The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC – Mind Magi

By TechnicDragon

Part Three—The Right and The Easy

Chapter Twenty-Two—Ral Finds Sally

The store looked fantastic. All sorts of costumes, toys, aids and paraphernalia were there for customers to peruse and buy. Much like Victoria’s Secret, the store catered to intimacies but with leather, rubber and other exotic materials to enjoy.

I had entered by the employee entrance and stood next to the office door, ready to speak with the new manager Renee and Erin had hired. Watching as some of the store’s clerks walk by I thought about the store policy which required very open minded employees because they would have to not only dress up in the wide variety of attire offered, but in the discretion of our private booths, demonstrate the use of some of the toys and other implements customers may want to purchase.

Just as it always was for me, it was distracting to see the two brunettes walk by softly giggling about something while one wore a latex cat suit and the other wore a leather bodice, a thong and stockings. Both walked tall in their spiked high heel pumps.

I had to get a grip. As one of the owners, it would be considered sexual harassment to get too friendly with the clerks.

Again the doorknob; again distracted. Another brunette, but this one seemed vaguely familiar. How could that be? I had met a lot of new people since I had arrived but she didn’t make me think of Mind Magi. The only person I knew who had anything to do with the Big Apple and not that secret society was my ex-girlfriend, Sally, and she wouldn’t work at a store like this. Would she?

I watched, mesmerized. She stopped and adjusted the cups of the latex bra she wore. I didn’t remember Sally have breasts that size. Then again, I had never seen them revealed so dramatically. The brunette in question also wore a leather skirt that looked like nothing more than a belt with lots of straps hanging from it. An addition to the line that my Paramour, Chloe, had worn the first time I collared her. Different situation, different time. It seemed like ages ago, but it hadn’t even been a year. However, this brunette, with her just-past-shoulder length locks and soft face looked so much like her. Not like Chloe, but like Sally. I looked at her hands as she adjusted the bra’s only strap, around her torso, putting it in its proper place just under her breasts. Her hands were so delicate. Sally’s were like that. She had seemed so slight back when we dated in high school. With my six foot one frame, I felt like I would break her if I did anything wrong.

I started to call out to the brunette, to simply find out, but I stopped myself. My lifestyle was so different from what we had shared. It was just the two of us, as a couple, in high school. Now I had many women bound to me, and it wasn’t just ongoing friendships. Each of them was special in their own ways and none of them held back in the passion play we all enjoyed. I stopped myself because Sally wouldn’t approve of what I’d become. She had broken up with me just for suggesting the possibility of us having sex. Not just to have sex, but to express how we both felt, in a physical way, for each other. I had been certain she had felt the same as I had, that we would share a tender evening and raise our relationship to the next level. But she left me that night. Left me to go off to college alone. Left to return to New York with her family.

I couldn’t approach her now, not with the grand opening of the store ready. It was just bad timing. But was it Sally I watched or someone who just looked like her? I could ask Erin. She wasn’t there but that didn’t matter. We had established a semi-permanent connection of thought when an ex-boyfriend of hers whisked her away and I ran to the rescue. It took no effort on our parts to use it, just like talking. However, with the way my bond to her adjusted her way of thinking, she’d be all for it, whether the girl was Sally or not.

I shook my head. All my women had a habit of egging me into situations I normally would have backed away from, but this wasn’t just any playfulness in the bedroom or even in a park. Sally was my first love, my first girlfriend, my first friend. She and I had gotten along when so many others would turn away. I wasn’t repulsive to see, or a bad mouthed lout. It was just the typical cliques of high school, and I didn’t fit in any of them. Sally had been new to the school. Her parents had moved to the small town in West Virginia for a year. She and I had initially just talked about school, homework, the usual stuff. But eventually, when those topics ran dry and we both seemed to look forward to the next conversation, we found other things to talk about, books, movies, games. It was our budding relationship that gave me something to look forward to in a life that didn’t see much hope.

Hope. The one thing I still used more than my genetic gifts or Master PC. Hope. The power that helped me save my women from certain slavery at the hands of a woman bent on changing the world, literally. Hope. The striving force that helped me save my adopted family from themselves. Hope would help me now, not only in the crisis regarding the House Leaders and the Mind Magi but with the brunette too. Even if she wasn’t Sally, maybe it was a sign that I should find her, to tell her how I still felt. I felt light on my feet and glided forward.

The young woman looked up as I stepped forward. She had the same soft brown eyes, the same slight curl in her hair. If she wasn’t Sally, she could pass for her twin.

“Sally?” I plunged forward.

She looked back at me. I had changed when Renee had activated my dormant code the summer prior. If Sally and I had gone through with what I had suggested, then the transformation would have occurred sooner and she would still be with me. If I wasn’t careful, it could still happen. The woman looked me over, her eyes going down, taking in my highly polished boots, the designer suit, my slimmed and toned stance, and my slightly altered face. I could see the recognition in her eyes. Anyone who knew me even before my changes would still recognize me. It was part of my power. “Ral?”

I smiled as did she and nodded, “Yeah... um, it’s been a while.”

She nodded, the smile open and sharing space on her face with astonishment, “What are you doing here? We’re not even open yet.” She looked around like she expected someone to spot me and escort me out.

“I know. I’m the keynote speaker for the grand opening. I partially own Mr. Naughty’s.”

