The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Shockingly Black

Claudine didn’t discover she had the wrong piece of luggage until she got back to her apartment.

She went to unpack and found her charcoal Samsonite filled with bubble-wrap instead of clothes from her two day business trip. At first, she had the bizarre reaction that someone had stolen her things and replaced them with the plastic. Then it hit home. Someone had her suitcase. Someone had her digital camera that she had just bought three months ago. Someone had her two best suits. Someone was probably going to call her tonight and try to get their bubble-wrap back.

Fine, she thought sarcastically. What a pain.

She closed the suitcase up and moved it back into the living room. She pushed her black locks back over her ears in nervous frustration and went to make a late dinner.

Finishing the entire routine of selecting it, heating and eating it within fifty minutes. She watched some TV waiting for the call from a stranger. She knew her number was on the luggage tag. Someone would call.

She fell asleep waiting.

A horn in the street outside woke her after one a.m. She looked at the clock, turned off the TV and changed for bed. She shucked her clothes into the laundry hamper and put on a cotton tee over her slender frame. She was really frustrated now, worrying that whatever was in the suitcase she had wasn’t nearly as valuable as she supposed. No one had noticed the switch, or no one cared.

The next morning she went to work after checking to make sure her answering machine was working. She’d probably return tonight to find the owner asking for directions to her place to trade cases.

That didn’t happen.

When she got home, she found no messages at all. The unclaimed suitcase sat in the living room and she was even more pissed about the digital camera. It was worth just short of a thousand dollars. Someone must have decided they could use her stuff more than theirs. Plus she would have to buy another one, it had proven too valuable in her film location scouting.

Well, nothing to do but call the airline. On the phone, she worked her way through several people until she was talking to the baggage security folks. They took her report, asked her to return the wrong bag, and assured her that the bags always turn up. No one really steals luggage. They also mentioned in passing that most reports are filed within six hours and no one else had reported a missing bag.

She hung up the phone. “Crap.”

She had a sinking feeling. Claudine turned and glared at the bag. She walked over and hefted it onto the couch, opened it and pawed at the bubble-wrap. She dug fruitlessly for a few moments. There didn’t seem to be anything in the bag BUT bubble-wrap.

She had a suitcase full of bubble-wrap? Irritated, but intensely curious now, she started pulling wrap out of the bag in wads. When the bag was half-empty, she finally saw the chamois wrapped bundle in the bag’s center.

Wow. What the heck is this?

She unfolded the material slowly until the soft light of the lamps fell on a small sculpture in black glass. Gracefully curved through a small arc, the small item looked to be a banana rendered in slick glass by an aeronautical engineer, but one reduced in size so its total length was under six inches.

The surface seemed wet it was so polished and smooth. She looked closely, yes, she was certain it was glass or obsidian.

Claudine smiled. This was quite absurd. She touched the glass, just to leave a fingerprint on its perfect surface. She wasn’t feeling particularly appreciative of art at the moment.


The surface was chilled. Her nipples hardened. A shiver went through her. Static had jumped to her finger, as if the apartment air had been dried out and she had been shuffling her feet on the carpet.

She hefted the black glass in her palm and examined it for a signature or an artist’s mark. Anything. She took it in her left hand, wrapping her small fingers around its chill surface, she slid it into her mouth. Her eyes widened.

What? She hadn’t meant to do that, had she? She pulled it out, feeling a chill rush against her lips. She looked at it, turning it around in the light. The surface seemed to have some sort of chromatic effect at the edges. Black glass but with a pearlescent effect.

She slid it back into her mouth again, sucking down on it. She almost gagged in surprise, as she hadn’t realized she was going to do that until it was already pushing her lips gently apart. She pulled it out with determination.

Pushed it back in.

She would have exclaimed aloud but her lips were sucking hard on the ultra-smooth surface. She pulled it back out feeling slightly disgusted.

Pushed it back in quickly.

Eyes wide with shock, Claudine yanked the nasty thing out and gritted her teeth. There was—

She pushed it back in deeply and swirled it against her tongue. A chill passed into her tongue and sweat trickled under her arms. Panic hit her.

She used both hands to pull it out. Then pushed it back in. Out. In. She started to moan in fear. Heat swept down from her blushing face to her groin.

Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In.

She came so hard she saw stars and heard music vibrating in the walls of her apartment. She felt her tongue orgasm, her mouth flushed with saliva and flavors of chocolate sherbet. She almost spilled fluids at the corners of her mouth but sucked hard to keep the flavors in. She felt terribly guilty. She tried to keep her balance and failed. She slid to the floor and stayed conscious long enough wonder if she was ruined for life.

So hot. She’d never had an orgasm like that from her pussy.

* * *

She woke up in a warm glow. She wasn’t stiff or tired. She looked at the ceiling for a minute, wondering why she had been sleeping on the floor.

Then she realized that she had something hard and chill protruding from between her lips.

She remembered. A shiver of ecstasy followed. Then she was disgusted. She very carefully reached up and pinched the glass between two fingers and tried to pull it out slowly. Claudine got the image of an invisible elastic band between her throat and the slick blackness of the sculpture. She tried to calm herself down and think of a way out of this nightmare.

She slowed her pull and the elastic tension pulling it back into her mouth lessened. Slowed it more and the tension almost disappeared. She spent the next fifteen minutes gently pulling the thing out of her mouth. At any moment that she started to tremble or pull too much she felt the reverse force trying to plunge it back into her tight sucking lips.

She was hot when it finally slid clear. Shaken. Aroused.

She sighed with pleasure and sat up. She felt her pantyhose slide through her wet crotch. Hmmm. She blushed furiously.

Safely free of the little beast, she examined it again. Less than six inches long, abstractly resembling a banana, including, she nodded, a little stem on one end nearly snipped to the point. That small nub was where her fingers now gripped.

She pushed herself up off the floor with her other hand. Walked back to the suitcase with the thing tightly pinched between her fingers and dropped it into the chamois wrap lying there. She backed up like it was a rattlesnake that might jump her.

Nothing happened and she let out a breath of relief. She put her hands over her face and took a calming deep breath.

* * *

She got out of the shower and started to towel off feeling a thousand percent better. She had almost convinced herself that she had fantasized the entire thing just to generate something completely exciting and frivolous. Temporarily possessed by a shocking lewdness she didn’t know she was capable of.

After all, she looked in the mirror, nothing that exciting had ever—she stopped herself from thinking in that direction. She glanced at the counter and jumped back in alarm. That vile little piece of black glass was here! She knew she had left it in the suit—

Oh, god. It’s my hairbrush. It’s just a black plastic hairbrush. Claudine chided herself calming. She knocked the heel of her hand on her forehead.

She went back into her bedroom and got dressed. She was hungry.

* * *

Claudine ate another uninspiring dinner of frozen turkey pot pie. She felt better after that and returned to the living room to deal with the suitcase and it’s little black stowaway. Using bubble-wrap as an insulator, she got the sculpture and almost everything put back in the suitcase. Locking it, she felt safe enough to review what had happened to her. Everything started when she put the stupid thing in her mouth, which was completely idiotic. She wasn’t that big a fan of oral sex.

And she wasn’t that playful or whimsical by nature. She was a practical gal. She didn’t go around sticking things in her mouth for no damn reason.

Then the thought hit her. What was that thing for? How did it work? Was it supposed to be some sort of art object? Was it being smuggled in or out of the country? No, because the flight had been from New Orleans. Was it a machine or a something from the X-Files? She briefly flashed on an image of Scully sucking a black glass cock around red lips with her eyes half closed. Ugh. She shook her head fiercely to banish the fantasy.

Suddenly she felt uncomfortable and frightened. Had she put it back in the chamois? She couldn’t remember. Crap.

Claudine unsnapped the suitcase and dug thru the bubble-wrap. Finding the chamois cloth, she squeezed it. Yes. It was there. She unwrapped it quickly and saw the wet black thing nestled in cloth.

With no warning, her hands under it flipped it up into the air like a flapjack. She gasped. She hadn’t done that! But before she could react to that, her body leaned forward extending her tongue and caught the twirling black form in her mouth. No! Startled with these unprovoked and unintended actions happening one after the other, she wasn’t ready for what happened next, either.

