The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC – Mind Magi

By TechnicDragon

Part One – The Mind Magi Council

Chapter Seven – Relationship Revelation

Michael had an airplane to catch, so he took his own cab to the airport. Renée and I took another cab back to the hotel.

Still holding hands while riding, I looked over at Renée and watched her for a moment as she watched the buildings pass by. Then I reached around her and pulled her close. She looked at me, smiled and snuggled up against me.

“You know, it’s probably not going to be a good idea for me to go up with you,” she said softly.

“Why?” I asked, completely taken a back that she would say that.

“Well, Erin knows that you and I have already had our fun this morning.”


“Just… trust me.”

“If you’re sure…” I said.

To some degree, I didn’t know what to think. Renée now had complete control of her abilities. She might have wanted the chance to go out and test them.

“So, you’re gonna go out and go shopping maybe?” I asked tentatively.

“I was thinking about it, yeah,” she said grinning up at me.

“Maybe find some clothes that fit you when you aren’t…” I kept the next part of my question to just a thought that she could hear because I didn’t know what the acoustics of the cab were like and didn’t want the driver overhearing something he shouldn’t, ~ uh, aren’t quite so big?~

Renée’s smile softened a bit. It didn’t fall but I could tell she was unsure. ~Well… yeah…~

~I take it they get annoying?~ I asked still looking her in the eyes.

She sighed. She had put up with my lack of confidence for so long I was sure she was reaching the end of her tethered patience. Then she said, ~Actually, they do.~

I shook my head. I didn’t want her to suffer for my desires, but before I could say anything she jumped ahead of me.

~No, no, they um… I don’t mind them. The size. I mean, I don’t think anyone I dated before you ever wanted them this big. Guys just seem to like large breasts. Or, well, at least very shapely ones.~ She looked down at herself as if trying to admire them, but since they were attached to her chest, and right under her chin, it was difficult. She looked back up at me and added, ~You, however, have made them very, very sensitive. I’ve had to tone that down a bit. I hope you don’t mind.~

I was shaking my head. ~No, I don’t. I mean, I want you to be comfortable. I don’t want you to suffer just because I find you…~

My pause to find the right words was long enough she filled them in for me, ~Sexually arousing?~

I nodded.

We sat there staring at each other for a moment. I didn’t know what she was thinking and she wasn’t listening to my thoughts either. Then she looked up hesitantly and thought, ~Ral, it’s okay to say you want more…~

~More?!? Like what?~ She had implied earlier that she might want to be bigger for my benefit, but if I had desired that, her body would have already responded.

Renée sat up and looked me square in the eyes. I still held her close, so the look was intimate. ~I’m not just talking physically because I realized that I was your idea of perfect a long time ago.~ She seemed to squirm in her seat and then asked, ~What more would you want… from me?~

I wasn’t sure what she meant, though ideas were flitting through my head. ~I don’t know…~

Her look shifted from curious to distant. ~I seem to recall… a certain, dejected face…~ she looked back at me. ~When you were getting ready for your first date with Erin…~

My brow furrowed. I knew when she was talking about, but not sure about the relevance. ~Yeah?~

~Yeah. You said that you’d be perfectly happy with just me and I told you it wasn’t a good idea.~

I remembered that moment. I had felt dejected too. However, I still didn’t know why she was bringing it up. I nodded, hoping she would get to the point.

~You can’t have just me. You can’t have just Erin. You can’t have just any one of us. So, get that idea out of your head.~

We were back to the old debate about my qualms with how so many young women were enthralled by me. I didn’t think it was right and all of them disagreed. The anticipation of finding out what Renée wanted to say was gone and so I deflated and settled back into the seat. ~Fine.~

~But that is not to say that you can’t have more from each of us individually.~

~But I don’t know what I want.~

~And therein lies the other side of the coin. You haven’t really lived yet. You haven’t gotten out there and explored things.~

~What else is there to explore?~

~Well… things… other than just sex!~ At the moment, sex seemed to be the only thing on our minds. Finally she latched onto something we both knew about. ~You’re grades! They’ve been mediocre at best.~ She looked away with a touch of guilt. ~Of course we haven’t been a lot of help and we really should be helping you.~

~Renée, I’m already a business owner. I don’t even need a college degree.~

~But it’s a good idea for you to have one anyway,~ she snapped back quickly. ~So don’t even think about dropping out.~

I nodded in defeat. ~Okay, okay…~

~Hey, the rest of us have our dreams too!~

I looked at her again, feeling somewhat dejected by that statement. ~Marriage?~ I asked. I didn’t think it was an issue because logically I could only marry one of my girls. The State of Texas frowned heavily upon one person marrying several others. So, I partially meant it as a joke, not thinking there would be anything about it to discuss.

The look on her face told me there was.

