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Brainwave of Horror II: Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Summary: mind control, incest, kidnapping and brainwashing, cosmetic brain surgery, hot pink hair A kidnapped woman is returned with post-hypnotic commands, but the rest of the family is acting as though they’ve been brainwashed as well; a pop-twat—erh, pop princess—conducts an infomercial for cosmetic brain surgery; a family, abducted into the future, learns to cope with their own sexual urges and dangerous female politics. Enjoy the fun and strange truths of the Pumpkin’s Night.

See No Evil: Contains sexually explicit and politically incorrect material. If you shouldn’t be reading this, or if it might offend you, simply stop now.

Legalese: All actors and actresses are over the age of consent. Proof of age is on file. Any similarity of any character, event or place to any actual person, event or place, is purely coincidental. This is all fantasy, and the actors are all professionals—do not try any of this at home.

Archiving: You are welcome to discreetly repost or archive this, just do not change it, steal from it or claim credit for it.

Author’s Rambling: The third tale isn’t as polished as I usually prefer, but I’m out of time if I’m going to get these out for Halloween. I may, after I re-read it in a month, put out a revised version if I’m still not pleased with it.

Live well!
* * *

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Discourse: Your spouse is borrowed, then returned ... altered. Your family’s dynamics are modified to someone else’s sick whims. Can you hunt down the monster that did this? And when you look the devil in the eye, who’s gonna flinch? The answer is revealed ... on the Pumpkin’s Night.

* * *

Her husband Richard had always told her: check through the peephole before opening the door.

So she did: Candace peered through the little aperture in the door. And saw nothing.

Nobody there.

Probably one of the kids’ friends playing games, ringing doorbells. Or perhaps a package delivery.

She opened the door and took a step outside to see if the UPS man had left anything. Then blinked as she felt the mist in her face. “Whah—?!”

“Keep your voice down and step back in the house, Mrs Gilliam,” a male voice told her with great authority.

“What—what did you—” she wiped the moisture off around her eyes. “Who—?!” She blinked a couple more times, then focused on a man’s face.

Ohgod: Jack Stanzer. She’d thought they were rid of him. The little punk had harassed her daughter Haley in high school until she really feared that he might rape her. When Candace’s son Peter had stood up for Haley one time, Jack Stanzer had even pulled a knife on him. When Jack disappeared a year ago, Candace was sure that the little criminal had gotten himself killed; and grateful that her family wouldn’t have to deal with his kind anymore.

Now he was here. In her face and giving orders. “Keep your voice down and step back into the house, Mrs Gilliam.”

Candace stepped back, still wiping her cheeks. “What are you doing here, Jack?”

“Is there anyone else in the house?”

“No. Noone else is here.” Oops, that wasn’t really something she should have revealed.

“So you’re here alone. All by yourself.”

“Yes. All alone. All by myself.” She probably shouldn’t have repeated that, but she guessed the damage was already done, so it wouldn’t make things any worse. “What are you doing back here, Jack? Haley is not interested in seeing you anymore.”

“Actually, I’m not going to give her the chance. But I DO want to fuck with her a little bit.”

“Jack, don’t you even—”

“What’s your first name, Mrs Gilliam?”

Candace opened her mouth, then stopped and shook her head. “No, Jack, that’s none of your business.”

He just looked at her.

After a second, she fidgeted. “Candace. Okay? It’s Candace. Now look, you can’t—”

“How you feelin’, Candace? Kinda relaxed? Kinda good with the world?”

“Jack,” she sighed and shook her head, “you are not wanted here. You cannot go bothering Haley again. You need to—”

“Yeah, that’s nice. Let’s go to the kitchen, Candace. I want a room with no windows for this next bit.”

“Jack ... what?” She didn’t understand where he was going with this.

“The kitchen, Candace. Let’s go.”

She opened and shut her mouth a couple times, not wanting this to go any further.

“Move your ass, bitch. Kitchen. Now.”

Candace stopped moving her mouth and started moving her legs until she entered the kitchen, followed by the man that had harassed her daughter for six months. “Look, this isn’t—”

“Hike up your skirt.”

“Wh-what?!” Candace sputtered and blinked several times. “Now, if you think—”

Jack had his arms crossed, just looking at her.

“See here, there is no way that—”

Just looking at her.

“I—I CAN’T do that! I—”

Just looking.

“Oh, GAWD!” Candace found herself turning around and pulling her skirt up to show her panties. “I can’t BELIEVE—”

“Feeling okay with the world, aren’t you, Mrs Gilliam?” Jack chuckled. “Kind of hard to get worked up? Sort of like we’re discussing algebra instead of you baring your underwear here?”

“Yesss, but why?”

“It’s part of the buzz. From the drugs. And a little arthritis medicine in the mist does a great job making sure you absorb enough of the ‘active ingredients’.”

“You ... drugged me?”

“Yes. Doesn’t if feel great?”

“No, I don’t ... think ... so. What ... are you doing to me?”

“Well, this going to feel like a little mosquito bite.” He held up a hypodermic.

“What? Nooo ... that’s a REALLY bad idea, I think.”

“Do you? Are you QUALIFIED to think right now, Mrs Gilliam? Or are you just a docile slut? Why don’t you let ME do the thinking here, Candace. I’ll take good care of you. Trust me, you’re gonna cream yourself being my bitch.”

“What? Jack, look, we ca—ow!”

Jack injected the contents of the syringe into Mrs Gilliam’s ass cheek.

“What ... what’s it going to feel like, Jack?”

“Oh, you’re going to feel like a pair of dirty panties that I’ve gooed up with jism to mark you as MY bitch, Mrs Gilliam. Now, while we wait for your body to absorb that injection, let’s have some fun.

* * *

“I don’t think this is a good idea, Jack.” She was in one of her daughter’s thongs, a little pink button-up sweater that her daughter had outgrown at age twelve, and the only pair of three-inch heels that she owned. Her dark brown hair was tied up in two long pigtails.

Jack had complained when she told him that she didn’t HAVE any sexy lingerie to put on for him. She had started to tell him that marriages cool down a little, especially after the children come, but he wasn’t interested. He just wanted a hot bitch. So they had put together this ensemble in lieu of real lingerie.

“Give me the pinkie look again.”

“Like this, Daddy?” She brought her pinkie to her mouth and put on a look of mock-concern. “Oops—oh, shit!” Her tits had busted free again. The sweater was just too small and the buttons too loose.

“Good use of language,” Jack nodded approvingly.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she said it like he had told her to as she tried to pull the sweater closed around her boobs again and get it re-buttoned.

“Oh, just leave them free. I’m gonna be titty-fucking those mounds later anyway. Now I have no doubt that you’re too prissy to let your husband have any porno, but I know that your son has snuck one or two videos in. Teenage boys always find a way to get their hands on some porn.”

“He, uhm ... has two tapes that he thinks I don’t know about.”

“But you DO know about them.”

“Yes, but like you say, teenage boys have a curiosity, and it’s better to—”

“So, have you snuck into his room during the day and secretly watched them?”

“Oh, goodness, no.”

“You know,” Jack chuckled, “I believe you. Well, let’s go do that now.”

“But ... that would be breaking his privacy.”

“I know! That makes it even MORE forbidden! Not only will you be half-naked, watching dirty movies with your daughter’s boyfriend, you’ll be trespassing in your son’s room and watching his dirty tapes to do it!”

“You’re not ... her boyfriend.”

“Then what am I?”

“You’re my Daddy,” she auto-replied the way he had taught her.

“Give me the rest of the line,” he prompted.

“Ohgod, Daddy, cum fuck your horny bitch.”

He groped her ass as they walked up the hall toward her son’s room.

* * *

“I don’t think this is a good idea, Jack.”

“You don’t, hungh?”

Candace had her daughter’s toothbrush in one hand and was stroking Jack’s erect cock with the other hand. They had gotten distracted on the way to Peter’s room and stopped off in the bathroom. “No, we ought to at least tell her. So that she at least knows what the strange taste is.”

“But if she knew, she’d never taste it and would miss all this semeny goodness.”

“Still ....”

“But you’re right. If I leave the whole pecker splat on the toothbrush, she’ll notice it and know that something is wrong. Sooo ... go ahead and wrap your lips around my cock, Mrs Gilliam.”

Abstractly, Candace took his erect cock into her mouth. Normally, she never performed oral sex for her husband, found his pecker too repulsive to be comfortable with such antics. But ... with this bizarre state of mind the drug had put her into ... this had more the emotional impact of playing a game of bingo than swallowing dick.

“A little more tongue action there, bitch. God, Mrs Gilliam, it wasn’t hard to turn you into a filthy cocksucker, now was it?”

“Raw riry ro,” she mumbled past her mouth’s little friend.

“Now don’t you swallow, Candy. Don’t you spit, either. I have something special I want you to do.”

“Reh rarry.”

A few moments later, Jack tensed and fired into Mrs Gilliam’s mouth.

He caught his breath a moment, then wiped his deflating cock off on her cheeks. “How’s it taste?”

Candace stood, breasts still hanging free, looked him in the eye and nodded, keeping her lips shut to keep any of the substance from leaking out.

“Now, swish it around in there. Get it real foamy with your saliva.”

Candace’s cheeks sank and swelled opposite each other as she swished.

“Good and foamy?”

“Mm-hmm.” Again, this was emotionally more like fixing a Sundae dessert than swishing cum around like mouthwash.

“Now stick the toothbrush in your mouth and get the head gummed up real good.”

Candace inserted her daughter’s toothbrush in her mouth, then began tonguing the bristles around to get the spit-and-jism mixture worked in between them.

“That’s good. Now you can put it back in her cup.”

She set the present in the cup her daughter usually kept her toothbrush in.

“Yeah, Daddy’s little bitch is hot,” he nodded. “You can swallow that now.”

Candace let the oyster of spunk slide down her throat. Oddly enough, there was no gag, not even any disgust. If this was all there was to oral sex, she could have been giving Richard head and blowing his mind all these years. But she knew the drug was taking the edge off, that she would feel vile if she didn’t have this calm buzz going right now.

* * *

“I don’t think this is a good idea, Jack.” She was on her butt and lower back, leaned back in the bed, her knees hiked up toward her shoulders, the thighs spread wide and glistening. She knew in theory that she should be too horrified to ever bare her pussy and its juices to this vile criminal, but it was hard to work up the gumption to care about that right now.

They were in Peter’s room, and Jack was inserting strings of licorice up her slit. “Peter chews on those when he gets nervous; we ought to leave him at least one without his mother’s sex juices all over it,” she tried to plead for her son.

“Oh, just shut up and diddle your clit, you horny bitch.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she replied reflexively.

After a few minutes and the rest of the licorice later, she asked, “Richard and the kids will be home soon. You’re not going to leave me here, are you? Spread and diddling on my son’s bed. With a puss-full of licorice?”


“Good.” That would just be wrong:

“Mom?! What are you DOING?!” Peter would gasp.

“Oh, baby, I KNOW I’m going to hate myself later for being such a slut, but I just can’t HELP myself. Want a sweet, juicy string of licorice?”

“No,” Jack brought her back from her horrible little spontaneous daydream, “You’re coming with me.”

“But ... the kids will be home soon. And Richard. And they’ll need—”

“Yeah, but that shot I gave you ought to be kicking in about now, and I want to fuck with you a little bit.”


“That’s all right with you, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

Jack pulled the licorice out of her before it melted too badly and put it back in the bag it had come from. “He’ll like that.”

Candace didn’t really think so, but, again, it was more like discussing political systems of the ancient Babylonians than her own son unsuspectingly imbibing her excess sexual lubricant.

“C’mon, you horny bitch. Let’s get you a some regular clothes so no cop pulls me over and questions me about my drunk whore.”

Candace stood and wobbled a little.

Yeah, the other drugs were starting to kick in.

* * *

“I don’t see her!” Peter told his twin sister Haley.

“You don’t think anything HAPPENED to her, do you?!” They had gotten home from their college classes and come in the house chuckling with each other about their day, just like they always did. But their mother wasn’t there today.

They looked for her in the garage, in case she was cleaning up out there and didn’t hear them come in.

They looked for her in the back yard, in case she was working out there and just didn’t hear them come up!

They looked in every room in the house, in case she’d fallen down and was unconscious or something!

“Peter! Come here!” Haley screamed finally.

Peter scrambled toward Haley’s room, where her voice was coming from, clobbering his foot on a piece of furniture but ignoring it. “Did you find her?! Is she okay?!”

“No! She’s not in here! But THIS is!”

It was a note.

It was in their mother’s handwriting.

Hi kids,

Hope everything went well in class today. I didn’t have time to make snacks for you to enjoy when you get home, but you can scrounge something from the fridge.

I’m afraid I’ve been kidnapped. Please, please, please don’t go to the police, or you will never see me again. He’ll send a ransom note in the next day or two with all of his ransom demands. In the meantime, he is not being too unkind to me. I will be reunited with all of you in just a few days—just do not go to the police. That is really important!

Tell your father that I love him. Hugs and kisses to you both.

Your abducted mother, Candace

“Can it be true?!” Haley was sobbing up. “Did he—did he—TAKE her?!”

“Hush! Let me read it again!”

“God!” Haley collapsed into a sitting position on the bed. “They ... TOOK ... Mom! But—but—how?! How could they DO that?!”

“Hush, Haley!” Peter snapped. There’s something weird about this note!”

“What?!” she sprang back up again. “Do you have a clue where they took her?!”

“No, but she’s ... I don’t know. The tone of the note. She doesn’t sound like she really MINDS being kidnapped or something.”

“Oh, that’s INSANE, Peter!”


They took the note to the living room table and just sat there, rereading it, pondering the implications of their loved one being missing, until their father got home.

“Hi, guys,” he grinned as he came in the door.

“Dad, we have some serious news,” Peter said, his face drawn.

Richard immediately met the serious mood in the room. “What is it, Peter? What’s happened?”

“They TOOK Mom!” Haley burst out.


