The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC – Mind Magi

By TechnicDragon

Part Three—The Right and The Easy

Chapter Nineteen—Multi-Course Meal

I had been pretty sure that Fiona would have an amazing body, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.


From the swell, motion and size of her fantastic breasts to the elegant musculature of her taut tummy; from the dangerous transition of her slim waist to the generous and full grace of her hip, Fiona was the utter epitome of sexual desire given form.

There were other men out there who had seen the body I was seeing and they had probably shot off still fully dressed merely from the sight of her. I had a little more control and stamina than that. However, my hunger for sex roared through my body. It was a fire that burned out any reservations that remained in my mind. If Fiona wanted me, she would have me.

It’s amusing how often the tone and texture of skin is often compared to various foods, such as cream, milk, chocolate and many others. With the soft lighting and the smooth flawless tone of Fiona’s skin, I was reminded of melted caramel. She didn’t have any real muscle definition. Even her taut belly seemed to flow into her waist smoother than some of my girls, yet at the same time I could discern the muscles as she breathed.

To say the least, I was in awe. I looked up and understood how well her exotic face fit her yummy body. “I have to say, I’ve never seen skin tone like yours before...” The urge to touch was there and my hands shook with a fine tremor as I fought it.

Fiona was kind enough to let me drink in more of the sight of her body.

I finally remembered that she had more than just phenomenal curves and extraordinary skin tone and looked back up into her dazzling eyes. She seemed too good to be true. It might have been wrong but I had to know and I asked, “Is that really you or can you alter your appearance, even in subtle ways?”

She didn’t seem dejected or insulted by my question. Her smile widened a bit as she answered, “Oh, I can alter my appearance. I like the whole idea of having perfect skin.” She ran her hands over her breasts, down her tummy and out over her hips. “What does my skin make you think of?”

My answer was nearly instantaneous, “Melted caramel...”

“Mmm... Actually my favorite candy.”

I grinned, a bad joke on the way. “You don’t eat that much of it do you?”

Again, she either understood my implication of ‘you are what you eat’ and knew how bad the joke was or simply didn’t care. Either way, she smiled more and wiggled her hips as she answered, “Oh no no no. Gotta watch the figure.”

For the first time that I could recall, I was biting my lip in anticipation of kissing and sucking on the skin in front of me.

Fiona shifted around and laid on her side next to me. I was on my back and rolled up to face her though I was still covered from the waist down by the bed sheet.

“And you,” she said looking over the portion of me still exposed, “Not deeply tanned, but tanned just right. I can’t really describe it. Let me guess, you can alter your appearance too?”

I shook my head, losing more and more will to concentrate on what she was saying. “No, but I did change when my abilities first manifested.”

“Hmmm...,” she thought as she looked me over again. Her confession that women size up men just as men size up women resurfaced and I had a feeling that she was seeing me with almost the same desire I saw her.

I didn’t know why I was still fighting my hunger. I could have just given in and had her. She had already admitted she was willing. Whatever the reason, I just started talking. “I didn’t make myself look this way... It just happened.”

She looked up into my eyes and said, “Everyone has a subconscious idea of what they should look like.” Then she reached out and touched my chest with just her fingertips. “You changed into this. I’m guessing you weren’t quite so defined?”

I nodded, burning with desire from her simple touch.

Her fingers trailed down over my abs. “I’m guessing that I’m not seeing everything that changed,” she said with a low contralto that made me shiver.

I just shook my head.

Her fingers push between me and the sheet. I closed my eyes just willing myself to remain still as she touched me. However, instead of just going for the gold, she pulled her hand away, pulling the sheet off me.

I opened my eyes and looked up at her face not sure what her expression would be. The air of the room washed over me and I flexed instinctively.

Fiona had a look of mixed awe and disbelief. “Oh my...”

She was staring at me openly, while biting her lip. I noticed how her breasts rose and fell with her more excited breathing. Her eyes traveled up my body as if tracing me to make sure what she found was actually attached to the same person she had been talking to. “Ral...”