Her mouth sucked half the length in with her cheeks hollowing sharply. Then her tongue pushed it quickly out. She tried to spit it out quickly when it was already headed out.

No. She sucked it back in. Her tongue shoved it out. Sucked it in again. She tried to get her hand on it as her tongue pushed the wet black length from her mouth. The sparkling chill on her lips felt so good as it slid in either direction. No, she ignored how hot it felt. She grabbed it with her hand. Her hand started stroking the cool object in and out of her mouth with rapid strokes. Her blood rushed to her clit and her eyelids twitched up and down with the swift motion of the jet glass in her hand. She lost total control as both of her hands began thrusting the vile thing while she sucked down hard creating friction with her lips.

She thought she tried to scream. The apartment tenants on either side might come looking if she could just scream. Her best attempt was completely muffled by her lips’ insistence on welding themselves to the glass intrusion.

She felt the electric passion build up in her tongue. She squeezed her legs together on her pussy’s wetness. Jerking her head just made it better and better, so she did. Once she started that she couldn’t stop it.

She came very hard and her mouth filled with slippery saliva. Oh, it was so damn good. Her tongue grew slick and gooey as it caressed the unyielding glass. She swallowed but there was more. Ugh. She felt slightly dizzy and she prayed that the glass was creating that slippery fluid and not her own tongue.

She yanked the glass free of her mouth with a small pop. Her hand shoved it back in, scraping against her teeth.

She felt the second orgasm before she realized that she was moaning around the hard cool glass cock. The third orgasm shot through her tongue and seemed to travel upward through her sinuses. Glorious music was vibrating all around her. She tried matching it with sounds deep in her throat. All that came out of her were whorish moans that bore no resemblance to the music singing in her head.

She slid to the floor exhausted. With mild distaste, she realized that she was now using her tongue and air to suck it slowly in and out of her mouth. God, it was heavenly. Her nipples burned. Her clit felt like it was huge.

If she ever got it out of her mouth again, she’d throw it down the garbage disposal.

She fainted when yet another orgasm caught her by surprise.

* * *

Her bedroom alarm clock went off, waking her up. It was morning. The alarm kept shrilling. She was lying on the living room floor. Her tongue and lips felt a little swollen but they simmered with pleasure. The black glass was pursed between her lips. She reached up and every so slowly extracted it as she had learned from her first ‘exposure.’ Slowly, so slowly as to make it seem as if it wasn’t moving.

She felt wired. Alive. Aroused. Her pussy was slick and so was her tongue. She ran a finger over her tongue and felt the amazing sensation. She looked at the black shape in her hand.

I’m demented.

She held it up to the light of the window. She couldn’t see any mechanism inside. The glass was so black it might as well be opaque. The bedroom alarm clock finally quit.

She sighed with pleasure and got up and sat on the couch. She softly ran her hand over her wet pussy. When she felt the cool glass slide into her snatch, she realized with horror which hand she had used to check her slickness.

The one with IT pinched between her fingers.

She sat very still. She didn’t move her hand. She dared not breathe too hard or change her perch. Rigid alertness consumed her. If she started moving that damn glass cock around, she’d never be the same. She’d never be free. She’d be humping it and her pussy would be as oddly twisted as her lips and tongue were now. She had a vision of herself jerking like a puppet on strings to the unheard music of the glass cock.

Inspiration. She just let go of it and stood up. She used her hands to spread her thighs and waited for the slick glass to slide out and hit the carpet. Waited. She tried to look and see how far or fast it was dropping.

It wasn’t. She groaned. She could see the nub end barely protruding from her coal black bush. Her pussy lips were starting to look slick. A single drop of fluid was forming on the exposed glass nub.

She carefully and slowly walked to the bathroom and started the shower. She kept her hips still and climbed into the hot water.

It didn’t drop out all through the shower. Toweling off afterwards, she thought about baby oil, or something else she could inject into her pussy to cause the heavy glass to slide out without touching it too much or stirring it into motion. Inspiration! She squatted in the middle of the bathroom and hopped hard enough to spill it out. Her eyes rolled up in her head as the hidden glass cock bounced inside her and sent out a pulse of pleasure that made her tongue instantly slick. Oh, god, no. Without her help or direction she raised her hips and bounced on her heels again. The glass was so heavy it rolled and wobbled inside. Stars of passion flashed at the corners of her vision.

