The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

I want to once again thank my incredibly hot superfan Alyssa for allowing me to use her for this story. You can also catch Alyssa in Psionic_X Rules The World. Check it out if you haven’t already.


Alyssa rang the doorbell and waited nervously. Her wait wasn’t long. Jason opened the door and grinned.

“Ah, Alyssa! Punctual as ever. Please, come in.”

Alyssa entered, more nervous than ever. In fact, she was scared. She had finally agreed to let Jason hypnotize her. The thought of him controlling her mind as well as her body terrified her. When they played bdsm games she could stop it at anytime she liked with the safeword. Jason assured her that she could still do the same thing, even hypnotized. Alyssa had her doubts but they had been seeing one another for months and Jason had never harmed her or refused to stop when Alyssa said the safeword. But would he be so understanding once she was under his hypnotic control? Alyssa thought so but there was a small part of her that was wary. But she was curious and Jason had been patient, earning her trust, so she decided she would give it a go this ONE time to see how it felt.

Alyssa stood in the living room and shivered, even though the house was warm. She jumped when Jason came up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders.

“Relax love. You’re completely safe here Alyssa, with me. No harm will come to you. Would you like something to drink?” Alyssa shook her head no. She wanted only to get this over with. Jason turned her around and kissed her, softly, gently. Alyssa kissed him back and relaxed. Jason pulls away and looks her deeply into her eyes while tracing her lips with his thumb.


Alyssa slumps into Jason’s arms and he carries her to the couch and gently lays her down. He looked at her slumbering form and his cock was hard enough to cut diamond. He licked his lips. Alyssa was magnificent! Her body was amazing. Jason never got tired of looking at her, touching her, fucking her. And now here she was, just as he had imagined having her. This would be a great deal of fun. But first Jason needed relief, so he could concentrate.

“Alyssa, can you hear me?”


“Very good. Alyssa, you are very deeply hypnotized. You are under my control. Do you understand Alyssa?”


“Alyssa, I am your Master. You are my slave. You will obey me instantly and without hesitation, when I give you a command. Do you understand Alyssa?”


“Say yes Master slave.”

“Yes Master.”

“Very good. When you obey me slave you receive pleasure. Go ahead Alyssa and cum now as your reward for being such a good slave.”

Alyssa shudders and squirms and Jason grins as the smell of sex fills the air.

“Alyssa, who am I?”


“Yes Alyssa, your Master. What are you Alyssa?”


“Yes Alyssa, my slave. Cum now if being my slave makes you happy.”

Again Alyssa shudders and Jason knows she has cum again.

Jason undoes his pants and lets his cock spring free. He sighs in relief.

“Alyssa, get up and get on your knees.”

Alyssa sits up and stands then gets on her knees. Jason is yet again grateful for his practice of sexual yoga or the sight of the sexy teen on her knees would make him spurt instantly.

“Alyssa, suck my cock.”

With no hesitation Alyssa engulfs Jason’s cock with her mouth. Jason groans with pleasure; He’d trained her well, even without hypnosis. It hadn’t been hard; Alyssa loved sucking cock as much as Jason loved having his cock sucked. Alyssa skillfully sucks on her Master’s dick and Jason takes advantage of this opportunity to deepen her trance and strengthen his control.

“Alyssa, with each bob of your head, your desire to serve me grows. The more you suck my cock, the more submissive to me you are.”

The young woman begins to suck more feverently. Jason is a bit disappointed. He liked nothing better than a long slow blowjob. However they were on the clock. So Jason grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth. He pounded her face furiously and since he wasn’t using his sexual skills to prolong the pleasure, he was quickly on the edge. He pulled back so that only the first two inches were in Alyssa’s mouth. He groans as he splashes her mouth with his cum. His slave doesn’t miss a beat, swallowing every drop with gusto.

Jason breathes a sigh of relief. He felt much better and would be able to concentrate on the task hand.

“Alyssa, stand up.”

When she obeys Jason orders her to undress. When she obeys, Jason lets out a low whistle at a sight he never tired of. Alyssa’s body was incredible.

“Sit down on the couch Alyssa”.

