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How I Became My StepBrother’s Slut

( mc, nc, mf, ff, growth )

Farleven ( )

May 2002

I wish I could say when everything started to go wrong. I suppose it would go back to when my parents divorced, but really I think it was when my mom remarried. I’d been fine without dad, he was really a creep, one of those guys that girls get all doe eyed and stupid over in high school although they know how bad he is. Of course my mom made the mistake of marrying him and in the end the only good thing that came out of it all was me, or at least that’s what she says now.

My name is Terri, I don’t really have a last name, not anymore. I didn’t want to keep my dad’s last name, or my step Dad’s name and Harlesenterburges is just such a terrible name I would never want it, even if it was my Mom’s. Of course it really doesn’t matter anymore, but that’s where I’m at, having a last name isn’t really important after all.

I was pretty much a typical sophomore before all of this, going to school, giggling about boys and generally trying to get away with anything I could under my Mom’s nose. All my friends told me I was pretty, and I know I had a pretty good body, though my breasts were a bit on the small side. I wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, I suppose, but I was happy with who I was.

When my mom remarried, I didn’t just get a new dad. I also got a brother, a 15-year-old geeky brother. Not that all brothers aren’t geeky at that age. This was Brandon, he was a bit shorter than I was and gangly, clearly he hadn’t hit that mid teen growth spurt yet. He wasn’t too weird, but I really didn’t have any need for him either. Pretty much we just ignored each other, and it was an arrangement that worked.

It did take some getting used to sharing a house with men again. It’d been years since my Dad had been in the house, and it took some getting used to in the morning. Sharing a bathroom wasn’t much fun and I had to be a lot more careful when wrapping up in a towel than I was used to. Like everything else in life, I dealt with it, not that I didn’t complain, but what’s the fun in being a teenager if you don’t complain?

After the initial adjustment life pretty much fell to a normal routine. It wasn’t until several months later that things really started to go wrong. It was a pretty normal morning, I was rushing through my routine and mom was trying to stick her nose in.

“Now, honey why don’t you sit down and eat? It’s not good for you to just have a piece of toast and run.” Mom prodded. This wasn’t unusual, I rarely sat down for breakfast any more, and whenever she could she tried to get me sitting at the table.

“I’ve got to meet up with Susan, Mom.” I replied as I munched on my toast and guzzled my glass of juice. I’d tried skipping the juice before but Mom put up a big fight then so I didn’t even try anymore. I still had a little time, so I didn’t push more than I had to, at least today.

“Good morning, Brandon.” Mom smiled. I looked over and saw my stepbrother walking in and my jaw just dropped. The gangly little geek he’d been the night before was now a hunk, or at least not bad looking. He looked almost buffed dressed in just a T-shirt and jeans, his standard fair.

“What happened to you?” I asked in awe. I’d seen some changes in people before, hitting puberty does that to people, but this was just unreal. Brandon had just changed from geek to guy in one night.

“I don’t know, I just woke up like this.” Brandon answered. His befuddled look said it all. He had no clue, but I could tell he wasn’t objecting. I wasn’t either, if you had to have a guy in your house, it was much better when he looked good.

“Well, you look great, Brandon,” Mom said as she dropped a plate of bacon and eggs down for him. Brandon had started out like me, trying to skip breakfast, but she’d won him over with her cooking. I knew it was good food, but I had to keep my figure.

“Gotta go! See ya tonight.” I yelled and raced out while mom was distracted with Brandon. I had to take my chances where I could, and set off for Susan’s house. Susan was one of my best friends. She was a short little Asian girl that had moved in down the street when I was six. We struck it off right away, being the only two girls our age in the neighborhood and we’ve been friends ever since.

As I strolled down the sidewalk I wondered just what had happened to Brandon. That kind of change just wasn’t normal, not that I really minded. It was just weird enough for me to take real notice of though. Still there were plenty of other things to concern myself with, and by the time I’d met up with Susan, I was off on other issues. This may have been the beginning but it was just another day at the time.

* * *

After the initial shock of Brandon’s change, I hardly gave it a second thought. I did however take notice that he wasn’t nearly as shy around girls, including me. After a couple of good leers from him after running from the bathroom in just a long towel, I decided I needed to cover up a bit more. So I started going around in a nice full robe, just to keep him a bit more at bay. That didn’t stop him from looking though, and in truth, I just got kind of used to it. I’d been getting the same kind of looks from other boys all the time, and there wasn’t any reason for Brandon to be different.

It was a couple of weeks after we all met the buffed up Brandon that the next strange thing happened. I had gone to the bathroom to do my normal nightly wash-up and had forgotten my robe. I thought about going and getting it, but decided it wasn’t that important, I could use a towel just for one night. All through my shower I felt really tingly, it wasn’t like I was getting aroused or anything, it was just this strange tingling sensation in my head. I wondered if I was having a reaction to my shampoo, and quickly washed it out.

I stepped out of the shower and took a moment to look in the mirror. I knew I wasn’t bad looking but it was still a little strange looking in the mirror and seeing a woman looking back. I posed a little, and wondered for a moment just how I’d look if my chest filled out a bit more. I was still growing, so there was the chance I would get to find out.

I reached for my robe, felt the tingling again, and remembered I’d forgotten my robe in my room. I shrugged at my own flightiness, grabbed a towel, and wrapped it over my chest snuggly. I grabbed the doorknob and hoped that Brandon wasn’t around as I stepped out. Of course, there he was just smiling with this sly smile wrapped around his face, like he was expecting something.

Just as I looked into his eyes, I felt that tingle in my head again. I stared at him blankly, and felt a tug on my towel and felt it fall from my sides. I looked down in shock and saw it hang from my right hand, like I’d pulled it off. My eyes shot back to Brandon and I just watched as his eyes rolled over me. All the while, that tingling sensation filled my head, and I just stood there, unable to do anything. Other than blush that is, I could just feel the embarrassment seeping from me as my stepbrother gawked at me.

Brandon just stared at me for the longest time as I stood there, his stupid grin plaster across his lips every moment. He didn’t say anything, and I couldn’t. Then he just looked up at me and nodded. I felt the tingling change and I felt like I could move again, I felt the urge to throw that towel back around me and run to my room, but I didn’t. I turned away from him slowly, and started whipping the towel around as I strutted back to my room and gently closed the door.

Just as the door clicked shut, the tingling stopped and I just collapsed on the floor. It was like I’d been a puppet and my strings had been cut. I sat on the floor shuddering for a few minutes before I pulled myself together again and finished getting ready for bed. I was scared, something very strange had just happened. I’d not just flashed my stepbrother but given him a whole show. I wondered what had came over me. He was a lot cuter now, and I’d let my fantasies run a bit wide lately, but I’d never acted so impulsive. My mom kept saying hormones did strange things to girls at my age, but this was just too weird for me to chalk it up to that.

* * *

Unfortunately, it didn’t end there. Brandon and I shared the upstairs of our house. We each had a bedroom and shared the small bathroom and a small living room. Mom and my step dad didn’t come up much unless they needed something, which was rare. They also tended to go to bed earlier than Brandon and I did, so by the time I’d get ready for bed our parents would be sound asleep. If they did choose to come up, the steps were creaky and they preferred to announce themselves, so they weren’t about to surprise us.

The morning after my little strip show for Brandon he just gave me a knowing smile at my own blushed cheeks and didn’t say anything. I wondered just what he though of me. Probably nothing good, good girls didn’t show off they’re bodies to their brothers even if they weren’t blood. I hadn’t even shown off my nakedness to anyone before, or done anything else like that with a boy. I’d kissed some and had a few groping sessions, but that was it. Now I had to wonder if Brandon thought I was some kind of tramp. I didn’t like that thought, but I’d pretty much done just what it’d take to have him think that.

Still he didn’t pursue anything with me at least not then. We even carried on normally for a few days, like nothing at happened. It was almost a week later when I felt that tingling again. I was shaving my legs and it just rolled over me for a moment. I shivered for a moment, having flashbacks of my little strip tease. Then it went away and I went back to shaving. When I finished I looked down and smiled at my work, only a few little cuts this time. Then I had the strangest notion. I looked between my legs and just gagged on the hair around my slit. I hadn’t bothered me before but somehow it just didn’t look very becoming today, and since I had all the tools at my disposal I decided to do something about it. I pulled out a trimmer and buzzed off the furriest part real quick. It felt really good having the trimmer humming around down there too. I’d heard about vibrators before but hadn’t tried one. I could understand the appeal now. With the trimming done, I lathered myself up and quickly shaved off the rest, especially pleased that I didn’t even nick myself once. I washed off the rest of the lather, looked down, and smiled, my little cunny looked much cuter like this all naked and smooth. I still didn’t know what had possessed me to do it, but I liked the look and feel of my bare little mound.

I showered off quick after that and toweled off. Then another wave of tingles hit me as I went to grab my robe. I stared at it for a moment then decided not to. It was strange, but I didn’t feel like wearing it tonight, so I didn’t. With that decided I turned to the door and opened it up. I walked out completely naked, and turned to my room and saw my stepbrother standing in the hall just smiling again. I wondered for a moment what he was smiling about before I remembered I’d left my robe in the bathroom. Just as I was about to squeal in embarrassment I felt the tingle roll over me again.

“Hi, sis.” Brandon smiled as if he was just passing by. He’d taken up calling me sis almost as soon as our parents married. It grated me a bit at first, but now it was the least of my problems.

“What’s going on?” I whimpered, surprised I could say anything at all, and that my shrill screech had been reduced to a mere whisper.

“Just checking you out! Man you’re hot, and you even shave your pussy. That is so cool.” Brandon replied, just like we were having an ordinary conversation. The tingling was just boring into me now, and suddenly I felt a strange urge and couldn’t help myself.

