The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Slutty Professor Pt. 1

“What have I done to deserve this?"..Marion wondered as she studied her reflection in the mirror. Her jaws and nether regions ached from the marathon assault her body just endured. Her nipples throbbed from what seemed like an eternity of sucks and nibbles. With a piece of the same ice that the young man had liberally been applying to those same nipples, she dabbed at the “lust crust” that was his dried semen on her chin. I must hurry she thought to herself..she quickly gazed at the young man’s sleeping form..if he awakes there’s no telling what would be next in his degenerate mind.

She longed for a hot shower..taking one there would only prolong the agony as the youthful lech would jump in as soon as possible to paw at her nude form..I’ve got to stop at that motel...$110 plus tax just for a 20 minute clean up..she couldn’t go home to her loving husband in this condition. She took a quick inventory to ensure nothing was left..oh my glasses..she thought..then frowned as she saw them on the bedside table..only a few inches from the satyr.

“What would it take to stop him?..I’m a smart woman there must be something!” her mind danced as she silently thought..maybe I could castrate him..then she thought of the consequences..deprived of what seemed to be his only source of pleasure he might seek vengeance by releasing to the public the photos and videotapes of their meetings over the years and ruining her good name..well I have to get out.

She crept over and just as she picked up the eyewear she felt her hips being seized by those roving hands seconds he had stripped her back down to nothing but her hosiery and pumps. As she was pulled back to the mattress for what would undoubtedly be at least another hour of creaking springs, she thought back to how it all began...

MMMmmpphh the young man grunted as he watched Marion’s sumptuous rear wiggle across the parking lot of the university as she walked to her car. He was a bit sad as he thought of the 63 hours before he would see her again Monday. “Now show me some thigh” he whispered from the safety of his darkened dorm window as she seemingly complied when her skirt lifted as she climbed into the driver’s seat. Tasty! the young guy with the name of Cicero squealed...then as her car door slammed his roommate entered and exclaimed ..Damn! Cicero man..Are you still getting your jollies off that porky old lady?..

“Hey..quiet Keop..I’m just getting my fix for the long weekend ahead”....“I don’t know what you see in her, with all of these hot young single women around!"...“for the 100th time let me tell you what I see in the good doctor, Cicero replied to Keop, beginning to count off on his fingers ala Dick Clark..#1 ..she is married therefore the thrill of forbidden fruit #2 she must wear at least a D cup #3 her “pork” I see as pleasing plumpness..she’s not fat just nicely built #3a this condition requires her to wear a girdle therefore she sometimes wears garters with this girdle, #4 she is sophisticated and smart unlike these young women whose main concern is “Should I have a Corona or a Bud?"..#5..“Alright” Keop snapped..I’ve heard this before..but the thing is you will NEVER get anywhere with her..she’s a tenured professor who’s been married think she’s gonna chuck it all for a 3 minute romp with some broke little punk?” Those words stung was true. He had lusted after Marion ever since he had arrived at college. He remembered sitting in the snack bar at the table behind hers as she talked with a colleague.

Cicero was eating a vanilla cone and watching the big screen TV when he noticed the professor’s charcoal reinforced Hanes clad foot pop out of her navy pump. Grrrr he thought where did she come seemed that the combination of her stocking foot and the ice cream awakened a desire long ago started in junior high by the librarian Mrs. Heck, who was about 5 inches shorter than Marion but very similar looking as she stood on a stool and filed books while without her knowledge a struggling through puberty Cicero gaped up under her skirt at her bright blue panties attached to her black thigh highs by garters...she’s so prim and proper Cicero snapped back into the there and then at the snack bar. “I wonder if she wears garters like Mrs. Heck”..he stood up and commenced to sit at the table facing Marion, who was too busy along with the other patrons engrossed in conversation or paperwork to notice Cicero “drop” a napkin under his table to catch a glimpse of Marion’s thighs unknowingly revealed by an oblivious Marion. From that point he had wangled himself into a position as an aide in her department ostensibly for his future, but secretly for his libido. He grasped every possible opportunity. If she was behind him—to “accidentally” elbow her luscious naturally padded chest; if she was in front of him with her back turned then he would be on the floor with his head peering twixt her calves. If there was a narrow space where she had to pass by him, then she would get groped, by unfortunate coincidence of course. He tried slipping her in a mickey in her coffee, the first time caused her to get violently ill, the smaller dose next time gave Cicero enough time to cop some feels from the passed out Marion until guilt and regret caused him to stop. He tried subconscious suggestion, if he came across the doctor eating almonds, he would innocently recommend some really delicious nuts that he had for her in his room..if she was eating a hot dog he would mention one day he would feed her the tastiest sausage she ever had..but these were for naught..the somewhat scatterbrained and happily married professor (who was really just preoccupied with other things) just didn’t respond.

While Keop watched his roommate replay the Dr. Marion movie in his mind, he decided to help his out. Cicero was a good guy, he helped when Keop had first come to this university from Asia and helped him to learn Western ways. “Can I trust you Cicero?” Sure Keop, what’s up? ..Okay get in the closet.. Excuse me?.. If you want to get that doc in the sack then shut up and listen...