Jason watches his slave undress then takes off his own clothes. He commands her to lie on the couch and he takes the time to slowly glide his hands over her body. Jason was hard again. He considered just fucking her but he knew he had to take her through a scenario as he did so to show her the wonders of erotic hypnosis. Otherwise, she might be decide not to do it again, no matter how incredible the tranced sex was. He sits beside the prone form of his slave and leaning over begins whispering in her ear....

Quantum Amazon

Quantum Amazon slipped into the underground lair of Quentin Nefarious easily, her power to phase getting her past the Doctor’s magical traps easily. She fully intended to bring him to justice. Quantum Amazon was on an all out mission on this one. Quentin Nefarious was a very dangerous, high level villian, on level with Lex Luthor and Ras Al Ghoul. She had never personally met Nefarious, but his reputation preceded him. He had mental powers, including telepathy so powerful he could control the minds of others. He was also a reasonable powerful telekinetic but nothing Quantum Amazon couldn’t handle . A few other minor psychic and magical skills, but again, the Amazon had overcome far more powerful psychics and magically powered villians in her career. He was physically stronger and faster than ordinary humans, but compared to her, he was the proverbial 98 pound weakling. No, she was more than able to handle the likes of Quentin Nefarious.

Plus this was personal. She knew that Nefarious enjoyed raping heroines he defeated which was why the entire superhero community was on a rampage to get him. Even other supervillians wanted to take him down because of the heat his actions brought on them. It was an unwritten rule: Keep your hands off superheroines sexually. Sure, beat them up, defeat and humiliate them, even kill them, that was part of the job. But rape was considered beyond the pale. Quantum Amazon had been as sickened as the rest of the superheoes and wanted Nefarious head on a platter. But she had always been preoccupied with other missions and never had occasion to go after him herself and the one time the Champion Society, the supergroup she belonged to, had fought him, she was off on a deep space mission. But this time Nefarious had gone way too far: he had defeated and brutally raped Ultrachic, Quantum Amazon’s best friend. The world’s most powerful superheroine had decided that enough was enough. Nefarious would way or the other. She had dropped everything else to focus on Nefarious. His mind powers didn’t mean a thing to her.

Quantum Amazon came to a massive steel door guarded by two stone griffins. She went to smash the door but the griffins came alive and attacked her! Caught by suprprise, the Amazon is battered savagely. But it doesn’t hurt at all. She gets ahold of herself and pushes back one griffin back and immediately hits it with her quantum fire vision. The griffin becomes molten rock. Turning her full strength on the remaining griffin, Quantum Amazon’s punch shatters it into a million stone pieces. She then approaches the door and tears through it as if it were tin foil. There, sitting calmly behind a desk is Quentin Nefarious.

“Welcome Quantum Amazon. Won’t you join me for a drink?”

“No thanks Nefarious. I’m in a bit of a hurry. I just want to beat you within an inch of your life and send you to prison, if thats okay with you.”

“Actually QA it isn’t. I’m afraid that I won’t be allowing you to beat me within an inch of my life and I certainly won’t let you put me behind bars.”

Quantum Amazon can’t believe her ears! Did this bastard actually think he had a choice? Unbelievable!

“I’ll tell you what asshole, I’ll give you the same consideration you gave Ultrachic.”

“Ahhh...yes, I understand that you two are best friends. So you’re here for revenge is it Quantum Amazon? I don’t know why...she enjoyed every moment with me.”

“You lie!”

‘No Amazon, I don’t lie. Its an easy enough thing for me to affect the minds of others. Do you know that the brain is the largest sexual organ? Its true. Trust me, Ultrachic is just acting. She begged me for more! Begged! They all do. They only cry rape because they have reps to maintain. Because if they were all honest, they would sell their souls to be fucked by me again.”

Quantum Amazon just stared, her mouth agape. The man’s hubris was astounding!

“You filthy bastard! You actually believe the garbage you’re spewing, don’t you?”

“You’re wrong QA. I don’t believe the things I’m saying are true. I KNOW what I’m saying is true. And you’ll know its true in just a moment yourself.”

Quantum Amazon, infuriated, takes the desk and tosses it aside and it smashes against the wall. Nefarious looks at the damage and sighs.

“I really liked that desk. Had it specially made.”

“Don’t worry prick, you’re about to be in the same condition as your precious desk so you may still be able to use it.”