“Do you want to touch it?” I asked in that same whispered tone. The words were as shocking as the sudden need I had for him to do just that. I spread my legs a bit so he could get in and just waited impatiently.

“Are you sure, sis?” Brandon asked, bring his hand just out of touching range, waiting for me to confirm the offer. I shuddered a bit, and still felt the tingling coursing through me. I opened my legs a bit more and bent my hips to push my mound out a bit more.

“Yeah, it’s really smooth like this, check it out.” I prodded, wiggling my hips a bit to entice him more. I didn’t know what was going through my mind, but every time I tried to fight off these strange feelings I just ran into that tingly sensation and lost my concentration. Of course having Brandon’s hand cup my little cunny didn’t help any either. I mewed a bit as he ran his fingers over my smooth lips and traced the length of my naked slit.

“Wow, that is so neat, it really is nice and smooth.” Brandon said with a slight edge of awe in his voice. He continued exploring my intimate little mounds, and I just savored his touch, amazed that it could feel this good to be fondled like this. I’d never had anyone else touch me down there, and Brandon was lighting off wonderful new feelings in me.

“Why am I letting you do this?” I asked as I squirmed on his probing hands, still not pulling away from him. The tingles flared back up a moment later and I lost track of my thoughts again.

“Thanks, sis, keep this thing shaved for me, okay?” Brandon asked as he pulled his fingers over my mound one last time as he stepped back.

“Sure.” I replied in a tingle-induced daze. I bent in and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Anything for my brother.”

Brandon laughed at that and gave me a slap on my rump as he strolled off to his room. I stood there for a moment in shock as I felt the tingles fall away. Then I realized I was still standing completely naked in the upstairs hallway and bolted for my room. I locked my bedroom door, something I’d never done before and quickly got dressed in my nighty. My mind raced at what had just happened. Why was I seducing my stepbrother? The strip tease was bad enough, but now I let him feel me up and gave him more than an open invitation with that little kiss. What was wrong with me? It wasn’t that Brandon wasn’t attractive, but I was out of control. Other girls had told me about tingling between their legs and wanting to do sexy stuff, but I couldn’t believe this was what they’d talked about. I sank into bed with these thoughts racing through my mind, and fell off to a very fitful night’s sleep.

* * *

The next night I cornered him in his bedroom and shut the door so mom and dad wouldn’t hear if they did happen to still be up. I didn’t know what had possessed me before but I had to set things straight before they got out of hand.

“Brandon we need to talk.” I stated as I closed his door. He just turned around and looked at me like he had no idea what could be wrong.

“What about, sis?” He asked innocently even as I could feel his eyes checking me out again. I hadn’t dressed to impress today, but it wasn’t easy to hide my assets either. Still that wasn’t my biggest concern right now.

“About last night. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea or anything.” I started, doing my best to keep myself talking for fear that I wouldn’t be able to keep going if he stopped me.

“I know, you don’t act like that normally, that’s okay, I’m cool with it.” Brandon replied and I felt a sudden wave of tingles hit me again.

“Uh, I think I’d better go, okay?” I asked, turning to leave. I was afraid just what I was going to do next and didn’t want to stick around to find out.

“I thought you wanted to talk. I won’t bite.” Brandon replied. The sudden urge to stay overwhelmed me and I stopped in my tracks.

“What’s wrong with me?” I asked openly. It wasn’t to Brandon specifically, just my own expression of my exasperation. I turned back around and felt myself looking at Brandon again but this time with a little too much attention on his buffed new bod.

“Why don’t you get more comfortable?” Brandon asked. I felt the tingle shift again and somehow knew just what I needed to do to get comfy. I reached down to the waist of my T-shirt, pulled it up over my head in one smooth motion, and tossed it onto the floor. Then with just as little fan fare I unzipped my shorts and dropped them to the floor, making sure to pull of my socks and shoes while I was at it. While I fiddled with my laces I wondered just what was coming over me. I couldn’t help myself, somehow the idea was stuck in my head that being naked was the most comfortable I could be. The tingling kept me from questioning the notion too deeply as I kicked off my shoes and stood up again.

“You don’t mind me getting naked do you, Brandon?” I asked as I reached back and unhooked my bra. I held the cups over my little breasts as I awaited his answer. It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen them before, but I felt like I should ask anyway.

“No, sis, I think its great. In fact I’ll join you.” Brandon replied and started to pull off his own clothes. That was enough for me and I let my bra drop and scooted out of my panties as demurely as I could . Then I just stood there and watched as my hunk of a stepbrother undressed right in front of me. I could feel myself getting hot between my legs as I took in his muscular chest. When he dropped his shorts I just whimpered as I looked at his member, waving erect from between his legs. I’d caught a few peaks of men before, but this was different, I knew this erection was just for me, and I blushed a little in appreciation.

“What am I doing? We shouldn’t be doing this, Brandon!” I whimpered as the tingling holding my objections away started to fade. Just as I started to turn away I felt it flare up again and I stopped. It was dancing inside my head now, and I think I just stared blankly at his wall for a few minutes as the effects drifted through me.

“Sorry, sis, but it was too much concentration keeping you on a short leash.” Brandon said as I drifted back down from the tingles.

“What are you talking about?” I demanded, turning around and placing my hands on my hips. It hit me a moment later just how comical I must look like that, but I did my best to keep composed.

“Lay down on my bed and start playing with yourself, sis.” Brandon replied. It wasn’t really an order, it was more like he was explaining, though I couldn’t see how. That was until I felt the need to do just what he said. I flopped onto the bed with an enthusiastic whoosh and my hands were busy as soon as my cheeks hit his bed spread.

“Hey, why am I doing this?” I squealed as my fingers began working their familiar magic on me. I didn’t masturbate too much, but I knew how to enjoy it when I did. The tingling in my head was gone now, and I could think clearly. I still couldn’t stop myself from doing just as Brandon had suggested though.

“What did you do to me, Brandon?” I huffed as my fingers stoked my inner fires. I could already feel my cunny beginning to drip and my nipples were both nice and hard. I was seriously aroused, and all this from just a few words from Brandon. I didn’t know how it was possible, but he had me under his control. The strangest thing was that although it disturbed me, I couldn’t summon up any real strong emotion about it. Instead all I could do was get my self even more hot and bothered.

“I don’t really know, but ever since a couple weeks ago I felt like I could influence people more than normal. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve been playing with you to see how far I could push it.” Brandon explained, his eyes not leaving my naked flesh for an instant. If I wasn’t in the midst of my own self-love, I would have been furious at that, but the must I could manage now was an angry grunt.

“Man you look real hot like that, are you nice and wet now, sis?” Brandon asked as he lay down beside me on the bed. I didn’t want to answer him, but somehow his question was just compelling. I had to answer.

“Yeah.” I whimpered. I was quickly getting the notion of what was coming next. “Please, Brandon, don’t . I’m still a virgin.”

“That’s okay, sis, I am too.” Brandon replied in a soothing voice as he reached over and cupped my free breast. I couldn’t help but moan as he squeezed me with his fingers. I was flustered now. I was out of control, naked, horny and totally under the control of my equally naked stepbrother who was about to fuck me. I’d been curious about sex for the longest time, but I never dreamed my first time would be like this. Still, I couldn’t deny I’d wanted to try it out, but I’d just never met the right guy before and now I wasn’t left with a choice.

I continued to play with myself shamelessly as he ran his hands over me, exploring everything I had. What really surprised me was just how good it all felt, especially Brandon’s roaming hands. His fingers just lit sparks all across me as they danced. I was busy on my own hot spots as well, stoking the fires that were raging through me now. This went on until I felt myself really leaking from between my legs.

“I’m ready, Brandon. Nice and wet.” I whimpered and spread my legs as wide as I could. The words just forced themselves from my mouth, like they were programmed into me. I suppose they were, part of whatever Brandon had done to me. My thoughts were focusing on what was about to happen though. I was about to feel a man inside me for the first time, and that was important regardless of how it happened.

Brandon didn’t waste any time. He rolled over and on top of me, hovering just above me. I looked down between us and spotted his hardness waving from his crotch. With one hand still working my clit, I wrapped my other one around his shaft and quivered. He felt so big, I could hardly believe he could fit inside me, though I felt the need to try just burning into me.

“Please, Brandon,” I whimpered, the last of my strength going into the plea. I wasn’t even sure what I was asking for. I wanted him to stop, but I needed to feel that shaft filling the sudden emptiness between my legs.

“Shh, sis, you’ll love it.” Brandon whispered and lowered himself enough so the head of his member was pressing between my legs. I pulled on it, and shifted myself until I felt his knob parting my slit. I couldn’t believe I actually had a guys cock between my legs and felt a new rush of lust course through me. I still wondered how he was going to fit, then I realized what all my juices were for and started rubbing the head of his shaft between my dripping lips.

“What are you doing, sis?” Brandon asked, seeming to be genuinely surprised by my handling of his cock. I was too a little, but everything had just overwhelmed me, I couldn’t get away, so I was going to be sure to enjoy this.

“Just getting you ready,” I moaned. It was actually kind of fun rubbing my slit with his cock and it felt just amazing having him touching my forbidden flesh. I worried for a moment that I wasn’t getting him wet enough and had another idea. “Come in a little closer and hump my pussy lips a little, so we can get you all lubed up.”

Brandon didn’t need to be coaxed any more and I gasped as he slid his length across my slick lower lips. I wrapped my hand around him and helped spread my juices all over his length until he was nice and slick. I humped him back a little too, savoring the intimate touch we were sharing. I knew we were ready now and I looked up at Brandon again.

