The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC – Mind Magi

By TechnicDragon

Part Three—The Right and The Easy

Chapter Twenty—Puppet and Plans

Fiona and I played around a bit more. I was thoroughly worn out but she made me promise a repeat performance of my spray down of her chest so she could capture it on video later.

After actually cleaning and drying each other off, I started for the door to leave the bedroom. “Where are you going?” asked the buxom beauty.

I nodded at the doorway. “I was going to sleep in the other room.”

She shook her head slowly with a grin, took off her robe and draped it over the footboard of her bed. “You don’t have to do that. Sleep here with me.” She then crawled up onto the bed and patted it.

I was conflicted. I really wanted to enjoy more time with Fiona but at the same time I knew I had to get to sleep so I could find out if Whisper was going to appear in my dreams.

Fiona added something that helped my decision. “I promise to be good and let you sleep. I know how much you want to find out about your girl.” She sat on the bed waiting patiently.

I let out a sigh. It wasn’t one of impatience or even sarcasm. It was more like a weight had been lifted. Nodding, I went to her bed. Fiona hit a light switch over the headboard and faint moonlight was the only thing I had to see by.

I still didn’t have anything to wear. Like Fiona, I took off the terry-cloth robe she lent me and draped it over the foot of the bed. Then I crawled up onto it and we got under the covers together.

Fiona pressed up against me fully and pulled my face around for a kiss. I gave in to the kiss but kept her wandering hand away from my crotch. I had had enough fun, now it was time to find out about Whisper.

I pulled from the kiss. “You promised.”

She nodded and relaxed against me. “You don’t mind if I wake you up in the morning do you?”

“I don’t mind that, but I really need to know about Jennifer.”

She nodded and closed her eyes. I watched her for a moment, expecting more mischief, but she was true to her word. Finally, I closed my eyes and relaxed.

Sleep washed over me and shortly after the chaotic imagery of my dreams began I found my dream room.

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Whisper might have been there already. She might not. I might have to actually look for her and pull her into it. There might be nothing to find. When I was in the dim blackness, like that which you see when you close your eyes, I thought about her and just that quick I was standing next to her.

Still wet and nude, as if she had just gotten out of the shower, Whisper turned and looked up at me. Her eyes went wide and she covered up as best as she could.

~Whisper...~ I thought as I approached her.

Shaking her head and shivering like she had been cold for some time, she started crying. I pulled a large fluffy towel out of thin air, wrapped it around her and hugged her close to help warm her up.

She pressed against me, crying openly.

I held her, stroking her hair and thinking, ~It’s okay Whisper. I’ve got you.~

~I don’t understand,~ she thought and then pulled back enough to look up at me. ~What’s going on?~

I thought it was pretty evident what was happening, sharing a dream, but I understood that not everyone grasped that concept so readily. The tone of her question, though, seemed to suggest something more. ~What do you mean?~

~I’ve had the weirdest dream, and now your talking to me as if this were reality instead of a dream.~ She ran her hands over my chest and the towel. ~I’ve never felt anything in my dreams before. It’s like we’re really together.~

~My dreams are different. They’re very realistic.~

She continued to rub the corner of the towel between her fingers. ~What about earlier? You and I were talking and doing stuff together and I couldn’t stop any of it. It was like a dream and I couldn’t wake up from it.~

I shook my head in confusion. ~I don’t understand.~

She seemed a bit panicked. ~We were talking about all kinds of stuff. About you having to be at a store and about my life, which wasn’t entirely correct. We went and bought suits and...~

~That’s what we’ve been doing today. You and me.~ Her concerns, about the things we had done and talked about feeling like a dream, made me wonder if her condition was the cause or if something else was going on. ~Damn it, I was worried about this.~

~Worried about what?~

I held her to me and met her gaze with a steady look. ~One of the Dragons removed your soul from your body.~

Her eyes widened. ~Removed my soul? A Dragon? What’s a Dragon? How did he remove my soul?~

I knew that Whisper knew what a Dragon was. What I didn’t understand was why she was acting like this now. I called up a couch and that set her off.

~Where did the couch come from?~

~The same place as the towel,~ I answered as I nodded to the one wrapped around her. ~This is my dream room. Anything you want or need can be found here.~

~Like clothes?~ she asked, looking up at me.

I smiled gently and nodded. ~Anything you want to wear is possible. All you have to do is think about it and they’ll just appear.~ The towel was suddenly a soft, white terry cloth robe that covered her from her neck to her toes. She continued to huddle against me and I simply held her.

