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Such is College Life

DISCLAIMER: This story is erotic in nature. If you are under 18, please leave now or the consequences could be dire. Otherwise, if you like sex and hypnosis, then this is the story for you! Hope you enjoy it.

Bill has a chance encounter with Amanda after he gets a whiff of a strange aroma...

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Most of my college career was spent studying in hopes of finding a suitable job in the future. There wasn’t really too much to write home about, but I can still remember vividly the day I saw her. I was walking home from class, at nearly three in the afternoon. I was ready to cross the street to my dorm when a heavenly scent invaded my nostrils. I stopped in my tracks, and inhaled again. The smell was so sweet, so…heavy but I couldn’t put a finger on what it was. What was worse, I couldn’t really tell where it was coming from.

Surprisingly disappointed, I crossed the street and headed towards my dorm. Then, the smell overtook me. The aroma was so much stronger on this side of the street and it seemed to be coming from my building. My pace quickened as I inhaled deeply, savoring this unimaginable scent. I didn’t realize this until later, but this smell had caused a stirring in my loins as well. The scent wasn’t directly from the building, I was finding out, but it was next to it. That was when I saw her.

She sat on a small bench adjacent from my building, and as my eyes scanned her, my member pulsated briefly. Dark red hair was the first thing that stuck out with her, cut short. Her face was pretty, complemented by compelling, dark blue eyes. A hint of mascara and eye shadow helped to bring out those marvelous blue orbs of hers. Her lips, full and slightly pouting, were covered in a thin amount of pink lip liner. A black T-shirt clung to her thin frame, barely covering her navel. A pair of tight jeans hugged her lavish legs, showing every curve and accentuating her wide hips. She sat with her left leg crossed over her right, the open-toed sandals showing off dark red toenails.

Held between two slender, long-nailed fingers was the source of the compelling smell: a cigarette. I wasn’t a smoker, never have been and never will be, and I hated cigarette smoke, but this smell was…different. As close as I was, I could now smell the vague aroma of tobacco as it dissipated into the air. She was looking right at me, and appeared to be smiling slightly. I had seen her around campus, even had her in some of my classes, but I didn’t know her name. I had the hots for her though, as I would constantly find myself admiring her, and then quickly looking away before she saw me. Her smile faded briefly, and as she crunched out her cigarette, now about to the filter, she held up a perfectly manicured nail and beckoned me over.

Girls don’t ever beckon me over. Of the few I’ve known, I have been trapped in the dreaded “Friend Zone”, and even then, they only talked to me when they wanted something. What did she want from m—?

“Get your ass over here,” she said calmly. Her voice was slightly deep, but obviously feminine. Actually, I think it made her even sexier. I hesitated slightly, then finally moved in and approached the bench. “First off,” she said, looking me dead in the eye. “I want to know what the hell you’re looking at.”

I immediately flushed, and as I nervously attempted to find an answer, I could have sworn I saw her smirk briefly. “That was rhetorical, buddy.” She motioned to the empty seat next to her. “Sit. I want to talk to you.”

I attempted to keep my cool as I sat down next to her. She was right there! This beautiful girl that I’d been admiring for weeks now and she was asking me to sit with her. I suddenly got tense. What could she have to talk to me about? “So, uh…”

“I’ve been watching you for a while now, and, ahem,” her eyes darted down to my lap before she spoke again. “…You’ve obviously been watching me.”

I finally realized just how hard I was, and as my face turned as crimson as her nails, she spoke again, grabbing my attention. “I’d like to get to know you, so start spilling your guts.” That last part may have been a joke, but the tone of her voice sure didn’t reflect that. It sounded more like a command, and as she fixed her eyes on me, I felt that I had to speak.

I told her my name, Bill Johnson, my sign, Gemini, and my major. As I seemed to get lost in those deep blue eyes, I just told her everything about me that I could think of. Even when I thought it was enough, something in her eyes told me that I was to tell her more. Just when I felt I was going to repeat myself, she stopped me.

“Well, well, you certainly are an open book,” she giggled. It sent a chill down my spine, and through my rock hard organ. She leaned forward slightly, allowing me to get a whiff of her perfume, and pulled a package of Marlboros out from her back pocket, giving me a view of her perfect ass. “My name is Amanda McDougal, pleased to meet you.” She removed a slender cigarette and quickly lit up before she added. “Hope you don’t mind if I smoke.”

To my amazement, I didn’t. As she took her first drag, she tilted her head back, closed her eyes and blew out a thick plume of smoke. Watching her modest B-cup breasts rise and fall with the drag, I had to admit it was sexy. Despite the fact that she blew the smoke straight up, a little of it came my way, as cigarette smoke so often does. I suddenly felt dizzy, and more than a little aroused as the blue haze enveloped me.