“Oh, yes!” she groaned out loud.

It wouldn’t come out! She bucked her hips. Started bouncing up and down as if she was straddled over an invisible man’s cock. The sensations quickly built into a roller coaster of raw lust. Claudine put two fingers in her mouth, stimulating her tongue. She quickly learned how to snap her hips up and down while stretching her legs. She soon found she could cum on every bump of her hips.

And she lost count after fifteen times.

* * *

She woke up with the phone ringing in the bedroom. She was looking at the bathroom ceiling. She smiled remembering the best fucking sex she had ever imagined. Ever.

Fuck. She probably couldn’t hope to do any work today. All she wanted was sex with her precious little black toy.

Yes. She listened to the phone ring and started to play with her pussy. She could feel the heavy glass cock inside her still. Her finger could move it around causing delicious sensations that curled her toes.

The answering machine kicked in.

“Claudine. This is Jim. You didn’t come in and you didn’t call so I thought I’d call and make sure you were O.K. Old man Johnson was around asking where you were and I told him you were sick. If you’re there, pick up the phone.”

She rolled to her feet and felt the glass heavy inside her. She wriggled over to the phone and picked it up. “Claudine’s Candy Counter. How sweet a piece do you want?” She grinned as she heard a gasp on the other end from Jim. He was a nice guy. She wondered if she could get him over here to fuck her.

“Ah. Um. Hey, er, Claudine. Is that you?” he sounded like a teenage boy to her. She smiled and started fingering herself a bit.

“Oh, yes, Jim. It’s me. I’m feeling so fevered today I just couldn’t make work. I think I’m delirious and hallucinating.” She put a hand over her mouth to stop herself from giggling as she listened to Jim make the proper sympathetic noises. She assured him she would rest and be back to work as soon as possible. He hung up after telling her he would fill in the boss.

She really needed to get back to her personal needs and her precious little black toy.

She started grinding and bumping her hips to music only she could hear. The heavy glass toy bounced inside her snatch and started the chilling passion pulsing inside her. Watching herself in the bedroom mirror, she pinched the tip of her tongue and tugged it out a bit. This time she saw the slippery coating form on her tongue. It was slightly gross to watch it happen and feel so hot.

She thought about getting her tongue pierced.

She giggled and came. Her hips started jogging and bumping to a secret rhythm. Her eyes widened as the hot intense flood of energy spilled through her. This time she was able to count her orgasms well past thirty before she knocked herself out.

* * *

Claudine woke up. She groaned and rolled over to look at the clock. Mmm. Nearly three p.m. and she hadn’t eaten anything all day. She tried to remember if she had eaten dinner last night. She needed to eat if she was going to keep up her strength.

Great sex required proper nutrition. She giggled at the non sequitur.

She slid out of bed, got the phone and ordered a pizza to be delivered. Then she went and showered again. While in the shower, she was able to explore herself and the changes more easily. She had learned how to focus on smooth movements. Nothing that agitated her precious little snatch stowaway. At least not prematurely.

She found that her lips and mouth, her tongue were still slightly swollen and very pleasantly simmering with heat. She couldn’t wait to try kissing with these lips. And most thoughts of stimulating her mouth had her tongue dripping with slick lubricant.

She found the effect wasn’t nearly as noticeable on her vagina. She got out of the shower and used a hand mirror to check her clitoris. She was sure it was larger. Very interesting.

Very nasty, she grinned to herself. She realized that just yesterday, she would have been horrified. She even speculated that something serious had happened to her mind. Maybe this black item was being smuggled somewhere. She had no idea how she would find out. Black Market? She smiled.

But she wasn’t giving it back. Not her little precious.

She was toweling off when the doorbell rang. She wrapped a towel around her hair and walked smoothly and carefully to the door.

This is really doing wonders for my posture. She kidded herself. Just walking seemed to put her lusts in a state of readiness. She got her purse and opened the door.

“Sixteen twenty with tax—” the red headed young man gaped at her.

Claudine realized the towel around her hair was the only towel she had on. She smiled. She handed the fellow a twenty. Um. He wasn’t bad looking. “Want to make another twenty?” She asked.

