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This is a story for adults. It is fantasy fiction and any resemblance to real people or fact is purely coincidental.


by Hypno Sister

Jane Thorpe sat alone in her bedroom examining the contents of a leather-bound trunk which had been given to her by her grandmother to mark her eighteenth birthday. She read again her grandmother’s letter.

My darling Jane,

I recognize in you the same qualities of strength of character and determination which have served me well in my career and personal life. You are now old enough to appreciate how these qualities can be used to best effect to ensure you achieve all you wish for in life by using those with whom you come in contact. The contents of this trunk represent a lifetime of research and study on which my success was based. I am passing them to you because I know that you will use the knowledge contained therein to further your future with a ruthless enthusiasm. You have one quality which will serve you well above all others—charisma. Use it fully.

My thoughts are with you.

Your loving grandma,

Jane smiled as she remembered the first time she had read the letter and had been forced to look up the meaning of charisma in the dictionary. It was defined as “the capacity to inspire followers with devotion”.

In the trunk was an amazing collection of books and research papers with video and audio tapes dealing with every type of hypnosis and mind control from both the theoretical and practical aspects. Jane had studied everything contained in the trunk for six months and she believed she was now ready to use what she had learned.

Unfortunately for Jane her grandmother died shortly after sending her the trunk and she was not able to turn to her for advice before making her first attempt at hypnotism but her confidence was such that she had no doubts about her being successful in her endeavours.

Her first target was her step-mother Claire. Jane liked Claire a lot. She was a good wife to her father and a good friend and adviser to Jane. She had chosen Claire, not because she believed controlling Claire would be particularly useful, but because there were ample opportunities to try the power of hypnosis in an environment over which she had some control. In short, for her first experiment she chose the easiest option.

It was dark and rainy outside on the November evening when Jane joined Claire in the warm and comfortable lounge. Everything was as Jane expected. Claire was sitting in the leather recliner that she always used and was dozing slightly over her book after her third glass of wine. On her lap was Micky her black and white cat.

Jane went over to where Claire sat and settled on the floor beside the chair as she often did when they were alone together in the house. Taking a deep breath she thought ‘Here goes’. Stretching out her hand Jane began to rub Micky behind the ear. As usual Micky began to purr loudly.

“Isn’t it wonderful to be able to relax after a long day Claire. To lie back and let all the stresses of the day just fade away” Jane said in a soft warm voice.

“Mmm” Claire replied.

“So stress....just warm and relaxing. Listening to the purring of the cat seems to help you to leave behind all outside let your breathing fall into the cadence of the purring of the cat is such a help in relaxation......relaxing is so good to listen to the purring of the cat”


“Yes...relaxing” said Claire.

Claire’s mind was filled with the purring of the cat and the comforting sound of Jane’s voice which seemed to be guiding her into the pleasant state of relaxation.

“It is so good to relax Claire.....the cat can help you to relax....listen to the cat....I can help you to relax too.....listen to my voice...the cat and my voice....listen and relax....relax...relax....relax....”

Purr ....Purr .... Purr .... Purr ....

“Relax” murmured Claire “listen and good...listen and relax...”

“That’s right Claire it is such a pleasure to relax....I will help you....all you have to do is to listen and my voice will lead you deeper into you listen you will find it easier to relax with every word.....deeper and deeper with every you listen your mind will you clear all thoughts you will find it easier and easier to relax....relax and listen...listen to Jane ....Jane will relax you ....the more you listen the more you want to want to want Jane to relax you....only Jane can give you the deep relaxation you must listen to Jane because she can help you relax.....relax.....your only thoughts are of Jane because only she can bring you deeper into relaxation.....listen to Jane....she will guide you....relax and listen to Jane....Jane knows relax Jane must be obeyed....obey and relax.....relax and obey you understand Claire?”

“Mmmm, yes. I want to relax....Jane can help me....if I obey Jane I can relax. It is a pleasure to is a pleasure to obey Jane.....". The voice was clear enough but was low and almost as if Claire was far away.

“Do you want to relax more deeply Claire?”

“Yes. Please”

“To go deeper you must obey Jane”

“Yes, I will obey Jane..... obey and relax....”

