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Her Story

Disclaimer: Make sure your of legal age in your country. This is is my first story in 4 years, hopefully a great improvement over old stuff, it is also my first post here on mcstories. Thank You.

She sat their sighing to herself, the humdrum of work was a complete bore. Over ten years she hat sat in this chair, the same noise everyday. Beep, Beep. The constant obligatory sound of the cash register, as she scanned the shopper’s items over the red eye that starred unblinking up at her. She hated this job, but what could she do, she was a broken spirit, years of nothing had destroyed what spirit she had left.

Oh how different it could have been…

9 Years prior

As the young man laid her down on the bed, the anticipation could kill her, she’d been waiting three weeks for this, it had been three long angst filled weeks since she last got laid. It was totally unfair to be hit down with illness, she’d felt awful for so long, and all she wanted was some release, but she couldn’t even stand up let alone go out and find an unsuspecting guy to fuck.

But here she was, with some guy, at some house, one day she sure it be some town somewhere, but for now home town would do. He was cute, tall, athletic, nice smile, just the unsuspecting jock type, he would do. He was in for a treat, the girl he had just laid down started to remove her top.

Now she was nothing short of stunning, her long dirty blond hair falling just over her face, she coyly moved it back with her little finger, then moving south with her hands, down her sides to her legs, the smoothly shaven beauties were far from her strong point, but the man found them very alluring, instead of leading straight to her source, she moved her hands around her hips and behind her back, slowly moving the light material that was her top up her body. Her own fingers caressed her back as with a whipping motion she removed the top, exposing the bouncing beauties that now stared the young man in the face.

Her double D breast were perfectly rounded, perfectly natural, she almost giggled at the sight of him, looking at her. She beckoned him to her, climbing atop of her, she directed his drooling mouth to her wonderful jugs. He was eager but sloppy, he went straight to the point of her nipples, it would do… for now. He made her very perky and she could feel herself getting wet. The quick release catch clicked, attracting his attention to her now way ward skirt and her very damp g-string. He pulled his thumbs underneath the silk material and pulled them down her legs. He tried to get his fingers towards her wet snatch, but she grabbed his hand and jerked him forward. In one quick movement, she had his head between her legs, he began lapping like a dog at a water bowl, totally unsatisfying. She continues to work his head as best she could before, she could stand it no longer.

She grabbed him forward and told him to remove his clothes, his top was half off when she grabs his dick and squeezed, his young wood reacted favourably. “Good” she thought, I won’t have to give him a blowjob. With his jeans flung across the room, she brought him down and into her.

As he penetrated, she gasped. He was wide if not long, just over 6 inches but a good 3 inches around, fair better than her fingers had been for the last three weeks.

For the next ten minutes they went at it as only lust enslaved teenagers could. She grabbed his back, sticking her nails into him hard, scratching down his back, he let out a surprised yelp and stopped moving into her. She looked at him. He at her.

They continued but she suddenly felt very bored, a minute later he climaxed into her, his heavy breathing doing nothing for her. He shrank quickly and quietly away, and rolled off her to one side. Typical guy she thought, he was asleep in minutes. Disappointed and not giving him the satisfaction of remembering her naked when sober, she grabs her clothes and left, making her way to a taxi rank, before making her way into her own home.

The cold dark was no help on her mood, a dead end job, no boyfriend, and no decent sex in over 4 months, god she ached to be held, to be taken, far beyond anything she had ever done before.

Two weeks on

She had a call from the girls, they were going out tonight, Saturday night, once again. How could she refuse after another two weeks at home with work getting to her, she needed to end this drought of simply bad sex.

In the last year she had become a wanton sex animal, desperate for release but rarely able to get it. She needed more than just your average guy, not some guy who thought he was a stud, but a guy who knew how to handle a woman’s body, knew how to take care of her, and when the time was right, ravage her very being.

God she was getting hot just thinking about it, she’d have to change her underwear again. She threw the dampish knickers in the underwear, she found that wear a g-string worked great with low rider jeans, everyone got a good look at her ass. But when on a warm night like this, she needed a skirt, she went for the traditional knickers. The look gave her that frilly 50’s look and it drove the right guys wild.

She met her friends at a club in the city center, the place was filling just nicely, and although there were more girls than guys right now, she knew she could work her magic.

