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“Long Red Nails”

By Sean Flynn


Vikki started the day alone and she was happy for that. She was relieved that Mark had slipped out before any awkward morning-after interactions. But beyond that she was sad and wanted to be alone. Last night had been about sublimating but even as Mark brought her to heights of physical pleasure, Vikki hadn’t forgotten that Jake was the man she really wanted.

She adjusted her position in bed. Her ass was still sore from Mark’s floggings. The thought of that made her a little horny. She reached for her vibrator, which still sat on her nightstand. She touched it to her pussy but go no enjoyment from the experience. She had already held Jake’s rigid cock in her hands, even tasted it. A life of masturbation and fantasy wasn’t going to cut it.

She rolled over again and felt a sharp stab of pain on her ass. She deserved that. She had behaved horribly last night, yelling at Jake and trying to make him feel like shit. Then Mark had fucked her while they watched Jake fuck Nancy. Her pussy had been filled while watching Jake’s cock. Jake’s cock. Her son’s cock. Her pussy. Her fucking. Jake fucking. Vikki pushed the vibrator back into her clit and came.

She laid there catching her breath, soaking in juices and shame. She was ashamed of her desires and of her inability to bring them to fruition. So she had to satisfy herself other ways. Well, maybe not satisfy, but at least keep her desires from driving her actually mad. If last night hadn’t been enough, she would simply go further. She would debase and humiliate herself in new ways. Mark would help with that. And she could flaunt all of it front of Jake. Incest-lite, they called it. Maybe if she did all that, actual intercourse with Jake wouldn’t seem so important.

Vikki eventually pulled herself out of bed. She found a note on her nightstand. It was written on the back of a business card.

“You’re fantastic, Vikki. Party Sunday night, I’ll pick you up at 9 o’clock. Dress is slutty. Love, Mark.” The other side said Sonata Café Enterprises. Mark Montgomery, CEO and President. She would have to look that up on Google. See what how Mark spent his working hours.

In the shower, Vikki wondered what to do with her day off. She had nothing to prepare for. No plans to advance. Jake had made his choice last night. She wished for the distraction of work. Well, Ian had left open the possibility of her returning on Friday. Vikki decided she’d drive into the office, not for any of her appointments but just to prepare for a busy week of catching up.

There were also no new outfits. She would make do with her existing wardrobe. She a selected black thong and a black bra that she had owned for years and finished it was white pencil skirt that ended just before her knee and a white blouse. For heels she selected a GUESS Joyclyn sandal in a luxe pink with imperial violet pattern, 3 ¼ inch heel, crossing straps at vamp and curvaceous collar for a flattering finish.

She examined herself in the mirror. How could Jake not want this, Vikki asked herself. She was a rare example of true femininity: female grace, style and sexuality in a very pleasing form. Because he was young, Vikki thought. No, that wasn’t right. His youthful enthusiasm should make him easier prey for her wiles. And Nancy should be learning from someone with experience and class like Mark. Hmm, that could be a very fun foursome. As much as Vikki hated Nancy, she also knew the teenager could flourish under Mark’s hand.

Vikki was horny again. She was in the hallway now and considered returning to her room. She wanted to masturbate but wondered if she had time. Sure, she did. She wasn’t expected at work. What was a day off for if not lying around the house getting off? Even if she had already dressed.

Jake’s door was open. She saw his room was empty. He and Nancy must have cleared out early. His bed was made. There were even new sheets on the bed while the old ones were stuffed into the bathroom hamper. She sat down at Jake’s computer. Only a few nights ago she had started her descent in the very same spot. She turned on Jake’s computer. While it booted up, she removed her panties and began to circle her clit with her long red nails.

She might not share her bed with Jake, but they were going to share porn. He couldn’t very well fill his hard drive with MILF videos and then complain if he occasionally caught his mother masturbating in his room. That was the new order of the house.

Vikki knew her way around now his hard drive. She found her favorite video right away. She poked around the rest of Jake’s computer while lightly stroking herself and waiting for the video action to heat up. One file jumped out at her. It was titled simply, Journal. Vikki clicked on it immediately.

It was password protected, unfortunately. Vikki tried a few of Jake’s favorite things but none of them worked. Something Jake really likes, but nobody knows, Vikki thought. She typed in Allison, but that didn’t work. She tried Vikki, but didn’t work either. Then, on a hunch, she typed in AliandVikki and it worked!

Wow, it looked like Jake had been keeping this journal for a while. Vikki did a search for Mom. It came up a lot and started at the very beginning. Most of the entries were bland and the few notables were ones Vikki didn’t want to see. One particularly emotional entry read:

Tanya has been gone all week for her Model UN conference and I think Mom misses her. Mom had been sad all week. Allison invited me to see the new Spider-Man movie with her and her friends, but I turned her down. I didn’t want to leave Mom alone. I helped Marie make dinner and then the three of us played rummy like we used to.

Oh, Jake, Vikki got misty eyed. It was unbecoming to cry while masturbating but Vikki couldn’t help it. Jake was awesome and she loved him so much. She just needed to express that love physically. She also wondered how many other times Jake had neglected his own love life because hers was so nonexistent. Had she cost him Allison? She wanted to make that up to him. And she would. Oh boy would she.

The porn ran in the background has Vikki prepared to close the word document. She could hear moans and flesh slapping the background, so she wanted to get back to that escapism. But just before she clicked on the little x in the corner, Vikki caught her name in an entry.

The journal described a normal day for Jake in 10th grade. But the final few lines were different:

It happened again. Vikki wore the red high heels. I couldn’t help staring when she came home from work. She was tired so I don’t think she noticed.

Vikki read it again. It was the answer to her prayers and almost too good to be true. Jake had been having those thoughts about her for years. Jake used Vikki’s given name for those times his thoughts were decidedly unmotherly. She searched for the next time her name was used.