“It’s true,” Peter nodded. “Here.” He handed their father the note.

Richard read the note. This was ... simply surreal. This didn’t happen to people in real life. It was just a mechanism of drama for movies of the week.

Or you will never seem me again, she wrote. Richard reread that line three times. The horrible truth of the matter was that it COULD BE TRUE!

Ohgod! He dropped numbly into a chair.

“What are we going to do?”

“Well, we are NOT going to call the police!” Haley slapped her hand down on the table. “We are NOT going to put Mom at risk!”

“Is that wise?” Peter asked. “I don’t know if we’re qualified to go it alone dealing with with these criminals.”

“No,” Richard shook his head, “she’s right. We can always go to the police later if we need to. For the moment, we are not going to do anything to put your mother at unnecessary risk.”

Peter assented, outvoted.

* * *

“Hi, honey!” Jack beamed as he brought Candace a glass of water and three pills.

“ am I?” she shook her head groggily.

“Why, darling, don’t you remember? We wed last month. Our honeymoon was only supposed to last two weeks.” He rolled his eyes with a grin. “But I’m still banging you senseless every time we go at it. I’m afraid I’m just too much cock for you, baby.”

Candace was sprawled out naked, so it was easy for her to look down and study her spread pussy for a moment. It was glistening with lubricant like she was certainly a well satisfied girl. But still, something about his explanation didn’t sound right.

“Yeah, you’ll start wailing and singing as you surf orgasm after orgasm while we hump, then you’ll just seize up, mid-fuck, like you’ve blown all your fuses or something. When you come out of your little sex-trances, you’re always like this. Sometimes you don’t even remember your name.”

“Candy. Candy Gilliam.” She frowned as she studied him. “And you ... are Jack. Jack Stanzer.”

“See? It’s all coming back to you already. Wanna light those brain cells up with sex hotter than you can stand again?”

“No ...,” she shook her head. “You ... you’re that horrible little creep that harassed my daughter a year ago.”

“Yes,” he pointed his finger and nodded. “Exactly. Then you and I talked privately about me not bothering her anymore, and we hit it off so well that we started going out. You finally left your husband, saying that he just couldn’t satisfy you sexually anymore, not after you’d been with me. We eloped and have been boffing bunnies ever since.”

“No ...,” she shook her head again. “That’s ... that’s not how it happened. I ... I can’t remember how it DID happen, but ... but something’s wrong. I ... shouldn’t be here just hanging out naked in front of you, pussy all juiced up like this. My ... memory is ... full of holes. How did I get here? When ...,” she rolled out of bed and bent over to present ass, “when did I stick this buttplug up my ass?!”

More to the point, when did she learn what a buttplug WAS?!

“Okay, okay,” Jack chuckled. “You’ve got me. I kidnapped you and I’ve been fucking around with your brain.”

“Oh.” Well, that explained that. She sat back down on the edge of the bed like a good little captive sex slave.

“Ready to take your pills?”

Drugs?! From her kidnapper?! That didn’t seem wise. “Yes, Daddy!” she gushed before she could follow up on that thought of caution, and she opened her mouth like a good little girl.

He placed two pills on her tongue, then she sucked on his fingers, making eyes at him, like a horny little bitch before taking a drink of water and swallowing them. Then she opened her mouth to take the other pill he held.

“No, this last one doesn’t go in there.”

She frowned. But where, then?

“Take out your buttplug, Candy.”

Oh, yeah. One of those. She stood up and bent over to present ass again, then slipped the plug out of her sphincter. She giggled as her kidnapper’s fingers danced around her anus, slipping the suppository up inside her.

“Yeah, I wanna fuck with your hot little brain some more, you horny little bitch.”

Candy felt the pills starting to kick in again and sighed as she eased down on the bed to let this horrible little criminal fuck with her body and let the tapes he kept playing for her fuck with her mind.

* * *

“I don’t WANT any!” Haley loudly rejected the fast food her father had picked up to pass as dinner. She knew he was doing his best, knew that she was just too full of worry to stand it. She could hear the edge to her own voice, could abstractly watch herself spit back out some of the anxiety like a belch that’s almost vomit. But she couldn’t stop herself.

And it left the same sour taste in her mouth. Her brother sat silently at the table, tense , eyes downcast—strife made him withdraw. Her father’s eyes wavered between angry and hurt, then melted into hurt.

And ... she could also be an adult about this and bear up, she decided. “I’m sorry,” she said quietly. “I’m just really worried.”

“I know, honey,” her father said. They had all stayed home, him from work, the kids from college, waiting at the edges of their seats all day for the ransom note.

The note that never came.

“I just ... I can’t eat right now. My stomach is in knots, and everything tastes terrible. Daddy, it even tasted nasty when I brushed my teeth last night!”

“You don’t have to eat right now. But ... you do need to eat something soon. Bread is good if your stomach is bad.”

“I will. I’m ... going to go up to my room.”

The evening passed. Slowly.

The night too. Between the three of them, they totalled about five dreamless hours of sleep. Make that five hours of unconsciousness forced upon them by their bodies.

Morning passed with no note, no call. Just miserable, expectant slowness.

“Is it in there?! Is it in there?!” Haley sprang upon her father as he re-entered the house from getting the mail.

“Nothing.” What was WITH these kidnappers?! Did they have demands or not?! Richard couldn’t fill demands that he didn’t know! What did they EXPECT from him?!

He knew they were probably just trying to play mind games, to break them down the way interrogators let victims stew alone in wait before working them over. Like a torture version of meat tenderizer.

Or maybe they were just sadistic, delighting in causing the family pain. No, he couldn’t believe that. It would bode too badly for Candace if that were true, so he willed that it not be. He would not accept it.

He set the mail on the counter and shuffled to the table to sit. And wait. If there were anything to do, he would be doing it. So the only thing to do was to just ... wait.

Peter wandered silently over to the mail, sorted it, then gave Haley her small stack and his father his. His own stack he silently wandered back to his room with. It looked like he had gotten a video box in the mail, probably the one that he had ordered.

He closed his bedroom door, opened the box and put the videotape into the VCR. He would ... masturbate. Maybe it would relieve some of the stress. Unless he wanted sit in wait like those two—and claw at himself in worry with every minute that passed—he needed to do something.

He popped another string of licorice in his mouth and sat back on the bed.

Interesting—no opening credits. The camera just started off immediately on the ass of a woman in a mini-skirt. A man’s hand reached into view and squeezed her ass cheeks through the skirt gropingly.

After a minute, the camera panned back and the man leaned his face into view beside the woman’s ass.

Boy! That guy ... really looked like that creep that had bothered Haley a year ago.

The guy on-screen said something—the TV was muted—and the woman began wriggling her ass back against his hand. He said something else, and she stopped.

The camera panned up to reveal the woman’s back but still cut off her head, and Peter realized there was no cameraman! The ugly guy was using a remote to pan the camera around and zoom it!

This was NOT Porn Princesses volume 3! Had they gotten his order wrong?! And sent him some cheap amateur film instead?!

A REALLY cheap amateur film?

The ugly guy spoke, and the woman turned around to reveal the front of her cut-off t-shirt. The shirt was cut so short that there was barely enough room for the letters “I Swallow”.

The ugly guy lightly scratched her bared underboobs with his fingernails, causing her body to jiggle. Part of a large dark nipple popped out and exposed itself.

The ugly guy pursed his lips in mock-surprise for the camera, then fingered said nipple, which perked right up for the attention it received.

The guy pointed the remote to pan the camera up and—


Half the licorice sprayed out of Peter’s mouth while he nearly choked on the other half. After several cough spasms, he brayed, “Hey! Hey, guys!” and reached for the TV remote to raise the volume.

“... wouldn’t you agree?” the ugly guy was saying, lightly scratching her underboob again.

Above the ugly guy, Peter’s mother stared out emotionlessly as her nipple was rolled between his thumb and forefinger.

“Guys!” Peter screamed again and was answered by his sister and father bursting into his room.

“What?! What’s the matter?!”

Peter just pointed at the television.

“Ohgod, that’s Mom!”


“She’s not right,” Peter said, his eyes still watered up from coughing. “He’s DONE something to her.”

Indeed, the ugly guy pinched the scrap of t-shirt at her collar-bones, then slowly teased it upwards until fully erect nipples popped out on display. He looked at the camera, stuck out his tongue, flicked it rapidly as part of a wind-up or something, then went in for the gold and suckled on tit. Candace stood there passively, letting her kidnapper tongue nipple, not particularly excited by his ministrations, but not slapping him senseless like she should have been, either.

“She’s ... she’s like he’s stunned or something,” Richard muttered.

“And that is—” Haley frowned.

“Jack Stanzer,” Peter finished for her.

“Yes! That ...,” she gritted her teeth, “DIRTY little CREEP!”

“We at least know who the kidnapper is, then,” Richard muttered some more. “What has he done to her?”

Jack leaned back from boob and smiled for the camera. “Yessir, for only four million, these delightful little peaches can be yours. The peaches, the honeypot, the whole horny bitch—she’s all yours. And she’s a well-behaved little girl that minds her manners, aren’t you, Candy? Present tit, bitch.”

Face neutral, Candy passively brought her hands up to cup her breasts from underneath and hold them forward, nipples still free of the partial t-shirt.

“That arrogant little—” Richard bit his tongue to keep from cursing up a storm at the little bastard in front of the children.

“Anal? Hell, YEAH, she’ll do anal. She’ll BEG for it!”

“Anal?” Haley asked, ignorant.

Jack reached around behind Candy and up under her skirt.

“Ohgod ... baby,” Candace said almost mechanically. “Yes. Yes. Give it to me. Play with your fingers up my hot horny asshole.”

“Eeeewwww!” Haley commented.

Richard was clenching his fists.

Jack looked into the camera. “Yeah, or at least this is what it COULD be.” He looked at Candy. “Bitch, do you remember what we talked about? Milking the icing out of the packet?” He slipped his cloth shorts down to the floor to reveal a medium-sized erection.

“Eeww!” Haley would have looked away, to not even let that pig have the satisfaction of her seeing his bared thingie, except she needed to find out how to get their mother back.

Candace sank to her knees, then numbly reached out and wrapped her fingers around his cock.

“YEAH! You KNOW how I like it, bitch!”

Face distant, Candace began slowly moving her hand back and forth to pump his length.

Jack pointed the remote to pan the camera up and to the right, zooming in on his face.

Richard found himself leaning forward, trying to look down at the lower left corner of the screen as though he might see around the edge to make sure that his wife wasn’t being forced to do anything improper. Or at least anything more improper than she already had.

“Yeah, this is how it COULD be,” Jack smugged. Who do you think would purchase your wife and mother? I figure I can get four million for her; only the younger models will bring in ten million per. Will it be an Arab sheik? Maybe he’ll put a bag over her head when she’s not stored away in a harem with a thousand other bitches.” He chuckled. “I don’t think we’d have to worry whether she would turn muff-lapper THERE!”

“Muff-lapper?” Haley asked.

Then Jack straightened his face up and explained for the sexually ignorant that he knew would be watching. “She would. Turn lesbo.”

“’Lesbo’? Lesbian?! Mom?! No!”

“Or maybe it will be some Colombian drug lord,” Jack continued. “Cocaine might really spice this pussy up. But how long do you think until she gets used up and burnt out? Dark circles under her eyes. Needle marks up her arms as she turns to harder drugs. The drug lord would give her to his men to keep them happy, and she’d eagerly do it as long as she got her snort one way or another. ‘Course after she got TOO used up, she’d only be good for letting the dobermans that guard the estate mount her.”

Richard had to unclench his fists to keep the nails from drawing blood from his own palms.

“Or,” Jack smiled, “I can return her to you. I can even fix it so she mercifully has no memory of all this, of all the ... things ... she’s done for me already. Oh. But you, uhm ... you don’t have four million setting around, do you Richard? And, yeah, installment plans would take forever. Hmm. This IS a predicament, don’t you think?

“You know what, though? I’m a nice guy. Just ask Haley.”

“He’s ROTTEN!” she snarled.

“So, instead of four million, I will accept one short video tape. Of Haley masturbating herself with a vibrator. Filmed by Richard. Yeah, I think that’s good for starters. Oh, and Haley has to write out five thousand times, ‘Jack is a hot stud that makes me wet. I am Jack’s hot horny bitch.’ If you do that—let’s see, we’re really talking about two hours of her time, an hour of Richard’s time and a blank VHS tape that costs a dollar at Wal-marts—that’s pretty cheap to get your wife and mother back, don’t you think?

“Speaking of the horny bitch, let’s ... mmm ... peek in and see how she’s doing.” The camera panned back and down to the left to reveal wife and mother stroking his erection with all the enthusiasm she might work up for washing dishes.

“Yeah ... she’s quite the little ... cock-puller ... Richard,” Jack was breathing hard. “And HERE IT CUMS!”

Candace leaned forward quickly to catch the squirts on her face.

“Eeww!” Haley couldn’t help but gasp with revulsion.

Candace sat there calmly on her knees with lines and globs of semen on her face, awaiting whatever Jack would like to do with her next.

“Ew, you filthy bitch!” Jack grinned. “Who’s your daddy?”

“Jack’s my daddy.”

“C’mon, with gusto, you bitch. Who’s your daddy?”

Candy’s face lit up with enthusiasm. “JACK’S my daddy! YOU’RE my daddy, Jack!”

“And who is Jack’s bitch?”

“CANDY is Jack’s bitch! I’M your bitch, Jack!”

“Stand your ass up, slut.”

Candace stood, face still lit up eagerly.

“Now, on three, let’s go ahead and put on the innocent victim act, okay?”

“Yes, Jack!”






“Thr—I—” Candace looked down. “Ohgod! What have you done to me?! Not AGAIN?!” She pulled the little scrap of t-shirt down to hide her nipples.

“Aww, whatsamatter, honey?”

“You—” she touched her hands to her face, then pulled them away again. “AAWW! No! You made me take it on the face again!”

