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Keep It In the Family

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[Synopsis : When Roger’s nephew comes for a visit, “Little Jakey” shocks his uncle by wanting much more than a place to stay.]

[Note from the Author : Thanks for taking the time to read my story. This is one of several stories I worked on this summer (2005) … so if you like this one … you may like the others. I’d really love to read your comments so please forward them to . Thanks. MTL Bear.]

I was very surprised last week to get that phone call from my nephew. Surprised and pleased. Of my two nephews, little Jakey (Jake Jr. actually) has always been the one I liked best. (I know … you’re never supposed to say that … but it’s true … right from the moment he could talk, he and I always had a connection … we enjoyed being with each other!)

The sad thing is I haven’t seen much of either of my nephews after being banned from my brother’s house when my sister-in-law found out I was gay. (She worked with a gay guy who outed me at little Jakey’s christening.) My brother, Jake, always said my banning was all his wife’s idea, but I’ve never really been so sure … our relationship has never been the same since the outing … he looks at me like he no longer knows me. I’ve only seen them at family gatherings … funerals … weddings … and things like that … but the get-togethers have really been far and few between.

So when my nephew called out of the blue to ask if he could stay with me for a week, I was thrilled. I asked if his mother knew he was planning a trip here and he said “yes”. For some reason I didn’t believe him. He told me he was hoping to set up some interviews and to do some job hunting. (My nephew will soon be graduating from University so it all sounded reasonable.) The thing is … there are many more job opportunities in his home town compared to here. Maybe he just needed to get away. Whatever the reason … I was really looking forward to his visit.

I started to “straighten up” the house soon after I had hung up from little Jakey’s call. I promised my brother long ago that I would never tell my nephews that I was gay … and I was not about to break that promise now. I wanted to make sure I got every gay porn magazine, every gay porn video and every book about being gay hidden from view. (I wasn’t about to throw them out … I loved each of them too much!!!) I thought that if he ever told his parents about coming across them one day while I was at work, I would be banned from seeing him for life. Of course my nephew was 23 so I’m sure if he ever really wanted to see me, his parents couldn’t stop him.

I made a list of all the things I wanted to do with my nephew while he was here. (And NO, “sex” wasn’t one of them !) I’m really not into sex with family members. I did it once with a distant cousin and I still have nightmares about it. And besides, when I last saw my nephews they were taking after their father (my brother) ... blond and hairless. I am not attracted to either type. It’s hard to believe we are brothers actually … in contrast to my brother, I have dark hair and am covered in body hair from head to toe. The only thing I know for a fact that my brother and I have in common is a huge dick. (I caught him once reading Playboy !!!!)

I was very excited when the day dawned of my nephew’s arrival. I went down to the bus depot at the appointed time to pick up “little Jakey”. (Another clue as to why I thought he was coming here without my brother’s / sister-in-law’s consent … I was sure my brother would have paid for a plane ticket instead of making my nephew take a 7 hour bus ride.) As I was waiting for the bus to pull in I found myself thinking about the last time I had seen my nephew. It was 5 years ago when he came up from behind and grabbed me. He had always been a cute boy but when I turned around that day, I found a very handsome young man standing before me. Blond .. and hairless … and handsome. In a way I was relieved ... I really wasn’t attracted to him at all !!! (He didn’t have a moustache or a hairy chest !!) With the connection we had always had, it made me wonder if my nephew would turn out to be like his uncle. And I worried about being attracted to him and how I would have to always control myself around him. But it ended up not being a problem … there was nothing to worry about with a hairless blondie !!

The bus pulled in and I anxiously looked for a much older cute blond young man to get off. But he didn’t seem to be on the bus. There was this sexy, muscular, bearded number that got off but no blond bombshell! Maybe he had missed the bus! But suddenly I was being hugged from behind. My nephew said “Guess who ?” And I replied “Little Jakey … I mean Jake, junior”. My nephew wouldn’t let go and said “I will not release you until you promise to always call me ‘little Jakey’ … because I am always going to call you ‘Uncle Roger’!” I finally broke down and said “OK, ‘little Jakey’ … it’ll be ‘little Jakey’ forever!” The funny thing was … I didn’t agree just because he had asked … his bear hug was starting to hurt like hell. I would have said “OK” to anything just to make him stop. It appeared that my nephew had been working out a lot … he was a very strong, young man.

