The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mom and Me

By Covert Ops

(revisited 06)

I was bored, simply bored out of my fucking mind. I spent most of my day on the computer, looking at porn and listen to mp3’s. One day it changed, I finally made a change. I woke up at 2pm, usual for me, and stumbled out of the room to my shower. The water was nice and warm as I slowly woke up and opened my eyes. Thoughts were just starting to roam thru my head when I realized I really wanted a cold Beer. I was finishing my shower when some one knocked on the door. “What is it?” I asked. “Neal it’s me...” great, my mom home early and already going to piss on my day. I stepped out still dripping and opened the door just a crack, the steam escaping and cold air rushing in. “Here you go, I guess you just woke up” , with that, she handed me a cold Beer. “Um, thanks mom, I’ll be out in a sec”. I closed the door and cracked open the can, not bad. If only life were that easy, hahaha. I toweled of and took stock of my reflection. 5′10 thick build 200 pounds even, short dark brown hair, and pretty average in most ways. It was a good life. I quit my job, and didn’t have plans until fall to start school, that left me 4 months of on my ass time.

When the time came to return to my room, my mom was on her computer,next to my room. I sat down at my computer, and opened windows media player. I opened a lesbian porn movie and started slowly playing with my still soft cock. I heard a door shut and the Whoosh of air go thru the house. Crap, dad’s home. I got dressed, and walked in the kitchen. Dad had set his bags on the table and was looking thru the fridge. “Hey my boy, what’s going on?” he asked. “Nothing dad, mom just got home a few minutes ago, I just woke up and I’m hungry.” “Okay, Neal, you tell mom I’ll running to the Chinese shop, and I’ll be back in a few.” “Okay dad”. My dad threw on a new shirt and left, as I walked to the back. My mom and I went out watch TV, while dad got us some food. She put it the TV on. I hated watching her shows, but the stars were all fuckable.

They were running around the set in only plastic pants and tube tops, making my semi-hard penis become suddenly very awake. I was looking straight ahead when I heard my mom’s voice (at least cover it, Neal). I looked over and said “What mom!?” She looked startled and said, “I didn’t say anything”. My mom was still dressed from work; she was a seceratry for a corporate call center. She was wearing a simple shell top, the jacket discarded, and a skirt that came a few inches below the knee. Mom was 42 now and still looked pretty good, a little on the thick side but that gave her ass and boobs a nice little boost when most women started to lose it. She was very comfortable before but now she kept looking at me. I looked back at the screen and shifted a little to hide my erection. Minutes later the 3 stars were wrestling around in a gel stuff grasping for some kind of key or something, their clothes were almost see thru. I was getting rock hard, and wished I had finished jacking off before I left my room. I thought about caressing their breasts thru the TV, actually reaching in and cupping those 6 firm perky breasts. I looked over at mom, and was surprised to see her hands on her chest. She was looking blankly ahead and slowly holding and moving her hands on her big tits. I stopped and said “Mom, hey mom?” She slowly looked at me and took her hands off her breasts. “Huh, what is it hun?”