Vikki drove me crazy again today. She was going out with her friend Natalie. I was trying to do homework at dining room table. They were supposedly just going to dinner but Vikki was dressed up. She wore a short black skirt and sheer stockings with black stilettos. I couldn’t keep my eyes on the page. Then Natalie showed up. She was wearing an orange dress with matching high heeled sandals. They spent like twenty minutes talking in the living room. I kept sneaking glances at their legs. At one point their knees were practically touching. Does Tim have the same thoughts about his mother that I do?

Vikki wondered what Jake did that night once she and Natalie left for dinner. While they were chatting over cocktails, was Jake furiously jerking off? Meanwhile, in present time, Vikki had two fingers in her pussy with her palm messaging her clit. The next entry was even more intense.

I saw Vikki naked today. I had too see her for myself. It was a crazy thing to do, mostly because the chances of getting caught were so high. When Vikki left this morning for work in another sexy outfit—how does anyone in her office get anything done?—I made a point of saying I’d be out late with Chris Around 5 o’clock, I told Marie I was leaving for the night and walked out. Then I doubled back, snuck through the backdoor and then hid in Vikki’s closest. She clearly had no thought of me when she came home. I watched her undress. I saw her remove her jacket. I watched her slip off her heels one by one. I watched her unbutton her blouse. I watched her unzip her skirt. My cock was throbbing but I didn’t give in to jerk off. Oh Jake, Vikki thought, that is an urge that should never be resisted. Vikki was in her underwear and then she unhooked her bra. Her tits are Amazing! Then my escape plan interrupted. Marie called from downstairs that the phone was for Vikki. I had almost forgotten that it was Chris calling to distract her. At first, I stayed glued to the spot, hoping she’d return. But then I came to my senses and got out of there. I snuck back outside and an hour later walked in through the front door.

Vikki wondered which night that was. Could she have felt Jake’s eyes on her then and unconsciously given him a show? She searched for the next entry.

I crossed a line today with Vikki. Maybe it can’t be worse than seeing her naked, but that’s how it felt. It was Marie’s day off so I skipped school. I spent the morning at Nancy’s and then came back at noon when the house was empty. I went immediately to Vikki’s bedroom. I spent some time examining her panties and they were all fun and silky, but not what I really wanted. I have a shoe fetish, I admit it. And Vikki has such an impressive collection. I ran my hands over the black patent leather. I ran the stiletto from her highest red pump across my cheek and down to my cock. I sucked on the tip of the matching shoe. Best, I licked one of her pep-toe pumps. I am obsessed with the little red toenail always sticking out. I could picture her perfectly walking around in each pair. Her calf muscles tight. Her creamy white thighs. Her tits pushed out. At that point I did what I’ve never done before. I jerked off thinking about my mother. I blew my load inside a pair of beige pumps. I cleaned them off after of course. I don’t know how I’ll resist jerking off the next time I see her in that pair and think about her toes are standing in my cum.

Vikki thought she might cum. She was near the edge but not quite there. She paused long enough to run back to her bedroom and found her beige pumps. She also took a black pair. She then returned to Jack’s room. She dropped the beige ones on his bed. She then pushed the tip of the black one into her cunt. And she searched for the next entry. It was from only a few days ago: Monday.

I found Vikki sitting on the couch when I came home tonight. She was still dressed from work and seeing her on the couch dressed so slutty, all sorts of images flashed through my mind. She acted really weird. She was asking me a lot about Nancy and sitting very close. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about her nails. I never really thought about them much but when those long red nails were on my thigh, it was the most incredibly sexy thing. I practically ran upstairs. I jerked off thinking about her taking me in her mouth. That’s been my primary fantasy for months. Vikki squatting down and giving me a blow job. I guess some fantasies aren’t meant to come true. I had hoped those thoughts would end once Nancy and I started fucking. But while Nancy’s great, she’s just a girl. Vikki’s a woman: the shoes, the dresses, the attitude, the whole package.

Vikki was fucking her cunt with her stiletto. She loved that the next time Jake sucked on it, he’d taste her. She didn’t need to search for the next entry. It was dated Thursday morning.

I can’t believe what’s happened over the last two days. There are certain lines you think you’ll never cross, not matter how much you want to. Last night, I left the line long behind. Can we go one more step? It’s a cliché to talk about something so wrong feeling so right. Because it doesn’t feel wrong. It’s what we both want. Vikki’s in charge. I’ll follow her lead. First, though I have to break up with Nancy. We’re meeting up this afternoon. Hopefully it won’t be too messy.

Apparently it had been messy. Jake was still a very horny teenager and as much as Vikki loved that side of him, it could also lead to poor decisions. The important thing was that Jake wanted her. He wanted her tits, her heels, her nails, all the little touches that made her so sexy. They would fuck eventually. Vikki had never given up anything her life and she wouldn’t give up on him. One day soon they would be lovers. And then she came.

She looked at the clock. It was past noon and she had accomplished getting herself off twice. Not bad for a mental health day.

Vikki cleaned herself off in her bathroom. She decided panties were just not going to work today. She also decided to still go into the office, even if just to make sure her employees weren’t burning the place down in her absence. She fixed her skirt and make-up. She put her hair up and went downstairs.

Marie was in the dining room polishing the wood.

“Good morning, Madam,” Marie greeted Vikki. Vikki didn’t have time to deal with her maid that morning and ignored her. She would have gone out the door without exchanging a word if she hadn’t noticed a bag under an end table by the front door closet. It was the bag Angela had given her.

“Marie, what’s this doing here?”

“I am sorry, Madam?” Marie came over to investigate.

“Why is that bag downstairs and out in the open?” Vikki asked.

“I’ve never seen it before,” Marie said.

“I brought it to my room when I came home yesterday.”

“Maybe your son brought it down?”

“Why the fuck would he do that?”

“I don’t know, Mistress,” Marie said. She was visible shaken, scared she would be blamed.

“Just bring it upstairs,” Vikki said.

“Yes.” As Marie picked up the handle, Vikki saw that the zipper was open. Marie saw it too, but not in time. Several of the contents spilled out, including a large, ridged dildo. Marie frozen in horror.