I struggled to concentrate as Amanda spoke, eventually focusing on her eyes. They were able to keep me from drifting away and her voice was like honey to my mind. “I like many things, smoking being one.” Her lips formed the sexiest bad girl smirk I had ever seen as she exhaled a little more smoke into the air around us. “You don’t smoke, do you?”

I numbly nodded my head. It was getting to be hard to think, and I was feeling a strange mixture of fatigue and arousal that clouded my mind. This feeling only intensified as I found myself inhaling more smoke.

Amanda lightly tapped some ashes onto the ground as her voice pierced through the mental fog that was slowly taking me over. “I’m majoring in psychology here and lately, I’ve found that I really love experimenting on people.”

Somehow, that comment broke through to my mind and I suddenly felt uneasy. “Experiments?”

Amanda smiled. “Oh, yes. You see, I’m really interested in suggestibility in humans. Did you know we’re more suggestible when we’re relaxed?” She practically oozed the word ‘relaxed’, and I felt my eyes suddenly droop. I remember seeing her smile grow at that as she took another puff.

“Speaking of relaxation, don’t you find smoking to just…take the edge off?” She didn’t wait for a response. At that point, I don’t think I had the ability to speak. I was too tired. “See, Billy, whenever I’m stressed, I just smoke and I feel the tension just slip away. You’re in college too, so I know you must be stressed, right Billy?”

I was stressed sure, but at that moment I felt at peace, so…sleepy. My eyes had been locked on hers and I was certain they were the most beautiful eyes I would ever see. For a second or two, I thought I saw a glint in her eyes…a predatory one.

Her voice took on a babyish tone. “Little Billy’s soooo stressed, he just needs to unwind a little. I can help with that, if you just do as I say. Do you know why smoking calms me down so much, Billy? I find the smoke just soooo soothing, and it makes me sooo sleeeepy.” As she drew out those words, my eyes drooped severely, nearly shutting. “The smoke is just so relaxing, the look of it wafting through the air, the smell and even the taste of it. Take a whiff, and tell me if I’m wrong.” With that, she took a long drag and blew a continuous stream of smoke right into my face.

She was right. Suddenly, I felt my stress disappear, my body relax and my eyes slam shut. The smell overtook my senses, and I could now feel my penis struggling against my jeans, desperate to escape. I heard her giggle as the aroma of the smoke nearly put me out. Just as I felt I would drift off to sleep, her voice cut through.

“Can you hear me, Billy?” she cooed. I just dumbly nodded. “Remember how I told you you’re much more suggestible when you’re relaxed? Well, you just proved my thesis right!” Her voice was happy and a sensation of pleasure hit me as I realized I had been able to please her. I felt one of her nails begin to trace circles on my right cheek, pleasure surging through my body.

Her laugh was throaty, dripping with sex. “I have some other theories I’d like to test out with you, Billy. But, I can’t do them here.” I felt her lean closer as she whispered hotly in my ear. “I’d have to do them in my room. Would you like to help me Billy?”

A moan was my only response. Clearly, if I went with her, I would be making her happy and that was all I wanted right then. To please her, to obey her, to be with her. Apparently, she knew this as she took me in hand and carefully stood me up. I couldn’t smell her cigarette; she must have put it out, but her perfume was a great substitute.

She guided me up the stairs of the building next door, and as she opened the door to her room, she whispered into my ear. “Keep your eyes closed, Billy. Don’t open them until I tell you to.” Her breathing was ragged, excited. She pushed me through the apartment-like dorm our campus was known for and when we came to a stop, I heard a door lock. I realized that we must have been in her room as I heard some shuffling behind me.

My hard-on throbbed as I felt one of her hands brush past it. I moaned audibly, needing release soon. Then, I heard her say, “You can open them now, dear.” My eyes opened to the marvelous body of this mesmerizing woman. Wearing only a pair of black, thong panties and a matching lacey bra, Amanda gave me a look of pure hunger. “Strip. Now!”

My hands seemed to move on their own as my shirt dropped to the floor, with my jeans and underwear quickly joining it. My eyes never left hers during any of this and as I stood there, stark naked, she stood and approached me. I never realized how tall she was, towering over my five foot eleven inch frame, she had to be at least 6′1″.

“It’s a fact that the brain controls everything in the human body, but I want to prove that if anyone can control another person’s mind, then that person’s body would just follow suit.”

Control. That word momentarily broke me from my trance. What was she talking about, controlling me? I had to get out of there, but as I took a step back, she must have seen the expression change on my face.

“Sorry, Billy, but you’ve lost.” She lunged at me and planted a kiss right on my lips. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth and I was overwhelmed by the sheer force behind her oral assault. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me close to her, so close, in fact, that I could feel her panties against my leg. They were soaked.

