the guys approached them. She then put her hand on Jason’s butt and moved seductively close and gave him a tongue-kiss.

In the embarrassed silence that ensued, Mike looked at Samantha and said, sheepishly, “I hope you two weren’t waiting long.”

Samantha stood up and smiled. “Long enough.” She hit him lightly on his ass and walked quickly—it was almost like a schoolgirl’s skip—into the lingerie store 100 feet away.

Caitlyn turned to look at her sister and quickly followed, giving a look to both Jason and Mike that said, “Are you two coming?” The boys looked at each other and then followed, wordlessly.

Caitlyn walked calmly up to the girl behind the cash register and said, “My boyfriend and his brother are here. Is it all right if we give them a little show?”

“Sure. There’s a private changing room in the back.” The clerk indicated a door to her right. As she lowered her hand back to the desk, Jason could have sworn the ring that was on her little finger glowed a bright green. He thought, could that be a hornometer? No, a hornometer glows blue. He decided that he would do just as well not mentioning anything. He quickly followed behind the girls and Mike as they went into the back room.

There were four cushioned chairs in front of a small stage in the back room. The room was well-lit, but it was still darker than the rest of the store, as most of the light focussed on the stage. There was a table off to one side of the stage, and there were bras, panties, stockings, garters, and teddies of various colors and materials folded neatly on the table. At the back of the stage there was a single door.

Mike and Jason noticed that they had left the door to the private changing area open, and they could see back into the store. The girl from the cash register was talking on a cordless phone as she walked up to the door and closed it securely.

The girl returned to the desk and said into the phone, “In fifteen minutes, I will retrieve the sisters and give them the final training they need for Mr. Tilton. I understand, my master.”

Jason and Mike sat down in the chairs while Samantha and Caitlyn picked up some of the lingerie on the table and walked spiritedly towards the door. The boys looked at each other and Jason remarked, “This ought to be interesting.”

They shuffled impatiently in their seats as they listened to the sounds of the sisters giggling behind the door. Most of the backstage conversation was muffled, but the word “fembot” came through quite clear.

With a flourish, Samantha flung the door onto the stage wide open and stepped out in front of the boys. She was wearing an overcoat that completely covered whatever she had just changed in to. Caitlyn then walked out, wearing a similar overcoat.

Samantha turned her back to Jason and Mike, and Caitlyn put her hands underneath the collar of Samantha’s overcoat, and pulled it off of her, holding it up to keep anyone from seeing what her sister was wearing.

Samantha turned to face forward and Caitlyn knelt down on the stage, revealing a fur-lined bra and a matching thong.

Samantha ran her fingers through the soft fabric covering her breasts in a coy, seductive manner. Caitlyn reached up to appreciate the softness of the thong.

Mike and Jason applauded this choice. Samantha ran her hands down her sides and over her hips. With Caitlyn reaching up in roughly the same place, they locked hands and Samantha quickly pulled Caitlyn up to her feet. Samantha then pushed Caitlyn’s arms behind her back and, in one fluid motion, pulled off the overcoat and threw it into Jason’s lap.

Caitlyn was wearing a red bra that looked like it might have been silk, but her nipples were too clearly visible through the material for it to have been silk. She was wearing matching bikini-style panties that clung tight over her sex, which betrayed her level of arousal.

Swaying her hips, she walked calmly towards Jason’s seat, leaned forward, and whispered, “Do you like?”

“Oh, yes!”

“Give me your hands.”

He held out his hands and she thrust her breasts into them. They felt amazing. Was it the fabric, or was it the whole place?

Samantha ran back into the changing room. She didn’t bother to close the door behind her as she removed these clothes and put on something else. Mike got a fairly good look at what she was doing, but even so, never expected to see her coming out wearing a teddy that looked like a leopard skin. She caressed herself and let out a few playful moans of pleasure.

Hearing that her sister had returned, Caitlyn took her cue and went back to the changing room.

The show continued in this manner, with the sisters coming out one at a time, wearing the assorted undergarments. Caitlyn came out wearing a silk nightgown that clearly showed she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and then Samantha came back with a leather bra and panties, punctuated by metallic studs over her nipples and clit. Caitlyn then came out with a one-piece garment that covered both of her nipples and her pussy, while revealing her cleavage and navel. Samantha then strolled out wearing a bra that looked like a pair of seashells and a pair of panties that was designed to look like fish scales. Caitlyn then came out wearing panties with a long thin tail and a pair of cat’s ears.

Caitlyn was heading back into the changing room when the door that leads back into the store opened wide. It was the cashier, who announced in a monotone, “Show’s over. We’re closing soon. Can I check you out?”

Samantha giggled. “That’s what these guys have been doing since we got here.”

The clerk let out a short laugh. “I mean, will that be cash or charge?”

“Oh. Um. Charge. We’ll be out in a minute to finalize this purchase.”


Caitlyn looked at Jason, then at Mike and then back at Jason. “Well? What did you think?”

“That was awesome!” Mike responded without thinking.

“Was there anything you didn’t like?”

Jason paused and said, “Nope. Everything was great.”

