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Casting Emily

by Dr. Quoll

My wife, Gail, sat stuck like a bug on the edge of her stool, trapped in the bright blue goo that covered her torso and arms. Her naked tits weren’t covered over yet, but they would be soon. Her nipples were hard and deep, dusty rose color in the middle of her crinkly aureolas. Her big boobs, like her shoulders, neck, and face were glossy with the thin sheen of vaseline I’d rubbed all over her. From the waist down she was naked, except for a pair of small white panties covering her pussy.

“I’m ready to do her boobies,” Tricia said. “Joel, honey, can you lift them a bit while I paint the undersides?”

“Somebody’s excited by this,” I said, pulling Gail’s nipples upward between thumbs and index fingers as my other fingers reached under her heavy tits and lifted. I loved the weight of her big titties in my hands. They’re not cantaloupes, but they’re sure-ass bigger than grapefruits.

“I’m not excited,” Gail said with a slight shiver of annoyance. “This stuff is cold as it dries. I should have her coat your balls in the stuff, see how you like it.”

Tricia began applying coats of the blue latex underneath Gail’s tits. “We should totally do it!” Tricia laughed. “You get him hard and I’ll cover his whole thingie. I’ll cast my own Joel for long winter nights.” She winked at me.

Tricia had always been flirty when we three were together, occasionally grabbing my ass, looking for excuses to hug my wide chest, or giving me quick kisses on the lips when we met. She’d been Gail’s best friend since their first year of art school and they always hung out when they were working on some project together. But since her divorce last year from Anthony, she’d kicked it up a big notch, always running her hands across me as she passed, touching me when she talked. It was a big turn-on, and I often got hard from it.

Gail was always amused by my discomfort, and was always there to take up my dick when Tricia left.

Tricia was currently wearing this loose, ratty tank-top that her tits were swinging free inside of, and this junky little tied-on blue bikini bottom that rode up her ass-crack. It was basically covering her pussy, as her ivory-white ass hung out of it. She was stirring the pot of blue casting latex, and painting it over Gail’s body. If she got any on her clothes it wouldn’t matter.

Tricia, like Gail, was 27. Where Gail was dark and curvy, with deep chestnut hair, olive-tinged skin, big ol’ tits and a solid, round ass, Tricia was more willowy with long limbs, and short, honey-blonde hair. She had these cute little tits, like apples, and pink nipples that stood up. Where Gail’s cunt was thick and red and covered in this wonderful black hair, Tricia had this wispy blonde hair around her snatch, and this little pouty pussy. Yeah I’d seen both of them naked, as they often painted each other as models. And yeah, Tricia had plenty of chances to make detailed studies of my package, too, in all states of excitement.

That’s how I’d met Gail, in fact, as an artist’s model. I’m 30, three years older than her. I used to play college football as a linebacker, and still did my damnedest to keep in shape. So I’ve been a big guy with good definition for years. When I banged up my knee to the point it was obvious I’d need to rely on the geology degree I’d been earning, I also took up modeling as a way to make some extra bucks. When I wasn’t out in the field do reports for road cuttings I was in front of the camera or on the stand.

The thing about being a big-shouldered guy with decent looks was that I’d never had any trouble finding girls, and used to be able to walk into a bar whenever I wanted a screw. I’ve plowed more than my share of pussy. But I’d been between women when Gail and I started banging each other. She was easily the hottest girl in the life-drawing class, wearing tight leather pants and man’s t-shirt cut to the shoulders. I had her marked out to see if I could get her legs up, and I spent the session imagining her holding her tits as I fucked them. My dick was hard the whole session. And it was kind of fun to find out she was as aggressive as I was. We spent most of the hour eyeing each other, sending signals, and she came up to me after class. “Get dressed,” she’d demanded. “I’m going to get your face up between my thighs.”

“What’s in it for me?” I’d asked.

“Keep your mouth shut until I tell you to open it. You’re used to taking orders from your coaches, you’ll do what I tell you to. Do a good job, I’ll make it worth your time.” Back then Gail wore her hair in sable-black bangs, like Bettie Page, had her lips done up in scarlet, and she had this sneering dominatrix-bitch attitude that didn’t crack.

“Yes Ma’am,” I said with a slight grin. I’d done a lot of weird shit, but never been with a leather girl before. One one hand, I wanted to fuck that sneer off her lips, hear her beg for to me give it to her. On the other she just seemed kinky.

Gail is a screamer when she comes, yelling out orders until her eyes roll back and her pussy clamps down. He cunt milked me hard that night.

It didn’t take more than a couple of dates to find out the dom thing was something she was kind of nervous about trying out. But we gradually came to realize we fit together pretty well. She could organize stuff I couldn’t get my brain around, and I pushed her to try harder at finishing her artwork. Plus she really was a hell of a good fuck, and she loved the way I could roll her all night long.

We’d had a good marriage, unlike her art buddy Tricia, who’d married Anthony, a dumbass with an MBA who’d wanted a blonde trophy wife to breed with and raise his children. We were glad Gail was able to talk her into staying on the pill until she was able to see what an ass the guy was.

I’d always been curious about the two of them, the way they would fit their heads together and laugh about stuff, in a way Gail and I didn’t. And then they would be quiet and sly together. And they would kiss on the lips when they saw each other, but again quickly, like someone might see them. I asked Gail one time flat out, if they’d ever done it. She just gave me this hot grin and said, “I bet you’d just love to imagine it,” and that was it.

Tricia had painted the full underside of Gail’s tits with the layers of blue latex, and had me rest them down gently. I lowered them, then gave her nipples a final pulling pinch to make them stand out bigger. “Ouch!” Gail squeaked.

