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Music of the Night

In November, 2009, Dictionary Rainbow hosted an event on the MC Forum. One of the requirements of this event was that we find a way of working as many Beatles references into the storyline as we possibly could. This was my entry into this contest. I have every intention of writing additional chapters to this story. As I publish additional chapters, each chapter will be filled with references to a different band or artist’s work. With that in mind, I would like to challenge all of my readers to try and figure out the Beatles references in this entry, and the musical references from upcoming installments of this tale.

This is a story of a very adult nature, so if you’re not into these kinds of stories (or if you’re not old enough to be into them), please direct your browser elsewhere. Otherwise, enjoy this story, but don’t reprint it without my permission. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, is completely coincidental. I welcome comments and criticism. My e-mail address is

Part 1 — My Sweet Lord

Meghan strolled into the Taste of Honey cafe, looking around. After a few moments, she saw Tori raise her hand, so she shuffled across the floor to join her friend.

“So,” began Tori. “You excited?”

“Absolutely! It’s cool we’re finally doing this. What time’s the ceremony set to begin? I don’t want to be late.”

“Relax. We’ve got plenty of time. I ordered you a ...”

The barista put a cup down in front of Meghan and finished Tori’s sentence. “Latte?”

“Thank you.”

“I hope you don’t mind my asking,” the barista said, “but what’s the occasion? You sure do seem excited.”

Meghan quickly responded. “It’s at the church down on Penny Lane tonight. We’re formally making a chastity pledge!”

Tori beamed.

Meghan continued. “Now I’ll have something to show my boyfriend the next time he tries something. I mean, really. Is that all they think about? He’s tried that old ‘if you really loved me’ stuff, but I’m not going to fall for it—”

Tori interrupted. “But if he really loved you, he’d understand that it’s more important that you wait.”

Meghan smiled. “Besides. Jesus says we need to save ourselves ‘til marriage. If Dave doesn’t respect that, especially after tonight, I might have to break it off with him. Boys!”

The two teenagers looked up at the barista, who, upon realizing they were done talking, said, weakly, “Well, have some fun tonight.”

The girls thanked her as she turned around and went back behind the counter.

A man approached the counter, smiling. “You look lovely, Rita, as always.”

The barista giggled. “What can I get for you today, Tom?”

“My usual.”

The two teenagers turned their attention back to each other.

“So,” wondered Tori out loud. “What goes on at these things? What do you think?”

Meghan took a pamphlet out of her purse and laid it on the table. “Reverend Pete is bringing in some guy, he’ll talk about the temptations of the flesh, but then he’s going to say about finding the inner light and resisting temptation, or so I guess.”

Tori eyeballed the brochure. “It says we get a ring to confirm our pledge. That’s cool.”


“Do you think it’s hard?”

“You mean sticking to the pledge?”

“I’m sure sometimes it is. You know who can probably answer that question best?”


“Your mother should know. My mom doesn’t want me making the same mistakes she did.”

The two teenagers finished their drinks, settled the bill, and left the shop for the church. As they were leaving, Rita called, “I’d like to see those rings if you wouldn’t mind stopping back here.”

Tori said, “Can do. We’ll be back either tonight or tomorrow.”

The girls shuffled out of the coffee shop. Once they were out of sight, the barista nodded at Tom, who smiled knowingly.

* * *

The church was quickly filling up as Tori and Meghan found seats.

Tori looked around and mused, “Looks like we might be among the older ones here.”

“Yeah.” Meghan scowled. “I was hoping there’d be more guys here. If I’d hazard a guess, I’d say there’s two of us girls for each guy.”

“That’s gotta say something about us and them, huh?” Tori scoffed.

After about fifteen minutes, the lights dimmed and some rock music filled the church.

The audience started to cheer and applaud.

A tall, thin man wearing a visible microphone strode onto the stage. Directly in front of the pulpit, he turned to face the audience and raised his hands.

The church instantly fell silent.

“In 1966,” he began, “John Lennon famously declared that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus.”

He paused as the boos and whistles filled the church.

“After the Beatles broke up,” he continued as the crowd slowly fell silent, “he even sang, ‘I don’t believe in Jesus’ in a song ironically called ‘God.’”