Three hours and 6 assholes later, she’d given up, everyone in the place was a jerk, thinking they could just jump into her pants, another sloppy fuck, well she wouldn’t settle for that this time. She tried, danced with a free, rubbing her hot body up and down several guys, getting a good grasp of who they really were, none of them were men, not real men, just sad pathetic excuses. She wouldn’t give her bountiful breasts away so easily, despite the many groping. If worse came to worse she had “friends” at home.

Her friends had been off dancing on the floor, they came back with a couple ordinary looking guys, one of them she’d turned down earlier. They wanted to leave, get their own satisfaction, what choice did she have, stay here alone, with tens of idiots hitting on her, or go home, regroup and do it herself.

As they grabbed coats, she got a glimpse, just a glimpse. She broke free of her friends hand and made a dash back around the corner, he was gone. Disappointed she turned back towards her friends, there he was standing in front of her, only a few inches bigger than she, but his presence, his eyes. He looked deep into her eyes and she melted, a cold shiver went down her, he whispered words into her ear, but the daze she was in had taken her. Her body felt weak as he let go, turned and left her again. She stood their, unable to move.

SNAP, out her daze she came, her friends dragging her to the taxi, she thought she heard on of them say how much she’d had to drink, how little did they know, she had stared upon an Adonis, not a man but a god.

She shook her head, what was she saying, he was only a man, had it been so long since that good fuck, that she was so willing. It can’t be she said, it simply can’t or I wouldn’t have turned all those others down.

In the taxi home, the two young groupings were at each others faces, one man had his hand caressing a breast of her friend. The 19 year old C sized breasts responding to the man’s hands, her nipples becoming hard, as if Ice were drawn over them.

On the other side, the second man had his hand well placed, one behind her head as he ate away at her face, the second underneath her skirt, the juices were already following from her wet pussy, the man obviously had some skill.

And her she was sat, waiting, waiting for what, she didn’t know but she knew it would come, and she knew what she had to do.

The taxi stopped at hers first, she threw a twenty at the cabbie and rushed into her home, straight up stairs and into the bathroom. Her loving sex was aching to be touched as she removed her skirt and panties, but she couldn’t, she wouldn’t, she waited. She pulled the shaving kit from the sink cupboard, her legs were already perfectly smooth, she had another place to shave. She felt so soft as the hair disappeared from around her pussy, she had always kept herself nicely trimmed, but now it shone with its baldness, perfectly smooth. A quick go around again on her legs and she felt herself. Pushing up from the base of her legs, all the way up… until….

Heavy breathing from just touching her own legs, he snatch waited, it craved attention. But there was more to do now, much more. The door was already unlocked, but best to shut it and return to the bedroom. Her top removed, he bra thrown out the open window, she lay in the moonlight room, with just her skirt on. She waited.

For hours she moved around her bed, aching to be touched, almost fearing to do it herself, she twitched at every noise, she couldn’t bare it.

Stood in the corridor, he waited, the power he had over her was complete, you could see that from the fact he was here, and she was riving over their. He walked into the room, holding her red lace bra, she looked at him, desperation in her eyes. He walked up to her, crawling on top over her, she lay there waiting for him to touch her, just touch her, he whispered in her ear, the only thing she couldn’t stand. ‘Don’t cum until I tell you’.

How could she last, how could all this stay inside her.

He started kissing her neck, then moved sensually down to her magnificent breasts, he appreciated fine art, and this was a sculpture to be proud of. He licked around the base of her breasts, a small moan escaped her mouth. He moved in circles moving ever close to the pinnacle of mountains until… She unleashed a high moan as he flicked her nipples with his tongue, moving from nipple to nipple, until they were as sharp as razors. He gave each a little tug with his teeth, pulling them slightly up, she arched her back to compensate but he released and she dropped back down.

This is exactly the direction he went, down. His hands start to move around her smooth legs, going over her skirt, she lay their anticipating his hands. It was not his hands that made first contact. With a whip of his tongue across her clit, she screamed, the ecstasy was incredible, he whipped his tongue up and down, around, he knew exactly what he was doing, the right pace, the right momentum, everything was perfect, she scream again and again, unable to take it. Screw the neighbours listening in, she had never felt like this. She couldn’t even see him, his head covered by her white frilly skirt.

