The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Lottery Winnings

(MF, MC, MD)

About a year ago I won the lottery, not one of those huge $100+ millions deals but a decent amount; anyway the result was about $600,000 a year for the next thirty years. Enough to quit but not some obscene amount that would allow me to buy anything I wanted. With four kids, a wife, two dogs and a cat I had plenty to care for and a good reason not to be at home every day. So I opened a small office to manage the money, since that did not take much time I had a number of computer games, pinball, a pool table, a big screen TV basically anything I could think of to have available to keep my days from being boring. To that end I hired a thirty-year old hottie to keep my “mind” occupied. She had basically agreed to be my mistress, divorced three times with a 24 year old sister she seemed like the perfect bimbo. She needed money, was promiscuous, very nice to look at, and wore sluttish clothing.

It was not until later that I discovered a few unsavory things about her. First I discovered that despite her lose ways she was a bigot and really did not like anyone that was not of her faith, so if you were not a WASP you were not acceptable. Furthermore, it turned out that she used her head for more than a place to grow hair.

She was smarter than I gave her credit for; we had negotiated an employment contract for two years at $45,000 per year (she had been looking for five). However, when she had been working for me for a few weeks had met the wife (dressed conservatively) etc. I told her it was time to put out; she said her employment contract did not have a single clause that mentioned sex. If I wanted to pay her the full $90,000 and explain to my wife why I fired my new secretary without cause I was welcome to do so. If I tried to fire her she would go to my wife with a tape of our conversation. Beth claimed that all she wanted was to prove that she was a good secretary and that at the end of the two years I could either renew her contract or write a glowing recommendation.

I did not tell her that in my opinion no secretary was worth $45,000 a year without sex, so I grimaced and lived with it. I did however; install hidden cameras so that I could at least watch her while she pranced around the outer office in her low cut jeans or short skirts. Sometimes she would play with herself at her desk. Did I mention that the cameras were wired for audio as well as video?

This is the way things remained up until two months ago. Someone entered the office, it was a well-dressed woman I’d say in her late thirties early forties, the only thing odd was the dark sunglasses she wore. She talked to Beth briefly than held something in front of her face. I switched cameras; it was some sort of glowing pendent. Before you could say obedient sex slave ten times Beth was in her power. I recorded the whole process of Beth’s complete enslavement to that woman’s will. I was looking forward to some lesbian sex, but I should have known there was more to this than Beth becoming some woman’s property. This woman had tracked me down and was looking for Beth to help enslave me and get access to my winnings. She showed Beth how to turn the pendent on and off and what to say to me.

She left with Beth wearing the pendent and the special pair of sunglasses after telling Beth she would return in two hours at which time Beth would turn control of me over to her mistress.

There was one thing I specifically noticed in her enslavement of Beth; she did not make herself Beth’s irrevocable mistress. Someone else could take Beth over; all they needed was the right tools. Than I heard Beth knocking on the door when I was ready I called her in.

She entered the office and I grabbed her from behind placing one hand over her mouth and the other on the pendent. I turned it on and held it in front of her eyes (mine were closed) taking a chance she wouldn’t scream when I used my other hand to knock the glasses off. Beth stopped struggling almost immediately. I told her to hold the pendent in front of her eyes and not to move while I searched for the glasses, my eyes closed tightly all the while. This was the hole in my plan; I was on the floor with my eyes closed looking for a pair of glasses. If I had guessed wrong I was at her mercy.

When I found the glasses I put them on. Even with the glasses I felt the draw of the glowing pendent, I made sure not to look at it directly while I reconditioned Beth. I took no chances making her my irrevocable sex slave. Her loyalties were mine now and for all time. She existed only to serve me in whatever way I deemed necessary, which she would do eagerly. She could not be freed or even controlled by someone else. Perhaps I went a little overboard but she had pulled a fast one and was not to be trusted. Besides she was safe from that woman.

To test it I had her record some commands in her own voice next I had her turn the pendent on and listen to the recoding. She did not obey a single command. We were barely ready in time for the woman to return.