Dad opened the door, and came in the living room with the food. Mom went to put in the DVD and dad went to the kitchen to get us drinks. Mom dropped the DVD and bent down to pick it up, freezing in her tracks. I thought (oh yea, shake it) and mom shook here ass just a little. I was surprised and mom popped back up and placed the CD on the tray. I scarffed down the food and spent the rest of the day jacking off in my room, my balls were sore by the time I stopped at 1am. The next day was Saturday, totally uneventful as was Sunday. Monday Dad left for his conference in Miami. Me and mom ate dinner and watched TV. I was bored watching the biography show on some painter, she was riveted. I started thinking about my mom as a woman. Her breasts, her ass, those thighs, slightly pale skin, long dark blonde hair. I imagined myself leaning over and sucking on her nipples. Mom reached her breast and gave the nipple a little tweak, and I thought maybe I was doing something there. Mom looked at me and excused herself to get a drink. I new she liked orange jiuce, so I thought really hard, (you will get water, and tell me how much you like it). Sure enough she came back with a glass of water and said “You know, Neal, I really like this water “, “But mom, “I responded, I thought you liked OJ?". She looked confused for a sec and said, “No, I think I like this better than OJ”. My mind exploded with the possibilities. I started thinking small things first: She could slip me more money, I could make more descions thru her, and she would be on my side for everything. Then it hit me. I’m a 19yr old virgin with mind control powers and I’m alone with my attractive mom for a week. My penis filled with blood so fast I almost passed out. I decided to test it. Mom was still standing in front of me, holding her glass of water, looking between me and the TV. I thought. As if by magic she lifted the glass and poured water on her shirt. (Pour the water on you) I thought, and she did. It seemed to wake her up, “oops! what the hell am I doing?!?". I told her she should go get a new shirt, and she walked back to her room. I leaped out of my seat and closed the blinds and the windows, concentrating on one thought (come back out topless). I walked back to the couch and sat down again still concentrating.

Big, huge, suckable, mommy tits. I stared at her breasts as she walked back into the room. She was wearing her tennis shoes and her jeans as before, but now she had no top on!! Her breasts were swaying back and forth as she walked, pale milk sacks just begging to be played with. She sat down without saying a word and asked if I wanted to watch something else. I put the TV on HBO’s real sex show and concentrated hard on making my mom horny and wanted her breasts rubbed. Seconds later she looked at me and said “hey Neal, could you massage my chest, these muscles are so tight or something, they’re all sore.” “Sure mom”, I said. She sat facing me on the couch and I reached out slowly for a handful of momma’s boobs. They were warm, real, real, warm. After a minute or two of playing I leaned forward and took a nipple in my mouth. She shook a little but stayed still so I could suckle. Her breasts were getting hot, filling with blood and turning bright red. I switched breasts and took her other nipple into my mouth, tweaking the other with my hand. Slowly I licked in small circles around her nipples and areolas; I licked around the entire breast, from almost her armpit, across each breast. Mom stared moaning and saying things like “Baby, my baby, mommy’s little boy”. Then I decided to go a little harder, I lightly nipped at each breast, leaving little teeth marks of each one. Lifted up each breast and licked the little trace of sweet sweat under each boob, letting it fall and bounce before picking up the other. Back and forth I went, biting an liking, sucking and sucking on every smooth inch. After a hour I finally could pull myself away, by now her breasts were red from my biting, sucking, tweaking, hard massaging and licking. My saliva covered her entire chest, reflecting light and soaking the top of her jeans.

I thought hard about what to do next. (Unzip my pants) My mom reached forward and unzipped my pants, looking at me like now what? (Pull out my cock) I asked her “What are you doing mommy?” She looked up at me and said, “I’m holding your penis silly”. I tense up and she pulled and played with my meat. Her hands were red hot as the sensation was amazing. (Suck me) she leaned over more and put the entire shaft in her mouth, but I didn’t feel anything yet. She formed a perfect “o” with her mouth and made my cock disappear with out touching it. Without warning she sucked in her cheek and with one motion my entire cock was covered in wet, hot, smooth, tight mouth, her tongue went crazy. She moved her head back up the length and let it slip out of her mouth. She pulled back the foreskin and flicked the head with her tongue. Having never had this before I could not keep my balls still for a second more. I moaned as she jacked the foreskin up a down as I shuddered and tensed my first spurt hit her lips and ran down her chin as the second went into her eye, she turned her head slightly and the next 3 caught her forehead, hair and cheek. (Rub it in) I thought. She released my still pulsing cock and brought her hands to her face. Like a fine facial cream she rubbed the cum all over her face licking her fingers and spreading my jizz on her face more and more. I went to take a shower and mom followed with only a slight suggestion of course.

