The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Dog Pound


Dave Smith was a man with a very unusual talent. So unusual that he was the only person that he had ever heard of that had it. He could control people’s minds. Not with the ease of a thought, sometimes in fact it took him close to an hour of being near someone to affect them. Other times he could have them doing his bidding after a few seconds. It just depended on the person; some minds were stronger than others. Dave had pretty much figured out that it was tied to the person’s IQ. The smarter they were, the longer it took. It was a Rhodes Scholar from Stanford that took almost an hour. She wasn’t even that hot, he just wanted a challenge that day. There was one little problem with his power; it didn’t work on men. Not one bit. No matter how long he tried. Which was unfortunate for him since it was a male policeman that arrested him, a male DA that had an election coming up that prosecuted him, and a male judge that tried the case. His lovely defense attorney did her best, but she had no contacts in this small town, so she couldn’t get the charges dropped. She did manage to get him the minimum jail sentence, which was 90 days. She spent an hour in the judge’s chambers to get that. He thought about escaping, it wouldn’t be a problem with the woman guards around. Any one of them would drive him away herself after a few minutes of him thinking about it. After considering that for a while, he decided to do his time and be done with it. No sense in looking over his shoulder for the cops the rest of his life. Dave found himself assigned to night time duty at the local dog pound every Saturday for the next 64 days remaining (after credit for time served) of his sentence here at the county jail. So here he was waiting handcuffed for the cop that was going to supervise him while he cleaned up dog crap for 2 months.

A cruiser pulled up, (that must be it, he thought) and the guard next to him waved as it stopped. The driver’s door opened and out came the cutest little cop Dave had ever seen. About 5′4″, 110lbs, brown hair, and at least a pair of D tits, she made his mind race with possibilities. She said a few words to Officer Blackman, who was standing next to him, he handed his prison ID card to her.

She walked up to him, and roughly snapped a pair of handcuffs off her belt onto his wrists. Then she unlocked the first pair of cuffs and handed them back to Officer Blackman. She then looked at him, at his ID, then back at him. “Get in” she said as she opened the back door of her cruiser.

Smiling to himself, Dave got into the backseat and settled in as she closed the door. Already he was busy in her mind, bending her will to his. This would take a bit. She seemed fairly bright. A few minutes later, they pulled into the dog pound. She got out of the cruiser and opened his door. Several dogs started barking upon hearing them pull up. After he climbed out, she closed the door and followed him into the building. Locking the door back, she came around in front of him and unlocked his cuffs. She showed him where the supplies were, and told him what to do, and then left him in the back. She was sitting at the desk watching him while he worked. Dave meanwhile was shoveling dog crap with his arms while he worked on Officer Howell’s mind with his. After about 35 minutes she got up and came down to where he was at. That’s when he knew he was done, with the hard part at least. Leaning on his shovel, Dave looked her up and down like a piece of meat. She tried to stare back, but was unable to, looking down after only a moment. She was flushed, and her uniform looked like she had been pulling at it. “So, Officer, what can I do for you?”

“Just checking up on you, that’s all” she replied.

“Well, since you are, I’m going on a break.” With that, he leaned the shovel against the wall and walked past her to the desk. She looked like she was going to say something, but a little mental pressure from him stopped her. He sat in the chair she was just in like he owned it. Watching her walk towards him, she stopped a few yards away, like she was thinking about telling him to get up. He didn’t give her the chance. “So, what’s your name, babe?”

Anger flashed across her face for a moment. “Officer Howell, that’s what my name is”

Chuckling as he cued the answer in her mind he asked again. “No, your first name honey” Anger flashed again, but she replied with an answer more to his liking.

“Bethany” “Well Bethany, since I’m on break I want you to bring me something to drink.”

“No . . . I mean what, I mean, what do you want?”

“Just a nice, cold bottle of water. Check the refrigerator in the back office.”

She walked to the back office, while he watched her ass and she went, and returned a minute later with a bottle of water. She handed it to him with scorn, trying to understand her behavior. He took a sip and replaced the cap. “You know Bethany; you put those handcuffs on too tight; I didn’t appreciate that.”

“I’m sorry” She replied.

“Well, I think you need to really know how it feels so you can understand what I went through.”

“And how am I supposed to do that?”

Smiling, Dave told her: “You need to have those cuffs put on your own pretty little wrists, that’s how.”

