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Owned Teacher

March 2006
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About a teacher in Canada, who comes under the control of one of her male students and he turns her to his personal slave.


It was Friday afternoon, last day of high school. Mark was watching his teacher, Ms Karen Gonzalez, walking over the board and telling her students, “Ok class, don’t forget to do your assignments on the weekend and have it sent back to me, next week Tuesday.”

Karen Gonzales stood at 6 foot tall, a sexy bodied Latina-Caucasian with nice long brown hair and nice tanned complexion, and grey-blue eyes. Karen was always polite and nice to her student and spoke English, like every other Canadian.

Mark was a horny sex-crazed male student obsessed with Playboy and Penthouse. He had reddish hair, and thin (as opposed to Karen, who was quite fit and looked more athletic than many of the male students). He had been fantasizing about his teacher, ever since she first taught him. This was the day his plan was about to carried out.



One male student was shouting, “Class over. Time for a good time.” The students were all excited and the noises of the chairs and tables being banged against, were drumming the classroom. The students were excited and only Mark purposely slowed down.

When all the students had left the class, Mark was pretty aware that no one would be paying attention to what was going on here. Principal and the other teachers were even less reliable than Karen. That meant, his attempted plan would succeed.

Karen was still writing on the blackboard and by the time she turned, Mark was stood just in front of her desk. She smiled, “Oh hello Mark. Shouldn’t be here. You should have gone out with your buddies. This is the last day of school”.

Mark smiled, “Yeah. Did I tell you that you were my favourite teacher?” Karen laughed a little bit, “Only like a hundred times.” Karen taught them Physics. Many male students joked that she could have taught them REAL PHYSICS, like as in them having sex with her, or have her in any position they want.

“So Mark, how can your favourite teacher help you?”, asked the teacher, trusting and not suspecting anything. Mark took out something from under his jacket. Karen started smiling and talking, “I hope it’s not another cut-out article”. Mark had a habit of cutting out newspaper clippings, regarding things submitted by Karen, to the newspaper, on her theories about how Canada could conduct its social and political affairs, independent of America or England.

But this time, it wasn’t an article cutting. It was a necklace, that resembled an amulet of some sort. The piece of object was a small diamond, but looked different from any other diamond she had ever seen. Her eyes were mesmerized by it. Karen then says, “It looks so beautiful”.

Mark then has the amulet in one hand. He starts swinging it, right in front of Karen’s blue-grey eyes. She is mesmerized by all things beautiful, like diamonds, gold, copper and all that sort of stuff. Mark was purposely swinging the amulet, while Karen’s eyes were trying to follow it and she was following its every movement, a sucker for diamond.

“You are looking at the diamond. It is what you desire, isn’t it Karen”, talked Mark in a hypnotic tone. Karen nodded, like an obedient girl. Now, she was the school girl and he, her teacher.

“Your eyes are getting sleepy and at the count of three, you will close your eyes and your subconscious mind will open up to the suggestions of this voice”, Mark continued. Karen nodded. Mark counted, “One, two, three”. Karen closed her eyes. Mark continued, “Now as you hear my voice, all you can think about is the diamond Mark had shown you”.

Karen was seeing the diamond and that is all she could see. “There is darkness all around you and you feel scared. But the diamond that hangs in the air, is the only source of light and gives you comfort.” In Karen’s mind, she finds herself in some limbo and all she could see is the diamond. She feels warmthness and comfort from the presence of the diamond. She concentrates on it, fearing that she would disappear for all eternity, into the darkness.

Mark continues, “When you open your eyes, you will do everything Mark tells you to do. He shall be your master from now on. And you shall open your eyes, at the count of five.” Mark counts, “One, two, three, four, five”. Karen opens her eyes and looks straight at Mark.

Mark tests his hypnotic trick, to see if it worked. Mark asks Karen, “What is your name?” Karen replies, “I am Karen, master”. At the word “master”, Mark is really excited and tries to control it. “Do you know who I am?”, Mark carefully asks. She nodded, “You are my student, but also my master”. Mark smiles to himself, “Excellent”.

* * *

Mark met Karen on the car park and got inside her car. As she drove, she told him all about herself. She lived with no one. She lived all by herself, in some flat and she practiced yoga or went to the gym.

They finally arrived at Karen’s flat. When they got inside, Karen made sure the door was locked. She was to act normal, when others were around, but will call him ‘master’, when they were all alone.

Mark was really excited, having his favourite Brunette under his power. Mark was inspecting her apartment and saw that she had DVDs. He sat on her couch and was inspecting her DVDs. He was planning to make himself home but he had a FETISH, on how he wanted Karen to serve him.

While he sat down and was watching the DVD Pink Panther, the number one film in the US, for 2006, Karen had to get herself ready and make him sandwiches and a glass of coke. Her kitchen, bedroom and toilet met in the hallway, but the living room had a door, shutting it from the hallway, for privacy and so that Mark can enjoy his present, without knowing it too quick.

