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Enslaving The Self – Chapter Seven

Sara was back in her bedroom again; only this time she could still remember the chair and the laboratory. Had they made some sort of mistake? She allowed herself a moment to hope that somehow there was still a way out of this. The next thing she heard, shattered that particular illusion:

“System Override: Custom Mode, Level Ten – Frogtie and Double Vibrator, End on Surrender. Activate”.

In an instant the woman found herself bound, tighter than she imagined possible. Her ankles tethered to her thighs and her wrists in turn secured to the same bonds. Twin vibrators hummed merrily inside her, making her moan and gasp. Sara struggled, finding that this tie didn’t immobilise her as completely as the hogtie. She knew somehow that the bonds were too tight, but that didn’t stop her trying to break free.

“System Override: Subliminal Level Ten. Confirm”.

Images started to flicker in her mind, just enough for her to notice “something”, but never for her to recognise or identify. Her feelings of helplessness intensified almost in step with her own arousal. She could feel the damnable attention being lavished upon her, and knew that it was only a matter of time before it lifted her to yet another climax.

“System Override: Sedate Level One. Confirm”.

She felt the all-too-familiar coolness at her neck and moments later her struggles quieted and finally stilled. She lay on the bed, happy to let her body be pleasured, as the subliminal messages continued to flood her mind. For a moment she could just relax and feel, there would be time enough for fighting later, better to conserve her strength.

It took a while for her to realise, but Sara eventually decided that something was wrong. Surely with the relentless buzzing of not one but two vibrators, she should have cum by now? The pleasure continued to build, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted it so badly, tensing her muscles, trying to will herself to orgasm. But still she was held on the brink, her body trembling with need.

Suddenly she understood that all she had to do was to give up. Then the net would let her climax. This was the “surrender” that the voice had spoken of. Sara found herself split, almost literally of two minds. She was no longer sure which part represented the “true” Sara. After all, hadn’t she been complicit in her own enslavement? Hadn’t she willingly activated each new mode, each taking her one step closer to the inevitable?

She shook her head, hoping to clear her thoughts somehow. But the constant thrumming combined with her own frustration and arousal made it all but impossible to focus. The captive girl wanted to give up now, so badly. Surely it couldn’t hurt? Maybe she could pretend to surrender, or only partly submit?

“I surrender!” she cried, willing the machine to believe her.

“Insincere response. System Override: Sedate Level Two. Confirm”.

She felt herself become increasingly sluggish as more drugs flowed into her. Sara absorbed the fact that somehow this machine could tell when she was lying. It seemed that there really was no escape. Perhaps it would be better if she just stop fighting, after all, wasn’t she just prolonging the inevitable?

Still the stimulation continued, unremittingly. Her need seemed to increase moment by moment, she knew that soon she would agree to anything, just to get what was so tantalisingly out of her reach. She wanted to touch herself, to rub her thighs together, anything, if it would just let her cum now. She whimpered, an animal sound from somewhere deep inside.

The net could sense that it was almost time, all its sensors showed that it host was losing her own internal battle. It waited patiently, preparing for what was to come. In the end it took a total of eighteen more seconds before she broke.

“I surrender!” screamed Sara.

“Sincere response. System Override: Slave Mode, Level Ten”.

She never heard the net’s response, almost before the words left her mouth, she felt herself buoyed up on a wave of sensations. It was as though she hurtled up, pleasure filling every part of her. Then a second wave crested, before crashed down and dashing away all thoughts in a cataclysm of sensation, which seemed to go on forever.

“Slave: Upload Program Slave Advanced. Confirm”.

The young woman had let all of her barriers drop, and the net had worked quickly to make sure that she would be unable to re-establish them. Replacing her defences with its own was the most sensible precaution. That way its host was protected from the advances of other “controllers” but would still remain easily programmable. After all, new updates became available all the time, and it did not look good for you product to “fall behind the curve”.

The enhanced program worked far more efficiently than the version Sara had experienced before. This utilised the submissive portions of her psyche, letting them aid it as the thoughts and desires that conflicted with its own instructions were adjusted. Each change that it wrought merely increased Sara’s pleasure, and as more and more of her personality “fell into line”, so the process accelerated.

The computer had included instructions explaining what was required should the Slave Net cease to function. It did not want a repeat of the earlier debarkle. It then ran its slavegirl through another series of tests, until it was sure that the programming had “taken”. Effectively its program was now part of Sara’s own personality, no matter what happened to her, it should remain in place. The machine was now confident that she would perform “as advertised” even when she was no longer under its watchful eyes.

* * *

“Slave, prepare yourself for auction”, the computer commanded as soon as Sara began to stir.

“Yes Master”, she agreed happily.

Moving with confident grace, Sara dressed precisely as her Master wanted. She managed to cover her nakedness in such a way as to only accentuate it. Then she chained her arms and legs before finally locking the metal collar back in place. A feeling of deja vu washed over her, but she dismissed it as unimportant. The thought of being sold to another owner was frightening, but after all, it was what the Master wished, and as a good girl she would happily do as she was told.

* * *

Enslaving The Self – Epilogue

Sara kept her head bowed while she offered the glass to Mistress. The tall woman accepted it, somehow managing to simultaneously ignore the slave while still sneering at her. She waited obediently, as her Master had instructed.

“What”, the blonde shouted, “are you still here?”

“Yes Mistress, this girl has been commanded to supply you with everything you need”, she answered softly, still keeping her gaze averted.

This drew another cruel smile, and even without looking at her, Sara knew that Mistress was planning some new humiliation. The young woman took solace in the fact that Master loved her and that he would never allow anything to harm her. She didn’t hate her Mistress, but she did fear her. She thought back briefly to their first encounter. Mistress’ hand slapping her face. In some way she should probably thank her, for without that blow, surely the malfunction in her Slave Net might never have shown up.

Sara realised that Mistress had said something while she had been daydreaming. She chided herself for not paying attention, but when she looked up she saw that everything was going to be alright.

Mistress wore a confused expression. She seemed to be trying to speak, but had difficulty forming the words.

“Whhuuuu”, she managed before her body stiffened completely.

Sara ran quickly to retrieve the bag, which her Master had supplied. She was grinning almost manically by the time she returned. By now Mistress was completely under the influence of the drug. The statuesque woman did not resist as she was very efficiently stripped. It was slightly harder to “dress” her in the Slave Net, but after some effort she managed this as well. All that remained was for Sara to connect her to the Virtuality headset and then wait until it had remodelled her into something more pleasing to Master.

She fought the urge to touch herself as she waited, Master had instructed her to “save herself”. After all, what better way to thank her former Mistress than to greet her properly as she began her new life?