The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Ms Americana: The Mistake

February 2006
  • mc: mind control
  • ff: male/female sex
  • cb: comic book super-hero/heroine


About the fabled Ms Americana who asks a boy to hypnotize her but makes the mistake of asking him to do it when his friends, the neighbourhood bullies show up/


Ms Americana was on the prowl for a student who was reputed to be dealing in drugs. She thought of setting him straight one and for all. She walked to what was the middle of the high school. She scanned looking for the alleged drug dealer, when she heard something.

“Where is our money, punk”.

Ms Americana saw two big boys picking on a much smaller boy. They were obviously bullies. She walked towards the two bullies, and grabbed One of them by the shoulders and moved him aside, with great strength.

“Are you alright”, she asked the smaller boy. The smaller boy nodded, “Now that you are here, Ms Americana”.

The two boys looked like they were no more than sixteen. Both had black eyes and black hair, while the boy they bullied was small with Blue eyes and red hair, with freckles.

“Why don’t you two pick on someone your own size”, Ms Americana told the two bullies. The two bullies were scared of Ms Americana and fled away, but not before one of them said, “ We are not scared of you Ms Americana. One of these days, we’ll get you”.

Ms Americana made friends with the smaller boy. His name was Max, and he was glad that Ms Americana. Ms Americana told Max, “If they bully you again, I want you to tell me.” Max happily nodded.

Max became a loyal friend of Ms Americana, and Ms Americana did found out who the drug dealing student was and set him straight. The whole school knew about it and cheered Ms Americana on, except for the two bullies. They were both an inch shorter than Ms Americana and looked skinny in comparison to her. They were the school bullies, who no longer bullied younger and smaller students for money, or else they would all tell Ms Americana.

The names of the two bullies were Sean and Ron. They hated it that Ms Americana humiliated them. She even talked to their parents, telling their moms what their sons did. The moms pretended to listen, but knew that their sons were hopeless cases.

Then came the day, when it was announced on the news, that the Earth was going out of orbit from the sun. Within a month, the world would get colder and colder, which it eventually did. Ms Americana was wearing a large coat over her skimpy costume. This was because she was freezing.

Crime rate dropped dramatically low, because criminals are afraid to go out and commit crimes, in what appeared to be the new ice age. Ms Americana knew that the only way she could beat the cold weather, was to get someone to hypnotize her, not to feel the cold. The only person whom she knew who could do that, was Max, as she knew what skills he had.

She went to his house one day and knocked on his door. Students no longer showed up in schools as they saw no point to it, if the world would end in a month or two. The door opened and it was Max. He was glad to see her. She went inside his house. He asked Ms Americana, “Hi, Ms Americana, how can I help you?” Ms Americana said, “I need you to hypnotize me. I have to fight crime and the only way I can do it, is if you hypnotize me not to feel the cold weather at all”.

Max’s parents were away in Europe, and so left him all alone. They went to his bedroom. Ms Americana sat at his bed, while he took out his pendulum. Max started hypnotizing her and was in the middle of the trance, when suddenly, he heard a knock on his door. It was a very large knock.

He looked at a mesmerized Ms Americana, all sat on his bed, and looked so vulnerable. He hadn’t finished hypnotizing her. He softly told Ms Americana, “Wait right here, Ms Americana, I won’t be long”.

He went downstairs, to see who it was. He opened the door and smiled, “My friends, come on in”. His friends were “Ron and Sean”. They went inside his house. Max was a fool. The two bullies apologized to him some days ago, and he forgot all the times they bullied him for money. But in reality, they wanted to know what he knew about Ms Americana.

Max had completely forgot about Ms Americana. Ron said, “So, how about if we all play with your Sony Playstation 3”. The game console was upstairs, in his bedroom. Max said, “Sure”. Max also forgot that Ms Americana was upstairs in his bedroom too. They all went upstairs and when they got into Max’s room, he just saw Ms Americana and realized that he had forgotten all about her.

Ron and Sean were surprised. Their heart beats were beating fast. But they also realized that she looked as if she was in a trance. They asked her what was going on, and Max idiotically told them everything. Ron and Sean then smiled wickedly. They both had a wicked idea. Within seconds, Ron grabbed Max by his arms and twisted them a bit, saying , “Ok punk, this is what you are going to do now”. Max was scared that they were being mean to him, and that they were scaring him, by bullying him.

The orders were simple. Max was to finish hypnotizing Ms Americana , and that she was to be made their slave (Ron’s and Sean’s). Max was so scared that they would beat him up again and so did as he was told. He finished hypnotizing Ms Americana, saying “When I snap my fingers, you will do what Ron and Sean tells you to do”. He snapped his fingers and she awoke.

Ms Americana realized that she was conscious again. She saw Ron and Sean holding on to Max. She stood up immediately, instantly recognizing who they were.

“Let him go, boys”, she yelled at them. Ron pushed Max towards the floor. He hit it, thus becoming unconscious, as he hit his head. Ms Americana got angry and walked towards them. This time, it was Ron and Sean who had the advantage. Ron ordered her, “Stop”.

Ms Americana stopped walking. She was surprised. Why did she listen to him? Sean mockingly told her, “You know that you have to do everything we say, don’t you, Ms Americana”. Ms Americana’s brave face turned weak and defeated, meek even.

Ms Americana said,, with her head facing down, “Yes, I have to do whatever you say”. Ron corrected her, “That’s whatever you say masters”. Ms Americana responded meekly, “Yes masters. I know my place and that is to serve you”.

