The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC – Mind Magi

By TechnicDragon

Part Two – A Day Of Questions

Chapter Fifteen – Distractions

Whisper didn’t give me much of a chance to think on what she said while sitting still. She got up and tugged on my hand. “Come on. I need a shower.”

“What happened to the woman not wanting any hanky panky and who are you?” I asked as I got up and followed.

“Ral, please. Like I said, I didn’t say it wasn’t allowed, you did. And I’m a grown woman. I can make my own decisions about these things.”

“Then what was with all the checks and changes and ‘crap!’?” I had tried to imitate her shock when she learned she had my mark.

“I honestly didn’t think it could happen that quick. I knew that if I continued to be the only woman around you then it would happen. I just… I don’t know. Wasn’t entirely ready for it.”

“And now, all at once, you are?”

She nodded, smiling.

We were in the bathroom. She bent over and turned on the water, adjusting it to a temperature she liked. All the while, she held my hand. It was possible I was keeping her from completely losing it.

I, however, was not so sure I was ready for what was happening. With each of my previous women, with the exception of the very first ones, I knew what was going on. I knew that I was binding them to me for one reason or another. It was never simply because I needed sex. Suddenly Whisper, naked and almost giggly, is standing in front of me perfectly accepting of the reason for our being bound.

Was I just a pessimist? Did I really expect something to go wrong? Yes. If I kept her, I would grow to care for her, just like the others. I would worry about her, especially with us being involved in whatever this scheme was. Neither of us really knew what was happening, but I knew it was going to be dangerous. Why her being bound to me while facing it made it worse than when she hadn’t been bound to me, I didn’t know. I guess I felt responsible, but she came to me asking for help and offering to help at the same time. I offered her the help she requested and accepted the help she offered. We had agreed to face this together.

What bothered me more was that Renée had offered to stay and help in any way she could and I had turned her down. Talking about hypocritical. I was going back on what I had promised myself: that I wouldn’t let any of my girls get involved. I wanted them safe and now, through her own manipulations, Whisper was right in the middle of the storm with me, and she was bound to me.

Yet, for whatever reason, I still didn’t consider Whisper to be mine, like I did my other girls.

“Hey?” Whisper looked up at me. “You’re doing a lot of thinking. What about?”

I sighed. What to tell her and what not to?

“And don’t go trying to hold anything back. I may not have any of the nifty abilities you have, but I’ve learned what you do when something’s bothering you. You hold back. You bottle up. None of that. Out with it.”

I was mildly surprised by her forwardness. Again, there might have been nothing I could have hidden from her. “I’m worried.”

She cocked her head to the side. “About…?”

“A lot of things.” I sighed again. “I sent Renée to the airport after she had offered to help me. I was more concerned with her safety than her ability to help.” I then looked directly into Whisper’s eyes. “And here I am, with another woman bound to me, willingly, and she’s right in the middle of the storm helping just as Renée had offered.”

“Don’t do this to yourself, Ral. You have every right to worry about her and me and the others, but honestly you don’t have the right to tell us what we can and cannot do.”

I nodded. “You’re right. I don’t, but that doesn’t help me worrying.”

“There’s something else too. What is it?”

I looked at her again. “Us. This new bond. Why?”

“Why what?”

“I knew why I was binding all my other girls to me, with the exception of the very first ones, But you. I could try to explain it away, but this was nothing more than my need for sex.”

“Why does there have to be a reason?”

“Because there should be more to it than just… sex.”

“Has it ever occurred to you that sometimes people just need sex?”

“I’m never short on that!”

“Until today. Now stop this. I’ve seen your arguments with your girls about all of this. I thought you said you found a way to finally accept it all?”

“I did, or have. Renée told me about them all wanting to get married. I thought I couldn’t do that because I could only legally marry one of them. I couldn’t just pick one and have that special time with only them. It wouldn’t be fair to the others. What I didn’t think of was what it meant to them. Not the legality of it, but the ceremony, the decorations, the dress, the rings. Until Renée and I talked about it this morning, I didn’t think it would happen. But they had already worked out the idea of still having all of that, only not worrying about the paperwork.”