~What’s going on?~ she thought as I sat down and pulled her to me. ~Are we really in a dream?~

I nodded.

~Then why can’t I wake up? I haven’t woken up since I went to bed last night.~

Okay, now that threw me. ~You haven’t woken up since you went to bed? I’ve been running around with you all day. Awake.~

~I’m beginning to think something’s wrong with me. This whole missing soul and everything...~ She seemed to be thinking more to herself than me.

~Whisper, you’re soul’s not...~ I started.

She snapped up, eyes flashing angrily, asking, ~Who’s Whisper? I’m not Whisper!~

The anguish on her face was too much too bear. Gently I asked, ~What’s your name?~

Tears streaked down her cheeks as she said, ~Pamela Greenwood.~


She nodded.

~Are you related to Salvatore Greenwood?~

Again she nodded. ~He’s my father.~

I had been running around with someone I thought was Whisper. She had talked to me, given me the same cryptic suggestions and, as far as I was concerned, proven to be who she had claimed to be. Now, here in our shared dream, she was claiming to be someone else. There was only one way for me to know what was really going on. ~Pamela I want to ask a favor. This will help me to understand what’s happening to you better.~

With tears running down her cheeks, she nodded. ~Okay.~

Even with all the confusion, the surprises and her obvious frustrations with me, she had continued to hold onto me. I reached up and placed my hand over hers. ~I want to see your memories. It’ll only take a second and I’ll know what you know from the past few days.~ This was a two sided test. If it really was Whisper, she wouldn’t agree. Her secrets were too important to her to allow me that kind of freedom in her head. If she did allow it, it further proved that she was telling me the truth now versus what I had been convinced of while awake. I would also see Pamela from before our meeting.

~Go ahead,~ she said simply.

I grasped her hand and she let me. With a nod, I saw her last few days.

Pamela had been excited. Her Dad was going to be in town for business and they were going to have dinner together Sunday night. She got her dorm room cleaned up and finished the report she had been working on for her Economics class. Later that afternoon, she met with a couple of friends and hung out at the rec center on the campus of The University of Manhattan.

One of her friends was very familiar to me. I was shocked at first. I knew she lived in New York and attended the same school as Pamela, but seeing her through Pamela caused my heart to race and my mind to flood with ideas. Sally Gilman, my ex-girlfriend from high school, was as breathtaking as ever. At least, she was to me. Sally, Pamela and their friend Maria had all dressed out in their gym clothes. Ever aware of the guys who also used the rec center, all three were wearing what Pamela considered their sexiest workout and guy catching outfits. None of the three went simply to work out, but to see and be seen. Not to mention check out the guys there as well as get checked out by those same guys.

I sped past the memories of what had happened that night. I didn’t want to see Sally flirting with the hunks that hung out at their rec center. Pamela had returned to her dorm with a couple of phone numbers from two rather handsome and fairly intelligent guys, Paul and Eric. She took a shower, ate dinner and hit the sack not having a date that night. She fell asleep, excited to see her Dad the next day.

True to Pamela’s word about being Lord Greenwood’s daughter, she met him at a nice restaurant. Unlike the fairly grumpy man I had encountered at the Mind Magi Council meeting, Salvatore was relaxed and smiling. Pamela loved her father. To her, there were few men who could measure up to him. Of course that didn’t stop her from trying to find one, as the phone numbers she had collected proved.

They talked but I didn’t bother with the conversation. I knew it wouldn’t mean anything to Pamela if he brought up Mind Magi issues. However, he did say something that caught my attention...

“I’ve got a meeting Monday morning. A new guy in the firm is begging for a promotion. He’s young and brash.”

“Sounds kinda like you!” Pamela replied with a smile.

Salvatore smiled back. “True, but I really don’t think he’s got what it takes. I’m worried he’s going to get what he wants and bring the whole thing crashing down.”

“Dad,” Pamela said in a near consoling manner, “Give him a chance. You might be surprised. Us kids can come up with good ideas on the odd occasion and he might learn something if you take him under your wing.”

Salvatore nodded. Personally, I didn’t think he had taken his daughter’s advice to heart but only acted as if he would. Of course I was jaded because I remembered what had actually happened at the meeting. However, his concern about me taking down the whole thing was odd. I had neither intention nor the ability to bring down our society. At least that’s what I thought he was referring to.