“Don’t just stand there,” Vikki said. “Pick that up.”

Marie tentatively bent over and took hold of the imitation cock. She stared at it intently. Her fingers toyed with the hard plastic making up the ridges. Her eyes widened even further.

“Well?” Vikki asked. Marie looked so enthralled by it, Vikki wanted to laugh. “Are you just going to stare at it?

“What should I do with it, Mistress?”

“You don’t know what it’s for?” Vikki did laugh. “I think you shove it up your wet cunt.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Marie didn’t move at all, except to grip the cock tighter.

“I said,” Vikki stepped closer. “You shove it up your wet cunt. Now.” Marie stepped back. Vikki thought she was going to run away. Instead, she pulled her panties down to her ankles. She then leaned against the closest door, spread her legs, and pushed the dildo into her pussy. Vikki realized the office would have to wait. She had to teach her maid how to properly get herself off.

“How does it feel inside you?” Vikki asked.

“Tight. I can’t fit all of it.”

“Yes you can,” Vikki said. She took hold of the end protruding from her maid and pushed it further up. “It’s not supposed to just sit there. Pump it. Like a real cock.” Vikki helped Marie get up a steady rhythm and then let go. Vikki watched from a distance as Marie fucked herself.

“Am I pleasing you, Madam?” Marie asked between moans.

“Very much so,” Vikki answered. “I’ve been very short with you of late haven’t I, Marie?”

“I deserved it, Madam.”

“That’s not true, Marie,” Vikki picked up some of the other items that had fallen from the bag. “You have loyally served this family for years. If I have a problem with how your performance, I shouldn’t immediately resort to yelling. I think there’s a more productive way to handle the situation.” Vikki took hold of an ivy handled paddle. “Behind over the couch.”

“Yes, Mistress Vikki,” Marie complied with the order. The dildo resultantly stuck out. Vikki pushed it back in with her free hand. She hiked Marie’s skirt up past her waist. Then she brought the paddle down on Marie’s ass cheek. “Ohh!!”

“This is how I should handle it,” Vikki said. She began to fuck Marie with the dildo, occasionally giving her a hard spank with the paddle. It was a very gratifying experience for Vikki, letting out all of the week’s pent up frustration on her slave. Marie for her part seemed to enjoy it as well. Her moans demonstrated her pleasure in having her pussy fucked while being paddled. Marie liked being used. Vikki had all sorts of ideas how to use her. After one final hard whack, Vikki pulled the dildo out. Marie gasped and fell to the floor. She laid there, recovering from, or basking in, the punishment handed out.

“I like seeing out at my feet,” Vikki said. She put a heel on Marie’s breast. “Does that hurt, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Marie said. “Thank you.”

“I’ve discovered some people have an intense high heel fetish,” Vikki twisted the stilettos around Marie’s nipple. “Those people can be so easily enslaved, don’t you think?”

“Yes,” Marie said.

“I’m glad you agree,” Vikki dropped a collar in front of Marie. “Put it on.” Marie immediately placed it around her neck and snapped it in place. Vikki then pulled Marie along by the attached chain. Vikki sat on the couch. “Why don’t you show me how a slave worships her mistress?”

Marie smiled and put her tongue on Vikki’s shoe. Marie began to lick up and down the leather. Vikki raised her foot as Marie did so. Presented with the tip, Marie put it in her mouth. Vikki found it incredibly hot. Her pussy moistened and she thought how good Jake would look in Marie’s position. Marie meanwhile moved from the tip around the edge of Vikki’s foot and was soon eagerly sucking the heel itself. Vikki used the other heels to scratch Marie’s skin.

Marie released the heel and traveled back around front. Her tongue went straight up onto Vikki’s skin and kept going up her leg. Marie looked for an order to stop. Vikki gave none. Marie pushed Vikki’s legs apart and nibbled her thighs. Vikki knew where Marie was headed and thrilled in anticipation. She was glad she hadn’t worn panties. Marie’s tongue finally arrived at Vikki’s crotch. She touched her tongue to Vikki’s clit and began to suck.

Vikki grabbed Marie’s head to steady herself. Vikki hadn’t felt a woman’s mouth on her clit for a while. Marie was so eager to please. It felt so good. Vikki had obviously experimented with women in college. And there was her trip with David to Vegas on their honeymoon. This obviously wasn’t Marie’s first time either. While all women have a natural instinct for getting off another woman, Marie’s technique went beyond innate talent to honed skill.

“Oooohhhhhh,” Vikki moaned. “You’re fucking good at that your little cunt licker. I never…OHHHHH FUCK!” Marie was real good. Vikki couldn’t focus long enough to come up with anything more descriptive. Marie was bringing her to orgasm fast. “Keep going…” Vikki panted. “Keep going! Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Vikki came.

Marie just stayed there kneeling between legs with an inappropriately large smile on her face.

“What’s so funny, slut?” Vikki asked. She jerked Marie up by the chain and kissed her. She remembered how soft a woman’s lips could be and eagerly explored Marie’s mouth.

“I’ve always wanted you this way, Mistress,” Marie said. “Please use me more.”

“On your feet, slave,” Vikki yanked on the chain and led Marie upstairs to her bedroom. They took the bag with them.

Upstairs, Vikki stripped Marie completely except for her black stilettos. Vikki also left on her heels, bra and stockings. Vikki secured Marie to her bed. There were enough sets of cuffs to restrain both arms separately and also leg restraints attached to the bottom of the bed. She then placed a ball gag in Marie’s mouth. Nipple clamps went on both of Marie’s tits.

“I hope you appreciate this, Marie,” Vikki said. “Most servants never get these types of fringe benefits.”

Now it was time for the real fun. Vikki found a large vibrator with clit stimulator. She inserted it into Marie’s cunt and lined up the stimulator. Marie’s muffed moans immediately filled the air and she began buckling against her restraints.