The crowd started jeering again, even louder than before.

After a few seconds, he raised his hands again. “But,” he continued. “John Lennon died in 1980. Guess who’s still going strong!”

The crowd erupted in cheers, which were quickly replaced with chants of “Jesus! Jesus!”

As the chants died down, the speaker continued. “John Lennon got one thing right, though. He wrote a song called ‘All You Need Is Love’ I don’t think he meant it this way, but guess whose love is all you need...”

Before the speaker could say the word ‘need,’ the crowd started chanting “Jesus! Jesus!” again.

The speaker laughed. “Tonight is all about real love. We know all kinds of love. There’s the love you have for your friends. There’s the love you feel for your boyfriend or girlfriend. But the most important love of all is the love God has for each and every one of you.”

The crowd applauded.

“And one of the most precious gifts God has given us, is a sacrament we call,” the speaker paused for dramatic effect. “Marriage.”

The crowd repeated the word ‘marriage’.

“The best way I can think of, to honor God and his love for us, is to save yourself for marriage.

“Now I know that this is not an easy task. You may have a boyfriend or girlfriend who tries to pressure you. They might say something like, ‘if you really loved me, then you’d sleep with me.”

A few people in the audience nodded and clapped.

“But couldn’t you turn that back on them? Can’t you say, ‘if you loved me, then you’d understand that it’s wrong before marriage’? If they want you to break your vow, they’re showing that not only do they not love you, they also don’t love Jesus!”

A roar from the audience filled the church; it was loud enough to make a few people cover their ears.

“You may be teased for your decisions by your friends and acquaintances. They’re not true Christians. And this is persecution, pure and simple. And when you’re persecuted, it’s because you know you’re right and Christ is on your side.

“With Jesus by your side, you can bravely face down lions, as early Christians did.”

The audience applauded again.

“And sometimes, you might feel a need, a strong desire to break this vow. Some people might feel this more strongly than others.

“If you feel this, just remind yourself of your own personal bond with Jesus. Because, as I said before, all you need is love. Whose love?”

Everyone in the audience yelled out, “Jesus!” before repeating the name in a slow chant.

As the chants died down, another man took the stage. Like the first man, he was wearing a microphone. He started to clap and the audience started to applaud. “Thank you, Rev. MacKenzie!”

Rev. MacKenzie bowed and moved off to one side of the stage.

The second man started to speak. “We’re all here for two reasons: love and Jesus. You can’t have one without the other, and tonight we will dedicate ourselves to both. Are you ready?”

The audience applauded energetically and started to yell, “Yes!!!!!”

“Now. Different churches take different approaches to the ritual you are about to participate in,” the speaker continued. “Some have the girls take one vow and the boys a different one. Some vary based upon age. Others still take a different path depending on whether the person pledging is involved in a romantic relationship.

“At the end of the day, though, it all falls back to the same commitment: that you will save yourself until you are married.

“When you came in here tonight, you were given a small form. I want you all to rise, raise your right hand, and read the form out loud.”

Everyone other than a girl in a wheelchair near the stage stood up. They raised their hands and spoke in unison, led by the speaker:

“I do solemnly swear, with Jesus as my witness, guide, and savior, that I shall remain chaste until such time as I am joined with another in the bonds of holy matrimony, in the eyes of our Lord and Savior, and by the Church.”

As they finished the pledge, a few people in the audience started to applaud. The clapping grew more and more enthusiastic until it thundered around the church, echoing off the walls.

The minister raised his hands, and the applause slowly subsided. When it was quiet enough, he spoke. “The ushers are now coming around with pens. If you don’t already have one, please borrow one from an usher and print and sign your name on the bottom of your form.”

The pianist played a concerto as the congregants completed their pledge forms.

During the concerto, some people started to whisper but for the most part, the audience sat quietly and filled out their forms.

When the music ended, the minister said, “I’m going to call you up, one row at a time. You give me your pledge form, and I’ll give you this ring as a symbol of the commitment you just made. If you ever feel tested in your will or your resolve, may this ring serve as a reminder of the pledge you just took, and the commitment you have shown to Christ.”