Her hand hovered over me and I ached for her to touch me. Finally, I put my hand on hers and pressed her to me. She gently held me. I ran my hand up her arm, excited by the feel of her baby smooth skin. She began stroking me with a delicate touch as if I was having the same affect on her that she was on me.

However, slow and steady was not what I apparently needed. Another groan escaped me, and Fiona’s doe expression shifted to concern. “Ral, if you need to come, say so...”

I just gazed at her, caught up in the building sensations.

She looked down and watched as her hand slid over my sensitive organ. “I love to watch a man orgasm.” Her hand started moving faster. “To see all of his white creamy sperm shoot from him over and over.” She moved closer and her handling of my rock hard cock became even more vigorous.

Suddenly she sat up. “I hope you don’t mind...” she said but didn’t wait for me to respond as she pushed me onto my back and crawled over me. Still on her hands and knees, she stroked me.

I looked down and could barely see what she was doing past her dangling and fabulously round breasts. Looking up, I was presented with a perfect view of the glistening wetness between her legs.

Then I felt the heat of her breath and the soft, wet touch of her tongue and lips. I groaned and reached for her ass. She moved as I directed her, putting a leg on the other side of my head. I then pulled her down by her hips and met her lips with my own.

As fantastic as she looked, she tasted better. I enjoyed going down on all my girls and willingly drank up any fluids they offered during sex. Fiona however was like a drink of fresh water to a man who had just crossed a desert on foot. I simply couldn’t get enough. Of course, that could have been my hunger making her seem more desirable but at the moment I didn’t care.

If I had any disappointment in what we were doing, it was that she seemed unable to swallow me as completely as my girls could. Still, her excitement and effort more than made up for it.

I held her cheeks in my hands, enjoying the feel of her skin, the way her muscles moved and the pleasant roundness. With my face pressed between them, I inhaled her scent and ran my tongue all over her. Her clit caught my attention quickly, being bigger than what any of my girls had. I sucked on it and squeezed it with my lips. Fiona ground herself onto my face when I did that. It made me happy to know I could bring her as much pleasure as she did me.

I also found that she didn’t have a single hair anywhere. Nothing. She was as bald as could be. That only seemed to encourage me as I lapped not only at her swollen lips, but pretty much anywhere I could reach. None of my girls had shaved themselves. I wondered what they would think of the idea. Again, the idea was a fun one and only drove me to kiss, lick and suck on Fiona more.

The more intense my attention became, the more vigorous she got. It was like our actions not only pleased but also encouraged the other. Soon the soft music was overridden by the sounds of moaning, slurping and wet bodies sliding along each other. It really didn’t take that long before I was thrusting up into her hands and mouth, rushing to my own orgasm. Fiona seemed to be reacting the same as she rolled her hips, pressing herself to my attentive tongue and fingers.

Both of us soon moaned our mutual releases.

I felt Fiona accept some of my cum into her mouth, but then she pulled back and let the rest spray her face. In turn, I kept my face plastered to her crotch as she quivered and shook all over me.

She rolled off me and sat up on her elbows. I rolled over onto my side again, also coming up onto an elbow. Her face and hair were covered with my cum. The smile she had was both astonished and gleeful. After we had both calmed down a bit she said, “You put on one hell of a show...”

I raised an eyebrow, curious by what she meant.

“I’ve seen men in videos who spray down women with incredible amounts of cum, but I never thought I would actually be with one. I always thought those guys had taken some kind of pill to produce so much cum.”

I smiled and shook my head, not sure I was ready to talk just yet.

She watched me for a minute and then asked, “So, how do you feel now?”

I nodded. “Better. There’s still a slight twinge, but I’m feeling better.”

“A slight twinge?” she asked. Sitting up, she spoke with the same teasing lilt, “Sounds like you’ve only had the appetizer. Time for the main course...”

I chuckled. “The main course?”

She nodded. “Mm-hmm... I know I’m ready for more.”

