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[Boypussy got such a positive reaction that I figured I’d try writing a good counterpart for it. Let me know what you think...]

A high-school student discovers that his enormous cock has a commanding effect on the other men and boys who lay eyes on it, and also discovers how much fun it is to dominate them.

My Huge Cock

October 2009

mc / mm

I discovered my gift when I was in eighth grade. I’d known that guys turned me on ever since I started getting boners, and I knew what that meant—I was a queer, and I had to hide it from the rest of the guys. And hide it I did—I never showered after gym with the other guys, I never went to parties where there was any alcohol, and I generally avoided hanging out with the more attractive boys at school.

Of course, all of this meant it took me a long time to figure out just how big my cock was, compared to the other boys’. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I had waited until all the other boys left after gym so I could take a shower. Some days I’d just skip it, but today we’d been running sprints outside and I was drenched in sweat. Actually, my sweat was especially smelly because I’d been nervous the whole time—while I was running, I was behind Joey Tulsen, and his sheer gym shorts barely covered his big, round butt. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his butt the entire time, and as he ran I could see each cheek stretch and compress, filling out his shorts, bouncing up and down. My cock was trying to burst out of my underwear. I was so scared I thought I’d die.

Anyway, it all meant I really needed to shower or I would have disgusted everyone in all my classes for the rest of the day. So I waited for the other boys to all leave, snuck back in, and crept into the shower.

While I washed myself off, something about being alone in that wide-open tile space, the hot water running over me, my mind started to wander, and soon I was standing under the shower head, eyes closed, rubbing my stiffening cock imagining the soft, muscular flesh of Joey’s butt-cheeks as they stretched and compressed, bulging out against the shiny black mesh gym shorts. Then in my fantasy they strained the material until it was taut, and finally Joey went to lift his foot one more time and the cloth burst, and the shorts -

My fantasy was interrupted when I heard a gasp. My eyes shot open. There, standing stock still in the entrance to the showers, was Joey Tulsen. He was staring at me. More specifically, he was staring at my cock. My whole body flushed crimson. My heart was pounding. My thoughts came fast and furious with my terror. But my words escaped me.

“Joey—oh my God, Joey, I, I swear, don’t tell anyone, please please Joey...”

I trailed off, but then realized Joey hadn’t moved a muscle.

“Joey?” I asked, now a little curious. He’d been standing as still as a mannequin for a full minute or two.

“Your... your penis!“ Joey stammered.

I looked down and realized I’d still been stroking my cock, and even through my terror it was still rock-hard. Mortified, I pulled my hand away. But it didn’t start to soften.

“Uh, Joey, don’t tell anyone, OK?”

“Your penis, Danny!”

“Joey, I know, I just... I mean, you won’t tell?”

“Your penis, it’s... it’s so big!”

“What?” Now I was kind of curious.

“Oh my God, Danny, I’ve never seen one so big... can I... can I touch it?” Now it was Joey’s turn to flush bright red.

“Danny... are you... I mean, are you queer?”

“No! No, I’m not! I just, it’s your penis, it’s so big... I have to feel it!”

Before I could even answer Joey crept over and reached out. I stared in fascination as he took my cock gently in both his hands and knelt down in front of me. His face was right at the level of my cock. The head of my dick was throbbing full of blood it was so hard.

“Danny,” Joey said, pouting adorably, “I... I feel funny, Danny.”

“What do you mean, Joey?”

“Your penis, Danny, it makes me feel funny.”

“Funny like how?” I was starting to get a little exasperated at Joey, his gentle grip on my cock enough to keep me hard but not much more than that.

“I want it, Danny,” Joey said, softly.


“I want it, I want your penis,” he said, a bit louder.

“What do you mean, you want it?”

“I...” Joey stopped, looked around as if confused, but then fixed his glance on my cock, and a trickle of drool came out the side of his mouth. “I want it in me, Danny,” he said, this time with conviction.

Before I could even respond he’d opened his mouth and engulfed my cock. I moaned loudly in spite of myself, forgetting where I was, and even with his untrained mouth sucking my cock haphazardly, teeth rubbing against it and back of his throat pressing against the head, I quickly approached orgasm. Just as I was going to cum, Joey pulled his mouth off my cock and stared me in the eyes.

“Your penis makes me feel dirty, Danny, it makes me feel naughty, and I love it!”

With that, I ejaculated for the first time. All my past orgasms had been dry. This one was, to say the least, not dry. My pelvis bucked involuntarily as my cock began spewing. The first thick blast of semen landed right on Joey’s cheek. The next coated his lips. He opened his mouth and the third landed right on his tongue. It just kept coming, all the spunk, spraying everywhere, completely drenching his face, his eyes shut and coated in thick sticky jism like viscous egg white streaming off his face.

When I finally finished coming I was completely exhausted. I collapsed, plopping down onto the tile floor and resting my back against the wall. I was breathing heavily and laid my head back with my eyes closed while I recovered from the mind-blowing orgasm.

When I opened my eyes I saw Joey standing there, hands and face covered in cum, shaking.