She hesitated, “No way.” She was still struggling with his commands.

With a stern voice he said “Bethany, come here, turn around, and put your hands behind your back.” She hesitated a moment, then stepped forward, stopping just in front of him, turned so her back was to him, and put her hands behind her back, shaking the whole time. Dave just smiled as he took her handcuffs out of her cuff case and snapped them onto her wrists. Now helpless, he watched the policewoman struggle with her own handcuffs.

“Ok, I see how tight they were, can you please take them off now?”

“Well, your wrists are a lot smaller than mine, so I think you need a little more.” With that, he pulled her other set of cuffs out, and locked one onto her left arm, just above her elbow. Then he pulled her right elbow to the left one, and with a cry of pain from her, cuffed her other arm. “Now, after a few hours like that, you will know better than to handcuff me so tightly.” Trying to squirm and adjust the cuffs behind her, Bethany was confused, scared, but mostly horny. “Oh, there is one more thing that you need to know how I feel, like an animal.” Dave picked up a thick leather dog collar that was used for pit bulls and other vicious dogs. It was about 2 ½″ wide, by his estimation. Her eyes got wide when she saw what he had.

“No!, please don’t put that on me.” She begged

“Now Bethany, you just have to wear it for a minute to know how I felt, ok.” He wrapped the thick leather around her trembling neck and buckled it tight enough that she would feel it, but not so tight that she would have trouble breathing. “How’s that sweetie?” He helped her form the thoughts that he wanted, and she gasped a little as she felt the cool leather around her neck. He noticed a damp spot between her legs, and knew he was making progress with her.

“Ok” she replied.

“Good, there’s just one more thing to add, then I got to get back to work.” He picked up the heavy chain that was with the collar and attached it to the d-ring on her collar. She was speechless and he pulled her by the leash to a large anchor ring bolted into the ceiling and, after standing on a chair, put one end through the ring and pulled it taunt, snapping the chain to itself. Now Bethany was handcuffed wrists and elbows, collared and leashed to the ceiling so she could only move a few inches. She was completely at his mercy. “I’ll be back to check on you in a bit, ok babe.” With that, he left her to get used to her cuffs and collar while he finished cleaning up. With about half an hour to go, he came back to check up on her. “Well Officer Howell, how are you doing?”

She was tired from having to stand still so long, and her arms were numb from being cuffed behind her. “Please take off the cuffs,” she asked.

“Yea, I guess your arms kinda hurt, don’t they.”


“Well, do you know how it feels now?”


“Good, now where are the keys to your cuffs?”

“On my belt.” She looked down towards her left hip, as much as she could with the wide collar on.

Dave took her keys off her belt and, spinning her around took the cuffs off her upper arms. She let out a breath as he released her. “How’s that Bethany?”

“Better. Now the other cuffs, please.”

Chuckling, Dave replied, “Oh yea.” After replacing the first set of cuffs in her case, he unlocked her wrists. As she rubbed her sore wrists, he replaced the second pair. He unsnapped the chain attached to her collar so she could move and stepped away from her. She turned to face him, and tried to work the buckle on the collar. After fumbling with it a few seconds, she asked him for help. “Na, it looks good on you.”

“Please! No one can see me like this, I’ll get fired.”

“I’ll tell you what; you can take it off before we get back to the jail.”

“Well, ok”

“Now, before we go, there’s one more thing I have to tell you.”

After a few minutes of instructions, they walked out the door. She nervously locked the door as they left, she was still wearing the thick dog collar, and he was carrying a pair of cuffs so he could put them on as they pulled up do the jail. She opened his door for him and he gave her a pat on the ass as he got in. She closed the door and got in the drivers seat. He reinforced her programming in the car. As they were approaching the jail, she asked if she could take off the collar.

“Sure babe, just remember what you are supposed to do before next weekend.”

“Yes Sir” replied Officer Howell as she heard him ratchet the handcuffs onto his wrists. She tucked the collar under the seat as they pulled up; Officer Blackman opened his door and let him out. She handed him his ID card through the open window and drove off.

It was a busy week for the young corrections Officer. She had her regular duties, plus the assignments that Mister Smith gave her. At 21 she was a junior in college, till last Monday when she withdrew from all her classes, as per her orders. Mr. Smith said that she didn’t need to waste any more time on her mind, it was his to do what he pleased with. She had shopping to do, maxing out her single credit card. She had had to apply for several more, but they hadn’t arrived yet. She pulled into the jail Saturday trembling with anticipation to pick him up. She followed the procedures and they were on their way.