“No, I’m gonna want them standing up,” Tricia said to Gail.

“I thought this statue was going to be dressed,” Gail complained.

“Yes, but I want people to know that Emily might have been turned on by something. I want people to be able to rub the statue’s tits and feel them all hard. It’s exciting knowing people will be rubbing your nipples.”

“Hell, Gail can’t stop you from rubbing them now” I grinned to Tricia. “Grab a hold of them!” My fingers were slick with Gail’s vaseline coating.

Tricia gurgled slightly while Gail glared daggers at me. They both spoke over each other.

“If we didn’t need your help, you dumb monkey—” Gail started.

“The latex coat has to keep going on—” Tricia explained, a bit pink.

“Fine, fine,” I chuckled, ready to make peace. “Gail, you want your drink?”

“Yes, please,” she said sullenly.

Tricia began painting Gail’s back, up to her shoulders. She had gotten a commission to cast a metal statue of Emily Dickinson for a library garden in the city. And because Tricia’s thing was for works that appeared conservative but were always controversial, under the petticoats the statue was going to be clothed with bondage-wear. The statue’s nipples and clit-hood would be pierced, and the leatherwear would studded with metal rings cabled to the ground. Something about the social morals of the time holding her back, or some such artsy bullshit. (I’d suggested they go all the way and put a dildo up her ass, but they laughed at me for not getting it.) First the clothes would rot away, then the leather. After that, Tricia was going to recast it the traditional bronze clothes. Do I get art boards? Nuh-uh. But Gail & Tricia do.

And apparently Emily Dickinson had a great rack and a very muscular, bangable ass since Gail was the model. She’d cut her hair short, in a very hot, dyke-y look, and the whole thing was under a bathing cap.

I’d made Gail a big jug of sangria earlier in preparation for the casting process. She was worried about freaking out when the latex went over her face. She was only going to be able to breathe through two straws up her nose. I know I would go ape-shit.

I held the straw for Gail as she took a sip. “Jesus, that’s strong!” she said.

“A couple of shots of tequila. I don’t want you worrying too much.

“Don’t get her totally drunk,” Tricia warned. “I don’t want her falling over.”

“I’ve got her under control,” I replied.

“You want to get me some?” Tricia asked.

I handed her a glass and put my hand on her hip. “Drink up, babe.”

She downed the fruity red wine, the ice cubes clattering on her teeth. “Whoo. Refreshing.”

Don’t chug it,” Gail said. “It’ll knock you on your ass.”

“Well, then,” Tricia glanced at me, “I’d be powerless if someone were to take advantage of me.”

“Give me another sip,” Gail said. “Come paint my boobs you easy bitch.”

Tricia did, covering Gail’s chest with blue, and working it up to her neck.

The morning sun which had been filling the studio was gradually moving above us, and the room was getting a bit warmer. It reminded me of my other job.

“You ready for those heat lamps?” I asked Tricia as she painted blue layers up under Gail’s chin. Gail looked like she was wearing a form-fitting turtle-neck of bright blue, with her nipples still standing up in the goop. Then Tricia started slapping it up along the back of Gail’s neck. Then it just looked freaky. Hot, like robot-girl type of thing, but freaky.

“Yeah,” Tricia replied. “Let’s just get them running but not close at all. We want to warm up the room, not melt it.” She had the latex to the point where it was covering Gail’s complete torso, from belly button up, except for her face. Gail skull was round and blue as well. “Let’s take five, sweetie,” Tricia said to Gail. “Let the body harden a little, and do your face as quickly as possible.”

“Let me have another drink,” Gail said nervously to me.

I hated seeing her in distress like this. I kneeled at her side as she drank down the sangria, stroking her naked thigh. Even though the heat lamps were just starting to make the room a bit uncomfortable, her legs were clammy with sweat.

“Are you going to be okay, lover?” I asked her gently.

“I’ll be fine. This will be over soon enough. Twenty minutes isn’t that long.”

“You can hear me okay?” I asked. Her ears were coated in a thick layer of goop.

“Yeah, It’s kind of like listening through a pillow. But I can hear you fine.”

It was getting warm in the room. I took off my shirt, leaving on just me junky shorts. I was going commando underneath, and could feel my balls spreading out.

Tricia gave wolf-whistle, to which Gail grinned.

“Here, take another sip. When I was on the team the coach used to have this listening exercise, kind of like meditation, that we would relax to after workouts. Would you like me to talk you through it?”

“That sounds nice.” She said. “And would you keep in skin contact with me? It’s very relaxing when you stroke my thighs. I want to know you’re there for me.”

“I’m always here for you baby,” I said. “For forever and beyond. I love you. You’re my girl, and nothing will ever change that. OK?”

“Okay,” she replied, closing her eyes. “Tricia, babe, when you’re ready.”

Tricia grabbed the pot of goo from the warming plate and carried the two straws. “I’m going to start at your forehead and work my way down,” she said. “Your mouth will be last. It’s going to go on thick. Just try to relax.”

I began stroking Gail’s thighs as Tricia’s brush slopped at the top of her head.

“You’re on a beach,” I said, trying to make my voice deep and comforting for her to hear. We’ve been swimming all day in the cold water, and now it’s time to warm up on the soft, warm sand. I’ve laid out a giant towel for each of us, so no sand bothers you, but it’s warm at your back. And I’ve laid a giant warm towel over you so there’s no chance of sunburn.” I stroked her beautiful skin softly.

“No one can see us under the towels, so it’s no big deal that we’re both naked. the towel is covering your face, but you can breathe normally, you’re fine, just fine, breathing in and out through your nose, gently. It’s all so perfectly normal that with each breath you’re relaxing back into the sand. So warm, so relaxing. You’re perfectly safe and I’m right here with you.”

