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Greetings, my dear reader friend. While I am still able, I wish to alert you -to protect you, from the fate that has befallen me due to my own foolish arrogance and pride. Call me Ron; I’m an IT (Computers—Information Texchnology) professional, so I’m far from an ignorant. In fact, I work for one of the top U.S. computer manufacturers as a high-level corporate troubleshooter. Were I to mention the name of my company, you would probably recognize it immediately. My job frequently requires extensive travel abroad, including the UK..

Little did I realize how much my life would soon change. I’m a big guy, over 6′, and a very Dominant male. If you follow my footsteps and find yourself in a similar predicament, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Some of the details of the story are a bit hazy to me still, but to the best of my recollection, this is basically what happened:

* * *

For years, I’ve been fascinated by the subject of mind-control and hypnosis, especially erotic hypnosis. My deepest, darkest fantasy was to have a female sex-slave who would do my bidding; anything I would tell her to do, without question, only to exist to fill my every need, sexual and otherwise, without protest, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . I realize this is not the right thing to do. I know its wrong—I knew it at the time. But this desire, and the loneliness of a broken marriage, along with an innate shyness when around the opposite sex; well, it can drive a man to try desperate things sometimes. It’s also what brought about my downfall, which you, the reader shall soon see.

It all began quite innocently at a private dinner party, or so I thought. I was very bored, about ready to leave, when I spotted her across the crowded, smoky room. She was sleek as a lynx, exuding pure eroticism and animal magnetism. Her very essence seemed to scream “SEX!” To call her a “perfect 10” would have been a grave injustice, an insult to her obvious feminine charms. I was fascinated, yet terrified to approach her.. Besides, she was surrounded by male admirers, most of whom were far younger and more physically attractive than I am.

At that moment, she glanced my way and flashed those amazing deep, haunting azure eyes my direction. My heart nearly stopped! Was that a coquettish smile I saw, or just my imagination? It only lasted the briefest fraction of a second, but I know female body language well; the signs were there, if a bit subdued, and she was showing interest in me! “Hmm, this requires further investigation,” I thought to myself.

Somewhere deep within me, I summoned my last bit of courage and worked my way through the crowded room. It seemed to take forever, but my only thought was to meet this vision of loveliness, this divine feminine ecstasy. What would I do when I finally met her? I had no idea.. it was a primitive reaction to her incredible sexuality. It was like salmon hearing the secret inner voice that drives them to spawn in a certain stream, or a moth fascinated by a flickering candleflame.

Finally, after a great deal of shoving, I reached her. A bit lost for words, I forced out a hasty “Hello.” She smiled coyly and locked those deep azure pools on me. My knees buckled almost immediately upon meeting her gaze.

She laughed softly, and said, “What’s the matter, Ron? A little too much to drink?” Her eye caught mine once more. Yes, there was a definite smile this time.. No mistaking the signs of interest. She winked wickedly in my direction, this time more brazenly and openly, her smile broad and her intent now clear.

My mind raced, seeking answers that would not come Answers to questions like “Who is this girl? Why is she so interested in me with all these handsome men flocking around her like children at a cotton candy stand?” Then a strange feeling suddenly came over me.. “Wait! How the hell did she know my name?? I was across the room, and..” My train of thought was rudely interrupted by a brief, but indescribable, searing pain and a strange hissing sound followed by myriads of intensely bright white stars in my head; then—nothingness.

I ‘came to’ about 15 minutes later.. Several people were surrounding me, including a physician who had also been invited to the party. Man, what a headache! And I wasn’t even intoxicated.. The blurred room’s spinning began to slow, and reality once again began to set in. The light was a hundred times too bright, each sound a hundred to a thousand times too loud, as though the slightest whisper was amplified by a giant P.A. system buried deep in my agonized cranium. Where was she? I looked around quickly, and the room began to spin again. I slumped back to the floor, surrendering to the insistent, incessant pain. Once again, the peaceful blanket of darkness enveloped me and allowed me to forget my agony awhile..

* * *

I woke again to find myself lying in the bedroom; my tightly bandaged head felt like a cracked eggshell... Wait, what is this?? My angel!! The girl I’d met here at the party was at the foot of my bed smiling at me? Impossible! It had to be an hallucination, I had only recently met her at the party, right?