“I think two hours should do it,” Vikki said. “Any independent thought should pretty much be out of you by then. Enjoy.”

More muffled moan as Vikki left the room.

Marie’s eyes pleaded with Vikki as soon as she reentered the room hours later.

“I’m sorry I was gone so long,” Vikki said. “The traffic from the mall was insane.” Actually, Vikki hadn’t left the house but her maid didn’t know that. The room reeked of cum. Vikki removed the gag so Marie could answer.

“Please, Mistress,” Marie cried. “Please…”

“Please, what?” Vikki asked. “Untie you?”

“Please let me eat your pussy again, Mistress,” Marie said.

“Hmm. I’ve had you tied up for two and a half hours with your pussy getting pounded and all you want is to eat my pussy again?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You are such a good maid. How many times have you cum, slave?”

“Four times, Mistress,” Marie said.

“Well, you owe me three orgasms then,” Vikki said. She climbed onto the bed and straddle Marie’s face. She pulled the maid by her hair so her face was in Vikki’s cunt. “Lick me, slave.”

“Mmmm, what time is it?” Vikki asked Marie. Vikki had been exhausted after Marie had gotten her off for the third straight time. Vikki had unlocked her and then collapsed on the bed. Now, some time later, Marie shook her.

“It’s late,” Marie answered.

“Is Jake home?” Vikki asked.

“No, Mistress. But I made dinner.”

“Good. I’m famished.” Vikki put on her robe and followed Marie downstairs. She found chicken, broccoli and ziti on the table. Time to carbo load. Vikki tied Marie’s lash to the table while she ate. “We need to talk about, Jake.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Marie said.

“You know I want him,” Vikki said.

“I’ve caught him masturbating in your room. He seems to really like your shoes.”

“I am aware. But we are passed that. I need him to fuck me. I need his cock in my pussy. Can you appreciate that?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“So how are we going to fuck him?” Vikki asked. “I saw we because two pussies are tougher to resist than one.”

“I have a suggestion, Mistress,” Marie said.

“Well, spit it out,” Vikki said.

“I need to go upstairs.”


“Please trust me, Mistress.”

“This better be good,” Vikki said and nodded her permission. Marie went upstairs. She returned wearing the strap-on dildo from the bag. “As fun as that looks, it doesn’t solve the problem.”

“I’m not finished, Mistress,” Marie went into the downstairs hall. She returned with a video camera. She set it up on the dining room table so it recorded the living room. “Please position yourself on the couch.”

“Again, fun but not solving the problem,” Vikki said. But she still complied. She crouched on the sofa with her ass in the air. She realized she was looking directly into the camera. Marie came around her and placed her hands on Vikki’s hips.

“Do you want me to fuck you with this strap on?” Marie asked.

“Yes.” Vikki wondered when the tables had been turned. But she didn’t mind. Just as it had been hot to order Marie around it, it was fun to follow her orders. She felt the plastic cock parting her pussy lips.

“Do you want to fuck, Jake?” Marie asked.

“You know I do. Ahh!” Marie entered her, all the way to the hilt.

“Do you Victoria Winters want to fuck your son?”

“Yes, I want to fuck him. I want his big hard cock to fuck my wet little pussy.” Marie began to pump in and out of Vikki’s pussy. Marie also rubbed Vikki’s clit while fucking her.

“If you want to fuck him, slut, why don’t you fuck him?” Marie was merciless with the plastic cock.

“I don’t now how. I want to. I really, really want to fuck him. I want to swallow his cock and eat his cum. I want to wear his cum. I want to dress like a whore for him. I want to steal him away from the little cunt Nancy.”

“Are you a whore?” Marie pulled Vikki’s hair.

“Yes, I’m a fucking nasty whore who wants to fuck her own son.”

“Are you a sexy, dominant woman who can have any cock, or pussy, she wants?”

“Yes, I can seduce any man or woman. I’m a whore drenched in sexuality. No one can resist my short skirts, sky high stilettos, luscious tits, and long red nails.”

“Is your friend Natalie another cock hungry whore, fucking her son and drooling for the chance at Jack’s cock?”

“Yes, Natalie wants us to share sons. She’s such a fucking slut.”

“Is your friend Angela the most nasty, kinkiest woman you’ve ever known?”

“Yes. She’s a sick pervert. But she has nothing on me. I want to fuck my own son, remember?”

“Is your boss Ian the most powerful man you’ve ever meet and everything you’re doing, you’re doing for him?”

“Yes. I belong to Ian. I wish he would fuck me. But even if he doesn’t, he can use my mind and body for other purposes.”

“Is Mark Montgomery the type of man you’ll fuck on the side?”

“Yes, he’s a lot of fun. He knows how to fuck a whore like me and he can be useful in finding new ways to degrade myself.”

“Are your co-workers Alex, Laura and Rachel you’re playthings?”

“Yes, they’re all sexy little fuck toys for the office. I like watching them fuck each other and on occasion fuck me.”

“Does your maid long to submit to you, to eat your pussy and obey your orders?”

“Yes. She longs to be used as a mindless sex slave.”

“Is your son Jake attracted to you?”

“Yes. He’s been obsessing about me for years. He’s a naughty boy jerking off over his own mother.”

“Does he have a shoe fetish?”

“Yes. He’s powerless to resist me. He wants to kneel at my feet and lick my high heels. Then he’ll put his cock in my pussy.”

“Well then, Vikki, remember that when you wake up.”

* * *

Vikki was rocked by an intense orgasm. It was an odd sensation, waking up mid-climax. She screamed her lungs out. Unfortunately, she was not alone. Scott was in the process of pulling up his pants when Vikki came awake. He watched her for a moment before resuming his task of silently but quickly dressing. Finally, Vikki finished and Scott looked at her sheepishly.

Vikki didn’t say anything and neither did he. She turned away from him and pulled the sheets over her body. Scott took this as permission to retreat out of her bedroom. Vikki couldn’t really blame him. They barely knew each other and yet Vikki had not only fucked him, she had put him in the middle of her family’s domestic drama. Vikki had gone from the best lay of his life to a freak not worth the trouble.