“You are doing very well Claire.....You can go deeper now because you obey...deeper ....deeper.....relax....deeper....deeper.....listen to Jane and obey!”

Jane looked at her step-mother and breathed a sigh of relief. Her first attempt at hypnotism had worked. She had Claire in a trance. Suddenly Jane was aware that she was soaking wet between her legs. She was no stranger to sexual pleasure and had been an avid masturbator for a long time. What she found amazing was that the act of bringing Claire under her control had sexually excited her. She looked again at Claire in a new light. She had never looked at Claire in a sexual manner before although she had engaged in enjoyable pussy rubbing and breast fondling with her friend Sue on a number of occasions. Jane was frankly shocked at the way she was reacting and decided that now was not the time to consider a sexual liaison with her step-mother. She pulled herself together.

“Listen to me are so deeply relaxed now that it is time for you to fall asleep....a deep deep you fall into a deep sleep you will continue to hear my voice.....deep good to sleep...sleep now Claire. Can you hear me Claire?”

“Yes Jane”

“In ten minutes you will awake feeling wonderful. You will not remember that I have been in the room and you will not remember anything that has happened while I have been here but you will remember in your sub-conscious mind that when you are relaxed you will obey Jane. You will also remember that whenever I say the phrase “charisma power” you will immediately return to the state of deep relaxation that you enjoyed under my command. Do you understand Claire?” “Yes Jane” said the sleepy voice of Claire.

Jane left the room disconcerted by the sexual effect of her experiment. She had read nothing in all the material she had studied that indicated that the hypnotist had experienced sexual excitement although there were many recorded instances of the subject being sexually excited by the experience. She had to think things out before she attempted to return Claire to an hypnotic state. But that could wait. What she needed now was to get these wet panties off and get her fingers working on her pussy.

Jane lay naked on her bed enjoying the waves of pleasure spreading from her highly aroused cunt. Her left hand rubbed her left nipple while her right hand moved between her thighs. The outer lips of her vagina were swollen with desire and her clitoris was as hard and erect as she could ever remember. Her fingers were already soaked with pussy juice when she moved them to her throbbing bud and began to strum it in a well practised manner. So aroused was she that the first orgasm was on her almost as soon as she touched her clit. Not satisfied however she continued to stroke, pinch and rub her hot nub until she achieved an unbelievable three more orgasms of equal intensity. Totally spent she lay on the bed in disbelief at the evening’s happenings. As she recalled the explosion of sexual bliss she had experienced she realized that the subject of her masturbation fantasy had been Claire, her step-mother. She had envisaged Claire between her legs with her mouth working hard on her dripping cunt like a lesbian sex-slave. Jane fell asleep with this picture in her mind.

Jane woke late the next morning and was pleased that the rampant arousal of the previous evening had abated and that her mind was now clear enough to consider the events of the evening in a logical manner. She was not surprised at the sapphic nature of her fantasies as she had long accepted her lesbian desires but was taken aback by the emergence of Claire as the object of fantasy and desire. She concluded that Claire had assumed this role in her mind primarily because Claire was under control. The object of sexual desire was not the woman but the hypnotically controlled subject. Jane’s arousal came from the act of controlling another’s mind. So intense had been the sexual desire that had possessed her, Jane knew that she would need to repeat the experience and pursue it to a conclusion.

After showering and slipping into a robe Jane went down stairs determined to resume control of Claire’s mind and use that control to achieve her sexual aims. She almost screamed with frustration when she found, not her sexy step-mother but, a note stuck to the fridge informing her that Claire had gone to the office for a couple of hours to arrange some business on behalf of Jane’s father who was in Prague. After coffee and toast Jane dressed and set off for the gym in the hope that a hard workout with the weights would take her mind off sex and use up some of the surplus energy that was fueling her arousal.

She returned to the house feeling wonderful after pumping iron for over an hour, a sauna and an ice cold shower. Claire was back from the office when she arrived but to Jane’s further frustration she was sitting at the dining table with Sharon her father’s lawyer.

“Do you want me to get you something to eat” asked Claire.

“I’ll just have some coffee thanks. I had a salad at the gym” replied Jane.

