The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC – Mind Magi

By TechnicDragon

Part Two – A Day Of Questions

Chapter Nine – Passion In All Its Forms

I began to calm down. Then I realized that Erin and Chloe were still there and unconscious. I went to them. Both were breathing and had steady heartbeats. I started trying to wake Erin first.

Erin was a buxom red head. Originally she was a bottled red. Meaning she dyed her hair regularly. So much so that no one knew what her natural color was. Of course she had me change the color, so the red she preferred would be her natural color. I ran my fingers through those deep red locks, worried that something more than just sleeping could be wrong.

“Love, come on, wake up…” I said as I stood her up to get her moving. Feeling her in my arms was fantastic. In fact, the desires I had earlier were returning. I suddenly wanted to wake her up by doing more than just standing her up. Fortunately, I was too scared for her to follow through with the impulse.

She mumbled something and hugged me. My body responded to her warmth and touch. I was hopeful that she wasn’t any worse off than I had left Agent Ellison earlier or the girls’ attacker just a moment before.

Erin was standing on her own feet but still wobbly. I leaned back so I could see her face. “How are you feeling?”

Her emerald green eyes were hazy with sleep. “Mmm… Not sure. What happened?” She put a hand to her temple and squeezed her eyes shut. “My head hurts.”

I pulled her hand away and kissed her there. To some degree it was like I was trying to kiss the boo-boo away, but instead of just a kiss, I sought any damage Erin had suffered. I didn’t find anything wrong and allowed my patent healing ability to flow through her.

“Oh, that’s better. Thank you Love.” She hugged me.

I held onto her for a minute, growing more excited by the feel of her naturally large breasts squeezing against my chest.

“Oh!” she moaned and pressed her belly to my rapidly hardening cock. She was wearing the same dress she had been that morning. It was snug around her waist and just tight enough up top to show off her size, but it flowed freely from her hips down to her ankles. I hadn’t been able to tell previously, but now I knew there wasn’t a bra under it. With her pressed to me, I could feel her nipples distinctly. “Hello, Love,” she whispered huskily.

I pulled back and made a point to show my reluctance. “I need to check on Chloe. Do you still have that shirt Renée had ripped off me earlier?”

Erin nodded, but the look on her face was confused.

“Good, go get it and rip it into strips. Then tie up our mystery guest, okay?”

“Mystery guest?” Erin asked as she looked around. It was difficult for her to miss the sleeping woman sprawled on the floor. I could feel her confusion grow. “Who is she?”

“Like I said, she’s a mystery. When I got here you and Chloe were lying on the floor and she attacked me.”

Erin looked back at me with startled eyes.

“She’s asleep and won’t wake up for a while. I need you to tie her up while I see to Chloe. Okay?”

Erin nodded and I felt her push her growing fear back into the back of her mind. When she was finished and all was clear, she’d let it roll back out and deal with it, but at the moment she was going to do what I needed her to do.

She left to get the shirt. I turned to Chloe.

Just like Erin, Chloe was asleep. She also woke up with a headache, which I eased. And just as I had carnal desires for Erin that seemed so out of place, I was just as happy to feel Chloe pressed to me.

“Mmm…Master!” She hadn’t even fully opened her eyes but she pressed her lips to mine. I welcomed the opportunity to give in even a bit to what I apparently needed. Chloe rubbed her body into mine, both pressing her lovely breasts into my chest and a thigh up against my crotch. I pulled her away from me somewhat forcefully.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. She knew I didn’t normally stop with her once we got started.

“We have a problem. Not you and me, but her.” I nodded my head toward the mystery woman.

Chloe looked around blearily. She saw the woman on the floor. “Who is that?”

“You don’t recognize her?”

Chloe shook her head.

“What was the last thing you remember?” I asked gently.

“Erin and I were kissing and decided to go to the bedroom. The next thing I know, you’re waking me up,” she said still staring at the girl.

“Do you recognize her?” I asked again.

“Wait… She was here earlier. After Erin left to bring you and Renée extra clothes. She asked if there was anything we needed. She was dressed like the hotel staff, I but thought it odd that she came to the door rather than just call.”

Chloe wasn’t stupid or ditzy. If anything it was just the fact that we were in a luxury hotel and she didn’t know the difference between it and a normal motel. Still, she had a point, if the staff wanted to check on us, they wouldn’t have just shown up at the door.

“Did she do or say anything strange?”

Chloe shrugged. “Other than showing up like she did, no.”

I nodded just as Erin returned with the remains of my shirt. She began binding the woman.

With Chloe still pressed to me, my urges were quickly gaining ground. I would soon have her stripped down and doing the dirty if I didn’t get some control. I needed to think and that meant letting Chloe go. Something I was reluctant to do.