Moving on through Pamela’s memories, I got to Monday morning. She had been dreaming and, for no obvious reason, woke up. It was still an hour before her alarm was set to go off. She turned the clock off and got up. Immediately, she went to her laptop and booted it up. After connecting the network cable to it, she set it up to receive files. A window came up displaying text regarding the files uploading into her computer. It even included the IP address they were coming from. I didn’t recognize the files that were copying onto her computer, but I had an idea of what they were for. I also noted how Pamela felt during this. She felt like she was still glazed over with sleep and watched only passively.

Again, with no real idea of what she was doing, Pamela got up and went to the bathroom. She took care of her normal morning routine but felt as if she was still almost asleep. I was worried when she pulled out food and started eating. I bothered me that something was going on that shouldn’t have been. At that point, Pamela felt the same way. She was hungry and the food was good, but it hadn’t been her idea to eat.

Finally, I noticed something I recognized. There was an insistent desire to do what she was doing. Pamela tried to ignore it, but her body did whatever that desire, that impulse wanted. It wasn’t really a voice or anything distinct. She would suddenly just do something and she couldn’t stop herself. And the more she fought it, the louder it became.

Okay, loud didn’t really describe it. It wasn’t a scream so much as just a stronger impulse. However, I had seen similar things in others who had been manipulated by Master PC.

It dawned on me that Pamela wasn’t being controlled by just anyone with the program. Whisper must have been the one controlling her. I had always believed him or her to be somewhat passive and, to a certain extent, benevolent. It just didn’t seem like something Whisper would do.

And of course, knowing that Pamela wasn’t Whisper, I was back to calling the enigmatic source of vague and often ludicrous messages of what was happening or to come a ‘he’.

If he was controlling Pamela, posing her as himself, there had to be a reason. The most obvious was the guarding of his true identity. Once again, I was left knowing little to nothing of the person who had offered bits of advice, both good and bad. I couldn’t argue that the advice and messages weren’t accurate. He had been right every time. What galled me was his use of Pamela. If he wanted to offer advice, he could have just called. Instead he had used her as a stalking horse to draw out the Dragons, and it had worked.

Something else came to mind. All the conversations I had with Whisper while Pamela was posing offered insights and a hint at things regarding what was happening to the Mind Magi House Leaders. Was it possible that he actually passed on a lot more info this time, allowing me to ask questions to help me as a way to make up for what he had done? If so, how much was true? I was betting a good deal of it was. His actions may have been deplorable, but his advice wouldn’t be any less accurate.

I had held and rocked Pamela as I had gone through her memories and came to my conclusions. When I looked down she had a look of hope on her face that I didn’t want to crush. ~I believe you Pamela, and I believe I know why it’s happening too.~

~Can you help me? Can you wake me up?~

~I can, as soon as I find you. You have to understand, after the Dragons attacked, they took you away from me. One of them has your soul in a vial. I’m pretty sure I can find the vial because my bond connects my soul to yours rather than my body to yours. I’m also sure that if I find the other hostages, I’ll find your body.~

She relaxed against me, happy that the nightmares she had suffered would come to an end, even if it took only a bit more time.

I held her, feeling the storm of emotions in Pamela calming down. She had more questions but she was content that things would end. At least the odd dreams would even if it wasn’t immediately. Then she looked up at me, resting her head on my shoulder. ~What about this... bond between us? What is that all about?~

I was going to answer her, but before I could think of where to start, the rest of my girls began showing up. Jeri was first.

I was a bit nervous at first because Jeri was eight months pregnant and she looked like she might have to rush to the hospital at any time. Night time clothes always consisted of a padded bra, panties and a very oversized shirt, usually one of mine. Of course, her massive belly made even my shirts seem not so big. Tonight, she wore one of my dress shirts. Only the two middle buttons were holding it closed, which left a tantalizing view of her cleavage above and her full belly exposed below.

Jeri approached out of the soft darkness. Without any hesitation, she leaned over me, her breasts and belly threatening to fall out of my shirt, and kissed my cheek. Pamela watched her, still holding onto me. Smiling and looking over at Pamela, Jeri asked, ~Who is this Ral?~ Her dirty blonde hair hung nearly to her waist. It had grown rapidly during her pregnancy. The smile she projected seemed to temper the glint in her gray-blue eyes, as if her smile didn’t fully reflect how happy she was to see me. Of course that may have been because Pamela was there.

For a moment Jeri’s question was lost on me because I fogged over with thoughts of what Jeri might want tonight. I had never turned her down, no matter how outrageous her request. We were in our dream room. Anything was possible.