Gail took in a deep breath, or as deep as the latex corset would allow her. I was looking right at her tits, covered in the gloppy blue latex. imagining what it would be like, lying on a beach and sucking them as I stroked her thighs, gently parting her legs...

Tricia was standing close to me as she painted on layer after layer, gradually moving down Gail’s face. My wife’s eyes were now covered.

“You take a another breath, relaxing into it,” and she did, “and another. And another. Each breath you take relaxes you further into the sand, into the warmth. Another breath. Good girl. And another.”

I suddenly realized that each time Gail was taking a deep breath, Tricia was doing the same. She was right next to me, our bodies less than an inch apart. I could feel the heat from Tricia’s body, and felt my cock begin to stiffen. I continued stroking Gail’s thigh, reminding her to breathe and relax. I talked about the sun getting warmer, as the heat lamps warmed up the room. I continued stroking Gail’s thigh, gradually moving my fingers towards her inner thighs where they rested together.

“You’ll keep breathing softly as you relax,” I droned on. “In, out, just like that.” Yes, both of the girl were breathing in sync. I glanced up to see Tricia intent on her task, her motions steady and even.

“You’ve been wanting this for such a long time,” I said. This chance to relax with me, to focus on nothing but your own relaxation. Back and forth, our bodies touching each other, relaxing together...”

I don’t think Tricia even noticed that she had inched over just a smidgen, and her leg was now resting against my naked shoulder. Yeah, no doubt about it, I was hard as a board, and started imagining both of them going under, having both of them, finally. “...and everywhere our bodies are touching, we feel this warmth radiating outwards, filling our bodies with lightness and warmth and relaxation. Each breath fills us with light, each place we’re touching fills us with light...”

I was doing a number on myself, too. I was in contact with both my hot wife and her tasty friend, and it was feeling good. The coach had never done any exercises like this, but I just took the ball and was running with it. I glanced up at Tricia, who was covering over Gail’s cheeks and nose and saw this look of relaxed focus, like her eyes were half-lidded shut. I kept going, a little nervous that she might knock out before Gail was done.

“Each breath, we focus on the relaxation. You don’t even feel my fingers stroking you any more, you just feel the warmth, the happiness, the calmness.”

Now was the moment. Without altering my touch of Gail, I let my hand reach around Tricia’s leg and begin to stroke her, about six inches above the knee, on the inside of her long, thin thigh. “Keep breathing softly,” I said calmly, “nothing but warmth.” Tricia didn’t flinch in the slightest, and my heart soared with the possibilities.

I kept talking, stroking both girls’ legs. “And as you fall the towel on your face, covering your lips, covering your chin, you don’t have any cares or worries, you just keep breathing normally.”

Tricia looked like she was putting on the last layers over Gail’s lips, her eyes were fluttering. “...and when you feel all of your duties are done, you gently put them down. The feeling of relaxation is so deep, you can let your eyes close completely knowing you’ve done everything just right.”

Christ my heart was singing as Tricia laid down the latex and brush on the table, and returned to standing right up against me. Her eyes were completely closed and my fingers were sliding halfway up her thigh. I could do whatever I wanted with her! But what about Gail? She would need to cure for about twenty minutes.

“Each breath is nothing but warmth, nothing but relaxation” I spoke slowly in time to their rising and falling chests. “As the warmth reaches your thighs, they part open, ready for anything... You’ve wanted this for so long...”

I’d wanted this for so long.

Gail’s thigh shifted apart as my fingers stroked inside her intimate inner thighs. Tricia shifted her feet so I was stroking right up to her cunny. They were warm and sweating. Their skin was soft and inviting. I knew they were both mine to do with as I wanted.

“There’s a bit of bother between your legs,” I told them. “Some leftover cloth that’s getting in the way. You can’t quite be totally relaxed until I get rid of it for you.”

They squirmed just slightly, Gail unable to do anything about her panties, Tricia feeling her bikini jammed into her crotch. I tore Gail’s off, ripping them into a shred, before untying Tricia’s little bikini bottoms. They both relaxed visibly as my fingers returned to their thighs. Tricia’s pussy was right at my eye level, while Gail’s was across from me on her stool. They were both visibly aroused, and I knew it would take just the slightest stroking to open their pussies to me.

“Now you are perfectly relaxed,” I told them. “You love this place. You love that I can take you here. So relaxed. You want to be able to come here again and again. You’ll do anything to be here. And I love you so much that I will help you get here.

“Gail, I will say a phrase to you that will take you right back to this place, where your are so happy and so relaxed. Humm if you understand.”

Gail did.

I told her what to listen for. “When I say that phrase you will come right back to this wonderful place. Anything I tell you will be true, and you will do whatever I tell you. I own you here, and you liked to be owned when you’re here because it feels just so good. Hum if you understand.”

She did, and I told Tricia the same thing, but with a different phrase.

I looked at the timer. We still had fifteen minutes to go.

I continued in a warm, deep monotone. “Girls, this is the place where you are so relaxed, and feel so good. But I’m so good to you that I’m going to make you feel even better than you thought possible. I’m going to bring you to a place that only I can take you to. Do you understand?

“As I stroke you between your legs you will open up inside to pleasure you didn’t know was possible...” I moved my right hand to to stroke Gail’s pussy, and my left slid up between Tricia’s legs so my thumb was right against her lips. I stroked them both softly, waiting to feel their wet lips open to my fingers. “You feel so hot. You’ve waited forever for me to fill you, to bring you to a perfect orgasm. And now the time is here. As I stroke you, you’ll open to me. You’re wet, knowing what I’m going to do to you. And you want me to do it to you. You want it with all your heart.”