I felt somewhat giddy; happy to be with her as much as knowing her willingness to help me. “More?” We both know what more meant so I went on, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure about a lot of things. Like wanting you, like knowing you’re going to end up spraying me down at least two more times tonight, and like I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.” She moved over me, pressing her body into mine. “The only thing I’m not sure about is fitting every hard, thick inch of your gorgeous cock into my wet little pussy, but I am sure that I’m damn well willing to try,” she finished with a luscious smile.

I held her to me, but she reached up to the cart. I watched as she used some of the napkins to wipe my spend off her face.

She looked at the goop on the disposable napkin for a moment. “You taste so good, I hope you don’t think me disgusting...” and she pressed the flat of her tongue to the napkin, lapping up the fluid with a single stroke.

I chuckled. “My girls would do the same. Only they usually clean it off each other whenever I shoot one of them like that.”

Fiona looked me in the eyes. “And how many of your girls have you slept with all at once?” She continued to wipe cum from her face and lick it from the napkins.

I nodded at the napkin, “If you want to use your fingers, it won’t bother me.” Then to answer her question I said, “And in reality, I think the most I’ve pulled off was three. In our shared dreams though, I’ve taken turns with all of them.”

“Your shared dreams?” she asked as she used two fingers to scoop a glob from her cheek and sucked it into her mouth.

I nodded, watching her continue to clean her own face. “Yeah. Part of me wants to sleep so I can see them and another part wants me to get up from this bed and search for Jennifer.”

Fiona stopped wiping her face and looked at me thoughtfully. “If Jennifer is one of your girls, your schiavi, then wouldn’t she be included in your dreams?”

“Normally, I would say yes, but one of the Dragons, Leland, did something to her which is what makes me worry so much about her.”

Her expression softened. Again, she was sympathetic but this time it wasn’t just for me. “What did he do?”

I licked my lips wanting to choose the right words, but there was no other way of saying it. “He removed her soul and put it in that vial I had asked about.”

Appropriately, Fiona’s eyes widened with shock. “H-How can he do that?”

I knew how. I had gained his knowledge not only of how to remove a soul but how to put it back too. “It’s part of his talent with the dead.”

“So she’s...?”

I shook my head, not ready to believe what Fiona was fearing. “No. He says she’s in a coma and will stay that way until her soul is returned to her. If he opens the vial and releases the soul though, she will die. I know he’s telling at least partly the truth because I can feel her. It’s like she’s asleep.”

Fiona calmed but still wore a shocked look. “Wait, if you share dreams with your girls and she’s asleep, then when you sleep won’t you see her too?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know...” I considered that. If she was asleep because her soul wasn’t in her body but not dead could she dream? If she could, would she show up in my dreams? I put it as simple as possible. “If she can dream, then maybe...”

Fiona rubbed her body against mine. “Then we need to get you taken care of so you can get a shower and sleep soundly. If you see her in your dreams then you’ll know she’s all right. It would take some of the edge off your worry for her. Wouldn’t it?”

I held her tightly, not trying to stop her from rubbing against me but more as a hug. “It would help but I would still want to make sure she’s put back together properly.” I had seen enough of Leland’s memories to know what would happen if a soul didn’t go back into a person correctly. It would leave her not quite right in the head, as if there was a mis-alignment that no medicine could correct. Even people with Down Syndrome had better coordination and speech articulation. It was something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

I didn’t say anything more. Fiona was right about me needing a good night’s sleep so I could find out if Whisper was even partially okay. Knowing that my hunger could disturb my sleep, it had to be fed and fed well.

I rolled Fiona over, taking her by surprise. She yelped and laughed at my sudden aggressiveness. “Mmm... now this is better,” she purred as I kissed her neck and jaw-line. I moved up her body and kissed her lips. She opened up for me and our tongues writhed against each other as much as the rest of our bodies did.

Fiona spread her legs wide, welcoming the feel of my hardness pressed against her heated opening. I ground my hips into hers even though I hadn’t entered her and she moaned deeply into my mouth. Her hands slid down my back and gripped my butt, helping me to press into her harder. I started humping against her, as if fucking her without being in her. I would have considered it dry-humping but she was too wet and my movement spread her fluid all over both of us.