After ten minutes of absolute bliss, he pulled his head out and said, in five seconds you will come for me. He placed his head down back between her legs, her breathing became short inaudible. He whipped his tongue as a countdown, 5,4,3,2,1 and then with one last flick she came, and by god did she cum. She skirted pussy juice all over his face, he continued to lick and push with his tongue. She arched her back, screaming, trashing all over her bed. Finally after almost a minute she came to rest.

She just lay there, her chest going up and down, the look of euphoria etched onto her face.

He beckon her over to him, made her come to him crawling across her bed, she got on her knees, making her head height with him, and a compulsion made her lick, she licked her pussy juices from his face, then from his hand. She pulled his shirt open, to reveal not an Adonis figure, but a man frame, a real man, marks of other conquest were on his chest, scratches, bruises, all present. He continued to lick, and even gave his nipples a playful lick and bite, but she knew what he wants.

Click his top button undone, the zipper sliding down, she sat on the edge of her bed and his cock pop from his pants into plain view, right in front of her face. Even soft it must have been a solid 5 inches, as she cupped his balls it started to grow. She took it into her hands. She tried not to shake, but the monster in front of her was pointing like a rifle, she pulled the skin back and licked the head, it responded in kind, she place his cock in her mouth, only an inch or so to just start with.

If she normally went down on guys it was tentative licking and maybe a bit of hand action, but not this time, he took her hands and placed them behind her back, telling her to keep them their, she was focused as she slowly started to glide up and down, creating a tight grip with her lips, making sure her teeth didn’t come into contact. Inch after inch she spread until 5 inches were flowing into her waiting mouth.

His cock not only grew in length but it girth, a solid 4 inches around, maybe more, but she couldn’t wait to take that into her waiting pussy. For now she couldn’t stop gliding back and forth, his breathing increased, until his dick swelled slightly and he shot. The first shot hit the back of her throat, she swallowed greedily, she’d never done that before, as he shot again, he pulled back, and shot first onto her face, then onto her breasts. He smiled at her. She laid back and scooped the cum from her face into her mouth, before doing the same with her breasts, she felt all over her body, it was ready, it was waiting, and then with a slow thrust, he penetrated her.

Her sloppy pussy took he reharding cock with delight, he pushed only half way into begin, feeling his way around, teasing the famous g-spot, as he cock grew back to full length, he trust into her, her flimsy skirt moving back and forth as he plunged into her, her breast bouncing with his trusting. A free hand grasps at her tits giving them a playful squeeze, but she was all about the cock in her pussy. He thrust into her, not hard, but firm, her legs trying to widen as they took as much cock as possible.

He stopped, slapped her ass, something in her head snapped and she knew it was time for a change. He lay down, she grabbed his cock and directed it into the waiting well.

This time it was her pounding, up and down, giving slight rotations, making sure ever inch of the wonderful cock made it’s way into her, she came, she was riding like a wild buck and she came, he grabbed her as she fell onto his chest, the few minutes on top had exhausted her….. but not him.

He pushed her off, and onto her front, he dragged her to the edge of the bed, where he positioned himself behind her once again, she tried to resist but it was no good, he was back inside her, stretching her to the limit, he pushed in again and again, but he would not cum, not yet, he had other plans.

Pulling out with an audible pop, he position himself once more, at the opening to her ass, he scooped some pussy juice and placed it around her anus, the juice on his cock combined made penetration easier than it should be. The monster in her ass was too much for the young girl, she came again. He pulled slightly out, then back in again, making her ass friction less and glide easy. He started to move in and out, until he was fully pounding, and he meant to pound. The girl who was once a woman was being fucked to the very depths of her life. Her fingers were back at her clit, rubbing furiously for one more.

In perfect unison, they both came, her hand covered in her juices once more, and a river of his cum flowing into her ass, never before had she done such a thing, she had been allowed to feel so great, so special, so truly fucked. He pulled out….

And it was gone, once again reality had come back, she was just a thirty something woman, working on a checkout till, that glorious fuck has never come, with him the possibilities would have been endless, would have been fantastic, she could of conquered the world, the confidence that would have given her, but alas no, all she was, was a simply worker, with a very damp chair….