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The attached story (“Suzanne’s New Career”), or fragment thereof, is entirely fictional. The characters, places and events depicted in this story are not intended to represent or resemble any real persons, places, or events. Any such resemblance is purely coincidental.

This story is a work of fantasy. The depiction of any act in this story, including, but not limited to, non-consensual sexual activity, use of drugs and other mind-altering substances on an unknowing human being, and degradation, humiliation or enslavement of a human being should not be construed to imply that the author condones the performance of said act, either on the author’s part or on the part of anyone else.

Furthermore, it is the author’s opinion that the methods and techniques that the narrator of this story is depicted to be using would not, in reality, be effective in achieving the goals toward which he is depicted to be using them.



This story deals with the entrapment of an aspiring female model by a malicious male, who gradually remakes her into a sex-craving slave. It contains consensual sex, non-consensual sex, the use of drugs to alter a human personality, and degradation and humiliation. However, not every one of the above-listed nasty things appears in each chapter. There will be a total of six chapters.

Once again, I welcome any comments and/or constructive criticism. I haven’t gotten any flames so far, but if I do I’ll ignore them. A big thanks to everyone who’s given me feedback so far. The positive email I’ve recieved is pretty much the sole reason for this story being stretched out to six chapters, so you can thank yourselves for that. If you feel like posting your comments to the net (rather than emailing them to me), please do so in, and leave free for stories.

I’m currently at work on my next story, tentatively titled “Candace,” which falls into the same genre as “Suzanne” (that is, psychological subjugation of an unwilling female by a manipulative male). Already, several ideas suggested by readers have been included in the plot, and there’s plenty of room for more. So if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see in a story of this kind, let me know, and if it turns my crank, too, I’ll try to work it in.

At the end of the last chapter, the narrator had “officially” established control over the hapless Suzanne, renaming her “Suzi” to mark the occasion. In the fifth chapter of our little saga, things kick into high gear. Suzi is used and abused in a multitude of interesting ways by a variety of different people, and has about as much sex as can possibly be crammed into 6,000 words. This chapter definitely gives you the most bang for your buck.

A warning: This chapter contains a bit of anal sex, including a rather nasty highly nonconsensual scene. If this isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to skip past it. You won’t miss out on anything important, and there is more than enough sex in the rest of the chapter to keep you happy. Aside from that, this chapter contains plenty of consensual/non-consensual sex (depending on how you look at it), both oral and vaginal, as well as plenty of slutty clothes, humiliation and degredation, and a gang-bang at the end. ‘Nuff said.

Suzanne’s New Career

Chapter 5


The next several days were spent wiping out all traces of Suzanne. I moved the clothes I had bought her to my apartment, and put them in a closet which I designated as Suzi’s. I put the cosmetics and jewelry into a vanity table I’d purchased just for her. The rest of her stuff I sold to a local thrift shop for cash.

Suzi and I went to Suzanne’s bank to close her accounts. I threw out the cashier’s check. It was a trivial amount of money compared to what I had, and cashing it would just leave a trail that Suzanne’s relatives could follow if they ever tried to track her down. We cancelled the lease on her apartment without leaving a forwarding address.

Once Suzanne had been erased from existence, I set Suzi up on her new daily schedule. I got ahold of some videotapes of professional strippers preforming, as well as a video camera, and set up one of the extra rooms of my apartment as a practice studio for Suzi. She was to teach herself to dance and striptease by watching the tapes. The camera was for her to watch herself doing it, so she could refine her technique.

I also bought a tanning bed, so that she could get a smooth, even tan without having to leave the apartment, and a treadmill and a few exercise machines, to keep her in shape. I set up an exercise regimen for her, emphasizing overall conditioning, to build her stamina. In addition, I had her do a lot of chest development exercises, in the hope of doing something about those small tits of hers, as well as some legwork to build up her ass.

