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Cherry Popping: In The Classroom.

Following directly on from the story Cherry Popping.

The next morning I arrived early at school and was in plenty of time to greet my Tutor group and take registration. I had twenty seven girls, all taking GCSE’s in a month or two. With my teaching duties I had access to over sixty girls in an appropriate age range although, frankly, not all of them were sexually desirable. Some were grossly overweight or just plain ugly but most of the rest could make your cock twitch under the right circumstances, and a fair number oozed sexuality either knowingly or unwittingly. Many were flirty with the male teachers and one or to could probably be induced to drop their knickers without the need for my gizmo. Even so, I preferred to trust my technology when it came to illicit sex with schoolgirls. Assuming it worked, of course, and my playmates had forgotten their cherry-popping experience.

I had sent the three girls home at about nine o’clock last night after a thorough shower and with firm instructions for them to go straight to bed and to sleep. When they awoke, I assured them, they would remember the previous nights exploits as a very pleasant, highly erotic wet dream. All they would remember about the actual events was popping in to borrow some textbooks from me before going out together and spending the evening studying and chatting.

Eventually everyone had arrived and I took registration. When I got to call Emma’s name I looked up to see her blush and avoid looking at me. Charlotte was the same but Chloe gazed at me dreamily and answered with a husky yes.

After registration the class disappeared off to their various lessons and I walked to the science block to teach physics to twelve year olds. When the bell rang for break I headed for the staff-room and found myself sitting next to Joanna, the student teacher I had tested my device upon. Ever since that night three weeks a go she had been tongue-tied in my presence, blushing pink and unable to meet my eye. As far as she remembered she had come round to my flat for coffee, stayed twenty minutes and then gone back to her digs to sleep, and dream. Her dream, I knew, had been incredibly intense, involving multiple orgasms and the loss of her anal virginity. I gave her my most charming smile and asked how she was getting on. She stammered a reply, saying she was getting on fine. After a moment or two she seemed to pull herself together and began to engage me in conversation, becoming positively flirty. I realised she was considering finding out how her dream compared with reality. She was angling for a date but I politely evaded the issue, knowing I had other opportunities on the cards. Still, it was nice to know that I was, literally, the man of her dreams.

It wasn’t until later that afternoon that I had a GCSE classes with girls I was interested in. I was substituting for a colleagues Sociology lesson. There were four particularly attractive girls in the group but I decided to tackle them two at a time; after all I only had an hour and I needed to control the rest of the class. My first move was to pin a notice on the outside of the classroom door that read: Mock Exam Under Way. Exam Conditions Apply. Do Not Disturb. Once things were under way I would lock the door.

When the girls had come in and settled I switched on my device via my laptop computer. To all intents and purposes jt looked like a black plastic box, about the size of thick paperback novel, connected to an MP3 dock and speaker system. The effect was virtually instantaneous. Thirty two teenage girls stopped talking and a look of fierce concentration overcame them, as if they were trying very hard to listen to something very important. I couldn’t tailor the settings for each girl individually so I had set a general wash of high suggestibility and raised libido. The obedience macro was at close to maximum. The two girls, Kendra and Greta, I was intending to pay special attention to had their own on-screen windows for fine adjustments.

I explained to the class that I wanted them to fill out a special questionnaire and that they HAD to answer honestly and as fully as possible. They were to concentrate on what they were doing and were not to worry about or pay particular attention to anything else going on unless directed to. I handed out the sheets of paper and instructed them to start. I then called Greta and Kendra to the front, for special tuition.

Both girls were stunning. Kendra was tall with long blonde hair. She wore her school uniform skirt as short as she could get away with, showing off long shapely legs. The bra she wore beneath her crisp white blouse was designed to maximise her cleavage which she displayed by undoing the top three buttons. She was sex on legs. I’d spent most of the year watching her suggestively sucking the end of her pencil and was now looking forward to watching her suck something far more worthwhile. Greta was almost the polar opposite to the tall, leggy blonde. She was recently from Nigeria and still maintained a strong African accent. Her hair was woven in to a complex plaited pattern and she wore her uniform modestly. She also had the largest breasts of any girl in the school proportional to her slim waist and a gloriously shaped bubble butt. To describe her as merely sexy was to do her an injustice, she was a living, breathing wet-dream.

The girls stood either side of me and leant over the desk, ostensibly to read the notes in front of me. I checked the settings for each of them on my laptop’s screen and was satisfied to see their libido virtual slider was set at near 80% and that their obedience and suggestibility were at near maximum like the rest of the class who were all busy getting on with their assignment. I felt ready to do some one-to-one teaching and slid my hand up Kendra’s leg.

