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Deprogramming 4

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Well, the idea just hit me and it seemed right for these two somehow. While I’m sure Trilby will love this, I’m not quite sure how A Nony Mouse might feel about the story of his I’m honoring (not copying, as you can see). Enjoy.

The open area of the campus was popular for lunches, for talking and for studying. Students were getting used to being back to school life while others were getting used to a new college altogether.

It had been a difficult decision for Clea and Rebecca to transfer to another school but they felt it necessary. They knew that after the publicity of freeing Rebecca from the control of a hypnotist and the trial it had brought about, it’d be hard for them to go back to their school like nothing had happened. The dean had been sympathetic but said that the entire incident had caused something of a black eye for school morale. He pointed out that the duo would get an awful lot of attention if they went back, not all of it good.

The two had talked it over with their parents, who were starting to come around to the idea of their daughters being in a relationship together. It had taken some doing but they decided it was a good idea to transfer to another college for their sophomore year.

With their good grades, the duo had their pick of colleges and settled on a prestigious school in the Midwest, a good distance away from where people might know about them. They’d gotten an apartment off campus, which they had “christened” less than five minutes after moving in. While people didn’t really know about their pasts, it didn’t take long for folks to figure they were a couple. Surprisingly, they met little resistance, a sign of a more open society than they expected.

However, the two were finding that being in an open community meant there were very little things that kept secret for long, which explained the topic that was floating before them on the table.

“Okay, this has to be bullshit,” Rebecca said, brushing at her long curly hair. “I mean, Chloe? Chloe working at a strip club?”

“I know, I know, I thought it was crazy too,” Clea said, nodding, her short dark hair bobbing with it. “I heard some guys talking about it in my history class, they saw Chloe at that strip club downtown.”

“It has to be someone else,” Rebecca said, shaking her head.

“Well, I checked around and seems she’s been missing some classes,” Clea replied. “That doesn’t sound like her. She missed class today and she really likes history. I left a message at her room, asked to talk to her quick about some notes, maybe we could find out.”

“Yeah, but come on,” Rebecca said. “I mean, we’ve only known her a few weeks but she seems a really put together student, capable, resourceful, dedicated. And a strip club? Come on, this girl looked embrassaed changing for phys ed class.”

“Don’t see why,” Clea remarked. “She’s got one hell of a bod.” She chuckled at Rebecca’s light smack on her arm. Before either of them could continue, a woman came up to their table. “Hey, gals, what’s up?”

It took both girls a moment to realize to their shock they were looking at Chloe. The woman had changed dramatically. When they’d first met, she’d been a little shy and withdrawn, hiding herself under baggy clothing and glasses and more interested in books than anything else, the perfect Midwestern girl.

The woman standing before them looked like a complete stranger. In contrast to Rebecca’s nice blouse and slacks and Clea’s dark sweater and jeans, she was dressed in an outfit that instantly caught the attention of every person in the quad. Knee-high boots, as leather as her mini skirt and jacket, her tight black shirt displaying an ample amount of cleavage, pushed up to enhance the effect of her breasts, which looked much rounder than either Clea or Rebecca could imagine. Whereas the girl they had met hadn’t seemed sure how to put on lipstick, her face displayed an ample amount of makeup, glasses gone, her long black hair flowing behind her as she grinned at the two.

Clea and Rebecca could only stare as Chloe took a seat, propping her boots up on an empty chair. “So, what’d ya wanna talk about?” Her voice was tight and tough and carried none of the shyness that had been there before.

Seeing how Clea could only stammer, Rebecca took charge. “Um, Chloe, there’s this crazy rumor going around about you being in a strip club.”

“Oh, that,” Chloe shrugged as if it was no consequence. “Yeah, it picks up some bucks. And I love getting a rise out of guys seeming me on stage.”

“You do?” Clea said, remembering how Kelly would always be looking down when boys were nearby.

“Yeah, it’s bitching,” Chloe grinned.