Suzi followed the same routine every day. She would get up in the morning and serve me breakfast, after which I would usually fuck her either in the mouth or the cunt (but only after she begged me to). She would spend the rest of the morning practicing her dancing, eat a healthy lunch, and then practice for several more hours in the afternoon. Usually I would interrupt this at some point to fuck her, again making her beg before entering her. After she’d put in her eight hours of dance practice, she’d spend an hour in the tanning bed, followed by an hour of physical workout. Then she’d fix and serve me dinner.

Some evenings I would take Suzi out for dinner and to a movie, but not nearly as often as I had with Suzanne. Most evenings, we would stay home and she would watch porno films, studying the way the women in them behaved. We went to bed early, so that I could give her one or two training fucks and still let her get plenty of sleep. Throughout the day, she was expected to keep herself looking sexy and ready to be fucked, like a good little slut. Once Suzi had settled into her routine, I started up the training again.

I walked into the bedroom to find my slut waiting for me on the bed. As per my instructions of half an hour ago, she was wearing a tight black halter top cut so low that it almost exposed her nipples, a shiny red leather miniskirt, and a pair of knee-covering black leather “fuck me” boots, with her standard five-inch heels. The top was pushed down to expose her pert breasts, and the skirt was pushed up to her waist, exposing her damp pussy. Excellent.

“Doggie style, bitch,” I commanded. Suzi quickly obeyed, rising to her hands and knees, her pert ass sticking up into the air. Here eyes were closed in expectation, anticipating the warm cock that her excited pussy needed so badly. Suzi’s training was coming along well, and she was rapidly developing the proper attitude toward sex. That is to say, she was learning that her body was a toy for me to use for my pleasure, and that the only way she would ever experience pleasure herself was by being used in this way, as an object for sex.

But there was still a significant portion of her original emotional makeup intact, fighting inside her against what she was becoming. This remnant of Suzanne was still in control of Suzi’s body whenever she wasn’t aroused, which was still a majority of the time. And while Suzi was almost always happy, content in her role as a slut and a whore, Suzanne was depressed and miserable. She never rebelled or disobeyed me, but it was obvious from her manner that she was unhappy. She went about her chores, her dance practice, and her exercises with a dogged determination, in fear of what might happen should she fail rather than out of a true love of what she was doing.

But Suzi loved her work. And that was why she was winning the battle between the two. When it came time for me to make use of my slut, the weary, depressed Suzanne was all to eager to give way to the bright, energetic, cock-craving Suzi. And every time Suzi was brought forth, she grew stronger and Suzanne grew weaker. Even though Suzanne doubtless knew that by surrendering control to the slut she was dooming herself, she was still more than happy to give it up when the time came, out of sheer misery. It was form a suicide. Suzanne knew that, and she didn’t mind.

So as a result, she was always craving use around bedtime, when I would come in to give her her lessons for the day. She knew that soon she would be a come-hungry nymphomaniac, experiencing pure pleasure as she sucked on a cock, or had her pussy reamed fast and hard. Tonight, however, she was in for a surprise.

I climbed up behind her on the bed and pulled a tube of vaseline out of my pocket. She couldn’t see me from her position. I spread a liberal amount of vaseline on the fingers of my right hand. With my left hand, I gently began to rub Suzi’s pink little clit. She moaned in response, thrusting her hips back at me, trying to fuck my fingers, trying to get anything she could into her cunt. Carefully, I brought my right hand down to her ass, slowly rubbing her anus.

Suzi started at the touch of the cool lotion in an unfamiliar location, jerking her body as she craned her head and shoulders around to look at me. I slapped her ass. “Sit still, slut! Just relax, and this won’t hurt.”

Suzi whimpered and returned to her position. She was tense, though, scared at the prospect of somthing unfamiliar. Slowly, carefully, I slipped a vaseline-covered finger into her rectum.

She screeched in fear but did not move. “That’s a good girl, Suzi,” I told her. “Good little slut. Just relax...” I continued to maneuver my finger around inside her, trying to spread the lotion as much as possible. When I had done as good a job as I would ever be able to, I pulled my finger out and wiped off the excess lotion.