He spun me around and gave me another big bear hug. I was shocked to see I was being hugged by the sexy, muscular, bearded guy from the bus! My nephew’s hair was no longer blond … it was dark brown. And he had a beard and a moustache. All I could blurt out was “What happened to you ? … your hair, your muscles, your … everything?!”

Little Jakey explained that at 18 he suddenly started changing … getting hairier (he showed me his chest … it was a tangle of hair … and very hot !!!) He told me his mother hated it but that he loved that it kept growing … driving her batty! Also, he loved the way it made him feel like a man ! A real man ! Needless to say I was upset. My nephew had turned into quite a hottie ... exactly my type … and he was staying with me for a week. I was starting to worry that something might happen.

He gave me one long, last hug and I knew then that I was in trouble. As much as I told myself to NOT like it … my body was reacting differently … I just hoped little Jakey hadn’t seen the pole in my pants. I kept telling myself … “he’s little Jakey … I can’t touch him … he’s little Jakey … I can’t touch him”.

The first few days were hell. It seemed that little Jakey was very proud of his body and really didn’t mind showing it off to me. He was always walking around in my skimpiest towels … always dripping wet … the water glistening on his hairy, sexy body. It drove me crazy but I was able to control myself! My mantra seemed to be working .. “he’s little Jakey … I can’t touch him!” I just kept telling myself this over and over.

Other than the towel/wet body incidents … everything was going very well. We found we had a lot in common and he loved all the things I had arranged in the evenings. But as the week came to a close, I booked off work for Thursday and Friday because my nephew said he was tired of job hunting and wanted to spend more time with his uncle. So there we were on Wednesday night … sitting in front of a roaring fire, drinking cocktails. My nephew had offered to make them and I didn’t have the heart to say “no” or to tell him the truth after he was done … my cocktail was terrible … it had a very bitter taste.

As I finished off my drink, my nephew turned to me, smiling sweetly and asked “So Uncle, how’s your love life ?” I didn’t know what to say. It was my chance to come clean, but I had to keep my promise. So I replied “I’m still looking for that someone special.” “Really?” queried my nephew. “I’m happy to hear that.” I found that to be an odd response but the alcohol was kicking in and I laughed instead. “That wasn’t a nice thing to say, little Jakey.” As I looked at him I could have sworn he had unbuttoned several of his shirt buttons ... but I must have been mistaken. “It’s just that I was worried I might cause some problems with your boyfriend when I seduce you tonight.” I was sure my hearing was going as well as my sight … I was sure he said ‘boyfriend’ and ‘seduce’. I turned to ask him what he had really said only to find he had totally removed his shirt. “Do you like what you see uncle dear ? The drug I put in your drink should have kicked in by now. By what the guy who sold it to me said, you will become so horny that you will fuck anything … even your nephew.”

That I heard properly. “Drug! Did you say drug ? How dare you do something like that ! Didn’t your mother and father ever tell you to NEVER do that.” He smiled again as he unbuttoned his jeans. “Mom and Dad are so busy with their committees and groups and whatever … Matt and I have done whatever we wanted since we were young.”

“It looks like someone needs a few lessons on acceptable behavior!” I yelled. He just laughed. “That coming from my gay uncle. Yes uncle dear, I’ve known you were gay for a long time. Mom let it slip at the last family gathering. Let’s just say, when I found out you were gay uncle, I decided the thing I wanted most was to have sex with you. Because I too am gay! And I’ve been trying to be my sexiest since I got here, but after getting no reaction from you … I felt that desperate times called for desperate measures.” He pulled off his jeans leaving only his sexy white, tight jockeys.

All I could think was “Wow, what a body!” The drug had kicked in because all I wanted to do was to grab him and get wild. But there was still some part of me that knew this was wrong … that knew I should be mad at my nephew for what he had done … that realized my nephew was a young man out of control that had lacked discipline for most of his life and had no regard for others. In my anger I grabbed him and threw him over my knee.