“We’re on camera, babe.”

Candace’s eyes widened, and she looked at the camera, then back at Jack. “Why?! Why?!”

“Richard and the kids are on the other end of that videotape. This is where you ask them to take their scum-covered mother back.”

Candace looked at the camera. “Please, Richard! Help me! Get me out of here! He’s doing ... things ... to my mind! Please!”

Jack looked at the camera. “And there you go. Richard, I wouldn’t blame you at all if you didn’t want to take this whoring slut back into your marriage bed. God, the things that she has DONE! I’d be afraid of catching something. But, you know, YOU have to deal with the kids. She’s their ... Mom and all that.” He turned to Candace. “One last demonstration. Babe, get a swipe of that jism off your face won’t you.”

“Please?” she asked as she swiped two fingers off her cheek. “Don’t make me ....”

“Yeah, that’s good. Now, tell me if it’s a good vintage, won’t you?”

“Noo ... please?” she shook her head as she brought her fingers toward her mouth. “Please?” There was no response coming from Jack, so she stuck her tongue out and barely barely dabbed it in the goo. Then her face calmed to neutral and she said blandly. “Ohgod, yes baby. Your jism is the best. I just can’t get enough of the stuff. I HAVE to guzzle some more.”

“Well, I’m all squirted out for the moment baby. But give me thirty minutes, and I’ll be recharged.” He looked at the camera. “Sorry, you guys don’t get to watch that. Not with the kids present.” Then back to Candace, “Meanwhile, why don’t you come suck on some toes.”

Richard watched his beautiful wife of nineteen years—they had been high school sweethearts—walk emotionlessly over to her captor, untie his tennis shoes, pull off his sweaty socks, then put his stinking toes in her mouth and begin threading her tongue in and out between them.

“Oh, yeah. Great.” The he panned the camera into his face and gave some specifics for Haley’s videotape to release her mother.

* * *

(Author’s note: This is the opposite diagonal of the M-S incest I usually write, and, unfortunately, perhaps more likely to be tried in real life. Therefore, this admonition: All characters are adults and this is a work of fiction. Stuff like this does not and should not happen in real life. Slapstick comedy is the same way—it can be fun to watch, but people would get hurt if it was tried in real life. Same thing here. Proceed only with that understanding.)

Haley sat stiffly on the couch. Clothesless.

Her twin brother was back in his bedroom under very strict orders to not come out until called.

Her father was also in the living room with her—also naked, per Jack’s instructions—holding a video camera. At least he was flaccid.

“Ready?” Richard sighed. The camera was trembling slightly in his hand. This was horrible to put a family through. And if he ever got his hands on this little asshole, he was going to do something illegal but morally just to the little bastard. And it would involve several hours of pain before the fatal climax.

“Ready, Daddy.”

Richard started the camera and pointed it at himself, speaking into it, “Okay, Jack, we’re meeting your demands. Haley is here, naked. So am I.” He held the camera at arm’s length and panned it up the length of his body as proof. “Okay, first thing, Haley,” Richard fumbled with a piece of paper upon which he’d written Jack’s specifics for the video, “he wants you to spin around and show him yourself naked. Are you ready?”

Haley swallowed hard and stood. “Ready, Daddy.” Jack pointed the camera at her, she held her arms out from her body and spun around.

Then she sat on the couch and spread her legs and Richard got a closeup of her pussy.

Then she got down on the carpet on hands and knees, reached around behind to pull her butt cheeks apart as specified, and Richard got a closeup there.

“Next is the vibrator, honey,” Richard consulted the list. He removed the new plastic wrapping, opened the cardboard box and pulled the little contraption out. He pulled the batteries out of the same bag the vibrator was in and installed them.

Jack consulted the list just in case it might have magically changed since he wrote down Jack’s perverted requirements. It hadn’t. So he focused the camera on his own face. “Okay, you want me to hold the vibrator on my daughter’s ‘button’. I will do this in order to get my wife back from you. But you are one sick pervert. And you will rot in hell if I have anything to say about it!” Then he stepped to his daughter, who was leaned back on the couch. “Okay, honey, this will be easier if you spread your thighs apart.”

Haley nodded. She didn’t want to talk any more than she had to. It was just wrong to talk too much when she and her father were having to do things this obscenely intimate. She spread.

Wordlessly, Richard turned on the vibrator, which buzzed loudly in the quiet room. He moved it toward her pelvis like some huge, loud contraption constructed to do God-knows-what. Her pelvis nervously shied slightly back. Then he touched the tip of it to her clitoris.

“Gah!” she jumped back, startled after a second, eyes wide.

“I’m sorry, honey!” Richard yanked the sex toy back. “Did I hurt you?”

“N-no—I just—I didn’t expect it to feel like ... that.”

“If it hurt you in any way, we—”

“No. No, I’m okay. Let’s just get this over with.”

She spread again, and he moved the buzzer to her clit. Her hips didn’t shy away this time.

Richard just held it there, touching the top of her pussy for a minute or two, as Jack had specified. Haley leaned the rest of the way back down on the couch and stretched her arms over her head as she presumably got tired propping herself up.

“Okay, I need to check the list now for what’s next,” Richard said and started to move away.

“I’ll hold that, Daddy,” Haley said and took the vibrator, placing it back on her clitoris.

Richard looked into the camera as he carried it across the room. “God DAMN you, Jack!” He attached the camera to the tripod, pointed it upon his daughter holding the vibrator against her clit, and retrieved the list of specifics.

“Okay, he wants me to hold the vibrator against your—” he didn’t want to re-acknowledge that his daughter even HAD a clitoris, so he jumped ahead in his sentence, “while you answer some questions”. He walked over and sat clothesless on the couch next to her naked body and reached for the sex toy.

She just kept holding it where she was holding it.

“Haley, honey ... give me the ... give me that. He wants me to be holding it.”

Haley’s fingers surrendered the vibrator to her father’s, and he held it against her “button”.

“First thing is, he wants you to tell the camera if you’ve ever used a vibrator to perk up your, uhm ... ‘tittie cherries’ before. I think he means your, uh ... nipples.” Richard kept his eyes glued to the sheet containing notes on Jack’s requirements. Jack had specified that he wanted Richard to be the one to hold the vibrator at Haley’s crotch, but he hadn’t specified that Richard had to look upon any of it.

“No,” she sighed, “no, I’ve never used a ... vibrator before ... in my life.”

“I, uhm ... I think he said you needed to use those specific words, Haley.”

“What ... specific words ... Daddy?”

“Have you ever used a vibrator to perk up ‘tittie cherries’ before?”

Silence. Well, except for the buzzing.

“Haley?” Richard risked a look at his daughter. Her eyes were shut and her head was leaned back. “Haley?”

“No, Daddy, I’ve ... never perked up my ‘tittie’ ....”

“Your ‘tittie cherries’.”

“Perked up my tittie cherries ... before.”

“Oh,” Richard read his lines exactly as they were given by Jack over his ransom video, “then let me show you how.” Richard pulled the toy back from his daughter’s pussy, stepped up towards her head and sat on the coffee table, then held the vibrator to her nipple and moved it around a little there.

His daughter was breathing deeply, probably trying to imagine that she was anywhere else but here.

Haley’s eyes opened, and they met her father’s while he moved the sex toy around the tip of her breast.

“Uh, yeah, ah ...,” he stammered, put a little off balance by her trusting gaze. “I, uh ... I need to check the script for the lines.” He stretched, trying to reach the piece of paper on the other coffee table.

“Daddy, I think,” she took his buzzing hand in hers and moved it back to between her legs, “that we’re supposed to return to ... (sigh) ... ‘home’ position in between ....”

With his hand at her crotch, Richard could step around and sit on the far end of the couch again to easily reach the sheet of instructions.

“Honey, are you,” he read the notes, “are you getting ‘turned on’ you ‘horny bitch’. I’m sorry, honey—I’m just reading the lines like he said we had to.”

“I understand, Daddy ... am I horny?” She took a deep breath, then sighed, “Maybe a little—yeah ....”

“Oh, then—what?!” His eyes jerked to her.

Hers opened, met his, then yielded away from them. “I’m just—” she whispered, “you know ... for the camera. I know he would want me to say that. And I want to get Mom back.”

“Oh. Yeah. Uh.” He went back to the notes. “Have you ever, uhm ... ‘tongue-kissed’ a man before?”

“Just once,” she sighed, eyes closed, head leaned back again.

“You, uh, have?!” He was quite surprised, but didn’t want to show it for this little shit on the other end of the camera.

“Yeah, Paul Bellman ... talked me into it ... one time. It’s not ... all it’s made out to be.”

The guy that took her to the prom?! Why, that little shit!

He noticed that his daughter’s hands, which were wrapped around his hand that was holding the vibrator, were starting to move it around in little circles, and her hips were moving in slight counter-wiggle.

Good ... God!

“Uh, I, erh, we, ehm ...”

“I think you’re supposed to say, ‘Oh, let me show you how,’ Daddy.”

“I, uh ... I don’t know if I’m supposed to still say that if you, uh, have. Already kissed someone. Like that.”

“Maybe ... you’d better. Jack was ... pretty specific.”

“Oh. Uhm, then, uh ... let me show you how.” He stepped toward her head, knelt, then pressed his lips to hers and held them there.

“Mmm, but ... with tongue, Daddy,” Haley said after a minute.

Richard was starting to get flustered. Okay, Jack HAD said that. Nothing to do but slog through this. Get it over with, and get his wife back. He pressed his lips to hers again. With tongue this time.

Haley finally broke the kiss, moved her mouth to his neck and began wetly kissing and nipping there while her hands continued to softly guide his hand and the toy at her pelvis.

“Haley! Haley! What are you DOING?!” He broke away sputtering.

She caught her breath a couple times, then met his eyes. “You’re a, uh ... a really ... good kisser, Daddy. But, uhm ... didn’t Jack say he, uh ... mmm,” her eyes fluttered as she moved the toy at her crotch, “that he wanted ... the camera closer. So he could ... actually see ... the exchange ... of tongues?”

Shit! “Goddammit!”


“I’m sorry, punkin.” Now he had to ... stand up. He wasn’t exactly hard yet, but his cock was getting that semi-swollen thing going. Despite his having whacked off twice just so that something like this wouldn’t happen.

“Daddy, uh ....”

“I know, honey. Daddy has his head up his, uhm ... butt or something.” How to get to the camera without letting his semi-erection caught on tape for that little shit kidnapper to gloat over?

Well, he just stood with his back to the camera and walked over to the coffee table like he was getting a remote or something until he was out of the camera’s field of view. That exposed himself to Haley, but she was laying back on the couch, her spine starting to arch some, so she wasn’t paying much attention to anything else anyway.

“Daddy ... uhm ... I think that ... uhm ....”

“I know, honey, I’m just a bonehead. I’ll get it fixed, though.” Out of view now, he walked around to behind the video camera and removed it from the tripod.

Very niftily done, if he must say so for himself!

“Ohgod, Daddy! I—uhng! UNGHHH! OHGOD! OOHH! OH! OHGOD!” Haley’s back was really arching as she writhed on the couch now.

Richard dumbly stood there and gaped, catching it all on film.

Haley crested with gasps, then eased down into softer moaning and deep sighs of contentment.

“Honey,” Richard whined when it was all over, “I don’t think you were supposed to DO that.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I didn’t mean to. I never knew about these wonderful little vibrator thingies. I mean, WOW! They should have TAUGHT US about these in SCHOOL!”

“Uh ... yeah ....”

“Come on, Daddy. Move the camera over and let’s get this over with. I don’t want to give that bastard Jack any more minutes of tape than we have to. ”

“Haley? Your language?”

“Well, he IS a bastard!”

“Okay.” Richard could certainly agree with that, he guessed. He shuffled over and knelt beside her, carrying the camera. “Uh, honey, do you think—” She was still grinding her pelvis against the vibrator. Much more softly than that little scene a minute ago, but, yeah—that would definitely be called a grind.

“I’ll hold this here, Daddy. Like Jack demanded. Besides, you need your hands free. To hold the camera. To tape the tongues.”

Just get through this. In order to get your wife back, he told himself.

Taking a deep breath, Richard leaned in.

Haley was a lot more active kisser this time. Before Richard could get his tongue into her, hers had entered his mouth and started exploring. A moment later, her left hand came up from her crotch, hooked around his neck, pulled him closer and held him there.

“Mmmm!” he finally indicated that he’d had enough after a minute.

“Wait, wait,” her arm hooked around his neck held him from getting away. “Stick you rongue out. We can’t let that shitheel Jack say we didn’t show him an exchange of tongue.”

“Haley? Your language?”

“Tongue, Daddy.”

Richard stuck it out, then they filmed a minute of tongue-fencing for that shitheel Jack.

Richard let that go on a minute because he was trying to figure out how to ... well, just how to walk across the room. He wasn’t just semi-hard anymore. He was RIGID. And though Haley still held the vibrator at her crotch, she wasn’t “out of it” with lust this time.

If he weren’t careful, she would see him seriously erect.

“Okay, Daddy,” Haley broke off the explicit lingual action, “we have two more parts to do, then we’ll be finished with this horrible little video. Let’s get on with them.”

“Uh ....” What to do?! What to do?! “Yeah.” Well, nothing else to do but bludgeon ahead and pretend like it was normal. He stood and walked the camera back to the tripod. When he turned around, Haley’s eyes were locked onto his stiff shaft.

With a smirk, she looked up to meet his eyes and did her best Little Red Riding Hood imitation. “My, what big—”


“Sorry, Daddy, I couldn’t resist,” she giggled.

“This is NO LAUGHING MATTER, honey!”

“I know, Daddy,” she sobered. “I just—I’m sorry.”

Richard walked back over to the couch, agonizingly aware of the stiff rod bouncing around in front of him, and picked up the script. “Uhm.” He cleared his throat, then read the next lines. “Uhm, Haley, please tell Jack if you’ve ever ... ohshit, no.” He looked at Haley, who met his eyes. He had forgotten that this part was next.