“Are you into aerobics Jane?” asked Sharon.

Claire laughed before Jane could answer. “She’s into weight training in a big way and has the muscles to show for it. She was Ms Teen Amazon last year.”

“Really? Wow!” gasped Sharon. “I so admire women who build up their bodies”

Jane was surprised to see the light of real enthusiasm in the lawyer’s eyes. Enthusiasm and—arousal?

‘Well, well’ thought Jane ‘I kmew you were gay but I believe women with muscles turn you on’

“I like to keep my muscles toned up even though I am no longer training for competitions. Have you ever tried it Sharon?

“Weight training? No.”

“Would you like to see my muscle-pose photo album Sharon?” purred Jane looking Sharon straight in the eye.

“Oh yes! I’d love to” enthused Sharon.

“Why don’t you take your coffee into the lounge and after Claire and I have sorted some things out I’ll join you with my album.”

Sharon readily agreed and moved into the lounge.

“You know she’s gay don’t you?” Claire asked.

“Of course but the muscle-babe bit is new to me”

“Yeah. Me too. Her women have always been soft clinging types.”

Looking direct into Claire’s eyes Jane intoned the phrase “Charisma power”

“Charisma power?” queried Claire.

‘Oh god, it doesnt work’ thought Jane.Then ........

Claire heaved a huge sigh and closed her eyes. “So relaxed .....” she said. It was Jane’s turn to sigh—with relief. “You enjoy being relaxed don’t you Claire?”


“If you want to stay relaxed what must you do Claire?”

“I must obey Jane”

“Good. When I touch your forehead you will be wide awake. You will not remember that you have been in a relaxed state but you will remember that you will not come into the lounge until I call you. You will not find this unusual as you want Sharon to have the opportunity to view the album of photos without interuption. Do you understand?”

“Yes Jane”

Jane touched Claire on the forehead and left her step-mother in the dining room as she went to her bedroom to collect the photo album and make some preparations.

Sharon was sitting on the large settee in the lounge thunbing through a computer magazine which belonged to Jane’s father when Jane entered. Jane had changed from her track suit and was wearing a large baggy T-shirt that stretched down to mid-thigh. She placed the large album in front of Sharon on the table and sat on a stool across the table facing the lawyer.

“As you look at the photos I will guide you through the world of body building competition. If you listen to me while you look at the album you will find it easier to understand.”

“Yeah, great” nodded Sharon as she opened the leather bound album in front of her.

“When you are on stage it is vital that catch and hold the attention of the judges whether you are alone or posing off with other competitors. You oil your body so that it catches the light, reflecting it into the eyes of the judges to seize their attention.Just as important are your eyes and yourcostume. The eyes must grip the gaze of the judges and ensure they look at you ignoring all others. With my blue eyes I always wore a translucent blue costume to accentuate my eyes and a build a blue aura around myself. Can you see the aura in the photos Sharon?”

“Well ...... not really”

“You are a judge Sharon. You want to see the shining muscles. Look at me now Sharon”

Sharon raised her eyes from the album to look at Jane. She saw that Jane had removed her T-shirt which revealed her exceptionally muscular body in its shining glory adorned by a minute bright blue posing costume. What held her immediate attention though were Jane’s brilliant blue penetrating eyes.

“The blue aura is all around you Sharon. Can you see it now?”

“Yes, so blue” whispered Sharon.

“Let the blue aura enfold you ..... as the blueness absorbs you it brings a feeling of relaxation ..... the blue of my eyes relaxes you and makes you feel so happy .... you know that inside the blue aura is the muscular body you want to see and touch ...... if you relax you will find that body ...... but first you must relax. Let yourself relax more and more ..... deeper and deeper into relaxation ..... only then will you see the shining muscles ...... Jane can help you to relax because she is your friend and knows what you want ..... if you listen to Jane she will guide you deeper and deeper into a state of relaxed bliss.”

Sharon’s lawyer’s mind was telling her that something was not quite as is it should be but her senuous persona was revelling in the wonderful feeling of relaxation. Her logical mind was overwhelmed by the state of bliss that Jane had created in her and she gave up control of her being to the pleasurable state. She could see the blue aura so clearly and wanted nothing more than to go deeper into a relaxed state in order to see the muscles that her guide, Jane, had promised her.