* * *

After the ceremony, Meghan and Tori were enjoying the cookies and juice during the coffee hour that had been arranged as a part of the overall service. They chatted amiably with the other congregants.

After a short while, Tori suggested to Meghan, “Let’s get back to that cafe and show off these rings to the barista.”

Meghan looked at her watch and said, “Sure.”

When they arrived at the cafe, they both immediately noticed Rita, who was standing behind the counter, cleaning coffee mugs. When she saw the two girls, she smiled broadly. “How was your ceremony?”

“Amazing. We got these awesome rings.” Meghan held out her hand showing off the pink jewel in the center with the cross engraved in it.

Rita took Meghan’s hand and ran her slightly wet thumb over the engraving. “Is that silver?”

“I think so.”

“Cool. Wear it well.”

The two girls took a seat in a booth and ordered their drinks.

As Rita was filling their orders, Tori said to Meghan, “I never knew that about John Lennon. I mean, how arrogant did he think he was?”

“I know! How is it that so many people could look up to him? Wow!”

Rita returned to the girls’ table with their orders. “Who you talking about?”

Tori answered. “John Lennon. Did you know he once said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus?”

Rita nodded and smiled. “Yes, and some high church official confirmed that it was a fairly accurate statement, at least statistically.”


“Uh huh. I take it someone mentioned that at your ceremony?” Before either girl could answer, Rita continued. “Did they say what else he said in that interview?”

Both girls shook their heads ‘no.’

“I’m going to warn you. Some other things he said that day are more offensive than a statistically accurate statement of popularity.”

The girls looked at one another.

Rita continued. “He said that Christianity will wither away and die. He also commented that Jesus was all right but his disciples were thick and ordinary. He accused them of spoiling it all.”

The girls couldn’t hide their shock.

“One thing I never understood, is why was there such a commotion about more popular than Jesus line, when he basically trashed the entire New Testament?”

The girls shrugged.

Rita opened her mouth to say something more, but decided against it.

Tori noticed this and asked, “What were you about to say?”

Rita decided against saying what she really thought. Instead, she asked, “How old are you two?”

Both girls said, “Seventeen” at the same time.

“Do you think most of the people at the ceremony were older or younger than you?”

The girls looked at each other. Meghan shrugged. Tori started thinking out loud. “We’re probably right around the average, maybe a little older than average. Some were older, some younger. Forgive my bluntness here, but could you please tell me why you asked?”

Rita smiled. “It’s just that by age 17, I thought I read the news, today, actually, that more than half of all girls and something like 80% of all boys have already lost their virginity.”

“Maybe,” responded Tori, “but we haven’t.”

“More power to you. Enjoy your drinks. Those are nice rings.”

“Thank you.” Tori sipped at her coffee.

The girls chatted amiably and enjoyed their coffee, not paying attention to Rita, who watched them intently.

* * *

After about a half hour, the girls left a modest tip for Rita on their table, stood up, and left. Rita quickly grabbed their cups and cleaned their table.

When she returned to the counter, she picked up the phone and placed a call.

A man on the other end answered. “Hello?”

“Tom. It’s Rita. Looks like we’ve found your first test subject.”


“One of the girls who took a chastity pledge tonight.” Rita couldn’t control her enthusiasm.

“Jeez, Rita. What’ve you got against chastity pledges?”

“Because I was conned into one. Nobody ever really done me before I got married, and I suffered for it. In the end, I got divorced because my husband and I weren’t on the same page, sexually.”

“Do you want to elaborate?”

“Well, Jude and I had a lot of pent-up sexual energy when we first got married. And the first few months were amazing, don’t get me wrong. But I was obviously the adventurous one. I’d be saying ‘why don’t we do it in the road?’ and he’d answer, ‘I’m so tired.’ Can you blame me for giving in to the temptation of someone who would say, ‘I will’?”

“No, I guess not...”

After a short pause, Rita continued. “So I basically rubbed some of your creme on that girl’s ring. Don’t worry: she’s seventeen, so she’s old enough to test it out. So what now?”