“What the fuck? What did I just do?” he shouted, aloud.

This was weird. I was baffled. “Joey? Joey? Calm down, Joey,” I reassured him, totally confused.

But he wouldn’t listen, and was shaking his head rapidly in disbelief and fear. “No, you! You made me do this! YOU DID!”

I stared at him like he had two heads, perplexed at his sudden, drastic change of attitude, and with that he began sobbing and stepped underneath the hot water trying to wash all my jizz off his face and hands, his body bent with heaving sobs as he wiped the slimy cum off his face as fast as he could get it off.

But in the meantime he hadn’t even bothered to take his clothes off. I noticed he was still wearing his gym shorts. Then I noticed as they started to soak through with water. I noticed how they clung to his butt even more tightly. And then I noticed I was getting hard again. Really hard.

Joey finished getting my cum off him, to his satisfaction, and turned around to run out of the showers. Or anyway that’s what he seemed to be doing, but then he saw my hard cock again.

“Oh no,” he just said, and I saw his face fall.

“What? Joey, what the fuck? Why are you being so fucking weird?”

“Oh no,” he said again. “Oh no, it’s so big again.”

I just sat, staring at him, fascinated. He was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, one moment panicking, the next moment salivating over my cock. I didn’t understand.

“Oh God,” he said, shaking his head sadly, his face a mask of shame, “Oh God, I need it again, Danny, seeing it so big like that, I need it again!”

Could it be? Could it be my hard cock had some kind of power over him? I decided to find out. I grabbed my cock in one hand and squeezed it. It throbbed harder. Joey moaned.

“You want this, Joey? You like my cock when it’s big and hard like this?”

“Oh yeah, Danny, oh fuck, it’s so fucking big,” he babbled, fixated on my cock.

“Take off your shorts, Joey, and let me see yours.”

“Fuck, Danny, don’t do it, please don’t make me,” he said, but even before I replied he’d already hooked his thumbs around the waistband of the gym shorts and slid them off.

“Your undies too, Joey,” I said, smirking, and watched as he slid his down.

Wow, my cock really was big. Compared to Joey’s, anyway. His was probably 5 inches, and it was sticking straight out in front of him, hard as mine. But mine was easily a foot long. I realized I’d never gotten to compare, because I’d avoided showers so religiously. I smiled, satisfied. I remember thinking to myself, I must really be well-endowed.

But there were more pressing matters at hand.

“Joey, I don’t want you to suck it again. This time I want to put it inside you myself.”

Joey nodded eagerly and opened his mouth.

“No, Joey, not like that. Turn around.”

Joey’s face fell and became a mask of fear.

“No, Danny, please no, don’t do it, that’s for fags, I’m not a fag Danny, please don’t do it,” he stammered, his eyes pleading.

“I don’t know, Joey,” I said, my confidence growing with my smirk, “You’re standing here naked, washing my cum off your face. You look kind of like a fag to me.”

“No, Danny, PLEASE!”

But he turned around in spite of himself. I gasped aloud as I saw the twin globes of his perfect, full ass right in front of me. And I grinned when he arched his back, just enough that the cheeks parted. I saw his smooth, hairless ass crack leading down to the dark, puckered hole. And when I saw it, my cock somehow grew even harder.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” I said aloud, a sexual hunger I’d never felt awakening inside me. I stood up and, as if in a dream, watched as I rubbed some soap on my rock-hard dick, then stepped forward. I reached one arm around Joey and felt his muscular chest. With my other arm I held his hip blade and pulled his waist back against me. My cock rested right in the crack of his ass, and I gently slid it up and down, not so hard to make me cum, but just enough to feel really good.

“Oh Danny,” he said, and started to moan.

“You want it, don’t you, faggot?” I taunted him.

“Danny, come on, I do, I want it, I need it inside me,” he whimpered.

“Alright, queerboy, if you say so!” With that, I shoved the tip inside him.

Joey screamed like a girl when he felt my cock enter him, but by that point I was really getting into it so I just laughed a little and kept pushing. I felt his spasming asshole clenching down on my cock so I grabbed him tighter and shoved my pelvis forward. I felt the entire length of my cock sink into his warm, inviting hole.

I felt the soft skin of his butt-cheeks against the hollows of my hips as I bottomed out inside him. It felt so good I almost came on the spot. I pushed a little harder and felt his butt-cheeks compress a bit. I looked down as I grabbed him by both hip blades and pulled back, hard. Joey screamed aloud as my cock went in as far as I could possibly get it, and I saw his butt-cheeks compress even more, wrinkling around the edges like beach balls being squeezed flat. I thought back to my earlier memory of his butt encased in his gym shorts and chuckled. Had you told me out on the field I’d soon bury my cock inside that butt, I probably would have filled my own gym shorts with a load of cum on the spot.

Joey was still screaming but luckily nobody seemed to be around to hear. With my cock inside him I felt my sexual hunger growing. I start pistoning into and out of his ass, and with every thrust his screams seem to subside, and instead he was moaning, louder and louder.