I still couldn’t believe I was looking up into the eyes of my first lover as I shuddered beneath him. My earlier objects had all fallen away, I didn’t forget them, or that I was in this position because of Brandon, but he’d stoked the passion within me and all I wanted was to indulge it now. Tomorrow I might regret it, but right now I was aching for him and I let him know.

“I’m ready, Brandon.” I smiled as I gave his cock a nice squeeze. He smiled down at me and lifted his hips up again. I didn’t miss a beat, and guided him right back to my slit as he moved into position to take me. I rubbed his head against my folds again, this time seeking the entrance to my pussy for him. I shuddered at the feeling of my lower lips being parted again, but concentrated on the task until I felt him slip deeper into me. I gasped at the sudden fullness at the entrance to my passage. This was it, he was in position and I looked up again.

“Are you sure you want this, sis?” Brandon asked. For a moment I really believed he meant it, that I could back out even after all this. It didn’t matter now, I was too far gone, no matter how I’d found myself here, there wasn’t anything I wanted more than to feel his cock all the way inside me.

“Take me.” I insisted with every ounce of sincerity in me. Then he lowered himself onto me completely, pressed his chest to mine, and kissed me deeply. Our lips touched with their own fire and I was kissing him back as hard as I could. I wrapped my arms around him and ran my hands across his back as he rubbed my sides.

Then just as our tongues slipped through I felt him push his hips forward and moaned in shock as I felt my stepbrother’s cock sinking into me. I shuddered at a sudden tearing feeling deep inside me and realized I had just become a woman. The feeling of his sack between my legs surprised me a moment later. He was all the way inside me with one wonderful thrust and I was amazed at the wonderful fullness from being filled with his shaft.

Brandon started to pull back a moment later and I flinched. It hadn’t hurt so much going in, but I was sore. I shot my legs up around his hips and held him in place, so he’d leave his nice big cock all the way up inside me until I was ready for more.

“Are you okay, sis?” He asked with honest worry. I’m sure he’d heard stories about a girl’s first time, though it surprised me for a moment that he actually seemed concern after all he’d done.

“Yeah, just don’t move, I’m just a little sore.” I smiled, not wanting to worry him for some reason.

“You feel so nice, sis. You’re just perfectly warm and tight. How do I feel in there?” Brandon asked. His curiosity getting the better of him, but I was still compelled to answer his questions, not that I really minded.

“Big!” I giggled. “I feel so full down there like you’re just splitting me open, but it’s wonderful, Brandon. Thank you.”

I lifted myself up and kissed him again. We stayed like that for a couple minutes, locked together as intimately as a boy and girl could get while I adjusted to my new woman hood. Our hands took liberties as well while our tongues danced, and I don’t think there was a part of either of us that didn’t get played with by roaming hands.

“Okay.” I whimpered, pulling away from his lips. It felt wonderful having him inside me, but I wanted more. Even though I still felt a little tender, I knew it was time for what came next.

Brandon just smiled again and pulled himself slowly out of me. I squirmed under him as I felt his cock moving inside me. Nothing had ever prepared me for such a wonderfully strange feeling. Then just as he almost pulled out of me I pulled him in with my legs and thrust up my hips, squealing with delight as I felt his shaft spread me open again.

“Oh, Brandon, do that again.” I moaned as I ground my hips against him. He didn’t need to be asked and quickly started a slow pumping rhythm into me. I just whimpered and squirmed under him totally enveloped in the sensations he was stroking in me.

“You like this, sis?” Brandon asked as he plunged into me again. I shuddered as I felt the knob of his shaft parting my folds again all the way to my very center. It was more amazing than I could ever have dreamed.

“Yes, it’s wonderful, Brandon. Can you do it harder?” I asked, somehow knowing that the pleasures he was striking inside me were only the beginning.

“Like this?” He asked then proceeded to pound into me with harder strokes. I felt my breasts quiver each time he bottomed out inside me and heard the slap of his flesh on mine. I knew instantly that this was what fucking was meant to be.

“Oh, yes, just like that!” I grunted with him as he kept pumping into me. I was humping back against him as hard as I could as well, and squeezing down on his cock as hard as I could. He groaned in approval and it wasn’t long before we were simply thrusting into each other in a beautiful primal rhythm.

His every thrust seemed to just edge me higher as well, and I was awash in the sensations of making love. Our bodies were writhing together, and my breasts jiggled against his chest as he pounded into me, my hard little nipples tracing patterns on him with every bounce. We kissed passionately as well, only stopping to catch our breath.

It seemed a wonderful eternity was spent like that, merged together so perfectly. Then I felt Brandon stirring even more inside me, our thrusts were sharper, harder, more urgent. The fire inside me was a blazing inferno centered on his wonderful thrusts and then I felt it. My eyes flew open, looking inside as something inside me tore open and consumed me in a wonderful torrent. I tensed around Brandon, and shook with pleasure echoing through my entire being, and I let out a soulful cry of joy.

“Get ready for it,” Brandon grunted as he kept his wonderful thrusts going. I was too engulfed in my own pleasure to wonder what he meant until he gave me one hard thrust and held himself deep inside me. Then I felt his member pulsing inside me and a strange warmth fill my depths as he let out a deep moan of satisfaction. I realized he was coming inside me and giggle again as I concentrated between my legs and tired to milk him with my pussy.

“Oh, sis, that’s nice.” He closed his eyes and moaned as I coaxed the last drops from him. He bent down and kissed me again, and we frenched for another couple of minutes.

“I’m sorry.” Brandon finally said as we both came down from our orgasmic highs. He looked genuinely upset as he looked right into my eyes. It took me a moment to realize what he was talking about and I could help but giggle.

“I’m on the pill silly.” I laughed. This was one time I was glad my mother was over protective. I hadn’t been very willing when she’d suggested the idea when I’d hit puberty, but she’d insisted. Girls might not want to plan for sex, she’d said, but she didn’t want to be a grandmother because I wanted to play innocent. Of course even with that, she was plenty careful to steer me away from sex when she could, if she only knew what was going on upstairs right now, I smiled.

Brandon just laughed at that and rolled gently off me. I cuddled up to him and we just lay there like that and basked the after glow for a bit. I could hardly believe I’d just been fucked, or how wonderful it had been. I understood a lot more about the world right then, but just let myself enjoy snuggling up against my stepbrother. I was so comfortable I hardly felt myself drift off to sleep as my fatigue caught up with me and I closed my eyes in Brandon’s arms.

* * *

Waking up naked in my stepbrother’s arms was about the weirdest thing I had ever experienced. I was lying with my back against his chest and his arm draped over my waist. I squirmed for a moment, not knowing what to do and remembering just how I’d ended up in that position. Brandon must have felt me squirm because he reached up, grabbed onto one of my breasts, and squeezed it firmly.

“Good morning, sis.” Brandon sounded just like he was greeting me at breakfast, as if it was perfectly normal being in bed with me.

“Get off.” I whimpered. “You may have had your way with me last night, but this has got to stop, Brandon.”

“Come on, sis, I know you loved it last night and its not like you have a choice.” Brandon replied, not even pausing with his hand. I could feel my nipples getting nice and hard from his touch, and even my pussy was beginning to stir again. I had to admit, he really did know how to play with a girl.

“Please, Brandon, just let me up.” I whined, hoping that I could convince him to let me go before he got other ideas.

“Great idea, sis. I’d love to have you ride me, just let me toss off these covers and you can hop on.” Brandon laughed and quickly prepared himself. I felt a sudden surge of need inside me, getting myself ready for him. I wasn’t going to give into him this time though. No way was I just going to be at his beck and call no matter how good it might have felt.

Of course that lasted about as long as it took for Brandon to pull the sheets off of us and roll onto his back. One look between his legs and I just had to feel him inside me again. I quickly sat up and straddled him, putting my pussy right over his crotch and reaching between us for his already hard shaft. It wasn’t until I pushed down and guided his knob to my entrance that I even realized what I was doing.

“Brandon, you’ve got to stop this.” I moaned as I started to lower myself onto him and felt his member slowly spear me. “I’m not just some toy for you to play with.”

I closed my eyes as I seated myself on to of him, not being able to fight back my moans of pleasure. I was still coherent though, and I didn’t want to be doing this no matter how wonderful it felt.

“Come on, Sis. You can’t tell me you don’t like this.” Brandon smiled as he reached up and squeezed both of my breasts. I couldn’t help but squeal with delight at his touch. I couldn’t understand it, but even this light fondling was just amazing and I couldn’t help but thrust my chest into his hands so he could play with me better.

“Brandon, please, you made me love it!” I objected with as much strength as I could given I was moaning from all the intimate sensations suddenly coursing through me. It was wonderful, every bit of it, except for the fact that I wanted to be getting ready for my Saturday and not playing sex slave for my step brother.

“And is that so bad?” Brandon asked while he gave each of my nipples a wonderful pinch. I gasped with delight then scowled at him.

“I don’t want to be some toy for you, you pervert!” I yelled back. Of course I was also rippling my pussy over his wonderfully filling shaft as I said this. This wasn’t going well, everything was just deliriously wonderful, and I think Brandon was starting to get off on my objections even as I started to fuck him.

“Just think, Sis, do you really want to stop?” Brandon asked. Just like last night, I could almost feel that the question was genuine, like he was really giving me a choice. As I looked down at him and started to respond, he grabbed me by my hips and held me still.

“Think about it, Sis. Give it a minute.” Brandon said. I wanted to shoot back at him that I didn’t need a minute, but I couldn’t. His blasted suggestions were just like orders to me, so all I could do was sit for a minute and think about.