What am I going to do? Vikki thought. Her life was slipping out of control. Her fantasies were controlling her life. For the past two days, she had craved sex with her own son. Yesterday she had put plans in motion to bring her desires to fruition and they had ended in disaster. Jake hadn’t been jealous enough to stop fucking Nancy. What now? Did she still want to go all the way? Was that even an option?

She opened her eyes. She was glad Scott was gone. He couldn’t help her. What had happened last night? She had told Jake to break up with Nancy. Vikki remembered slamming doors. Had Nancy stormed off? She must have after Jake broke up with her so suddenly. But he obeyed me, Vikki realized. She searched for her vibrator. Jake obeyed me. He obeyed me, she kept thinking. She pressed her vibrator to her clit but paused. Stop it, Vikki demanded of herself. She had done something horrible and she was not going to masturbate about it.

Oh God, Vikki thought. I’m a horrible mother. I ruined my son’s relationship. I put my wants above his happiness.

Vikki found no note from Scott. No surprise there. They could never have a relationship after what he witnessed in Vikki last night.

There were plenty of other men out there who would jump at the chance to distract her with other preserve sexual acts. Plenty of women, too. That’s what the Internet was for.

In the shower, Vikki wondered what to do with her day off. She couldn’t go into the office. It was too risky with her lust operating out of control. She was sick of shopping and she didn’t dare call any of her friends. What was she supposed to do? What was her dream last night? Vikki couldn’t remember anything before waking up to what could honestly be called a mind-shattering orgasm.

Vikki keep trying to remember while searching through her extensive wardrobe. She selected a black thong set of panties and a black bra. The dream had been sexual of course, but had it involved Jake? She zipped up her white pencil skirt. Of course it had involved Jake, that’s all she dreamed about now. For heels she selected a GUESS Joyclyn sandal in a luxe pink with imperial violet pattern and 3 ¼ inch stiletto heel.

She examined herself in the mirror. She looked very sexy for someone with no place to go. The men in her office would be missing her. And some of the women. Whether or they admitted it, all women appreciated the sight of another beautiful woman and wondered what it would be like to indulge as Vikki once had. Had she? No, of course not. Still, Vikki saw an image of another woman in a very sexually yielding manner. That was strange. Vikki had never been into women before. Her earlier dreams had only hinted at mild bisexuality. Were they now telling her to switch sides?

Vikki was still horny. Her pussy was leaking through her panties. She tried to ignore it. She walked into the hallway. The house was quiet. Jake’s door was open and Vikki peaked inside. His room was tidy and gave no real clue as to what he’d been doing last night. And it was empty.

Vikki walked around his bedroom. Before this week, she had rarely been inside. He had never given his mother any reason to worry about drugs so she had respected his privacy. And Jake hadn’t bothered to rearrange his room since he was young so it still looked like a boy’s room. Now Vikki felt naughty being in there. It was like 13-year-old Jake had gotten so horny one night he had made a deal with the devil for a beautiful woman to appear in his bedroom. A woman with long red nails. And here she was.

Vikki sat on his bed. Last night he had fucked Nancy on this bed. Vikki could easily picture him stuffing Nancy with his big hard cock. His big hard cock. Her son’s big hard cock in a tight wet pussy. Her son’s balls full of hot, sticky cum. She’d fuck her son until he came in her pussy.

Wow, Vikki thought, I am so fucking perverted. But her thoughts just went there on their own. Thoughts that made her pussy gush. Whether or not she ever acted on them, those thoughts would always be there. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Lot’s of people go through life lusting after that one person they can never have.

But she could masturbate. She turned on Jake’s computer and checked his browser to what he had been thinking of. Very prominent in the recent history was a recent site called MindControlSex. He wasn’t hiding his tracks anymore. She selected an address and found a site dedicated to the fetish. Vikki’s pussy immediately went into overdrive. The site was filled with images of hypnotized women. The very first photo showed two women in an office with the younger woman’s head slumped to the side and her eyes glued to a pocket watch swinging in the other woman’s hand. In another photo, a woman sat naked in front of a computer with a dildo protruding from her pussy and a pair of headphones also attached to the computer by wire. The computer screen said only Obey in large block letters. The woman’s eyes were completely blank and drool gathered at the corner of her lips.

As Vkki started to approach climax as she wished Jake would hypnotize her. Could that actually be happening? What if Jake was hypnotizing her? Oh, that brought her closer to cumming. Jake turning her into his sex slave. That would explain the dreams. It was part of a brainwashing effort by her genius son. It was also perfectly understandable. Jake had grown up without his father and with his very sexy mother strutting around the house. Vikki didn’t want to hazard a guess how many of Jake’s friends were masturbating over her. Actually, she knew the answer: all of them. Jake could only take so much before he started thing of her that way too.

Brainwashing was the only why he could get her. Because the mere thought of sexual contact with Jake should repulse her. Vikki thought back to last week. She couldn’t remember any of the details, but certainly didn’t remember fantasying about Jake. She would have remembered that.

Vikki kept rubbing her clit. She pictured Jake’s bright eyes and handsome face. She pictured him smiling innocently at the kitchen table. Then she pictured his wonderful cock emerging from his pants and placing it between her tits. That image shouldn’t be having the effect on her pussy that it did.

So Jake had hypnotized her. That meant he knew exactly what Vikki was going through he acted otherwise. He was playing with her. He was making her horny all the time. He was making her behave like a slut. Who knew how long it had been going on for? Maybe she never even owned a pair of stilettos before two weeks ago. Now he had her obsessing over his cock, fucking strange men, and thinking about threesomes with teenage girls from his class. Maybe he had placed hidden cameras around the house or at least in his bedroom. He was recording her right now, watching her about to cum. Do you want mommy to cum for you, baby?