By the time I was ready to cum, I was driving my whole foot-long cock fully into his ass and then sliding it all the way back out, even pulling it fully out sometimes just to marvel at the big, sloppy shiny thing as it sluiced wetly into and out of his now-loose asshole.

When I came, I first pushed my cock all the way inside him, wrapped my arms around him, one around his muscular chest and one around his stomach, and pulled him tightly against me.

“Aw, fuck, Joey,” I moaned, “I’m gonna fill you up.”

Joey moaned aloud himself and then spasmed a bit. As I started pumping my load inside his ass, I saw, to my amazement, Joey’s cock shoot its own load all over the tile floor. It may not have been as big a cock as mine, but he still shot an impressive load.

After that, I slid my softening cock out of Joey’s ass and finished showering. I noticed as I left that Joey was curled up in the corner, sniffling. I figured that was just how it was, once whatever spell my cock had over him wore off. Poor kid, I thought to myself. But then I just grinned and walked out.

From that day on I walked around with more confidence. I knew Joey had a girlfriend, and I knew my cock had done something funny to him, and knowing how much bigger I was than the other guys made me proud. Everyone noticed my new attitude. Girls wanted to hang out with me but I mostly blew them off. The guys, though, I was more than happy to spend more time with, now.

The other thing I noticed was that, ever since that day, the sexual hunger that had awakened had never fully fallen back asleep. I could feel it in me when I walked around, now. I’d look at a guy and find my gaze turning down towards his lips, or his crotch, or his butt. None of that was unusual, but now when I looked I could feel it behind my eyes, this intensity, this hunger, like instead of a frightened closeted teen having lustful, wishful thoughts, I was like a predatory big cat stalking prey.

With my newfound confidence and popularity it wasn’t hard to find excuses to spend time one-on-one with the hottest of the school jocks.

There was Kenny, the blonde surfer-looking stud, star of the basketball team with the amazing 3-point shot and no missed foul shots. He was only too excited when I told him I had recorded the latest college game during March Madness that he’d missed, and eagerly came over to my house to watch it. Only, when we got in my room, he looked around.

“Danny, where’s your TV?”

“Oh, I don’t have one,” I replied, feeling that smirk coming on.

“Uh, how are we going to watch the game?”

“Oh, you wanted to watch the game?” I asked. “I thought maybe you’d rather look at this.”

I dropped my pants as Kenny turned around. For a few awfully long moments I felt a rush of terror—what if it was only Joey? What if it didn’t work on Kenny? What would I do?

But then I saw him freeze, staring at my dick, and I knew I had him.

“Oh my god, Danny,” he said, slowly, dreamily, “Your... your cock.”

Cut to half an hour later: Kenny was on his hands and knees like a dog on my floor, and I was standing behind him, holding him by the hips, looking down smiling as I watched my saliva-slick bare cock sliding into and out of his asshole. I grinned as I watched his tight sphincter—as I shoved my cock in, his ass hollowed inwards; as I pulled it out his tight asshole, gripping my cock, pulled back a bit with my cock and I could see the muscular ring of his asshole stretched out away from him. As I drew my cock all the way out I laughed at the sucking noise and wet “plop!” it made. And I laughed even more at the pained moan Kenny uttered as I pushed the big purple head of my dick back inside him.

I knew once I came Kenny would panic and who knew what he’d do, so I was careful not to cum for a good couple hours. I had Kenny in every pose I could think of, sucking and fucking and licking and everything my twisted little mind could conjure up. But finally I was ready to shoot and tired from all the work. To minimize cleanup, I decided to pump my big load up inside his ass. So I did, and then I slid out, put my clothes back on, and waited.

Sure enough, the real Kenny reemerged, and he just about lost his shit. He started like he was going to scream, but I severely shushed him.

“Kenny!!” I whispered hoarsely, “Shut the fuck up! You want my mom coming in here and finding you like this? Like a little bitch, naked with cum dripping out of your asshole? You know what’s good for you, you’ll put your clothes on and leave as fast as you can without saying a fucking word.”

Kenny just stared at me, shaking his head like he was hoping he’d wake up, but I just rolled my eyes and walked over to him. He cowered away from me like a frightened animal—ha! Big basketball player afraid of me—and I just slapped him in the face, once, hard.

“Get up.” I said, matter-of-factly. “And get dressed.”

He stiffly obeyed, clearly still in shock, and I escorted him out of the house.

“Did you boys have a good time?” My mom casually shot from the kitchen as we passed.

“Yeah, Mom, we had a whole lot of fun!” She didn’t seem to notice Kenny’s shell-shocked state.

I suppose you’re wondering what became of the boys I seduced. Is seduced really the right word? I didn’t quite rape them, it was quite consensual when I plunged my hard cock into their waiting holes, but it definitely wasn’t their idea after the fact. Well, they were definitely traumatized. You could see it in them—it was like I drained my new confidence from them, leaving a trail of timid, frightened boys where once were track stars, proud swimmers, and football jocks. Joey developed a stutter and was easily startled by loud noises. Kenny started missing his free throws, and his girlfriend dumped him and he never did get another.