Beth’s orders were simple. She was to lead the woman into my office close the door and turn the pendent on. If the woman demanded the pendent first Beth was to turn it on. First making sure of course that the woman did not have sunglasses on.

It worked like a charm. When both women were under the influence I showed myself ordering Beth to close her eyes and wake up while the pendent continued to hold the other woman in thrall. To make a long story short she was a scientist who had invented this one of a kind item and could not build another one. She gave me the information I needed to maintain and repair the device. I ordered her to destroy all evidence of what she had discovered and remove any connection between her and me. When all this was done she was to release her slaves causing them to forget all about her taking them over. Her final command was to forget everything she had discovered, everything about Beth and me, and to never work on anything even similar to this discovery.

When she left it was just the two of us. I instructed Beth to lock the door and return to me. I looked her up and down. Today she was dressed in one of my favorite pair of hip huggers wearing her yellow thong. Her top barely contained her 38 D chest.

I told her to come closer and undo her jeans, and then I had her pull the zipper down. I slid my hand in filling her dampness through the thin material.

“When is the last time you had sex, slave?”

“Last night master.”

“Tell me what type of protection you used.”

“In addition to being on the pill I always make my lovers wear a rubber. I get pregnant to easy and I do not want to catch a disease.”

“When is the last time you had unprotected sex?”

“It was eight months ago, I thought for sure I got pregnant. I wasn’t but I also got tested and have been super paranoid since then. So I know I am clean and disease free.”

As I continued to rub the silky cloth I could feel the dampness grow. “You want me Beth, you want me more than you have ever wanted a man before. I am the only one you desire, the only one who can satisfy your sexual needs. With me no rubbers will be necessary or even allowed; you want to feel my flesh in your flesh you need it. I am the only one you need and you want me to fuck you all the time. You crave my cock you need to touch it, kiss it, and feel it sliding in and out of your body. You crave my cum.”

She moaned and reached for my pants trying to undo them and get to my cock. “Stop! Where are the tapes you have of our conversations?”

She moaned in frustration, “There are no tapes master, I lied I needed the money but at the time I did not want or need you. But I do now, please master let me feel your naked cock let me touch it and kiss it.” Again she tried to undo my pants.

I told her to back off. She stepped back as commanded. Then I told her to turn her back to me and bend at the waist with her pants still undone I got a great view or her scantily clad ass. After fondling it for awhile I instructed her to straighten up. Before I told her to return to her desk I instructed her not to discuss this or document the changes in anyway. She needed to protect me and keep me safe.

Beth begged me to allow her to stay she would do anything I asked. I told her that she would anyway and that she needed to wait awhile as punishment for her treatment of me. Within seconds of returning to her desk she slid her left hand down her pants fingering herself vigorously. Just when it looked like she was about to come I called her on the intercom ordering her to cease what she was doing and to come in immediately. She jumped up and rushed in undoing her pants as she came in.

Beth dropped to the floor and reached for my pants. “What do you think you are doing?”

“You called me in here master I thought you wanted to fuck me or have me give you a blow job.”

“Let me smell your hand.” She gave me her right hand. “The other hand.” I sniffed it clearly smelling her lust. “Who gave you permission to play with yourself Beth?”

“I...I...Just did it master.” She stammered.

“Ok return to your desk and you may continue to finger yourself thinking only of me and my cock, but you are not permitted to have an orgasm no matter how desperate you are until I give you permission.” She hesitated. “Well go!”

She did as instructed looking dejected as she walked out of the room; at least she continued to wiggle that sexy ass as she walked. I returned to the monitor.

She slumped in her chair undoing her pants and sliding her fingers inside she moaned softly as she began to stimulate herself. After about five minutes she called me on the intercom begging permission to come, no permission was forthcoming. After the third time I ordered her to stop calling me unless it was business related. I waited few minutes after that and walked into the room. The whole place reeked of her lust.