He was kind enough to give me the time too. So I just sat there, straddling my stepbrother’s cock, completely naked, contemplating whether I wanted to go on like this. I didn’t want to be Brandon’s little sex slave, but I couldn’t deny that I’d enjoyed everything he’d done so far, aside from not asking permission. The weird thing was that I didn’t want to really think about giving this up completely, it had been fun, I just didn’t want to be controlled.

“So, sis, what’ll it be? Do you want to be able to enjoy this every day or not?” Brandon asked, taking his hands away from my hips with a long caress down my thighs. That scared me, I just felt that he was threatening me somehow. I didn’t know quite what he had in mind, but I felt like it was big. Strangely, the idea of doing this every day had it’s own appeal as well. Finally I came to my decision.

“We can discuss terms later, lets just enjoy this now, okay?” I whimpered and started rippling my pussy again and humped him a little. I had the feeling Brandon was hoping to work me into a trap, and I just wanted to be dressed and not impaled on his cock when we discussed our relationship further.

“Okay, sis, whatever you say.” Brandon smiled and I squealed as he gave me a nice couple of thrusts from below. I wiggled my rear on him and pulled his hands back up to my chest. I giggled as he squeezed me and then started humping him. It was different being the one doing the work, but it still felt good having his cock sliding into me and I angled myself so I could tickle my little nub while I humped him.

Just as I was beginning to get up a good rhythm we heard a knock at the door and I slammed myself down on Brandon in shock.

“Brandon, is Terri in there with you? You two should be getting down for breakfast you know.” I heard mom asking from the other side of the door. I was scared stupid, afraid that mom would actually come in and see me fucking my stepbrother. It took me a moment to realize that Brandon didn’t seem the least be concerned. In fact he was still giving happily fondling my breasts and had taken to humping into me as best he could.

“Yeah, Mom, Terri’s in here. We’ll be down soon.” Brandon replied. He smiled up wickedly at me and whispered. “Come on, sis, you can hump and talk with Mom at the same time.”

I didn’t miss his meaning, and started fucking him again, with a slightly slower and quieter motion though. I didn’t really want to, but I just had to be humping him before I could talk to mom. Then I gave my reply. “We’ll be done really soon, Mom.”

“Okay, kids, don’t be too long.” Mom replied, and I heard her walk away from the door. As my fear lifted I could feel the adrenaline still rushing through me. I realized I was really hot now and I just couldn’t get enough action humping Brandon.

“Brandon, can you get on top now?” I asked, though I didn’t slow myself down yet.

“Sure, sis, why?” Brandon asked. I knew instantly that he wasn’t just going to roll over, he wanted me to tell him. Of course, I knew I couldn’t keep myself from telling him as soon as he asked.

“I just really need it nice and hard and I can’t do it like this.” I replied humping him as hard as I could to prove my point. Brandon grunted his approval at my actions and smiled.

Then he just reached up and grabbed me, pulling me down to his chest. He locked his lips on mine and I couldn’t help but slip him my tongue. As our mouths did that little dance, Brandon gave us a swift roll and I found myself beneath him, my legs perfectly spread and my pussy deliciously full. Brandon pulled away from our kiss and repositioned himself a little.

“Oh, god, Brandon, fuck me hard, just like last night!” I cried out, squirming my deeply impaled passage against him eagerly. I really needed it just like that right now, I was so hot and I knew only a good hard fucking could help.

“Wow, sis, almost getting caught has really got you going. I’m going to have to remember this.” Brandon chuckled as he started thrusting into me. I really didn’t care what he said, all I wanted was to work off this tension with his amazing shaft pounding me.

He didn’t make me wait, in fact I think he was just as turned on by the whole thing as I had been and he was giving me perfect hard thrusts almost as soon as he started. I did my best to meet him half way and we made wonderful music together like that. For another short eternity we were one, locked in pure passion and all my concerns for how I got here fell away. I was a woman, he was a man, and that was all that mattered.

Of course, we didn’t last very long, all that tension had already thrown me to the edge and our pace had done its work on Brandon. It wasn’t very long before we both quaked with the pinnacle of our joining and we threw ourselves together with unrestrained power. Then I felt the damn burst and I fell back in blissful oblivion as a flood of pleasure coursed through me. Distantly I could feel myself pull Brandon hard against me and felt his shaft plow deeply into me and begin to fill me with his seed once more.

I coasted back from that wonderful orgasm with Brandon’s shaft still twitching inside me. He’d gotten me again I mused. Not quite finding the strength properly upset with him. He had been a good fuck I thought. A moment later I giggled at the reality that he’d been my only fuck so far, but I couldn’t deny that I’d loved it. I wondered about that for a moment, was this really how I felt or just another of Brandon’s little controls? Everything I’d done since last night had all seemed like what I wanted, or needed when I did it. Sometimes I realized it wasn’t what I really wanted to do, but I couldn’t stop myself and looking back now, I wondered even more which things had been my choices and which his.

Finally Brandon bent down and kissed me lightly on the lips and I felt him pull his shrinking cock out of me. “Okay, sis, I think we both need a good shower and we can talk about this later.”

I just nodded my assent, still too taken with my own orgasm to form words yet. Slowly I pulled myself out of bed, went over to where I’d dropped my clothes last night, and started picking them up. I couldn’t believe what I’d done, I’d just been fucked, twice, by my step brother. Then I started thinking, I had to tell Mom, I didn’t know just what she’d do, but it had to be better than this.

Just then I felt Brandon walk up behind me and grab my breasts from behind. I moaned at his fondling and pressed my tender bosom into his probing hands. I wished I could just pull away from him, but his hands were just working an irresistible magic across my chest and I couldn’t bring myself to move.

“Don’t forget your robe, silly, no need walking around naked while Mom’s poking her head around. Besides, that’s why you brought it last night.” Brandon whispered in my ear as he tweaked my nipples. I looked ahead in surprise at his suggestion, seeing my bathrobe resting on the floor in front of me. Then I remembered having brought it, I didn’t even think about it then, but I’d just grabbed it and brought it along. I realized now that although I’d consciously set off to chastise Brandon last night, I’d already been under his spell then and knew what I’d be asked to do.

I didn’t even bother to reply, he slipped his hands away with a satisfied little huff and let me do what I had to. We both knew Mom would be expecting us quickly and thus there wasn’t time for any more games. I quickly donned my robe and bolted from Brandon’s room to my own.

It didn’t take me long to get into the shower and I just felt a lot of tension wash away as that first blast of water came roaring down. I was in real trouble now. I didn’t know what to do about it, or just how far Brandon would push things, and both facts worried me. Worst of all was just how good the sex had been. I’d never felt so good before, and even now I wasn’t sure I wanted to give it up. I didn’t like the position Brandon had put me in, but I knew I was going to have to make some hard choices now. The one thing I did know was that this wasn’t going to be easy. Even if I turned him down, Brandon obviously had the power to force me, and if I accepted, I didn’t have any idea how far he would go with his control. I had time to think about it now at least, and hopefully, I could come up with a plan.

* * *

“This isn’t fair!” I squealed as I bucked back against Brandon’s wonderfully hard shaft. I was on my hands and knees on his bed, completely naked as he fucked me hard. I could feel my breasts bouncing beneath me with every thrust. The worst part was that I was so horny that I as fucking him back vigorously.

“We’re supposed to be talking about terms!” I huffed as he plowed into me. Brandon hadn’t even let me get a word in when I’d walked in to talk about all of this. I simply felt a tingle in my head and stripped naked. I took a minute to get myself nice and wet with a little masturbation and then positioned myself for a doggy style fuck. Susan and I had giggled about such positions before, but I never thought I’d actually be doing it, especially like this.

“I’m just giving you another demonstration before you say no.” Brandon stated calmly as he ground himself into me with just amazingly wonderful strokes. I had to admit this was good, too good. I feared that he’d ask me to surrender was I was at my weakest, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to say no after another wonderful orgasm like I’d enjoyed this morning.

“Brandon!” I squealed again, trying to maintain my objection to his behavior. It wasn’t that easy with his cock pounding into me though. It felt so good, so perfect being joined to him like this that I had to fight to keep from just giving in. the stakes this time were just too high to loose control like that. I didn’t know if he really was going to give me a choice, but that last thing I wanted to do was agree to let him turn me into his own little slut.

“Relax, Sis, just enjoy it.” Brandon soothed as he rubbed his hands over my hips and lower back. I moaned lewdly as I felt his shaft shift so that he rubbed up against my little nub with every thrust. For a mere moment I wondered how he’d learned to do that before I slipped back to the primal rhythm of our coupling.

I was enjoy it though, every hard thrust and fleet touch from him. I couldn’t help myself, it was all so amazing. I knew I was fucking him as hard as he was fucking me. My entire body was on fire, and all of my focus was on the wondrous shaft that was stoking those flames.

“Oh God.” I cried out as I felt a sudden wave of pleasure course through me. My entire body quaked with an engulfing release. I shook with pleasure and the world faded into a blissful haze for a moment as my orgasm rolled over me.

Brandon’s hard thrusting brought me back from my dazed state. My body was still fucking him back furiously, the sensation of his shaft moving within me was far more powerful then before. I knew it wouldn’t take him long to push me over the edge again.

I was right, and Brandon skillfully brought me to almost a dozen orgasms. Honestly I’d lost count as they all started to drift together. My world descended into a fog of pure pleasure, and nothing else mattered then the release that coursed through me.

“Sis, oh Sis,” Brandon whispered into my ear. He was resting firmly inside me now, and leaning over my quaking body. I wondered idly how long he’d been like that, whispering in my ear. Still I was coherent enough to grunt and acknowledgement of his prompting. My body was still enflamed, racing with the aftershocks of so many orgasms and still impaled by Brandon’s amazing shaft. I was engulfed in sensation, and I had to fight to even ask what Brandon wanted now.