“Finally uncle. I’ve wanted this for a long time.” I looked at his amazing ass but I remained resolute. “Actually I don’t think you have!” I started to spank little Jakey very hard. “What the hell are you doing ?” he screamed. “I’m teaching you a lesson. By the time I get done your ass will be so sore you will think twice about drugging someone against their will ever again!” He struggled to get free, but I was able to hold him down and continue spanking him hard. Finally I pulled down his underwear and started to spank pure flesh. The obscenities that were coming out of my nephew’s mouth surprised me, but I continued. All I could think was, “little Jakey needs to be taught right from wrong. He’s been a bad boy and he needs to be punished.”

But as I looked down at his now red ass, I couldn’t help noticing how nice it was. As I spanked him, I slowly started to remove my shirt. The drug had taken over and I had lost. All I could think of was fucking that ass … and fucking it hard. And that’s what I did. I threw little Jakey on the floor and whipped off my pants and underwear and jumped on his back with all my weight. (At 6′2″ and 250 lbs … he was pinned.). I took my now very hard, huge dick and stuck it up his ass … no lube, no spit … no nothing … and I shoved it in hard.

My nephew screamed and started to beg me to take it out. He kept saying “This is not how I had imagined it. Uncle please stop raping me!” But I couldn’t. The drug controlled me now and I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. In and out … in and out. I don’t think I had ever fucked someone so raw and hard before. The drug made it urgent for me to cum … that’s all my body wanted … and I was helpless to do anything else.

With pre-cum and sweat finally covering my dick, it started to slide in and out of my nephew’s amazing ass much easier. And slowly his screams turned to moans and that drove me even crazier. I reached around and found that my nephew was hard as a rock and that he, too, had the family trait of a huge dick. But I wasn’t concerned about him … the drug made me very selfish and with the last few thrusts I shot my load up my nephew’s ass and it was great. I lay down beside my nephew on the floor and suddenly felt a wave of guilt. “I’m sorry little Jakey … but that’s what you get for drugging people. I didn’t want to hurt you but I couldn’t help myself.” He was facing the other direction but I could hear he was crying. Now I really felt bad. “I’m sorry little Jakey, but you brought this upon yourself.” I placed my hand on his head and started to pet him. Big mistake. The drug was still in my system and just touching my nephew made me wild once again with desire. I flipped him over and went right for his now soft dick. After a minute of expert cock-sucking, my nephew was hard and moaning again. The drug now made me want to make him cum … it was the most important thing right now. As I sucked his big fat, throbbing dick, I played with his nipples and stuck fingers up his ass. He was writhing wildly as I made my final assault on his dick. Within a few seconds my nephew was unloading a huge amount of cum in my mouth and I was swallowing like a crazy man.

After he calmed down, little Jakey looked at me and smiled “Now that was more like it.” I looked at him and smiled. “Sorry again. But that drug … how long does it last ?” I asked. My nephew had a big grin on his face. “The guy I bought it from said you will want to have sex for 4 hours. And uncle dear, it’s only been two!” With that he kissed me and an uncontrollable urge to do it all again came over me. All I could think was … that drug must have been very expensive … it’s amazing.

The next few days were spent having sex all over the house. We talked about how he found out about my being gay and how he knew he was gay from a very young age. He also confessed that he had wanted to have sex with me so badly that he would have done anything … and actually he had! Over the past few years, instead of going with his friends on weekend excursions he had come here and had stalked me to find out what kind of guys I liked. When he realized that he was not my type he took drastic measures and dyed his hair and found a hair growing drug. (Which he had bought from the same guy who sold him the sex drug.) He knew I liked guys with muscles so he started to go to the gym. I told him everything had worked because he was now exactly my type … but I was mad at him for changing who he was just for me. (Mad and thrilled.)

Little Jakey now lives with me. He found a great job in the city and we spend every moment having sex, cuddling or just being together. He asks me to discipline him now and again and every once in a while we buy that sex drug and have some pretty crazy weekends. He no longer has to take the hair drug … his body is naturally hairy now! But he does still go to the gym every week to keep his amazing body! As for his blond hair … he keeps it shaved close to his head, so it’s not really noticeable at all!!!

I know my brother and his wife are pissed at me for letting little Jakey be here … but I have a feeling they would be really pissed off if they found out we are lovers. I still feel bad about raping little Jakey, but he says it actually was one of the hottest sex scenes he’d ever been in. So we re-do it every couple of months. Last month he raped me !!! I still call him ‘little Jakey’ and he still calls me ‘Uncle Roger’ and for me … I’m happy to keep it in the family. Very happy!