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Doggy Mommy For The School Bully Part 2

“K mom. I will be back home tomorrow afternoon,” Garry screaming towards his own mom while leading Krypto away from his house. Krypto was a Dobermann. Garry led Krypto by the leash and onto Michelle’s car’s backseat. Both Garry and Krypto sat at the backseat while Kyle and Michelle were sat up on front. He closed the door, ordering Michelle, “Ok bitch you can drive now.” “Yes master,” Michelle responded. She drove away. She was them back to their house.

It was 2 PM. Garry was sat by the sofa, playing with the PS3 console joytstick. Kyle was fanning him once more while Michelle was on her knees, naked and giving him a blowjob. Krypto was eating dog food from a dog plate next to Garry’s feet. Garry was tired of playing with Kalo III. He wanted to play with Michelle. And Krypto. he tossed the joytisck by the sofa and toyed with his amulet around his neck. His own mom and dad were local witches and had no idea that he actually used magic on Kyle and his mom. They would kill him if they knew. “Ok slave stop blowing me,” Garry pulled Michelle’s face away from his cock by her long red hair. He then uttered some magic words towards her face.

Michelle started behaving like a dog. She started barking. Garry started laughing. “Hey Krypto you have a new bitch,” Garry talking to Krypto. Michelle crawled on all fours. Krypto and Michelle crawled towards each other. Michelle barked towards Krypto. Michelle then crawled around, showing her ass towards Krypto. She bent over. Krypto knew that she was offering herself to him. Krypto then crawled behind Michelle and came on top of her. Krypto slowly pushed his cock up her ass, starting to slowly fuck her anally. Michelle made bitch noises while she was getting fucked. Kyle who was fanning Garry was forced to watch all this. Garry made his mom perform beastiality, right in front of his eyes. Krypto’s dog sperm was flooding Michelle’s human ass. After thirty minutes, Krypto got off Michelle’s ass. Both Garry and Kyle could see Krypto’s sperm staining her ass. “Wow I can still my dog’s sperm up your mom’s ass,” Garry laughed. Kyle just stared. Garry then gave Kyle a cruel sneer. “What do you see slave?” Garry taunting him. “I see your dog’s sperm on my mom’s ass master,” Kyle meekly responded. Garry knew that Kyle hated responding and being forced to call him ‘master.’

Garry let Michelle’s ass slowly absorb all of his dog’s sperm. She was still bent over the carpet floor on the lounge, pressing her upper body downwards in a prostrating way. He held on to his amulet and then started chanting some other magic words. Michelle slowly got up. She faced Garry, saying, “What is it that you want me to do master,” Michelle responded to him. Garry smiled. He whistled for Krypto. He then uttered some magic words towards Krypto too. “I want you to let my dog fuck you in front,” Garry commanded. “As you command master,” Michelle bowed down. Michelle whistled towards Krypto. Krypto came and started barking at Michelle. Michelle helped Krypto stand on his bind legs while his two front ones were placed right by her shoulders. Michelle slowly helped Krypto thrust his penis towards her pussy. Krypto started fucking Michelle up on the front. His dog cock fucking her human pussy. Michelle helped Krypto fuck her. She started making human sexual sounds, even cumming. Garry laughed at the sight. “I always knew that white women had sex with animals but I didn’t know that I went to school with someone who actually had a mom who did such things too,” Garry laughed.

After fucking Krypto, Michelle had let go of Krypto. Krypto crawled away from Michelle. Garry saw Krypto’s sperm on Michelle’s cunt. He could see it and smell it. “Hey Krypto you are not finished yet. Stay boy,” Garry commanded. Krypto stayed where he was. Michelle walked towards Krypto. Garry then told her, “I want you to suck my dog off.” “As you wish master,” Michelle got down and slowly positioned her face below Krypto’s cock. She opened her mouth, giving the dog a blowjob. Krypto made a soundful sound. He enjoyed Michelle sucking his dick. “Krypto loves that. You love that don’t you boy,” Garry smiled. Krypto just barked, “Arf. Arf.” Michelle just sucked his dick.