I snapped to and looked back at Pamela. I was slightly uncomfortable because she had been pressed against me completely for some time and I had not reacted like I did when Jeri rubbed her belly against me. ~Um... Jeri, this is Pamela. Pamela, this is Jeri, one of my... er...~ again, I wanted to say it in a non-condemning way for me or Jeri.

Jeri smiled and actually waved at Pamela from less than three feet away, and then, hearing me stumble over my own words, she answered for me. ~I’m his. His woman, his girlfriend, his lover. I’m the mother of one of his children and will hopefully be again soon.~ With that, she looked back up at me with smoldering eyes. I had heard of women enjoying being pregnant and Jeri seemed to be the very epitome of that concept. Originally, she hadn’t wanted to have kids but when she ended up pregnant the first time we’d had sex, she had completely turned around her ideas about it.

Pamela smiled politely even through the remainder of her tears. Looking from Jeri to me, she pressed to me even more and I knew she could feel the results of my reaction to Jeri. My girls turned me on as much as I turned them on. It was a vicious cycle we all enjoyed any time we had the chance. Our dreams were the most fun.

Jeri considered Pamela for a minute. ~Why are you crying? Did Ral say something wrong?~

I knew Jeri was kidding about me saying anything wrong. She knew I wouldn’t, but Pamela didn’t know that. She shook her head and thought, ~No, he’s actually been quite courageous and helpful. I’m just a mess because of some things going on...~ Leaving her reasons for crying vague meant that I would have to fill in the blanks, but I wanted to wait for the rest to show up else I would be telling the story again and again.

Jeri looked at me and I nodded, confirming that I would tell her. She nodded in return and sat on the couch opposite of Pamela to hug me but not interfere with Pamela’s needs.

Pamela seemed to understand what was happening. ~I... I don’t mean to be in the way...~ and she started to pull away from me.

Jeri looked at her. ~No, you’re not in the way.~ Her voice was gentle, just like I had heard her when she talked to a customer who was nervous about buying some product either at her store or in mine. Jeri was the manager for Victoria’s Secret at the Parks in Arlington Mall back in Texas. She knew how to be sensual, understanding, and a good salesperson all at once.

Pamela looked down at Jeri’s protruding belly and then back up to me. ~You’re really the father...~ I could feel her confusion lift a bit. She was remembering some of what I had discussed with her when I thought she was Whisper. She remembered that I was bound to other women.

I nodded. Jeri smiled and hugged me as close as she could with her belly between us. She had tried side-ways hugs when she got so big but I wouldn’t have it. I told her that hugs with the baby between us was perfectly fine. Of course she voiced concerns about the baby feeling what she wanted to feel for herself from me. I didn’t. It wasn’t the baby in her belly that aroused me, but the fact that she had a baby in her belly. Something about her pregnancy aroused me.

I leaned down and gave the blond a kiss. She moaned just from the small contact. I knew she was needy. She had been like that since not long after I found out about her pregnancy. She also knew that Pamela was new to the family. Jeri couldn’t just have me there and then with her watching.

Pamela watched the two of us. I could feel a kind of happiness fill her. ~You two look great together.~

Jeri positively beamed at that. ~Thank you!~ And quite unexpectedly she pulled Pamela and me into a big hug. I wondered how such a small woman could do that, especially as big as her belly was, but she managed.

Pamela was taken aback at first but then relaxed into the hug and even smiled. I had some hope for her recovery.

Tabitha, Carrie and Tanya were all next. Tabitha was the most distinct among them. She wore a soft blue teddy that hugged her breasts and hung loose down to her hips. Matching panties could be seen below the teddy. Her chestnut brown hair hung in heavy waves past her shoulders and she had a sweet smile that I couldn’t help returning.

Carrie wore her normal attire for bed: a pair of panties. She didn’t care who looked, but we were only in our shared dreams. No one would see except those who she really wanted to see her. Pamela blushed at the sight of her but didn’t turn away.

Tanya wore panties and a bra. Her dark blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail and she seemed to have a spring in her step that made her abundant breasts bounce.

Pamela seemed to notice Tanya’s bounce. I didn’t watch her, but I could feel her looking from one woman to the next taking in the sight of so many not only pretty women, but seriously gorgeous women. Suddenly, the huge bathrobe didn’t seem like enough cover for Pamela.

I turned to her after greeting the three newcomers. ~Pamela, I know you’re nervous. You’re not sure what to expect here. There is one piece of advice I can offer and one rule you should know about. The advice: expect nothing. The rule: no one has to do anything they do not want to.~

She nodded, but the feeling of anxiety and confusion remained. It made me wonder what was really wrong.

