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The Adventures of Eggy Remixed — Book 5 — Annette’s Harem (new)
by Otrebanks (mc mf ff md fd hu hm gr la bd)
Annette moves to LA to try her luck in Hollywood. Swimming pools. Movie stars. Liberated but lost thralls imprinting themselves on her. Magic leashes. Power lunches. But first the whole gang take a trip to NYC for a wild party celebrating the best-seller status of Sam and Annette’s book. Then three female PIs are hired to dig out Annette and her friends’ secrets. Do they succeed? Sorry Charlie.
Archives, Room D4 (new)
by Ian Febland (mc mf fd)
A librarian experiences new realities after he meets an attractive younger donor.
Becoming Master (Olorin247) (new)
by Olorin247 (mc mf md)
A man explains to a reporter how and why he trained to become a Master.
The Boys of Summer (new)
by Jukebox (mc mf md)
An early adopter for the new Boys™ finds out the hard way that not all robotic sex toys have the same plans for humanity.
Brandi, the Protector of the Gateway: Season 2 (1 new chapter)
by Pan (mc mf mm ff gr ds ex)
After a strange new guidance counsellor comes to Antioch, Brandi and her group of friends face their biggest challenge yet.
Business and Pleasure (sex-obsessed-lesbian) (new)
by sex-obsessed-lesbian (mc ff ds)
The day after her first forays into erotic hypnosis, a massage therapist finds her work... unexpectedly stimulating.
But I Don’t Really Want This (1 new chapter)
by Pomelo (mc mf md fd gr hm)
Will and Nicole find their relationship changing again in at first subtle and then not-so-subtle ways.
Christopher, Craig & Co. (1 new chapter)
by SoxnTies (mc mm)
The sequel to “Christopher & Craig” and “Campus Case Study”.
Diary of a hypnotist (2 new chapters)
by Atte. Akisa (mc mf md)
A hypnotist describes how he takes control of two sisters.
Driveabout — A Walk In The Woods (new)
by Sleepy Hypno (mc md fd)
On a quest to find his place, the incubus Xander stops at a national park and meets an Old Native American Park Ranger who just might be able to help him. And if he can’t, maybe his Granddaughter can.
Edited in Post (1 new chapter)
by Olorin247 (mc ff md)
A sex podcaster decides to have a hypnotist and his assistant as guests on her show.
Fair Share (1 new chapter)
by Greyscribbler (mc ff)
Alison’s roommate Jane doesn’t do her fair share of the housework.
Friendly Neighbor (new)
by A Sinister Bent (mc mf fd)
A college student home for the summer while his parents are away develops an unusual relationship with an attractive neighbor.
Fukushū No Tabi, Shōkan No Tabi (1 new chapter)
by J. Darksong (mc mf ff md fd cb)
Veronica Albinn journeys back to Japan to do battle with the Hand, her former ninja clan, that seeks her daughter’s life and her death. Venus Satore decides to accompany her. Both women, with ties to a tragic past, seek to end the threat against the ones they love. Sometime in order to face the future, you must return to the past...
The Further Adventures of Louis and Elle (2 new chapters)
by Argos (mc mf fd)
A continued look at the marriage of Elle and her hypnotically enslaved husband Louis.
Give Me Thirty Days (1 new chapter)
by HB5211 (mc mf ff md ma bd)
Julia is assigned to write a story on the new corporate magnate who’s moved into the newest complex on the outskirts of town. Richard Ducks was a billionaire, married four times and an unapologetic sexist. Despite that fact, he had many beautiful and intelligent women employed by his companies. What was it they saw that Julia didn’t? Maybe assignment will answer all of Julia’s questions.
Happy Mother’s Night (new)
by me-chan (mc mf fd)
A holiday celebration heats up after dusk, and beyond.
I Have No Idea (1 new chapter)
by Redsliver (mc mf ff md)
Tanner wakes up from a blackout, and discovers that he started a billion dollar pharmaceutical company and created a slave paradise with a prototype mind control drug.
In Another Life (1 new chapter)
by Madam Kistulot (mc ff ds ex cb)
The Domina’s life catches up with Silver Girl in ways she never imagined...
Kindling (FruChocs) (new)
by FruChocs (mc mf ff fd)
Jasmine and Michael are ensnared in a hypnotic conspiracy while on holiday on a tropical island.
Losers Can’t Be Choosers (1 new chapter)
by S. B. (mc mf fd hm)
As much as he enjoys it, Jonah knows he’s addicted to femdom humiliation. Perhaps his sister Angela, a skilled hypnotherapist, can help him with that.
Mad Monday (2 new chapters)
by Pan (mc mf in)
After swapping bodies with their teenage daughter, Andrew’s wife finds it hard to handle the hormones.
Madame Lita’s New Playthings (new)
by Penny Propofol (mc ff)
Cory and Desiree are two best friends that find themselves in Madame Lita’s clutches. What will become of them?
My Mom Is A Supervillain?! (new)
by HypnoticHarlequin (mc ff)
When Alicia discovers her Mom moonlights as the supervillain Mesmera, she is thrown into a hidden world of heroes, villains and a government that is very keen to keep their existence a secret.
A Night Away From It All (new)
by T.MaskedWriter (mc mf)
Troy tracks down the missing Countess Helena.
Picture of You (new)
by Nova (mc fd)
Sometimes you might feel reluctant to share personal information or the simple truth about yourself with a powerful woman online. Maybe this makes you feel a bit conflicted because you also want to serve and please her. Goddess Nova wants to share some of her teachings with you to solve the problem.
Quiet Your Mind (new)
by Jukebox (mc)
A hypnotic induction distracts you into trance.
Resistance (Rikimaru) (2 new chapters)
by Rikimaru (mc mf gr in)
The world has changed drastically, but a family living within a small pocket of untouched society seeks to hold onto a normal life.
Retraining Mom (new)
by GiantNut (mc mf md in)
Andrew’s mom is hot. Sandra Clark turned heads everywhere she went, including at home, where Andrew secretly lusted for her ever since he could remember. So when Andrew learnt that there was a secret organisation that could retrain any woman to be a slave, he knew who his first one would be.
Snow White and the Trance (new)
by Quiet Hypnotist (mc mf md)
Kitten just wants to unwind after a stressful day. Luckily, her master knows exactly how to make her feel like a fairy tale princess.
So Stupid: A Reyna Story (new)
by Trixie Adara (mc ff hm)
Reyna encounters a stranger willing to insult her. Such a stupid thing to do.
Time Manipulation Mind Control (2 new chapters)
by mypenname3000 (mc mf md ts in)
A young college student discovers he has the ability to stop time and implant suggestions.
Unintended Attraction (1 new chapter)
by Sidia (mc mf md)
A man begins to come to grips with and master an ability that he’s feared all his life.
Victoria’s Mansion (1 new chapter)
by Sammynona (mc ff ma bd ds ex ft)
Marie and her sorority sisters are stranded after a flat tire. Luckily, her Aunt Victoria has a mansion nearby, that’s ready to welcome all of the girls in.
WeaverNews Prompt: The 64th Time’s A Charm (new)
by TheWeaver (mc mf ff)
Three Seniors on the Wayward High School news team are led astray by the power of their new teleprompter.
WeaverTech: Fiction to Fact (new)
by TheWeaver (mc mf)
The Weaver branches out from the written word and explores other aspects of storytelling. Unbeknownst to the people using it, this magical camera makes what’s acted out in front of it a reality.

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