And she did. She came hard. She just wished Jake would stop teasing her and actual fuck her soon. Well, in the meantime, she’d just kept acting slutty. Besides, it was easier than fighting his influence, right? Vikki giggled. She liked knowing even those thoughts were not her own.

If only all that were really true, Vikki thought, as she sat in Jake’s chair post-cum. It would be so much easier if she didn’t have to think of new ways of seducing Jake. It was much easier to think that everything had been his idea, including Vikki making him break up with Nancy. But it wasn’t true, Vikki knew. Jake was incredibly smart, but he wasn’t particularly gifted with computers. He certainly wasn’t the genius with electronics that he would need to be to…what…control her thoughts? She would like to think he was building a mind control machine she would have at least noticed him tinkering around with something suspicious looking. Unless she had caught him and he made her forget.

See, it was a perfect fantasy.

As Vikki closed out of the browser, she heard footsteps on the stairs. Vikki looked down at herself but saw she wasn’t that much of a mess. Her panties were still on and her juices hadn’t leaked out that much. Once she sat up and closed her legs, she could pass. But Vikki was not prepared to see Nancy.

“Mrs. Winters?” the girl said. She stood at the room’s threshold, her hair halfway covering her face and her arms hanging at her sides.

“Nancy…” Vikki rethought her appearance. “I…Jake’s not here.”

“Yeah, I know,” Nancy laughed like she would cry if she didn’t. “I left my phone here last night. Jake said I could come by today and get it. Marie let me in.” Vikki thought she looked cute vulnerable. “Can I look around for it?”

“Yes, of course you can. Sorry, I just really, really wasn’t expecting anyone today.” Nancy came into the room. Vikki stood up and switched places with her so she wouldn’t be in her way. Nancy started around the bed, looking behind the headboard, on the floor and under the pillows. “Any luck? Maybe you left it downstairs?”

“No, I already checked the couch. Shit. Um, sorry.”

“It’s ok, honey. But don’t worry. We’ll find it.” Then Vikki saw it on the corner of Jake’s desk, squeezed between his computer and a couple of school books. Nancy moved over to check around his desk and Vikki moved to help. Doing so, she pushed the phone further behind his computer. “It’s not up here.” Nancy looked underneath and came up empty. “Are you positive you left it in this house?”

“I wouldn’t have come back here I wasn’t sure,” Nancy said, her voice starting to break. “I should just go.” She made a break for the door. Vikki stepped in front of her.

“No, wait,” Vikki said. Nancy really wanted to leave but she wasn’t about to knock over Vikki. She turned her head away and tried to hold back the tears. “I know I’m the last person you want to talk to right now. But imagine I’m not Jake’s mother. Just an older woman who very well understands how insensitive teenage boys can be. And I’m sorry that he hurt you.”

“Really? I always got the impression you didn’t like us being together.”

“Nonsense, Nancy.” Vikki lied. She just wanted to comfort this girl. “Even though he was older, you were more mature in many ways. I liked that Jake had you in his life.” Vikki began to stroke Nancy’s hair. Vikki’s long red nails entwined with Nancy’s blond strands. The girl relaxed. She seemed less upset but also let out the emotions she had been suppressing. A few tears rolled down her cheek.

“Thank you, Mrs. Winters,” Nancy smiled.

“Call me Vikki.” Vikki thought about Jake interrupting them. What would he think to see his mother rolling around naked with the girl she had made him dump? It would be unforgivable. He would be livid. And incredibly turned on. He’d have no choice but to fuck her hard. Hate fucking could be so hot. All because she corrupted poor little innocent Nancy. “Tell me exactly what happened between you two last night?” She moved Nancy over to Jake’s bed.

“Yes, Vikki. It happened so fast. He called me late Wednesday night and he sounded so formal. I thought he was going to break up with me. But when he picked me up on Thursday, he was so warm and…” Vikki’s eyes indicted it was ok for Nancy to continue. “And horny. My sister was home though so he suggested coming to your house. After you caught us, went up here. We had sex twice. Afterwards, I was tired but he said he wasn’t ready for sleep yet. Said that his dream wasn’t finished.”

“His dream?” Vikki stopped her.

“Yes. I asked him if he had dreamed of sex. And he said something like, ‘Yeah, you have no idea’ and he really smiled. So I asked him what else happened in his dream, but then he got a weird look. He wouldn’t tell me so I asked if there something in his dream he wanted me to do. Then he said there was nothing I could do. I let it drop, but I suspected he was dreaming of someone else. Maybe Allison. He pushed me away even though his cock was hard again. He went to the bathroom and when he came back…”

“There’s your phone!” Vikki interrupted.

“My what?” Nancy asked. “Oh, my phone. Where?”

“Right here on the desk,” Vikki reached behind Jake’s computer and she pulled out Nancy’s cell. ‘Sorry, I must have knocked it back there while I was working this morning. Here you are.” Nancy took it slowly. “The truth is Nancy, this is probably for the best. He’s going to college and you’ll be there soon too. You’ll experience all sorts of new things that will make high school a distant memory. Let me walk you out.”

“Ok, Mrs. Winters,” Nancy said. Vikki led the girl downstairs, hugged her goodbye and then closed the door. So Jake had been having dreams too. That’s when Vikki noticed a pair of shoes by the front door: Alexander McQueen two-tone black and dust leather pumps with 4½-inch heel. Vikki remembered her dream from last night.

“Marie, can you come in here?”

“Good morning,” Marie came at her call. “Did you see Nancy?”

“Yes, nice girl,” Vikki said. “Marie, how have you been feeling recently?”

“Fine. Why are you asking?”

“No reason. It’s just…well, I’ve been short with you recently and I apologize.”

“It’s fine,” Marie laughed. “I mean, you’ve been under a lot of stress.”

“Sit down for a moment so we can talk.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Marie’s immediate obedience affected Vikki and pushed her to continue on and see if her hunch was correct.

“These are for you, to say I’m sorry,” Vikki presented the shoes.