“Well, if my calculations are correct, we’re going to see some dramatic changes in her outlook by this time tomorrow.”

“And if this works?”

“Lets just say a lot fewer people will have to hide their love away. After all, love comes to everyone.”

They both laughed.

* * *

The following day, Tori met Meghan for lunch at the Cloud Nine burger shop. Meghan had already gotten a table and waved to Tori as she entered.

Tori almost immediately commented, “Is everything all right. You look ... stressed.”

“I feel fine,” responded Meghan breathlessly.

Tori scowled and placed her hands on her hips. “Why don’t I believe you?”

“I’m just feeling a little ...” Meghan struggled for the right word. “Tense. But you know what they say. All things must pass.”

“Yup. Have you talked to Dave about the pledge yet?”

“Not since we took it. He knew I was doing it and he said he respected my feelings. I’ll probably talk to him tonight.”

“Let me know how it goes. Are you sure you’re all right?”

“Yes. It’s just that... Well...” She leaned forward and whispered to Tori. “Have you ever felt ... tingly?” She pointed towards her legs.

“Well, yeah, but it looks like you’re feeling a lot more than tingles.”

The waitress came up, identified herself as Michelle, and took their orders. Meghan stammered her way through the order of a mushroom and Swiss burger, with fries and a Diet Coke.

The waitress looked at Tori and asked, “Is your friend all right?”

Tori shrugged.

The waitress saw Meghan constantly crossing and uncrossing her legs and leaned in. With a broad grin on her face, she said, “Girl! You need to get laid!”

Meghan and Tori both blushed. Tori then became indignant. “How dare you! We both took a chastity pledge!” Waving the ring in the waitress’s face, she continued. “This is ... This is persecution! We don’t need to stay here! C’mon, Meghan! Let’s go somewhere else!”

Tori started to stand up but Meghan shook her head, practically in tears.

Meghan whispered, “Please.” Her voice was almost a squeak. “I don’t want to make a scene. Let’s just eat and get out of here.”

Tori let out a sigh before she relented.

After a couple of minutes of silence, Meghan stood up. “I’ll be right back.” She walked briskly to the women’s room.

* * *

Neither Meghan nor Tori paid any attention to the man at the next table who stood up to go to the men’s room at about the same time.

He reached the alcove where the rest rooms were located, and saw Meghan fidgeting anxiously, waiting for the women’s room to open up.

He smiled broadly. “Go ahead and use the men’s room.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course! In a place like this, they’re basically the same thing anyway. A toilet, a sink, and a trash can. If it weren’t for the law requiring separate bathrooms, I’d think they both should be first-come, first-serve anyway. I’m sure the taxman might think otherwise, but hey...”

“Thank you.” Meghan bolted into the bathroom and locked the door behind her.

The man took his cell phone and typed a quick text message. ‘FOUND GIRL. SEEMS ABOUT READY. WHATS HER NAME?—TOM.’

Tom smiled when, about a minute later, he received the texted response: ‘MEGAN. GOOD LUCK.—RITA’

Tom inched closer to the men’s room and put his ear to the door. He found himself slightly aroused when he heard her panting.

He decided to have a little fun with her before he proceeded with the next real step. She let out a low squeal as he knocked on the door.

“Are you okay in there?”

The sounds from inside the bathroom immediately stopped.

He made a mental note that two of the functions of the creme had now been successfully tested. First was the means of locating someone exposed to the creme, and second was the slowly increasing arousal. The latter, he mused, worked faster than he had planned. Was it time to test the suggestibility trigger?

He knocked again.

Meghan sounded like she was in tears as she said, “I’ll be right out!”

He heard some rustling on the other side of the door, followed by the sound of the girl taking a deep breath. Soon thereafter, she opened the door and stepped wearily out of the bathroom.

Tom made eye contact with her. “You’re Meghan, right? I saw you in the cafe last night.”

She tried to avoid eye contact but looked up when he said, calmly, “I know why you’re feeling like you are.”

She wiped a tear away as she asked, “What’s happening to me?”

“Your body is undergoing a transformation, and soon your mind will, too.”

“I don’t understand.”

He decided that now was as good a time as any to test the trigger. “Dig a pony.”