“So, Sis, how about it, do you want to be able to do this every day?” Brandon asked as he fondled both of my breasts. He really knew how to use his fingers too, I realized as I cooed in response to his handling. His question just drifted aimlessly in my mind, I was far too enveloped in pleasure to focus on such abstract things. How could I not want to do this every day? Somehow I knew I had objected before, but right now, I couldn’t understand why.

“Mmm, yesssss.” I slurred out.

“And you’ll let me choose when and how we play?” Brandon prompted me again. He started move his shaft inside me at the same time. I squirmed my hips back against him instinctively as I blurted out my answer to his last question.

“Sure,” I moaned out in response. Brandon laughed at that and I felt him start fucking me wonderfully hard. My concern over his questions drifted away to my more pressing problem of bring out another earth shattering orgasm in my nearly exhausted body.

I didn’t realize then just what I’d done, but Brandon would let me know the full consequences of my assent in the coming days. Sure we both knew I’d been manipulated into answering him just the way he wanted, but he was the one with the power. He was going to keep me to my word, no matter how I felt about it. The worst thing was, I really was starting to get used to it. I wondered if it wasn’t another of Brandon’s changes or just my own nature. It wasn’t a question I really wanted answered though, and for the time being it didn’t really matter either.

* * *

“Oh, you’re really hot for me aren’t you, sis?” Brandon asked as he slipped his hand under my skirt. I tried to fight his control again, but my legs just wouldn’t stay together. I felt them part and I shuddered as he ran his fingers over my dripping mound and slid them between my already wet folds. I couldn’t control myself thanks to his control, and I really was hot. I didn’t want to admit that I was getting this hot because of my step brother but that didn’t stop me from squirming invitingly against his probing hand.

“I knew it, sis, why don’t you bend over the table and I can cure your little itch?” Brandon snickered as he pulled his hand away.

“No, Brandon, please, Mom could come in!” I pleaded, although I was already hiking my skirt up and bending over onto the kitchen table. By now I knew there wasn’t any sense in arguing about him fucking me, he’d already slept with me at least twice a day since he took my virginity last week, but I didn’t want mom coming in on us. Worst of all was my growing anticipation at having his cock inside me again as I presented my dripping slit for him. I couldn’t deny just how good it felt having him inside me, and nothing I tried helped me to forget that fact.

“Don’t you worry, sis, just spread your legs for me.” He ordered. I did of course. I didn’t choose to. I felt the same compulsion that I always did to obey him. It didn’t take much shuffling of my feet before I was bent over and spread with my pussy at just the right height for him. I felt like such a slut right then, with my pussy open and aching with need for my stepbrother’s cock. Now all that remained was for him to fill me up and give me another wonderful fucking.

I shivered with anticipation as I heard him unzip his pants, and it wasn’t but a moment before I felt the familiar bulb of his shaft pressing into my folds. I moaned loudly as he pushed into me, all of his fucking had loosened me up just enough so he could enter me completely with one firm thrust once I was warmed up. I won’t lie and say it didn’t feel incredible, but I was blushing fiercely at doing this in the kitchen.

“Oh, you are just a perfect little sister, don’t tell me you don’t like it.” Brandon grunted as he pumped his girth into me. I just shuddered as I took in the now familiar feeling of having my pussy wrapped tightly around him.

I bit my lip, I didn’t like admitting how much pleasure I was receiving from him right then. That didn’t stop me from bucking my hips back against him and squeezing him with my pussy as he thrust into me. I was still compelled to perform for him, and I all could do was give satisfied grunts as my breasts swung freely in my blouse with every one of his filling thrusts.

“Why don’t you take your blouse off now, Terri?” Brandon asked, and I felt the push of his will on mine.

“No! Please!” I begged him as I stood up and started undoing the buttons on my blouse. It didn’t take long for me to throw off the garment, and I stood there topless. Brandon didn’t allow me the privilege of underwear any more so now all I was left wearing was the skirt that was bunched up around my waist. I was red all the way down to my hard little nipples, and I was just waiting for Mom to come in a catch us. Aside from the punishment, I almost hoped for it, then may be Brandon could be kept away from me.

“Don’t worry, it’s not that cold, sis.” Brandon laughed as he wrapped his arms around me and cupped my breasts. I couldn’t fight him, all I could do was moan as he caressed my two little tits. Like everything else he did to me, he made me enjoy it completely and right now I was feeling the pleasure of his cock inside me and his hands squeezing me.

“Oh, hi kids.” Mom smiled as she walked in. She looked us over and just shook her head a little with her normal warm smile just like she did whenever we did something cute but different.

“Hi, Mom,” Brandon replied, his hands and cock not stopping for a moment. I just stood there and shuddered in abject embarrassment as he continued to play with me right in front of our mother.

“Mom, please?” I moaned, hoping for something from her, something to help me. Even as I cried for help I was grinding my hips back against Brandon and his wonderful shaft.

“Honey, I think you should be paying more attention to Brandon right now, it is his cock inside you right now.” Mom chided me. I couldn’t believe she what she was saying. How mom could say something like just stunned me for a moment..

“But, Mom!” I objected as I gave Brandon’s cock a hard squeeze with my pussy and rocked my hips against him.

“No, buts, young lady, you’re his slut, so act like it.” Mom barked. This was just unreal, then I realized what had happened.

“You changed her too!” I cried at Brandon as I squirmed seductively on his cock.

“Of course. I did Dad too, They’d have found out sooner or later so I just made them accept that all good sisters are their brother’s sluts. I hope you don’t mind.” Brandon chucked as he pounded into me with a flurry of wonderfully hard thrusts.

“Oh god.” I cried, as much in ecstasy as dismay at my current predicament. Brandon gave my breasts another good squeeze and I moaned at the pleasure of having his fingers molding my tits. This was more than I could take, being fucked in the kitchen with mom not only watching but upset because I wasn’t giving Brandon my full attention. Worst of all, the embarrassment flooding through me just seemed to make me feel even more aroused as my brother pounded into me.

“That’s my girl!” Mom smiled as she watched me writhing on Brandon’s cock. “Just remember your pussy was made just for Brandon, and I don’t want him coming to me later and complaining that you aren’t fucking him right, okay?”

I just nodded my head absently, still not wanting to accept what Brandon had done to her. I just whimpered as Brandon continued his onslaught, lost between pleasure and despair.

“Oh, sis, there’s one more thing, a present for us.” Brandon stopped his thrusting while still deep inside of me and pulled my hands over my breasts. “Okay, Terri, get ready for it.”

I didn’t know what quite to get ready for when I felt a sudden tingling race over my chest and sink into my breasts. Then I felt them pressing into my hands. I looked down and watched in awe as my girlish breasts grew at least a couple of cup sizes right before my eyes. If my hands weren’t still cupping them, I don’t think I would have believed it. I gave them a slight squeeze to confirm what had happened and gasped at the amazing sensitivity from both and watched as my bigger nipples tightened and stood lewdly out from my chest as they got hard. They were just like the peaks to a mountain now showing just how horny I was.

“That’s not all, Sis.” Brandon whispered in my ear as I felt something happening inside me. At first I thought he was changing my pussy as well, but then I realized he was growing his cock. I moaned as his shaft bulged inside me, spreading me even wider and I could feel it sinking even deeper into my depths at the same time. I barely even wanted to think of the monster that was spearing me now, but it felt amazing being filled so completely.

“Brandon, why did you have to give me such big tits?” I asked, then suddenly realized my words. “I mean hooters! No, melons! Brandon!” I wailed as I tried to say breasts, but quickly found that I couldn’t even think of my boobs as anything other than boobs, or tits, or any other indecent term.

“Honey, you’ll use the words Brandon wants you to use, and you should be thankful for getting such big titties. That and the nice big cock stuffing you.” Mom chastised me again then turned to Brandon. “You’re right, Brandon, Terri really does look hotter with big tits. And I know she’ll love your new cock too. Now I have to go run some errands, so be good you two.”

Mom leaned in and kissed me on the cheek like she usually does when she goes some place, except this time she also reached up and squeezed one of my new boobs. She didn’t stop with a quick feel either. She rolled my new tit in her hand and pinched my nipple before she pulled away. “Oh, yes these are nice and firm, Brandon is going to really love these, honey.”

“Mom!” I protested as Brandon began fucking me in earnest again, knocking the wind out of me with his sudden thrusts. The feeling of his bigger cock plunging into me would have brought me to my knees if he wasn’t holding me up. He had long since proven he knew how to play my body, but now he was stretching me further and sinking deeper than ever before and I was just a quivering wreck.

Mom just smiled at us once more and strolled on out of the house. I would have been angrier with her if I wasn’t in the middle of a very distracting fuck right then. My new tits were bouncing heavily with each thrust, but every jiggle sent ripples of pleasure through me. For a mere moment I wondered if that was how all big tits felt before Brandon’s fucking cleared me of any thoughts except for the plunging shaft between my legs.

“Oh, fuck, oh, uh,” I panted as he used me. His hands were on my hips, holding me in place so I wouldn’t just dissolve from the pleasure while he enjoyed my charms. I was enjoying myself too, far more than I wanted to, but I couldn’t help myself as he pumped inside me.

“Yeah, sis, just think how much your friends are going to love this!” Brandon chuckled as he pounded into me. His words just drifted by, I was far more concerned about the shaft in my pussy and the jiggling of my new breasts to worry about anything else.

* * *

The next day, Brandon called my good friend Susan over to our house. I’d tried to convince him not to, but he just smiled at me and I felt the tingle that told me he was making me alright with what he wanted to do. It didn’t take her long to come over and I let her into the house as quickly as I could, not wanting to show off what I was wearing to the entire neighbor hood.