She finally broke the kiss off after what seemed to be forever. As she fixed those wonderful eyes on me, I knew I was hers. “You found out too little too late. That smoke was drugged, baby, and left you easy to hypnotize.” Hypnotized? Me? It certainly fit how I felt at that moment: utterly under her control. I made no attempt to escape. That kiss had sealed my fate.

Her breathing was more ragged then before as she spun me around and pushed me on her bed. Suddenly, off with her panties and bra, I felt as if my trance was deepening just by viewing her goddess-like body. She crawled on top of me as she gave me another passionate kiss. My head was swimming in desire as she began speaking. “You will fuck me as best as you can, dear, and then you will fuck me again and again until I say you can stop. You will not cum until I say you can and you will tell no one of this when we are finished, understand?”

Before I could even respond, she mounted my throbbing member. We both gasped with pleasure as she rode me. I began to thrust instinctually as her moans grew in intensity. Back and forth, back and forth as we both desperately rose to climax. Then, just as I felt I would burst, her commands echoed in my brain. Do not cum. Somehow, my load was held back and I plowed even harder.

She gasped as she felt her climax nearing, and with it, she rolled her head back in pleasure. By her command, my hands began to caress her breasts, as I tried to stimulate her as much as possible. I rubbed and pinched her nipples, which only made her scream in delight. Finally, she came explosively as her screams echoed through the empty apartment. Her hips bucked as I felt her juices coat my penis, but she only looked at me and breathed. “Again!”

I plowed through as she moaned more and more, until she eventually climaxed again. It was just as intense, if not more so, as the first. Her breathing slowly returned to normal, and then she looked at me, lust still in her eyes. “Don’t cum yet, but take it out, Billy.”

Unable and unwilling to resist her whim, I gently removed my shaft from her lips as she took it in hand. She leaned in close to me as she suddenly took me in her mouth and started to suck. My eyes widened in pleasure as my shaft slid more and more into her mouth, when she went for overkill. Her nails began playing with my balls, lightly tickling them as her tongue lapped at the head of my cock.

I would have closed my eyes in pleasure had she not locked her eyes with mine. It was at that moment, I remember, that I realized how much power those eyes of hers exuded. I would have done anything for those eyes then, and I think she knew it as well. Her assault on my balls intensified and I felt like I was going to explode. I think I cried a little there, and that was what she must have been waiting for. I saw a certain look in her eyes just then, and that opened the flood gates.

She finally allowed my eyes to close as my orgasm rippled through my frame. My load was gulped up eagerly by Amanda’s mouth, the stream lasting seemingly forever. In that moment of release, I heard my will snap. I was Amanda’s, now and forever, and I would do whatever she asked of me.

For several minutes, we lay there, breathing heavily, our bodies shuddering in the aftermath of our orgasms. My eyes were still closed when I heard a lighter click. I opened my eyes just in time to see a stream of smoke being blown into my face. When the haze cleared, Amanda’s blue eyes were all I could see. She was grinning, rubbing her right breast; apparently I had been a little too rough. Her voice was low. “You’ll do nicely, Billy.” She took a nice, long drag and moved in to kiss me. As she pressed her lips into mine, she deposited the smoke directly into my lungs.

I felt dazed, to the point of fainting when she crunched out her cigarette and grabbed me by the hair, making sure my eyes were staring at hers. She spoke in a tone I could not resist, even if she hadn’t hypnotized me. “If I ever need you to test my ‘theories’, you will do so without question. If you ever see me smoking, you will instantly revert to this state, understand?”

I nodded, and for the first time in a long while, was able to speak. “Yes, Mistress.”

Her eyes flashed at that. “OHH!” she gushed. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips, never breaking eye contact. “I LOVE the sound of that. Now, never speak of this to anyone, OK? And, if you are ever in need of release, you may think of this day and masturbate to me, for me. Understand, Billy?”

I nodded, and promptly passed out. I awoke who knows how long after, but back in my room, dressed, and a tent propped up in my pants. Just as I was beginning to wonder if I had imagined this incredible fantasy, I noticed a note on my nightstand. As I held it in my hands, the note reeked of her perfume, and it made my mouth water. I opened the letter to see an imprint of a kiss in her lip liner on the bottom of the note, and a series of numbers…her phone number!

She may have given me her number, but I was forbidden to be seen with her in public; only in her room, or mine on occasion, were we able to continue our ‘relationship’. I didn’t always have sex with her in these encounters, though it was frequent, and she did use me as a legitimate test subject for her classes from time to time. Four years later, we graduated and she made a bold announcement: I was to propose to her.

The wedding will be in the fall, and I know that I will be the happiest man alive. As long as I have those beautiful blue eyes directing me, I don’t care where I go.