“Now, then, Suzi,” I said, speaking in my calmest voice, “this won’t hurt if you just relax...” I began rubbing her clit again, eliciting moans once more. But her cries carried a tinge of fear in them. I rubbed her harder, trying to bring her off more strongly, trying to get her to relax. I placed the head of my stiff cock at the entrance to her rectum. Removing my hand from her clit, I spread her ass cheeks as far apart as I could, opening her up as much as possible for my entry. Suzi was trembling in fear now, having figured out what was going on. I reached a hand forward and pushed her chest and shoulders down into the bed, giving me the best possible entry angle. As gently as I could, I pushed the head of my cock into her ass.

She screamed in pain at my entry. I moved my left hand to her clit, trying to bring her off and calm her down. It was slow going, but eventually she stopped screaming and settled into a soft whimpering. Her ass was incredibly tight around my cockhead. God, it felt great! Slowly, I pushed another inch into her lubricated asshole.

She screamed anew, and it took another minute to calm her down. I continued to finger her, trying to bring her up the road to orgasm. I whispered gently to her. “A good little slut knows how to take a cock up her ass.” Suzi mewled in pleasure and pain.

Inch by inch I entered her asshole, stopping after every new thrust to calm her down and bring back to some amount of pleasure. This was easier than it would normally have been, thanks to the aphrodisiac, but it was still slow going. The walls of her ass squeezed around me with an intense pressure.

When I had pushed my full ten inches into her, I slowly, slowly, began to fuck her ass, continually rubbing her clit. I kept it slow to minimize the pain, but she was still squealing in fear almost constantly. After I’d been inside her for nearly half an hour, I brought her to orgasm as I shot my sperm into her ass. As usual, she was under the Pavlov drug, and so she was learning, slowly, to enjoy having her ass fucked.

I waited for my cock to soften. With an audible pop, I pulled out of her ass and lay down beside her. She was softly crying. “Listen to me,” I told her. Here eyes opened and she looked fearfully at me. I continued. “That hurt, but in time you’ll grow used to it.” I held out the bottle of vaseline to her. “It would have hurt a lot more without this. From now on, you will keep yourself lubricated with this at all times. If I ever check, and find you dry, I’ll do it to your right there, and it will hurt. Understand?”

She nodded meekly, still in shock over what had happened. I smiled. “You’re becoming a fine little slut, Suzi.”

In general, I wasn’t very interested in anal sex. I was teaching Suzi to take a cock up her ass because it would be useful skill in her new line of work, not because it was something I had a particular thing for.

Over the next week, I continued to train her in this technique. Always, I fingered her clit as I fucked her ass, using the Pavlov drug to cause a pleasure association to form in her brain, teaching her to orgasm at the feel of come in her ass. The bitch was so tight down there I found myself enjoying the action despite my general lack of interest in this sort of thing.

One afternoon during this period, I got a phone call. The caller was a middle-aged businessman calling from a hotel, repsonding to an ad for “Adult Services” I had placed in the local paper. We verbally, danced around for a few minutes, ascertaining each other’s bona fides. When we finally got down to it, I told him Suzi was avaiable for a massage at $200 for a full hour, plus tips. He agreed, told me where he was staying, and I promised Suzi would be there in an hour.

Her first job! I hadn’t expected it to come so soon. The customer was interested in someone trashy, so I had Suzi put on one of her slutty outfits, a new one I’d purchased recently. It consisted of a shiny silver slip dress that left the gap in her cleavage well-exposed and just barely covered her ass, a pair of black fishnet stockings, and two shiny elbow-length gloves. It was fully accessorized with several oversized fake pearl necklaces, a gaudy bracelet on one wrist, a pair of black hoop earrings, and of course the ever-present five-inch spiked heels, in black this time.

After she’d finished touching up her makeup and hair, we drove to the hotel. While we drove, I briefed her on the proper way to act, how to defer to the customer’s wishes, and when to ask for money. I fixed a small microphone to her left earring, so that I’d be able to listen in on the action and intervene in case Suzi came into any danger.