“Terri what happened to you?” Susan asked. I could see the shock in her eyes as she looked me over, and I would have done the same if the positions were reversed. Since I didn’t have to go out Brandon had me dress up for him, or rather dress down.

I was wearing only one of my old cutoff T-shirts and a pair of thong panties Brandon had bought for me. Not only that, but my new boobs were far more than the shirt was designed to hold and they stretched out the material to the point where there wasn’t any part of my chest that was left to the imagination. Even without a bra my new tits stood out round and perky from my chest, and my big puffy nipples poked up through the material lewdly. I didn’t even want to think about what Susan though of me in that moment, but I was truly feeling sorry for her. In truth, I was proud of how I looked, my boobs were just perfect and I just loved showing them off. This wasn’t like me at all, but I just couldn’t help myself, and even with Susan I couldn’t help thrusting out my tits so she could appreciate them.

Susan was a sweet little Asian girl, with long black hair and a nice, slim figure. I’d seen Brandon check her out more than once before, so it hadn’t surprised me that he had called her over. I just wished there was something I could do, but all I could do was tell her what Brandon had instructed me to tell her.

“Brandon is waiting up in his room for you.” I said, and watched as Susan’s eyes glazed over for a second. Then she started walking towards the stairs with the same look of shock and concern as before. No doubt she was wondering why she was heading upstairs, and beginning to fret about what was happening to her.

After I watched Susan walk up the stairs I sat down on the couch and pulled off my top letting my boobies bounce out nicely. It felt so much better having them free of that confining shirt. I looked down and smiled at the two big and perky tits that were now resting on my chest. I had to admit that there had been days that I stood in front of the mirror and wished my boobs were bigger and now I had them bouncing on my chest. I was still a bit miffed that Brandon hadn’t even asked me, but I just couldn’t bring myself to ask for my little old titties back.

It wasn’t long before I heard surprised squeals from upstairs followed quickly by moans of feminine delight. The sounds of squeaking springs came down next, with Susan’s cries of passion rising and falling over the din. I knew just how she was feeling, shock, surprised and completely enthralled with Brandon’s performance. My thoughts flashed back to my own first time with Brandon and I let my fingers slip under my panties. Soon my own moans were flowing just as freely as Susan’s.

Brandon took his time enjoying Susan’s first time. Since he could control his own release he didn’t rush anything, something I’d been more than a little pleased by in the last few weeks. It hadn’t taken long for me to lose count of Susan’s cries of release, and I wondered just how long Brandon would keep going before calling me up. I was more than a little concerned about what he’d make me do next, especially with Susan in his bed. Still, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge on anticipation at the pleasure I’d likely get to enjoy. This was certainly getting to be so horribly bizarre. Even as I sat there casually playing with myself and listening to my friend cry out in pleasure from my brother’s attention, I knew just how wrong it all was. It seemed that every day brought Brandon more confidence and sent me even closer to becoming his perfect slut. I couldn’t even summon the same outrage I had before. Every glorious fucking just made me ask why I wanted to fight him and every time I could summon up fewer reasons.

Finally I heard Brandon call out my name and I jumped up from the couch and ran up the stairs, feeling my big new boobs bouncing wildly with each step. His door open and I braced myself for what I was about to see. My eyes trailed up from the floor, over Susan’s hastily discarded clothes to my brother’s bed. Susan was on her hands and knees on top of Brandon’s sheets, panting softly and shifting her hips back against Brandon. Her naked flesh sparkled with perspiration and the musky scent of sex hung heavy in the air. She looked up just as I came in and I watched as she turned red with embarrassment but didn’t stop bucking back against my Brother. She looked radiant like that, humping her hips while her round little boobbies bounced with Brandon’s thrusts. I don’t know what came over me, but I couldn’t deny just how aroused I was getting watching Brandon fucking my best friend.

“Terri, help me, please! Brandon’s placed some kind of spell on me!” Susan groaned as she slipped herself back onto Brandon’s cock. “I can’t stop! Oh god, this feels so good! Please help me stop!”

Brandon just smiled and plowed into Susan a couple times, bringing squeals from her lips. “Come on, Susan, I know you just love this. Doesn’t she look hot, Terri?”

I just stood there and watched for a moment as Brandon continued thrusting into Susan. I was simply captivated, having never watched two people make love before. It wasn’t long before I realized Brandon was right. “Oh, yeah, Susan, you look so hot right now! I bet you’re just loving Brandon’s nice big cock inside you, I know I do.”

“Terri! How can you say that?” Susan cried as she humped herself back against Brandon again. I could imagine just how she was feeling, but I couldn’t deny my feelings, not in Brandon’s presence. I’d been there myself on that same bed both in rapture and in shock at how Brandon could control me.

Brandon grabbed onto her, pulled her back up to his chest, and wrapped his arms around her waist giving me a full view of Susan’s naked glory. She was still blushing fiercely but that didn’t detract from her beauty, if anything it made her look even hotter. I’d never felt any attraction to another girl before, and I’d seen Susan naked in the shower at school plenty of times. Yet now I felt myself tingling just looking at her sexy passion swept little body. Her titties were just perfect, cute and perky with pink little nipples poking out from them, showing just how horny she was. I didn’t know why but they looked just perfect for squeezing or sucking and I found myself wondering just how Susan would taste. My eyes drifted between her legs next, and I was greeted to the site of her hairless little pussy wrapped around Brandon’s nice hard shaft and I giggled. I knew just how Susan must be feeling right then filled with my brother’s cock and marveling at the feelings it could stir. Her naked lips looked so cute stretched out around his cock that I wished she could see it.

“Susan! You shaved for him didn’t you?” I squealed as I remembered when I’d shaved myself in the first days of Brandon’s influence. I hadn’t known why at the time, but it hadn’t taken long for him to tell me. I had to admit her pussy looked real cute like, all hairless and aroused, impaled on a nice big shaft.

Susan just looked away in obvious shame. Oh, man, she was hot when she did that. I didn’t understand it, but I was just getting off on how ashamed Susan was of her behavior. For a moment I could remember just how wrong all of this was, and that we were both being used, but no sooner had the thought crossed my mind than it was pushed away by Brandon’s compulsions.

“Don’t feel bad, he made me shave myself to!” I chimed back and pulled my panties down with a quick tug, showing off my own hairless pussy. “I like how smooth and cute it looks, and yours looks just great wrapped around his cock. I wish you could see how sexy your little pussy is right now.”

“Terri!” Susan whined. She shuddered visibly as another wave of crimson washed over her face.

Her cry touched off another sense of wrongness in me and I latched onto it this time. I was lusting after my own best friend even as my brother was taking advantage of her. I just wanted to go up to her and give her the biggest French kiss I could on her pouty little lips and press our naked bodies together. This wasn’t me I realized as I ogled Susan, I wasn’t a lesbian, but I knew who was responsible for it.

“Brandon, why did you have to make me a lesbian?” I whimpered as I tried to pull my eyes away from Susan’s sensual curves. I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to object, but I couldn’t just let my brother get away with making more changes to me without at least saying something.

“I didn’t make you lesbian, just fully bisexual, sis. That way you can join in the fun as I induct other girls into our new club, just like Susan.” Brandon explained. That didn’t surprise me, he would have as much fun conquering my friends as watching me play with them before finishing their induction.

“NO!” Susan yelled and actually started to fight against Brandon’s hold on her. “Oh god, no I don’t want to! Don’t let her touch me!”

“What are you worried about, Susan, I’m going to make you bi too, it’ll be great.” Brandon consoled her as he reached up and cupped her boobs. I had a pang of jealousy as I watch him playing with her cute titties, I wanted to play with them! She had been my friend the longest, and while I couldn’t give her a nice hard cock like Brandon could, there were plenty of other ways we could play.

“No, please, it’s not right!” Susan whimpered. Then I watched as her eyes seemed to get real large all of a sudden and Susan shuddered from head to toe. It took me a moment to realize she was staring at my naked body and that Brandon had just changed her. “No, I don’t want this, please, Brandon.”

“Come on Susan, you have to admit Terri is just the sexiest woman you’ve ever seen, right? I mean just look at those tits, and that nice tight ass of hers, she just screams for sex and I bet you can feel it now can’t you?” Brandon prompted Susan while he continued to play with her.

“No, I don’t like her big bouncy titties and lickable ass, Brandon, I’m not a lesbian!” Susan cried then put her hands over her mouth in shock. I could see her blush again and knew that wasn’t what she had wanted to say. Brandon must have done something else too make her say things that way.

“Don’t worry, Susan, I just made you give me your honest assessment of Terri’s features, so there’s no use denying your feelings. Now tell me what you want to do with that little tongue of yours.” Brandon prompted again. I knew he’d probably also made her unable to refuse his commands and I could hardly wait to find out just what we were about to be doing.

Susan flinched, and for a moment I wondered if she might actually keep her mouth shut before she opened up and answered him. “I want to lick her pussy and see how sweet her love juices are while I make her come for me. Then I want to suck on her big nipples and lick her big tits and after all that I want to give her a big kiss so she can taste herself on my lips and tongue.”

By the end she was nearly whispering and her eyes were fully on the floor. I felt sorry for her, there were plenty of reasons and right now I just wished she’d accept her new feelings. I knew she would, everytime Brandon changed me, it took a few minutes for it to sink in and become real, and I knew Susan would accept the new feelings soon. Then we’d get to play, and be even better friends.

Brandon looked at me with his sly smile, nodded towards Susan, and puckered a little. It took me a second to understand his meaning and then I smiled. I quickly hopped onto bed, pulled myself up to Susan, and looked her right in the eyes, with my warmest gaze.

