The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Enslaving The Self

A young woman finds that she is unknowingly leading herself into slavery

* * *

Sara felt a sharp stinging sensation as the dart stabbed into her neck. Her hand automatically reached up, but to her horror, the movement ended before it had even really begun. The young woman’s strength seemed to drain out of her, the toxin working quickly to subdue and sedate her. In an instant she was barely able to move. Sara had just enough time to clumsily break her fall before paralysis gripped her body.

She felt her muscles lock, her body continuing to stiffen. A warm sensation of torpor flowed into her, as if to compensate for the strength, which it replaced. Sara tried to fight it, but whatever she did, it merely seemed to hasten the effect. For a moment she felt a strange tingling sensation growing behind her eyes, then, it was as if her thoughts were somehow stiffening too.

The feeling grew in intensity, becoming a soothing massage, which spread outwards. Everything slowed, until her mind was as paralysed as her body. She no longer registered what was happening to her, did not notice as she was lifted and placed inside a large container. Even when she was secured tightly for transport, Sara was oblivious. All she knew was the lethargic warmth, which bathed her and lulled her gently in her blank and mindless state.

* * *

Sara’s thoughts slowly returned, still sluggish and slow. The warm tingling sensation persisted, softened slightly but still wonderful and powerful. She blinked her eyes, trying to focus. It was clear that she was no longer at home, the computer consoles and panels of blinking lights pretty much ruled that out. She tried to look around, but found that her head was held firmly in place. That knowledge seemed to concentrate her attention for a moment, and the girl was suddenly able to appreciate her situation.

She was seated on a soft padded chair. A wide strap surrounding her waist and holding her tightly against the backrest. Her wrists were trapped by thiner straps, which bound them to the armrests and her ankles were likewise secured to the chair’s legs. A broad band encircled her throat, holding her head in place. The bonds held her tightly, but the sensation of warm stiffness persisted, and Sara doubted that she could have moved, even had the straps been released. For a moment she was able to hold onto that realisation, but then the tingling seemed to reassert itself and her thoughts drifted away again.

Some time later, Sara was startled from her reverie by another stinging sensation in her neck. This gave her something tangible to cling on to, and with a great effort the young woman was able to use the pain to haul herself back to wakefulness. As the sensation faded, she tried to ignore the deep pool of blankness, which seemed to beckon to her, but it was getting harder with each passing moment. Every breath seemed to lull her a little more, but then suddenly there was something else to distract her.

“I see you have managed to wake”, said an eerily mechanical voice, “I apologise for any discomfort which you may have experienced. The process will not harm you, in fact it will give you great pleasure”.

Sara tried to locate the source of the voice, but there was nothing in her limited field of vision. She tried to force her lips, her throat, her voice to work, but whatever she had been drugged with, it kept her silent.

“Sensors record that you are attempting to initiate communication. This is unnecessary, I am establishing a direct connection … now”.

The young woman felt a moment of dizziness, and then a sensation of falling. The strange tingling returned, doubling and then redoubling. Pleasure ran up and down the captive’s body, dimly she was aware of the voice continuing, even though the words escaped her.

“Analysis of compatible behaviours complete; subject shows strong pleasurable reaction to ideas of bondage, drugging and hypnosis”.

Sara felt the pleasure slowly receding, although the tingling continued. After several moments the sensation slowed and finally halted, leaving her feeling weak and befuddled. As her remaining strength ebbed away, she heard the voice again, just before the darkness claimed her once more.

“Analysis of incompatible behaviours complete; subject shows strong negative reaction to ideas of slavery and submission. Accessing database, engineering countermeasures”.

* * *

Sara’s eyes opened, much to her surprise she found her mind clear, although her body stubbornly resisted all her attempts to move. The heavy straps had been replaced with an intricate network of thin silk threads, which criss-crossed her body from the neck down. The threads seemed to coalesce at her wrists, her ankles and her throat, forming solid silken bands. Around her breasts and groin the threads seemed to both support and stimulate, each breath moving them just enough to tease and arouse her.

“Subject is aware”, noted the voice, “sensors detect increased arousal from Slave Net application”.

The girl was horrified, she had no idea what a Slave Net might be, but she knew that it couldn’t be good.

“Sensors detect increased resistance; suppress knowledge of Slave-Net until subject is acceptant”, the voice commanded passionlessly.

Sara was aware of a brief tingling sensation behind her eyes. It felt as though something hot and syrupy was flowing over her head. It seemed to ooze sluggishly over her, over her thoughts and felt so good. Very gently the feeling subsided, leaving her gasping. She noticed her strange adornment then, as if for the first time and did not feel even the briefest tickle of recollection.

“Sensors detect increased arousal from Bondage Net application”, stated the voice.

The captive had to agree with the disembodied voice, whatever this Bondage Net might be, it was certainly stimulating. In fact, if it were not for the circumstances, this could be an enjoyable experience.

“Run program: simulate”, commanded the voice.

Again Sara felt the wonderful sensation of something liquid seeping through her thoughts. As the sensation passed, she found herself back safely in her own bedroom, sat comfortably on the bed. There was the briefest moment of surprise, but before it really registered the faint tingle swept it away.

Almost as soon as the surprise vanished, the young woman noticed two things. First that she was still wearing the webwork of strange threads, and secondly that there was what appeared to be an instruction manual open on the bed in front of her. Sara glanced down at the thick tome.

“Congratulations, thank you for purchasing the Bondage Net 2006, the ideal accessory for all your self-bondage needs”, read the introductory blurb.

Sara scanned over the “end user agreement” before settling on the contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Bondage mode
  3. Captive mode
  4. Damsel in distress mode
  5. Remote operator mode
  6. Slave mode

Another slightly stronger tingle wiped away her growing apprehension, focussing her attention instead on the descriptions of being inescapably but comfortably bound, being drugged in helplessness and having subtle subliminal suggestions eased into your mind to enhance the process. By the time she had finished reading the basic instructions, she was eager to try out her new toy. Throughout all this, the net continued to gently stimulate its wearer, leeching drugs into her body, which increased her arousal even further.

Sara took a deep breath, then gave her first instruction; “Activate: Bondage Mode, Level One for 1 Minute. Confirm”.

She felt her arms pulled firmly but gently behind her back, at the same moment her knees and ankles were also pressed together. The next thing she knew, Sara was bound. She struggled a little, enjoying the feeling of being restrained. The bondage seemed pretty inescapable, and the girl had to remind herself that this was only Level One. Her head spun when she tried to imagine what Level Ten might feel like.

All too soon the minute elapsed, the net released its grip on her and Sara found herself free once again. Her initial test run an unqualified success, she decided to try something more elaborate. The young woman checked the instructions carefully, then gave another command; “Activate: Bondage Mode, Level Two – Hogtie, Ballgag and Single Vibrator, End on Third Orgasm. Confirm”.

In an instant Sara found herself face down on her bed, her wrists and ankles meeting in a classic hogtie. A small rubber ball had been forced between her teeth and a vibrator buzzed mercilessly inside her. She could only “mmmpppfffff” as she struggled and let the pleasure of her helplessness overwhelm her.

Meanwhile, in reality, Sara was still paralysed in the padded chair. The complex virtual reality in which she found herself was being monitored and controlled by the computer, which held her captive. Soon it would step in, and exert its control, but for now it was happy to sit back and watch as its captive unknowingly worked to bind herself to its will.