* * *

It was 6PM in the evening. Michelle was on all fours on the floor while Kyle was fucking her from behind. Garry was eating ice cream from his bowl. Krypto was on the couch sat next to him. “You know something Kyle. Unlike you I would never fuck a woman after she had sex with a dog,” Garry said. Garry then laughed. Krypto barked towards Kyle and his mom, “Arf arf.”

“Yeah Krypto. She was probably the best bitch you ever fucked. She is not just some white boy’s momma but she is also a redhead too. Say Kyle your mom speaks with a funny accent. Is she originally American?” Garry asked. “No master she is not,” Kyle continuing fucking Michelle on the ass, while gently squeezing her boobs in front, like a farmer milking his cow.

“So where is she from then?” Garry asked. “She came over from Russia as a grad student and married my dad while they were both college students master,” Kyle responded meekly. Garry heard a lot about Russian women. And about redheads too. Both were the best whores among Caucasian women. “You know I was thinking about dinner Kyle. I was thinking what we could have for dinner,” Garry said.

7PM. Michelle lied naked on the table. Dog food was placed on her pussy. Krypto was sat down by one of the chairs as if he was an actual person, Krypto was happily munching dog food off Michelle’s pussy. Michelle was cumming from excitement.

Garry and Kyle were eating takeaway fries placed on top of her boobs. Kyle was given permission to take some fry pieces and feed his mom with them. “I just love eating fries from a very white plate don’t you,” Garry laughed. And then farted. “No master,” Kyle responded.

8PM. Kyle was sat on his bed. Michelle was on her knees, made to give her own son a blowjob. Krypto was fucking her from behind, as his uppber body was on her back. Garry was hunched over Kyle’s PC, logged on to the Internet, sometimes known as the World Wide web. Garry was posting information about Kyle’s mom onto the internet. “Do you know why I am online Kyle?2 Garry asked. “No master. No I don’t,” Kyle feeling guilty that he is enjoying his mom sucking him, and being fucked by Krypto at the same time. “I am advertising your mom Kyle,” Garry said it coldly. Kyle was worried. What was Garry doing to his mom.

“Since you don’t have a father Kyle I think your mom needs a man in her life. A real man. You need a father figure the way I see it. But don’t worry Kyle. I am not going to make her go out with a local man. She will go out with one of her own kind. A white man. A white man from the mainland,” Garry said. Kyle knew what Garry was doing. He put up his mom on something like a “Dating Website” or webistes where single peopel advertised themselves, looking for other single people.

“She is looking for men from the south. Those real redneck types. Those who are looking for Russian women to use and abuse,” Garry said. Garry then cruelly laughed. Kyle hated the sound of that. “Tomorrow Krypto and I are going home. But I will still cast my last spells on you two redheads.”

12PM. Garry lied on the bed in the master bedroom. Michelle was naked. She bent her body over the bed while on her knees. Krypto was fuckingn her from behind. And Kyle was once more made to masturbate himself on the carpet floor...over a dog fucking his mother. “Before you know it Kyle someone will reply to your mom. She will give herself to that man. There are many rednecks out there Kyle. Many. They all hate Russians. But they still want some nice fine Russian pussy to fuck. On the bright side you may have to move back to the mainland and won’t have to see me anymore.”

Michelle made sexual sounds, fingering herself and Krpto still fucking her. Kyle just masturbated. He was dirtying the floor with his ejaculating on it. “Hey Kyle. You know that sperm is hard to clean off carpet floor. Maybe when you guys leave your momma might have to give your landlord sexual favours so that he won’t charge you over this.” Garry laughed.

Kyle just lied there on the floor, watching Krypto fuck his mom. He cried. His ordeals were only going to get worse.

After tomorrow. Even after he never has to see his bully again. He was very well aware how many American Rednecks dream of abusing Russian hookers and actually paying to just abuse them sexually.

(the end)