Ron and Sean laughed. Weeks ago, they were terrified of her. Now, she was a little kitten, that has to do whatever her new masters want her to do. Sean said, “Ok Ms Americana, I want you to follows us”. The two boys walked out of the bedroom, with Ms Americana following behind them.

The parents of the two bullies were away somewhere. They were truly; lousy parents. As to where they were all going, they were headed for Ron’s house. Ms Americana followed them there. The two boys were sat on the lounge while Ms Americana was made to kneel in front of them. She looked scared, as to what they were going to do to her, or make her do.

Ron looked at Sean “What do you think, we should make her do?” Sean said, “Let’s make her serve us”. While the two boys watched television, Ms Americana, still in her sexy costume, was getting them coke cans. She handed it to them, saying “Your drinks, master”. Ron said, “What is a slave for, if you won’t make her do things for you”.

As for what they were watching was porn. While both boys sat on the couch, enjoying what they were watching, Ms Americana was made to go on all fours in front of them. She still had her costume on, and had to watch the porn. She knew what they were planning to do with her.

Ron made her clean up the house. He shouted at her and she felt intimidated. She kept on calling him ‘master’. She cleaned the plates, hoovered the floors and tidied up the bedrooms. She was also forced to serve them toasted bread and make fried eggs.

Then night came. It was 10 o clock. Ms Americana had the living room lights turned off. Only a red lamp was on, giving it a more erotic feeling. Ron knew that his parents were never coming back again, as they hated the cold. They also saw no point in taking care of a problem child. Both boys sat on the sofa. They only had their pants on.

Ms Americana was made to perform a strip tease for them. She danced erotically and then she took off her belt first. She then kept on dancing , until she removed her bra off. Finally came the panties, followed by the boots and gloves. She was still made to keep her mask on. Sean then gave her an order, “Play with your breasts. Squeeze it for us”.

Ms Americana obediently replied, “Yes, master. Whatever you say”. She groped her own big breasts and squeezed them”. She felt pain, as she was made to squeesh her own boobs. Sean shouted in excitement, “Squeeze harder”. She squeezed her breasts even much harder now.

“Play with your own boobs, Ms AmeriWhore”. Ron and Sean laughed at the cruel ordeal they made Ms Americana go through. Tears flowed down her cheek. Sean ordered her, “Lick your nipples”. She replied, “Yes, master”. She pushed her breasts upwards and started licking her own nipples. Her blue eyes showed a sign of defeat.

The excitement got to the two boys that they started wanking their cocks off, with sperm oozing out. Ron ordered her, “now come crawl here and lick the cums off our cocks, bitch”.

Ms Americana dropped down on all fours, and crawled towards them. She approached them, as if she were her their dog. Ron pulled her by ther hair, moving her closer. She gave them each a blow job and they fucked her head really hard. But as much of their cum was oozing out, they let some of their cums on her hair. They used her hair like a towel.

The humiliation did not end. They took turns to fuck her ass. They fucked her really hard and then they pushed her back towards the floor and fucked her there on the carpet. After they finished fucking her, they loved seeing their cums all over her body, from her beautiful fgace, all the way to her breasts, down to her pussy and long legs. They had conquered Ms Americana.


Ron was all alone with Ms Americana, as the other guy decided to head further south to Mexico and make some money there, as well as get cheap drugs and marijuana.

Ron kept Ms Americana inside his tree house. It was next to his house and people rarely came to visit him. Ms Americana would lie on the floor naked, while Ron would lie on top of her body, as if she were a human bed. He would rest his head between her big humoungour sized breasts.

“Nothing like a nice bed to lie on, right bitch”, chuckled Ron. Ms Americana replied like a zombie, “Right master”. He laughed as she called him master. He took a nap and had fallen asleep.

When Ron Woke up, the only lights around were from his tree house. Shit, he must have dozed off or something. He got up and Ms Americana just lied there, with her blue eyes still open. “Get up slave. I want you to clean up this tree house”, ordered Ron.

Ms Americana only wore her red boots and was sweeping the house with an old broomstick. Ron sat down on his rocking chair, reading his comic book. It was X Men #500. He loved his comic collection.

After Ms Americana finsihed cleaning up the tree house, they went back to Ron;s house. Ms Americana had cooked Ron some food. While he ate on the table, she had to eat food from the dog plate and she ate on all fours, as if she were his dog. She ate next to him on his side. He would fondle her long black hair and say, “That’s a good girl. You have to eat”.

After dinner was over, he would fuck Ms Americana on the ass, without a condom and really hard and fast. Her back was sweating and he kept on saying, “Faster whore, faster”. She would sweat until he finally pulled his cock form her ass. His cum was dripping down her ass cheeks.

Ron was really bored.

At night, he was playing with Sony PS2, while Ms Americana was giving him a blow job. She would slurp, so that he could function and concentrate much better in winning Prince of Persia 5: Destruction of Persia.

After the game was over, he pulled her by the hair, off his cock. Her mouth was dripping with his cum.

On some occassions, he would invite some of his other friends with criminal records and they would all have some fun with Ms Americana. They would all wank their cocks off and flood her nice tanned all-American body, with their juice. It was a sleep over. Everyone was sleeping inside the bedroom. Only Ms Americana lied on the living room’s carpet floor, her beautiful body and beautiful face full and filled with JUICE.

This was the fate of the premiere superheroine Ms Americana. It would only be a matter of time before her young master get bored of her and sell her to one of her old enemies, The Golden Pimp.