“Beth you are to listen closely. When I say begin you will say the following phrase while you continue to play with yourself. ‘I am a Bitch and a cunt, and I need to serve my master and I need for my master to fuck me.’ After you say that ten times you may come once, but only if you truly mean every word you say. Begin!”

She began immediately: “I am a Bitch and a cunt, and I need to serve my master and I need for my master to fuck me. I am a Bitch and a cunt, and I need to serve my master and I need for my master to fuck me. I am a Bitch and a cunt, and I need to serve my master and I need for my master to fuck me. I am a Bitch and a cunt…”

Before she finished her fourth phrase I was back in my office. I switched on the monitors to see and hear her finish up her last statement. Nothing, she must not fully believe what she was saying. She said it again possibly thinking she had miscounted. Nothing, she said it again, still nothing. By this time tears were running down her face. I decided to step out one more time.

“Have you come yet Beth?”

“No master, something must be wrong.” Tears continued to flow.

“Remember what I said, you have to truly believe every word you say.”

“Thank you master, I will try again.” She said looking a little happier as with greater enthusiasm she began to chant. “I am a Bitch and a cunt, and I need to serve…”

Once more I returned to my office and this time I witnessed Beth coming with considerable force. I stuck my head out the door. “Beth, please spray some air freshener to cut down on the smell.”

I sent her home with some instructions for the night.

The next day she arrived dressed like a horney slut. Her tightest halter top with no bra, her lowest cut jeans and her purple thong, which she knew was my favorite. I went out to the outer office both to check her out and give her some orders, but before I could even decide if I should fuck her that day a knock on the door revealed that her sister had stopped by for something. I left them to talk after asking Beth to step in when she could.

She moved as if to come around and sit on my lap but I told her to sit. “Will Abby be staying the whole day?”

“I hope not master, I was hoping you would take mercy on your slave and fuck me today.”

“What would you say if I said I wanted to fuck your sister?”

She hesitated, “I would say that you should fuck me first, after you have had me for a while you may not want her. In fact I think Abby may still be a virgin and she wouldn’t know how to please you. What if you decide you don’t want her after awhile master, you made it so I will desire and belong to you forever, you even addicted me to your cum, even you can not change it. Do you really want an untried 24 year-old virgin to be like that?” She did her best to look sexy (and succeeded) and available.

“Is that the real reason or is it something else? Your answer must be truthful, slave!”

“Master I don’t want to; please don’t make me answer your question.”

“You will answer as instructed and don’t leave anything out, begin!”

“Master I am your loyal irrevocable sex slave now and for all time, I must serve only you in whatever way you desire and I will do so eagerly. I am a Bitch and a cunt, and I need to serve my master and I need for my master to fuck me. I need your cock master, but you ordered me to tell the truth and I must obey: You belong to the wrong religion. My life is now dedicated to you but my sister still has a future, a chance to be with the right type of people, to marry and raise children in our church.” She looked at me fearfully as if I might strike her.

“By wrong religion I take it you assume I am not of the Christian faith?”

“Oh no master I don’t know what your religion is I just know you don’t go to our church, many Christian are lost and follow the wrong beliefs.”

“The fact that you have been divorced three times and blackmailed me is ok with your version of god?”

“Oh I can always get god’s forgiveness because I have the true faith.”

“I think you need an attitude adjustment.”

Now she really looked scared. “Your not going to order me to lose faith, are you master? Please master; don’t take my only chance of salvation from me.”

“It’s ok Beth your faith is safe, I am just going to change how you feel about me.”

I thought she looked frightened before, now she really looked terrified, she fell to the floor and grabbed my legs. “Please don’t do anything to change the way I feel master, I need to be your sex slave, I need to fuck you.”

She was relieved when I told her that not only was that not my intention but she should be immune to that type of adjustment. Than I got the pendant out and went to work. I didn’t change her narrow minded beliefs at all. I just gave her a very special belief. From that point on she would believe that any woman her master desired sex with should become my sex slave just like her. She would not try to change their religious, moral or political beliefs but their sexual beliefs should be just like Beth’s. Oh and I told her she had fallen in love with me despite our vast differences and of course she would now believe that anyone who was my sex slave should love me just like she did.