So it went with all the boys. I’d like to say I felt bad about it, but I didn’t. I loved it. I could feel my confidence swell in me and seeing them laid before me, frail husks of what they were before, it just made me feel more powerful.

And, traumatized though they were, worshipping my cock seemed to leave its seed in them. Every so often one of them would come up to me in the hallway with just the right look in his eyes, a mix of desperate hunger and shameful self-loathing, and I knew. I’d find the nearest storage closet or bathroom stall and, if he begged hard enough, I’d drop my pants and let him suck me off.

Some of them really got hooked. By the time we finished high school several years later, Kenny was on my cock like a crack fiend needed his pipe. When he hadn’t sucked me off for even just a few days he’d start to look sickly, wan, pale, and he’d shake constantly. He was an addict. And I smiled and fed him, pumping a load of my jizz down his throat every few days.

For my part, my cock grew by the time I was a senior to a full 14 inches hard, and my big balls hung low and seemed to be constantly working—I’d cum four or five times a day and still my loads were huge.

It was a good thing, too, because just like those boys became hooked on my cock, I was getting more and more hooked on the feeling of power. When I saw another boy, before I could think of anything else I’d find myself imagining us naked, him worshipping my huge cock, me controlling him and debasing him and making him do whatever I wanted. It was hard to get out of my mind. I could feel it there, always, that hunger, that need.

At some point I ran out of hot classmates to corrupt, though, and for a while figured I’d just get by fucking the same ones over and over. But that hunger inside me clearly had other plans. A week went by and I started to feel it, this intensity, building, not satisfied with reclaiming the hot holes and wet mouths of the same now-desperate boys. I had to take new prey. I could feel the animal inside me demanding it. I had to hunt.

I tried to ignore it. I didn’t want any of the other boys. I pushed it down. And that was my mistake. When I pushed it down, I incubated it. It grew, that animal, and it became strong while I kept it in the dark. And one day, a few months later, it surprised me.

I was walking down the hall towards the gym when I felt it. My cock sprang to life. My breathing became ragged, hot wet panting. My hands tightened into claws and I hunched forward a bit like I was stalking something. I felt it all happen and I realized what was going on, but I realized I couldn’t stop. I realized I didn’t even really want to. I didn’t quite know, consciously, what I was planning to do, but I could feel it inside me, a buzzing energy, a determination, and I knew I’d just go along for the ride.

Faster than I knew I could move, and without making a sound, I was down the hallway into the gym, down the stairs to the side, standing outside the coach’s office. Waiting like a careful, silent predator I listened at the door. I heard his voice, and waited for any others, but heard none. Finally I heard the sound of a phone handset put back down in the cradle, and I straightened myself up and politely knocked.

“Who is it?” he bellowed.

Without replying I just opened the door.

“Hey, Coach, I wanted to talk to you,” I said.

Coach was a gruff, fairly heavy-set man, strong as an ox but hardly what you’d call lean. He’d been in an increasingly foul mood over the years I’d known him, no doubt due to the ongoing collapse of his every sports team, since I’d taken all his best players from every team and bred them like heifers, made them timid and afraid.

“Danny, what do you want?” He barked, impatient.

I turned around and locked the door behind me. He furrowed his brow, about to open his mouth to ask again. But instead I slid my pants and underwear down just enough to let my cock drop out.

“I want you to look at this, Coach,” I said, in a voice simultaneously dripping with lust and snarling with aggression.

“WHAT TH—” Coach started to yell, standing up, but then, grimacing, found he couldn’t look away.

“Oh God, Danny,” he said, with deep fear and great remorse, “Your cock!”

“Yeah, Coach, my cock,” I said with a smirk. “Hasn’t had any new boys on it in a while but I think it’s time to branch out a bit, try a new flavor. Like a big fat hairy pig like you.”

“Don’t you dare talk to me like, like...” Coach trailed off, his authority and anger draining as his mind was pulled back to my thickening erection. My cock was throbbing and slowly lengthening to its full 14 inches. I put my hands on my hips and thrust my pelvis out, making it bob up and down, pointing straight at the mesmerized coach.

“Talk to you like what, Coach? Like a fat old hairy pig hungry for one of his students’ cocks? ‘Cuz that’s what you look like to me, Coach.”

“Danny, fuck, put it away, I can’t... I can’t stop looking at it, fuck Danny it’s so big!”

With that, I started slowly walking towards Coach’s desk. He sat, dumbly, in his chair, staring at my swaying, bobbing cock approaching him. “You know, Coach, it’s probably bad news for you to be caught taking advantage of one of your impressionable young students, you know. I’d be careful if I were you. I mean, you could open that mouth of yours and start slurping on my big tasty knob, but what if someone found out? Man, would that be a tough situation to explain your way out of.”

“Oh no Danny please, please you have to stop.”

I walked around his desk and hefted myself up so my bare ass was resting right on his desk blotter and my naked crotch was facing him directly, my cock pointing right at his face as he sat in his chair.

“Oh my God Danny it’s so big, I have to have it, I need to taste it,” he whimpered, the gruff old man reduced to a desperate little cocksucker.