Kendra’s inner thighs were silky smooth and very warm. She parted them slightly so my hand could slide right up between them until the my top fingers brushed against her panty clad vulva. A gentle sawing motion as I pushed upwards was greeting with an encouraging moan. Turning my hand sideways I cupped the satiny material that covered her soft mound and pressed a finger to trace the slit I could feel beneath it. Kendra welcomed this by opening legs even wider and grinding herself against my digit. After a few moments I slipped my hand back and round her pert bum and then down inside her wispy panties. As my hand slipped back between her legs I pushed my middle finger up between her lips and into her vagina where I circled it around the rippled walls of the hot tunnel. As I had suspected there was no hymen to break and, from the way Kendra’s inner muscles milked at my finger, I doubted this was the first flesh to find its way into that warm wet hole. It certainly wasn’t going to be the last. I enjoyed the sensation of fingering a young girls snatch for a minute before deciding to move things along.

I flipped up Kendra’s short skirt and admired the black silky underwear, little more than a thong, and it was the act of a moment to slip the tiny things down. Her ass was perfect, soft and round. I covered each buttock with kisses, which made Kendra giggle and lean forward, raising her bum in the air, giving me access to her neat clam. I pulled her nether lips apart and inserted my tongue as far in to her as I could. A minute later I withdrew and turned her over on to her back, spreading her legs wide and plunging my tongue back in to her moist slit. I lapped at her erect clitoris making Kendra squeak with pleasure. I felt her hands push my head firmly against her sex.

“Don’t stop!“ she squealed. “Please don’t stop, sir.” I didn’t, at least until she’d had a giggling, squeaky orgasm and lay gasping on her back with her legs over my shoulders. I let her lie, recovering, while I admired her vulva, which was completely hairless apart from a neatly trimmed strip of soft, fair hair, directly above her slit. The area was beautifully smooth. It was obviously a professional beauty salon job.

My cock was straining in my trousers and I wanted some relief. I undid my flies and fished my penis out and gave it a stroke before untangling Kendra’s legs from around my neck. I told her to get down on her knees and return my oral attention. She gave a little moue and a sulky look as she realised I wasn’t going to pleasure her again but was quick to drop to the floor and wrap her lips around my grateful rod. My god she was a skilful cock sucker. For a minute I enjoyed her talents before turning my eyes on the lovely Greta.

She had been standing on my left, watching my antics with Kendra patiently. While Kendra bobbed up and down between my legs I reached out and pulled Greta towards me, kissing her full on the mouth. Our tongues entwined and I wondered briefly if she could taste Kendra’s juices on me. My hands wandered over her shapely body, caressing her full bosom through her blouse and bra. Breaking the kiss I pulled up her blue school skirt so I could get a look at her knickers. Unlike Kendra’s flimsy effort, Greta’s underwear was both sensible and white, contrasting with the darkness of her skin. I manoeuvred the girl on to the desk in front of me and parted her legs, revealing a cotton gusset tightly covering her mound. It only took a few seconds to pull the knickers from under her bottom so I could lay my eyes on the mat of curly black hairs that hid her slit. I carefully parted her lips through the pubic nest to find her pink flesh beneath, glistening and wet. I gently pushed my index finger in to the entrance of her vagina until I found myself meeting resistance.

I pulled my throbbing cock out of Kendra’s talented mouth and stood up to rub it up and down Greta’s moist gash. I positioned myself with the head of my member pushed ever so slightly in to her tunnel, but before I pushed in and popped her cherry I stopped to unbutton her blouse. Her white bra constrained her more than ample tits. It took a few moments to undo it and release them but the effort was well worth it. For their size they were remarkably firm, maintaining their shape and pointing proudly at the ceiling rather than flopping to the sides. Each impressive mound was capped by a brown pointy nipple that, given Greta’s level of sexual arousal, was fairly straining in it’s erectness. I bent forward and sucked the left nipple in to my mouth, rolling my tongue around the rubbery nub. I spent a minute or so on each boob, eliciting little moans from the shapely schoolgirl beneath me.

“Sir, I can feel your. . . Your manhood in my hole. Push it in, please. I need you inside me. Please.”

“It will hurt for a minute,“ I warned her.

“I don’t care. Just stick it in, I’m going mad. Stick it in deep and fuck me hard. Please sir, I’m begging you. Fuck me.” Well, it would have been rude to turn her down after she had asked so nicely. I pushed my iron hard pole into her welcoming vagina, and after a moment of resistance I broke through her barrier and plunged down her incredibly tight teen tunnel. Greta let out a shriek of pain but then I saw her bite her lip and begin to breathe heavily. I waited a moment, allowing her a chance to recover, and then made a slow thrust, thoroughly enjoying the sensation of her vaginal muscles gripping my pulsing cock. I began to stroke in and out, making sure I stimulated her little clitty. With one hand I massaged one of her tits and with the other I fondled one of her beautiful buttocks.