“Go ahead with it, Daddy,” she nodded.

“Have you, uh ... have you ever ... uhm, held a, uh ... a man’s erect, uh ... cock in your hand before?”

“Gosh, Daddy. No. No, I haven’t. Not ever.” Her gaze was fastened upon his. “Not yet.”

“I,” Richard shook his head, “I can’t do this.”

“Daddy.” She waited for him to meet her eyes, but he just stood there, head down, crimson-faced, stiff-pricked. “Richard.” That brought his head up. “Richard, it’s okay. I’m eighteen. I am only doing this because of that motherfucking asshole Jack, but I’m an adult, and I do choose to do this. For Mom, Richard. We’re doing it for Mom.”

Richard shamedly shrugged his shoulders.

“Gee, Richard—why don’t you show me!” she brightly urged things on. So they could get finished with this horrible video. And get Mom back.

Richard took two steps toward her and stood there. Haley was still slowly grinding against the sex toy, her pelvis and thighs glistening with lube. With her right hand, she reached up and wrapped her fingers around his cock.

“Gee! I’ve never held one of these before,” she performed for the camera. For that motherfucking asshole Jack.

“Uh! EASY, honey!”

“What, Richard?” her hand was lightly dancing a stroke along his length.

He grabbed her hand with his. “Easy. We don’t want to—We need to keep things in hand here.” Ooh, bad choice of words. “I mean, under control.”

“He said at least twenty strokes, Richard.”

Richard consulted the notes that he took down from Jack’s video specifications while Haley held his manhood. Twenty. “Okay. Twenty. No more than that. Gently, honey. One ...”

Her hand slowly gave a sensual pump to his happy prick.

“Uhm, two ....”

That motherfucking asshole Jack was the cause of all this!

“Uhngh, three ... okay, okay. Hold it.” His hands grabbed hers and halted it. “Hold it just a minute. Just let Daddy breathe a second.” Deep breath. Deep breath. Think of the gory carnage there would be when he got his hands on that motherfucking asshole Jack.

Slowly, he pulled his hands back and let her continue. “Fooouuuur ... fiiiivvvve ... siiii-nnngh!—iiix ... (pant, pant) ... seeeeevvvvv—okay, hold it, hold it, we have to stop again ....”

And so they made it through the requisite twenty with fits and starts. By the time they were done, Richard was feeling pretty good. He had not erupted. He had defied that bastard Jack and held it in. Screw YOU, asshole!

“Okay, what’s next, honey?” Richard asked her.

“Uhm ... I don’t know ... thank you. Thank you, Richard. That was ... the, uhm, first one I’ve ever ... held. Thank you.” He noticed that her rubbing against the vibrator was stronger now, with more feeling. They needed to get done with this.

Richard stepped to his sheet to consult it while Haley continued to grind pelvis to toy, eyes closed, head leaned back.

Okay. They could finish getting through this. “Haley, have you ever had a man pump a vibrator in and out of your pussy before?”

She opened her eyes and met his. “No, Richard,” she shook her head, “I’ve never had a man ... stroke ... my pussy ... with a pretend ... cock.”

“Uhm,” God, the gaze that she was giving him. That was making him harder than ... well, than anything else today. “Uhm, I think ... you should ... uhm, use the same words. So ... he can’t ... you know ... say we ... I, uh ... I’ve lost my train of thought ... uh ....” He gave a sheepish grin and reconsulted the paper. “Okay. Yeah. Have you ever had a man pump a vibrator in and out of your pussy before.”

“No, Richard ...,”—those EYES again!—“never. Please ... come pump ... this sex toy ... in and out of me ... and in and out of me ... fuck my pussy with it ... so we, uhm ... you know ... can be done and get Mom back.”

Richard stepped to her—still those EYES! Those hungry, lust-filled eyes!—and she yielded the lubed-up sex toy to him.

“Okay. Uhm. Here we go.”

“Go ahead, Richard,” she was breathing hard, thighs spread, “do me.”

“He said we, uhm, we have to do at least twenty stokes.”

“Twenty ... yes, go ahead and do me, Richard ....”

He slowly slid the vibrating tip up the length of her slit without penetration.

“Ohgod, YES!, Richard!” her back was arched.

He slowly slid it back and forth along the length again, then dwelled on the button a moment. In order to tell the truth, he would have to admit he just did that to tease her.

“OhGOD, Richard!” Her hands were clutching the hair on her head, her back arched tightly. “Stop TEASING me! DO it! DO me!”

Slowly, he wiggled the tip and pushed slightly, not achieving penetration, but just spreading her lower lips a little.

She looked at him, eyes in a glare. “Richard! If you don’t get TO it—”

Smiling, he slid it in.

Her eyelids closed as her eyes rolled back up in her head. “OHGOD! YEAH!”

He pulled it back out, then started loitering along her pussy’s length again, teasing her.

“GodDAMMIT, Richard!” She reached out and grabbed his prick and pulled.

“DON’T! Haley, don’t!”

He had instinctively moved forward as she pulled, trying not to crest, and was bent over, only a foot from her face now. “Then QUIT playing GAMES,” she said through gritted teeth.

With a surrendering grin, Richard slid the vibrator back inside her.

Her eyes fluttered, but she didn’t release his cock.

He pumped it in and out of her a couple times, trying to excite her enough that she would release his cock. God, it would be shameful to squirt on camera for that motherfucking asshole Jack.

But in her excitement, she began squeezing it! And pumping it!

“Haley! Stop, honey! You’ve GOT to STOP, honey!”

“Don’t stop, Richard! Don’t you DARE stop!”

“I’m NOT! But you HAVE TO stop with ME!”

Instead, she brought the other hand around to grip his ball-sack and lightly squeeze it.

Desperate, Richard did the only thing he knew to do. He had to bring her first, before she could make him ejaculate on film for that motherfucking asshole Jack. He pulled the vibrator out of her pussy, replaced it with his pumping finger and held the toy on her clit, making little circles with it.

“YES! Richard!” Her back was arched, but she was still stroking him!

“FUCK ME, RICHARD! FUCK ME!” She was doing a jackhammer pump on his poor ... excited ....

“Grrrkh!” he grunted. “Oh, SHIT! Oh, SHIT!” he complained as he squirted a line of jism across his daughter’s abdomen, another one across her upper abdomen and one breast, then began gooing up her fist with smaller squirts.

Haley’s hips were bucking as she wailed, two of his fingers stuck inside her, the vibrator having dropped and slid off the couch. The hand holding his scrotum released and moved to grab his hand at her crotch, to keep his fingers embedded inside her as she “rode the wild orgasm” through to the end.

Her bucking finally subsided, and her gasping, and her writhing, and she laid there, relaxed and unbelievably content.

“May I have those back now?” Richard nodded toward his fingers inside her.

With a smile, she pulled her hand back to release his. She also let go of his shrinking cock and brought that hand to her nose to smell the spunk on it.

Richard would have been horrified if he hadn’t been so sated as she met his eyes and, with an impish look, stuck her tongue out and dipped it in the cum her hand was coated in.

“Haley?!” he tiredly asked her as he sat down on the couch.

“I’m just TASTING it,” she said with a smile, then took a broader lick of the stuff. “It’s not too bad.”

In a few moments, she had licked the hand clean.

* * *

The two of them sat there, numb, on the couch. Haley still had two lines of cum across her belly. What had they done?

“Do you think we should erase this tape and try again?”

“And fuck each other all over again, Richard?”

There was that. Maybe they could just edit out the really hot parts of the tape.

But then they’d come up short on the quantity of times he stroked the vibrator in and out of her pussy.

“No,” Haley shook her head, “if we make any more fuck tapes, we should just do it for OUR pleasure—yours and mine, Richard.” She brushed the backs of the fingers of one hand along his cheek. “And we should send this one to that motherfucking asshole Jack. So we can get Mom back.”

Richard nodded without words.

“You were wonderful, Richard,” she told him sincerely.

How do you respond to that when it’s from your daughter?!

“Well,” Haley stood, “I’m going to go see if I can sneak past Peter into the kitchen and get a spoon to scrape off the rest of your jism.”

Richard thought a minute as he watched her hips sway toward the door. No blood. There had been no blood. He penetrated her all the way with that vibrator—they needed to retrieve that from under the couch, by the way, before Candace got home and came across it with a shriek—and there was no blood. If her hymen had been intact—?!


“Yes, Richard?”

“You’re not a virgin.”

“No!” she smiled, held her arms out and bounced. “I had forgotten about that until just now when you came all over me.” She turned around perkilly and took another step toward the door.


“Why, Jack, of course!”


“Oh, Daddy, I don’t have time to explain now. I need to go scrape this cum off and slurp it up before it dries.”

“Wait a minute!” She had already stepped out of the bedroom, though. “What the heck?!”

* * *

Richard pulled the car to the side of the street and parked.

Haley, sitting in the passenger seat, nodded and used the cell phone to dial the number they had been given by Jack. ‘We’re there.” She nodded, listening, then pressed END. “He says to drive to 27th and Bowen.”

Richard put the car in gear and began driving.

“He’s watching for cops,” Peter muttered from the back seat. “He’s sending us driving around and watching to see if cops are following us.” It was 1:00 in the morning, so traffic was thin enough that any cars following them would be obvious.

When they reached the intersection, Richard pulled off to the side, and Haley called. “He says to 12th and Carver Street now,” she relayed when she got off.

This finding out where to drive went through five more rounds until the cell phone rang on its own, startling Haley and making her jump. “Yes?” She jerked her head back toward Peter. “Throw the bag! Throw the bag out the window now, he says!”

Peter rolled the window down and threw the paper bag with its tape and the pages with Haley’s 5000 lines declaring herself Jack’s hot bitch out the window. The timing was obviously well thought-out, as they were driving by a park at the moment, and the bag and tape landed on the soft grass. That meant that he was within viewing range of them right now.

“He says to keep driving. Do not stop,” Haley relayed, then disconnected. “He says to go to 15th and Sauer.”

It was one of the lower class areas of town, and they drove past several adult video stores. When they parked, there were a few women standing on the streetcorners around them.

“Call him, Haley,” Richard told his daughter. He didn’t want the kids exposed to this element of society any longer than necessary.

She dialed and, after several seconds, shook her head. “He’s not answering.”

“That—” Richard halted his sentence in front of the kids but finished it in his mind, “motherfucking asshole!” Then out-loud again. “He had BETTER not try to double-cross us.

“Or you’ll do what, Dad?” Peter asked as he studied the women out the window. “He holds all the cards here.”

“DON’T you give me—” Richard knew it was the stress talking. “Just be quiet, Peter. Call him again, Haley.”

Peter continued to study out the window. While most of the prostitutes walked up to slow-passing cars and strutted or shook their booties for them, there was one that just stood dully by a streetlamp. Either she was so good she didn’t need to parade herself, or something was wrong.

“He’s still not answering, Richard,” Haley told her father.


Then the phone rang, startling Haley again. “Yes?” She looked at Richard. “He says, ‘What? You haven’t figured it out yet?’”

“Figured WHAT out yet?! Give me that phone!”

As Haley handed the phone to her father, Peter opened the rear car door and stepped out.

“Peter! What are you DOING?! GET back in here!”

Leaving the door open, Peter walked toward the prostitute that was just standing there.

“GET him back here!” he heard his father bark to his sister, and Haley came after him as his father yelled across a disconnected phone.

Haley caught up to him about the same time his father stepped out of the car yelling, “Goddammit!” into the dead phone, into the air, out at the universe that would let good lives get fucked up like this by a shitheel like Jack!

“Peter! Get BACK here!”

They were almost upon the prostitute now. She wore a cut-off blue t-shirt that read, “Swallow? I guzzle!", a black mini-mini-skirt, net hose and four-inch heels. She had golden blonde hair to her shoulders, but her features looked remarkably like—

“Mom?” Peter asked.

The prostitute blinked a couple times, and slowly her eyes seemed to focus. “Peter?”

“Mom!” He ran up and hugged her. “Are you okay?!”

“I—I think so.” She was still disconnected, someone slowly coming together after being jarred out of a deep dreamless sleep. “Are you here? I’m—I’m back home?”

“Almost. Come on. Let’s get you to the car.”

“But you’re ... blonde,” Haley observed.

“Well, my head is, honey,” she replied automatically, “but my pussy is bald.”

Both kids just stared at her.

“Oops—shit! Oops—darn it! I didn’t mean to say that. Or to curse.”

Richard came running up then. “Kids! Get away from that whore!”

“Daddy, it’s—”

“Peter! Stop hugging her! You don’t know what diseases she has!”

“Richard!” Haley yelled to get through to him, “It’s mother!”

“It’s—Candace! Are you OKAY?! He didn’t DO anything to you, did he?!”

Candace looked at him like he’s just he’d just swallowed a tablespoon of crawling spiders without even spreading any mustard on them. “Well ... he KIDNAPPED me, Richard.”

“I mean—I mean, are you hurt?! He didn’t physically hurt you, did he? I mean—we’ll get to everything, but first things first. Did he physically hurt you?!”

“No.” She continued walking to the car with Peter, who had pulled off his windbreaker for her to pull over her shoulders. “He didn’t physically hurt me. Unless you count fucking me. Because we did do a WHOLE lot of that.”

“He ... fucked you?” Richard asked.

Peter was just stunned that his mother was speaking language like that.

“I mean—I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that,” she backpaddled. “He—he was doing something to my mind. With drugs. And I’m—I’m doing things ... and saying things ... that I don’t mean to. I’m sorry, Richard.”

“It’s okay, Mom,” Peter told her. “We saw the ransom video. He had you ALL drugged up. We don’t blame you.”

“Thank you, Peter.” He was holding the car door open for her, and she got into the front seat. The rest of the family loaded into the car as well, and Richard started driving them home.

“You’re safe now, Mom,” Peter told her.

“Thank you, honey. Thank God.”