“Um, what about your classes?” Clea went on. “Professor Hudson was kind of upset about you being absent today.”

“Ah, no prob,” Chloe shrugged. “I’m sure it’ll work out. If not, I’ll just fuck and blow him for an A.”

It seemed impossible for Clea and Rebecca to become more shocked then they already were, but they made it, jaws dropping lower as they stared at Chloe. “You.....You’ve been.....with guys?” Clea stammered out.

“Well, hey, it ain’t romance,” Chloe shrugged. “Fucked this one guy after a show last week, gave his friend a blowjob. They paid pretty damn well, I gotta say.”

As the two gaped, Chloe glanced at an expensive watch on her wrist. “Hey, gotta go, meeting some guy before my act.” She stood up, wiggling her ass a bit at the guys at the next table. “Talk to ya later.” She walked off, every eye following her as she went.

Clea and Rebecca stared at the departing figure for several moments before turning to each other. “Please tell me this isn’t what I think it is,” Rebecca said softly. “Not again.”

“I don’t want to say it,” Clea shook her head. “But for a woman to change like that in only a couple of weeks.......” She bit her lip, she, like Rebecca, remembering what it was like to be taken over by someone. “I think there’s someone in this, Becca. And we have to find out who.”

“Damn,” Rebecca muttered as they stood up. “And I thought we were through with this shit.”

The first stop was to see Clea’s history professor to ask him about Chloe and what they should do. As they came over, they saw a woman exit the professor’s office. She was about their age, rather tall, Asian and exquisitely beautiful, dark hair done in a tight bun and a green outfit flowing over her shapely body. She glanced at the girls and they were both struck by her brilliant green eyes. She smiled at them both as she walked off, Rebecca’s eyes following her.

“On the ball here,” Clea said, lightly smacking her. They entered the office where Professor Hudson was sitting behind his desk. He looked up and smiled. “Clea, what can I do for you?”

“Just a word, Professor,” Clea said as she and Rebecca stood near the door. “Look, it’s about Chloe.”

“What about her?” Hudson frowned.

“Well, I’m worried about her. You know, her missing classes and all.”

“Really? I don’t recall her missing any.”

Clea stared at her professor in amazement. “Um, Professor Hudson, she wasn’t in today and you were pretty upset.”

Hudson chuckled. “Clea, I think you must be confused. Chloe has a perfect attendance record and her last few assignments have been excellent, straight A works.”

As Clea stared at him, Rebecca let her eyes go over the office. They focused on a trash bin and peered closely. On the top of the heap were what appeared to be some used Kleenex with a thick liquid covering on them. Rebecca’s eyes trailed to Hudson and widened slightly as they saw his fly undone.

“I think you’re right, Professor Hudson, I think Clea must have made a mistake,” she said, taking her startled lover by the arm. “We’ll let you alone for a while.”

“Not a problem,” Hudson smiled as Rebecca dragged Clea off. She swiftly told her friend what she had seen. “All that plus the 180 he’s done and the fact he doesn’t think anything’s wrong with Clea and I think we’ve got something.”

“Like a suspect,” Clea said, thinking of the Asian woman they had passed. The two looked at one another and nodded in determination. It was time to do some checking.

“My parents would freak if they knew I was spending my days breaking into the school records,” Clea said. Her fingers flowed over the keyboard of her computer in their apartment, moving into the school’s database. Rebecca was behind her, watching the data flash.

“I think they’d prefer it to thinking about what we do during the day normally,” she grinned. “Anything yet?”

“Working on it,” Clea said. She tapped a few more keys. “Almost there, should make it soon.”

“God, you’re so sexy when you’re smart,” Rebecca smiled. She reached around Clea’s body, cupping her breasts tight.

“Bec,” Clea gasped. “Not now....”