She opened her eyes wide and started swaying on the balls of her feet.

He decided to see if the phrase had truly worked. “All right, Meghan. Your right hand is tied to a kite. The kite is alive, so you should think of it as Mr. Kite. Now, for the benefit of Mr. Kite, I want you to let it lift your hand into the air.”

Her hand slowly rose.

“Very good, Meghan. You’ve been a very bad girl, haven’t you, Meghan?”

She whispered, “I don’t think so.”

“Oh, but you have. God has given you a vagina. A vagina is a source of infinite pleasure to both you and any man who wishes to partake of it. That is God’s reason for making the vagina. But you are selfishly keeping people from it, aren’t you, Meghan?”

“It’s wrong to do that before marriage.”

“No. It is wrong not to use it to its fullest extent. Think of the ridiculousness of waiting. Did someone teach you that sex is dirty, so you should save it for someone you love?”


“You should feel ashamed for having believed that.”

Meghan hung her head.

“Now, are you feeling horny?”

She slowly nodded her head.

“Good. Then it’s not too late. It’ll be too late when you’re in your golden years. I think you need to start a revolution with your friends who took that chastity pledge.”

He pulled a small jar out of his pocket and handed it to her. “Take this. The creme inside will help people become more acquainted with God’s true intentions. A dab on their pledge rings ought to be plenty. Start with your friend waiting back at the table in the restaurant. What’s her name?”


“I have one more question for you before I send you back to Tori. Do you have a boyfriend?”


“When you get home, I want you to call him and tell him you need to talk to him. Urgently. Then, when you see him, tell him how much you want to share your vagina. When you do, the pleasure will be amazing, like nothing you’ve ever felt.”

“Like nothing I’ve ever felt.”

“Good. When I snap my fingers, you will go back to your friend. You will remember nothing of what I just told you. You will finish your meal and then contact your boyfriend for sex. The revolution will begin after you’ve had sex with your boyfriend. After that, you’ll find a way of getting the creme onto your Tori’s ring.”

Tom counted to three and snapped his fingers. Meghan woke up, shook her head, and calmly walked back to her table.

Tom waited a moment and returned to his own table. He heard Tori ask, “Is everthing OK?”

Meghan answered, “Its getting better all the time.”



He chuckled.

* * *

Dave had an ominous feeling about being called to Meghan’s house so urgently. He raced over to meet her, hoping she wouldn’t be breaking up with him.

She came to the door wearing only a bathrobe and her panties. “You and I both have something the other can use,” she began, moving her hand down between her legs. “I think that if either one of us wants to use it—anytime at all—then all we should have to do is ask.”

She led him upstairs to her bedroom and let the bathrobe fall to the floor. He closed her door as she lay back in the bed.

She rolled her panties down to her ankles and kicked them into the air before she gestured to him to join her.

He quickly stripped naked and jumped into the bed next to her.

They wrestled awkwardly with one another, each one eager to feel, touch, fondle, caress, grope, pinch, or otherwise explore the other’s body. Every once in a while Dave hit a spot that made her gasp. Her hands lost all of their strength for a moment as she felt more tingles running over her whole body.

“Please,” she whispered as she lay back and spread her legs. “I’m ... I’m ready.”

He climbed on top of her, slowly positioned himself, and slowly penetrated her. She let out a gasp at the pressure. She bit her lip as she felt him moving slowly, confidently, inside of her.

She closed her eyes. Her thoughts immediately turned to her pussy; the sensation was so pure, so profound, so ... amazing that she knew right away that it would be wrong not to share her pussy. The man she had met was right. She’d waited too long as it was. She’d ...

She lost her train of thought as he changed his speed, thrusting inside of her quickly and powerfully. This simple act sent shockwaves of pleasure directly into her pussy and quickly radiated out all through her body.

As she felt her first ever orgasm, she cried out, “My God! My sweet lord!”

* * *

Tom glanced down at his cell phone. He knew Meghan was following his commands.

He looked over at Rita, who was resting next to him, and whispered in her ear. “You know how you’re always asking someone to give you love, give you peace on earth? It’s about to begin...”