Making her move towards him, the quantum powered heroine suddenly realizes that she can’t move. She is frozen in place like a statue.

“I can’t move! What have you done to me?”

“I’ve taken control of your body via your mind Amazon. Surely you knew about my telepathic talent.”

“But you aren’t supposed to be this powerful!”

“Ah. I see. Just a bit of disinformation I spread. That, along with the fact that I never use one iota more power than I need to get a job done. Everyone in the superhero/villian community assumes that my abilities are minor when in fact I am very powerful psychically. The physical abilities are pretty much as advertised, but psychically, I can do FAR more than I’ve let on in the past.”

“You won’t get away with this. I’ll stop you!”

“Oh? You will? How will you do that? Nevermind, you’re talking out your ass anyway.

Nefarious’ eyes narrow and Quantum Amazon feels as if her skintight costume is sliding off her. In fact, it is, thatnks to her antagonist’s telekinetic abilities.

“Now, lets see what you’re hiding under that costume....GODDAMN!!! You are one sexy slut Quantum Amazon! You know, thats a really stupid name. Lets see...your real name is Alyssa...yes, much better. Oh don’t panic. I won’t tell on you. I know everyone’s secret identities...the telepathy you see. And I keep that secret for later use. Now, enough with the chatter. Time to take care of that sexy ass of yours.”

“No! You stay the hell away from me!”

Quantum Amazon strains to evaporate Nefarious with her quantum fire vision but it doesn’t work. She tries her quantum hurricane breath, intending to smash him against the wall but it doesn’t work either. Nefarious laughs!

“I already told you Alyssa, I control your body completely. That includes your super powers. Now on your knees.”

Alyssa is shocked when she obeys. She watches in horror as Nefarious makes his clothes disappear. His huge cock bumps against her pursed lips. No matter what, she wasn’t sucking his cock.

“Whats wrong Alyssa, not keen on sucking black cock? Its really should have a taste. In fact, I insist.”

Suddenly, Alyssa opens her mouth and Nefarious thrusts his dick inside, making her gag. She gets a hold of herself and decides to bit down...hard! But instead she starts sucking. Alyssa is confused then understands... he was making her suck. She growls in frustration and the vibration brings greater pleasure to her nemesis.

“Yeah, thats it Alyssa, suck that cock....suck it really good....”

Alyssa finds herself following his order and sucking to the best of her ability. She found herself enjoying it, her pleasure growing the more she sucked the villian’s cock. Before long, she was really into it. Nefarious didn’ even have to make her anymore.

“Ahhhh....fuck! I’m gonna cum quantum slut! Swallow it all....”

Quentin Nefarious blows his load and it is such a massive amount that the Amazon chokes on it and is forced to pull back which causes her to get a facial by the rest. This makes her explode in the biggest orgasm she has ever had.

“I told you to swallow it all bitch! Well after I take that ass, you’ll know to obey me next time!”

Alyssa looks up and is shocked to note that the villian was still hard. She thinks of what Ultrachic told her and shudders, understanding what a grave mistake she made in challenging the supervillian alone....

Jason watches as Alyssa’s sweat drenched body arches in pleasure and he grins. She was loving it. Now to see how she liked the next one. Something longer and a bit more elaborate. He leans over and speaks softly into her ear.....

Diana Danger

The specially modified red Ferrari ripped through the streets at more than 150 miles per hour. It skid to a perfect halt at the front hole in the wall bar. The stacked blonde leaps out and rushes into the First Call. The toughs all look around and there is an angry murmer. These lowlifes hated Diana Danger. She had kicked the shit out of more than a few of them and sent many of them to jail at one time or the other. They all hated her but despite the fact that she had no superpowers and carried no weapons, not one man in this dive would raise a hand against her...unless they wanted to lose it.

And they all lusted after her. Her spectacular 36DDD-23-35 body ensured they would. But while there wasn’t a man who hadn’t jacked off to rape fantasies of the superheroine, not one man in the bar would even think it in her presence. They all knew what would happen if they did.

Diana Danger strode purposely back to Jimmy “Mousy” Macklin and tossed the candy wrapper on the table before him.

“You lied Mousy. You’re the only one who eats this cheap garbage so that means that you saw the killer and that you know who the King of Kings is. Spill it Mousy. I’m already angry you lied. Be smart and redirect my anger at the King of Kings.”