Her hips moved in tandem to mine, making the motions more exaggerated and apparently driving her closer to the brink. Not entirely sure what exactly my hunger wanted, I was willing to forgo my climax both to watch her writhe in bliss and to find out if her orgasms helped me.

I kissed my way around to her ear, sucked on the lobe and whispered, “Cum for me. Grind against me and let it all out. Soak me down with your cries and fluids. Give in to the carnal gratification and cum...”

She held onto me so tightly I thought I would have to peal my body from hers when we finished. Her hips continued to move but became more and more focused, using shorter strokes. I was certain she was rubbing her clit along my shaft, racing to the raging orgasm I asked for. Then she locked up, her hips pressed up against me, her fingers curling into my butt so that I could feel her nails, and she didn’t so much as scream as moan and groan really loudly. It was a guttural call and I could feel the pleasures coursing through her. It fed my hunger. It made me feel better.

Finally she relaxed. I didn’t move because I wasn’t sure if it would set her off again, potentially too soon. I also knew my girls liked the feel of me laying on them after such a fantastic climax. Something about my weight on their bodies making them feel warm and safe. At least that’s what they told me.

Fiona looked me in the eyes. I wasn’t completely surprised to find she wasn’t quite sated. My girls could go more even if they were with me one-on-one, and something told me that Fiona wasn’t a woman who was finished with sex after only one or two orgasms. No, she was more along the lines of a six-or-seven-orgasms-per-session girl.

I smiled at her and she smiled back. “Feeling better?” I asked.

She nodded eagerly. “I’ve had a few guys do that to me, but I’ve never come so hard from it.”

I continued to smile, enjoying the physical rapture she glowed with. I hadn’t thought it possible for her to get any sexier, but I had been wrong. “I want to try something...” I started.

She squeezed my butt with both hands and pressed her crotch to mine with a low groan. “Yes, please...”

“You don’t even know what I want to try yet...”

“Anything,” she said, her eyes glazing over at the prospect of what was to come.

I hugged up to her and whispered in her ear, “I want to fuck you. I want to stuff as much of my cock into your wet little pussy as you can take.”

Again, she ground her pussy against me and groaned, “Yes...”

I sucked on her ear lobe and then kissed her neck. As I sat up, I planted kisses here and there on her. Her collarbone, the top of her chest, on the fleshy part of her breasts, her areolas, her nipples. Then I sat up. My cock still lay on her with the root still pressed to her sex and the shaft going up to her belly. My tip lay just below her belly button.

Her hands immediately grasped me and started stroking me. Fiona raised her legs up and rested her ankles against my shoulders, on each side of my head. She pressed her thighs together around me and along with her hands, stroked my entire length.

I smiled as I pulled back a bit and pressed back into her make-shift tunnel. Her soft skin and the manipulation of her fingers felt fantastic. I could have fucked her just like that and cum in no time but I really wanted to find out how much she could take. It might tone down my physical pleasure but I would still enjoy her reactions to what I gave her.

I pulled her legs apart and retracted my hips. She guided me down between her legs and opened herself for me. I pressed forward against her sex. She brought up her hips a bit and lined me up to her entrance. My tip pressed into her. I could feel the tightness of her just from that and I already worried that I wouldn’t get far.

She moaned. “So big. So good...”

I kept the pressure up, pushing into her slowly. She ran her hands up her thighs and over her abs. I wasn’t quite close enough to touch yet except were I was joined with her.

The exquisite pressure around my cock was constant, but it didn’t stop me from going deeper and deeper. Surprisingly, I finally hit bottom and only had a couple of inches left. Fiona reached for me and I leaned over her. Her expression alone told me how good it felt to be so stuffed. I thought she would need a minute to adjust but once I was within reach she grabbed my butt and pulled me against her hard.

She groaned and I nearly came. The way her cervix gave way to my intrusion was incredible. I pulled back but she pulled me into her again and again. She wanted me to fuck her like that and not only could I see the joy in her face but through all the contact I could feel the way her pain and pleasure mixed together. To her, nothing felt better.