Whisper watched me as I talked. I could feel her emotions shift. There was some jealousy there, but it was quickly silenced by her other emotions. The bond between us was helping to shape her emotionally for her part in our family. It was so subtle I never thought I would notice, but I did. Part of me wanted to break the bond, to point out that she was being manipulated by my abilities. Another part of me refused, and it supported its reasoning with Whisper’s prior knowledge of how my ties with my other girls made things work and she still chose to do what she did.

My abilities weren’t through either. As I took in fine detail of Whisper’s eyes, nose and lips from only inches away, I felt her press against me. A glance down told me that she hadn’t moved closer but had grown. Her belly was distended with a baby. I could feel it kicking. Whisper smiled and rubbed the side of her belly, proud to be carrying my child. Her breasts were huge, full of milk that leaked from her nipples in steady drops.

I had seen my other girls in similar visions. They were so very real that it took some effort to understand that they were not yet pregnant. I had to shake myself to make the sight go away, but it was instead replaced with Whisper holding onto me, displaying herself in what she had left of her wedding gown. Only gloves, stockings, her veil and garter belt. She was, again, exalted to be with me, most especially right after the ceremony.

I shook my head more deliberately. Whisper was still there, but back to her pale, slender nude self. The back-to-back visions must have stopped me from speaking all together, because she was asking, “Ral? What’s wrong?”

The concern on her face was eloquent. I didn’t bother answering her questions, but simply leaned down and kissed her lips. It wasn’t the insistent kiss I had earlier, but gentle and loving.

Whisper gripped my hand tightly in hers and our kiss became more passionate. When we pulled away, she still had her eyes closed and swooned.

“I think I will stop arguing about this with myself now,” I said softly.

Her eyes fluttered open. Softly she asked, “What changed your mind?”

“I’ve had visions with my other girls. Images of them pregnant and or wearing wedding dresses. My abilities are evolving so much, I’m fighting just to keep up and I think it’s making me lash out at those who don’t deserve it.”

I leaned in for another kiss, saying, “my apologies.” This time, Whisper came up on to tip-toes to meet me.

The bond between us was already strong enough that I could feel her emotions stronger and the tingling in her breasts as she pressed to me. She was getting more and more aroused the longer she and I were together. I felt her tension building up too and it wasn’t from the issues that brought about our face-to-face meeting, but the last fifteen minutes. It turns out, I had been wrong about her being sated before she removed her ‘Tanya’ disguise.

She stepped back from me, her lips leaving mine last. Her breathing was heavier and the look in her eyes told me she was more than ready for something other than just a quick shower. Her hand was still holding mine. With a slight tug from her, I followed.

The water was very warm but not hot. There would be steam when we finished, and not just from the water.

Whisper pulled up a leg and hooked it on my hip as I pressed her to the wall. Our lips found each others and we both wanted the use of both hands to feel the other’s body.

Whisper was lean, a wisp of a woman. Her pale skin had already made me think of her as a ghost, but the feel of her tiny waist and slim hips made me afraid of hurting her.

I was apparently not being as aggressive with her as she liked. “Ral, don’t you dare think I’ll break.” Her lips immediately resealed to mine.

~Can you hear me?~ I thought. I waited but she didn’t respond. Finally I pulled from the kissing. “I am strong enough to hurt you though I’ve learned very fine control over that. The issue though is your size versus mine.” I pressed my hips and hardening prick against her to make my point.

She gasped and pushed against me so she could see. I turned and her hand went straight to the meat of the problem. Instantly she had a much better idea of what could happen. She hadn’t really worried about my size before because she hadn’t intended to do any inserting. At least, not enough to worry about. Now though, her body was primed for it. She wanted me in her, but her body could not possibly take what I had. Certainly not all of it.

“You’ve changed your girls so you don’t have to worry about how gentle you are with them, do the same for me, please.” That last word was mostly her breath as she shivered while feeling me up.

I nodded and slid my hand down, over her bottom and to the heated and wet areas she was most interested in having adjusted. I pulled her to me as if to pick her up and she grabbed my shoulders for support. Looking deep into her eyes, I watched as she groaned and shivered while my ability passed into her and made those adjustments she requested.