“Did you do as I told you to?” He asked her.

“Yes Sir”

“Good, give me a key to these.” He said, holding up his cuffed wrists. She slipped a key through the vents in the partition and returned to driving.

After unlocking his cuffs, he asked her “Were you able to get everything this week?”

“No Sir, my credit card got maxed out. I applied for some more, but they haven’t got here yet.” She replied fearfully.

“Well, what did you get?” Dave asked her with a stern voice to show his displeasure.

“The collar, ballgag, some heels, police uniform, jail outfit, French maids uniform, and the digital camera Sir”

“Did you get all the handcuffs I asked for?”

“Yes Sir, 4 pairs of hinged cuffs, 2 sets of leg irons, a connector chain, and a restraint belly chain.”

“Good” When they arrived at the pound, there was someone else there. Bethany started to get out and tell her to leave the premises, but Dave changed her thoughts and she ignored her. She opened his door, and went to the trunk where her extra bag was. She retrieved it, and closed the trunk. She heard the ratcheting of handcuffs and looked up to see that Dave had handcuffed the woman that was waiting for them.

“Let’s get inside, ladies.” After Bethany locked the door, Dave explained what was going on.

“Bethany, this is Sara, and friend of mine. She is going to clean up while you show me what you brought.” Bethany got a look at Sara as Dave spoke. She was a little taller than her own 5″4″, but several pounds lighter. She had dark brown hair, and her tits were even larger than her own. She was dressed in a pair of sneakers, blue jeans and a smallish t-shirt. “Lay everything out while I show her what to do.” With that Dave led his cuffed charge to the back area and after a few minutes return carrying the cuffs that had been around Sara’s wrists. Looking at the contents of her bag laid across the counter, Dave smiled. He picked up the digital camera and snapped and few pictures of Officer Howell, getting close-ups of her county patch and nameplate. After a few shots, he told her to put on the jail uniform.

“Yes Sir.” Bethany gathered up the uniform and turned to go to the bathroom.

“No, in here, I want to see you change.” He said while holding up the camera to show her what he meant.

“Yes Sir.” Officer Howell blushed as she set the jail uniform back down and took off her equipment belt. He began clicking away as she did that. Next she unbuttoned her top and took it off, revealing a black satin half-cup bra. She sat down in a chair and took off her boots and socks, then slid out of her pants, leaving herself in matching bra and thong panties. She looked up at him, and after a moments thought, he told her to strip all the way. She unsnapped her bra, and laid it down, then pulled off her thong and set it on top of the rest of her uniform. She stood, trembling completely naked in front of him, her, a corrections officer, him her prisoner. After a couple of pictures and a nod from him, she began to put on the jail uniform. It was just like his, an authentic county jail uniform, 2 sizes too small for her. She strained the jumpsuit to close it. She stood before him again.

“Now the shoes.” He said, pointing to the 6″ platform heels that she brought with her. “I know they’re not authentic, but I like them anyways.”

She retrieved them and sat in the chair to put them on while he snapped away with the camera.

“Have you been practicing in them like I said?”

“Yes Sir, everyday just like you said to.”

“Good.” She buckled them on, and stood up, confident with the tall heels. “Now, let’s get you in some cuffs.” He instructed her on cuffing herself, then started taking more pictures as she did, first she took the 2 sets of leg irons that she was issued from the jail and locked both cuffs around one ankle. Then the attached the connector chain to them and locked the other two cuffs to her other ankle. She pulled the 2 pairs of regular cuffs off her equipment belt and attached the connector chain to them, she stood up, and reaching behind her back snapped both cuffs onto one of her wrists, and then secured her other hand with the two remaining open cuffs. She turned away from him as she did this, so he could get some good shots of her handcuffing herself. He Called Sara back to the front and told her to put on the fetish cop’s uniform that Bethany had bought. On Dave’s instructions Sara released Bethany and recuffed her while Dave snapped away. She then cuffed Bethany with the hinged cuffs, 2 on her wrists and 2 on her upper arms, locked her into the belly chain, and handcuffed her in front. Dave then surprised them both by telling Bethany to handcuff Sara the same way she cuffed her. Officer Howell had plenty of experience with the cuffs, and competently handcuffed her in the various positions that she had just been in. “You look good in those heels, Bethany, and you look good in those heels and uniform, Sara.”