We got to the hotel. After Suzi had wrapped herself in a trenchcoat, we walked throught the lobby to the elevators. Suzi drew a number of lustful stares, despite the thick coat hiding her body. We rode the elevator up to the customer’s floor. I waited around a corner in the hallway while Suzi knocked on the door.

I heard the door open, and a male voice say, “Well. You must be Suzi.”

“Yes, Mr. Jones. At your service.”

“Come on in.”

Suzi stepped inside and the door closed. I moved up to stand in front of it, ready to enter at a moment’s notice.

“Suzi needs to see your driver’s license,” I heard her say.

“Here you go.”

Suddenly it occurred to me that it might seem odd to the customer for Suzi to be talking about herself in the third person. Well, shit. It was too late now. I’d have to let things go and just hope it didn’t bother him.

He paid her, including a $200 tip, and offered her a drink. They sat down and talked. He tried to start a conversation, asking her questions about herself, where she was from. Suzi’s responses were simple and direct.

“Suzi is a whore. Suzi is a slut who lives for cock. Suzi needs to be fucked.”

After a few tries, he gave up. “God, you really are just a little tramp, aren’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Suzi is a little tramp who will do anything for a cock.”

He was quite turned on by her dirty talk, judging by the tremor in his voice. “T-try mine.” I heard the sound of a zipper.

Suzi’s voice. “Oooh, your cock is so beautiful. Suzi wants to suck it. Can Suzi suck your cock? Please?”

“G-go ahead, slut. Oh!” He grunted in pleasure. God, I was getting so horny from listening to this. I listened intently as Suzi’s customer built to orgasm. He was really getting into this. “Take it down your throat, you little slut! Yes!” I could only imagine what was going on.

After he had finished coming in Suzi’s mouth and Suzi had orgasmed, they settled down for a bit, doing some necking and fondling. Soon, she started begging him to fuck her. He had absolutely no objections, and did so. Suzi kept up a monologue all through the process.

“Oh, yes, Mr. Jones, your cock feels so good in Suzi’s cunt. Suzi hasn’t had a cock in her cunt all day, and this big thick one feels so good. Yes! Use Suzi like the whore she is! Fuck her slutty pussy with your wet cock until you shoot your jism into her belly.” The volume of her cries increased as his orgasm built. “Yes, yes! Ram your meat into Suzi’s wet pussy! Oh! Yes, yes, YES! Shoot your sticky white come deep into Suzi’s cunt! Yes! YES! FUCK SUZIIIIIIIIIIII!”

They came, and for awhile all I heard was the grunts and moans of orgasm. Slowly, they came down. “That was incredible. You are one hot little slut.”

I heard Suzi putting her clothes back on. A moment later she walked out the door. I greeted her with a big smile and a raging hardon. Gripping her hand, I led her to the stairwell.

Unsurprisingly, it was deserted. Most of the people in the hotel used the elevators. I closed the door behind us and unzipped my pants, freeing my erect cock. Suzi, still aroused from her recent fucking, needed no prompting. She bent over and grabbed the stair railing, thrusting her pert little ass up in the air. Not bothering with any formalities, I lifted her skirt up and slammed my meat into her moist pussy.

I fucked her hard and fast in that position for several minutes. I was incredibly horny from listening to her fuck that guy in the hotel room, and my cock was desperate for release. I placed my hands on her hips and jerked them violently toward me with every stroke I took. Suzi put very little effort into it; she was content merely to be used like a rag doll, muttering softly to herself. “Oh, yeeees, master, fuck Suzi. Fuck Suzi’s slutty cunt with your hard cock. Mmmmm.”

After a minute or two of pumping Suzi’s cunt up and down on my shaft, I came explosively, jism spurting from my prick into her tight cunt. Suzi screamed in pleasure as her third orgasm in an hour washed over her, and my come dribbled out of the corners of her pussy. God, she was fantastic.

I continued training Suzi in the fine art of taking a cock up her ass. She didn’t enjoy it, but as the days passed, she slowly grew used to it and stopped crying whenever I fucked her there.