Once again, however, I found that I wasn’t in full control of what happened. Normally, my ability to mold flesh followed my deeper desires for what should happen. Most of the time, my conscious desires were the same, but in moments like this it was embarrassing to know what I had really wanted.

Whisper opened her eyes again. If I was right, the feel of my power passing into her had made her orgasm. She looked at me as if it was a good start. However, her expression changed, both because of my expression and what she was feeling with her body.

Both of us looked down.

Whisper’s breasts bulged where she was pressed against me. I cold also feel that her hips had widened and filled out more. Before I had been able to grab nearly a full cheek, now it filled my hand generously.

I let her go and stepped back. She was still looking down at her self. Her breasts were much larger; not as big as some of my girls, but much bigger than they had been. Her tummy was still just as tight, her waist just as narrow but it flared out to wide hips and fuller thighs.

I swallowed and stepped out of the shower completely. Whisper looked up at me. She didn’t say anything but she did follow me.

The mirror in the bathroom was a big panel mirror that covered most of the wall both over the toilet and sink. I continued watching Whisper as she turned and looked at her reflection.

She just stared.

I stammered, “I… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen… I didn’t realize…”

She looked up at me but she didn’t look angry. She looked surprised. “I knew you could do this. I mean, I remember when you did this to Yvonne. Master PC showed the additional code you added and all the alterations to the measurements of her body.” She looked at her reflection again, taking in more detail. She hefted one breast, dropped it and hefted the other. “I knew it was very real, but didn’t realize how profound it would be…”

Ultimately, I was nervous and scared about what she would conclude. I shouldn’t have cared what she thought but I did. For whatever reason, I was scared that she would turn on me and demand that I turn her back and then leave. Instead she looked back up at me and asked, “What’s wrong now?”

I closed my eyes. Her eyes were still that light blue. She still had that eerie beauty only with more curves which made her eerily erotic to see. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

I felt her hand on my chest and instantly I calmed down. She was calm too. There was some concern to her but nothing overwhelming. “Ral, look at me.”

I looked.

She stood closer, putting her face closer to mine. “I will only accept your apology if you can truthfully say you don’t find me more attractive.”

I just stared at her. My brain trying to engage. “More attractive? I already thought you were quite attractive. You didn’t need...” I waved my hand up and down to indicate her body, “all.. the changes…”

“I would agree, but the evidence doesn’t.” With that, she ran a hand delicately along my solid steel cock.

I shivered all over.

Whisper leaned in closer, pressing her large, soft breasts into me. “Say it Ral.”

“S-say what?”

“Say you want me.”

I didn’t feel a shred of anger in her. She wasn’t outraged about what I had done, but seemed quite… pleased that I had.

“You don’t mind this?”

She glanced down at her abundance of cleavage and back up again. “It will take some getting used to. That new suit you bought me simply will not fit any more. For that matter, some of my clothes might have to be replaced.” Then she rubbed against me. Apparently she was enjoying my reactions to her because she said, “But I wouldn’t want my body back, not if this is how you prefer me.”

I had closed my eyes. The sensations, her body against mine, her husky voice, the feel of her hand dancing along my shaft, were starting to become overwhelming. When she said her last statement I looked down to argue further but two things stopped me. One, the look of lust in her eyes and two, the fact that I promised to stop arguing with myself about what was going on.

If I really was going to learn to accept what my life had become, I had to start now. My other girls were too far away to help me with my new sexual cravings. Whisper was willing to fill that role and even seemed happy about the changes I had made to her.

“You’re thinking too much again, Ral.” Whisper said as she backed up and tugged on my hand. “This isn’t rocket science. Right now it’s just you and me sharing the shower and if something else happens, then just go with it. If I’ve had enough or don’t like what you do, I’ll tell you.” She stepped back into the shower and I followed. “Now,” she wrapped her arms around my neck, brought her leg up to where she had had it before and finished, “show me what else you can do.” Her lips met mine and I saw stars!

Like Whisper had suggested, I stopped worrying about what she might think and just went with what I felt was right. I had to admit, it felt good to just let go.