Mousy looks up and tries to act cool.

“I don’t know what you mean Diana. I wasn’t there. This wrapper could belong to anyone. I don’t know who the killer is and I don’t know who the King of Kings is.”

Mousy felt his face explode as its smashed through the table. Then his dream of having kids is shattered by a knee to the balls. Mouse shrieks in pain and begs for mercy.

“Ahhhh! Don’t hurt me no more! more!”

Diana Danger stands over the pathetic little man.

“Then tell me what I want to know Mousy.”

“I can’t! He’ll kill me!”

Mousy screams as his knee cap becomes thousands of bone shards.

“I’ll hurt you Mousy. I’ll hurt you worse that anyone has ever hurt you. You’ll think the beatings your heroin addled father gave you when you were a child was loving kindness when I finish with you. A name Mousy. THE name. Give it to me. The other knee is next if you don’t. I’ve all night Mousy. Can you take it all night? Are you man enough to take it all night?

Mousy, sobbing like a small child, gives up the name and Diana’s face hardens. She had been right. But nothing solid had come up....until now. This was the proof she needed. She would tie this up tonight. She looks around and everyone is pretending to be deep in conversation. No one wanted Diana Danger’s attention.

“Get him to a hospital. Some of you work for the King of Kings without knowing who he is, which is why you still have all your teeth. I want you to know that if ANYTHING happens to Mousy, I’ll see it happens to you tenfold. Diana storms out and leaps into her Ferrari. Only then do the men in the bar realize they had been holding their breath. No one could breath easy when Diana Danger was around.

The doors to the private club burst open as the burly guard is hurled through it. Shouts for security bring more men. More men for Diana Danger to chew up and spit out. A volley of bullets hits the wall where she was at and the men who were stupid enough to pull the triggers suddenly their arms and fingers broken almost beyond repair.

Diana moved with dazzling grace and speed and soon there was only the whimpers of the unlucky few who still held on to consciousness. Diana looked at the club manager and he wet himself.

“Dr.Thomas Holloway. I want him. Now. Where is he?”

“Straight ahead, in the meeting room.”

Diana sprinted at the door, leaped and despite it being heavy oak her flying kick turned it into toothpicks.

The room was filled with the city’s powerbrokers. Politicians, underworld bosses, businessmen. All of them dirty. But they didn’t interest Diana. They were merely trash she would sweep up later. She was here for the man who ran the city with an iron fist. The man who everyone obeyed due to fear and his hypnotic skills. Dr.Thomas Holloway; The King of Kings.

The Mayor stood up, trying to show how tough he was.

“Diana Danger! What is the meaning of this? How dare you come in here and wreck havoc! This is a private club for men only. This is the final straw! You’re finished bitch! I will have you hunted down like a....”

The Mayor is out cold before he hits the ground ten feet from where he was standing. Diana Danger hated being called a bitch.

“The rest of you, carry his honor’s fat ass out of here and go home. I only want Dr.Holloway. Refuse my rare show of generousity to scum like you and you WILL be sorry. Very sorry.”

The men look at Holloway and the good looking, powerfully built black man nods once and they all sigh with relief. No one wanted a piece of Diana Danger. They get the mayor to his feet and hustle out as fast as they can.

“Hello Diana. I’ve been expecting you. My men called from the First Call. Mousy is dead. My people know to follow procedure. You may hurt them Diana, but I kill them...after doing things to them that would make a serial killer puke. I’m the King you big titted sow...the King of Kings. You really think you can just walk in on me and take me down like that? You’re just as stupid as you look if thats what you think. Now sleep.”

Holloway is shocked when instead of collapsing into a heap, Diana rushes him. He dives out of the chair he is sitting in just as her axe kick turns it to firewood. He rolls, nips up and turns to face her. She was resistant to his hypnotic power. But Holloway didn’t panic. He wasn’t foolish enough to rely soley on hypnosis. He was a highly trained martial artist. And not the garbage taught in dojos. Only techniques for killing and crippling. Anything else was a waste of his time.

Diana notes the way he moves and frowns. A fighter; as good as she was...maybe better. Her intel hadn’t told her about this, only the hypnosis Dr. Holloway was a master of that made him one of the most sought after psychologists in the world that he also use to hold his criminal empire in a steel-vice grip.