Carrie, Tabitha and Tanya all welcomed Pamela, not as directly as they had me, but it was still quite friendly. Of course they had questions regarding Pamela but I still wanted to wait for at least a majority to arrive before telling them what was going on.

The twins arrived next. Linda and Li both wore matching panties and tank tops but of different colors. It was truly the only way to tell them apart, until they got naked. The two Japanese descendants let their long black tresses sway freely and smiled in knowing ways when they spotted the rest of us.

Alexandria and Savannah arrived and were more distinct than some, both having found out about their mutual pregnancies at the same time. The sisters seemed to glow in mutual admiration for the others fortune and that admiration was focused on me for a moment as they greeted me. Alexandria had her dark brown hair pinned up, which displayed her long sensuous neck delightfully. She smiled and hugged me, rubbing her belly against me as Jeri had done. Savannah hugged me too but didn’t do the belly rub. She was more curious about Pamela and introduced herself. I watched as the women chatted.

Charlotte was next. She was wearing a long see-through nightgown and nothing else. Her dark brown hair and deep brown eyes were only a bit more distinct than the others who weren’t pregnant because she was still in Florida. Her reluctance to leave the store she had opened there had caused a sort of rift between her and us, but her inclusion in our shared dreams helped to keep the distance from truly taking her from us.

Yvonne and Mandy showed up next. Yvonne wore a long t-shirt, but I could tell by the way she moved there was nothing under it except her. Mandy was still her normal girl self. She had kept the kitty side for when she was feeling aroused. She wore a t-shirt and panties. Both of them greeted me together, kissing each side of my cheek as if they were twins, but they couldn’t have looked more different. Yvonne had natural brown hair while Mandy’s hair was nearly golden blonde. Both had blue eyes, but Yvonne’s was much darker than Mandy’s.

Yvonne smiled at me thinking, ~Well, Darling, you can chalk up another one...~ Her Russian accent coming across even in our dreams.

I looked at her for a moment, curious.

Like Jeri and Alexandria, Yvonne rubbed her belly against me and I knew instantly what that meant. ~When did you find out?~ I asked.

~Earlier today. But I’ve heard you’ve had quite a day yourself,~ she thought more seriously.

I nodded. ~I’ll be sharing my adventures with everyone when the rest arrive.~

She nodded and went to see what the commotion was. Several of the others were telling Pamela about how they had met me. I wasn’t sure it was a good idea, but when Pamela looked over at me, she felt a mixture of amusement and lust. Apparently the others weren’t holding back any details.

Nadia appeared next wearing a black tank top and shorts. The shorts were so short, they could have been considered panties, but I had seen the others wear them out in public. Nadia’s black curly hair fell past her shoulders and all the black made her pale skin seem even more luminous. She greeted me thinking, ~Anna won’t be here tonight. She had to work graveyard at the hospital.~

I nodded; saddened that even one of my girls couldn’t be there even with all the others around to distract me. Those thoughts didn’t last long though because Renée, Erin, and Chloe all appeared.

After their combined and relieving hugs, I called everyone around. ~I know everyone has a lot of questions. Here are some of the answers...~ and holding out my arms, everyone knew to find a spot to hold on to.

Sharing the day’s events took no time, and the girls all seemed to focus on the different events of the day. There were questions about my recurrent hunger, about Fiona, the investigation by the FBI concerning Vikkor and Detective Arneson. Finally, after everyone settled down, it was agreed that certain points from the day had to be focused on.

~You need help Ral. You can’t do this alone especially after what happened to you in the warehouse.~ Renée thought.

I nodded. ~I realize that. Any suggestions on who to ask? Michael won’t get in until tomorrow at about noon.~

~How about Lady Reynolds?~ Erin offered. ~She had invited you to lunch. If this had been going on since before this morning’s meeting, then she might have wanted to ask your advice or help. Since you didn’t make it to that luncheon or wait around for her to deliver that copy of the Prophecy, she hasn’t had a chance to talk to you.~

~What about the chance that she’s not taking calls right now like Lady Arneson? She might have only taken the chance to meet me because we had arranged for the meetings publicly. She would have been covered.~ I offered.

~Are you still running with the idea that some of the House Leaders are involved?~ asked Charlotte.

I nodded. ~And I think Whisper is playing a game of his own concerning this because Pamela is Lord Greenwood’s daughter.~

~Lord?~ Pamela asked.