Grinning, Rebecca kept massaging Clea’s breasts, feeling the nipples tighten under her touch. “I know you get hot doing this too,” she said huskily, one hand keeping at her breasts while the other slid down to Clea’s pants. Undoing the button, Rebecca moved her hand down and into Clea’s panties, feeling them already wet.

“Oh, Becca....” Clea moaned, closing her eyes, her fingers freezing over the keyboard as she felt Rebecca finger at her. Rebecca pulled Clea’s shirt up a bit with the other hand, pushing one breast out of her bra, her mouth going to it. Her lips encircled the pert tit, licking the hard nipple, licking with it as her fingers slid in and out of Clea’s clit.

Clea’s moans grew louder as Rebecca sucked and fingered her, her hand burrowing into her pussy with glee as she felt herself start to build. Rebecca kept sucking on the nipple, fingers digging into her lover with glee as Clea started to shake, the sign things were coming to a head. Clea threw her head back and cried out as she erupted, her cum spilling onto Rebecca’s waiting hand.

Rebecca moved up, a smile on her face, watching Clea come down from her orgasm. “Thanks.....” Clea whispered. “I needed that.”

“Happy to help,” Rebecca grinned. She glanced over at the screen. “Hey, I think we have something.”

Clea sat up, pants still undone, pulling her shirt back on although the bra was still askew, watching the data flow. A photo came up of the woman they had seen exiting the office earlier. “Mai-Ling Liu,” Clea said. “Chinese, apparently well educated already, got a visa suddenly a few months ago and moved here.” She tapped a few more keys, stopping at a data entry. “Guess who she’s roomates with?”

“Chloe,” Rebecca nodded.

“Bingo.” Clea said. She frowned and suddenly exited the school’s page. She swiftly moved to another one, her fingers flowing over the keyboard swiftly. Rebecca frowned as she saw her go to work. “What are you doing?” She looked at the screen. “Bank records?”

“Call it a hunch,” Clea said. She tapped a few more keys, getting by some “access denied” messages in swift time. “Mmmm, didn’t know I was falling for a genius hacker,” Rebecca grinned, nustling Clea’s hair.

“Later,” she hissed as she got the page she wanted. “Check it out. Checks from Chloe’s parents that she cashed, then transferred the money over to Mai-Ling’s account.”

“Damn,” Rebecca muttered. “Something tells me she’s getting a cut of the money Chloe makes stripping too.”

“Damn,” Clea muttered, shaking her head. “Bitch has a nice racket going.” She peered at the screen. “Looks like it’s just Chloe she’s got her hooks into, no other extra cash, just her.”

“That won’t last,” Rebecca said grimly. “She won’t be satisfied with just one. She’ll want to spread out, take as many as she can. She’ll love it, the thrill of commanding, the idea of owning so many women, the—”

Clea stood up, moving up to her, seeing that the old pain was coming back to Rebecca. She pressed her lips on the other girl’s, silencing her outcry. Instantly, Rebecca felt peace and contentment as Clea moved her over to the bedroom, the two falling onto it. Their clothes were soon gone and Clea was moving herself to Rebecca’s pussy, tongue dragging as she let her friend know just how much she loved her.

“Are you sure about this?” Rebecca asked. She and Clea were headed over to Chloe’s dorm room, both ready to try out their theory. They were dressed in loose clothing, having showered after their bout of lovemaking (and making love in the shower itself.) Clea wore a pair of dark glasses over her eyes.

“Call it instinct,” Clea shrugged as they came to the door. “Something about that woman gave me the idea. I hope we can make this work.”

“Me too,” Rebecca said. They knocked on the door, waiting for an answer. It opened and once again, both women stared at Chloe. “Hey, gals, come on in.”

It was less the fact that Chloe had absolutely no problems standing naked before the two women then the fact that her body was much, much nicer than they’d thought, full and round breasts, long and smooth legs and a very shapely body. “So, what’s up?” Chloe asked, crossing her arms and pushing her breasts up a bit.