They circle each other, looking for a chink in the other’s defenses. Finally Holloway explodes into motion and Diana can barely block the rapid fire strikes. The doctor is all hands, feet, elbows and knees. Diana slips past the onslaught and attempts to break his ribs but the criminal mastermind is too fast, blocking and dancing away from Diana. She follows, meaning to keep the pressure on but Holloway feints as if to Diana’s right and then comes back inside, snapping her head back with a punch that would have killed her if she hadn’t rolled with it. She quickly recovers and rocks Holloway with a right uppercut followed by a spinning heel kick that staggers him but nothing else.

Diana hides her shock. He should be done after that punch and kick. But he seemed only a bit annoyed. For the first time in years Diana feels something she thought she’d left in childhood...fear of an opponent.

Like the beast he was, Holloway sensed her fear and pounced on it. He went after Diana Danger with a fury she had never seen before. She was blocking him, but her arms were growing numb from the awesome power Holloway was generating. In desperation, she attempted a counter and left herself wide open. An explosion of lights...then nothingness.

Diana came to naked, tied up with ropes. She was relieved. She was a highly skilled escape artist. But the rope was tied in an unusual way. It would take her a few minutes to figure out. She was bound in the manner she had seen in bdsm clubs she had investigated in a drug sting a year before. Probably done by that pervert Holloway. Her reverie is interupted by a voice and a name that chills her blood.

“Hello Alyssa. Comfy? I tied you up myself.”

Alyssa looked up and there was Dr.Holloway, holding her mask and sneering down at her.

“A very clever disguise Alyssa! A mask that is the face of a beautiful woman. We often wondered why we never saw you around since we thought you didn’t wear a mask. Now I know that you did. Most ingenious work. Contacts designed to protect you from my hypnotic gaze. And as long as you kept me fighting, I was unable to use hypnotic patter to hypnotize. A well thought out plan Alyssa. Unfortunately for you, I’m an excellent fighter, as you now know.”

“Why haven’t you killed me?”

“Oh I meant to, until I figured out you wore a mask and found out you are Alyssa Willows, heir to the Willows’ fortune and all the connections and perks that go with it. I never kill anyone I have a use for, and rest assured Alyssa, I’m going to get alot of use out of you. With your wealth and power and your insight into the superhero community I will truly be King of Kings, not only of the underworld, but of the entire world!”

“Don’t bet on it asshole! You’ll never touch my money! You can out me if you like, even kill me. But you’ll never get my cooperation.”

“Yes I will Alyssa. Now get up.”

“How can I do that fuckface? You tied me up.”

“Really? Or did I just make you think I tied you up?”

Alyssa looked down and there were no ropes! She got to her feet, her body sore.


“After knocking you out, I brought you around and while you were still dazed, hypnotized you. I’m in your head now bitch and you can’t do a thing about it.”

Alyssa rushed Holloway...she hated being called a bitch. She wound up and threw her best Sunday punch.


Her fist stopped an inch from Holloway’s face, her muscles locked.

Holloway chuckled evilly.

“I’m going to enjoy this, I really am.”

Holloway slowly walked around her and looked her up and down.

“Magnificent. You know Alyssa, I think you will make a superb wife. Yes, its time I got married. I can get alot of use out of this nubile teenage body. And of course there is the money and power that go with Willows Industries. And most importantly, I will control one of the most prominent and dangerous superheroines in the world. I’m betting you want a really big wedding. No problem love, it will be the gala affair of the year.”

Alyssa strains and forces herself to talk.


Holloway for the second time is surprised. She shouldn’t be able to talk.

“Amazing. You spoke without permission. I admire your willpower Alyssa. Very much so but I cannot allow you to defy me. But I want you to keep that will and your intelligence. I’ve no use for a bimbo. I’ll have to redirect it so that you serve me instead of fight me. Yes. You will serve the King of Kings as my Queen.”


Holloway places a finger over her lips and Alyssa is silenced.

“Enough talk my bride to be. Lets get an early start on that honeymoon. On your hands and knees whore. Don’t bother fighting it Alyssa, you are under my control. And this is the price you pay for losing. You deserve the fucking I’m about to give you. Know it and accept it.”