I kept stroking them, saying stuff like, “There, that’s feels so good, You’ve wanted this for so long.” My hard-on was filling my pants, and wanted to pick one of them up and start fucking. I felt so powerful, having them both open and wet on my hands.

Tricia’s cunt was open to me, and I could feel her clit at the top of her folds as my fingers were soaked with her liquids. Gail was trapped on her chair, but trying to hump my hand, trying to get my fingers up inside of her.

With a smooth movement I slid my thumb up inside Tricia, grasping her gently inside as my fingers worked her soaking lips, stroked softly at her clit. Within moments her juices were dripping down my arm. She smelled great, and I wanted to have her in the worst way.

Gail took my middle finger inside of her, and I slipped it back up behind her pubic bone, where I knew her G-spot was hiding. I’d finger-fucked her many times, and I knew before long she would have those soft folds inside of convulsing against my finger while I ground the heel of my hand against her clit.

“Fuck, you feel good!” I told both of them at the same time. “You want it. You want it so bad. You want to come on me.” I dug my thumb up further into Tricia as I felt around for her G-spot. My thumb was in her up to the root. I was wishing it was my cock she was grasping at as she ground herself into my hand. Soon, I told myself. Make them both yours forever, dude.

“You want this. You’ve wanted this for so long. I going to let you come, and when you come you will be mine. This is what you’ve always wanted. You’re mine to fuck anytime I want. You want me to own you. You want me to fuck you.

“And when I let you come, you will belong to me. You will do what I tell you. Do you understand?”

They were moaning from the intense feelings, trying to come, unable to until I let them.

“I will let you come when you submit to me. You want to submit. You want to be mine. You’ve always wanted to submit to me. Say it. Say you will be mine.”

“Yes,” Tricia squeaked between her moans. “I’m yours. I’ve always wanted you. Yesss!”

At the sound of Tricia’s acceptance Gail began moaning and making sounds that were her submission to me. We’d always played these cat-and-mouse games of power, but she meant it, I could tell. There was something about the way her cunt squeezed me hand that begged me to let her come, that she would do anything for my permission to orgasm.

“Then feel my hand. I am your master. If you submit, then you may come. Come hard!”

Tricia’s cunt grabbed me first by a mere moment, with Gail’s following so quickly. They rocked and moaned until their screams came up, Tricia’s open and full, Gail’s deep in her throat as her chin was cast shut. As the spasming decreased and their cunts unclenched I was able to move my hands again. My fingers were completely slick, which was great as I began pumping them again, but more slowly, more gently. I knew if I kept rubbing Gail too long it would be too much, and like a cat that bites after being petted to long, it would make her jump uncomfortably. I didn’t know if Tricia would be the same, and I did’t want to find out.

“You are still deep in your trance,” I told them both, and from the way their bodies reacted I could tell they still believed me. “When I release you, you will awaken very refreshed in your minds, and still very calm. At first you won’t remember what happened, and will continue on as if everything is perfectly normal. But when I say, “Remember this,” you will remember what happened, and you will be very turned on that I have so much control over you. You have no choice in this. You are now both mine, and you find that to be very hot.

“Also, I’m going to ask you both some questions, and you will answer me truthfully, in everything you say. If I don’t think you’re telling me the truth, I will spank you.

I made sure I still had a good grip inside their pussies. I wanted to see what they would do when i released them. “So you are both going to wake up as I count to three. Everything will be normal to you, and you will be very relaxed. One, two three!”

Tricia’s eyes fluttered, not noticing that she was still partially squatting, with my thumb buried deep inside her cunt. “Okay, sweetie,” Tricia said to Gail, we’re all done, let’s get you out of this thing. She reached over to the table to get the scissors, still unconcerned that my fingers were playing with her clit.

When she had them, she turned to me. “That feels good, but I need to move around to open her up. Is that OK?”

“Sure,” I said, pulling out of her. My hand was dripping and slimy with her juices. “When you’re done, though, lick my hand clean.”

“OK,” she said nonchalantly. “Here we go, baby,” she said to Gail as she slipped the scissors up under the dried goo at the back of her waist. “Calmly, calmly, have you out of there in a second.”

Gail drew deep breaths in time with my finger gently sliding in and out of her cunt. The palm of my hand was covering her cunt, but not rubbing, just comforting.

I looked at Tricia kneeling behind the stool, her wet gash open and pink within her ivory skin. “Think I should keep my hand in her?” I asked in a normal tone of voice. So far they were both acting normally. It was so fucking hot.

“Mmm,” Gail moaned approvingly.

“If it relaxes her, keep going, I say,” Tricia agreed. She was up to the back of Gail’s head, and with a smooth movement, peeled the latex forward, freeing my wife’s beautiful face.

Gail drew a huge gasp and sat there, eyes closed, recovering herself. She was flushed and wet and red, like she’d had a good cry in a hot shower. She was gorgeous.

Tricia began slicing open the arms, and moved around Gail. “OK, hand out, Romeo. I need to get by.” She began to peel off the right arms, left and then fingers. As she folded back the latex I put my Gail-soaked hand to Tricia’s face, and Tricia sucked my fingers as she worked. “Mmm, sweet as always,” she said as she licked Gail’s juices of my fingers.

Whoa, I thought to myself. Sweet as always. I held up my other hand. I wanted to see how this “everything’s normal,” thing would last. “This one’s your juices,” I said. Tricia sucked at my fingers and licked the back of my hand. “When’s the last time you tasted yourself?” I asked Tricia.