“What all did he make you do?” Haley asked.

“Haley!” Peter gaped at her, “She doesn’t want to talk about that right now!”

Candace shrugged. “I don’t mind. Actually, I don’t really ... remember much of it. Most of the time I was just ... pretty much drugged out. I’m just glad to be back with you guys. Maybe more of it will come back to me over the next few days.”

“Or ... maybe it’s better if it doesn’t,” Peter offered with a shrug.

Candace nodded slowly, her mouth just a line on her face. That was a scary thought.

Richard drove them all home, pulling in the driveway about 2:30 in the morning. Richard unlocked the front door and stepped inside, followed by Haley.

Candace, who was behind those two, tucked her thumbs under her armpits and—“Brrr-rraw-aaawww-kkkk!”—flapped her arms as she awkwardly pranced across the threshold and inside a little piece. “I can’t wait to take a bath and thank God that this whole kidnapping thing is finally all over.” The other three were gaping at her. “What?”

“Mom ...,” Peter got his thoughts together enough to ask, “What was that?”

“What was what?”

“What did you just do when you stepped inside?”

“Why, I clucked like a chicken, of course.”


“I don’t know. It just seemed like—Ohmygod! I just clucked like a chicken! Just ... for no reason! What has he DONE to me?!” She hurried back outside, Peter moving out of the way for her, then she turned around and stepped back toward the doorway. Sure enough, the thumbs went back into the pits, and she flapped and clucked her way across the threshold.

“Ohgod,” she whimpered on the other side, “what has he DONE to me?!”

Haley couldn’t help smirking, which attracted attention. “I’m sorry, I just—well, you have to admit: it’s kind of funny.”

“It’s NOT funny!” Candace scowled. “What ELSE has he put into my head?!”

“It’s okay, Mom,” Peter stepped inside and closed the door. “Take a bath. Get cleaned up. Get a good night’s rest. And we’ll figure out where things stand in the morning.”

“I—but he—yes ... yes, a bath would be good.”

Candace took a bath; told Peter, who waited up to make sure she was still doing okay when she finished, that she was still doing all right; and went to bed with her husband.

About 4:00 in the morning, Richard was awakened. “Ungh?”

Slurping sounds. And UNBELIEVABLE sensations coming from his pecker!

“Ohgaw-aaww-awd!” he whimpered. “Whuh?”

Candace came off his prick with a wet popping sound. “I got hungry for cock, darling,” she said in the dark. Then she went back to trying to feed at his loins.

Richard continued whimpering as long as he lasted. His wife had never been a big fan of giving blowjobs—two, maybe three times a year she deemed fit to grant one. But ... GOD! The woman COULD suck! His WIFE could SUCK!

All too soon, he was clutching the sheets, eyes rolled back in his head, as he shot pearl-juice down her eager throat.

“You can’t see in the dark,” she purred, “but I swallowed every drop. Darling. Mmmm.”

She rolled over and soon he heard her breathing shift into that of sleep.

What had HAPPENED to his wife?!

* * *

“God, what you DID last night,” Richard commented when his wife got out of bed. “It was INCREDIBLE!”

Candace frowned. “What? Dress up like a hooker?”

“No, the—you know, later.”

Candace shook her head. “Clucking like a chicken?”

“The oral sex.”

“What ... oral sex?” she frowned.

“You know. Last night. After we went to bed. When you got up and woke me up with a—with—” She was looking entirely blank about the subject.

“You’re acting strange, Richard.”

HE was acting strange?!

Who was the one engaging in fowl behavior?

“Look, we need to see if we can get me in to see a psychologist, Richard. I can’t deal with this—with—God, what did that boy do to my mind?! I need to go see someone that can help me.”

Richard shrugged. “Sure. Get dressed. We’ll find someone.”

* * *

Haley awoke, stretched, then leisurely slid her fingers delicately down the length of her lover.

God, how could she have been so ignorant? So blind? How could she have not known about ....

With a touch, he buzzed with enthusiasm to pleasure her, and she moved him to between her legs, soon slid his length into her pussy, where he pleasured her like nothing else she had ever known.

Where ... had he been ... all of her life?

WHY didn’t they teach girls about vibrators in school?! EVERYONE could win then: women would be continually sexually satisfied; and men would find women much more compliant to sexual advances.

God, she could have been CUMMING several times a DAY all this time! All those lost years of ecstasy!

Still, she had found him now, had found the man, inanimate though he may be, that could take her to the heights of pleasure. What he—what he—“OHGOD, Richard!” she gasped—she had named her sex toy “Richard”—“OH! OHGOD! OH, BABY! OH!”

“Ooohhh,” she sighed as she crested down. “Richard” was still buzzing away, though, eager to please her.

“In just a little while, we’ll continue, lover,” she told him as she turned off his buzzing. “We need to go down and see if Ms Kidnap Victim is playing it for all that it’s worth.”

“Richard” was amenable as she carried him in her shorts pocket down the stairs to the kitchen with her.

Peter was sitting at the table, studying for some class or other. “Howdy,” she greeted him.


“Is Ms Victim still doing the Funky Chicken this morning?”

“Don’t make fun of her, Haley. She just went through an ordeal. You know what a creep Jack Stanzer is. She didn’t make fun of you when you were afraid he was going to attack you last year.”

“No, you’re right. I ought to behave better.”

She sat there quietly at the table a couple minutes as Peter went back to studying. Finally, he looked up. “Is something buzzing?”

“No ... I don’t hear anything ... buzzing,” her innocent look was broken only by a faint smile.

“I’m sure that I hear—”

“Rrr-raaawww-aaww-aaawwwk-kkkk!” came from the front door.

“Why,” Haley smiled fully, “that must be Mom now.”

“Don’t be a bitch, Haley.”

“Oh, twin brother, you ought to at least kiss me before you call me that!” She stood and walked into the living room—if she hurried, she might still catch the woman flapping her arms inanely.

Peter hurried along too. “Did you get in to see a psychologist?”

“Yes,” Candace sighed glumly.


“And he called it confabulation.”


“He thinks I’m making it all up for the attention. There are no police records to back up any kidnapping. And he ... he ... he thinks I’m lying.”

“You’re not, are you?”

“Haley! Of course I’m not.”

“Just checking.”

Candace shook her head. Something had changed in Haley. She kept lightly mocking Candace, kept calling her father “Richard”, kept acting ... weird.

As though Candace’s own avian entrances to the house weren’t weird. But at least she had the excuse of the kidnapping, the drugs, the interminable mind-blowing sex with her captor.

Oh, well. “I’m going to go get changed into some comfortable clothes,” Candace sighed.

“Me too,” her husband agreed.

“Richard,” Haley asked, “do we have any fresh batteries?”

He turned around and looked at her and ... knew what the batteries were for. “Haley, can I talk to you up in your room for a minute?”

“Sure, Richard!”

The three went upstairs, Candace into the master bedroom, Richard and Haley into hers.

“What do you want to talk about, Richard?”

“Haley ... the batteries are for ....”

“They’re for little Richard.”

“Little Richard?”


“The vibrator?”


“You named your vibrator after me?!”

“Yes. Is there anything wrong with that?”

His family was just coming apart. And he was too tired ... after taking Candace to three psychologists before the fourth one would see her; after the kidnapping of his wife by his daughter’s stalker; after the truly bizarre ransom video they had to make ... to deal with this. “There are some batteries in my bottom right desk drawer.”

“Oh, thanks, Daddy. That will perk some more life back into little Richard.”

Shaking his head, he headed into his own room.

He got his shirt and pants off and was there in his boxers and socks when his wife walked in from the bathroom in just a thong and four-inch heels. “I want SEX,” she breathed.

“Candace ... I’m not in the mood for it now. Things are just ... surreal.”

“Don’t you think I’m sexy, Richard? Don’t you think I’m ... HOT ... enough to turn men’s cocks to stone? Hot, throbbing stone?”

“To be truthful, the blonde hair sort of puts me off.”

“Oh, but you miss the point of it, darling. Fucking me is like fucking someone else now. Pretend I’m one of our slutty neighbors—that young blonde teacher, Mrs Irviner two houses up. Blonde and perky—don’t you just want to boff the HELL out of her?”

“No, I just want my wife back. I don’t want Mrs Irviner. I want—”

“Oh, you just haven’t had me yet, is all, darling. Call me Mrs Irviner, Mrs Bambi Irviner.”

“Her first name isn’t Ba—”

“It is now,” she grinned and dropped to her knees in front of him. “All those high school students!” she breathed in a voice that only a Bambi would use. “Thinking all those NASTY daydreams about me! It gets a girl HOT, you know! And I have NO PLACE to release it! My husband is just a limp-assed PUSSY! So I’m walking around, so JACKED UP and HORNY that I could just,” she yanked his boxers down, “CUUUUM at the very (slurp) TASTE of a COCK!”

“Candace don—”

“DON’T call me that!” she came off his cock and squeezed it a little hard. “THAT frigid bitch lives up the street two houses. I’M BAMBI! Bambi the cunt-dripping teacher, and I’m hot for YOU. Don’t you (slurp) want to have a little parent-teacher association of our own?”

“Candace, we—”

WHACK! She hauled off and slapped his ass while holding his scrotum firmly in her left hand in case she needed to apply stronger teaching techniques. “WHO am I?”

“This is—”

She squeezed. Just a little.

“Nnng! Bambi! You’re Bambi!”

“Mmm, (slurp) you just got an ‘A’ on THAT test, lover.”

“Bambi, look,” he hated to be hardening to his wife’s slapping his bottom and squeezing his balls—it set a bad precedent!—but his foolish cock didn’t seem to care. “Bambi, we ... uhm ...,” ohgod, she was doing that thing with her tongue that she was doing last night, and it just ... WOW!

“Yes, (slurp), Mr Gilliam? You wanted (slurp) to tell the dumb blonde teacher (slurp) something? (flick, flick, flick)”

Actually, Richard DID want to tell her that this was just too damn weird, but her flicking tongue kept scattering any thoughts that congealed in his mind. Within a minute, he was just grinning dumbly and wordlessly while his pecker took in its awesome tongue massage.

“I KNEW I could make you hard!” she breathed as she stood. Then she pushed him backwards onto his back on the bed, crawled up on top of him, mounted and began bouncing around like a girl riding a mechanical bull.

The bull underneath was having a hell of a good time.

Then Candy brought her hands back behind her head, arched her back and screamed, “OHGOD, Jack! Fuck me, Jack, fuck me silly! I am your filthy horny BITCH, Jack! OHGOD, fuck me like only you can, JACK! Ohgod, BE my DADDY, Jack! Ohgod, DADDY!”

The bull froze.

Candy finished careening through her lung-gasping orgasm, then her bouncing diminished, and she settled down on top of her frozen partner. She looked down at him. “What?”

“What?! You just screamed for ‘Jack’!”

She flicked her hand. “No, I didn’t.”

“Yes! You DID! The man that kidnapped you and raped your mind! And made our children do obscene things to ransom you! And you called out HIS name in the middle of sex!”

“Oh, baby,” she sighed as she unimpaled—God, his pelvis was so wet with her juices that it looked like she’d popped a water balloon on his erection—and brought her mouth down near his pelvis. “Oh, baby, it’s you. You know it’s ALWAYS been you.”

He was doing the “aghast” thing, all “frozen in place with revulsion” and all, so it wasn’t hard for her to get his penis into her mouth before he could escape. Once she did that, it was all over. She did the tongue and suction thing, and pretty soon, he was moaning again, hurt pride lost somewhere down in between lust and horniness.

“That’s my baby (slurp) just mouth-fuck teacher!” She did a few more things she suddenly somehow knew to do, like scratching his balls with her fingernails and a few other tongue things. “Do you like Bambi?”

“Yeah,” he whimpered.

“Do you like fucking your neighbor Bambi?”


She pulled his legs up until she got each of his ankles in an overhand grip and pushed them up until HIS heels were pointing toward the ceiling, somehow maintaining a lip-lock on his cock the whole time. “Keep them there,” she came off his prick long enough to order, then began blowing his brain cells again with oral technique.

One of his raised legs sagged until the calf touched her back.

WHAAACK! “Keep them up there!”

The lazy leg moved up as the poor prick started getting pain and pleasure mixed up with a weird lesson from the teacher.

Her left hand formed a finger-cage around his balls, and, while her lips and mouth continued to destroy his brain cells, her right forefinger danced around his anus, then slipped barely inside.

“Ohgod, don’t do that, Bambi. I don’t like that.”

WHAAACK! She slapped his ass. Then the forefinger returned to his anus.

“Don’t ... please don’t do that ....”


This time when the forefinger returned to his anus, it was able to go about its business without whining from him.

When her husband was taking her finger up his ass to the second knuckle, Candy took her mouth off his prick and grinned. “Who’s my bitch, honey?”


“Well, this dumb blonde is finger-fucking your asshole as we speak, so who’s my bitch?”

Richard just laid there, lightly moaning, ignoring the question. His cock was no longer receiving oral attention, but for some freakish reason, the finger ... back there ... was keeping it at full attention.

WHAACK! “Who’s my bitch, bitch?”

“Stop it, Bambi!”

WHAACK! “Who’s the bitch, Richard?”

He tried to wriggle his hips, but her fingers still formed a ball-cage for his testicles that kept him from moving too much. “Stop it, Candace! Don’t slap my ass!”

WHAAACK! “Jack, I’m here, slapping your ass, fingering your asshole. So I’ll repeat: Who’s my bitch, honey?” WHACK!

“Stop it, Candy!”

She returned her finger up his sphincter and began moving it even more energetically. “Who’s my bitch?”

“Stop it ... stop it ... stop it ....”

“Who’s the bitch in this family, Richard?”

She kept this up a couple minutes. He lightly protested, but didn’t really try to escape. She could tell he was softening when he stopped telling her to “stop it!” and just sort of continually moaned.

WHAACK! “Who’s my bitch, Richard?!”