One morning I surprised her by getting up early. Suzi had just taken her shower, and was sitting at the vanity table, styling her hair and putting on her makeup. Usually I didn’t wake up until almost an hour later, after she’d gotten dressed and fixed breakfast.

I got up casually and walked over to stand behind her. She looked up at me, curious as to why I was up so early. “Stand up, slut.” I commanded. She obeyed, setting down her lipstick and standing at attention.

Slowly, I caressed her ass with my hands. She trembled in anticipation. Without warning, I stuck a finger into her anus, eliciting a shriek from her. It was dry.


“Yes, m-master?”

“What did I tell you about your ass? What are you supposed to have in it all times?”

She started to cry, unable to answer, shaking in fear.

“I said to keep your ass lubricated at all times, didn’t I?”

“I-I was about to, m-master. It’s just that you don’t usually g-get up this early, and...”

“All times, bitch! Now you’ll have to suffer the punishment.”

Suzi shrieked and whirled to run. I grabbed her arm firmly and threw her to the floor. She looked up at me in horror, too frightened to take action, as I knelt above her.

Roughly, I grabbed her and forced her to her hands and knees. She was crying in sheer terror. With one hand I positioned my cock at the entrance to her dry anus, and with the other I pushed her head and shoulders down to the floor, giving me the best possible angle of entry. When she was positioned just right, I slammed my cock full force into her tight, dry ass.

She screamed. Not the scream of pleasure she usually gave when I fucked her to orgasm. Not the scream of fear mixed with pleasure that she had given when I was teaching her to ass-fuck. A scream of pure, excruciating, mind-numbering pain.

I paused for a second, enjoying her pain as my cock sat inside her asshole. Just when her scream started dying, I withdrew and thrust again, bringing a new wail. The raw, dry skin of her asshole ripped and tore in places, and blood spurted from the cuts and gashes.

Each new thrust brought a new scream. After awhile, the blood spread around and acted as a lubricant, lessening teh friction between my cock and her ass. At this point, I started fucking her in earnest. Her screams had descended into sobs and whimpers of pain as I plowed her ass faster and faster. Rather than her normal eager bucking and pumpng, she just lay there, accepting but not welcoming my cock in her ass.

The best part of this was that the Suzanne portion of her mind was in control now, and it was taking the brunt of the pain. Suzi, the slutty personality, was in the background. I had been careful not to arouse her before raping her ass, in order to be sure that it was Suzanne I was inflicting pain on. The damage done to Suzanne would further sap her will to live, effectively giving Suzi a greater amount of control over her body.

I came in her ass, a flood of jism erupting from my engorged cock. Suzi—Suzanne, really—just lay there, unresponding, still crying from the pain. When I had shot my load, I removed my blood-and-come covered dick from her ass.

“Now, then, slut, what have we learned?”

Her sobs halted, and she looked up fearfully at me. “Always... keep... Suzi’s ass lubricated?” she asked haltingly.

“Very good. Now, from now on, you are to lubricate yourself immediately upon coming out of the shower in the morning. Understand?”

“Y-yes, master.”

“Good.” I smiled. “Now clean off my cock.”

Slowly, wearily, she took my cocok in her hands and began to suck on it. A pinkish mixture of fluids dripped from her asshole. My cock was soon clean, glistening with her saliva. Before long, Suzanne had receded into the background, and an aroused Suzi was sucking happily on my cock. I patted her on the head. “Good girl, Suzi,” I encouraged her. She smiled around my cock at me. My eager little slut was back, stronger than ever.

From then on, Suzi was always lubricated. Eventually, she grew to enjoy it, and by the end of her third week as my live-in slut, I had her begging to “please stick your hot cock up your bitch’s tight ass, master!” I’m not particularly an ass-fucking type of guy, as I’ve mentioned, but hearing her say that made me eager to cream her tight little hole.

I also continued to hire her out as a call girl once or twice a week. She typically earned four or five hundred dollars from each stint. This was no big windfall, but it was a nice bit of extra income. I didn’t intend for her to be doing this for very long anyway; the real purpose of it was to get her used to the idea of fucking other men. She would soon be moving on to far more lucrative activities.