On the couch in Jason’s home, Jason is fucking Alyssa from behind. Alyssa is saying something. Jason leans forward to hear better.

“Yes...I deserve to pay....I deserve to be fucked like a slut....this is what a slut gets for losing....”

Jason grins. This was getting better and better.

Holloway, fucks Alyssa hard and slaps her ass viciously.

“Beg! You know you want it harder bitch! BEG! Beg for your Master to give you a real fucking Alyssa.”

“Oooh...yes...a real fucking...Master...fuck me harder....”

Jason listens to the words that come from his hypnotized slave and indeed begins to fuck her even harder. He watches gleefully as the bounce of her abundant ass nearly puts him into trance. He knew this wouldn’t be a one time deal. Alyssa was far too into it. Especially seeing how they were using her favorite theme: Superheroines in peril. She was eating it up!

In the trance state, Alyssa/Diana faces a crisis point. Holloway was demanding she plead for him to take her ass!

“Do it whore! You know you want it in the ass! So beg for it!”

“ the...ass?”

“Yes slut. You know that you love it in the ass. You know that letting me have your ass will please me. You want to please Master.”

“Please Master....”

What do you want slut? What do you need?”

“Fuck my ass...fuck my ass...fuck my ass....”

Jason listened in shock. Alyssa begging for it in the ass? YES!!!! It had been off limits to anything but his finger and now, without any prompting from him she was actually begging for it! he hesitated for an instant. Once out of trance, when Alyssa realized he’d treated himself to her ass, even though it was with her permission, she might not be so keen on seeing him any longer, much less letting him hypnotize her. But the instant passed. She was asking for it and tranced or not, Jason wasn’t about to pass up a chance at popping this firm bubble.

Sliding out of Alyssa’s extremely wet pussy and figuring his dick was lubed up plenty, he spreads her cheeks and slowly pushes his cock into her amazing ass. He gives an involuntary groan. It had been worth the wait. So warm and tight. Jason was pretty sure this was heaven. And if it wasn’t, well it was close enough.

Holloway bangs the superheroine’s plush ass cheerfully.

“This is your existence from now on Alyssa...serving me in anyway I desire.”


“Thats right superslut. You will obey my every command without question.”


Holloway fucks her ass with primal abandon.

“I’m going to cum bitch...and when I cum in your ass, and when I do, you will orgasm. That orgasm will make you submit to me in all ways.”


“Yes bitch. Submit to your Master in all ways.”

“Submit...Master...all ways....”

Jason fires into Alyssa’s ass and feels her spincter tighten savagely around his cock as she orgasms dynamically. Jason sees stars and for a moment thinks he is going to pass out. But its Alyssa who succumbs and loses consciousness. Jason pulls free of her ass with an audible pop.

Alyssa is only out for a few moments. She comes to and looks around. She was naked on Jason’s couch. The hypnofantasy is over. Amazing. Incredible really. So realistic. Why her ass was even...

“Jason! How dare you! You fucked me in the ass!”

Jason holds up his hands.

“You recall everything for it in the ass. I took advantage and I make no apologies.”

“You made me want it in the ass.”

“Nope. This session was what I call freeform. I set the parameters, and let your imagination run with it. I did that for both the Quantum Amazon and Diana Danger scenarios. You wanted it to happen...I just went along. I explained it all to you in our conversations the last two weeks Alyssa. Once I got the ball rolling I in no way manipulated you. I merely went along with it. You wanted me to take your ass, its really that simple. Accept it or not, thats up to you.”

Alyssa glares at Jason then storms out of the room and up the stairs to take a shower. Sighing, Jason goes into the second bathroom and takes a shower himself. He comes out and Alyssa is already done, and dressed, her hair still wet.


Alyssa says nothing, just heads for the door. Jason follows. She opens the door then hesitates. Turning back to Jason she takes a deep breath.

“I want to do this again.”

Jason grins and Alyssa thinks of a shark and shudders.

“It won’t be freeform next time Alyssa. Next time I’ll be in control every step of the way.”

Alyssa feels her pussy moisten and clench. She nods and walks out, slamming the door behind her. Jason’s laughter follows her through the closed door and despite her anger and humiliation, Alyssa Willows knows knows she will be calling him soon...very soon.