When we started soaping up I inspected her over, I smacked her ass a few times, okay, a lot of times, and there were red hands all over her butt now. I lifted one foot and soaped it, caressing her legs and thighs as I went higher. By the time I reached her crotch, I could smell it. I didn’t like the bush around it so I stepped out of the shower for a second to remedy the problem. I took my small straight razor I use to shave and grabbed the shave gel. I frothed the gel and coated her steaming pussy with the white foam. Slowly I dragged the razor over the edges of her mound. The hair seemed to melt away with each stroke. Soon there was nothing left but a few strays. I took my electric razor, one with the “goo” that comes out and went over the whole area. The swollen lips were amazing. The mound was raised and swollen pink and she was dripping wet from all the stimulation on her pussy. Setting the shaving things aside I slowly massaged the lips and outside. I traced a finger from her ass to her front. She moaned and got down in the shower, she laid with her back to the wall, her legs spread in the tub. I leaned forward and she once again took me into her mouth. Looking down at her lips parted with my hard penis was an amazing sight. She took the shaving gel and lathered me up. Slowly she shaved me too, using the electric razor on my balls last. The smooth feeling of her hand on my newly shaved skin was enough for me. I came again, almost buckling my knees beneath the immense pleasure. This time she aimed my fir hose at her tits, covering her chest in 5 ropes of white sticky cum. She washed of the rest of it as I stepped out and dried off.

We went to her room next, completely naked and hairless crotches in the air. My mom laid on her waterbed and spread her legs. I climbed on the bed and took my place between her legs. Even after drying off my mom was still smooth from the shower and her pussy was already running like a faucet. (Pull your leg up) She responded by pulling her legs into the air and grabbing them wit her hands, now truly spread eagle for her only child. I took my penis and pulled back the foreskin revealing my already drooling pecker. As I rubbed her warm vagina up and down with my cock, she moaned and moved forward trying to get penetration from me. I pushed in and was rewarded by slipping into the hottest, slickest, wettest hole imaginable. I pushed as far as I could push my pelvis in to hers. I withdrew and slapped the head against her again and again. Little trails of cum linking out bodies. Finally I dove in again and began fucking in earnest. Once I reached a rhythm I tried to get as deep as possible. Moaning and shaking she bounced up and down. Her tits were going crazy bouncing up and down in rhythm to my fucking. Her legs were still held up and I leaned forward to her, licking and kissing her face while I pounded her. My balls were slapping against her ass as I frantically pounded her. Her pussy was leaking onto the bed as her trail of lube pooled by her asshole. The feeling was great. 19 years ago I came out of that hole, and here I was pushing myself deeper into it. The squishing noises were really turning me on I couldn’t believe my dear sweet mother was juicing like a machine. I pulled out and turned her over, I wanted to go at it doggy style before I blew my load in my moms cunt. Again I rubbed the head of my penis up and down the slit, finally catching the hole. I slid in again and felt her warm folds envelope my rock hard cock. She hadn’t said much yet, still in a trance like state. Our hairless bodies slammed into each other again and again. Now my lower stomach was covered in her juices being leaked and creamed around into a froth of sex. I felt my balls tighten as I started to come for the third time in hour or so. I pulled out of my mom’s juicy cunt, and pumped my cock as it spewed onto her back, a large pool of cum soon formed in the small of her back since she hadn’t come yet I moved my head closer to her slit and lick around it. I could taste her lube that leaked out, it was like a slightly salty goo, like a candy from my mom’s vagina, just for her lil’ baby to lick up. I licked and licked till I thought I was going to die. Finally she pushed back against my face and I felt her pussy squeeze my mom inside of her, I took my hand and pushed 3 fingers into her, and fucked her with my hand while she came. Finally she slumped down, letting the cum pool on her back drip across her ass. I took one finger and stroked it around her asshole poking in and out with my cum covered finger, seeing she wasn’t interested I decided to leave it at that for now. I grabbed a towel from the floor and mopped up my cum from her back, when I was done, I hopped back on the bed. I flipped her over again, her breasts going to either side, without saying anything I slipped between her legs and inserted my self once again, slowly and smoothly I sunk in one more time. Putting my head on her chest I drifted off to sleep.