He was fumbling with his zipper by this point, and soon had his own cock out and started pumping it in earnest, mumbling to himself. “Oh fuck yeah, fucking boycock, so fucking hot, goddamn.”

And then he opened his mouth, closed his eyes, and started sucking my cock.

I pulled out my cell phone and made sure the sounds were on as I started taking photos of him with the built-in camera.

The first time he heard that “click” noise his eyes shot wide open and he looked at the cell phone sideways without taking his mouth off my cock. His eyes went wide with fear and shame. He couldn’t quite form clear words with his mouth on my cock but he moaned, trying. “Oh no,” I made out, muffled, “No no no no no stop!”

Or anyway that’s what he would have said if he’d been able to exert the willpower necessary to stop sucking my 18-year-old, 14-inch cock. But he wasn’t, and so he kept on jerking his own hardon with one hand while he sucked me off with his mouth and other hand, and I just smiled and kept snapping photos.

Yep, my big, commanding cock. This was even more fun than mind-fucking the other boys.

As I started to get close I switched to recording video, and for my own amusement put on a show for the camera.

“Coach, stop it! Why are you doing this?” I moaned, exaggerating it to make sure the camera caught every syllable.

Coach just kept his eyes closed and moaned. The vibration sent waves of pleasure through my cock as he kept on sucking my huge member. I could feel my balls tighten up with a big load of cum, and as I started to shoot I feigned like I was sobbing.

“Oh God Coach why?? Why?!” With every blast of hot spunk I moaned again in mock agony. Coach swallowed quite a bit of it but eventually it started to leak out the corners of his mouth. Then he pulled his head up off my cock. I watched the camera as it caught perfectly my swollen purple cock head, Coach’s mouth coming up off of it, and the next several blasts of jizz coated his face. He was moaning and I turned the little lens of my camera-phone to point at him jerking his cock, his fist stuffed down furtively in his lap jerking away. And when he came, I caught that too, his convulsive moans and the blasts of spunk from his hairy cock all over his desk and the floor.

And better yet, I caught the aftermath, too. As he came down from his sexual haze, Coach’s eyes opened wide in terror.

“Oh my God, what just happened? What did I do??”

I kept faking the sobs. “Coach,” I cried, “You raped me!”

“What? No, no! Danny, no, I didn’t, you made me do that, I don’t know how, your huge cock, you made me!”

“Coach, I begged you to stop, why did you do that to me?” I was really doing it up. I couldn’t wait to watch the video later.

“Danny, are you recording this? Turn that off! Stop it! Oh fuck, shit, what have I done?”

I turned the camera off, and my smirk returned.

“Thanks for the blowjob, Coach, that was pretty good.”

“What? You little shit, what the fuck did you do? I didn’t want to do that!!”

“Oh I know, Coach, but you did, didn’t you? And I’ve got the whole thing on camera. Nice knowing you, faggot.”

Coach looked like he was going to choke to death, simultaneously so angry and so afraid. Before he could get his shorts back up and stand up from his desk I darted out of his office and left the building, heading home.

As I laid in bed that night I stroked my big cock with both hands, smiling to myself. I was going to have some fun with those videos. I half-considered texting one of my little jock sluts to come suck me off but instead I grinned and left my cock at full mast, bobbing, and drifted off to sleep and sweet dreams of owning every last man in the world.

The next day I emailed copies of the pictures and the video to the principal of the school, with a short email.

“Dear Sir, I don’t know what to do about this but I managed to get my phone out while this was happening and wanted to send them to someone. Obviously I’m incredibly upset, I’m in shock but I wanted you to be the first to see this.”

I hung out in the cafeteria all day reading. It had a clear view of the principal’s office. And sure enough, within minutes I saw Principal Davis nearly sprint out of his office and come back with Coach following, head hung low. The door closed and I watched with anticipation as the minutes ticked by.

Finally a half hour later, the door reopened and Coach walked out, his eyes red from crying, his head still hung low with shame, and he walked out the front door of the school.

Moments later I heard my name over the PA system. They paged me to the principal’s office. I waited a bit so it wouldn’t be quite so obvious I was waiting nearby, and then walked in.

“Danny,” Principal Davis extended his hand, “I—I’m so sorry. I know this must be a very hard time for you. I mean, I know even that’s understating it. What Coach did to you was so... so horrible —”

I cut him off. “Actually it wasn’t that bad. Though he’s definitely got some learning to do.”

Principal Davis stopped, confused. “What? What do you mean?”

“Well, I just don’t think he’s given many blowjobs before, so it could have been better.”

“Danny, he raped you...”

“Oh yeah, that’s what I said in the video, isn’t it? Nah, I made him do it.”

“You... you made him? What do you mean? I watched that video, I saw what he did. How could you make him?”

I smirked. “Well, Principal, it’s my cock.”

“... what?” Principal Davis was getting visibly uncomfortable now. He’d been all ready to be reassuring and comfort me in my trauma, and now he didn’t know what to do.