“So relaxed now Sharon” intoned Jane, “relaxed and content ..... relaxed and focused on my voice ..... my voice is all that matters now ...... if you obey me you will be able to maintain this wonderful relaxed state ...... you want to obey me Sharon because you want above all to remain in a state of deep relaxation. Will you obey me Sharon?”

Sharon wanted to remain in the wonderfully relaxed state and so powerful was this desire she did not even fight to retain control of her will. She handed control to Jane the moment she whispered “I will obey you Jane”.

“You have submitted Sharon and you may now view the muscles of the goddess in the blue aura. As I count down from three to one the blue will disolve before your eyes and you will see your muscle goddess. Three .... two .... one.”

Sharon saw the blue mist thinning before her eyes until she could see the muscular figure she so wanted to worship. Her muscle goddess. “Goddess” she murmured.

“You have seen your goddess and now it is time to close your eyes and fall into a deep deep sleep with the picture of your goddess in your mind. Nothing will disturb your sleep.You will hear nothing but my voice. Now sleep.”

Jane looked at the peaceful expression on the face of her father’s lawyer who was in a deep hypnotic trance of her making. As was the case when she had hypnotised Claire on the previous evening Jane’s pussy juice was flowing profusely but on this occasion Jane was determined to do something to relieve her arousal.

“Open your eyes Sharon. Your muscle goddess wants you to be naked for her” instructed Jane. Sharon was on her feet and stripping almost before Jane had finished speaking.

Sharon was shorter than Jane with D-cup tits which were less firm than Jane expected and had a degree of droop that surprised the younger woman. Her pussy was neat and topped by a tuft of red hair.She was a fine looking woman but Jane decided there and then that Sharon needed an exercise regime to firm up her body and uplift the impressive boobs.

“You may remove your goddess’s costume and worship at her fountain” announced Jane.

“Yesssss” exclaimed Sharon.

Sharon was free with her hands on Jane’s body as she removed her blue costume. Jane did not object in the least as Sharon fondled her huge E-cups and erect nipples. Sharon stripped the costume down Jane’s legs and the muscular teenager lifted her feet to allow the redhead to remove it. Sharon was on her knees before Jane staring at the thick forest of black hair that covered her pubic mound and grew in unkempt profusion on her thighs and lower belly as far up as her navel. It was the hairiest pussy that Sharon had ever seen.

“Come to the settee Sharon” said Jane who sat with her legs wide apart. “Between my legs Sharon” ordered Jane. As Sharon began to find her way through the dark forest, Jane sighed with pleasure.

“Ah yes!” howled Jane as Sharon’s soft mouth wrapped itself around her hard clit. “Suck me, lick me, make me cum. You’re so good Sharon. What a tongue and what expertise in pussy eating you have. Oh yesss! Harder .... suck that clit ..... never so good before ..... more .... more .... ”

As Jane revelled in the sensations coming from her cunt, Sharon was no less aroused by the sheer joy she was feeling at being able to worship her muscle goddess and the juices were flowing from her vagina like the Zambezi. Sharon continued her oral assault on Jane’s mighty clit with every ounce of her lesbian expertise. Before long Jane was overcome by a series of orgasms which left her stunned at their intensity.

“Stop sucking now Sharon. Your Goddess wishes to reward you with as many orgasms as you wish to give yourself. Lie on the floor and masturbate until either you fall asleep from exhaustion or I tell you to stop.” Sharon was quick to obey and as Jane rose from the settee Sharon’ hand was between her thighs and strumming her clit. Jane looked at the prominent lawyer lying on the floor with her hand in her cunt and enjoyed a moment of elation at the power she could exercise through her hypnotic expertise.

Leaving Sharon where she was Jane made her way to the kitchen where she knew Claire was obediently waiting, oblivious to what had been happening in the lounge. At last she was poised to have her lesbian way with her step-mother. The thought sent waves of desire flooding through her. Jane entered the kitchen.

“You’re naked!” exclaimed Claire.

“Charisma power” commanded Jane and Claire’s eyes closed immediately.