Finally I just walked away and went to the bathroom. I splashed some water on my face and let myself cool down. Chloe followed and watched from the doorway. When Erin was finished tying up the woman, she joined Chloe.

“Ral, are you okay?” Erin asked.

I nodded and then shook my head. “I’m relieved you two are okay.” That was only part of the truth, and Erin called me on it.

“What about this morning? What happened between you and Renée? Michael had said you didn’t seem to have any control.”

I couldn’t look at them. I knew if I did my urges would return and I had to deal with the mystery woman first. “I don’t know what that was about, but I’m okay now.”

I went over and sat on the closed toilet. Erin came in and started to reach for me. I pulled back and finally looked at her. I didn’t understand why, but she looked so delectable. There was no difference between how she had looked before and now, but I knew that if we made contact I would loose it.

She dropped her hand and felt a touch dejected.

“Erin, I’m sorry. If she hadn’t attacked,” I waved toward the doorway indicating the woman in the other room, “I would be happy to take you and Chloe right here, right now.”

She squatted down, putting her eyes level with mine. “I know, Love. You’re having difficulty. Let me ease your body so your mind can work.”

Chloe continued to stand in the doorway watching Erin and me. Apparently Erin had told her what had happened between Renée and me earlier because she said, “If you need us. We’re here Master.”

I looked at her, my eyes instantly drawn to how her breasts pressed to the fabric of her top. The pink material barely contained her breasts, stopping just below them. Her skirt was also short, showing off as much of her shapely legs as possible. Chloe was my one true nymphomaniac. She dressed to tease and would strip at the drop of a hat, or my pants.

The part of my brain that wanted them was screaming for the feel of their flesh. Another part still worried about the woman in the other room. I couldn’t quell either one.

Renée broke through my conflicted mind. ~Ral, I’ve called the store in Texas. Everyone is heading to their designated hiding places. How are Erin and Chloe?~

“They’re fine…” I said mostly under my breath.

Erin looked at me, confused. “Who’s fine?”

I looked at her. She was beautiful. Sexy. Stunning. Intelligent. All the things I preferred in women. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t concentrate. I was too far gone. “Renée is asking about you…” I finally got out.

Erin’s eyes shifted. I knew my girls could communicate with each other too, thanks to me being the hub, but I didn’t listen. Since I had lost her attention, I turned to Chloe. She stared back at me. I could feel her growing desire and my mind roared. “She’s ready! She wants me! Take her! Take her now!”

I didn’t remember doing it, but I stood up and crossed the bathroom. I didn’t just hug or embrace Chloe, but picked her up by her waist and pulled her to me. She was a feather in my hands.

Chloe reciprocated, wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck as she pressed her hot lips to mine.

Instinctively, I walked us to the master bedroom. With Chloe still holding onto me I crawled up onto the bed. She let go enough to lie back on the blankets, but she kept her lips pressed to mine.

I was reaching up under her skirt, feeling for her. I pushed her panties aside and rubbed her, spreading her juices everywhere. She was a fire down below and I would douse it with my own fluids.

She reached down and began working to get my pants open. Once they were, I pulled my fingers away from her and she guided my raging boner into her.

Pressed completely into Chloe, my mind cleared enough for me to understand what was happening. I couldn’t argue with the fact that I needed it. All I could do was get through it.

Looking down at Chloe writhing below me, I remembered what Renée had told me. “We all want to marry you,” and I could see Chloe wearing a veil, a white choker, her dressed bunched around her waist and her sexy thighs encased in white stockings. My heart soared. I leaned into Chloe, putting so much more than just animalistic need into our coupling. She, like the others, would be my wife. If not legally, then, at least, in our minds. I kissed her again, but with more passion, more love.

Chloe melted into me, around me. I could feel that she felt the difference. She knew it wasn’t just me rutting around in her, but me giving her what was really me.

It had happened with only one other. Nadia and I had merged a few times as we made love. It was as if we were one body, one mind. Our union was as perfect as it could be. Now I felt the same with Chloe. Her mind, her thoughts, desires, emotions and dreams were mine, and all those same parts of me were hers. We were sharing on a much more intimate level. So much deeper than we had ever shared before.

There wasn’t just physical joy, but the emotional exaltation of knowing with all your soul that nothing would ever come between the two of us. It had been the same with Nadia, though still different.

We moved in perfect concert. Our kisses, our thrusts couldn’t have been better. Hands caressed the areas the other needed caressed. Chloe came many times. I knew she would and I reveled in the knowledge that it was me that brought her. When my climax hit, we both bowed our bodies, but still maintained as much contact as possible. We bent around one another, flowing with the phenomenal connection that we had.