Then she spoke.. “Hello, Ron, are you OK?”

Once again she smiled that disarming smile, and miraculously, the searing pain in my tortured head began to fade away.

I grinned broady in return.. “I didn’t.. expect to see you.. again.. I don’t.. even know your.. name..” I managed, with great effort..

“Ron, I was so worried about you. I knew you were hurt badly.” she said, obvious concern in her voice, “I’m glad the doctor let me come here with you."... once again the saucy, naughty wink.. “I lied—told him I was your wife..", she giggled. Then her expression changed to something more resembling a scowl, “That clumsy, careless waiter! When he fell over that rock in the patio, the heavy silver tray he was carrrying got you good. Poor baby.. ”

Her smile made my woes dissappear like magic. She stayed with me the whole time until I recovered sufficiently, and the doctor had removed my head bandage.. was it minutes, hours? I couldn’t tell, everything was still too surreal. All I knew was that I had one granddaddy of a headache now, and and a dark bruise the size of a larg hen’s egg on my aching brow.

We talked about everything from religion to politics to astrology. It was as though we had been made for each other, as though we had found our repsective soulmate. We discussed our fantasies, and. to my great surprise, I found that we both had an interest in hypnosis. I am not sure who brought up the subject, but upon the mention of it, the naughty gleam in her eye seemed to reach the intensity of that of a plasma cutting torch.

“Oh, and if you manage to hypnotize me, what would you have me do then, ‘Master’?” she said in an uncharacteristic, vaguely condescending voice..

I stammered a bit, now feeling somewhat uncomfortable, “Umm, not sure really.. What would you like to do? Have you ever been under trance?”

She apeared to be very disappointed. “Shit,” she muttered under her breath, “another wanna-be!” While I was washing up, she called a cab for us. “Ron”, she pouted, “I have a fantasy, and I was hoping you could help me make it come true. I have always been attracted to strong men, men who could control me, even my mind. My job, personality and strong will seem to drive away the very sort of man I seek. I see those characteristics hidden in you—they fascinate me. When you mentioned hypnosis, I thought there was a glimmer of hope.”

I sat there stunned, even shocked. my senses reeling. Here this lovely creature, this Venus on earth had fantasies of ME controlling HER? “This is quite embarrassing,” I said contritely, “but I’m afraid I don’t even know anything about you; even your name..”

“No,” she replied, almost callously, “You don’t, because you didn’t even bother to ask. I was beginning to think you could care less,” she added sourly.

“What an idiot I am!” I said to myself, cursing my stupidity and naivete, “I almost let her get away without even finding out her name or telephone number..” The cab arrived shortly thereafter. I opened the door and helped her into her seat. As I closed the cab door and stepped back, saddened by the thought that I might never see her again, I called out just in time, “What’s your name, my dear?”

She feigned a slight frown, “Don’t think I’ll tell you right now Ron, you hurt my feelings.. However, if you’ll see me safely to my place, I might forgive your thoughtlessness.”

Without a moment of hesitation, I hurried to the other side of the cab, still a bit dizzy from my recent head injury, nearly tripping, as I seated myself in the back next to her. The mystery girl just sat there, her enigmatic expression mocking displeasure, but I could sense it was all for my benefit. Few. if any words were spoken during the remainder of the trip until we reached her apartment building. I reached into my pocket for my wallet, but she beat me to the punch and paid the cab fare.

I went to the other side of the taxi and opened the door. She smiled at the cabdriver and sent him on his way, with a generous tip and that trademark saucy shameless wink. I noted this with growing displeasure.

“If you were mine,” I hissed under my breath, not thinking she could possibly hear my nearly inaudible whispers, “you would pay attention to no other. You would serve only me..”

“Oh?” she said, once again shocking me back to reality, “Is that so? So far I have seen little to make me believe you could ever be a capable Master.”

