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Enslaving The Self – Chapter Three

After the rest-cycle ran its course, the computer released Sara’s mind from stasis. It took its time, knowing that she would never register what was happening. First the machine restarted the flow of drugs, adjusting the cocktail slightly to induce mild intoxication. A gentle tingling in the captive’s mind reduced her awareness, leaving her unknowingly impulsive and overconfident.

Once it was sure that she was ready, it restarted the virtual world program. This was the most important stage. If Sara willingly allowed access to her mind now, it would be so much easier to influence her. Without her fighting every step of the way, the computer would be able to proceed rapidly, and of course once such an invitation had been made, it was damnably hard to rescind it.

Sara stretched, feeling invigorated and almost anxious to continue her play. Having moved past the section covering Damsel-in-Distress Mode, she felt that she had “broken the back” of the manual. Only two sets of exercises remained; Remote Operator and Slave. She shuddered slightly at that last word, and quickly pushed the thought aside. She didn’t have to try out everything; after all, this was her toy, wasn’t it?

But Remote Operator Mode sounded okay, and all the other exercises had been amazing.

“Even if I did lose quite badly last time”, she thought, “or maybe because I lost so badly”.

She just caught herself before she laughed out loud. But there was some truth to the thought; the “punishment” had been particularly blissful. What could be better than a challenge where you “won”, whatever the outcome?

“Activate: Remote Operator Mode, Level One, for One Minute. Confirm”.

At first nothing seemed to happen, then Sara realised that she could hear someone speaking, their voice oddly artificial.

“Remote: Run Test Program One. Confirm”.

Immediately Sara felt as though her consciousness was receding into the background. Her thoughts remained clear, but there seemed to be a soft barrier between them and her body. She rose from the bed, her movements quick and precise. At first she tried to fight it, to reclaim control, but the barrier seemed too thick. As she relaxed, allowing the test to continue, Sara realised just how good it felt. Pleasure washed over her, as her body walked itself into the bathroom.

By now she was happy to just let it happen. Part of her was surprised (and although she would be loathed to admit it, perhaps a little disappointed), when she poured herself a glass of water, drinking it quickly before returning to the bed. As her body sat itself back down, she heard the same disembodied voice.

“Test Complete”

Suddenly the barrier disappeared and Sara found herself back in control. She quickly turned the pages, looking for the next exercise. The waves of pleasure notwithstanding, she could not help but feel a sense of anticlimax. All the other exercises had been sexy and fun, but here she had just made herself a glass of water. Sara found the page she was looking for, and immediately read out the commands, not even thinking to check what effects they might have or what safeguards might be available.

“Activate: Remote Operator Mode, Level Two – Subliminal Level Three for Five Minutes. Confirm”.

This time she did not try to resist as her consciousness took a back seat. The barrier seemed to enfold her, trapping her mind in its soft embrace. Pleasure ran through her and she somehow knew that new thoughts and ideas were “piggybacking” on that sensation and burying themselves deep in her mind. The knowledge seemed to intensify the experience. Dimly she was aware of the synthetic voice, but it was so hard to make out the words, so much better to just rest back and feel.

“Remote: Run Program Progress One – Stealth Level Ten, End on Remote Cancel. Override User. Confirm”.

Sara’s hands seemed to take on a life of their own, with quick and precise movements she began to slowly pleasure herself. Expertly she sort out her erogenous zones, working slowly and gently, allowing the sensations to build. One moment she would be caressing her throat, feeling the soft threads around her neck, the next she would graze one of her nipples, the barest touch sending shudders of arousal through her.

Her fingers never lingered in one place, but slowing and inexorable she knew that she was building to a climax. When first one hand and then the other descended to her groin, she knew that she couldn’t hold on any longer. Fingers fluttered against her sex, teasing. She would have ground her pelvis if she had been able to move, but instead she found herself having to wait, accepting that her hands would not let her cum until they were good and ready.

Both hands intensified their efforts suddenly, fingers inside her as well as out. For agonising seconds she was held on the brink. Then, mercifully the stimulation reached its crescendo and her entire being seemed to explode into pleasure so intense that it verged on pain. All her thoughts were dashed away, and still the orgasm didn’t relent. Each wave pushed her deeper into unconsciousness, until eventually, when they finally stilled, she was left glassy-eyed, her muscles slack, blank-faced and with a trickle of drool dribbling from the corner of her mouth.

“Test Complete”, announced the voice flatly.

* * *

The computer took full advantage of its prisoner’s mindless state, relentless pounding her brain with subliminal images. By the time she had eventually recovered it had concealed its continuing presence within her thoughts with a convincing illusion of self-control. Remote Operator Mode allowed it to influence her thoughts and actions, but for now the strings with which its puppet could be controlled were lax enough that they did not impede her and were slender enough that she would never notice their presence.

Sara marvelled at the ingenuity of her toy. The second exercise had certainly been an improvement on the first. She wanted to go back and try out the other functions again, to find out exactly what it might be capable of. But, for some reason her thoughts kept returning to the final mode. She knew logically that she had no intention of becoming enslaved, even if only for a short time. Still, she should really try out all the functions; make sure that her purchase wasn’t faulty.