“No, Terri, please...” Susan sputtered before I leaned in and covered her mouth with mine. She struggled for a moment. Then I felt her give in and start kissing me back. I’d never kissed a girl before, and it was really sweet, she was so much more tender than any boy had been and when she slipped me her tongue I was floored. I pulled myself closer as our tongues danced and felt her cute little boobies press into mine. We stayed locked together like that for a couple of minutes before Brandon tapped me on the shoulder and I pulled back.

“So is she a good kisser, sis?” Brandon asked as he reached up and played with Susan’s tits. I watched as she went red with embarrassment.

“Oh yeah, and she even slipped me her tongue!” I giggled. I’d just kissed Susan and I could hardly wait for more.

Susan just hung her head in shame. I fought down the cold chill that ran though me at her expression, hoping that she’d accept this quickly so we could play. I didn’t want her to suffer, I just wanted to make love to her.

“Okay, Susan, why don’t you get down on you hands and knees again so I can finish riding you?” Brandon suggested and let go of Susan. She suddenly smiled and seemed to glow as she fell forward onto the bed, moving into position with Brandon still lodged firmly inside her. She leaned onto the bed with her hips into the air and looked back at Brandon.

“I’m ready.” Susan giggled. I wondered what had come over her, but realized she wanted to confirm her own sexuality again.

Brandon grabbed onto her waist and started thrusting into her with long deep thrusts. Susan smiled in this sexy vacant way that told me she just loved his treatment. I smiled, happy that she was finally getting into this.

“Isn’t he just wonderful?” I giggled as Susan bounced in front of me. My hands were busy working on my own hot spots as I watched them. I was a little jealous of Susan right then, my pussy was so empty and she was getting hers filled. Then for a moment I realized everything that was happening, that I was drifting further towards becoming Brandon’s devoted little sex toy and Susan was right behind me. I shuddered, half in revulsion and half in passion. Sure this is all wrong, but it felt amazing, and nothing I could do to fight would work.

“Oh yes!” Susan squealed with his thrusts. I smiled, knowing that she was enjoying herself despite everything. I could even see her humping back against him and wiggling her cute little rear back at him every time he stuffed her to the brim.

I stood there just watching my best friend and my stepbrother fucking and felt somewhat left out. I was naked and horny too after all. Then I noticed Susan’s little boobies bouncing beneath her and came up with a plan. I quickly slid myself up onto the bed and started sucking on one of her titties while I played with the other.

“Oh, God!” Susan cried out as I wrapped my lips around her nard little nipple and started suckling on her. The taste of her sweat and flesh was just perfectly succulent, and I enjoyed licking her tender little nub as she bucked back against Brandon. I’d never really felt up another girl before, but I just loved the soft, tender feel of her booby as I rolled it in my hand. I did my best to be gentle too, just they was I liked to be fondled, and I could swear that Susan was quaking even harder with my attentions.

Then I heard Brandon’s groan and I just knew he’d shot off his load inside Susan. I pulled myself away from her sweet bosom, poked my head out below hers, and smiled up at her. “I bet you never had a guy squirt in you before have you? Isn’t it great?”

Susan just looked down at me with a vacant smile and nodded. I could tell she was lost to her own pleasure, so I reached up and grabbed her head and pulled her down to me. I pressed my lips to hers for the second time and sparks flew. I could feel Brandon step away from Susan and she instantly fell onto me. Susan engulfed me as she fell, her arms fell around my sides and her legs wrapped themselves around mine. As our lips danced Susan started writhing against me, her hands exploring my body wildly. I wasn’t about to let her have all the fun and soon we were both exploring each other with abandon.

I’d never dreamed of making love to another woman before, but now it just seemed so natural. Our bodies were both quaking with shared passion and my hand found her hairless mound the same instant her hand found mine. We started playing in unison, our hands on our pussies as our bodies writhed together. It was so wonderful feeling her delicate little fingers parting and caressing my most intimate folds with tender expert care as I did my best for her. It was so unlike Brandon’s clumsier fondling, Susan new just how to touch me and I returned every favor.

I don’t know how long we writhed together like that on the bed, our bodies quaking in unison with every release. It was all so wonderful that I could hardly believe it was happening. Every once in a while I looked up and saw Brandon watching with a wide smile on his face. I didn’t doubt he loved this as much as we were, he had a front row seat to a lesbian love in and I hoped it was everything he’d wanted.

Finally, we both fell back with one last cry of release, both too exhausted to continue. Susan simply pulled herself up to me and snuggled up to my side, pressing her boobies into my arm and her crotch against my thigh. Brandon looked down at us again, still smiling.

“That was great, you two take a nice nap, you deserved it. I’m going to take a shower, and we’ll play more later.” He instructed and strolled out of the room. I smiled as I felt myself drift off to sleep, it was just a wonderful idea to take a nap, and I loved having Susan’s sexy little body pressed against me. Sleeping with a lover was just a wonderful way to cap off a great bout of sex I thought wistfully as I closed my eyes for a good rest.

* * *

The feeling of something wonderful massaging my pussy brought me back to the waking world. I was already quaking with pleasure and it took me a moment to work past the sensations to realize that someone was licking my pussy. Brandon had done it to me once before much to my immediate satisfaction, but this didn’t feel like Brandon. Then I remembered what I’d done before taking my little nap and I looked down to see Susan lapping between my legs eagerly.

I must have moved oddly because she looked up at me. She looked up at me warmly then gave me a cute little wink before plunging her tongue between my tender folds again. I spread my legs wider for her and moaned out at her wonderful caress. Her tongue played along my nether lips and toyed with my sensitive nub with an exquisite tenderness. I couldn’t help but be washed away by her skillful treatment. It wasn’t long at all before she’d sent me over the edge, and I rocked with a wonderful orgasm as she continued to lick me.

Susan gave me a few moments to recover before she pulled herself back up and laid herself atop me, pressing our bodies together wonderfully. She looked wonderfully content as she gazed down into my eyes before she spoke.

“I hope you don’t mind, Terry, but you smelled so nice and I just had to taste you.” Susan giggled. “Oh, god, listen to me I can’t believe I said that. How is Brandon doing this to us?”

Susan wiggled against me seductively for a moment before bringing her hands up and starting to fondle my wonderfully big new boobies. She played with them using the same tender care she’d used with her tongue earlier and I just let myself enjoy her caress. I knew she must have been a wonderfully gently lover before all this, and she was making extraordinary use of that ability now.

“I don’t know, but I can’t help myself. I don’t know if I really want it to stop anymore, it’s just so amazing.” I moaned as Susan rolled my tender flesh in her hands. “Do you like my new boobies?”

“Oh, yeah, Terry, I can’t help playing with them, and I love how big and pointy your nipples get now. They’re just like two big signs that Terri’s a horny little girl.” Susan giggled as she started rubbing her thumbs across my hard nips to emphasize her point.

“Oh, that’s nice.” I moaned. Then I reached up with my hands and cupped Susan’s cute little titties in my hands. “I like yours too, they are just so cute and I just love sucking on your pink little nipples.”

Susan smiled deviously for a moment then squirmed herself on top of me until she could lower one of her little boobies over my mouth. I eagerly took the hint and started sucking on her nip. It was so great, better then yesterday because now it was just us two, and Brandon wasn’t there to distract us.

“Oh, Terri, this is so cool. I can’t believe I’m really doing this.” Susan cried out as she pressed her tit into my lips. I knew she must love this, just like I did when Brandon sucked on me.

“Hi girls, enjoying yourselves?” I heard Brandon ask just as I was nibbling on Susan’s taught little nip. I instantly pulled myself away and turned to him smiling. He was standing there perfectly naked, and I just shivered as a slew of sexy thoughts ran through my head.

“Yes!” We both cried out in unison. Shocked I turned to Susan and we giggled at having answered him like that.

“Feeling better, Susan?” Brandon asked as he walked up to her and reached for her chest. Susan thrust out her bosom and mewed as he cupped her boobies.

“Yeah, I really wish you’d let me stop though, Brandon.” Susan sighed as he kneaded her flesh. I could already smell her arousal. Of course I could smell myself too, Brandon was just incredibly sexy and I couldn’t blame Susan for reacting like that.

Brandon just smiled and looked into her eyes. “Did you ever want a bigger bust, Susan? Terri really likes her new boobs, don’t you Terri?”

“Oh, yeah, Brandon, they’re great. You really want Susan to have a pair like mine?” I asked in wonder. I’d never really thought how Susan would look with a nice rack like mine, but the thought was really appealing somehow. Of course, I figured part of that was Brandon again. Obviously he liked his women to have big chests, and he wanted me to enjoy them as well so I would like playing with his other girls.

“If she wants to.” Brandon smiled and looked into Susan’s eyes. “Well, how about it? I can always change them back if you don’t like them.”

I looked over at Susan anxiously. I could see she was seriously considering it. Of course, I knew that Brandon didn’t really give choices when it came to something like this. Susan would do what he wanted, but he had to make her think it was her choice. I just braced myself for seeing my sexy little Asian friend with a big bouncy pair of tits.

“Only if I can change them back, okay?” Susan asked. I could see she was both curious and worried. What girl wouldn’t like to try out a new bust size if she could change back with just the snap of her fingers. Of course, her bust size was really in the hands of Brandon, and I doubt she trusted him much more than I did when it came to things like this.

“Agreed. Now give me your hands and we can see the new you.” Brandon took Susan’s hands and placed them over her little boobies. I knew what was about to come next and just quivered with anticipation.

“Oh, God!” Susan cried. I watched in awe as her cute little titties became the same perky melons I had. Susan just looked down at her chest in awe, weighing her new boobies in her hands. As she cupped the bottoms of her tits I could see her huge new nipples standing up from them just like mine did when I got horny. Oh, they looked just wonderful like that, rising from the creamy hills of her boobs like two suckable peaks.