Then the door opened. Mark was smiling. It was Karen. She put the door stopper, below the door. He tried not to look at her, as he knows she still will bring his food in. Then he started looking at his….slave.

Karen was walking towards him. She was now dressed in sexy lacy lingerie (no longer in her clothes), and she was carrying his sandwiches on a plate and a glass of coke, on top of it. She responded, “Your meal, master”. She lowers it down, on top of the table in front of her.

As he dug onto his coke and sandwiches, he used the remote control and switched the film of. He wanted no other distraction now. “I want you to perform a strip tease for me, you Latina slut”, Mark mockingly told his Hispanic teacher slave.

She nodded her head and started touching her nice sexy body sensually. She obeyed, “Yes master”. While she dances, turning her body for him, moving her hands up, and then fondle her breasts, long legs and her crotch, he was enjoying his meal and drink. This was a free strip show for him.

She kept on dancing and then she started stripping out of her sexy lingerie. As Mark finished his meal, Karen was completely naked. His cock stiffened and so, he started unloosening his pants and belt. He didn’t want his big cock restricted by brief underpants.

She had the nicest piece of ass and very humoungous boobs. “Now play with your titties for me”, commanded Mark. Karen was fondling and squeezing her own boobs. She then licked both her nipples. Mark laughed at her, performing masturbation for him.

“Play with your cunt. Finger yourself”, commanded Mark. Karen placed her fingers and started fingering her clitoris, right in front of Mark’s eyes. She answered, “Yes, master. I will finger my cunt.”

Karen’s fingers dug deep into her own cunt and she was making herself cum, just for some selfish boy’s pleasures. She was making Mark hot and aroused. She kept on doing it and she started moaning


Mark’s excitement could no longer restrain himself. He ordered her, “Stop playing with your cunt, Karen.” “Yes master”, replied his slave.

Mark then told her, “I want us to go to your bedroom.” Karen led them both to her bedroom. Once inside her bedroom, he took off all his clothes. “Karen, I want you to be on all fours”, ordered Mark. She replied, “Yes master”. Karen positioned herself on top of the bed, on all fours, like some real life bitch. Mark climbed on top of her large bed. He was eyeing her large ass. “You have a nice ass, Karen”, admired Mark. He patted her ass. If she was under mind control right now, she would have slapped his face. Not this time. This time, the hot Latina teacher was Mark’s personal bitch. She was his teacher, but a teacher he “OWNED”.

Mark then fondling her large ass and fondling her buttocks. He then rammed her cock, inside her bit tight ass. His hands were groping on her breasts, squeezing it in sexual ecstasy. He fucked her ass and groped her breasts, fucking her faster and faster, and also harder and harder. Mark was working hard on his slave, saying, “That’s a good slave. Let master pump you with his sperm.”

Karen’s face was obedient to Mark but if she could think and do what she wanted, she would have complained. A part of her felt physical pain, from the way he was fucking her ass. Mark enjoyed fucking his teacher’s ass.

After his cum was entering her anally, he then asked her to lie on her own bed, her back towards it. After ramming her ass, his cock then inserted itself into her brown pubic hair and started ramming her cunt next. He was fucking her and she was making a moaning noise. He lowered his upper body and was lapping his tongue away, at her sensual neck, licking and kissing and biting all at once.

“You are one hot beautiful slave, Karen. I think I am going to enjoy owning you”, complimented Mark. Karen was only making that moaning sound. His cum was flooding her cunt inside. He then lowered his head, to her left breast and started sucking on her Latina nipple. He sucked it, like a baby.

“Yummy”, chuckled Mark. Just as he was sucking on her left nipple, his hand was groping her other breast and nipple, with the fingers working and twisting on the right breast’s nipple. He pinched and squeezed at it. This was going to be a day to remember.

After sucking on her left nipple, he then switched his attention on the other nipple, and his hand working on the nipple he was sucking on just now. Karen moaned and moaned, in sexual pleasure. She didn’t even think of her student fucking her but that she only existed to serve his every desire and whim.

After sex, they had a bubble bath together. She lied next to Mark, enjoying the bubble. She rested her head on his chest, while he fondled her hair. “You made me happy, slave”, Mark said, then kissing the top of her head. “But I got more plans for you”, he told her.

* * *

Mark’s life had changed. He now owned his favourite teacher. He scored in Physics and just lied to everyone that he had a professional tutor. His classmates envied him, but were pretty dumb enough not to suspect that Karen could have tutored him, herself. But he also used her to get to other teacher’s files and so he could pass their subjects too, like Past Year Exam papers.

Sometimes, after class, he would go to her flat and have sex with her. He never got bored with his slave.