Whisper fit in my arms like she belonged there. My ability had done a marvelous job filling her out and I could not argue against it. Using the strength I had warned Whisper about, I picked her up. She wrapped both legs around me and used them to pull me to her. I held back with a grin on my face. Still holding her with one hand, I reached around her thigh and aimed myself up at her. She felt me and took a deep breath like she was about to dive into water.

Dive wasn’t a bad metaphor, but I was the one doing the diving. Deep into her I sank and she released her breath steadily as every inch of me pressed into her. Once our hips met she closed her mouth and gulped. “I am so glad you adjusted me!” she breathed at me. Then she started rolling her hips while I held her above me. The expressions that flashed across her face were just as invigorating as the feel of what she was doing along my shaft.

I couldn’t just stand there and hold her up. I started moving too, my hips to be specific. This brought on more intensity to her expressions and the emotions I got from her were climbing new heights of intensity as well. She was a fire, cool on the outside, but a demonic inferno on the inside.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, YES, YES!!” she called. She didn’t just approach her orgasm, she was running full bore at it.

All at once the world was a swirl of colors and sparkles. She locked down and her body quivered and shook not only externally, but internally too. All along me, her inner walls squeezed, and pulled, as if she were trying to draw me further into her. It was all I could take.

I had her pressed to the wall, my knees locked to keep us upright. After the initial rush of our orgasms passed, I knelt slowly. Not only to put her back on her feet but to withdraw as well. She realized what I was doing, gripped my shoulders and said, “No, not yet.”

I looked up at her. Her expression was eloquently happy. I could feel her thrill of having me again and again, much like the rest of my girls enjoyed. I smiled but wanted something different.

“Turn around,” I said softly.

She smiled and turned. With us still attached, it took me helping her, but finally she was pressed to the wall, her back arched and accepting me from behind. A groan escaped her lips. I’m sure I filled her so much it wouldn’t matter what the angle was. It didn’t matter. At the moment, both of were enjoying everything.

I kept my knees bent, partially squatting due to the height difference, but that allowed me to press up against her as I began easing my way in and out of her again.

She looked at me over her shoulder. “Don’t hold back. Give me everything. I want you. All of you.”

Words spoken in a heated voice. It was music to my ears and the instrument of my desires. I did what she asked and more. Pressing my lips to her ear, I told her, “Keep your legs closed tight. Let me do the rest.”

She nodded and I felt her legs snap together. With her back arched, her butt pressed back at me and her legs helping her inner muscles to tighten down on me more, I picked her up again and held her against the wall. I was still restraining from using full force with my legs, but I drove into her repeatedly with steady, deep thrusts. I doubted she cared if it was my full strength, but I couldn’t bare to know what I could really do. Regardless, it felt fantastic.

“God! Yes, Ral! Fuck me! Fuck me with that big fucking cock of yours!!” she growled.

Her words egged me on and she figured it out quick.

“That’s right Moby! Give me that dick! Fuck this tight little pussy! Fuck my pussy! Fill me with all that sweet cum!”

My pace buckled for a moment at her comments of “Moby” and “Dick”. Granted the story had been about a… “sperm” whale. However, she was quite intent on getting what she was talking about and squeezed me again.

That was all I could take and I again pressed into her completely to empty the torrent of sperm I had already built up.

Whisper was almost like a life-sized vibrator, her trembling was so contained and yet so encompassing.

Once the pique of my orgasm had passed, I lowered us down into the tub. The warm water felt cool to me compared to the heated woman flesh laying on me like so much boneless flesh.

Both of us just enjoyed our relaxed state for a few minutes. The shared feelings were ruined when my cell phone started ringing.

I started to get up to go answer it. Whisper pressed back against me to stop me. “Let them leave a message.”

She pulled my arms around her and I agreed. We continued to bask and cuddle.

The cell phone had stopped ringing, but it was followed by the hotel room phone ringing.

That made both of us sit up.

I slipped from behind Whisper and out of the tub. “Wash your hair. I’ll get it and be right back.” Her hair was already soaked, but I knew better than just a rinse.