Slowing to catch our collective breaths, I looked around knowing Erin probably wouldn’t be far away.

I wasn’t wrong. She sat on the edge of the bed. Her expression was a jumble of emotions. I could feel each one yet knew how they mingled and jostled each other. She was worried about the news she got from Renée, worried about the woman in the other room, worried about me and this new development I was going through. She was also a bit jealous that Chloe and I had found that perfect rhythm that all my girls sought but she was also delighted by the fact that I would soon be in her arms too.

Oddly, the mixture between all of the things she was worried about and the bit of jealousy all balanced her excitement. At the moment, I wasn’t worried about anything. Not Vikkor, not the other woman, not about my talents demand for sex. Everything would work out. Even Erin’s jealousy was unwarranted. I knew at that moment, even though I was still merged with Chloe, that Erin and I would find that sync too.

I held my hand out to her. Chloe mirrored my movement. Erin hesitated for only a heartbeat. Those concerns and her jealousy had held her back only that long, but when she crawled over to us, they were shoved back past the fear she had felt for what the woman could have done to her and Chloe.

Chloe and I accepted her, embraced her, and loved her. We shared our emotions not only with one another but with Erin as well. She glowed. Chloe and I kissed and touched Erin. She held onto both of us as if she were really only holding one person.

Chloe and I agreed, this was something I needed to share with Erin. The easiest, most exciting method was for me to be making love to Erin. We parted physically, but maintained our sync. We pulled Erin between us and undressed her. The dress was the only thing to remove and Erin giggled as our four hands pulled it from her body while we touched and caressed her.

The logistics of Chloe and I making love to Erin at the same time wasn’t impossible. What made it, at the very least, amusing was that we were doing and thinking the same things. Erin understood what was happening and moved in between us, facing me. I leaned in and kissed her. Chloe leaned in and sucked on her neck. Erin groped at both of us. One hand was on my ass and the other on Chloe’s. My girls had become naturally bi-sexual as a by-product of being bound to me. If I wasn’t available to attend them, they turned to one another. Erin and Chloe had been kissing before attacked. They were even going to come into the bedroom to get more intimate.

That idea inspired me. Chloe knew it too and we turned Erin around to face Chloe instead. Together, Chloe and I whispered, “Finish what you two started earlier.”

Erin smiled and pulled Chloe to her. Their mouths locked in a hot embrace and I could feel their tongues moving around each other. I leaned in to kiss and lick on Erin’s neck and ear.

Chloe and I began losing our sync. It wasn’t the pop that Nadia and I experienced. Instead it was smooth, almost like slipping out of clothing for what we were doing.

I was pressed to Erin from behind. She reached between us and pushed my cock down so it stood between her spread legs. Chloe was pressed fully to her from the front. I could feel both of them slipping along my length.

Erin was getting heated up quickly with all the direct attention Chloe and I provided. Chloe, looking past Erin into my eyes, reached between the two of them and pressed me up against Erin. Erin shook and took a deep breath. We could feel the pleasures she felt as her orgasm ran through her. I knew that was a small one for Erin and wanted to feel a bigger one.

I nodded to Chloe and pulled my hips back a bit. She held me to Erin and pressed the tip of my cock up. Erin knew what was coming and arched her hips back, trying to help.

Among my girls, Erin was the tightest. Even the months of sex between the two of us had not changed that. I had changed her, like Renée and Chloe, so she could accept all of me without pain or discomfort, but I enjoyed her tightness and kept that. She was as relaxed as she was going to get but she was still like a tight fist around me as I pressed into her.

Erin looked over her shoulder at me, biting her lower lip while accepting my intrusion. As I penetrated deeper, her eyes rolled up and she shuddered. Chloe bent down and attacked Erin’s nipples.

I continued driving my cock into Erin. She loved every inch and pressed right back until my hips were firmly against her butt.

~Fuck me, Love. Take me like you want me.~

~I want you in so many ways. Today though, I believe will be more than you have ever felt before.~ My confidence poured into my effort. I truly loved Erin just as I did Chloe and all of my other girls.

Again thoughts of marrying Erin came to me. The ceremony. The sight of her in her dress. The brilliant smile she would have. It lifted my heart, made my spirit soar.

Erin felt my emotions. She looked back at me. I could feel her trying to turn around to face me. Chloe noticed too and backed away. I picked up Erin’s leg, leaned back and turned her around without losing contact.

Erin knew I was strong, but to have been moved so effortlessly she was truly amazed. All that strength and yet I was still so gentle, so loving.

Chloe moved away and I laid Erin back. She held me and watched me as I gave over to not only the desire to take her, but also the love I felt for her. This had been what she had asked for on so many occasions and today, when it seemed like the world was falling apart outside the bedroom, I was there for her. All of me, my animal, my love, I was hers, and she was mine. There was nothing that would ever change that.