~You mean…?~

She looked at me like she didn’t want to talk but yearned to say something. ~Well, some of the girls…~ She looked at me again as if gauging my expression. Apparently whatever I looked like was enough. ~Okay, more than half…~ Again she glanced at me. ~Okay, I’ve thought about it too.~

~But… we can’t get married. You know that. The only way all of you could marry me would be if we went overseas, or moved to Utah. Yeah, there’s a good idea. Let’s all pack up and move to Utah! I’m sure that’ll go over well.~ My words were sarcastic, my tone was dreary. I didn’t think there was anything more to discuss.

Renée was nodding as if not really hearing me and I could tell what I had said didn’t matter. The girls had apparently discussed this at length and she was going to go on telling me what they had decided. ~Ral, it’s not the legality of marriage. We don’t need that. It’s the ceremony. The flowers, the decorations, the dress, the rings. It’s the little girl’s dream of a wedding that they want.~

She nudged me, ~You! I pegged you as a guy who would settle down, get married, have the white picked fence, and the two point five children. I really thought you would be up for this.~

That statement really hit home with me. ~You mean…~

She nodded. ~Yes, Lover. We don’t need a license. I mean, you’ve play acted; you’ve done role-play with some of us. What would you think if one of us came in dressed in a big white gown and pretended it was our honeymoon?~

That got my heart pumping.

Renée noted the look on my face and her hand slid up my thigh. ~Of course, you would still have to go through the ceremony…~

I was sure, by her teasing tone, that she was trying to douse my fires a bit, but what she said only filled up my sails more. For whatever reason, the idea of marrying not only one but all of my girls just did something for me. I couldn’t put my finger on it though. It wasn’t sexual or even pride.

“Wow,” Renée said out loud but under her breath. ~You really like that idea?~

I looked at her. Of course the thought ~Yes!~ was there, but then I punctuated it with a deep kiss. It was a rare event, but I actually caught her off guard.

When I pulled away, the driver had parked in front of our hotel. He was looking back at us expectantly. I pulled out my wallet and handed him a twenty. “Keep the change.”

I slipped out of the cab with a giddy Renée following closely. She pressed up against me and somehow the cab door closed as she pressed her lips to mine.

I held her with a combination of desire and exaltation. The feeling of being on cloud nine was very real for me at that moment. And it was while with Renée. I had different feelings for all of my girls. No less sensational that with Renée though.

When I pulled back from the kiss, I noticed tears. “What’s the matter?”

She wiped them away, sniffing. “Nothing,” she said in a high pitched voice. Then she broke out in a huge grin and took my arm tightly. She steered us to the hotel entrance and I walked as a man with his woman on his arm. There was pride there, right along with a fire that I had come close to feeling once before, but I dismissed that thought as quickly as it appeared. I didn’t want to spoil the moment with thoughts of my past.

Renée hugged my arm and pointed toward a coffee shop in the lobby of the hotel. “I doubt I’ll be able to get any shopping done with only an hour available, so I’ll look around the shops here and get a Latte. That way you can go up and enjoy some time with Erin and Chloe. Don’t say anything to them about this yet, okay?”

“But why? I thought all of you had already talked it over.”

“Yes, but none of us thought you would be up for the idea.”

“Then you were taking a chance?”

She nodded. “That and I want to wait for us to get home so we can all talk about it together. I mean, we even talked over who would perform the ceremony and stuff. That and no one has actually gone shopping for this.”

“So, you’re gonna tell them that I like the idea and then all of you will start planning your own weddings?”

She nodded, but excitedly this time. “Yes, Lover. Each of us has different ideas on what we want.”

Then another thought hit me. I didn’t want to spoil the excitement we were both feeling but certain issues had to be dealt with. “What about families?”

Renée sighed. “I think some of the others aren’t sure about that. I mean, I know my Mom and Dad would want to attend my first wedding, but…”

“But if we held each wedding on different days for each of you, then the family of the bride could attend.”

Renée smiled softly at that idea. “But what about your family? Now that they’re treating you like their real son, wouldn’t they want to be there?”

I chuckled. “Which wedding? I doubt they’d be up for attending them all!”

She laughed at that thought too. “I see your point. Well, maybe Mandy’s? They do know you two are together, right?”

“I never told them that specifically. I think they suspect it though since she left to come home with me.”

“Then that’ll be the one for them because I’m sure Mandy will want them there for her wedding.”

My eyebrows went up. “And does she want to get married as a cat or a girl?”

“You will just have to wait and find out!” Renée kissed me quick to silence any protest and then said, “Now, up stairs with you and I’ll be by in about an hour. Will you be taking all of us with you for lunch?”

“I wouldn’t dream of leaving any of you behind.” I really was feeling much better about a lot of things. I didn’t understand the difference. Living with the girls, having sex with them, and constantly being told that they wouldn’t change what we had for anything seemed to leave me feeling distraught. Yet, the idea of marrying each of them, even if not legally, lifted my spirits. It was the most confusing part of my life, and that included the idea that anyone would have what amounted to super powers too.

Renée and I hugged and kissed one last time. I watched her walk off toward the coffee shop and then turn and wave at me as she made her order. Then I turned and headed for the elevators, a spring in my step and “The Wedding March” buzzing in my head.