The computer gently nudged her, pushing her that extra few inches. It knew that she was faltering, that curiosity was threatening to overwhelm common sense. It knew that she was considering the time limit and wondering if that would make the experience “safe” enough to contemplate. Carefully it altered the ratio of drugs and increased the strength and frequency of the subliminal images.

She hesitated before opening the manual again, then, almost as though she was scared that her bravery would not last, she quickly turned to the final section. One particular section caught her eye, typed in bold print under the two Slave Mode exercises.

“It is not uncommon for the user to experience some doubts about whether they truly wish to experience Slave Mode. Although the process is entirely reversible and subject to stringent safety measures, we understand that the user may be unwilling to effectively command herself into slavery (even if only for a short period). In the light of this, we have included the following optional system, which may help to allow you to fully utilise your new toy”.

Sara skipped down to commands, and grinned.

“Activate: Damsel-in-Distress Mode, Level One – Forfeit One Minute Slave Mode, Level One for One Minute. Confirm”.

She didn’t waste any time or energy fighting the threads as they bound her. The gentle numbing sensation from the drugs made her gasp and then came the soft touch as the net began to drain her. It was as though she had suddenly become aware of what was at stake. She struggled in earnest, determined not to let herself lose. But she had of course forgotten how weakened she was from the previous games. The naive girl assumed that she would have recovered her drained will and resistance, but the computer had not given her the chance.

Pitiful seconds later, she was defeated. Sara heard the disembodied voice announce, “Activate: Slave Mode, Level One for One Minute. Confirm” at the same moment that the net released her.

Sara waited, terrified at what might happen now. She didn’t feel any different, but the forfeit had started and she knew instinctively that the net was (or indeed had already) made her its slave. Seconds ticked by and the woman tried to recognise what had changed. She had no desire to please or to serve. She didn’t feel the need for a master. She didn’t want a collar (although as she thought this, her hand unconsciously strayed to the band around her throat). She slowly shook her head in confusion. If this was being a slave, what was all the fuss about?

Abruptly she realised that the minute had passed, she had been so absorbed in her self-analysis that she hadn’t noticed. Sara grappled with a feeling of ambivalence. On the one hand she was relieved that nothing had happened due to her reckless disregard for personal safety. But, on the other, she felt something akin to disappointment that she hadn’t felt anything at all. Even the first Remote Operator Mode exercise had been pleasurable.

She flipped the pages back to the Slave Mode exercises; perhaps she had chosen too low a level? Maybe Slave Mode Level One was supposed to not feel any different to normal. The thought that she might have already reached Slave Level One on her own rose unbidden in her mind but she immediately discounted such a ludicrous suggestion.

Sara paused, knowing that she was about to make a momentous decision. Then, she began to hesitantly instruct the net.

“Activate Damsel-in-Distress Mode, Level Two – Forfeit One Minute Slave Mode, Level Three for One Minute”.

She stopped, her heart pounding, wondering if this was such a good idea after all. Then, making the decision she completed the command; “Confirm”.

For the second time, she allowed herself to be bound, this time more stringently thanks to the enhanced level. The drug suffused her system and she had just enough time to register the draining touch before the forfeit was implemented again.

“Activate: Slave Mode, Level Three for One Minute. Confirm”, the voice announced.

The net did not release its captive, but it did quickly move her into a more suitable position. Sara found herself dropping off the bed and adopting a kneeling position. Her knees forced apart while her arms remained securely bound behind her. Sara’s head was held high, her back straight, her bondage accentuating her chest. Helplessness seemed to fill her, leaving her weak and adding to the sense of vulnerability which her exposure engendered.

Her feelings hadn’t changed as far as she could tell. Sara still had no desire to serve or please, she didn’t want a master (or indeed a mistress) and the idea of being collared (being a hot, helpless, collared slave, bound for her owner’s pleasure) had no appeal. The problem was that she couldn’t help but wonder how much she would be able to resist if someone ordered or otherwise commanded her.

Once more she felt something hot and fluid seep over her mind, making her gasp. She wanted to move, wanted to touch herself, to give into that growing need. But instead she stayed exactly where she was, kneeling and helpless. Still the desire grew, like an itch she couldn’t scratch. It felt like a combination of all the other Modes, but better than the sum of its parts. Bound, captive, playful distress, helpless pleasure, it was all of those things and more. Sara moaned, straining every muscle. But it was no use, the net held her more tightly than any bondage she had ever known. She finally understood that it could do with her exactly as it wished, and that all she could do was to wait until the timer ran out. As if in response to her realisation, the net chose that moment to complete the forfeit. Sara felt the bonds loosen and wasted no time in allowing herself the release she so craved.

When it came, the orgasm was a disappointment. After the mind-shattering experience from the second Remote Operator exercise, it seemed that only the machine could really “bring her off”. Clumsily, she searched the manual, looking for an exercise, which might give her was she now so desperately wanted. Finally she found something in the Appendix.

“Activate Bondage Mode, Level Two – Hogtie, Ballgag and Single Vibrator, End only if satisfied. Confirm”.

As Sara gave herself to the net, revelling in her helplessness as it carefully secured her, the computer waited to pounce. This was the moment it had been waiting for, and with its captive now sufficiently conditioned, it was time to take more direct control.