“All right then. Why don’t you boys head on out. We’ll pay for this stuff and leave, too. Would you like to meet us somewhere for a little extra modeling?”

Neither Mike nor Jason was sure as to how to respond. They looked at each other and started whispering. Samantha grew impatient. “Oh, fuck it. Why don’t you two meet us at our house at 10?”

The guys responded in unison. “Sure.”

Mike and Jason walked out of the private room with wide grins on their faces. The sisters changed back into the clothes they were wearing when they came in, picked up everything they had tried on, and walked to the cash register. Samantha put down a credit card to pay for everything.

The clerk picked up the card, looked at the name and then back at the two young women standing in front of her. She mumbled “George Erasmus” under her breath as she reached down beneath the cash register and pushed a button.

Caitlyn and Samantha stood upright, a glazed look in their eyes.

The cashier spoke. “I have been commanded to complete your training for your employment with Nick Tilton.”

“We understand.”

“Follow me.” The cashier opened a door directly behind the cash register. Samantha stepped in behind the cashier and Caitlyn followed close behind.

Once the three girls were in the new room, the cashier ordered, “Strip.” The sisters obeyed quickly.

“What are your names?”



“My name’s Brianna. Samantha, get down on your knees.”

Samantha did as she was commanded, without saying a word.

“Grab Caitlyn’s hips with both hands. Very good. Caitlyn, move closer to Samantha. Very good. Samantha, have you ever eaten someone’s pussy?”


“You can start by sticking your tongue out. That’s right. Now lick her gently between her labia. All right. Now lick a little higher. Can you feel Caitlyn’s clit?”


“Bring it into your mouth. Use your teeth but don’t bite. Caitlyn, please feel free to let Samantha know what she’s doing right and if she needs to do anything different.”

Caitlyn started to moan softly.

“Not bad, Samantha. Now suck a little bit on her clit.”

Caitlyn panted, “That’s right.”

“Very good, Samantha. Now, without letting go of Caitlyn’s hips, I want you to ease down to the floor and onto her back.”

Caitlyn fell gently onto the floor. She instinctively bent her legs and started to tremble at the sensations her sister was giving her.

Brianna looked at Caitlyn and asked, “Are you coming?”

“I’m close.”

“Well, you’re not allowed to cum. Not yet anyway.”

Caitlyn let out a whimper.

“Now, Samantha. I want you to position yourself over your sister’s face, but don’t stop what you’re doing.”

In an awkward movement, Samantha found herself in the “69” position with her sister.

“Excellent. Now, Caitlyn, I want you to do for Samantha what Samantha has been doing for you.”

Caitlyn adjusted her arms to take hold of Samantha’s hips above her and pulled her closer. Caitlyn immediately started sucking on Samantha’s clit, causing Samantha to arch her back and temporarily stop eating her sister out.

Caitlyn paused and cried, “Don’t stop!”

“That’s right, Samantha. Listen to your sister. You need to learn how to both eat out and be eaten out at the same time if you want to work for Nick.”

Caitlyn adjusted her head and Samantha dove back down. They were clearly enjoying each other’s tongues. Brianna smiled. “All right, girls. On the count of three, you will both have the most intense orgasm you’ve ever felt. Are you ready?”

The sisters chimed in unison, “Yes.”

“Very well. One. Two. Three.”

And with that, Caitlyn and Samantha exploded in simultaneous orgasm, juices spilling out and running down each other’s chins. Samantha rolled off of Caitlyn and they both collapsed onto the floor.

“Get dressed and come on out. I will call Master.”

Samantha and Caitlyn got dressed and found Brianna talking on the phone. “Yes, sir, I confirmed it myself.”

After a short pause, Brianna handed the phone to Caitlyn. “Master wishes to speak to you.”

“Hello, master?”

On the other end of the phone, George Erasmus spoke. “Hello, Caitlyn. Brianna tells me that you and your sister are ready to work for Nick Tilton.”

“Yes, that’s true, master.”

“Very well then. Tomorrow at noon, I want you to report to his strip club, called Slippery When Wet. Do you know where it is?”

“Yes. I have seen it a few times.”


“You will have some additional paperwork to complete when you arrive, but I fully expect you to begin work tomorrow.”

“We will begin work tomorrow.”

“I have one more thing I need you to do. Hand the phone back to Brianna and relay these instructions to your sister. When Brianna hangs up the phone, you will forget everything that just happened. Do I make myself clear?”


“Very well. Please give the phone back to Brianna.”

Brianna took the phone and received a few more orders from Mr. Erasmus. Caitlyn then told Samantha that they needed to report to Slippery When Wet for their new job, tomorrow, at noon. Samantha smiled broadly, in anticipation of starting her new career and helping her sister repay her debt.

Briannna hung up the phone. “Is there anything else you’d like to buy?”

“No, that’s it,” Caitlyn remarked.

“Very well then. Please sign here.”

They finished the transaction and Samantha looked at her watch. “We’ve got to get going. We don’t want to keep Jason and Mike waiting, do we?”

“No. Let’s hit the road!”