Erin had been lying there, awed by what I offered, but that only lasted for a moment. Once she was in full understanding of what was happening, she gave back the same to me.

The emotion, the physical sensations, the spiritual elevation, all of it was shared. All of it was accepted.

Chloe wasn’t forgotten, but she chose to stand aside. She knew what she and I had shared and she wanted that for Erin too. Erin and I thanked her.

Erin arched up, pressing her breasts into my chest. At the same time she thrust her hips up to meet mine. The feel of her in my arms, her body writhing and accepting mine, was everything I ever wanted from her because it wasn’t only her physical attraction to me, but her emotions, her everything, being put into our joining. And I knew, just as she did, this would always be between us. There would never be any holding back when it came to expressing how we felt for one another. Never any doubt about the other’s mind set. Nothing to break the way our hearts beat together or how high we flew while holding one another.

The merging was even smoother than when Chloe and I had separated. One minute Erin and I were sharing ourselves with each other and the next we were one. Period.

Of course our bodies responded to what we were doing. She was soaked with excitement and I flooded her to overflowing.

When we were finished, Chloe was sitting beside us in tears. Erin and I reached for her just as Chloe and I had reached for Erin before. She accepted it just as readily and the three of us shared the incredible changes in our relationships. Erin and Chloe both felt closer to one another too. They both knew that I loved them as much as they each loved me. Only such profound understanding could bring them closer.

We heard the door to the suite open. Even though we were all basking in the afterglow of what we had shared, there was still the knowledge and fear that someone was after me. The girls’ presence only heightened my senses making me aware of who was there before I saw her.

Renée walked in and stopped at the doorway. The look on her face was a mix of amazement and curiosity. “I see Ral is feeling better. How about you two?” It was like there wasn’t a woman tied up in the other room at all.

Erin and Chloe could only smile. It was difficult for them to express the euphoria they were both still caught up in.

I got up to go get a washcloth from the bathroom to clean us up with. Chloe jumped up and ran out of the bedroom ahead of me calling, “I’ll get it.”

Renée watched her bounce past her. “Get what?”

“A washcloth to clean up with,” I answered. “Erin, Chloe and I have reached a whole new understanding.”

Renée looked back at me. “Yes?”

I got up and walked over to her but stopped short of touching. I wanted to hug her and share some of it with her, but I was feeling more in control and my concerns over what had happened in the time before were returning. Besides, Renée put her hand out to stop me. “I’ve already ruined one suit today.” She was smiling because the smiles the rest of us had seemed to be contagious.

Chloe came back and knelt in front of me. She cleaned me up and dried me off. As she got up she said, “Now show her.”

Somehow she and I were still hearing each other without actually using thought-talking. I just nodded and closed the distance between me and Renée.

Renée giggled at the sight but welcomed me anyway. “Does this require me being naked?” she asked looking past me to the girls as they were getting clean.

“Only if you really want it to. I had been feeling out of control when things started. I’m sure Erin told you that. Now though, I’m feeling…”

“Like I have a buzz,” Erin finished for me.

I nodded. “Yeah. I’ve not felt this good in a long time.”

Renée’s eyebrows went up. “Really? Is it anything like you were acting like in the cab?”

“I think that has a lot to do with it.”

Renée let me embrace her. I kissed her with the same passion I had shared with Erin and Chloe. She noticed the difference immediately and I had to hold her up as her knees buckled.

Renée and I had already shared the steamy side of passion. The conversation brought out our emotions and now I let her feel my spirit.

We broke the kiss and caught our breaths. Again, I could feel that connection. It was more than just the bond between us. Stronger than even what connected me and Jeri or even me and Tabitha. Jeri and Tabitha were both back in Texas. Jeri was huge, pregnant and expected to deliver at the end of May. Tabitha found out she was pregnant in December. The doctor said she would be due in September.

Even with the distance between me and everyone else, I still got to see them in my dreams. All of us shared that time, no matter where we were. The trouble was the distance made a difference. The girls further away weren’t as distinct as those who were by my side. However, Jeri and Tabitha were perfectly distinct even with the great distance between us.

Now, I wondered what our dreams would be like with this newfound state of togetherness. I had shared something very similar with Nadia when my abilities first manifested but it didn’t make any change in our connection. I knew it wasn’t the same. We were extremely physical with one another but neither of us had put as much of the emotional or spiritual aspects into it. I knew, just simply knew, that when I saw Nadia again we would. All of my girls would know this new euphoria. The contentedness we had been seeking was there all along. We just didn’t understand it. Now I was certain of what had to be done.

It was just a matter of time.