After a few slow and deep strokes like that she relaxed her grip on my butt. She met my eyes and said two simple words that made it clear what she wanted: “Fuck me.”

I drew back my hips, her hands only touching me by fingertips and thrust back in, pressing as far as I could. She raised her hips to meet that thrust and I felt her body give again. She squeezed her eyes shut and shuddered. A small orgasm ran through her. Still buried completely in her, I could feel the way her inner muscles gripped and squeezed me. The muscles around her cervix were the strongest of all and actually pushed me back so that opening could close.

Fiona was breathy hard. “Fuck me Ral. Small orgasms like that are nice but I’m looking for the orgasm that’ll knock my horny ass out. Fuck me, long hard and deep!”

She brought her legs up, spreading them wide and planted her feet as close to her butt on the bed as possible. Then she pressed her hips up at me, showing me how serious she was.

I smiled. She said she could alter her appearance. Even if she couldn’t heal, I could heal her. She wanted it hard and deep, so that’s what I gave her.

I pulled back again and drove into her. However, I didn’t stop to enjoy the aftershocks. I pulled back and rammed into her again, and again. With the long strokes, I couldn’t exactly go very fast. Then again, she wasn’t after fast, just deep and hard.

Fiona rose to meet each thrust.

I knew I probably wouldn’t last long. The fantastic feel of her tight, wet pussy gripping me; the sensation of pushing through her final barrier; the punctuation of our hips slapping together; the look of lust, pain and pleasure all wrapped up in her face; the sounds of her heavy breathing and moaning; the sheer smell of sex and sight of her phenomenal body writhing under me all brought me closer and closer.

I was going to bottom out in her and release a massive load. I could feel it building up. The only thought that crossed my mind was her being pregnant when we were done. And for the same reasons that it aroused me with my own girls, the idea of Fiona being pregnant with my child didn’t just push me closer to the edge, it picked me up and threw me over it.

My orgasm was so sudden, I groaned loud enough to consider it a shout or scream. Just as I knew would happen, I was buried to the hilt in Fiona’s pussy and poured every drop of semen I had built up into her quaking and quivering body.

She too flew into orgasm; her scream rivaling my primal call for sheer volume.

This felt like the flow of our bodies truly merged. We didn’t experience the mental or spiritual aspects of what I considered Merging, like what I did with my girls. It was more like I didn’t know where my body ended and hers began.

Finally the sheer force of our orgasms subsided and I collapsed on top of her. I made sure to fall so I didn’t cover her face, because, like me, she would be gulping down air.

Several minutes later she and I were looking into each others eyes and started laughing. I didn’t know what was so funny but it felt good just to laugh. When we stopped she was still smiling. I asked, “Were we laughing just to laugh or was there something that I missed?”

She licked her lips and ran her hands over me. “I thought that you felt just like my monster dildo. You hit all the same spots all at once just like it does.”

I was somewhat surprised. “Why would a woman as deliciously sexy as you need a dildo?”

Her smile widened. “Even some of the men I sleep with like to see me play with toys.”

“Ah...So this monster dildo, where did you get it?”

She rolled her eyes and I think she blushed. It was difficult to tell at the moment, I was still in a haze from that last orgasm. “I got it online, from a store called Mr. Naughty’s.”

I grinned and chuckled. “Wow, what a coincidence. I modeled for a dildo for them.”

She looked back at me. Her smile was gone but there was still delight in her eyes. “You’re kidding, right?”

I shook my head. “My manager in Texas thought it would be a cute novelty item. Little did I or any one else know how popular it would be.”

“Wait, your manager?”

I nodded, my grin getting wider. “I’m one of the owners. Part of this trip to New York was for the grand opening of the store we’ve built here.”

Her eyes were wide. She pushed at me and I let her roll me over. She followed, not allowing too much of me to escape her grip.

Before she could say what she wanted to she groaned again. “I’m going to be walking funny in the morning.”