“Um...,” Rebecca muttered. “Chloe, shouldn’t you have some clothes on?”

“Hey, I can do it in front of a club of guys, I can do it here, right?” Chloe grinned.

“You alone?” Clea asked, carefully looking around.

“Yeah, Mist—Mai-Ling’s out for a bit.”

Neither of the girls missed the word Chloe appeared to be ready to say, their suspicions confirmed. “So, what’s up?” Chloe asked.

“Um, Clea wanted to show you something,” Rebecca said, stepping back a bit. Chloe looked over at Clea who carefully removed the glasses. She was wearing a pair of large green contacts, borrowed from a friend in the drama department. Any doubts she had over if this was going to work vanished when Chloe’s face went slack, her eyes widening as she stared into Clea’s now-green eyes.

“Look into my eyes, Chloe,” Clea said carefully. “Look carefully into my eyes, deeply into my eyes, Chloe, look deeply into my eyes, deeply into my eyes, Chloe. You’re feeling sleepy, Chloe, very, very sleepy, so very sleepy, Chloe as you look into my green eyes, you’re feeling very sleepy. Go to sleep, Chloe, go into a deep, deep sleep, a deep sleep, Chloe, a deep sleep.”

Chloe’s eyes fluttered shut, her body beginning to slump. Rebecca raced over to catch her, moving her over and laying her on her bed as Clea popped out the contacts. “That settles it,” Clea said. “No way I could put her under so fast unless she was already conditioned that way.”

“I hate being right about this,” Rebecca sighed. She looked over at the entranced Chloe. “Now what?”

Clea took a deep breath. “Now the hard part.”

It was rather easy to get Chloe to speak under a trance and it didn’t take long for Mai-Ling to earn a major spot atop Clea and Rebecca’s hate list. The Asian seductress had taken Chloe on the very first day she’d arrived in the dorm, her eyes instantly entrancing the weak girl. It didn’t take long for Mai-Ling to turn Chloe into a love slave. Once that was done, she’d turned Chloe’s inhibitions around, molding her into an extrovert and unleashing her sexuality full force.

Watching Chloe stroke her chest and pussy while talking about how Mai-Ling would make her kiss her feet and lick her clit, Clea had a disgusting sense of deja vu, helped by Rebecca’s reassuring rub on her shoulder.

“This won’t be easy,” Clea sighed, shaking her head.

“It’s gotta be done,” Rebecca sighed. “Let’s get to it.”

“Chloe, listen to my voice,” Clea said softly. “Listen very carefully to my voice, very carefully to my voice........”

Chloe’s eyes blinked open, trying to figure where she was. She glanced up at Rebecca and Clea, both looking at her with sympathetic expressions. “Hey,” she said in a much softer and less-assured tone. “What’s—” She broke off as the memories hit her hard, all the humiliation and degradation she’d been put through coming back to haunt her. “OH my god......” she whispered, tears starting to stain her cheeks.

“It’s okay,” Clea said. She grabbed a blanket and threw it over Chloe’s naked body. “It’s okay, we know. We both know.”

“How can you?” Chloe cried. “How can you know—”

“I know,” Rebecca said as she sat next to Chloe. “I know. Clea knows.”

Chloe looked at them both through tear-filled eyes and knew they were both telling the truth. “How?”

They each told her the story. How Clea had accidentally found out Rebecca was a love slave, of how their relationship started and how Clea had been hypnotized as well on vacation. “Oh, man,” Chloe whispered. “How do you two stand it?”

“Try not to think on it,” Clea shrugged. “But we know what it’s like so we just couldn’t let it happen to you.”

Chloe took a deep breath. “What now? What about—Her?” She couldn’t even bring herself to say the name.

“Well, turning her into a slave and sending her to the strip club is tempting,” Rebecca said. “But then we’d be no better than her.”

Chloe slowly nodded. “I know what to do.” She glanced at the two. “Will you help me?”

“Better believe it,” Clea smiled as the trio started to plot.