I am! Okay? I’M your bitch! Just ... fuck me!”

She fingered him as a reward.

“Who’s my bitch, Richard?”

“I am,” he moaned sullenly.

WHAACK! “Who’s my bitch!”

I am!”

His breath was starting to come in pants, so she fingered him some more, up to the point just before the fireworks.

WHAACK! “Who’s your daddy, bitch?”


WHACK! “Who’s your daddy, bitch?”

“You are! You are! Unnnnggghh!”

She teased him right up until anything would take him over the top, then plunged her finger full into him. Semen shot out his pecker and made an arc over onto the bedsheets.

WHAACK! She slapped him before he even finished cumming. “On your hands and knees, bitch!”

With a sullen moan, Richard complied.

“Do you see that?! Do you see that spot on the sheets, bitch?” She pointed for the not-very-bright.

Richard nodded wordlessly.

“If you EVER do that again, trust me, Richard, I will make you LICK it up! Now,” WHAAACK! “who’s my bitch?”

“I am. I am, Candace.”

Whack! “Who’s your daddy, you fucking anal whore?”

Richard whimpered.

WHAAACK! “Who’s your daddy, you fucking anal whore?”

“You ... you are, Candace.”

WHAACK! “Don’t you forget it.” She pulled on her clothes and walked out, leaving him there naked on his hands and knees, freshly fucked ass still in the air.

* * *

Candace got halfway up the hall, and her eyes widened. “Ohgod!” she halted. What had she DONE?!

She scampered back to the bedroom and opened the door. Richard was still there on his hands and knees on the bed, face pressed to the sheets as he pondered how something like this could possibly happen.

“I am SO SORRY, honey,” Candy held her hands to her cheeks.

He looked slowly over at her.

“I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to come down all hard on your ass and everything. It’s just ... you know ... just the things that horrible Jack did to me, the things he put in my head. It’s just like me having to squawk when I come into the house now. It’s nothing more than that. And I just can’t help myself. I can’t help it.”

“Well ... my ass FEELS like it’s a whole lot more than that!”

“Oh, I know, baby. And I’ll try to go easier on your ass next time. But you just need to be more compliant so you don’t piss me off. When you do that, the things he put in my head just take over. That’s the solution right there: don’t be a disobedient bitch, and I won’t come down so hard on your ass.”

Richard just shook his head.

“Well,” she clapped and beamed, “I’m so glad we got THAT worked out. I’ll go ahead and just pull this door shut again so that you don’t horrify the kids. It could require therapy if they saw their father naked, bent over, bitch ass in the air like this. Toodles, honey.”

She stepped out and pulled the door shut.

* * *

“Mom?” Peter called as she walked by his room.

“Yes, honey?” she stepped inside.

“Are you all right?”

“You mean other than the clucking thing whenever I enter the house? Never better, sweetie.”

“I heard you and Dad. Even with your door shut. You two aren’t having a fight or anything, are you?”

“No, honey, we were just playing some sexual games.” She leaned forward and whispered, “It seems that your father really gets off on having his ass slapped.”

Peter raised his eyebrows. “Uh ... yeah. Okay.”

“Is that licorice that you’re chewing on?” her face grew concerned. “That’s not from the bag that was in here before I was abducted, then molested and made into a sex slave, is it?!”

“Yeah. You know I chew it when I get nervous. And with everything that’s happened to you, I’ve been a little nervous lately. One end of the bag is a little melted, like it may have set in the sun too long or something, but it sure hasn’t hurt its taste. If anything, this bag is especially tasty.”

Candace just whimpered.

Peter frowned. “Are you okay?”

“I, uh ....” Something else was happening inside her, something like the chicken thing, only ... sexually. She didn’t know where this was going, but she was creaming out her panties here!

Peter stepped toward her. “Are you all right?!”

Candace got control of her quivering pussy, pulled her golden blonde bangs back out of her eyes and nodded. “Yes. Yes ... sir.” Quiver. She chewed her lip to distract herself and calm her crotch back down again.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Yes, I—” She stepped back toward the door. “Would you ... would you like some pie, Peter? Cherry’s always been your favorite. Would you like some cherry pie?”

“Sure,” he shrugged. “That would be great.”

“Oh, would it?” she sighed and gazed at him.

“Yeah, sure. Are you sure that you’re—”

“Oh, yes! Yes, sir. I’ll—let me go get right on that, sir.” She disappeared out the door, leaving a confused Peter in her wake.

* * *

What the HELL was going on here?!

Richard had never before gotten turned on by getting his ass smacked. And yet, here he had just ... well, he really HAD acted like Candace’s bitch.

So what did that mean?

CANDACE was the one that had gotten kidnapped and mind-fucked.

Not him.

And not Haley.

So what was he doing getting off on a finger up his butt?!

And what was Haley doing going ga-ga over vibrators?!

It was almost like they’d ALL gotten their minds fucked up by that little asshole.

But ... that was just ... insane.

There was no time he could have done it. No place he could have done it.

It didn’t make sense that he could have gotten to them all.

But, then, it didn’t make sense that they were all acting like they were, either.

He stood up from the bed, pulled on some shorts and a t-shirt and walked over to Haley’s room.

She was sitting in bed, the cover up to her waist, and she startled when he stepped in, then lowered her knees under the covers, brought her hands out from under the sheets and blushed hotly.

“Ehr ... hi, Richard.”

“Haley, you shouldn’t call me ... Richard ....”

There was still a buzzing coming from between her legs under the cover.

It was sort of hard to ignore. Sort of like the widow giving a juicy blowjob complete with gagging sounds at her dead husband’s funeral—inappropriate and just as out of place.

“So,” she clapped, “what do you want to talk about, Richard?”

“Honey ....”

Buzz ....

“Have you noticed the family acting strangely?”

Buzz ....

“You mean like Mom squawking like a chicken every time she comes in the house? Oh, yeah. God, that’s hilarious!”

Buzz ....

“Honey, you say that Jack took your virginity?”

Buzz ....

“Oh, uhm ... yeah ... I had forgotten about that ... until ... well, you know how things ... sort of got ... out of hand ... between you and me ... darling ....”

Buzz ....

Her eyes were starting to flutter, and her hands were lightly pressing on top of the covers at her crotch.

“Honey, WHEN did he do this?”

Buzz ....

“Oh, ... it doesn’t ... matter ... does it? ... Richard?” She leaned back and raised her knees under the covers a little, still keeping her hands laying over her crotch.

Buzz ....

“Well, noone is really acting right except your brother. We all seem to be affected in strange ways—almost as though Jack didn’t just mess with your Mom’s mind, but did something to ALL of us. If I knew when you and he ... porked,”—that was strange—“I mean, had sex ... it might help me figure out when he might have had the chance to ... do whatever he did to us.”

Buzz ....

“Yeah ... that’s really nice. But, Richard,” she moved her hands under the covers to her crotch, “I’m going to have to ask you ... to either help out here, or ... give me a few minutes ... before we continue ....” Her knees came up, tenting the covers, and her pelvis slid forward.

“Honey ....”

Her eyes were closed, her head titling back as she started to pant.

Buzz ....

Not feeling right about being present at another series of his daughter’s orgasms, Richard stood and walked out, pulling the door shut behind him to give her some privacy.

* * *

Peter was sitting in bed, reading, when there was a knock on his bedroom door, and his mother’s head poked in. “Monsieur?”

“Uh, yes, ma’am?”

“If I may?” she stepped inside.

Peter’s eyes widened, and his mouth slacked open.

She stood there and posed, a golden blonde in a French maid’s outfit and four-inch heels, a freshly baked cherry pie in one hand, a saucer and fork in the other.


“Mais non, monsieur,” she pursed her lips and blinked, “I am Candy, ze delicacy of ze French domestic pastries.” Sweet smile.

“Wow ... where did you get that outfit?”

“It was the weirdest thing. I just remembered that it was in the bottom of one of my drawers. And it sure seemed ... appropriate.” She smiled. “N’est-ce pas?”

“But, uhm ... Dad got that for you?” That didn’t make sense. His parents didn’t play ... sex games. Did they?

“He must have. Before he started getting off on having his heinie smacked.” She shrugged, which—Peter swallowed—went very well with her skimpy costume. “Now he just wants to do that little blonde teacher up the street.”

“Mrs Irviner?”

“Trashy blonde teacher-slut,” she snipped, then smiled, “Now please permit this sweet French pastry to serve you a bit of the pie that she has slaved over for your enjoyment.”

She walked over in her heels, sat on the side of the bed and cut a bite of the pie with the fork, then held it toward his mouth. “Open up, sweetie.”

He noticed her hand was trembling just slightly.

She gave a little smile, suddenly nervous. “Oh, I REALLY hope you like it!”

He opened his mouth, and she moved the fork in to lay the piece of pie on his tongue.

“Mmmm,” he sighed. “This is DELICIOUS!”

“OH, yes!” she shivered.

“You ALWAYS fix the best pies, Mom!”

“OH, YES!” she sloppily cut another bite for him.

“Mmm, thank you! A pie is an excellent idea for today!”

“OHGOD, yes!” she gasped and dropped the bite off the fork and back onto the saucer.

“Here,” Peter started to reach to help, “can I—”

“No,” she sobered herself. “I—I’ll do it.” She scooped the bite up again and held it carefully toward his mouth.

He took it, sighed, shut his eyes and shook his head. “Mm-MMM!”

“OhGOD!” Candace gasped. “Please, sir, forgive me ...,” she backed up, one hand pressing at her crotch. “Please forgive me, but ... I—I have to go. I can’t—”

“It’s okay,” Peter shrugged, bewildered.

“Thank you, sir,” she bowed her head. Then she backed out of the room.

* * *

“Oh ... GAAAWWWD!” Candace shivered, then used the breadstick she was holding to mop up the juices that were leaking out her pussy. This was the fourth time she’d cum while fixing dinner. She just kept thinking how pleased Peter would be with dinner, and ... she just kept cumming. The first three times she orgasmed, she’d held the pan of spaghetti sauce underneath her pussy to catch the dribbling juices; this last time, she’d buttered Peter’s bread.

God, she couldn’t wait until he came down and tasted her. Her spaghetti and breadsticks, that is.

She was back in regular clothes now, having decided that she would only wear the maid’s outfit for Peter, in the privacy of his or her bedroom.

“Dinner is ready,” she called up the stairs.

A couple moments later, Richard wandered down and into the kitchen. “You fixed dinner,” he smiled. “What’s the special event? You getting home from your kidnapping?”

“Yeah, whatever,” she flicked her hand distractedly. “Sit. Feed.” Then she went back to watching the stairs.

A few moments later, Peter came down the stairs, and Candace met him at the kitchen door. “Come, sir. I prepared your favorite dinner. Come and enjoy!” She walked him to his chair, pulled it out for him, served him a generous helping of spaghetti, then reached for the two specially prepared breadsticks.

Gone. She eyeballed Richard. “What happened to the breadsticks that were here?”

Richard held up the one he had just taken a bite of. “Thith one an’ thith one?”

“Those are NOT for YOU!” she marched over, took the breadstick from his hand, the one from the table, then held out her cupped hand. Richard looked at the hand, then at her, and she nodded. Perplexed, Richard spit out his mouthful into the palm. “Now you remember this later when you wonder why your buttocks are so sore after sex tonight. The ones on the counter are for you and the girl.”

She walked the partially-chewed handful to the garbage can and dumped it in, then delivered the two breadsticks to Peter. He smiled and took them, then at her continued gaze, took a bite of one.

“What do you think? Sir?”

“Mmmm, quithe gooth,” he smiled around his mouthful.

“OHgod, yes!” She held onto one of the chairs to steady herself.

“Sorry I’m a couple minutes late,” Haley came into the kitchen, “I was ... in the middle of something.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Candace said without even looking at her. “Sit. Feed.”

Haley prepared a plate, then walked carefully over to the table and sat.

“What ...,” Candace looked over at her daughter for the first time after a minute, “is that buzzing?”

“Uhm ... what buzzing? I don’t hear any buzzing.”

“The buzzing. There is BUZZING coming from YOUR GROIN! What are you DOING, young lady?!”

“Oh, don’t get your panties all bunched up!” Haley scowled and snapped back at her.

“Panties ... all ... bunched up. Yes, of course, you’re right, dear. Perfectly normal for you to come to the dinner table with a sex toy stuffed inside your panties. You go right ahead and get off.” She turned back to Peter. “What do you think of the spaghetti?”

“Mmm, it’s delicious!”

“Ohgod, YES!” she gasped and had to sit down in the fourth chair to avoid losing her balance.

Haley watched this fawning over Peter with disapproval while the vibrator droned on under her shorts.

“Mmm, yes the spaghetti is excellent,” Richard agreed.

“Yeah, whatever.” Candace didn’t break her gaze as she watched Peter enjoy the food.

“Mom, do you like doggie-style?” Haley blurted.

“Oh, I adore it,” she sighed as she watched Peter eat, “Arf, arf.”

“Mom?!” Peter gasped, “What did you just say?!”

“Nothing, sir. I’m just happy watching you eat the food I worked so hard to prepare for you.”

‘Richard took note of this. “Candace, do you like doggie-style?” he asked.

She replied automatically without breaking her watch over Peter, “Oh, I adore it, Richard. Arf, arf.”

“That’s ... another trigger phrase!” He turned to Haley. “How did you know that?”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged. “Hey, Candy, do you like to take it on the face?”

“You watch your language, young lady!” she reprimanded, still gazing longingly at Peter, making him uncomfortable.

“Well, you sure looked like you were enjoying it in that videotape,” she muttered petulantly.

“Yeah, whatever. Sit. Feed,” brusquely. Then sweetly, “Can I refill your glass, sir?”

“Uh, sure, Mom. That would be nice.”

Candace took his glass to refill it.

“How did you know that was a trigger phrase, Haley?”

“I don’t know, Richard. It just seemed like an appropriate thing to say at the time.”