“Oh, what a month or so? Is that right Gail, when you were painting me in the doorway? You had me lick my juices off your lips after we’d done it.”

“Yeah,” Gail said, head down a bit. Her eyes half lifted as she thought. She still looked ragged.

Tricia’s naked ass was in front of me as she pulled the latex off the front of Gail’s torso. I stood, pulled my shorts down, and let my painfully hard cock go free. I stood behind Tricia, sliding it between her legs so’s it slid against her drippy cunt. With both hands I reached under Tricia’s shirt and began stroking and pulling on her tits. She wiggled her ass slightly, and pulled the last of the latex off Gail, freeing her flushed and sweaty tits.

“Gail,” I said. “Let me get you some ice water. Tricia, when you’re done what you need to do with that thing, bend over the table so’s Gail can watch me fuck you while she relaxes.”

“OK,” Tricia said calmly.

“Sure,” Gail agreed.

I got Gail the water, and watched as Tricia powdered the weird blue skin. I lifted my cock against Gail’s back so I could knead her shoulders as she drank. My emotions were all over the place. I was dying to find out what the fuck was going on between them, but I was also nervous ‘cause Gail was gay! Even if she was doing stuff in a trance now, would she want to leave me later? I wanted to fuck them both, but I really loved my wife. Still imagining the three of us going at it like minks was keeping me hard.

“How long have you two been screwing?” I asked her.

“Years,” she said. “...before we met.”

“So, you still married me because you love me, right?”

“Of course, dummy! You’re my man. You’re a sweet guy, fucking hot, and you treat me like a princess. Plus,” she turned to me for a kiss, which I gave her. “You’re the only person strong enough to make me do things I’m scared to do.”

“So are you like, bi or gay or what? If you love me, why are you still screwing Tricia?”

“Of course I’m bi,” she said with her best “duh” voice. Why do you think we both look at the same hot babes?”

“I thought you were teasing me...” I said.

She rolled her eyes. “I thought I was being obvious. As far as keeping Tricia... Tell him why I keep you, babe,” she said to her friend.

“I’m your fucking hot slave,” Tricia said, teasingly but proud.

“Damn right you are. Joel, I took Tricia as my slave in art school. She was the first one to fall for my dominatrix bit. But besides being a great cunt-licker, she’s also my best friend.”

“But Tricia got married and everything.”

“It’s not like I don’t like boys,” Tricia said calmly. She’d put the blue-Gail on a mannequin to dry out, and walked over to the table. She bent over and put her hands on the edge, and tilted her ass indicating she was ready to be entered, just as I’d told her to do. She was turned sideways to us, and looked at us both, her blonde hair glittering in the light of the studio. She pushed her hips out, ready for me to fuck her.

“Tricia was so happy when he proposed, I couldn’t say no,” Gail explained.

“I wanted what you two have,” Tricia explained. “I want it now,” she giggled.

“And when you realized what an asshole he was?” I asked.

“I came back to you two. I needed Gail.”

“Why would you still want to be her slave?” I asked, confused.

“Because I love her, silly,” Tricia explained.

“But you were flirting with me,” I said, still confused.

“Well, god, you’re so fucking hot! I’m just so wet with the thought of you covering me over and filling me. Every time you posed all I could think about was you putting me on my back and spreading me.”

I ran my hands from the back of Gail’s shoulders around to her tits which I stroked and kneaded. “Pull you shirt up so we can see your tits,” I told Tricia. And get some of that Vaseline we’d coated Gail with. I want you to use it to lubricate your asshole.

Tricia did it without missing a beat. She rucked up her shirt exposing her sweet titties, and began applying the vaseline. I’ve never come prematurely before, but if I was ever going to, watching Tricia slide her lubed up fingers into her tight little ass would have done it. I could feel Gail shuddering slightly, either from my hands on her boobs or the sight of Tricia with her finger up her own ass.

“Well if she’s wanted me to fuck her for so long, why didn’t we ever have a threeway?” I asked. Gail’s boobs felt good in my hands, and she was pressed up against me in my arms. Our faces were right next to each other, and her cheek was against mine.

Gail had a pained look on her face. “Jesus, fuck! I mean look at her! She’s fucking gorgeous! I was scared, OK? I don’t want to lose you to her. I love you too much...”

“Gail, you’re my girl. I love you, too. Look, I’m going to fucking lose a ball if I don’t get my cock in her, yeah. But I love you too much.” I stood and took her hand, leading her towards Tricia. “C’mon, you stand here with me, let me kiss you and hold you while I fuck Tricia. It’ll be OK, I promise you.”

I held Gail close in my arm, one hand wrapped around her torso and grabbing her hard, tan ass, while my other hand rested on Tricia’s ivory cheek. I rubbed a finger delicately around the rim of Tricia’s sphincter, feeling the ridges smoothed out with the slippery vaseline. As we kept kissing, I felt Gail put a hand on Tricia’s head, stroking her hair.

“Put my cock inside of her,” I said softly, and Gail’s delicate fingers maneuvered my cock along, and inside her friend’s open cunt. I sank in, sliding as if my whole body was going into a warm oil bath.

I groaned inside Gail’s mouth, and she filled it with her tongue.

“Fuck her, then,” she said on my lips. “Fuck my tall slave girl.”

I slid myself in and out, slowly at first, but I had to pick up speed quickly. I wasn’t going to last long.

Neither was Tricia. “Oh, God, yes,” she said, as if she was picking right up from the mind-breaking orgasm she’d had just a few minutes ago. “Please, fuck, jesus, give it to me Joel. So good, fuck me, I’ve wanted this for so long!”