Mai-Ling smiled as she entered the dorm. Ah, America was such a land of opportunity. All those skills she’d learned from the monks in her homeland was paying off. She’d used her skills to entrance several women during her journey through America but it wasn’t until putting Chloe under her control that she realized the power she had. In minutes, the woman was licking her pussy out and in days she had turned the shy and reserved girl into a flashy nympho.

Mai-Ling had to perform a few tasks to keep things together. Controlling Chloe’s teachers to excuse absences and accept lousy work as excellent were necessary as it kept the checks from Chloe’s parents coming in. Men fell easily to her power but she just loved dominating women more.

Mai-Ling was starting to think things over with Chloe. She had done so much already, she thought it was time to spread herself out. She knew the strip club owner would pay plenty for more dancers and the extra money from other girls would help.

She entered the door, smiling as she saw Chloe standing naked before her. “Hello, Mistress,” Chloe said, using the title she only used in private.

“Hello, slave,” Mai-Ling smiled evilly, her green eyes glinting as she took in her naked body. She undid her dress, pulling it off to reveal herself naked underneath, her pert and pointed breasts erect, pussy tingling as she waited for Chloe to fall to her knees before her.

Instead, Chloe moved forward a bit, pushing her ample chest outward. “Mistress, do you like my new pendant?”

Mai-Ling looked down, watching the pendant lie in between Chloe’s full breasts. It was as emerald as her eyes, glinting a bit in the light. “I bought it for you, Mistress,” Chloe said. “I bought it for you because I knew you’d like it because it’s the same as your eyes. It’s just the same as your eyes, Mistress, it’s the same as your eyes, the same bright green color as your eyes and it draws in your attention just like your eyes, it draws your attention in just like your eyes, Mistress, it draws your attention in just like your eyes. The pendant is just like your eyes, Mistress, it’s just like your eyes, it draws you in just like your eyes.”

Mai-Ling knew something was wrong but just couldn’t stop staring at the gleaming emerald in between Chloe’s breasts, the light glinting as Chloe moved her chest a bit. Her mind suddenly felt a little fuzzy as she stared at the emerald, which was just like her eyes, taking in all her attention. “Just like your eyes, Mai-Ling, the emerald is just like your eyes, you have to keep looking into it, just like people look into your eyes, it’s just like people looking into your eyes, you have to keep looking into the emerald, Mai-Ling, you have to keep looking into the emerald.”

Mai-Ling didn’t notice the sudden edge in Chloe’s voice or the way she had gone to calling her by her actual name. She just noticed the gleaming gem and the way it caught her up, just like she’d catch others up. She was falling into it, falling under it spell, just like people would fall under her spell. It was just like her eyes, the gem was just like her eyes, taking in her attention, taking in all her attention and entrancing her. The gem was like her eyes and her eyes could hypnotize people so the gem was hypnotizing her.

“You’re falling into the gem’s spell, Mai-Ling,” Chloe said, watching the Asian woman’s eyes go blank, green reflected in her already emerald eyes. “Deeper and deeper under its spell, deeper and deeper under its spell, Mai-Ling. You’re falling deeper and deeper under its spell. You’re now, feeling sleepy, Mai-Ling, the spell is making you sleepy. Just as your eyes make people sleepy, this gem makes you feel sleepy, very sleepy, Mai-Ling, very, very sleepy. Close your eyes, Mai-Ling. Close your eyes and fall into a deep, deep sleep, Mai-Ling, sleep, sleep, SLEEP!”

Mai-Ling’s eyes slammed shut, her head slumping forward. Chloe licked her lips, feeling a thrill of victory at seeing her former slave master now under her control. “Kneel, Mai-Ling,” she intoned. Mai-Ling moved to her knees, face even with Chloe’s pussy. “Mai-Ling, you will listen to my voice and do as I say. You are now hypnotized.”

“Hypnotized......” Mai-Ling whispered.