“Thank you Sir.” Both girls chimed together.

“Now, Sara you put on Bethany jail outfit, and Bethany you put back on your uniform.” Both girls changed while Dave took some more pictures of them. After Sara was in the jail outfit plus the heels, and Bethany was back in uniform Dave had Bethany do the handcuffing routine on Sara one more time. “Sara, I want you to cuff Officer Bethany again.” They put on quite a show for the last one, with prisoner Sara handcuffing Officer Bethany. Dave had to admit that these would be popular. “Bethany, Sara is going to help you do some shopping with your new credit cards, She’ll be staying with you for a few weeks, is that a problem?”

“No Sir”

“Good, if anybody asks, tell them that she is a friend from out of town.” Turning to Sara, “Change back into your regular clothes and go get me something to eat. I’m tired of the food she serves me.” He glared at Bethany with mock anger, making her try to apologize. “Hush Bethany, and put the ankle boots on, I like them better than your duty boots.” Sara quickly changed and left to get Dave some real food, while Bethany put the black 6″ platform heeled ankle boots back on. “Let’s try out that collar.” With that Dave picked up the heavy stainless steel collar that Bethany had ordered online. Ordering her to kneel before him, he locked the 3″ wide collar on her slender neck. “Beautiful,” he said. He took a few pictures of her in her collar, uniform and boots then sent her back to finish cleaning the kennels. Soon Sara returned with a Subway and Dr.Pepper, after which he sent her back to help Officer Howell he ate with enthusiasm. When he finished, he went to the back and took a few shots of Officer Bethany cleaning dog shit. When they finished, he brought them back to the front and handcuffed both of them behind their backs. “Bethany, when we leave you are going to drop Sara off at your house, then take me back to the jail. Sara, go through her house and start gathering up anything that she doesn’t need, but first go to her computer and upload the pictures I took to my website. Then when Bethany gets home she can take you to the motel room so you can get the rest of your stuff. Understand, girls?”

“Yes Sir,” replied Bethany and Sara.

“Good, it’s time to go then. Sara, help Bethany with her stuff.” Bethany picked up her duty boots and started to sit down to put them on, but Dave would have none of that. “Wear the heels Bethany; no one will see them in the car anyways.”

“But Sir.”

“But nothing missy. If you have anything else to say you’ll wear the other cop uniform, understand?”

“Yes Sir,” replied a meek Officer Howell.

They all got into the car, Sara riding in the back with Dave, who insisted that she be handcuffed since she was in the back of a police car. She tried to protest but quickly found herself handcuffed and with her head in Dave’s lap giving him a blowjob. Dave was busy giving Bethany some more instructions for the next week. They dropped Sara of at Bethany’s house, giving her the key and the clothes that she had bought the previous week, not to mention her duty boots. Bethany was very nervous about being seen in the collar, it was shiny and reflected all the streetlights very well. She voiced her fears to Dave, who laughed that if the pictures he took got ever got out she was fired at the very least anyway. He then told her that it was a private website that Sara would put the pictures on, so only a select group people would see them, for now. As they neared the county jail, Dave allowed Officer Howell to remove her collar and stash it under the seat, with instructions to put it back on and lock it once she pulled away. He knew how humiliated it would make her feel being unable to take off the collar, since Sara had the key, not to mention the 6″ platform heeled boots she was wearing. The moment she got out of her car, everyone would know that she was a joke as an officer. Bethany dropped Dave off at the jail, and then sped home, replacing the collar on the way. She quietly pulled into her driveway, hoping none of the neighbors saw her in the collar and heels, in uniform no less! She made it into her home, where she found Sara busy at the computer. She changed into one of her new outfits, a bright pink top with matching hot pants. The hot pants had a handprint on the butt cheek, so show everyone what kind of girl she was. She topped it off with big pink hoop earrings, half a dozen pink bracelets on each wrist, and pink 6″ heels. The collar stayed on, Sara told her that it would only come off when she went to work. Sara borrowed some of Bethany’s new clothes as well, so she looked almost as slutty as Bethany did. They took Bethany’s civilian car to the motel. Since Sara was driving, she handcuffed Bethany in the passenger seat. Upon arriving at the motel, Bethany was horrified to see a group of about 6 Hispanics hanging out just a few rooms down from Sara’s. Sara uncuffed Bethany, handed her the room key, and told that there was a suitcase on the bed, which was all she needed to get. Officer Bethany tried to get to the door unnoticed, but the click click of her 6″ heels on the pavement attracted the group’s attention. She told them that she was a cop, but for some reason they didn’t believe her. Luckily the motel security guard had been keeping an eye on the group, and intervened. Bethany quickly retrieved the suitcase, and returned to the car. He even helped her put it in the trunk, and after Sara asked him to, handcuffed Bethany behind her back for the car ride. He was even happy to reach over her and buckle her seat belt for her, much to Sara’s amusement. They made it home, and since there was only one bed, Bethany had to sleep on the couch; her couch. The collar was uncomfortable, but she eventually got to sleep.

