The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC – Mind Magi

By TechnicDragon

Part Six—Tangled Web

Chapter Forty Four—Brick Wall

I woke up still on the floor, but this time whoever had hit me had taken further precaution by tying my hands and feet together. I was “hog tied”, as it was known in Texas. There was also a hood over my head, preventing me from seeing anything.

I pulled at my bonds but didn’t feel any give. Whatever they had used to tie me up was metal and extremely strong. Nothing came to mind that I couldn’t at least bend.

“Good, you’re awake,” said a male voice.

I couldn’t see anything. The hood was thick enough to not even let light seep through. However, my other senses were not hindered. I heard footsteps approach. “Who are you?”

“In a few minutes, you won’t care,” he said.

He grabbed the metal of my bonds and dragged me along. I tried to touch some part of his hand, but the bonds kept me away.

“Don’t bother trying to touch me. I know that your powers are more physical than most. Such a waste, too. We could have used someone like you. Fiona had hoped you would understand and help us, but I knew better.”

The voice wasn’t familiar at all. “Who are you?” I asked again.

This time, I was answered by silence. Whoever had me probably intended to do something very unkind to me. For the most part I was helpless to stop him. I could only hope that one of my girls could help.

My captor continued dragging me along. We passed through countless doors and even rode the elevator higher into the building. Wherever he was taking me, it was well away from where I had found Fiona. As if that would stop me from finding her again once I was free.

When we left the elevator, we were apparently on the roof. The wind howled and the floor was rough. A thought crossed my mind. I didn’t like it. “Why are we on the roof?”

“Don’t worry. You won’t be for long.”

Of course, with that as an answer, I renewed my struggles. I might not have died from the fall, but I didn’t want to experience the chance.

My captor chuckled. “Fight all you want. I’m strong enough to haul you over the edge without touching anything more than your cuffs.”

Panic can be a wonderful thing. It can get your blood flowing, your adrenaline racing. It can also put ideas into your head that weren’t there before.

I thought again about my cuffs. Earlier I had been stabbed in the arm and when moving through shadows, I had left the knife behind. I was outside. Effectively, the air itself was shadow.

I moved and I didn’t care where I would end up as long as it was still on the roof.

Feeling my hands and feet were free I pulled off the hood. At the same time I heard my captor yell, “What the hell?!?”

It took me a minute to figure out where I was compared to him. Since I was pumped up from fear, it felt a lot longer.

The man was as tall as me and built better. He wasn’t as large as Ron had been and I thanked whatever luck I had that he still hadn’t spotted me.

I rushed him, just as I had done to Lord Morehouse. However, hitting this guy was like running headlong into a brick wall, without the benefits of being able to heal.

Simply said, I was knocked silly.

“I’m not that easily knocked down,” he said unnecessarily. Then I felt his hands on me, getting a good grip.

I was betting he was going to go through with tossing me over the side anyway, so I grabbed his arms.

Mr. Brick Wall slung me around trying to shake me off. He may have been strong, but so was I. I also had a few other tricks that gave me advantages over him.

“Are you finished trying to shake me off?” I asked.

He stopped and I met his eyes. “You’re more of a pest than she suggested.”

“She called me a pest?”

He grinned at me and before I could do anything, he slung me toward the edge again.

This time, I went flying.

Panic didn’t set in this time. I knew what I would do. Darkness is a good then when you have such a power, and I landed back on the roof before Mr. Brick Wall got to the elevator.

He turned back around to look at me. “What the hell do I have to do to kill you?”

“Probably fall on me,” I said as I walked up to him.

He smirked. “That sounds like a good idea.” And like some kind of perverse kangaroo, he suddenly shot up into the air.

I watched his launch and stood there waiting for his decent. Timing his fall, I moved just before he landed. The hole he made was not a cut out of his form.

Unfortunately, he didn’t stop at the next floor, or the next one. I went over and took the elevator down one floor at a time. He met me on my fifth stop.

He pinned me to the back of the elevator and began pummeling me in the face.

After about the third or fourth punch, I finally responded by kicking him in the gut. I’m sure most guys would have been knocked well away from me, but not this one. And since he was holding me up off the floor, I didn’t have to try to stand while the broken bones in my foot healed.

Apparently my body, and probably my subconscious, got tired of me getting beaten. Mr. Brick Wall was still swinging at me, and he was hitting something, but it wasn’t me.

I looked and saw his fist bash at something just an inch from my face. I flinched several times because I thought he was really going to hit me again.

He stopped punching and just held me there. “What the hell?”

“You keep asking that. I don’t believe Hell has anything to do with it,” I said.

I could see a flicker of anger in his eyes. After everything he had done, I was sure I didn’t want him angry. He might bury us with the building we were in.

Since he couldn’t hit me any more, he went back to his original idea and threw me. I hit the wall on the far side of the room.

As he approached, I twisted around to get back to my feet. “As much fun as I’ve had, I really need to get back down to Fiona and turn off that server.”

I stood up just as he reached me. This time when he took a hold, I grabbed his wrists and said, “You’re banished.”

Knowing that I had to be facing a Dragon, and an old one at that, I poured everything I had into the change I was forcing him through.

Mr. Brick Wall howled at the sensation. I knew it didn’t hurt, but I was sure it was the idea of losing his strength and near invulnerability made him cry out with grief.

He tried to throw me again. I just stood there as he yanked on my shirt. Fear flooded his system. He knew what I had done. “No one is supposed to be able to do that. It has to be a group.”

“Tell that to the Dragons who killed my parents,” I said.

I could see the whites of his eyes, and then I only saw his back as he turned and ran.

I let him go. Fiona was waiting.