“My cock is just so big and so commanding, Principal. When men see it, especially when it’s nice and hard, they just can’t help themselves.”

“Danny, that doesn’t make sense. It’s not your fault, what Coach did to you...” He trailed off, trying still to be consoling. I just smiled.

“Oh, it makes sense, Principal. Once you’ve seen my huge cock, there’s just nothing you can do.”

“Danny,” he asked, in confused disbelief, “How could showing anyone your cock make them lose control?”

“What a great question, Principal. I’m so glad you asked. It’s true, it’s surprising. Took me a while to really believe it myself. I think the only real way to make you understand is to show you.”

Principal Davis immediately sat back in apprehension. “Danny, that wouldn’t be appropriate, definitely not —”

Too late. I unzipped my fly, reached my hand through—I hadn’t bothered to wear underwear, for easy access—and pulled my thick cock through the fly. I stood there, in my ripped jeans and t-shirt, my 8″ soft cock hanging flaccid through the fly, Principal Davis still sitting in his chair, now staring at my crotch.

I smirked broader as I felt it start to thicken. I’d gotten good at doing this on demand, just throwing a hardon whenever I needed to. As it stiffened up it slowly rose until it was pointing from my crotch straight at Principal Davis. The head swelled up until it was its usual deep purple and shiny, like a large plum. Principal Davis was, by now, staring wide-eyed at my enormous cock.

“Danny, your... y-your penis!”

“Toldja, Principal,” I said, with a smirk, “But you didn’t believe me. Do you believe me now?” I could feel the animal hunger inside me, ravenous, ready to go in for the kill.

“Danny, oh my God, I’ve never... it’s so big!”

“Yeah, sure is. Bet you can’t wait to wrap those big wet lips of yours around it, can you?”

“Danny, uh, no, this is wrong, Danny, you shouldn’t be doing this,” Principal Davis shook his head, furrowing his brow, but still couldn’t tear his eyes away.

“You know, I think you’re right. It wouldn’t be right for you to suck me off, because Coach just gave me a blowjob yesterday. And you’re the Principal, so you deserve more than him. I’ve got an idea, Principal. Why don’t you undo your belt?”

Principal Davis finally tore his eyes away from my cock to look me in the eyes. “Danny, no, don’t make me do this.”

“Ha, Principal, that doesn’t even make sense! How could I possibly make you do anything? You’re so big and strong and me, I’m just a little 18-year-old. Now, undo your belt.”

I grinned down at my principal as he slowly unfastened his belt and slid it out of his suit pants.

“Good, now unbutton your pants and slide them down just a little. I like you in that suit, I want it to stay on.”

Principal Davis whined a pathetic whine as he did as he was told.

“Great. Now, stand up.”

He obediently stood up, his pants down around his knees, and I walked over to his chair and sat in it myself.

“Now pull your pants up enough you can straddle me in this chair.”

“Danny, why are you doing this? Please, Danny, stop it,” he begged, but his eyes were once again fixed on my throbbing cock, sticking straight up in the air. I’d started leaking precum from the tip in anticipation, and I caught the Principal idly licking his lips even as he begged.

“You want it, you little cunt,” I shot back, “Now shut up and do what I say.”

At that he whimpered a bit, but he pulled his pants up just enough to get his legs spread around the chair. I leaned back in his chair, smiling a nice, self-satisfied smirk, as Principal Davis debased himself in front of me.

“Good, Principal. Now, slide your pants down just enough to show your crotch, and slide your underwear down, too.”

Principal Davis closed his eyes and with a look of utter shame, hooked his thumbs around his waistband and slid his pants and briefs down. His cock sprang to life as the elastic of his underwear passed and I saw his stiff cock—not the biggest I’d seen, but not the smallest—bobbing straight up in the air. His crotch, in contrast to Coach’s, was relatively hairless. I licked my thumb and reached underneath and between his legs and with a condescending smile I pressed the tip of my thumb against his clenched asshole. He just moaned again.

“Nice smooth crack, Principal. And nice, tight asshole. Let’s see if we can’t do something about that second part. I want you to lower yourself slowly right onto my huge cock. I want you to impale yourself on it.”

Principal Davis started shaking his head vigorously back and forth and even choked up a bit and, sniffling, shed a couple tears, but he didn’t even bother saying anything in protest. I grinned and nodded my approval as he started lowering himself, ever so slowly, into my lap.

“Arch your back, too. I want that hole nice and exposed.”

He moaned, a mix of sexual hunger and self-loathing, as he arched his back like a whore, sticking his bare ass out as he continued lowering it towards my throbbing, massive cock.

When he heard the same clicking sound the Coach did, he hesitated for only a moment.

“Oh fuck, Danny, no, no, stop it.”

“I’m not going to stop it, Principal Davis, I’m going to keep taking pictures. If you don’t want me to have them, all you have to do is stop. If you pull your pants back up and leave, that’s the end of this, isn’t it? But as long as you keep moving that hot ass of yours down onto my giant cock, I’m going to just take a few photos for my scrapbook. If you’re good, maybe I’ll keep them to myself.”