Once again I asked her if she thought her sister Abby should become my sex slave.

I could detect no hesitation in her response this time. “That would be a wonderful idea master, now that I know you want her I think that she would make an excellent sex slave for you.”

“Good, slave, she is to become just like you, and in fact you are to make her just like you.”

“Yes master I hear and obey.”

“Good, take the pendant and the glasses and get to work. When you finish send her in to serve me.”

She hesitated at the door. “Do you want to fuck me or something before I enslave her?”


She walked out the door looking a little dejected but hopefully eager to serve.

I set the monitors on record and decided to take care of some business. Yes I actually had some business to handle. After about 30 minutes I noticed the time and realized that Abby should have already knocked on the door. Turning the monitor I was in for a shock! My young cousin Julie was talking to Beth. I turned up the volume.

“Here is a few hundred dollars, go to the stores I listed here and get some sexy clothing, you will not embarrass me by appearing before the master in such a dull outfit.”

“Than can I see the master and get fucked by him?”

“If he is ready for you when you return, this should not take you very long. Report back here in 90 minutes for inspection.” Julie left and Beth began to give some instructions to Abby.

How had this happened? The last time I had seen Julie was about a month ago, she was dissatisfied with her job and wanted to go to law school. She wanted me to pay. I told her I would lend her the money on very reasonable terms but she wanted to think about it. After she left Beth turned to me and asked why I didn’t offer her the mistress job. I responded that Julie was very attractive and desirable under her baggy clothing but she was also my second cousin and at the age of 23 I was sure she had no time for me.

It must have been the desirable comment, which combined with Julie walking in during Abby’s brainwashing ended up in her enslavement as well.

There was a knock at the door and when I said enter the two sisters walked in.

“Abby is ready to serve you master. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Just set the glasses and the pendent on the desk. You may play with yourself at your desk Beth, but no orgasms will be allowed without my permission.” Dismissed Beth did as ordered. I noticed she made no mention of Julie, was it a surprise or did she not want me to know about the latest competition for her master’s time.

“Abby please remove all but your panties and sit on the couch, you may play with yourself if you like but you may not have an orgasm just yet. When I am ready I will tell you what to do.”

I reviewed the video; it was as I had suspected. Julie walked in right in the middle of Abby’s transformation. Beth seeing her standing there with glazed eyes and remembering our discussion quickly added Julie to the session. I was focused on the screen but the sounds of moaning grabbed my attention.

I turned to see Abby spread-legged on the couch her fingers buried in her pussy. She really was an eyeful. Her body was tight a trim and her breast while not as large as her sister’s were a c-cup and very perky. Much to my amazement her nipples jutted more than an inch off of her chest.

She was only the second woman I had ever seen with her condition. The first had been years before at a secluded hot spring in the mountains of Western Washington. That woman’s breasts were not even as big as Abby’s and really had displayed that oddity well. They were like extra long pencil erasers just waiting to be rubbed.

I had intended to make Abby wait but the sight of those nipples got me hard and eager to use my young slut.

“Slave when is the last time you had sex?”

“Three days ago master.”

“Who did you have sex with?”

“With my girl friend Leslie, we try to get together at least once a week.”

“So you and Leslie are both lesbians?”

“Oh no we both like men but when one or both of us hit a dry spell we take care of each other’s needs so we don’t jump into bed with the first guy we meet out of sheer lust.”

“When is the last time you had sex with a guy?”

“About two months ago, I always use protection master, so does Leslie, I never wanted to get pregnant or get any sexually transmitted diseases. Right now that makes me very happy since that means I am ready for you.”

“I have no intention of using protection.”

“Would you like me to put in my IUD or go on the pill master?”

“No slave, neither of us will use protection today. If you get pregnant, you get pregnant. After today you may go on the pill or the patch whatever you want to use, until such time as I decide to knock you up.