Seven minutes later Cicero watched from the slightly ajar closet door as Keop reentered their room with the residence assistant Shelly from their floor. Shelly was a grad student who was happily engaged to her beau, Biff, a fellow grad student. A somewhat perky Amazonian blonde, Shelly was not at all as attractive to Cicero as Marion, but Keop adored her. Cicero recalled defending Keop from Biff’s slanders against Asians earlier that year..Could this have anything to do with this? Cicero wondered?

“Keop, I’m just an R.A...that doesn’t make me an electronics expert..Shelly semi whined. “Plus, you’re Chinese or whatever don’t you know how to fix these things?". Keop, goodnaturely, as he had plans for this spoiled wench..replied “Sorry Shelly but if you want to pass that Advanced Calculus class, I need this help”...

Eight minutes later a stunned Cicero gaped as he watched the giant blonde on her knees while the diminutive Asian stood grinning over her. “Oh You make everything”..Keop grinned and patted her head....“televisions”..then with a side wink to his unseen roommate Keop beamed as Shelly rubbed his crotch and moaned..“Dicks!"..Cicero watched jealously as a seemingly possessed Shelly fellated Keop as if she was a dying asthmatic and he possessed an inhalant between his legs.

That following Monday after a restless weekend of planning, Cicero showed up at Marion’s office with the same VCR that Keop had Shelly attempt to look at three days before. He had carefully arranged for the others in the department to be out for the twenty minutes he needed to set his wildest dream into action. Entering the room he cursed as he saw Marion wearing trousers. “She only wears pants 4 times a year, and the day I get to have my way with her, she wears them”. Then he thought how that very day how he would have unlimited access from that day forward to what was in those pants..and he smiled. “Well Cicero, is that a VCR?"..“Well yes Dr., it is”..“Are you taking it to the shop?’ “No, there was something that came on CSPAN this weekend that I thought you should see” “I didn’t know you had cable in the dorm?”

“Damn”, Cicero thought, a loophole in this script..he thought on his I was over a friend’s and caught it”..“Well I’m kind of busy will it be long?” Cicero smiled at her unwitting double-entendre and replied ‘yes, it’s very long but I’ll give you a little sample that should whet your appetite”. With that he plugged in the VCR, as she watched he came over and sat next to her.

As Keop had done, he drew Marion’s attention to the flashing “12:00” sign on the VCR as he talked and the mesmerising visions flashed on the screen.

Thirteen minutes passed. With Marion’s eyes now glazed over beneath her spectacles, Cicero’s eyes hungrily danced up and down her body. Should I start at the top or the bottom, he lustily mused.

Let’s see, he stroked her chin and gave her a quick peck on the lips..nice to the funbags..his left hand tweaked her rosy nipple buried below a wire reinforced Sears Roebuck bra and white cotton blouse provoking a squeal from the otherwise zombified professor. Not much a testerone crazed customs inspector he then stuck his hand down her pants penetrating her with two fingers..Wow! Tight like a virgin..he wondered if her husband was underdeveloped or if time had just lessened his sex drive..anyway I’m gonna split her in half with what i’ve got for her!...after a squeeze and poke at her firm rear..he ended rather playfully by tickling her brown stockinged heel exposed by her clogs, evoking a dopey giggle. With two minutes left, he whispered something in her ear. Then he snapped his fingers. “Well, that was certainly interesting Cicero, but I have to get to class”..“That’s okay, say have you eaten yet today?” “No” “Well, why don’t you come by my room for that tasty sausage I once promised you?”

At this rather rude comment Marion would have normally snapped and reported Cicero to the administration where he could have been prosecuted under the new sexual harassment laws. She tried to be a trusting person but she always wondered if it was possible that this seemingly innocent maybe even mmm what’s that juvenile term..nerd-like student had been making passes at her all these years. But after the private screening Cicero had arranged for her, those natural thoughts didn’t occur, rather all she could think of was tasting a really good hot meal..somehow she seemed to be ravenous. Okay, I’ll do it, but why do I have to go to his room?...As soon as she thought that the thought dissolved and the urge planted by Cicero returned..“Okay, where’s your room, I’ll be there after class”.

Cicero finished the delicious meal of raw oysters and took a long swig of an energy sports drink. He glanced quickly arund his new basement dorm room, one of only 4 at the college. Dank, secluded and depressing, it was easy to trade off over the course of the weekend for the room he had shared with Keop. Gloomy as it was, if all went right then it would be like a sexual amusement park for him. let’s it all here? The hidden video camera to tape his initial sex session with the good Dr., candles, soft music, champagne, check. He had even traded his comfortable mattress for a used beat up one ..all the better to revel in the cacophony that would be unleashed by his and Marion’s coupling on the boxspring. He intended to recreate a scene that had excited him from “The Last Picture Show”.

Then he heard the clomp of clogs in the hall outside his door. His heart raced. The professor was undoubtedly coming from her class to his room. Unseen by prying eyes, she would enter and perform every perverted task he could think of.

Time to recreate the first film, a scene from “Bachelor Party” with his stacked sex puppet. He unzipped his pants and placed his organ which was incredibly stimulated into a hot dog bun. He then placed the bun on a tray. Before she could knock he had peeked at her through the peephole and let her in. “Why Professor thanks for you can see, your meal is ready”, Cicero said holding the tray below his crotch.

“Thanks, I’m starving!” “Have a seat, I’ll stand. Here’s a tip, don’t bite into this sausage, suck on it and savor the flavor” “Okay”, as the preprogrammed suggestion in her head made Marion compel.....