Principal Davis began sobbing with shame and defeat as I was talking, but the whole time, his ass kept moving inexorably down towards my cock. And just as I finished my little soliloquy, I felt his asshole brush gently against the very tip of my cock. He started moaning and whimpering as his asshole made solid contact, and I felt the tip of my cock mash against his tight puckered ring, my piss slit spreading against his ass as he kept lowering himself onto me.

As he lowered himself further, I smiled and snapped a few more photos, checking to make sure they framed it well, my cock pressed against his hole, his cheeks spread nicely to show everything. I felt the pressure start to build as he kept his asshole tightly clenched but sat down on top of my rigid, rock-hard dick.

“Oh yeah, fuck, Principal, that tight ass feels so great sitting down my cock.”

The pressure grew so great it hurt, but it was a good hurt, my cock aching with the pressure of his ass squeezing down against it. I could tell he was really fighting to keep his asshole shut, but at some point, something had to give.

I felt it start, finally. I sat, leaning back, my mouth open in a wide, dirty sneer, nearly half the weight of the Principal balanced right on the tip of my giant cock, when his quivering asshole finally gave. He shouted aloud in pain and shock as the huge head of my thick cock suddenly pressed into his abruptly-spread sphincter. It popped in about halfway, and I could see between his legs the ridge of my cock-head still sticking out from his distended asshole.

“OH FUCK DANNY IT HURTS SO BAD!!” Principal Davis shouted.

“Shut the fuck up, you dumb bitch,” I shot back, “You want someone to hear us?”

I grabbed the nearest soft object I could get my hands on—as it turned out, a pair of gym shorts the Coach had left with the rest of his stuff—and stuffed them in my Principal’s open mouth. He bit down reflexively, grateful for something to clench down on, and he began feverishly whimpering through the dirty shorts.

I, for one, was getting impatient, and so with one hand I kept snapping photos, getting some good ones of the Principal, tears of pain streaming down his face, dirty gym shorts stuffed in his mouth, in his suit and shirt and tie, as well as others of his bare asshole stretched open around my massive cock-head. But with my other hand, I grabbed his waist, and started pushing downwards. He resisted, screaming muffled screams into the gym shorts, but over the course of the next few minutes I managed to get the entire head of my cock inside him. He was shaking from the pain, now, but there was not much he could do.

And, I noticed, for all the pain he was in, his cock was still rock-hard and leaking copious streams of precum.

“Oh, fuck this, I’m horny,” I said, grabbed him with both hands, and slammed him down onto my cock.

The pain, judging from his reaction, must have been unimaginable. Admittedly I usually took longer working it into a new guy, and the Principal’s tight ass was probably less elastic than that of the nubile young jocks I usually dominated with my massive dick, but I didn’t want to spend all day just to pump his ass full of my young spunk.

“Jesus, shut the fuck up,” I said, rolling my eyes. “And start riding me like a good little fag slut.”

Still delirious from the pain, Principal Davis could hardly disobey me, and so he started squatting up and down on my cock, his hole sliding up and down my shaft as he wept from the pain. But fuck, it felt great.

“Oh yeah, Principal, nice tight asshole, that feels great. Yeah, just like that.”

I started to get so into it that it nearly startled me to death when his office door slammed open. The poor Principal took it even worse. I felt his asshole tighten up so much I thought it was going to rip off my dick.

Coach stormed in, eyes even redder from crying, and he blurted out, “Alright look I know you don’t believe me but I just can’t let this, I mean, I have to tell you, I swear to you —”

Right about then he actually looked up and saw what was going on.

“Oh, fuck.”

Get in here,” I hissed, ”And lock the fucking door!!“ What an idiot, how did I leave the door unlocked?

Coach slammed the door and locked it, without so much as thinking about it, but then he just stood, dumbstruck. Principal Davis was perched above me with his asshole stretched wide open around my cock, frozen halfway up my massive shaft. Coach just stared, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Well,” I said, wryly, “For what good it does you, I think Principal Davis believes you, now.”

“Oh, fuck,” Coach said again, “Not you too. Fuck.” But it was too late for him, too. Even as Coach lamented the Principal’s fate, his eyes fixed on the exposed length of my cock-shaft, sticking out of the Principal’s asshole. And once he was staring at it, he couldn’t turn away.

“Well, while you’re here, you might as well make yourself useful, you interfering little bitch,” I shot at him, “So get over here and kneel down in front of this chair. Start licking my balls.”

Coach walked over, eyes full of sorrow and shame, and knelt obediently in front of my crotch. He unbuttoned my jeans the rest of the way and slid them down so my whole crotch was bare, my big balls resting on the chair, and he dipped his head forward between my legs and started working them with his lips and tongue.

“Oh, yeah, fuck, that feels good. And hey, Principal, let’s get moving again. Keep pumping that hot ass up and down my shaft.”

Soon I had the two men servicing me in tandem and I just laid back and smiled. Coach was getting my balls nice and wet with his mouth while Principal Davis rode his tight ass up and down my shaft. Every time he came all the way down his ass pressed Coach’s head down against the chair. It was fun to watch. That gave me another idea.