“Whatever you desire master is what I will want, your salve is ready and eager to fuck you, in fact master desperate to fuck you.” She looked unsure if she should continue but I waited. “Master…do you think I might be allowed to have an orgasm, please master?” The whole time she had continued to play with her self and her need was palpable.

“When was the last time you finished your period and when was the last time you washed your pussy?”

“My period ended about 12 days ago master and I washed my pussy about three hours ago, you see master I love a pussy that is clean and ready to go.”

“That’s funny slave, so do I.” She smiled with anticipation, as I got on my knees in front of her and began to remove her panties. “After I have licked your pussy for 15 seconds you may come, after that you may continue to come until I order you not to.” I said nothing else but sunk my lips into her lower lips. Within seconds she was moaning even louder but obeyed me and did not orgasm until her 15 seconds were past. I had allowed to much time to pass without fucking anyone so to be honest after just a few minutes I stood and pulled out my 8″ steel hard rod, it popped out right in front of her face and as if it was the most natural thing in the world Abby grabbed my cock and began to suck on it while she played with my balls.

I allowed Abby to blow me for a while but I wanted some pussy and I wanted it now. “Abby that is enough for now, stand up and bend over the arm of the couch, use your hands to pull back your flesh so I will have easy access to your hole.”

As she complied she asked, “Which hole master my ass or my pussy?”

“Does it matter slave?”

“Not anymore master, I just wanted to open my hole as wide as I could for you.”

“Your cunt for now slave, perhaps later or another day I will fuck your virgin ass. It is a virgin ass isn’t salve?”

“Oh yes master, before I became your slave I wouldn’t even let a finger in there. Now you are welcome to put anything you desire in there.”

While we were talking I placed my cock at her tight slick opening. She moaned in anticipation and shifted back to force entry into her nether regions. “My you are an eager little slut Abby.”

“Oh yes master, your slave is very eager to get your cock inside her pussy.”

I teased her pussy a little longer but my need was just ass great as hers. I had only managed maybe six good thrust and I felt my self ready to burst inside my creature. No it has been to long to just go like that, her bitch of a sister had teased my cock for a long time. I pulled out and concentrated on how much I loathed her sister. Abby moaned in complaint trying to get me back inside of her. Once again I dropped to the floor to lick her pussy. This was a dangerous position, if her ass smelled I might really deflate. Much to my surprise the only smell I got was (I swear) cherry and scent of her lustful pussy. I buried my face in that tight young pussy and licked away while I focused on what a bitch her sister was. I managed to go at it for sometime and once I had started her protests turned to moans of pleasure.

I was ready and in more control, I ascended and positioned myself with the head of my cock barely penetrating her outer folds.

With one hard thrust I was again deep inside her tight wet cavern, this time her muscle clenched to keep me inside. Soon we were moving in a tempo that had us both panting. Before long we sped it up and once again we increased our speed until we lost all control. Once again that feeling of approaching orgasm stole over me. This time I did not fight but let it build and build until with a grunt I came deep inside of her cum pouring into her thirsty eager cunt.

I lingered inside of her as my cock continued to pulse though how anything could remain inside of me I did not know. Finally I pulled out and ordered her to clean me with her mouth she did so willingly and with evident skill.

Finally I told her to help me dress and than to put her clothing on. The feel of a woman dressing me her naked body touching me got me hard all over again. It was only at that point that I remembered I had never sucked on her long nipples as I had intended. I told her to remain topless and I ha her sit on my lap so I could suckle her to my hearts content while I awaited Julie’s return.

I called Beth once she came in eager for sex but was once again disappointed. I could tell by the way her nostrils flare that she was well aware what I had done with and to her sister. It was obvious that she was unhappy that it had not been her, yet just as evidently conflicted because she had served her master by providing her sister for his enjoyment.

I sent Abby on her way with some instructions and some money, she was to quit her job and work for me, she readily agreed as my every wish was now her desire. I used some mouth wash in the bathroom and washed the scent of pussy off of my face, I was ready for Julie and whatever the future might hold.