Before I knew it, everything pent up inside me spewed forth in release. All the teasing I’d taken over the years, the idea of my wife having a lesbian affair, the delight of taking both of them as mine, it all came out at once through my balls and into Tricia’s hot cunt.

As I filled her she came right away, pulling her head back in a silent cry that lowered in pitch until she was keening out from deep inside her chest. “Eeeeaaagh!” She shuddered again and again as she came, grasping me tight. Finally she collapsed onto the table, breathing hard. Her long white body was soaking wet with sweat.

I was still hard, and her ass was right there, round and white. “Put me up her ass,” I told Gail.

Gail was pressed right up against me, her tits mashed up into my body. I felt her hand grasp me as I pulled out of Tricia. She rubbed the head of my iron-hard cock as her finger lined me up to her best friend’s asshole. Gail put her hand on my tailbone and pushed me forward. Her fingers kept me lined up as I slowly pushed open Tricia’s ass.

Tricia had grunted when my cock had come out, and grunted harder as I pushed into her tighter, vaselined hole. She sounded like a badger, as I slowly slid in and out into her tight back hole.

“Keep your fingers on us,” I ordered Gail. I could feel her stroke the edges of Tricia’s sphincter as I fucked. “Gail,” I whispered in my wife’s ear, “Ask her how it feels.”

“Darling,” Gail called out, “What’s it like to have Joel fuck your ass. How does it feel?”

“It hurts,” Tricia said, “But it also feels good.”

“Tell her to relax,” I whispered.

“Don’t fight it, slave. Relax into it.”

I could actually feel her asshole unclench. My cock moved more smoothly in her tightness.

I scooped a bit of vaseline out of the open container, and reached around to Gail’s round, hard ass. I rubbed her tight hole. “Push yourself onto my finger,” I ordered. I felt her ass envelope my middle finger. “You find this very hot,” I told her. “You want to submit to me.

Gail moaned as she ground her ass onto my hand.

“This feels perfectly normal, doesn’t it, to do whatever I say.”

Both women murmured, “Oh, yes, god yes.”

“It’s perfectly normal for me to own both of your asses, For me to own both of your bodies and minds. You want to do what I say. You want it with all your hearts, for me to own you. That’s perfectly normal.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” they both agreed, starting to move towards orgasm again.

“I own you both.”


And when I tell you to come you will.”

“Please god, yes.”

“Let us come, yes.”

“Perfectly normal to submit to me. After you come you will do whatever I tell you to, forever. Mine forever. Perfectly normal, but a special moment. Mine forever!”

I was ready to come again myself. Tricia was pushing back hard onto my cock, Gail was humping my hips and rubbing her titties into me as my hand guided her close.

What was left in my balls squirted into Tricia’s ass as I came. “Come! Now! Mine! Normal! Submit!”

Both women shout-moaned as their bodies came again.

The three of us were soaked with sweat from the lamps. our bodies were limp on each other. “Mine,” I said. “Forever. Perfectly normal. But I’m telling you both—” the moment of truth—“I want you to ‘remember this.’” That was the key phrase for them to remember everything I did to them.

There was this guy on the football team, Cliff, who was so obviously gay but would never admit it to himself. He wondered what would happen if the coach “relaxed” everyone so much that he’d take advantage of them.

Raquann, a psych major, told us you can’t hypnotize someone into doing something they didn’t want to do. “He can tell us we want to win the game, and we DO want to win the game, so it’s kind of like reminding us to stop worrying and play our best. But he can’t tell us to dance naked on the field. We wouldn’t. Unless we truly wanted to.”

“Oh, yeah. I guess not,” Cliff said, obviously imagining it.

Now I would find out if Raquann was full of shit.

My cock was finally getting soft, And Tricia pushed it out of her ass. I pulled my finger out Gail, and holding it away from her skin, kept the rest of my hand on her hip.

She wouldn’t meet my eyes, but instead looked down at Tricia, who was turning herself around with much effort.

Tricia shifted and stood. I held her in my other arm.

“You both want this,” I said, trying to sound as confident as I could.

“Yes,” Tricia said. “I want to belong to both of you.” She wouldn’t meet my eyes either.

“Gail?” I looked at my wife. “Look at me. I own you now.”

Her dark eyes looked into mine, but kept trying to break away. “I— Yes. You do. But—I’ve always thought we owned each other. That’s, that’s how I’ve liked it.”

“Yes,” I said. “My heart is yours. It always has been. But I’m going to have to hear you say it. You can’t be jealous of Tricia, when it comes down to it, you will do what I tell you. You may be her mistress, but I am your master. This is what you’ve wanted. For me to own you.”

She bit her lip and nodded. “I love you, Joel.”

“And I love you,” I said. “Do you love Tricia, though?”

Gail nodded, meekly. Tricia kissed her forehead.

“You’ve kept that from me,” I said. “Tricia, how do you feel about me?”

“I love both,” she admitted. “Gail, darling, I love you with all my heart. But I’ve wanted Joel, too.”

“I don’t know how this will come out,” I told Gail. “But you can’t give us your love unless you admit what’s in your heart. I really like Tricia. And Tricia, I’ve really wanted you for a while. I don’t know if what I’m feeling is the fact that you love me, or that I’ve finally gotten to have you, or the the fact that you want me to own you. I feel that I love you, and I want to have the time to see how that lasts. OK?”

“OK,” She said, and snuggled into us.

“Gail?” I said. “You’ll give us the time to see if we can be a threesome?”

She looked up into my eyes, and my heart melted again for her. “OK,” she said. “Just don’t fuck her without me,” she said.

I laughed. “I’ll fuck her whenever I darn well please!” I said. “So will you. I own your ass!” I smacked her butt, hard, and she yelped. “Both of you go take a shower, get cleaned up. I’ll join you in a minute.”