“Hey, Coach, now I want you to lick my shaft. Run your tongue up and down my shaft along with Principal Davis’s tight asshole.”

Coach moaned aloud with the depravity as he turned his head sideways and started licking and sucking at my thick cock shaft. As Principal Davis kept sliding his asshole up and down, I felt Coach’s tongue chasing the tight sphincter, licking at my shaft just as it emerged from the depths of Principal Davis’s ass.

“Good, Coach. Hey, do Principal Davis a favor and make sure you’re licking around his stretched asshole, too.”

I felt Coach’s tongue start swiping even closer, and when I heard Principal Davis start moaning through the dirty gym shorts I knew Coach was getting his asshole and crack with his tongue, too. Good boy.

After a while I got tired of even this, and I had plenty of photos already.

“OK, change of plans. Principal, stand up.”

Principal Davis screamed through the shorts in agony as his thighs, on fire with the hour of squatting on my cock, shrieked at him as he stood fully up, and as the head of my cock pulled out of his asshole, the wet sucking noise was loud enough probably to hear from outside the room.

“OK, and Coach, you need to clean off my cock and get it nice and wet for you.”

Coach hungrily lapped at my still-rock-hard giant cock, licking all the slime and sweat from Principal Davis’s ass off.

“Good, and now Principal Davis’s asshole is probably stretched open like an old whore’s loose cunt, so why don’t you lick that off for him, too?”

Coach obediently shoved his face between Principal Davis’s ass-cheeks and I heard a series of wet slurping noises as he cleaned the Principal up nicely.

“Good work. Now, Coach, take off your pants.”

“What? Danny, no, I don’t want that, I don’t want it, that’ll hurt...” Coach trailed off, apparently comfortable licking another man’s distended asshole but not comfortable with the notion of getting fucked himself.

“Shut up,” I replied, “And do what I say.”

Coach stared hungrily at my enormous cock and dropped his pants. His gut hung down out from under his shirt and his hairy belly and ass stood in stark contrast to his crisp, clean white shirt.

“Alright, gentlemen, here’s what you’re going to do,” I began, “Principal Davis, I want you to take your pants off, too, and straddle my face, facing away from me. And Coach, I want you straddling my crotch, facing towards me.”

Both professional men-turned-eager little sluts obeyed pleasingly quickly. I was staring at Principal Davis’s wide-open asshole inches from my face as the two men straddled me and faced each other.

“Good. Now, Coach, obviously you’re going to fuck yourself on my huge cock.” Coach tried to protest again with shame and fear but I ignored him. “And Principal, to keep Coach from screaming too loud, you’re going to make out with him while he does it. I want you two to really get into it, like real fucking faggots. I want you guys sucking face. I want your tongues down each other’s throats. I want saliva running down both your chins and necks. Really get to it.” Before I’d even finished, both men took on a look of deep hunger and, grabbing each other, began furiously kissing.

“Good. And Principal, don’t you worry about what I’m going to do with you. Just keep on making out.”

Coach’s asshole, it turned out, was much more pliable than the Principal’s. It only took us ten minutes to get him sliding his hole happily up and down on my cock like he’d been a brainless faggot slut all his life. And Principal Davis? His hole was stretched so far open from my fucking and so wet from Coach’s licking that he hardly even flinched when my first went in. I balled up my right hand, spat on it a couple times, and plunged it between his smooth ass-cheeks right into that hole.

I had my trusty camera-phone out with my other hand, snapping pictures of my high school principal and coach kissing each other like desperate, horny queers, Coach riding my cock like a bitch in heat, and Principal Davis arching his back to give me easier access to shove my arm up inside his ass. The predatory, sexual animal in me was quite satisfied. Finally I was ready to finish up.

“Coach, sit all the way down on my cock.” He sat down on my lap, moaning repeatedly into Principal Davis’s eager mouth as they kept kissing. His full weight came down on his hairy ass, forcing my gargantuan cock deep inside his bowels.

“OK, Principal Davis, now you sit down too.”

I felt my arm sink deeper and deeper inside the willing, horny body of my high school principal as he sat back towards my shoulder. I couldn’t help but beam with smug pride as I looked at the two grown men letting me, their 18-year-old student, use their bodies as little more than sheaths for my own amusement. Coach’s body was nothing more than a sheath to hold my cock, and Principal Davis was like a demented puppet, now, impaled on my arm nearly to the shoulder. I could feel his insides as I shoved my arm deeper and deeper within him.

In the course of a couple years, I mused, what had started with me using my huge cock to talk a classmate into giving me a blowjob had turned into this. Here I was, fisting my principal and fucking my Coach, using my huge cock to control them, warp their minds, making them enjoy it.

Part of me was a little concerned: maybe this hunger was too strong for me. Where would it take me in the future? Could I control it, keep it in check?

But as I screamed aloud, pumping maybe my biggest load ever into the ass of my broken, enslaved high school coach, a dirty grin spread across my face, and I hoped the answer was, “no.”