She nodded and watched me wrap a towel around myself and leave the bathroom. We were both thinking the same thing: no one should have known where we were.

I picked up the receiver. “Hello?”

“Lord Setton, this is Detective Arneson. I do hope I am not disturbing you.”

“Detective. How did you find me?”

“I wouldn’t be a very good detective if I couldn’t find someone.”

“And how did you get the room number? I’m here under an assumed ID as a married man.”

“I thought that was possible and simply asked the clerk about any couples that had checked in over the last hour. You were the only one.”

“Fine. Talk. I want to get moving again.”

“I have some information for you. I think you should see this in person. Can you come down to the lobby?”

“Give me a few minutes to get dressed. I was just in the shower.”

“Okay. I’ll be in the bar.”

“Okay.” I hung up and went back to the bathroom.

“Who was it?” Whisper asked from the shower.

“Detective Arneson. He says he has information for me that I need to see personally. I’m pretty sure it’s about the other House Leaders. I’m going to head down real quick and be right back.”

Whisper opened the end of the shower curtain opposite from the showerhead. Her pale, slick body gave me all the reason to not go down, but I knew the information was important. All she said was “Hurry back. I’ll be waiting.”

I nodded. The conflict of staying and enjoying the wet body in the shower and going down to talk to an aged detective might have been an issue if she and I hadn’t already had some fun. However, I dried off, got dressed and left the room.

Down in the bar, I found Detective Arneson sitting on a stool. It was still late afternoon, so the bar was mostly empty. I sat next to the detective. “You have something for me to see?”

He had a manila file folder and pushed it to me. I opened it. Inside were photos. I didn’t recognize any of the people in them. “Who are they?”

“Family members of some of the House Lords and Ladies.”

I looked up and whispered, “Where they all kidnapped too?”

He nodded.

“Where’d you get this?”

“My sister. When she found out that you were not involved either way, she took the same chance I did. I understand that they weren’t supposed to tell anyone that this was happening. Not even each other.”

“Does she know who’s behind it?”

He shook his head. “No. Whoever it is has done their homework. They know everything about them, including each of their considerable list of abilities.”

“Have the kidnappers made any demands?”

“No. They’re simply holding them,” he nodded at the folder. “Everyone is too scared to do anything to risk their safety.”

I looked at the pictures again, taking in the details, the faces, the victims. Then I looked up and called for the Bartender. “Do you have a paper shredder?”

He nodded.

“Here,” I handed him the folder of photos. “destroy these, please.”

“What are you doing?” The detective asked.

“Making sure if you or I are accosted by the Dragons, we don’t have those on us. Now, you need to go do whatever you normally do and let me take things from here. If whoever is doing this knows you, they may have tailed you and have seen you talking to me. Being that I’m now a House Lord, they may change tactics on me and do something similar to try to get me to stay docile.”

The detective nodded at my mention of the Dragons, but then looked up when I mentioned that he might have been tailed. “I would have seen anyone who could have tailed me.”

“I already know one person you wouldn’t have noticed. If Michael can track someone and not be seen by them, I’m sure others can too.”

He started to look around then stopped himself. “You’re trying to gear up my paranoia. I can’t afford that.”

I stood up. “No, I’m telling you the truth. You’re Lady Arneson’s brother. I’m surprised they haven’t contacted you to make sure you’re not doing anything to stop whatever is going on.”

He shook his head. “I’m not a House Leader. They have no reason to stop me from doing anything.”

“That wouldn’t stop them. You would be easier to deal with. They could probably kill you and not draw as much society attention as killing a House leader would.”

“You think they’d come after me?”

“They went after a non-Mind Magi for knowing too much. That person contacted me for help.”

“How could a non-Mind Magi even know…” he started.

I cut him off. “The point is, if they’ll do what they’ve done to the house leaders, and try to kill a normal human, what would they do to you?”

He sat there thinking about it. However, I never found out what he decided. I heard a scream.

Looking around the lobby, I didn’t see anyone in distress.

The detective asked, “What’s wrong?”

I looked back at him. “Didn’t you hear it?”

He shook his head. “Hear what?”

“A woman scream,” I answered. Then it dawned on me…