I frowned at her playing up on her mixture of delight and understanding of how her body would complain once the endorphins slowed down. “Is that a bad thing?”

She focused on me and grinned. “No, but I am going to need to relax in a nice hot bath first.”

I flexed myself inside her. She squealed but that didn’t stop the sound I was listening for. “Yeah, a bath sounds like a good idea for both of us.”

She nodded grinning, rolled onto her side and stopped. I was slipping out of her soppy pussy and she took her time pulling from me. Once I was out she reached down and stood up my erection. I had our fluids smeared all along me but there was no blood. Fiona looked at me. “You pressed into my cervix and it hurt, but as you kept going it felt better and better like you were supposed to be there.” She slid her hand up and down me. “No blood. I can heal just enough to keep it from being a problem too.”

Then, all at once, she let go of me, got up off the bed and headed for the door. I rolled over and watched her naked ass as she walked away. When she reached the door, she opened it and stopped. She turned and posed in the door way for a quick second and then curled her finger in a come hither fashion. “Come on big boy. I have a huge fucking tub that should accommodate our lustful states. I have no real intention of hiding the fact that I’ve been thoroughly fucked tomorrow. Come with me. Come in me. Come on me and let me do the same to you.”

I couldn’t argue with her. My hunger seemed mostly happy, but I didn’t want to be interrupted as I slept. What she suggested was a good idea.

She waited for me at the door, holding out her hand for me to take. I got up and took it. She then led me through her mansion. Yeah, mansion. There simply wasn’t another word for the house she lived in. I was astonished at the size of the entryway, which could bee seen from the balcony we were on just outside the room I had woken up in.

To the left of the balcony she led me to another room. This one was a massive bedroom. Another huge bed took up the corner among numerous floor-to-ceiling windows. A set of matching double doors led to an outdoor balcony. I could see the city lights through the windows. There were two bed-side tables with lamps, a telephone and an alarm clock. A table and two chairs were in another corner. More paintings were on the walls but nothing like what she had in the other room.

She led me through her bedroom and to an adjacent master bathroom. Just like her bedroom, it was huge. She had a Jacuzzi tub big enough for ten people in one corner with stair leading up to the edge of it. In the adjacent corner was what looked like a shower stall. A glass wall covered one side but it was open like the showers back at the “W”. Fiona’s also had several shower heads too. Three up at head height and two more at waist height. A long counter with two sinks took up the opposite wall and there was a stall where I assumed the toilet was hidden.

Fiona held out her hand as if displaying a prize on some game show. “Which do you prefer, shower or bath?”

“Considering what you have planned, it’s a toss up. Either we’ll have fun and collapse from pure pleasure, which would eliminate the tub because we’d drown, or we could end up going for a long while which would make standing for the duration uncomfortable.”

She smiled. “I think I’ll take a chance on drowning. I mean, drowning because I’ve passed out from so much pleasure? What better way is there to go?” Then she stepped over to the tub and climbed in.

I watched as she bent over at the waist and started up the water. She wiggled her incredible ass at me while adjusting the temperature of the water. I walked over and got in behind her. She pressed her butt back at me, wiggling it as we came into contact.

I held her hips and enjoyed both the feel of her under my hands and against my rising boner.

I grew hard quickly and was pressed up between her thighs. Fiona had stopped messing with the controls when I first touched her and water was filling the tub quickly. Such a large tub would have taken hours to fill with normal piping. From the looks of the way the water came in, they had a river pouring into the vast tub. My attention on the tub was short-lived though. Fiona was squeezing her thighs around me and moving back and forth, fucking me with her shapely legs.

I could have fucked her just like that and shot my load all over her legs, but I wanted to get a bit more intimate so I pulled back and pressed into her pussy. Fiona spread her legs and held herself open for me. I eased in and once started, I thrust forward enjoying the tight feel of her from the new angle.

Fiona and I both moaned. She tossed her hair aside to see me over her shoulder as she pressed back to make sure I was completely buried in her.