How could Haley have ... had a trigger phrase for Candace ... something as unusual as ‘Do you like it doggie-style?’ ... just laying in her brain ... unless that asshole Jack had somehow gotten to her ... planted it there ... like he had fucked with all of them, instead of just Candace ... trying to mock the entire family or something ....

“Does, uhm, anything else seem appropriate to say?”

Candace returned with Peter’s glass. “Here you go, sir.” She held it to him with both hands.

“Wow. I never suspected you felt that way before, Richard,” Haley mused out loud, “but I’m afraid I DO have to agree with you: your wife’s cooking IS rather insufficient.”

Candace spun around, scowling. “Did you say that about my cooking, Richard?!”

“I—No—I just—” he shook his head.

Candace pointed her finger upstairs. “Excuse us, children. Your father’s ass and my hand need to go have a discussion. Upstairs. Right now.”

“But—” Richard grimaced.

“Richard, you can walk upstairs right now. Or I can turn you over my knee right here.”

“Come see me when you’re done, Richard,” his buzzing daughter told him as he stood and began heading for the bedroom, “I’ll make you feel better.”

Candace’s hand and Richard’s ass had a lengthy discussion for the rest of the night. And, God help him, Richard got off a half dozen times.

Haley spent her evening with her little buzzing lover.

Peter broke out the ransom video to watch his mother unable to help herself some more.

* * *

Haley laid sprawled on her bed in the late morning with her lover little Richard. He was just the perfect man: attentive to her needs, he never ejaculated prematurely to leave her unfulfilled, and he was always ready to go again. Unless his batteries were dead, of course.

God, she seemed to be going through batteries, though.

“Brraaawwwww-aaww-aawwwwck!” wafted up from downstairs.

“Mom’s home,” Haley giggled. The she got out of bed, pulled on panties, a cut-off t-shirt and heels. Time to go downstairs and mock that woman’s need to be the center of attention.

She didn’t know how Richard put up with the needy bitch.

“Braw-aawww-aaawwwwck!” sounded again.

“Oh, goody!” Haley clapped her hands and hurried down the stairs. Mom was already doing repeat performances, and the day was just beginning.

“Darn, I wish I could stop doing that,” Candace shook her head as she stopped flapping her arms, then set a couple shopping bags down on the floor.

“Encores, Candy?” Haley asked with a pleasant smile.

“I had two loads of bags to carry in after going out shopping. But that’s it. Thank goodness.”

“Hey, Mom, could you step outside and see if any packages were left at the door?”

“Sure, sweetie.” She stepped back outside and looked. “No,” she stepped back in, “no—braaaawwww-aaawww-aawwwwwk!” (Flap, flap.) “Oh, Haley! That was just mean.”

“I know. I’m sorry. Could I get you to step outside and tell me what the weather’s like?”

“Sure, honey.” She stepped back out the front and gazed up the at the sky, then stepped back in. “It looks like it’s going to be sun—braaaaawww-aw-aaawwwck!”

Her daughter was in peels of laughter.

“Haley! That was just mean! That’s twice you’ve just done that! Now, don’t you DARE do it again!”

“Leave her alone, Haley,” Peter said as she stepped into the hall to see why his mother kept re-squawking. “Stop picking on her.”

“You’re right,” Haley chuckled. “Mom, could you go out and check the mail?”

“Sure, sweetie,” she turned around.

“Mom! Don’t!” Peter yelled. “The mail hasn’t gone yet. Haley’s just being mean.”

“Not gone yet? Oh. I see. Haley!”

“So, you’ve been out shopping, Candy?” Haley moved right on to the next topic before she could be chastised too much.

Candace glanced at Peter, blushing, then cast her eyes down. “Uh, yeah, a little,” she mumbled.

“Well? Let’s see ‘em!”

Candace looked at her daughter, startled, then lifted the front of her blouse up to reveal braless breasts. “Uh, maybe later, Haley.”

“Mom?!” Peter gasped.

“Hmm, what?” Then her eyes caught her nipples. “Oh! I’m sorry. I don’t know what—” She quickly pulled her blouse back down. “I—I’m not even wearing a bra! I don’t know what—”

“Hey, Mom,” Haley grinned, “let’s see ‘em!”

Candace lifted her blouse again to expose boob. “See what, Haley?”

“I knew it! Another trigger phrase!” Haley grinned.

“Stop messing with her, Haley! It’s not funny!” He glanced back at his mother, who was standing there, watching her children, blouse held high in front. “Mom, pull your shirt back down.”

“Shirt back—? Oh! Oops. Sorry.”

“So,” Haley strolled toward her mother, “what do you have in those shopping bags?”

“Nothing,” her mother picked the bags up and held them. “Just some things for me and ... Peter. And I need to go put them up now.”

* * *

Peter was in his room.

He was—

Well, he OUGHT to feel guilty.

And he did.

He just couldn’t help himself, though. On the television, his mother stood there passively, just letting that creep grope her tits. And in just a couple minutes ... she was going to take his cum on her face!

He just ... (stroke) ... to think of her like THAT was just ... (stroke, stroke) ... that she would just LET him do things to her ... (stroke, stroke) ... SEXUAL (stroke, stroke, stroke) things! ...

He tensed, ready to spew ....

His door opened, and his mother stepped in. “Sir? I fixed you some—”

“Oh ... GOD! Grrrkkkh!” He just couldn’t help it—his body finished cumming in front of her.

“Oh.” She watched a glob of semen arc over and onto the sheets. Then another arc. Then he just started gumming up his hand.

“Ohgod! I’m sorry, Mom! I just—” He covered his naked crotch with both hands, blushing furious red.

“Peter, I ... don’t know if you should be ... DOING such—”

“Mom! I—Please! Just let me clean up! And you can punish me after I’m ... presentable!”

Clean ... him up. “Yes, sir. Of course, sir.” She stepped to his desk, pulled a couple tissues out of the box, then stepped to her crimson son. “I’ll clean you up right away, sir.”

“Mom?!” She was patting the backs of his hands that were covering his crotch. Then she pulled the hands back and started dabbing and wiping his deflated penis!

“I’ll have you clean momentarily, sir.”

Peter stared in horror as his semen was cleaned off his pecker by his mother. This was REALLY FUCKING WEIRD, but ... if letting her wipe him clean got him out of trouble ...

He let her finish.

Thank God he needed another minute before he could re-harden!

“There,” she leaned back. “Is that acceptable, sir?”

“Uh ....” She was expecting him to judge the job she did. He pulled his penis to one side to “examine” half of it, then to the other side. “Uhm ... excellent job. As always.”

“Ohgod!” she shivered.

“Mom, are you okay?”

“Yes,” she sighed, eyes closed, then shook her head. “I can finish the job myself.” She traced one of the globs on the sheets down and began dabbing.

“Mom! I can get those myself!”

She looked up at him, eyes big and hurt.

“Oh ... okay.”

“Thank you, sir.”

As she dabbed at the spot, the tape in the VCR continued. “Ohgod ... baby,” Candace’s voice came, “Yes. Yes. Give it to me. Play with your fingers up my hot horny asshole.”

Candace looked up from the cum-spot she was cleaning to the TV, and her jaw slacked. “Wha—?!”

On-screen, her face grimaced in horror as Jack said something about milking an icing packet, then she watched herself drop to her knees, grasp the asshole’s penis and ... begin STROKING?!

Her eyes snapped to her son. “Peter?! Are you—?!”

Very red-faced, he covered his crotch again with his hands. He was ... starting to harden again.

“Are you MASTURBATING while watching me get ... MOLESTED?! That is ... HORRIBLE!”

Peter squirmed a minute, then tried to squirm with words. “You—you didn’t LOOK like he was ‘molesting’ you. You looked like—”

She looked at her red, fidgeting son a minute, then looked back to the TV to watch herself calmly take cum on the face.

She stepped back off the bed from where she had been cleaning cum-spots, no less. “Peter, this is just—! You are—! Peter, you will—”

Peter swallowed. “Mom, uhm ... don’t get your panties all bunched up.” He swallowed again. Would this work?

“Panties ... all bunched up,” she continued to glare at him. “Yes ... of course ... you’re right,” she broke into a neutral face, then smiled. “It’s perfectly natural for sons to whack off to bukkake tapes of their kidnapped, sexually enslaved mothers.” She nodded, having worked out that bit of logic, then dabbed up the other cum-spot, then looked up expectantly at her reprieved son. “Do you find the sheets acceptable, sir?”

“Uh ... yes. The sheets are very clean.”

She shut her eyes and sighed pleasantly. “And the tape? Is the videotape hot enough for you to whack off to, sir?”

“Uh, yeah ... the, uh, tape is ... REALLY hot.”

“Ohgod,” she muttered, then shivered.

“Uhm, Mom?”

“Yes, sir?”

He swallowed. “Let’s see ‘em.”

She lifted up the front of her shirt to bare tit and held it there.

“Oh, Mom, they’re GREAT!”

Her eyes fluttered, then she sobered enough to ask, “What are great, Peter?”

“Your tits are great, Mom.”

Shiver. “Oh, well I’m delighted you like—” She looked down and noticed them. “Oh, look. They’re exposed.” she looked back up at him shyly. “You ... really ... like them?”

“Ohgod, they’re spectacular!”

Shiver. “Thank you, sir.” She bowed her head, then stepped toward the door. “Uhm, sir,” she turned back around. She glanced at the TV, but the tape had run out, then she looked at her son. “Do you think ... that I might ... borrow ... that tape. To watch it myself some, sir?”

“Uhm ... yeah, but I’m not exactly ... done with it yet?”

“Yes, of course, sir. You masturbate to it all you want. Then, when you can part with it for a few minutes, I’d like to ... watch ... myself be a ... helpless ... sexual slave ...,” she shut her eyes and shivered several moments, “for a little while, too.” Pressing her hand at her skirt over her crotch, she bowed her head and stepped out.

Oops. Peter grabbed another tissue. He’d fired into his palm while his mother got all squishy about seeing herself helpless.

* * *

Peter rewound the tape and watched it again. Then again.

During the second viewing, his door opened (again without a knock), and he rolled his eyes as he pulled his hands out from under the covers.

He’d learned from this morning’s fiasco to have a cover ready.

But it wasn’t his mother; it was his sister.

“What are you doing, barging into my room when the door is shut?”

She ignored him, studied the TV screen and nodded knowingly. “Whacking off to Mom again, are you?”

“No!” his face turned red, “I’m studying it for clues. So that we might be able to catch that asshole Jack. YOUR ex-boyfriend, I might remind you!”

“Hmmph, no boyfriend of mine.”

They both watched the screen as their mother dropped to her knees and grasped cock.

“You’re buzzing, you know,” Peter told her to the side while Mom stroked on the screen.

“Yeah—so what of it?”

“I don’t know. It just ought to be embarrassing for you.”

“Well, it’s not.” She lifted the bedcovers on one side and slid into bed with him.

“Hey! I’m in here! This isn’t proper!”

“I’m not looking at anything,” she said as she fumbled with her hands in her panties. Then Peter felt hands grasp his cock and press a vibrating something just underneath the head.


“THAT,” Haley nodded with a smug smile, “is why I’m buzzing all the time now.”

“I, uh ... I can see why.”

She pulled the device back and fumbled in her panties under the covers again, then slid out of the bed. “Well, you continue masturbating to Mom being a slut. I’m going to go fuck with Daddy some.” With a little wave, she left.

Peter finished masturbating, then slid out from under the covers, pulled on some clothes, popped the tape out of the machine, then stepped across the hall and knocked on his parent’s bedroom door.

“Uhm ... yes, sir?” his mother’s head poked around the door.

“I, uh, brought you,” he held the tape up.

“Oh, YES! Thank you! Thank you, sir!” she took the tape and disappeared back into the bedroom as she shut the door.

* * *

Richard hurried up the hallway, then opened the door and ducked into his bedroom.

He was trying to avoid Haley, who had sat down and discussed with him that her new lover, little Richard, had everything a girl could want except ... semen. “And a girl needs her semen,” she had smiled. He had excused himself as quickly as he could and was trying to not run into her again.

“Ohgod, Richard! Look at that bitch on the screen!” Candace pointed at the television in their room. “She can’t HELP herself! She just DOING whatever he tells her to do! WHORING! And she CAN’T STOP herself!”

His wife was laid back on the bed, naked, spread, frigging.

He looked at the screen, and his wife was there, calmly taking cum shots to the face.

“She’s his BITCH, Richard! She’ll do ANY SLUTTY THING he tells her to! OhGOD, that’s hot!”

“Candace?! That’s YOU! That’s your own ransom video!”

“I KNOW! THAT’S the BEST PART! That’s ME! And I’m doing WHATEVER HE TELLS ME TO! GOD, what a WHORE I am! Because he ... (gasp) ... he CONTROLS ... (gasp) he CONTROLS ... meeeee! (wailing scream)”

When his wife quieted down, Richard shook his head. “That’s not something that should turn you on, honey.”

“Really?” she asked languidly, “You don’t approve?”

“I don’t think YOU should approve. What’s happened to you?”

“I think,” she nodded knowingly, “that somebody needs a little spanking.”

“No, I do NOT need a little spanking,” though he DID get hard at the thought, “I think we need to discuss how to break this control that bastard Jack has over you. I mean, you even scream his name during sex!”

She smiled smugly. “Oh, that REALLY turns you on, doesn’t it?”

“No! It turns me OFF!”

“Really?” she asked as she squeezed the rigidity at the front of his pants.

“Yes. Really.”

wHACK! ‘Get those pants off, you bitch!”

“Candace, we canNOT—”

* * *

Somehow ... Richard had let Candace get his clothes off. She just kept whacking his ass and scattering his thoughts and removing his clothes.

Then she somehow got him face down on the bed and kept smacking his ass. By the time he realized what was happening, she had handcuffed him in that position.

“Uh, Candace, this is starting to be not funny. Let me up.”



“CANDACE is your WIFE!” Smack! ”I am your blonde slutty neighbor, that naughty high school teacher, Mrs Irviner.”