Around the time of her tenth job as a call girl, I decided that Suzi’s dancing skills had reached the point where they could be put to use. I made up a bunch of flyers featuring Suzi’s face as she licked her lips sluttily. The text read, “The breathtakingly beautiful Suzi: private dancer available for parties and celebrations. Deluxe service.”

The next day Suzi got her first piece of business—a bachelor party. They were in a rush, and they wanted her that night. I was forced to cancel my dinner reservations, but I was eager to see Suzi in action, so I agreed. We dickered over the price, and he gave me directions and a time to show up.

I interrupted Suzi’s dance practice and told her she had a job that evening. She was surprised. I told her to go put on her red lingerie and pumps. She complied and returned to the practice room. We spent the rest of the afternoon going over her routine. She was to burst out of a cake and do a quick striptease act. Then she was to sit on the groom’s lap and get down and dirty.

“Now, remeber, slut, the groom just thinks you’re an ordinary stripper who isn’t supposed to go very far. He doesn’t know that you’re really a cock-craving whore who’s going to fuck him. So you have to go slow, or you’ll scare him.”

We went through the routine, with me sitting on the chair playing the part of the groom. I didn’t actually fuck her, because I wanted her to be extra horny that night. But it was quite an act of will to restrain myself.

We ate a quick dinner, and I gave Suzi an hour to rest before driving her out to the party. Before going up to the house, I had her drink a glass of water with a little bit of aphrodisiac and some of the Pavlov drug. “Now, remember, slut, the groom gets to fuck you first, because it’s his special night. After that, you have to allow yourself to be fucked by anyone who wants to.”

“Suzi understands, master.”

“Let’s go, bitch.”

“Yes, master.”

I rang the doorbell, and was greeted by a young man holding a beer. I introduced myself as Suzi’s manager. He told me he was the older brother of Jeff, the groom, and showed us to the cake. Suzi climbed inside, visibly nervous. I said some reassuring words before closing the cake. By the time she had to perform, she’d be horny from the drugs, and that would take care of her nerves.

Jeff’s brother offered me a beer, which I accepted. I told him I’d wait out in the kitchen until the cake was brought out, and then I’d watch discreetly from the kitchen door. He shrugged and left me in the kitchen.

Half an hour later, the cake was rolled out. I leaned against the frame of the kitchen door. The guys sat Jeff down on a chair facing the cake. The music started, and Suzi burst from the cake.

She had a sexy smile on her face as the started dancing. Sweeping around the room, she teased all the guys, licking her lips and occasionally grinding against their crotches, leaving them with various pieces of her flimsy outfit. After a few minutes, she danced over to Jeff and sat on his lap, straddling his legs and facing him, wearing only a bra, panties, and heels.

She slowed down, gyrating her torso in front of Jeff’s wide eyes while the other men whooped and laughed. She waved her tits in front of his face. Judging by the bulge in his pants, Jeff was enjoying the show. Slowly, sexily, Suzi untied her bra and slipped it off her shoulders, revealing her hard nipples. She waved them teasingly in front of Jeff’s face, rubbing them gently with her fingers as she stared lustfully into his eyes. This drew more whoops from the other men in the room.

“So, handsome, you must be Jeff,” Suzi said, in a deep, husky voice.

“Y-y-yes, ma’am,” Jeff responded nervously.

“You’re getting married, Jeff?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am. Tomorrow morning.”

“Well, looks like little Suzi got to you just in time,” she exclaimed, running a hand along his crotch. She looked away and winked playfully at the men, who laughed and cheered her on.

Suzi tossed the bra aside and moved her hands to her panties. Swaying her torso the the music, she untied the panties, exposing her wet cunt. Jeff stared in amazement. The panties still lay between her legs. Suzi bunched the front of her panties up in her left hand, and the back in her right hand, and began to draw them slowly back and forth along her slit. She closed her eyes and arched her back, thrusting her chest into Jeff’s face, drawing even more cheers from the audience. Jeff was still staring at her pussy.