“Yes, Mai-Ling, just as you hypnotize people, I have hypnotized you so you must do whatever I say.”

“Yes.....” Mai-Ling whispered.

“Lick my pussy, Mai-Ling,” Chloe intoned. She gasped as she felt the Asian woman moved on her knees, tongue reaching in and licking at Chloe’s pussy, tongue sliding over the lips. Chloe gasped as she felt Mai-Ling’s hands move up and onto her breasts, rubbing and squeezing the mounds as she licked away. Mai-Ling had licked Chloe before so was used to it but now Chloe was in control. Despite herself, she felt a massive wave of joy over feeling Mai-Ling’s tongue slide over her womanhood, hands squeezing her breasts hard.

“Mai-Ling.....” Chloe got out. “When I come......when you taste my juices.....You will belong to me. You will do as I say when I come, you will do as I say when I come, you will do as I say when I come—!” Chloe cried out as Mai-Ling’s tongue got the effect, unleashing an orgasm upon the former hypnotist, all the juices licked away along with Mai-Ling’s resistance.

Chloe stepped away and swiftly grabbed a robe, pulling it onto her. “Come on in.”

Rebecca and Clea moved into the room, both impressed by what Chloe had done. “Damn good work,” Rebecca said, her dishelved clothing hinting that she and Clea had been passing the time while in hiding.

Chloe nodded and took off the medallion, giving it back to Clea. “Here. That’s way too much temptation. I don’t want to feel it again.”

“No prob,” Clea nodded. She looked over at Mai-Ling. “Figured it’d work. By telling her the emerald was just like her eyes, her own ego did the rest and helped hypnotize her.”

“So now what?” Rebecca asked.

“I’ve got an idea,” Chloe smiled.

It took a while to make it work. “Fixing” the mind of a selfish dominatrix like Mai-Ling wasn’t easy but the girls managed. Undoing the trances she had put in teachers was a big step as well as getting all the money back she’d made Chloe give away. As soon as that was taken care of, the girls decided on an apt punishment.

“So, she actually thinks it’s her idea to work at the charity hospital doing menial work,” Chloe said as the three talked, Chloe back to less flashy outfits but more confident that she’d been before. “Wow.”

“She’ll think she’s there to try and see opportunities to take people,” Rebecca explained. “The fact that she never does won’t really enter her mind.”

“Figure she should do something to help people for a change,” Clea shrugged. “So, what’s new for you?”

“Believe it or not, this helped a lot,” Chloe said. “I’m a bit more confident now and I know I don’t have to hide myself or be a slut to be noticed. I just have to be me.”

“Good to hear it,” Rebecca smiled. “So, anything new on the dating side?”

After discussion, Chloe had agreed to the girls’ suggestion that they have her forget the details of the encounters with men that Mai-Ling had forced her into. She knew she was no longer a virgin but not the exact circumstances, which she was grateful for.

“Probably be a while,” Chloe nodded. She looked at the two and smiled. “Thanks a lot you two, really.”

“Don’t mention it,” Rebecca said. “To anyone would probably be a good idea.”

“Got it,” Chloe nodded. “But um, no offense, I’m not grateful enough for a little menage a trois.”

“No problem,” Clea laughed. “We’re not for that either.”

“Yeah, we’re quite happy with just us,” Rebecca grinned, putting a hand over her lover. Smiling in thanks, Chloe moved to go to her next class.

“Well, guess we did the right thing again,” Rebecca nodded.

“Yep,” Clea agreed. “Just hope it’s a long time before we get to it again.”

“True,” Rebecca said. “But there are good things to these situations. For Chloe, it’s a new confidence to life.”

“And to us?” Clea asked.

There was a twinkle in Rebecca’s eye. “Let’s go to our place and I’ll show you.” The two stood up and hurried out, thoughts of the hypnotist-turned humanitarian forgotten as they decided to practice their own unique charms on each other.