“Thank you, Madam,” Marie said immediately, then looked confused. She tentatively turned the heels over in her hands, fondling the leather and examining the heel. “I don’t know what to say. They must be so expensive. Thank you.”

“Don’t just sit there,” Vikki said. “Try them on.”

“They’re gorgeous, but I don’t think they’d go very well with these pants.” Still, Marie continued to hold the shoes tightly. There was a battle going on in her mind, Vikki could tell.

“Then change.” Vikki held her breath while waiting to see what Marie would do. Vikki still had plausible deniability.

“Yes, Vikki,” Marie stood up and went to her room.

She’s doing it! Vikki screamed in her head when Marie left the room. She was following every one of Vikki’s orders. Right that moment, Marie was in her room dressing up for her mistress!

“Madam…” Marie returned. Vikki composed herself. She thought she would have heard Marie return, but the servant had glided in silently. Even in the stilettos, Marie was the perfect servant. Marie was now wearing a flowing black skirt and a white shirt. Her hair was down but combed neatly to the sides. The perfect slave.

“You look beautiful,” Vikki said. “How do you feel?”

“Sexy. I feel like another woman.”

“So do I,” Vikki said. She took the next step and reached out to brush Marie’s hair back. Marie shivered at the touch. Vikki trailed her fingers down Marie’s neck and shoulders until she reached her chest. She folded her maid’s breasts and pinched her nipples.

“Stop, Madam, please, I can’t,” Marie said stifling a moan.

“Of course you can,” Vikki answered. “Why did you dress up for me right now? This wasn’t normal.”

“Because you told me to.”

“You have to obey me,” Vikki said. “I’ve been having the most erotic dreams recently. I think you have been too. I think we all have. That’s the only way to explain it. That’s why you’ve been calling me Madam. That’s when you let me buy you fuck me heels. You want this. Or you need it. Either way, you’ll enjoy it, and more importantly, I’ll enjoy it.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Marie said. “I am your slave.” Marie then laughed. “God, it feels good to finally say that out loud to you.” Vikki reached into Marie’s skirt and felt Marie’s cunt dripping.

“Kiss me, slave,” Vikki said. Marie tilted her head to the side and leaned into Vikki’s lips. Vikki had kissed a woman once, back in college. It had been so long Vikki couldn’t trust her memory of it. Marie’s kiss was what Vikki had been taught to believe a woman felt like, soft and gentle and passionate. Vikki wanted to taste more and was soon chasing Marie’s tongue with hers. They both kissed passionately and Vikki wanted to feel more of Marie so soon there breasts were rubbing against each other. Marie eagerly placed herself in Vikki’s arm. The encouragement wasn’t lost on Vikki who began to fondle Marie’s ass.

“I want you on your knees, slave,” Vikki said. Marie smiled and knelt before her new mistress.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Marie said. “I will obey.”

“Have you really been dreaming of this, slave?” Marie nodded. “Well, if that’s true, it should be quite a turn on being this close to my stiletto heels. You really want to lick them, don’t you?”

“Yes, please,” Marie begged.

“Then do it, slave,” Vikki commanded. She sat on the couch and Marie crawled over to her feet. Vikki’s pussy grew wetter watching her maid crawl. It was intoxicating having this kind of power over someone. And it was real life! It wasn’t just a dream; Vikki was sure of that.

Marie smiled and held Vikki’s right shoe. Then she put her tongue to Vikki’s foot. The sensation was different than her dream but still incredible. It tickled as Marie’s salvia dripped between Vikki’s toes. Vikki found it incredibly hot. She thought how good Jake would look doing it. Marie meanwhile moved her tongue, licking the leather on the sides. Soon Marie eagerly sucking the heel itself. Vikki used the other heel to scratch Marie’s skin.

Marie stayed on the heel for a while. She seemed positively obsessed with it. Rolling it around her tongue, sliding it out past her lips slowly like it was cock, and then diving down on it like it was, well, a cock. Marie also used a free hand to rub her clit while servicing Vikki’s feet. Vikki hadn’t given Marie permission to touch herself, but Vikki didn’t care. It was hot to watch. Then Marie finally moved to Vikki’s leg and Vikki flinched. Marie was really going to eat her pussy.

Vikki grabbed Marie’s head to steady herself. Marie didn’t show any signs of hesitancy. She licked her way up past Vikki’s knees and then began to nibble her thighs. Vikki moaned. Marie made eye contact and Vikki understood. She lifted up her ass so Marie could slide her panties down and off. Marie discarded them on the floor and Vikki started at them. Then she felt her thighs being pushed even further apart. And then she felt Marie’s mouth on her clit.

“Ooohhhhhh,” Vikki moaned. “You fucking cunt licking slut…You fucking whore... OHHHHH FUCK!” Feelings washed over Vikki that she hadn’t felt in years. They threatened to overwhelm her and the only relief was to verbalize. “You are a fucking whore, aren’t you slave? How many cunts have you sucked before?”

Marie didn’t respond. Her eyes looked up but she kept up her steady pace on Vikki’s clit.

“You like being a nasty slut, don’t you?” Vikki asked. “I’m going to use you, slave. This is…AAAAAHHHH, YES, Yes, yes…this is your new job. Every morning you’re going to eat my pussy before work. You’d fucking love that slut, wouldn’t you?”

Marie again didn’t answer. It didn’t matter though because Vikki was so close to cumming. Marie just licked faster and sucked harder.

“Don’t fucking stop!” Vikki screamed. “If you stop I’ll fuck your ass. Don’t…FUCK! YEAH! I’M CUMMING!”

Lying on the couch, Vikki slowly regained her vision. The bright flash of light that accompanied her orgasm had been unexpected but wonderful, obviously. As the fog in Vikki’s mind lifted, she saw Marie standing seductively in front of her, perched on her sky high heels. She smiled broadly, pleased with her work and expecting Vikki’s next command.

“What happens next?” Vikki stood but her knees and wobbled and she held Marie. “In your dream, what happens next?”