“You will obey me Claire.”

“I will obey you Jane.”

“Open your eyes and look at my body.” Claire’s eyes opened. “From this moment on whenever you see my naked body you will feel an unresistible urge to make love to me. Your greatest desire will be to plunge your face into my pussy and lick me strenuously until I achieve as many orgasms as I desire. You will get the greatest pleasure from fondling my breasts and sucking my nipples. You will find nothing improper in this because you know it is my right to be worshiped by you. At all other times our relationship will be as it has always been. You will feel no desire for me unless you see my naked body. When you do you will strip naked yourself and ask permission to worship my body. Wake up Claire”

Claire looked disorientated for a few seconds but when her eyes focused on Jane’s naked body she immediately began to remove all her clothes, giving Jane the opportunity to examine her step-mother’s body intimately.

Jane watched her step-mother revealing her excellent 30 year-old body and began to detailed examination of what was on show. Claire was a 5′ 8″ blonde with a slim lithe body and exceptional legs. Her C-cup breasts were firm and thrust out from her 36″ chest without a hint of sag. Her waist was trim and her hips and thighs womanly without sign of fat or cellulite. Her fine breasts were tipped with small nipples set in small aereolae of a colour barely darker than the skin of her globes.A sparse light blonde bush did nothing to hide a mound and cunt of unusually large proportions. Jane had noticed that Claire appeared to have a substantial mound when she had seen her step-mother in a bathing costume but she was amazed just how big Claire’s pudendum was. It raised her arousal level even higher as Claire presented her body and asked “May I please worship your body Jane?”

“Soon, Claire. First I want you to come into the lounge.” replied Jane.

Claire obediently followed Jane into the lounge as her desire to worship the young amazon’s body overwhelmed her normal thought processes. Claire gaped in amazement when she saw Sharon lying on the carpet, totally naked and with her hands working vigorously on her breasts and cunt.

“She’s masturbating” exclaimed the overawed Claire.

“Yes Claire. Like you, she is obsessed with my body and is thinking only of me while she plays with herself. You can understand how she feels can’t you Claire?”

“Oh yes” breathed Claire.

“Would you like Sharon to obsessed with your body so that you can have her face in your pussy any time you want it?” asked Jane.

“I don’t understand.” said Claire clearly confused by everything that had happened to her in the last few minutes. She had been in the kitchen minding her own business when Jane had come in naked and, although she had seen her step-daughter naked on previous occassions, she had suddenly been seized by an irresistible desire to worship Jane’s body. Claire looked at the rather proper lawyer frigging her cunt, clearly oblivious to all around her and concluded, not surprisingly, that something very strange was going on. “What is happening Jane? I have never encountered anything like this before.”

Jane was delighted that Claire was still a thinking woman despite the post-hypnotic state of sexual obsession she was in. Jane had no wish to turn her step-mother into a mindless bimbo, merely to control her sexual desires to her own advantage.

“Come and suckle my breasts Claire and I will explain everything to you” said Jane with a welcoming smile. Despite her confusion about what was going on Claire’s need for Jane’s body ensured instant obedience to Jane’s command. The two women settled on the sofa and Claire began to knead Jane’s left breast as her mouth clamped itself onto her step-daughter’s erect right nipple. Jane sighed with pleasure as the suction on her nipple increased.

“ Let me explain what is going on here. Both you and Sharon have been hypnotised and are under my control. That is the reason that both of you are experiencing a high level of sexual excitement when you see or think about my body. At this moment you are not under hypnosis but are under the influence of a command that I placed in your mind while you were in a trance but Sharon is still in a deep trance and is oblivious to all that is going on around her. I intend to turn Sharon into a sex slave who will be available to me or any other woman to whom I give the power to control her. If you want that power I will give it to you. All you have to do is ask. As far as you are concerned Claire, I want to have sex with you but I will not in future use my hypnotic control over you without your permission so if you decide you do not want sex with me I will not press it on you. I am going to remove the post-hypnotic suggestion which is effecting you now so that you can make decisions about me and Sharon of your own free will. Charisma power.”

Jane felt Claire’s lips relax around her nipple and the sucking stopped as her step-mother’s eyes closed into an hypnotic trance.