Tricia re-adjusted the lamps, and opened the window to change the air flow. Then they exited, holding each other. Tricia was wobbling on her long legs, her soft white ass obviously sore. Gail was holding her up, her dark, hard bottom still greasy from being finger-fucked. I few seconds later I heard the shower start. The girls began talking, though I couldn’t hear what they had to say.

I felt damp and slimy, but also exhilarated. I looked at the powdered-blue body on the mannequin. Inside it was the negative impression of my wife as she had the biggest orgasm of her life. Gail had been trapped in the latex cast, and had no choice but to do what I’d told her. No, her body would be cast in bronze forever, and people would see her as some poet gal tied down to the earth. A slave to the earth-god, or something. I dunno. I can’t say I get art.

I wanted to look at it inside, see what she looked like. God, I loved her. But I didn’t want to fuck up their artwork by touching it.

We have a big shower. It’s got a bench in it. I sat down and watched them soap each other up. Gail’s dark hair was plastered against her head, revealing the shape of her skull. Tricia looked like a long, wet rat with her blonde hair running down her back. They covered each other with suds, and scraped them off in the water. Whether Gail was still greasy from the vaseline was hard to tell, as she was so wet.

“Let me get you down below,” Gail said, and Tricia bent a bit, holding the wall.

“Yes, mistress.”

“Did that mean old man hurt you, poor baby, fucking your ass so hard?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“And did you like it, feeling his cock up your ass? Feeling him coming and coming up your ass?”

“I did, mistress. I loved it. I hope he uses me again.”

“That’s because you are a very naughty girl.”

“Yes, mistress.”

Gail finished washing Tricia’s ass, but was still running her soapy fingers through Tricia’s cunt.

I stood. “Rinse her pussy out,” I told Gail. My cock was getting hard again, watching them. “Sit her down. I want to see how you eat her as I wash.”

“All right,” Gail replied.

I smacked her ass hard, loving how it felt.

“Say yes, master!”

“Yes. Master.”

They rinsed, rubbing their bodies against each other, kissing deeply as the water ran down their naked skin. Finally Tricia was perched on the edge of the bench as Gail knelt between her legs.

I washed and stroked my hard cock clean as I watched my wife transport our slave girl into ecstasy. When I felt sufficiently scrubbed I removed the shower head and ran the water all down their bodies. I loved watching it run down them, pooling and trickling. I pointed the shower head at Gail’s still-slippery asshole and turned the spray to a hard jet.

I took the soap and scrubbed her completely clean. She was wiggling her ass into the spray, enjoying the feeling of the water beating against her tight little bud. She moaned in disappointment when I put the head back and widened the spray. But then she squealed as I kneeled behind her and licked her clean little asshole.

It was ridged, and tasted like the rest of her skin. I’d never tried it before, but it wasn’t bad. Probably because I’d cleaned her so thoroughly.

Before long she was rocking back and forth between her slave and her master. Her orgasm wasn’t large. Tricia was shaking, but Gail just gave a couple of short shocks before she collapsed. Literally collapsed onto the shower floor.

“I don’t think I can come again,” she admitted. “I give up. I submit. You win. I just can’t take it any more.”

“It’s been a long day for you,” I admitted, and turned off the water. “Tricia, dry her off and take her to bed.” I was hard again and kissed my new blonde—slave? girlfriend? wife? passionately. “I hope you’re up for one more.”

“I’m pretty fucked out, too,” she admitted. “But let me hold her while you have me. I’ve wanted this cock for so long. It will be nice to be loved.”

Again, they left the room without me. I was feeling, as I fucked them from room to room, that I wanted them to be prepared for me. To be waiting and willing when I got there. Almost like they were were two new people I was meeting and dominating over and over.

The bedroom looked fresh and new somehow. Perhaps it was the idea that there would now be three of us in the bed, perhaps forever. Gail was snuggled up to Tricia, her dark body covered by a white sheet. Tricia’s back was exposed, and one soft ass cheek was resting on the other. I would have to get used to this.

“I’m a bit dry from the soap,” Tricia said. Can you use some of the lube in Gail’s drawer? It’s what she uses when she puts her hand in me.”

On the other hand, I had to get used to them, too.

I lubed my aching penis and slid it between Tricia cheeks. She lifted her leg, and I picked myself up and slid back into her cunt.

“Gently, please, master,” she whispered. And as the two of them drifted off into the soft afternoon I rutted my new lover until I orgasmed again, a dry release that felt good. I reached around to her soft tit and rolled her nipple as I drifted away, too.

How long I was out I couldn’t tell. But I woke to them kissing each other softly and murmuring their love for each other. I kept my eyes closed, and listened.

“Please, please let me stay,” Tricia begged, each word punctuated by a kiss. “I love you so much. I don’t want you to send me away.”

“Can you love Joel as much as you love me?” Gail asked. I could also hear the sounds of fingers on skin.

“I can,” Tricia whispered back. “I love him in me. I want him so much.”

“Not just the sex, silly girl,” kiss, kiss, kiss “Can you love him, the way I love him? The way I love you?”

“I think so,” Tricia kissed back. “Please let me try, my dear, my lover, my mistress, my Gail!”

“All right then. He’s awake, so it’s time for you to learn how to suck him properly.”

I was surprised. “How did you know?” I whispered.

“We’ve been married long enough,” Gail replied, softly, not wanting to break the mood. The sun was close to setting, and golden light filled the room.

Gail, pushed Tricia onto her back, and then slid slowly across the both of us, dragging her breasts and cunt along our bodies until she was on my other side. “Scooch over,” she told us. “I’m on the edge. We’ll need to figure out how to get a king-size bed in here.”