Suzi removed the soaked panties from between her legs and brought them to her mouth. She fixed Jeff with a sultry gaze as she parted her lips and sucked some of the juice out of the panties. She then moved the panties in front of Jeff’s mouth and licked her lips. Jeff sucked hungrily on them. “Does it taste good, Jeff?” Suzi breathed.

Jeff let the panties out of his mouth and stammered. “Y-yes, ma’am!”

Suzi flung the panties aside. She leaned forward and plastered her lips against Jeff’s, giving him a hard, passionate kiss. Jeff was startled at first, but responded quickly. Suzi rubbed the back of his neck with one hand and his chest with the other as she kissed him. After an eternity, she pulled away and looked at Jeff.

“So what’s her name, Jeff?” she asked in a slutty voice.

“D-Donna,” he replied.

“Well, from where I’m sitting,” she moved her hand from his chest down to his crotch, softly rubbing the bulge she found there, “you’re going to make Donna a pretty happy woman.” This drew another loud chorus of hoots from the partiers. Suzi took no notice, her attention focused on Jeff. “But before you go and do that, Jeff,” she breathed, leaning closer and closer to him, “how about making Suzi happy?” With that, she kissed him again and began to unzip his pants.

Jeff made no move to stop her as Suzi freed his shaft. Still kissing him, she began to stroke his hard cock with her fingers, skillfully bringing him off. Suzi broke the kiss, and looked down hungrily at Jeff’s cock. Jeff groaned in pleasure at her soft strokes, his rigid cock standing upright from his lap. A drop of juice fell from Suzi’s pussy onto Jeff’s pants. No doubt about it, the bitch was hot and ready, aching to have her cunt filled by Jeff’s cock.

The other men had stopped cheering, and merely looked on in disbelief. Jeff’s brother looked at me, as if asking what the hell was going on. I shrugged and turned my attention back to the action.

Suzi was moaning now, bouncing up and down on Jeff’s lap, running her fingers up and down his hard shaft. “Yes,” she murmured, “Suzi is going to be very happy with Jeff’s hot, hard cock in her soft, wet cunt!” With that, she lifted herself up and moved herself forward, placing herself over Jeff’s crotch. Jeff was in an aroused stupor, and had no reaction. Suzi placed the head of Jeff’s cock at the opening of her pussy. With an aroused moan, she lowered herself onto it, impaling herself on his shaft. Jeff let out a cry of pleasure at the feel of her velvety cunt wrapped around his prick.

The faces around the room that had previously shown disbelief now took on expressions that were frankly stunned. They had been amazed that a stripper would kiss the groom and fondle his dick. But for her to actually fuck him—this was clearly too much for them to handle.

Suzi wasn’t paying attention to them, however. Her attention was fixed on the meat filling her pussy. I could see her stomach flex as her cunt muscles massaged Jeff’s cock. He was delirious with pleasure. Suzi slowly began to move herself up and down on his shaft, fucking herself crazy. Her moans grew in volume as her cunt lips slid along his shaft.

Suddenly Jeff burst into action. Grasping Suzi tightly to him, he stood up from the chair. Suzi squealed in excitement as his sudden movement caused her to slide all the way down his shaft, completely filling her twat. Falling to his knees, Jeff lay Suzi down on the floor in front of him, never taking his cock from her pussy. He fell on top of her and quickly began to piston his cock in and out of Suzi.

Suzi went wild as he fucked her. She slammed her hips back against him with each stroke. Wrapping her legs around him, she dug her heels into his ass, trying to pull him as deeply as possible into her cunt. “Oh, yes! Suzi feels so lucky to have Jeff’s hot, thick cock in her wet pussy! Fuck Suzi hard, Jeff! Fuck her hot, wet cunt!” Suzi pulled Jeff down on top of her, locking her lips to his in a deep, passionate kiss.