Kendra was now standing next to me, naked from the waist down. Her own level of horniness was intense and I could see she was longing for attention, her right hand busy between her legs. It seemed a waste of an opportunity not to penetrate that silky smooth surround and ram my dick deep inside of her. With a degree of reluctance I withdrew from the snug warmth of Greta’s cunt and rearranged the girls.

I lay Kendra where Greta had just been, on her back and with her legs spread. I then took the deeply frustrated Greta and got her to straddle her classmate, lying on her face to face. The result was that Greta’s black bubble butt was beautifully positioned before me, and directly below it was the pink of Kendra’s open snatch. I only needed to change the angle of attack to slide in to either girls teen twat. I slid my member down between the wonderful globes of Greta’s ass, hesitating at her puckered anus but resisting the temptation to sodomize her, and then I re-entered her vagina from behind. She hissed a grateful “thank you, sir,” and pushed back onto my prick. I set up a rhythm that had her buttocks rippling as I slapped against her and her tits swinging across the face of Kendra. I could hear her making grunting noises as she approached her climax. Her pleasure was maximized as her clitoris was mashed against Kendra’s pubis. A minute later I felt Greta’s cunt contract and ripple around my cock. She let out a long series of “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and I felt her slump down onto the gorgeous blonde beneath her.

The gorgeous blonde had her own needs which I felt obliged to satisfy. I rolled the sated Greta off Kendra and slid my cock up and down her slit to rub it around her clit a few times before positioning the head at the entrance of the blonde’s pink channel.

“I’m ready, sir,“ she purred. “Have your wicked way with this innocent little schoolgirl.” There was a wicked look in her baby blue eyes and she was grinning lasciviously. I plunged in to her and was delighted at the way she clamped around my taut penis. The next few minutes were spectacular.

“You’ve done this before,” I grunted.

“A few times,” she admitted. “But I’ve never felt like this before. I’ve never needed to be fucked so hard before. I’ve never needed a cock so badly before. If I don’t climax soon I’m going to explode. Fuck me, sir. Make me cum.” I obliged by hammering in to her and watched as she began panting and moaning. As she tipped over the edge in to orgasm I felt her vaginal muscles milk my cock exquisitely.

My own need to cum was reaching the point of no return, so resisting the temptation to fill the teenagers womb with baby making sperm, I withdrew and pointed my throbbing tool at Greta’s black tits. A few firm strokes later and I was awash with a shattering ejaculation and a series of white gobs were dribbling between the soft pillows of flesh towards Greta’s navel.

Kendra kindly wriggled herself around and took my slowly deflating cock in to her mouth, whereupon she skilfully sucked me clean, cheekily drying my member off on Greta’s school skirt. As I came down from my orgasmic high I glanced at the clock. It was time to wrap things up for the day.

Checking the computer, I gave my two sex toys firm instructions to remember only that they had studied hard but been distracted by a harmless sexual fantasy. I then ordered the rest of the class to finish up what they were doing and hand in their papers. I suggested firmly that they had just taken a mock exam paper and that they should be pleased with how they had done, but otherwise it was an unremarkable lesson. We still had five minutes until the bell. I had an idea to help pass the time.

“Okay girls,” I ordered, “I want you all to stand up on your tables.” There was a scraping of chairs and a clattering as the girls scrambled to obey. When they were all stood ready I said “lift up your skirts.” Suddenly I had a view of thirty two teenage schoolgirls knickers. Just over half wore plain white cotton panties, while the rest wore a wide variety of colours and types. One girl, in particular, caught my eye. She wore a yellow thong with a tiny see-through triangle covering what was clearly a hairless pussy. I walked over to her and slid my finger down her visible puffy lips. Even through the gauzy material I could locate a tiny but erect clitoris which I circled for a moment and was rewarded with a moan of pleasure. I wandered along the rows of teen girls, touching, poking and stroking as I went. Finally I ordered the girls to drop their knickers to their knees so I could do a quick survey of teenage girls preferred pubic hairstyles.

Reluctantly, with seconds to the bell, I told them to pull up their underwear and make themselves decent. I strongly reminded them how normal the lesson had been and sent them on their way. Finally I placed the completed surveys in my briefcase for study later. I wondered how many of the girls had answered the first question, Are you a virgin? with an affirmative. I was pretty sure that between now and the end of term very few of them would be able to. I’d personally see to it.

To Be Continued