Both of them snuggled onto my wide chest, one on each side. I stroked their heads, Gail’s with her short, dark hair, Tricia’s with her long blonde locks. “I’ve been wondering what to call you both,” I said. “My wife and my girlfriend? My slaves?”

Gail gave me a hug. “Call me your cock-sucking bitch,” she said at full volume, as if feeling the words in her mouth. “Move up, so I can teach her how to do it,” Gail said. She pulled off the sheet, and I sprang to life as she grasped me

“Bitches,” Tricia corrected as she moved downwards to join her. “I don’t know about you, but I’m going to tell everyone I have a husband and a wife now.

“I can live with that,” Gail said happily. “He likes me to start off with a whole swallow,” She showed Tricia, and slurped down my length, gave it a some suction, and moved slowly upwards. She finally kissed the tip. “Ooh, I loved tasting your juices on him!” She held me up. “Take a lick!”

They took turns licking me, sucking me, and nuzzling my balls until I was ready to come. I wanted to come all over Gail’s big tits and watch Tricia lick it off, but Tricia had another request.

“Mistress, may I climb up and watch you suck him off and swallow him? I’ve wanted to see you suck off Joel for years now.”

Gail looked at me and I nodded. I pulled Tricia up to me and held her body close. Gail was kneeling up between my open legs, staring into my eyes, my cock in her mouth. I suddenly had a feeling of what Tricia wanted.

“Slave,” I told Gail. “Look into Tricia’s eyes as you suck me off. Pretend it is her you are submitting to. And drink it all down.”

Gail nodded, staring into her new wife’s eyes, sucking her husband’s cock.

“Harder, you cock-sucking bitch!” I ordered. “Faster!”

Gail’s eyes were full of fire. She submitted to my will, but she was submitting to Tricia, too. She was fighting back with her eyes, saying, “I’m not a slave, goddamnit,” but still submitting, forced to submit. I finally understood that was what Gail wanted. To be forced to obey.

I shot up from my balls, along along the the length of my cock, and came spurting down Gail’s throat. She sucked and drank my entire load.

Almost my entire load. She crawled up from between my legs, her eyes never leaving Tricia’s. Gail knee pushed it’s way up between Tricia’s legs, and Gail forced her mouth onto her wife’s. As Tricia’s mouth opened Gail gave her some of my spunk, putting my taste into Tricia’s mouth.

Gail growled, “I am so going to fuck you, you little bitch. You thought you were my toy before, I’m going to leave you so wet and so fucked you won’t know which end is up!”

“Ohmigod!” Tricia squeaked. “Ohmigod, I get it now. I know what’s missing!”

Tricia jumped up and ran out of the the room, leaving Gail confused, and apparently hot.

“Don’t ask me,” I said to Gail. “She’s your wife.”

We followed Tricia into the art studio. She was laying down the yoga pad we used to model on along the floor. “Kneel here!” she told Gail. “Get him hard with your mouth again.”

Tricia began mixing another batch of latex powder with water, getting the consistency just right. “Joel get the straws again and the vaseline. I’m casting you both together while she sucks your cock.

“I get it!” Gail said, suddenly excited. She got on her knees and started kissing and sucking my shrunken cock, trying to bring it back to life one more time. She was doing a decent job.

Tricia stirred her mixture. “Joel, I wonder if I should shave you.... No, I won’t go up that far.” She gave me a deep kiss which made me harder in Gail’s mouth. “Not this time, anyway. Joel, vaseline her face to her ears. Gail, can you keep him hard for twenty minutes?”

“Fuck, yeah,” Gail said. “He’s my bitch.”

With her face slicked and my cock oily too, Tricia began laying on the latex and tongue-kissing me. The latex was warm on my cock as it went on.

Gail had the straws up her nose, and was breathing calmly as her tongue played along the underside of my shaft. Her head was tilted back, and until her eyelids closed, she was looking at me with adoration.

When we were both finally covered with a thick layer Tricia put down the bucket and came into my arms. We kissed long kisses as the latex dried. The breeze from outside was soft and cool, but the lamp was keeping us warm.

“My wife,” I said to Tricia. “If you’re my wife, then there’s no more secrets. Tell me what’s going on.”

“I love you,” Tricia said. “You’re just a little bit dense, but sooo adorable. I do love you.”

I snorted.

“Emily was in love with god, you see?” Tricia explained waving to the blue torso. “To her God showed himself everywhere in nature. Being in nature was like her way to be married to god. She never got married, never got to have sex with anyone. But being in nature, in her garden, it was like her way of fucking something holy and divine. We’re going to have her in bondage because she was bound to the earth, bound to nature, but it was also her way of being free, too. Of giving herself to the universe and letting it do what it would to her. She trusted god.”

Tricia looked down at Gail. “You made us both come when we were making Emily. Gail’s body cast is her having an orgasm. But how much better to have her sucking god’s holy invisible cock as she comes? She’s submitting and coming all at the same time.”

Tricia purred and kissed me, rubbing her naked white body up against me. “Just like me. Just like Gail. You make us come and obey at the same time. And you do love us. You haven’t said the words to me yet, but you do. You love Gail and you love me.” With those words she kissed me, again and again as I hardened fully in Gail’s mouth.

It’s true,” I said as Gail happily worked her tongue along my cock, listening to every word. “Tricia, I love you,” I said, kissing her back with equal passion. Gail continued to suck me, submitting to my will, trusting in my love for her. In that moment I felt I was truly married to both women.

And I knew inside of the blue latex, Gail’s face was a mask of bliss as I filled her mouth once again..