It wasn’t long before Jeff came, spurting his come into Suzi’s steamy pussy. Suzi came at the same time, her cunt muscles gripping his shaft in a viselike grip as her orgasm shook through her body. Jeff’s come overflowed her cunt, dripping to the ground in thick, stringy wads. Jeff’s orgasm subsided. He continued to respond to Suzi’s kisses for a few moments, then pulled his cock out of her pussy and fell to one side, exhausted.

Still lying on the ground, her legs spread wide, with Jeff’s come dripping from her open cunt, Suzi turned her head to look at the men, whose jaws were wide open. In a soft, teasing voice, she inquired, “Who’s next, gentlemen?”

Suzi had a busy night. After she fucked Jeff, each of the other guys took a turn, usually two at once. Suzi would buck her hips frantically against one cock while eagerly slurping at another. Sometimes the men would come inside her. Other times, they would pull out and Suzi would jack them off until their sticky come spurted onto her face or tits.

By the time each of the guys had had a turn, Jeff had recuperated enough to respond to Suzi’s provocations. She spent the next half-hour giving him the blowjob of his life. She would suck him a bit, pumping her head up and down on his shaft as he sat in the chair. As he approached orgasm, she would let him out of her mouth, gently teasing him and allowing him to cool off a bit. Then she would suck him some more, keeping him on the edge of orgasm for thirty minutes, but never letting him go over. By the end of this period, he was so sensitive that she couldn’t suck him for more than four or five seconds at a stretch. When she was through playing with him, she held his shaft in her hand and asked him, “Now, Jeff, do you want to shoot your hot, sticky jism into Suzi’s mouth, or into her soft pussy, or do you want to come all over her slutty face?”

“F-face,” Jeff responded through the haze of his pleasure.

“Okay, handsome. Suzi will take your sticky come all over her face.” With that, she plunged her mouth onto Jeff’s cock and began sucking for all she was worth. Jeff’s moans grew louder and louder as Suzi took faster and faster strokes. Just as he was about to come, she let his cock out of her mouth and pointed it at her face. Jeff’s engorged cock shot spurt after spurt of Jism onto Suzi’s face and into her hair. With her free hand, she collected what she could on her fingers and sucked it into her mouth, hungrily slurping it down. When Jeff was finished shooting his monstrous load, Suzi’s body shook and she fell to the ground, writhing in orgasm from the come splattered on her, dripping in thick strings down her face. She stumbled back up onto her knees and kissed Jeff’s cock. “You’re going to make Donna very happy with that, Jeff.”

The guys then took another round with her, each fucking her cunt or her mouth. One of them even did her ass while two others fucked her mouth and cunt, bringing Suzi to another explosive orgasm. She was always eager for more, and the guys were always eager to provide. When everyone had taken their second fuck, and some had even had thirds, she gave Jeff another long ride in her pussy. After that, no one had the energy to go at it again. I collected the money from Jeff’s brother and Suzi and I left. I had undercharged them by quite a bit, considering all that Suzi had done, but I was counting on this and the next several gigs to provide publicity. After that, Suzi would be so popular that I’d be able to jack the price way up.

Suzi was quiet during the ride home. She had come six times that evening, her most intense performance ever. She had been in slut mode through the whole thing, her deeply-ingrained training making her into a come-hungry sex kitten. Now she was coming down, and Suzanne’s old personality was reasserting itself. I heard her softly crying to herself.

“Suzi,” I told her, “you were a magnificent little slut tonight. You took on eight men two or three times each, giving them orgasms like they’ve never had before. For the rest of their lives, they’ll remember you as the best fuck they’ve ever had. Whenever they fuck their wives, or their girlfriends, they’ll be thinking of Suzi the slut.” I’d been planning to let her rest during the ride, but I was horny as hell from watching her get fucked dozens of times at the party, and I didn’t want to listen to this, so I decided to put her to work. “Suck my cock, whore.”

“Y-yes, master.” Suzi choked back a sob. Like a well-trained animal, my little sex toy leaned over, unzipped my pants, and pulled out my hard cock. After only a few second of sucking, she had gone back into slut mode, all her worries pushed out of her mind. I smiled.


Chapter 6: Suzi’s Career