“Why don’t you give us a look, Susan?” Brandon prodded, breaking Susan out of her amazed self-examination.

“Oh, okay.” Susan chimed and slowly dropped her hands away and thrust out her chest for us. “How do you like them?” She asked, her uncertainty ringing in her voice as she pushed her perky new melons out for us.

“They’re just wonderful! Can I play with them?” I asked. They just looked so great standing out firm and round on her chest. I couldn’t wait to enjoy them just like they were meant to be.

“So shameless, Sis. You really like being bi now don’t you?” Brandon asked as he reached up and started fondling Susan. She just cooed and pressed back against his probing fingers.

“Oh God!” Susan cried and she just shook with pleasure from his touch. All I could do was just sit and watch, my pussy was already leaking at the sight before me. Susan’s sexy body shimmering with her heat and Brandon playing with her in his full naked glory. I couldn’t decide which I wanted to stare at more, the hard shaft between his legs or the pump orbs rising from her chest.

Finally I decided, if I couldn’t play with Susan, I’d play with Brandon. I slipped down and crawled between them on my hands and knees. Before Brandon had even noticed me, I moved my head over his shaft, wrapped my lips around his head, and started sucking. It didn’t take me long to get him fully hard and twitching in my mouth, and he reached down to make me stop.

“Thanks, Sis, hop up on the bed and you can enjoy it properly.” Brandon ordered me. I didn’t have to be told twice. I quickly hopped up onto the bed on all fours and spread my legs. My pussy was all ready for him now and I just ached with anticipation.

“Mount me stud!” I cried, wiggling my ass for him as seductively as I could. I just hoped my lewd display was doing a good job of keeping him hard while I waited for him to impale me. I felt the bed bounce a little at he jumped up behind me and his hands wrapped around my waist. I presented my pussy for him, and moaned shamelessly as he pressed his cock into my aching folds.

“Come on Susan, don’t you want to see how a girl looks like being fucked?” Brandon asked as he teased my gates with his tool. I squirmed back against him, but he made sure that I couldn’t get any more than the head of his shaft inside.

“Hurry up!” I prodded Susan. I knew Brandon wanted Susan to watch, and he wasn’t going to give me what I wanted until he did. Susan wavered for just a moment more before she started pushing herself between my arms until he head was right below my anxious pussy. I got an excellent view of Susan’s naked little pussy too, and it looked delicious. I could see that she was already getting wet again and I felt the urge to bend down and lick her tender folds.

“Terri!” Susan cried out in surprise as I kissed her nether lips tenderly. She squirmed her hips a little, kissing me back and let out the cutest gasp as I slipped her a little tongue. Susan opened her legs and I let myself just enjoy her sweet taste as she moaned beneath me.

“So Susan, can you see Terri’s sweet little pussy now?” Brandon asked , still teasing me with the tip of his shaft. I tried again to get him deeper inside me, but he kept me at bay yet again.

“Oh, yeah, I uh, can,” Susan stuttered as she replied through the moans I was inducing in her.

“Good, now enjoy the show!” Brandon laughed as he plowed into my ready passage with one firm thrust. I felt his sack slap against my pussy as he filled me, spreading me open with his wonderful tool.

“Oh, God!” Susan gasped in amazement as I was impaled. I felt fingers touching between my legs a moment later, running themselves along my stretched out nether lips, and just sparking amazing fires within me. I realized it was Susan simply exploring our joined forms, no doubt thinking that her own pussy had looked like this not long ago.

I rippled my pussy in thanks to Brandon for finally sinking himself into me. I squirmed back against him as well, trying to entice him into giving me the hard fucking I really wanted right now.

Brandon must have realized what I wanted as he immediately started pumping into me. I moved my hips just a bit so he could hump me even better and started crying out with every amazing thrust. I tried to keep licking at Susan’s delicious folds, but Brandon was doing to good of a job and I couldn’t keep my head between her legs.

Then I was surprised for a moment by a warm wet touch on my clit before I realized that Susan was joining in again. I moaned in thanks, but couldn’t do anything else as the sensations overwhelmed me. I was on all fours getting pumped furiously by Brandon as Susan licked me and my big boobies bounced furiously beneath me with every thrust. I was in heaven.

I can’t say how long we lasted, but I think we were all too worked up for it to take long. I suddenly felt Brandon close in on his orgasm and started squeezing myself around him to get him off. I knew I’d get my pussy filled in just moments, and Brandon didn’t disappoint. He grabbed onto my hips tightly and plowed into me one last time. Then I had a moment to enjoy his hard shaft stretching me open before I could feel his seed race up his shaft and pour into my depths. I cried out in release as I felt the warmth spreading inside me. I could feel my pussy milking him and reveled in every new squirt of his seed as it filled me.

Brandon pulled out of me with a wonderfully slow pull, letting my pussy give him one last gentle caress. I felt our juices trickle out of me as he slipped out and I moaned in satisfaction as he finally pulled away. Without thinking I just collapsed, and I only realized that Susan was still beneath me when I felt her arms wrap around my waist.

“Oh, that was so cool, and I bet this tastes great!” Susan squealed beneath me a moment before I felt her tongue start lapping up Brandon’s juices from my nether lips. I was still quaking in that post-orgasmic bliss, and just enjoyed her gentle cleaning as our naked bodies pressed into each other.

“Oh God!” I screamed as another orgasm ripped through me. Susan really knew how to use her tongue and I couldn’t even control myself.

“Is everything alright in here?” I heard from the other side of the door. It took me a moment to realize it was my mother, and no sooner had that thought dawned on me than the door opened.

“Yeah, mom.” I choked out, wondering just what he reaction would be to seeing me and Susan locked together like this, both naked, with Brandon equally bare right beside us.

“Hi Susan! I see Brandon’s finally gotten around to expanding his little harem. How do you like it?” Mom asked as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

Susan just lay there dumbfounded. My mom had always been considered something of a prude in the past, and I hadn’t yet had the chance to tell Susan about how Brandon had changed her. I rolled off Susan and sat up, still not knowing just how to deal with my new mother.

“Oh, I see Brandon’s been enjoying his little boob fetish too. Come on Susan sit up and let me see how you and Terri stack up now.” Mom coaxed. Susan was still kind of dazed but followed my mother’s suggestion. As soon as she did mom walked up to us and looked down at our titties. All four were jutting out proudly and tipped with our big new nipples. Mine were still nice and hard from being so horny, but I could tell that Susan’s were getting soft.

“Oh, those look very nice on you, Susan! But you need to be a horny girl like my little Terri to keep Brandon’s attention. Just look at how nice and hard her nipples are. You’re nice and horny aren’t you, baby?” Mom asked me.

“Yeah.” I mumbled. This was still way too weird. My mom wasn’t supposed to be okay with any of this, much less be proud of me for it. Still, she seamed to be and I didn’t quite know what to do about it.

“See, Susan, I’m sure you can be just as horny a little slut as Terri. Just start thinking about how good it will be to have Brandon’s nice big cock in your pussy again. I bet you really liked it before, didn’t you dear?” Mom asked sweetly. Susan blushed deeply, but everyone could see that her nipples were getting nice and hard again. It wasn’t but a few moments before hers were pointing out just as lewdly as mine were.

“See, I knew you could do it, Susan.” Mom beamed and reached in and pinched both of Susan’s nipples. Susan squealed in delight and I could tell that she was shaking with an orgasm. “Oh, that’s wonderful, you’ll make a great little horny slut for Brandon. Now, be good and play nice kids, I don’t want to here that Brandon didn’t get to shoot off in all your holes girls. He’s a horny little stud after all.”

With that she just walked out. I still couldn’t accept that she was okay with all of this, but I knew Brandon had messed with her mind. It didn’t help any, but right now I was aching with need from watching Mom fondling Susan and I had to decide just who I was going to do.

“Brandon, please, fuck me!” Susan cried out before I’d mustered the coherence to do the same. Brandon had been watching the scene from the side of the room, and it wasn’t hard to see how horny he was. I went to object, but decided that I could wait my turn as I saw how flushed with need Susan was. She was lying out on the bed, her legs spread invitingly for Brandon. Her plump little pussy was dripping with her need and I had to fight down the urge to start licking her.

Brandon didn’t waste any time and I watched curiously as Brandon mounted Susan again. It was simply amazing to watch her little mound being split open and take Brandon’s shaft inside her. She squirmed deliciously under him as he impaled her, and I felt my own pussy quiver in jealousy. Still, the day was young, and I knew that Brandon would have plenty of time for me after he finished with Susan again. I could hardly wait, but for now I simply sat back and enjoyed the show.

* * *

This was just the beginning of my new life of course. Brandon was quite the pervert, and with his abilities to control people he did miss an opportunity to enjoy himself. Susan and I started out as the core to a little fan club for Brandon. Brandon started filling it with my classmates, and slowly expanded his net whenever he saw some cute little thing pass by.

It wasn’t long before Brandon decided we needed a bit new house, and he found us a wonderful sea side mansion. He filled it was an army of beautiful women usually naked or scantily clad who would service his every whim. Susan and I were lucky as we were both kept in his inner harem. We didn’t have to do anything we didn’t want to, excluding orders from Brandon of course. We even got to sleep with him often, and were usually present whenever he played with a new girl.

Certainly there are other stories to tell about my life and my home. Even now I still know just how wrong it was for Brandon to do this to all of us girls, but that doesn’t change the fact that I love him deeply and completely. In fact it’s time for another of the local virgins to be claimed and it’s my turn to guide Brandon to her gates. If I have time later I might write more, but Susan’s been complaining about all the time I spend at the computer, and I can’t afford to make her mad or she won’t sleep with me any more. We can’t have that now can we?

The End.