Sally’s face went from surprised to outright astonished, “I didn’t think you’re parents would help you with anything, especially something so... extravagant.” She blushed, and the red spread down her neck and across the tops of her pale globes. Did I mention that large breasts were my greatest weakness? Especially when so wonderfully displayed.

I shook my head at her comment, “No, my parents didn’t help me with this. I got a... well help from unexpected sources. Plus all that money my parents flaunted was actually mine.”

Sally was confused, “Yours? Wait, you’re name is Setton. I was told the name of the keynote speaker was Nautikuus.” She then stood with a hip thrust out and fists on both, “What’s going on here?”

“I can explain everything,” I said holding up my hands. “Over dinner.”

She shook her head, “Tell me something now.”

“I was adopted and it was arranged by my parents before they died. The couple that raised me were not exactly given a choice in the matter, but by adopting me, they gained control of my money. I was supposed to be informed of my inheritance when I turned eighteen, but it slipped their minds. Last Christmas, I went home and found out about enough to forgive them for what happened. Part of my inheritance went into having this store built. A sound investment, if I do say so myself.” I cocked my head at her; let her see my eyes drift down to her soft cleavage and back up, “So what are you doing here?”

She blushed again, “I... I... My dad was downsized. He’s had to take a reduced salary job until the market picks back up. I decided to get a job so it would be one less expense for him to worry about.”

“Why here though? There must be hundreds of other jobs out there for college students. Why this store?”

She looked away. Did she really like the idea of wearing the outfits she would for however long she kept the job? What about the demonstrations she would have to give? Was she really that open minded about sex, even after leaving me like she had that night? I reached out and pulled her chin around. Upon contact, I could feel her conflicting emotions, the diffused passion she had felt for me so long ago, the frustrations of trying to find someone to play with, as she thought of it, the deep seated need to just be held, stroked, fondled, sucked on... I let go.

She looked up at my wide eyes. I hadn’t shared memories with her for fear of what she might think, but jeese, she would fit right into my family. Just like all the others, she had so many desires for a wide variety of bedroom fun it was... well, confusing. “What’s wrong, Ral? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Standing there, I didn’t know what to say. A ghost? Yes and no. She was my ghost, but not the way I remembered, “Sally, why didn’t you tell me?”

It was her turn to cock her head, “Tell you what?”

I closed my eyes and relaxed. It would take a lot of explaining for her to understand that I had just felt what she felt, completely, as if her emotions were mine. It would be easy to just share my memories, but there was so much to go with it, and there would be a million more questions to answer. Some hard, some impossible. Opening my eyes, I felt like we were back on my back porch, in that swing we sat together in. I was about to ask her to essentially go all the way with me, but I knew what the outcome of that night had been. What if I asked a different question? “Why didn’t you tell me how you felt? I knew you wanted to be with me as much as I wanted you. Why the fight? Why the breakup?”

She looked away again. She knew precisely what I was asking about, “I was a different person then, Ral. I didn’t understand the feelings running rampantly through me.” She looked back at me, “I wanted you, yes. But we both were about to leave for colleges that would put us so far apart. If we had done that and then separated, I would have been so... so...”

She looked away again. Other clerks and techs who were working to put out the store’s wares continued in their busy mantras. Racks, shelves, displays and final touch-ups to the lighting and doors were being filled and finished, respectively. The store had been built and stocked in less than a month. It was really astonishing considering the local and mixed review we already had in a few New York publishing.

“Lonely?” I finally finished for her.

She looked back at me again, “That and more. I honestly hated myself for doing what I did that night. I wanted you, us. I wanted to go to that next level, to the one after that and beyond.” A single tear started down her cheek. I reached out and caught it. Sally closed her eyes and ever-so-gently rubbed her cheek to my finger.

All in one move, as if everyone else had vanished, the store wasn’t there, the city was gone, the world floated away, I moved to her and she reciprocated. Our mouths locked together in a vaguely familiar dance. I held her, pulling her body fully to mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck, a single leg sliding up my side and her foot hooking behind my butt.

I felt her and let her feel me. It wasn’t just the physical touch, though that was achingly good too, but the regretful choices, the thoughts, the emotions, all of it flowed between us. She was my best friend, my companion, my Amour. My connection with Erin, Renee, Nadia, and so many others was but a shadow of how I felt for Sally. My heart sang, my body rejoiced. We were back on that porch again, and the answer was yes.

Something else happened too, something that had never happened. I felt Sally through our touch. That wasn’t any different from anyone else I touched, but I could feel her deeper. I felt her through a link that I had attributed to binding. All my other women bore my mark when we had sex for the first time, and it allowed me to feel them even from a distance. I could understand their emotions and needs. Each was unique in their flavor, their distinction. Suddenly, Sally was added to that group. She was mine. I could feel her elation, her utter thrill of touching me, kissing me again. I also realized that like the others, she saw me as hers. She would want no other man. My touch would be worlds to her and the touch of my other women would help sooth her when I wasn’t near. It was the rule that helped to make our family work. What was so miraculous about binding with Sally? She and I only kissed. We had never had sex. The outfit she wore was the most revealing bit of clothing I had ever seen her in and yet we were both still fully dressed. I had always assumed that it was my sperm that bound me to someone, but even after all I had been through, it wasn’t true. I wanted Sally. Wanted her in all those same ways. Discovering what fun little games we would enjoy together, but it was so much more. It was like our link had been established so long ago and we had only now discovered what neither saw.

I would make sure we would never be apart again.