I followed her dumbly down the ornately decorated hall, not even daring to speak, whisper, or even think. As we entered the lift, she took something from her purse, and with a turn of a key, opened a hidden panel on the elevator control panel. She pressed the button marked ‘penthouse suite’ and returned the key to her purse. Penthouse? “Who IS this girl?” I wondered, scratching my beard. Obviously she either has a good income, a generous daddy—or ‘sugar daddy’, or something..

The doors opened to a well-decorated, spacious apartment with huge plate glass windows overlooking the chic areas of downtown London. I was filled with awe at the grandeur of her home. Just when I had begun to adjust to all the new surprises, another blockbuster.. This raving beauty, this impossible vision, began to strip down to her birthday suit and toss her clothes haphazardly about the room. I tried not to stare, but kept gawking at her like a schoolboy peering through a hole in a girl’s locker room shower stall.

She looked at me, her expression unchanged despite my stare. “Would you like a drink, Ron?” she asked innocently.

I managed to hoarsely croak “Yes” and sipped the expensive champagne. The sparkling wine was quite relaxing and emboldening. I finished the intoxicating wine, then she poured me another, and another. I was feeling rather tipsy by then. I looked at the radiant creature beside me, my confidence now bolstered by the bubbly. Passions heretofore unknown to me began to well up inside.

“You doubted that I could be a Master, my dear,” I said brazenly yet remarkably clearly, despite the effects of the alcohol, my innate shyness, and the rather intimidating surroundings I found myself in. “Now I am yours.and you shall do what I say.”

“Oh ya, sure, sure, ‘Master’,” she giggled hysterically, nearly spilling her drink, “Like I’m going to take orders from some drunk middle-aged wanna-be hypnotist..”

I tried a few more times to make her submit to me, using everything but brute force, but She just laughed off each of my attempts. That did it. I was hot.. In more ways than one! My inner fires kindled, I was determined to have her, with or without her consent, especially after she had taunted me in such a manner.

My courage enhanced signifigantly by the influence of the mind-numbing champagne, I decided to mesmerize the girl. I had seen many hypnotists on stage and TV. I had even some trancing done over the internet. It was now the time to ‘put up or shut up’.

I vaguely reemembered a technique discussed by some female hypnotists on the net in a chat area, so I figured if it worked so well on male subjects, the same techniques, slightly modified, should would work on a female subject as well.

I approached her once more, this time more quietly and seductively. “How you like a back massage?” I asked innocently, “You seem kind of tense”, knowing full well the relaxing, hypnotic effect massage has on virtually anyone, when properly done.

“Sure,” she yawned, adding a semi-disinterested shrug, “No harm in that. I always enjoy a good massage. Itt lets me relax and unwind.”

I began to work her naked back and shoulders, gently, barely applying any pressure, applying more and more as she began to visually relax. She was right where I wanted her; relaxed and in a light trance state, and whether she had realized it or not, now very vulnerable to suggestion. Noting her tranquil expression and sweet sighs, I decided to test her. I reached around in front of her and began to gently fondle her right breast.

“Ohhhh, nice, so nice..", she said dreamily, smiling her sexy smile, quickly adding.. “That’s not a back massage..” She offered no physical resistance, only half-hearted protestations, so I continued to massage the breast. Seeing her so completely relaxed and sighing deeply now, I massaged her left breast with my other hand. “MMMMMMM. It feels soooo wonderful,” she said breathlessly, then added, “But you are not my Master.. Only my Master may do things like that to me. I’m sooo sorry..” adding, “I want and need this so much!!”

“Shh, little one, you are mistaken, I AM your Master.. You do like this massage, don’t you, girl?", I asked her quietly.

“Yesssss,” she moaned almost breathlessly now.

“And you would do almost anything to have this feeling, wouldn’t you girl?” I continued soothingly.

“Ohhhh, yessss”, she purred, “if only you were my Master, it would all be—so perfect.”

I laughed, softly kissing her forehead, “And who says I am not your Master?”

With each protest becoming weaker and less convincing, I soothed her in this manner, adding a new bit of stimulation, even occasionally rubbing her mons and teasing her clit gently, until she began to purr continuously like a domesticated kitten. She was becoming putty in my hands, despite her quiet denials, which I was sure were only for my benefit now. Despite my inebriation, my manhood had come to full attention and was desperately seeking relief, straining at the material of my trousers.