I turned to her. ~Yes. He’s like me Pamela, only he has different abilities. He is a House Lord of the Mind Magi.~

~Why hasn’t he told me this?~

~Because there is a secrecy law. Telling you could have been considered a breech in that law since you weren’t bound to him, but because of our bond, I can tell you with no repercussions.~ I held out my hand indicating the others. ~And as you can see, I don’t keep anything from my girls.~

Pamela nodded. ~I knew he was keeping something from me, something important, but I had no idea. So, do you suspect my Dad has something to do with these other kidnappings just because Whisper was using me?~

~Whisper wouldn’t have chosen you without a very good reason. He may suspect your Dad. He may even have proof, but the only reason I’m not going to go straight after him is because Whisper didn’t want me to know too soon.~

~To Hell with that Ral,~ Renée thought. ~If Whisper has proof that Greenwood is involved then I think you should go after him.~

~Whisper may have that proof, but I don’t. I also don’t know where Greenwood is staying.~ Which wasn’t true. He had told Pamela which hotel he would be in. I could find out from her. ~I want to discuss it further with Whisper, but I have to find her,~ I indicated Pamela, ~first.~

~Do you think Fiona will continue helping you with your hunger?~ Tanya asked.

I turned to face her. ~I’m not sure. I need a backup plan in case she can’t or won’t.~

~We could come back up...~ Erin thought hesitantly.

I started to argue against that idea, but Renée and Charlotte backed it up with another idea. ~What if we come up, stay at a couple of different hotels and back you up with Master PC?~

That got my attention. ~Back me up how?~

~Well,~ Charlotte thought, ~it would be really easy to call you up and warn you or help you if someone clobbers you again. We’d have to be in the city so we’re within range though.~

~And, every few hours you could stop by one of the hotels or some other close-by pre-arranged location to help keep a cap on your hunger,~ offered Renée.

I looked from one to the other. It was an excellent idea and I told them just that. ~Do it. Get here as quickly and safely as possible.~

~I’m not going to be left out of this...~ Erin started to argue.

~No, you’re not. You and Chloe are as close as Renée is. Come back with her. One of you stay with her and the other can meet up with Charlotte. That way none of you have to remain glued to a computer to help out. I also want all of you protected with every code we’ve discussed toward protection. Charlotte, if you’ve discovered anything new, test it and use it if possible. I don’t want something happening to one of you should the Dragons find you.~

They broke up into pairs and started discussing arrangements. Tabitha asked, ~Ral, what about this good thing and bad thing at the store Whisper told you about?~

The others listened closely. Unfortunately I didn’t have a good answer. ~I don’t know. He...~ I looked over a Pamela and continued, ~she didn’t say anything about it. Only that it would affect me greatly. To be honest I don’t know what will happen when I get there and I certainly don’t know what would happen if I didn’t go.~

Some of the girls looked at Pamela as if expecting her to know. ~Pamela was along for the ride, so to speak. She doesn’t know anything that Whisper didn’t tell her to say while we were awake.~

~Then maybe you shouldn’t go,~ Offered Carrie. ~If Whisper’s pulling this kind of stunt, maybe his advice is skewed or even designed for some ulterior motive.~

~That’s possible, but like you and the rest, I don’t know what that might be. I’m going to the store because he’s given me no reason to doubt the accuracy of his advice up till now. I may not like what he’s done to Pamela but that doesn’t make him useless.~

~No, just untrustworthy,~ thought Savannah.

~Just because I go to the store meeting as I had originally planned doesn’t mean I’ll find these good or bad things. I’ll be on my toes, but otherwise just get through the opening as planned.~

I wanted to drop the subject of Whisper, so I asked, ~Does anyone have any suggestions on whom else I might talk to for help?~

~Don’t you have other House Members up there?~ Asked Alexandria. ~Wouldn’t some of them be willing to help, even if it’s just looking around town for the Dragons?~

~Good idea.~ Then I stopped. ~Too bad the Dragons took my cell phone.~

Linda thought, ~Just get a replacement. Most services will replace your phone and upload your contacts list to the new phone either free or for a small charge. Just go to a local store.~

Li also added, ~It may be a good thing they took your cell phone. The store could activate the built in GPS in it. They could tell you where it is.~

I nodded. ~Thank you, both of you.~

I couldn’t think of anything else to discuss regarding the issues I would face when I woke up, but the girls had one topic that interested them greatly.

With wide eyes and lots of giggles Tabitha said the one word that set off a lot of discussions and extremely delighted moods: ~Weddings!~