He started to smile, “Sure.”

“Come in here and fuck my brains out.” She motioned him into the apartment. Some part of her squirmed at the shallowness, the surreal actions that had such delicious effects on her. Mostly, she just wanted to see if sex with someone else would ever be as good as it was just between her and her new toy.

The pizza guy paused. She read his eyes. Doubt. Aids. Psychos. His job if someone found out. One part of her brain cheered his caution. It saddened her to realize the world was such a terrible place for casual sex.

A girl could get depressed in a world without casual sex.

“O.K., how about I give you a blow job? You still get the twenty.” She offered. She had a tremor within of shock at her slutty eagerness.

He nodded and quickly came through the door setting down his thermal carrier. She closed the door and turned. He was tall, maybe an inch over six feet. He looked nervous and a little guilty. Wary, too.

She got down on her knees. Wow. She never really liked oral. Maybe this wouldn’t be anything like sucking the little black cock. Maybe she was just going to make a fool of herself.

Still, she just had to find out.

He started to move his hands, she said, “Don’t worry. You don’t have to do anything.” She opened his zipper and felt her nipples hardened and start to burn. His cock was so large and thick by comparison to the sleek cock of glass. It was already very hard. It impressed her. It was about six inches, but twice as thick of the black cock in her pussy. She briefly thought she wouldn’t do this. She didn’t want to do this.

She opened her mouth and slid it past her hungry lips.

Mmm. Not bad. Yes. It pushed and rubbed her tongue in interesting ways. She started to get into it. Moving her head. That was weird in a way, since she really wanted to move HIM around in her mouth the way she could move her little black toy.

He yelled. He came. Salty streams jetted in her mouth surprising her. She sucked down the flavor. It was good, fun, and she swirled her slick tongue around his thick cock ready for more.

He started to get soft.

Crap. Stay hard, you prick, I’m just getting started.

It stiffened like wood in her mouth.

Wow. She went to work. Sucking. Playing with it. She took it completely into her mouth. Deep. She pushed her tongue out and licked his balls, making them slick with her tongue’s coating. She worked her head slowly on and off of his nice hard cock.

Then she really started bobbing her head, trying to see how fast she could make him cum. She was buzzing. Her tongue came, surging flavors and slickness into her mouth. She swallowed the richness. She fingered her clit, still careful not to disturb her pussy stowaway.

He came hard but with much less ejaculate. He groaned softly above her head. His hips moved slightly and his hand found the back of her head and caressed her.

Say, she thought, this was pretty good. No fuss. No muss. She sucked him clean. The tightness of her lips drew in all of his spent cum and most of her own tongue’s lubricant from his cock as she let it pop out of her mouth. She was hot.

She grinned up at him, “Thanks! That was great!”

He gave her a dazed grin. “Your welcome. I gotta go.”

She stood up. “Sure.” She went to her purse and got him the promised twenty. She came back. He was having trouble getting his cock into his pants. It was still hard. He was awkwardly but gently trying to get it through the zippered opening.

She studied him for a minute, playing with the twenty between her fingers. She wondered how long it would take him to figure out to unfasten his belt and unsnap his jeans so he didn’t hurt himself.

She looked at the stiff cock. Go soft. Before he kills himself on his zipper.

It deflated immediately. He smiled with relief. Her eyes widened. Then she smiled. He tucked his cock away and zipped up. She handed him the twenty.

She looked at his crotch. Get very hard. His pants bulged as the cock pumped back up.

He groaned and licked his lips. “I gotta go. Thanks again.”

“Sure,” she smiled, “Thank you.” She leaned up and kissed him. She thought about his hard cock, squeezed under his jeans, Cum prick.

He gasped, kissing her. He came. His hands found her nipples and pinched them. He fondled her breasts.

Um. She purred and broke the kiss. “Anytime you want some more, you just bring me a free pizza. O.K.?”

He was visibly shaken, “Yeah. Sure. I..uh.. got to go.”

She reached around him, opened the door, she waved her fingers, “Seeya.”

He left. She shut the door. She whooped to the empty apartment around her. Wow. She fingered herself and walked into the kitchen with her cooling pizza. This was just the beginning.