Emboldened, and still feeling the effects of the vintage sparkling wine, I tweaked her nipple severely. She cried out, not in pain, but with pleasure. I slowed my rhythm to the point that my hands were barely moving on her breasts, yet I maintained a firm, yet gentle pressure on the soft pliable orbs. Each time her protest was less and less convincing until all that I could hear coming from her was heavy breathing. deep, passionate sighs and lud moans.

“You will do ANYTHING to keep this feeling, won’t you girl? You WILL be a good girl and obey me NOW, I know you will.” I said, quietly but in a commanding authoritative voice.

“Ohh, yesss, anything, Ron.. Just keep up that massage,” she said dreamily.

“Shhh, little one,” I intoned quietly, “Call me Master. It is I who will decide whether to continue this massage or not..” I added, licking the length of the back of her neck lightly, “You have no choice now but to obey me.. Your will is mine. Your thoughts evaporate as you enter a deep hypnotic trance.. deep, deeper, fully under my control now.. You know you want to obey me now, because it gives you even more pleasure than this massage.”

A wide smile quickly appeared on her cherubic face, “Yes, Master,” she cooed, sliding her hands along my thighs.

The moment of truth had arrived.. It was now time to test her, to see if this was some sort of game she had played with me, to serve some inner need to embarrass me. But for what purpose? My voice softened in tone and became even more quiet and seductively, as I had long practiced for so long, anticipating such a moment.

“Girl, you hear and obey me without question now, because it gives you great pleasure and arouses you to please me, your Master.. Isn’t that right. girl?” I said, hoping she was truly under my control. I held my breath.

A few seconds later a look of pure ecstasy appeared on her face, the prize was mine! “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM”, she sighed, “I want to obey you Master! The very idea of it gives me great pleasure and makes me feel sooo hot and sexy..”

Getting cocksure now, I removed my hands from her breasts, then told her, “Though my hands are no longer on your tits, you will continue to feel the same stimulation as before, if not a stronger sensation. As a reward for your obedience, when I tell you that you have served me well and obeyed me, your libido will become stronger and stronger, until you go into an even deeper trance for me, which you know will please me, building your arousal to greater and greater heights.”

Subdued moans began to emerge from somehwhere deep within the mesmerized love siren.. She was near her inevitable climax. I had to move quickly if I wished to maintain control of her. “Girl, you will not cum without my permission. You do not WANT to cum without my permission. You are physically incapable of orgasm without my permission. You know that cumming is a privilege that a slave must properly beg for don’t you, girl?”

“Yessss, Masssterrrr,” she sighed longingly, “I willlll notttt cummm until you give me permission. I cann’tttt, but ohhhh how I want tooooo!”

“Good girl! We need a special word to help you come back here to the land of nod.. From now on, if you hear me, and ONLY me, say ‘somnabula’, you will return to this deep trance immediately and allow me to control you as it pleases me, isn’t that right girl?” I smirked confidently.

“Yes, Masterrrrr,” she said meekly, ever so sweetly and demurely.

“Tell me about yourself. To begin with. What is your name? How can you afford such an expensive penthouse flat, and what do you do for work? Your arousal and level of pure pleasure will increase with each honest reply you give me. If you are dishonest, you will become very sad and lonely, knowing you have NOT pleased your Master. Be a good girl, and answer my questions now. If you are a VERY good girl, I will give you a stronger orgasm than you have ever experienced before.

She began to speak almost immediately. With each spoken word, the smile on her face widened, obviously wanting the ‘carrot’ rather than the ‘stick’. “I am Martisse Anderssohn. I am originally from the country of Sweden. The reason I can easily afford this flat, Master, is that I make a lot of money as a fashion model. MMMMMM, it makes me feel SOOO good telling you these things!” she sighed once again, lost to her pleasure.

I gasped once I realized who I had in my midst. Europe’s top supermodel was MINE! I suddenly became nervous. My mind raced several miles per minute, “Oh. shit, what if someone discovers what I’ve done?! What can they do to me? Think.. think.. Well, she did tell me that only a Master could possess her, but.. is what I did within legal limits? She did, after all, ‘sort of’ consent to all this..” I could sense her need to be challenged and conquered, after all.