“Soon I shall awaken you Claire. When I do you will remember all that has happened while you have been under hypnosis as well as how you felt and what you did under the power of the post-hypnotic suggestion. You will be free to continue to enjoy lesbian sex with me and/or Sharon if you so wish but you will feel no external compulsion to do so. If you want to have nothing to do with it you have only to say " I must return to the kitchen " and you will immediately fall back into a trance. I will then remove all memories of what has happened and your life will return to normal. Do you understand?”

“Yes Jane " replied Claire.

Unsure what would happen but ever hopeful, Jane commanded Claire to wake up. Claire woke with a look of confusion on her face and leapt off the settee with a cry of " This can’t be happening. It must be a dream”.

“You know it is not, Claire.”

Claire looked across at the moaning masturbating Sharon for a moment and then turned back to Jane who was waiting with bated breath for her step-mother to make her decision.

With a grin Claire said “I think you had better bring Sharon back to reality before she wears out her clit but first let me kiss you to thank you for turning me on more than anything has done before. You can hypnotise me any time you like because the thought of being under your control really lights my sexual fuse.”

Claire and Jane embraced in a wet passionate kiss which had their tongues wrestling to enter the other’s mouth. Jane reluctantly broke away.

“You’re right Claire, Sharon will rub herself raw if I don’t stop her.”

Jane walked over to where Sharon was sitting on the floor and observed the pool of pussy juice which had soaked into the carpet under the wide open nether lips of the entranced lawyer.

“You may stop masturbating now Sharon. How many times did you orgasm?”

“Seventeen, Goddess.”

Jane raised her eyebrows while Claire exclaimed “Awesome!".

“I want you to relax now Sharon and listen carefully to your Goddess. Soon you will meet your Mistress. She is my representative and High Priestess and she is to be obeyed just as your Goddess is obeyed. Do you understand?”

“Yes Goddess. I will obey my Mistress.”

“You may open your eyes now Sharon and look at your Mistress.”

“I am your Mistress,Sharon.” proclaimed Claire enjoying her new role. “You will obey me.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Lie on your back. I am going to ride your face until I am sexually satisfied” ordered Claire.

In seconds, while Jane watched in amazement at the change in her step-mother, Claire began to grind her huge cunt into the face of the reclining lawyer.

“Oh yes. This is great. This bitch is almost as good as your father.”

“Dad likes you to ride his face?” asked Jane in surprise.

“He loves it but don’t think we are talking total domination here, It is a mutual agreement which gives enjoyment to both of us. To be honest though he is more than a liitle obsessed with my big pussy and I can persuade him to do a lot of things just by offering it to him. The relationship between you and I, Jane, is clearly going to change but I would not want to see my relationship with your father or his with you change at all.”

“I promise you I will not let that happen.”

“Thanks. This bitch is so good Jane. I am going to cum any second.”

“Don’t wait on my account” laughed Jane who was close to orgasm herself from the sight of the two women in the floor and the active fingers between her thighs. As Claire cried out in ecstasy Jane moaned with pleasure as she brought herself to orgasm. Totally oblivious, the entranced Sharon continued to attack Claire’s engorged clit with a vigour which astounded the woman on top.

Leaving her rampant step-mother to obtain further sexual delights from Sharon’s mouth, Jane left the room and took a shower.

Assessing the last hour in her mind, Jane could hardly grasp what she had done. She had turned her father’s lawyer into a sexual slave to her step-mother as well as herself, established a lesbian relationship between Claire and herself and, apparently released dormant dominant-lesbian desires in her step-mother. A very strange but fulfilling afternoon’s work. Jane dried herself, dressed and made her way to the lounge where she found Claire on the settee with the still entranced Sharon on her lap sucking avidly on Claire’s nipple.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself, Claire.”

“She is such a devoted and talented slave, it would be impossible not to enjoy oneself.”

“Charima power” said Jane and watched her step-mother fall under her thrall again. “Go and shower, without any sexual playing while you do so, dress and return here. You will remain in the relaxed state and will not awaken until you hear me say ’ Hello Claire ‘. On awakening you will remember all that has happened but you will make no attempt to control Sharon until I give you permission and set out the rules by which your control of her will be governed. Go now.”