The next morning, Sara took Bethany to a salon in the next town that Dave had to them to go to, and when she exited Officer Bethany sported bleached blonde hair and ¾” nails on her fingers. The salon girls seemed to refer all the questions to Sara after they realized that Bethany’s collar wasn’t just a fashion statement. Bethany’s work went down hill after that. Dave’s influence on the female staff at the jail sent all of their work down hill. The next Saturday, as Officer Howell was driving Dave to the dog pound, Dave asked her if she had completed her shopping list.

“Yes Sir, I did,” replied Bethany.

“How much did you spend on all of it?” asked Dave?

“About six grand, all of it on my credit cards, Sir.”

“Good, did you bring the video camera tonight?”

“Yes Sir.”

That night Bethany made a few video’s that Dave directed. She promptly turned them over to Sara when she got home. The next few weeks saw Bethany’s off duty behavior get worse and worse. She was spending all her time watching porn, or at strip clubs in Liberty City. With just two weeks left on Dave’s sentence, things changed. The county Sheriff, Bo Washington returned from leave, maternity leave. Dave had figured that Sheriff Bo was a guy the whole time, and he was happy as could be to be wrong. Dave immediately arranged through one of his female guards to get some time alone with the good Sheriff. The next day Officer Howell was reassigned as the Sheriff’s personal assistant. Bethany was perplexed at this, until she arrived to the sheriff’s office and found Dave there. Sheriff Washington then explained her new job, and that she would wear civilian clothing, not her uniform. Officer Howell was forced to turn in her uniform on the spot, stripping to her underwear in front of the Sheriff and Dave. She then dressed in her new attire. A dark blue miniskirt that came to about mid-thigh, sheer white blouse, dark blue dress top that was a size too small, black garter belt and stockings, and a pair of stiletto heels. As the former corrections officer dressed for her new job, Sheriff Washington explained that she would have to take about a 35% pay cut if she accepted her new position. She protested to Dave, who just chuckled that this was between her and the Sheriff. He had her so conditioned by this point that she gave barely another whisper as she accepted her new job. Her duties begin immediately and consisted mainly of answering the phone, typing, and running personal errands for the Sheriff and her former co-workers; who seemed very amused at the former hard nosed corrections officer turned office girl. Dave convinced the sheriff to assign another female guard to take him to the dog pound his last two weekends, as well as two young college students that were arrested for being drunk in public. That was quite a night; unfortunately he forgot to have them bring a camera to have a memento.

Today was the day. Dave’s last day in jail; not that jail was so bad after his work on the female staff and inmates. Sara picked him up in her new car, that Bethany had just sold her for $1. They drove to the house that she had just put into Sara’s name, met the agent that was putting it on the market, and left town. Bethany was left to cope with massive credit card debt, no car, no place to live, and a job that barely paid her way home. Bethany found a tiny apartment to live in, barely enough room to fit her shoes into. She was also forced to start stripping at the local clubs, often with many of her former prisoners cheering her on. Her life was a mess. Just 6 months ago she was a promising college student, had a good paying job with a future, and a paid for house that she inherited. Now she owed nearly half her annual income on credit cards, had no car, no education, a low paying job, and lived in a rat trap apartment that she couldn’t afford. She worked out an agreement with the landlord for him to install some wireless cameras in her apartment for a small break on the rent. Most months she still came up short, and had to satisfy him in other ways. Worst of all she spent all her time either working, stripping, or on her cheap computer looking at pictures of women in bondage while she worked a vibrator in her soaking pussy.