“Martisse, you are very close to climax now. If you lie to me, or avoid answering my questions in any way, this feeling will go away and your pussy will become numb, taking away all pleasure. You do not want this I am sure. You will address me honestly and openly as your Master now. Martisse, will you turn me in to the authorities when you return to consciousness? And if not, will you obey me and do whatever I ask of you, even when you are awake and fully conscious?”

“One cannot defy a Master,” Martisse replied in a quiet, now submissive, almost whisper, “I would never turn you over to the authorities; You are my Master. All that I have, all that I am—is Yours, my body, my mind, my possessions I lay at your feet, for as long as You desire. I am Your slave, Your faithful, eager servant and this girl exists only to please You , my Liege. Your pleasure is my will.”

I was now certain that I had her under my complete control. “Very good, girl. Remove my clothes using only your teeth, then make hot. torrid love to me. Do not accept any excuses unless I oorder you to do so directly..” Martisse’s eyelids began to flutter.. I thought I had erred when I saw those deep azure eyes meet mine once more, yet there was still the slightly glazed look of deep trance there.

With amazing skill and obvious expertise and practice, she removed each article of my clothing, button by button, fastener by fastener, with only mild difficulty with my shoelaces and beltbuckle. Still, all considered, I was quite impressed.

“Please lay down, Master dear, let Your girl take care of You..” Martisse began to suck my hard member, taking in the tip and teasing it with her soft, sweet tongue.

I laid immobile on my back, stoic, facial expression unchanging, but my innermost passions were boiling over. I was already almost ready to explode. I was not going to let her see this, however. She would have to work like hell to get any reaction at all out of me. I was determined to repay her previous tease with interest now. Though I grimaced a bit during my orgasm, I remained silent, the only sign of my release was quicker breathing. “Martisse, you may stop now, you have given me great pleasure,” I said, choking back the intense pleasure I had just experienced.

“Martisse, girl, how old are you?” I was cocksure now. Martisse had NEVER told reporters or the public her age; it was a sore spot with her, taboo, definitely the litmus test. She looked 23, but she’d been modeling for 15 years, which would be inpossible, right? She would always say something in Swedish and giggle, adding “Its not nice to ask a woman her age!”

“This girl is 37 years old, Master, though many think she looks much younger,” Martisse sighed.

“Excellent response. You didn’t wait at all, and you were honest with me. Master is proud of you, girl, CUM now and continue to, strongly. until I give you permission to stop.

Her eyelids fluttered again, this time her eyes rolled back in her head until only the whites remained, her mouth forming a perfect “O” shape.

Her body began to twitch almost immediately.. Tears welled up in those deep blue pools, her groin adding its own primitive rhythmic spasms to her erotic symphony. A deep animal-like moan came from far inside her, very primitive and sensual as she climax, cumming hard, over and over.

The session was incredible. She had done whatever I commanded her to do. She gave me the most exquisite oral I had ever received. She was obviously enjoying the experience, from her reactions and ecstatic facial expressions.

This girl had the best “toybox” of any that I had ever seen. The minutes passed as quickly as seconds, the hours like a few minutes. I used every toy that she owned in every possible way I could think of on her. There were vibrators of every description, shape and size, with assorted clamps and whips. The mega-orgasms wracked her body mercilessly as she cried out loudly and plaintively.. Finally I had run out of ideas. It seemed like an eternity! I watched her climax so many times that I lost track of the count.. I was afraid the poor girl might pass out from utter exhaustion!

Remarkably, her stamina held fast. Heck, I wasn’t going to wear out my prize on the first session! There was much more to do. Besides, I had arranged to be off work for a week to rest up before beginning the new project, anyway, so no real hurry.

“Pet. you may stop cumming now,” I said softly, for the first time showing compassion. I looked at the antique grandfather clock on the wall. OMG! I had lost track of the time. She had been climaxing for over an hour! I snickered to myself, “As we say back home in the USA, that’ll learn ya, girl.” I reluctantly decided to bring her up, for her own good.

“You liked this experience, didn’t you. girl?” I asked, tying to hide my nerves.