The order caused Claire to rise immediately and resulted in Sharon being unceremoniously dumped onto the floor.

“Oops!” said Jane as she realised that she needed to be more careful in giving instructions to an hypnotised subject. “All is well Sharon. Your Goddess is with you and you feel nothing but pleasure.”

“It is time for you to shower and dress now Sharon. You have permission to use Jane’s bathroom. When you have dressed you will return here, sit on the sofa and await instructions from your Goddess. Proceed Sharon.”

Sharon rose to her feet, collected her scattered clothing and left the lounge . Claire was the first to return and Jane instructed her to go to the kitchen and make some coffee without bringing her out of her trance. She did not want Claire’s presence to be a distraction when she planted suggestions in Sharon’s receptive mind.

When Sharon returned, apart from the look of dreamy pleasure on her face, looked once again the competent, and resourceful lawyer she normally was. She sat primly on the sofa to await further instruction.

For the next fifteen minutes Jane moulded Sharon’s entranced mind into two distinct compartments so that the intelligent career woman would continue to function at the height of her powers while the lesbian sex slave remained dorment until activated by Claire or herself. She built in a fail-safe instruction that Sharon’s mind would ignore any hypnotic key words used over the telephone if anyone else was present or likely to arrive imminently. Jane interfered with the career compartment of Sharon’s mind in only one way. She instructed her that she would assist Jane in establishing a new business career in any way that Jane asked of her. When Sharon was given the signal to awaken she had no memory of what had happened that afternoon other than that she had been sitting in the lounge with Jane looking at the young woman’s body-building photos.

While Sharon enthused over the photos, Jane excused herself telling Sharon she was going to the kitchen to get some fresh coffee for them. In the kitchen she found an entranced Claire sitting on a stool patiently waiting while the coffee bubbled away. “You will obey me Claire. You will use your sexual power over my father to persuade him that it is time for me to leave here and set up on my own. You will support me in all my plans. You will use that mighty cunt of yours to ensure my father is always sexually satisfied and happy. You will encourage him to provide the money I shall need to set up a ladies’ personal trainer business. While my father is in the house you will feel no lesbian desires but when he is absent you lesbian side will reassert itself and you may seek sexual relations with me if I am in the house. Once I have left your lesbian urges can be satisfied by Sharon who can be turned into your lesbian sex slave by using the phrase ‘Claire is your Mistress’. Sharon will not enter an hypnotic trance but will become your willing slave until you use the phrase ‘Sharon is no longer a slave’. You will do no physical harm to Sharon. Do you understand these instructions, Claire?”

“Yes Jane. I understand.”

“When I touch your forehead you will leave your trance and awaken remembering everything that has happened and with a feeling of great joy.”

Claire awoke at Jane’s touch and stared at her step-daughter for a few moments without speaking. Then she said, “I know everthing you have done to me and I am grateful for the release of my lesbian side which I have kept imprisoned all these years. Thank you.”

“Come on. Pour the coffee and let’s join Sharon in the lounge.”

Sharon was still looking at the album of photos when they entered. She looked up with a smile and asked “Can I have a copy of this photo of you in your blue posing suit, Jane? I think it is the most wonderful photo I have ever seen.”

Jane agreed and a look of pure delight crossed Sharon’s face. The three women sat and talked for a while with Jane explaining her plans to establish a business where she would be a personal fitness trainer for selected well to do women on an individual basis so that they would not have to visit a public fitness centre. Sharon and Claire enthused over her plans and pledged their support. Jane asked Sharon to identify suitable women from among her clients and aquaintances. Sharon, of course, readily agreed.

* * *

Six months later Jane was established in a large house in its own grounds with a fully equipped fitness training facility and a staff of three women. Sharon had provided a list of four women who she believed would make good clients for Jane’s new business. Jane’s father was getting more sex than he could handle from Claire who was also draining Sharon sexually at every oportunity. Jane and Claire got together occasionally but Jane was busy planning her new life. First her new staff must be brought into line then she could turn her attention to her new clients. Soon Charisma Power would rule new fields.

End of Part One.