“You take me upstairs,” Marie said. “You handcuff me, stick a gag in my mouth and a vibrator up my pussy. You put porn on TV and blare the volume. Then you leave me for 3 hours and when you return I’m thoroughly broken, a brainwashed little slut.”

“That’s funny,” Vikki said. “I had the exact same dream. But I don’t own any of that stuff for real.”

“I do.” And then Marie led the way upstairs.

In Marie’s room, Vikki watched a DVD called “Lessons from a MILF.”

“Do you think Jake would like something like this?” Vikki said. The movie was about older women giving younger couples sex lessons. She had been waiting for two straight hours. “Or would the instructions just make him insecure?”

“I don’t know,” Marie said. “May I lick you again, Mistress?”

“Yes, but I want to watch this,” Vikki hit stop and then play on the remote.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Marie said and plunged into Vikki’s cunt.

“I wonder when you learned to stop worrying and love pussy…Oooh.” Marie was positioned at Vikki’s feet with access to her cunt but not blocking the screen.

“Wednesday night, Mistress.”

“HahaaaahhhhHHH…why did you want so long…”

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” Marie said.

“Fuck! You’re never going to have another day when you don’t eat at least one pussy,” Vikki said. “And you’re so happy for it. It convinces me that once everything is settled, Jake is going to be really happy in this new life of ours.”

“Mmm, what time is it?” Vikki asked waking up slowly. She had fallen asleep after Marie had gotten her off for the third time. Now Vikki woke to Marie slowly nuzzling her neck.

“It’s 7 o’clock,” Marie answered.

“Is Jake home?” Vikki asked.

“He told me he’s sleeping at Chris’ house tonight. But I ordered dinner.”

“Ok,” Vikki followed Marie. On the way down the stairs, Vikki suddenly grabbed her. “I want to taste you again.” She planted a long, deep kiss on Marie. The maid welcomed it, enveloping Vikki in her arms.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Marie said when Vikki broke away.

“You’ll really do anything I say?” Vikki asked.

“Do you doubt me? Are you really going to fuck your son?”

“Yes, I am. So no I don’t doubt you. Is that something you want to do? Help me fuck Jack? Fuck him yourself?”

“I live to serve you, madam. But Jake is hot and yes I’d love to fuck him.”

“What if I told you to do something you didn’t want?” Vikki said. “If I wanted to fuck your ass with a strap on?”

“Being forced to do it would turn me on so much I’d want to do it,” Marie said.

“What’s something you really wouldn’t want to do?” Vikki said.

“A stranger. I love you and Jake but anyone else seeing me like this would be humiliating.”

“I have an idea.”

“Please tell me, Mistress.”

“I could use you to fuck people,” Vikki said and kissed Marie softly. “I have a reputation to protect. There are things I can’t do. But most people I work with don’t know you. So if I wanted to find out how two of my employees are fucking…”

“They could find me sitting alone at a bar, eager to make new friends,” Marie said. “After a few drinks, we’re all back at their place and I have everything you want to know. God, I really would be your whore.”

“You’d help me rise even further at the office,” Vikki said. She forgot about the food and laid Marie on the couch. She was so turned on she began to kiss down Marie’s chest. “Sometimes you’d just be a treat for a client.”

“Yes, whore me out. I’ll be your secret, slutty weapon.”

“Oh, I will,” Vikki pushed Marie’s thighs apart. Vikki had never eaten pussy before but now really wanted to. “First Jake. And then you’ll be my whore because I really don’t want Jake getting attached to you.”

“I’ll do anything, Vikki. I don’t want to think anymore, just obey.”

“You really want me to eat you out right now.”

“Oh God I do. Please Vikki. Eat my pussy. Savor my juices.”

“As you wish,” Vikki spread Marie’s lips and teased out her clit. Vikki leaned in and took it in her mouth. She sucked hard and then stopped and licked a few times. Marie’s moans got loader.

“Your pussy is so fucking wet,” Vikki stopped to say. “I can’t believe you weren’t a lesbian before. Tell me about your dreams.”

“It started on Sunday. I dreamed I started dressing sexier. You encouraged me to wear short skirts and high heels around the house, especially around Jake. When I woke up, I couldn’t resist. I bought the heels you just gave me.”

Mystery solved, Vikki thought, licking between the folds of Marie’s pussy. “The dreams continued. I woke up every morning wetter than the last time.”

Vikki liked hearing it wasn’t just her. She pushed her tongue into Marie’s cunt.

“In real life, small little requests felt like orders. I loved it. I was in awe of your sex and I longed to see the pussy barely covered by your short skirts.”

Vikki inserted three fingers into Marie. The maid gasped as her cunt clamped down around the digits.

“In my dreams, you made me watch you flirt with Jake.”

Vikki continued to finger fuck her while also sucking her clit.

“I dreamt of fooling around with Jake. Not sex, just teasing so that he would be extra horny when you came home.”

Vikki heard Marie’s descriptions as she continued sucking. So Marie gone through the same erotic nightly journeys as Vikki. And probably as Jake.

“I dreamt of making the two of you dinner. You are sucking his cock but I interrupt you before he finishes. You make me eat your pussy instead.”

“Is that why you suggested making dinner?” Vikki asked.

“Yes…Yes…Then when I caught you masturbating, and I was in your room and saw your long red nails, I thought it would really happen. Yes! Please don’t stop!”

Vikki inserted all four fingers in the tight little pussy. Marie was getting close.

“I went into your office when you weren’t there. So many hot people working for you. Fucking in your office while you’re gone. I met Ian.”

The mention of Ian’s name made Vikki went to cum.

“He called here for you in real life yesterday. I masturbated to his voice.”

Vikki pulled out her fingers and focused solely on Marie’s clit.


Vikki didn’t stop as Marie thrashed under her for several minutes.

“Ooooohh…good stuff….” Marie laughed. “Oh, and I saw Jake masturbating with one your pumps in his hand. In real life.”

“Well, then, Marie, tomorrow should be easy.”