My eyes were locked on hers as I pulled back for another deep thrust. Holding her hips, I watched her expression as my cock disappeared into her over and over. She bit her lower lip and let it slip out full and wet. I wanted to kiss those lips, to feel her tongue slide around mine.

I pulled her up and bent my knees to adjust to the new angle. Fiona moaned as I moved her. I felt the difference in pressure too and understood her meaning. Pressing my chest to her back and my hips to her ass as tightly as possible, I pulled her face around to kiss her luscious lips. Her tongue darted out to meet mine and she reached up and around to hold my head as we kissed.

Our bodies continued to grind against each other as we enjoyed the kiss. I had one hand down along her hip, helping to guide me up into her as we continued fucking. My other hand groped and squeezed her tits, pinched her distended nipples and generally fondled her fantastic body.

Fiona continued to hold my head in place for our continued kiss. Her other hand went to my butt and moved between it and my thigh. We simply couldn’t get enough of each other.

Our kiss ended only because we both needed to breathe. Still we held each other close and gazed deeply into the others eyes as both of us gyrated and thrust.

Fiona let go of my head and pulled my hand up to her big breast. She pressed my hand into her tit hard, forcing me to maul her tender flesh. Apparently she liked a bit of pain when having sex. I was agreeable only because of the situation. If we were both too exhausted to do anything but sleep afterwards, then my dreams wouldn’t be interrupted.

I wanted to change positions so I could get my lips and teeth around her nipples while still enjoying the feel of her slippery and tight pussy throbbing around my rod. I let go of her breast and grabbed both of her thighs. Picking her up I felt her muscles grip me tighter. It felt good so I let her roll her hips around on me while I moved us to one of the built in seats I had seen when we got into the tub. They were submerged under the water now, but that wouldn’t keep us from doing what we wanted.

I pulled her off me and started to sit, but she slipped out of my grip by twisting around and dropped down into the water. She came up quick with her hair pulled back tight and soaked. Before I could ask why she had done that she grabbed my cock and pressed her chest to it.

“Before you sit down, fuck my tits. The water isn’t as good of a lubricant as our fluids.”

She moved around me and sat on the seat I had been going for. Her chest floated in the water and held my gaze for a moment as they moved with the waves we were making in the tub. I reached down and cupped both of them. She raised herself up and let me play with her for a minute.

She was easily bigger than most of my girls, but no where near as large as Renee. The warmth, malleability and weight of her in my hands was fantastic. I could have played with her breasts for hours, but her suggestion tugged at my mind and finally took hold.

Fiona laid back on a shelf that held several bottles of shampoo, conditioner and other bathing products. They got shoved out of the way as she smiled up at me. I lowered my throbbing prick toward her breasts and she accepted it as if I were going to bathe her with everything it was covered in. To some degree, I thought it was funny and shared the irony with her.

“Yes, bathe me in your cum. Shoot all over me big boy. Fuck my tits and give me a good reason to need a bath.”

She ran her hands everywhere on me she could reach while I held her breasts together around my cock. The feel of her silky smooth and now wet skin along my shaft, sac and between my legs was causing sparks in my brain. I didn’t care how much she fondled me as long as I could fuck her tits. She even opened her mouth and accepted the head of my prick as I drove along her deep, soft and incredibly warm cleavage. I used my thumbs to rub and play with her hard nipples. She moaned and encouraged me with words until I warned her of my impending explosion.

“Yes, fuck my tits big boy. Fuck ‘em. Give me a big, juicy load.” Her hands squeezed my cheeks and felt me up between them and my sac. That sent me over the edge.

Considering I had already had two big orgasms, this one wasn’t quite so impressive for power but the amount wasn’t any less. As it shot from me, it covered her chest and neck. The first shot hit her chin but that was the furthest any got.

Fiona watched as I came on her. She pushed me back so she could direct me at her breasts. By the time I was done, I was standing over her enjoying the expression she had of glee.

She looked up with a heated, gleeful expression. Rubbing her fingertips through the mess on her chest she asked, “If you have it in you, could you do that again so I can record it?”