The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC – Mind Magi

By TechnicDragon

Part Five—Countdown

Chapter Thirty-Five – Mr. Gilman

Finding Michael wasn’t the problem. Between me using his ability to track him and the fact that both Meg and Steven knew where he was, we got to the office building quickly. No, the issue was the Dragons keeping Michael and his family hostage.

“Henry Livingston,” said Meg after I asked her to repeat the name.

“Doctor Livingston?” I asked.

She nodded.

I remembered Dr. Livingston from the first time we had met. He was tall and not the friendliest looking person. Not long after that run-in, he had invaded the mind of one of my girls. His mark was black and hung over his face like a mask.

Sally asked, “Is there a problem?”

Looking at her, I wasn’t sure what to say. “I’ve run into him and had a taste of what he can do.” I looked back at Meg and Steven. “He has the ability to see into someone’s mind, but for some reason, coming from him, that’s frightening.”

Steven nodded. “He has some of my abilities, but the fear is also from him.”

My eyebrows rose. “He can incite fear?”

Both of them nodded.

Turning around I considered this. Michael was in fear for his family and had seen them there. Maybe the fear was from Livingston rather than any threat.

Sally pulled into the parking garage. There were only a few cars about. I wasn’t worried about getting in or out, but having less people to run into if there was trouble was good.

As we got out and headed for the entrance, the door opened and a man, someone familiar, exited. As we approached each other, he stopped and said, “Sally?”

Sally and I stopped too. Sally said, “Daddy?”

“Go on in,” I said to Meg and Steven, “We’ll be right behind you.”

As they left, Sally’s Dad approached. He glanced at the Dragons but either didn’t recognize them or dismissed their presence.

Sally hugged her Dad tentatively. “What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I-I was …” He looked around as if not wanting to be overheard. The garage was empty except for us. “I was working.”

“You found a job?” Sally said, smiling.

Her Dad nodded, but to avoid her next question he looked at me. “Who’s this?”

Sally glanced at me and reached out for my left hand. “This is Ral, Daddy. You remember him. He and I dated while in high school.”

Mr. Gilman looked me over. “Ral… Ral Setton?”

I nodded. “Yes sir,” I answered holding my right hand out to him to shake.

His brow furrowed as he studied me. I was worried about him noticing my eyes but he looked at Sally. “I thought you two broke up?”

“We did, but …”

”What about Jake Neilson?” he interrupted. “I thought you two were getting along quite well?”

“I broke up with him last week,” Sally said crisply.

He studied her for a second. “Why?”

“I have my reasons,” Sally said and she squeezed my hand.

Mr. Gilman looked at me again. “And I thought you went to college in Texas.”

I nodded. “Yes, sir. I’m a student at the University of Texas in Arlington.”

“Why are you here in New York?”

“I came up to open a store,” I said.

“Open a store?” he said. I could feel confusion rolling off him.

Sally jumped at his hesitation. “Dad, we have to go. We have some important work to do.”

She turned, as did I, thinking the conversation was over.

Her Dad, however, wasn’t finished. “Sally, wait. What work?”

Sally glanced at me.

Her Dad caught the look and seemed to really take me in. “Why are you here?” he asked in what I remembered as his most stern expression.

Knowing what Michael had told me about Sally’s Dad I was free to tell him what was going on. “I’m not sure how much about current events you’re aware of, but we’re here to help a friend of mine. He’s being held hostage here by one or more Dragons.”

Seemingly instinctively, Mr. Gilman reached up and put a hand on his own cheek. “Dragons?” he asked as he realized what he had done and lowered his hand. I could make out a small stylized ‘V’ on his cheek. It was gray.

Mr. Gilman looked me over again and saw my mark. The way it hung over my tie but hid under my suite, it looked like it could have been a part of my tie. “You – You’re a Mind Magi,” he said. Then he asked, “What House are you in? I don’t recognize the color.”

“I am Lord Setton of House Nautikuus.”

He looked up and studied my face. “Lord Setton?” he said, and then his expression shifted. “Your eyes. They’re…” Glancing at my mark, he made the connection. “They’re the same as your mark.”

I nodded and said, “Amber.”

Then he looked at Sally and down at her chest. The confusion he had been feeling shifted quickly to anger. “How dare you!” He looked back at me. “How dare you bind my daughter to you!”

Sally held out her hand to her Dad. “Daddy, no! Stop!”

He looked at her, his expression softening.

Softly she said, “Ral told me all about this. He didn’t just bind me to him, I agreed to it.”

That wasn’t entirely true, but I wasn’t going to stop her.

“Sally… Why?”

She looked at me, squeezed my hand, and then looked back at her Dad. “Because I love him.”

It took a moment for him to either grasp or accept her statement. Either way, he calmed down and looked back at me. “You said you were going after a friend?” he asked me.

I nodded.

“Dragons are extremely dangerous, hence their title,” he said very calmly, almost sage-like. “I don’t think you need Sally with you while you do what you have to do.”

I couldn’t argue with him about that. Keeping Sally with me was merely to keep my need for sex under control more than anything else. Even after using my abilities over the last hour, I hadn’t felt any hunger pangs, but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t start the minute I left her behind.

However, Sally didn’t agree with her Dad. “I’m going with him.”

Mr. Gilman looked at her. I could tell, through his eyes, she was still his little girl. “Sally, I don’t …”

She was shaking her head. “No, I won’t hear it. Ral has done nothing to put me in danger. He can do some of the most extraordinary things and one of those is heal wounds.”

Mr. Gilman continued to look at her, as if wanting to convince her otherwise, but her statement made him look at me. “You can heal?”

I nodded again. “Among many other things.”

Mr. Gilman was torn between wanting to keep his daughter safe and not arguing with her. “Then I’m going too,” he said at last.

Sally looked from him to me and back. “What?”

He looked at her with a mixture of pride and sorrow. “What? You think your old man can’t keep you safe?”

“Daddy, I’ve seen what these Dragons can do. Ral has enough difficulty…” she started.

I simply asked, “What is your ability Mr. Gilman?”

He looked at me. “I can trace abilities. If there are any Mind Magi actively using their powers, I will know where they are.”

I nodded. “Which was why you didn’t notice me when you were sent to that small town to find me. My abilities hadn’t manifested when you were there.”

“And just how much do you know about me and what I’ve been doing?” he asked.

I shrugged. “I’ve had many discussions with others regarding my parents. You were one of many who were sent out to find me.”

He nodded. “I see. Well, if your friend is in trouble, we should get going.”

With that, he walked back the way he had come. Sally and I glanced at one another and followed.