“Oh, yessss, Massssterrr, it was incredible!” she continued to purr like a contented house kitty bathing in the afterglow of her culminated passions, still breathless from her recent ecstasies.

“Girl, when you awaken, will you still feel this way? Will you be angry with me. little one?”

She laughed in that irresistable way of hers. “You misunderstand, Master, this is what this girI wants. Of course she won’t be angry, she is Your property for You to do with as You see fit.”

“Good girl!! I can see we will have a long wonderful association together, I can tell! Waken and come to a fully conscious state at the count of 5, girl. One, coming up from the depths of trance now. Two, more awake. Three, coming up to the mid-point of awareness now, 4 awakening and fully cognizant of your surroundings now. Five—AWAKE.

On the mention of “five”, Martisse snapped to full alertness, a huge grin covering her dazed, yet obviously satisfied face.

“MMMMMMM, delicious!!! Wonderful!!! THANK YOU, MASTER!” she laughed merrily, her smiling eyes filled with mischief.

I was elated. Not only had I taken her under, but I was in full control, the Master.. or so I thought....

Martisse threw a bit of cold water on her face to refresh herself. She looked amazingly youthful and vibrant for her age, though I have seen many attractive ladies over 35. She was glowing much more radiantly than usual, even for her. Obviously she was thoroughly satisfied. I became quite smug and confident. Lttle did I realize that my bubble was about to burst..

“Oh, Ron, I forgot to tell you. Quit your job, you won’t need it anymore, you’ll live here with me now. I’m quite satisfied with your service and will take care of all your needs. You will be a good boy and do as I say now, won’t you Ronnie?”

Ronnie?? RONNIE??!!! Suddenly I had the strangest mixture of feelings overwhelming me. Rage at her condescension and the audacity of trying to order ME, her Master, mixed with the intense compulsion to comply with her commands, and pleasure from her approval. After all, who needs a job anyway, when your lady is the one of richest supermodels in the world?

Amazed, I heard mysef voice say: “Of course, Mistress Martisse, anything for you.” I said and meant this wholeheartedly, without reservation, yet something was amiss, though I hadn’t the fintest clue what it was. I stood there for a moment with a strange, befuddled expression, worrying that I might displease Her in some way, but angry for Her sudden personality change, and Her unexpected control of the situation. I felt hurt, played like a violin and thoroughly confused.

“Oh, Ronnie, honey, I’m sorry, it must be difficult for you to understand what’s happening to you, you look very unhappy, Her sweet voice and disposition changed. From her rang out a single word, loud and clear... “TURNABOUT”.

Immediately I froze and fell to my knees, begging my Mistress for forgiveness, as I knew I must, sobbing and bawling like a newborne babe. What had come over me?? How could I defy Her in any way? Was I crazy—insane??? Nothing made sense right now. All I know is that I had just hypnotized and commanded my Mistress as though I was her Master. ME??

She chuckled softly, kissing away my tears, and caressing my cheek, “I bet you wonder what’s going on.. You see, we met on the internet, in a chatroom, and I became fascinated by your sex-slave fantasy.. It was a bit of a trick getting myself invited to the party.. and it cost me a lot of favors..and a few bribes here and there.. but you’re well worth it, my prize, worth everything it cost me. Don’t worry, I love you dearly, and you will never be lonely again. From time to time, I may retore your former Dom persona, at my convienience, of course, when it suits my need to be dominated. I might rent, or temporarily lend you to another Mistress, but I assure you, that you will be treated well, and your needs will always be taken care of—all needs.” (; There was that wink again!! ;) “By he way, sorry about the mishap at the party, that was unplanned, I assure you, and not my intention. It hurt me terribly to see you suffer so... You are very special to me, Ronnie, my dear little one,” soothing me like any good matriarch would.. She then kissed away the fading pain from my bruised forehead ever so lightly.

I nodded, smiling dumbly as any good boy should. After all, is that not a slave’s lot in life, to obey?

She grinned, adding “Turnabout is fair play”.

{In the background I hear the lovely Mistress’s enchanting voice: “TURNABOUT” I have to go now.. Be well. Be careful what you seek..