“Candace, this isn’t—”

Whack! Whack! Whack! “You are just an OBSTINATE student, aren’t you? My name is Bambi.” She lightly stroked her hand over the reddened butt cheeks. “As a matter of fact ....” She walked to the door, opened it and walked up the hall.

“Uh ... Bambi? ... Candace? ... Don’t, uhm, leave me here ... naked ... cuffed to the bed ....” He tried to look over his shoulder to see if he could catch her. “Please?”

“Oh, there you are, Richard,” Haley walked into the room. “What are you doing in here?”

“Uhm?” Laying cuffed to my bed, bare-assed naked, in front of my horny daughter? “Uhm, please, sweetie, do you see a key to these handcuffs?”

“Richard! You’ve been messing around with that bitch again, haven’t you?”

“Please, honey ... the handcuffs?”

“SHE did this, didn’t she? That little twat!”

Richard sighed. Haley was getting a one-track mind. “What, uhm ... little twat, honey?”

“That damned blonde! With the hairless twat!”

“Uhm ... you mean, Candace?”

“Richard, you’re ass cheeks are blushing,” she said with a smile in her voice.

“Please, sweetie, the handcuff keys?”

“Richard,” she sat down next to him on the bed.

Buzz ....

“You need to choose. It’s either me or her. You can’t go on fooling around with both of us. I won’t have it.”

“Haley, don’t be ridiculous! There IS no you and me!”

“You weren’t saying that when we were filming that sex tape,” she smile smugly.

“That was to ransom YOUR MOTHER!”

“And now you’re going to have to choose. Me or her.”

“I’m sorry, Haley—her.” Richard could not believe this “choice” in the first place. What had gotten into—


“Haley! OW!”

“I said, you have to choose: it’s either me or her, Richard.”

“Haley, there IS no choice. Candace is my wife.”

“So what’s your choice?”



“OW! Cut that OUT, Haley!”

“It’s very simple, Richard. You’re going to have to pick just one of us. This trying to keep two women on the side is just not acceptable.”

“Haley! Cut this out! I married Candace! THAT’S my choice!”

WHACK! “I’m just not going to put up with your fooling around.” WHACK! “You need to decide if you want to be with me, or with her.” WHACK!

“OW! OW! OW!”

“So who’s it going to be, Richard? Her?” WWHHAACCKK! “Or me?” Light stroking of the butt cheeks.

“Ohgod,” Richard whimpered.

“Hi, Haley,” Candace stepped back into the bedroom where her daughter was sitting, buzzing, next to her naked husband.

“Candace, do you like it doggie-style?”

“Ohgod, yes, I just adore it doggie-style! Arf! Arf!”

“You see, Richard? She’s literally a bitch. So who’s it going to be?”

“Who’s it going to be for what?” Candace asked.

“I’m making Richard choose whether he’s going to stay with you or with me.”

Candace frowned. “I don’t understand. He’s going to be staying with both of us—at least as long as you living at home.”

“Yeah, but he can’t go on boffing both of us. It’s just not right.”

“Richard’s not boffing you.”

“Could somebody please unlock the handcuffs?” Richard was thinking he needed to get his bare ass out of sight before either woman got the idea to spank him again.

“He’s done everything but! Do you want to see?”

Candace crossed her arms and looked at her husband skeptically. “Yes ... I think I WOULD like to see.”

Haley buzzed out of the room.

“It was to SAVE you, honey,” Richard explained. “It’s what we HAD to do to get you back from your kidnappers.”

“We’ll see,” she tapped her foot.

Haley reappeared, carrying a videocassette.

“Haley,” Richard struggled, “What is that?!”

“I made a copy of our tape, Richard. For me. So that I could remember our time together, darling.”


She popped the tape in the VCR, then one woman sat on either side of his bared ass.

Richard was thinking he was in an awfully vulnerable position right about then.

“Oh, I made a date for us,” Candace said before the tape began playing. “We’re going to have dinner tonight with that sexy slut Mrs Irviner.”


“Yeah,” Candace nodded. “Then you can pick between me and her.”

“Well, I’m going too,” Haley declared. “And it can be a three-way. A three-way choice for our naughty little Richard here.” WHACK!

“That sounds good,” Candace nodded. WHACK!

* * *

Barbara Irviner opened the door to three smiling faces. “Uh, hi, Mr and Mrs Gilliam. Haley. Uh, come in.”

Richard and Haley stepped inside. Candace put her thumbs at her armpits and, “Brawww-aaawww-awk!", stepped inside as well.

Richard took note that it seemed his wife clucked for all entrances, and not just their own.

“Uh ...,” Barbara looked at her bizarre guests, “... all right.”

“Can you cook?” Candace asked her hostess pointedly.

“Uhm, excuse me?”

“Can you cook? Because I make the best pies in the world—just ask Peter.”

“Your son Peter?”

“Mm-hmm,” Candace crossed her arms smugly.

“Uhm, I’m sure you are an excellent chef, Mrs Gilliam. I did fix some salad and breadsticks since you invited yourself and Mr Gilliam over for dinner. And your daughter too, it seems.”

“Hmmph! Salad and breadsticks,” Candace sneered.

“Uh, right. Would you three ... like to have a seat?”

The foursome walked over and sat on the living room furniture.

“Candace,” Haley asked, “do you like it doggie-style?”

“Ohgod, yes,” she flicked her hand. “I ADORE it doggie-style. Arf. Arf.”

Barbara stared at the mother. “Do you ... talk like that in front of your children, Mrs Gilliam?”

“I’m sorry? Talk like what?”

“About ... lewd ... sexual positions?”

“Oh, my goodness, no!”

“Uhm, if I can explain a little,” Richard interrupted. “Things are just ... really weird for us right now. Candace was just kidnapped last week.”

“Kidnapped?!” Barbara looked at the other woman.

“Mm-hmm,” she nodded perkily.

“We, uhm, know who it was. It was the young psychopath that ... stalked our little Haley just last year.”

“Haley, you had a STALKER?!”

“Mm-hmm,” Haley nodded perkilly.

“It was Jack Stanzer.”

A tall sandy-haired man walked into the room then. “Hi, honey. When are—oh, it looks like the Gilliams are already here. Hi. I’m Barbara’s husband, Gary. Glad to meet you all.” He stuck a hand out to shake with Richard.

“Don’t you think eunuchs should keep their heads up their asses?” Richard found himself blurting before he could take the man’s hand.

“Yeah, you’ve got a point there,” Gary shook his pointed finger at Richard and yawned. “Honey, I’m going to go (yawn) curl up in the coat closet and (yawn) take a nap. I can’t hardly (yawn) keep my eyes open all of a sudden.”

“Uh, sure ... sweetie. Don’t you think the bed would be more comfortable, though?”

“Naaww (yawn), I’m too tired to make it upstairs. I’ll just (yawn) curl up in my spot in the closet.”

Mrs Irviner shook her head at her husband’s strange behavior.

“Jack Stanzer,” Richard prompted a return to their conversation.

“Oh,” Barbara nodded knowingly. “Yes, I knew Jack when he came through the high school. He was ... trouble. No doubt about that.”

“Well, he’s ... I don’t know. First of all, he sent Candace back ... changed.”

“Changed? How?”

“Hey, Candy,” Haley called around her father, “let’s see ‘em.”

Candace lifted the front of her blouse up to expose her naked breasts. “I haven’t really noticed any changes. Other than the clucking like a chicken thing when I enter homes now. I just ... can’t help that.”

“Uh,” Mrs irviner gestured nervously, “you can cover your breasts now.”

“My ... breasts?” Candace looked down and saw that she was baring, then blushed and pulled down her blouse. “I, uh, I don’t know how that happened. Forgive me.”

“That ... is what I mean by ‘changed’.”

“What? You think he ... brainwashed her?”

“I am wondering.”

“But that’s ... in the realm of science fiction. I mean ... nobody really ....”

“Hey, Candy,” Haley called, “let’s see ‘em.”

Candace raised the front of her blouse again and sat there, smiling sweetly, breasts exposed.

“You can, uh, lower your blouse, honey,” Richard told her.

“Lower my—oops.” She blushed anew and re-covered herself. “Sorry. Again.”

“You can, uh, see that she’s acting a little oddly.”

“Yes. I can see that,” Mrs Irviner agreed, wondering if she should call the police and get these three people out of her house.

“Then there’s my daughter.”

Ms Irviner looked at Haley.

“Have you noticed a buzzing since we stepped in.”

“Yes ....”

“That,” Richard nodded, “is my daughter.”

“Actually,” Haley corrected him, “it’s little Richard.”

“Little Richard?”

“My vibrator.”

“Your, uh, vibrator?”

“He’s the PERFECT man. Except for the semen, of course.”

“The semen?”

“Well, you know. He doesn’t produce any.” she smiled.

“Haley ... vibrators don’t NORMALLY produce any semen.”

“I know. But other than that, they’re PERFECT! Why the HELL didn’t you teach us about these things when we were at school?!”

“Okay. This is a very strange practical joke, but I am going to have to ask you three to leave. And I really don’t think that it’s appropriate to involve your daughter in a joke this lewd. Or me.”

“Mrs Irviner,” Richard shook his head, “the sad part is that this is no joke.”

“Well ... I’m still going to have to ask you all to leave.”

“Yes, of course.” Richard stood. “Do you have any idea where we could ... get some help?”

“If this really isn’t a joke, you might try Jack Stanzer. If he is able to ... brainwash ... these women like this, he’s somehow found some technique rather further than what science today is aware of. I know he’s a psychopath, but he may be you only way to cure this.”

“Jack ... Stanzer ....”

“That’s on the freak chance that this is NOT a joke. Now, please, all of you: leave.”

“Well, thank you for your help,” Candace smiled, and Mrs Irviner walked the other three to her front door.

“Mrs Irviner,” Haley turned and asked at the door, “do you like it up the butt?”

“Ohgod! I ADORE anal sex! Just ask me to bend over and TOUCH MY TOES!”

“I’m sorry, Mrs Irviner,” Richard frowned. “Did you just give a smartass answer to Haley’s question?”

“I’m sorry—what question?”

This was weird. Richard looked directly at the blonde high school teacher. “Mrs Irviner ... do you like it up the butt.”

“Ohgod!” she grinned and bounced her head, “I ADORE anal sex! Just ask me to BEND OVER and TOUCH MY TOES!”

“Hey, Mrs Irviner!” Haley said loudly, “Why don’t you bend over and touch your toes!”

The teacher turned around to face away from them. bent over, lifted her short skirt up in back, slid her panties down to her ankles and held that position. “So as I said,” she called from a foot away from the floor, “I’m going to have to ask you three to leave. You are just too weird for me.”

“Mrs Irviner ... uh ... are you aware that you’re ... exposing your ass?”

“And the back of her pussy, Richard,” Haley added.

“Exposing my—oh, my!” The teacher stood back up and turned around to face them, taking tiny steps because her panties were still around her ankles. “Oh, my! Whyever in the world did I do THAT?!”

“Did you ... have Jack Stanzer for any classes, Ms Irviner?”

“Yes, but I’ve ... never ... bent over and bared my ass for anyone like that before!”

“But you DO like anal sex, do you, Ms Irviner?” Candace inquired.

“Oh GAWD, yes! Nothing makes your eyes roll back in your head like an ANAL ORGASM!” she grinned and nodded. Then, her smile faded. “I mean ... I mean NO! I’ve never HAD anal sex! I would never WANT to!”

“I think we should ... ehr, sit down and talk a little further.”

They stepped back to the living room, Mrs Irviner doing a little shuffle with the panties still around her ankles.

“It seems that Jack Stanzer has ... somehow gotten to you too, Ms Irviner.”

* * *

“What ... what do you MEAN?” You could tell the woman was slightly frightened. “Gotten to me too?”

Haley stuck her hands down the front of her skirt while Richard replied. “You seem to be espousing joys of anal sex that you wouldn’t normally feel.”

“No! Of course not! I would NEVER have anal sex!”

“But you DO like anal sex, don’t you Mrs Irviner?” Haley asked with a smile.

“Oh GAWD, yes! Nothing makes your eyes roll back in your head like an ANAL ORGASM!” She nodded, then the smile faded and she scowled. “Why the HELL do I keep saying that?!”

“Because of Jack Stanzer, I’m afraid,” Richard sighed.

Haley pulled her vibrator out of her panties, turned it off, and held it up where Ms Irviner could see.

“But ... I just,” she saw the girl holding up the fake cock, then looked back at Richard. “I just had him in one class, that’s,” her gaze had drifted back to the still vibrator, and she pulled them back to Richard. “That’s, uhm, too short a period to ...,” her eyes drifted back to the rubber cock and she stalled a moment before pulling her eyes back to Richard, “too, uh, short a time to, uhm ... to, uh ... ohgod, give me that!” Mrs Irviner took the phallus-shaped vibrator from Haley and began running her tongue up and down the sides. “MMMM!” she sighed. God, it felt good to have a cock in her mouth! After vigorous licking, she calmed down and just kept the head inside her mouth.

“Mrs Irviner?”


“Have you seen Jack in any recent months?”

“Hmm-mm.” The bottom of the fake cock was still protruding from her lips.

“When was the last time you saw him?”

“Mmm, thath woulth ve thoo yearth ago, when he wath in my clath.”

Jack tried to put the pieces he had of the puzzle together as best he could: Okay, so the last time she remembered seeing Jack was over a year ago. Could he have left post-hypnotics inside her that long? You would thing they would erode away over time.

“Hey, Mrs Irviner, bend over and touch your toes,” Haley giggled.

The teacher stood, shuffled around and bent over, then lifted her skirt. Since she had the vibrator in hand, she reached around behind herself and inserted it ... up her ass.

“No! Don’t put it up THERE!” Haley squawked. “That’s MY little Richard! You’re RUINING him!”

Richard took note that the vibrator sank in a good two or three inches. He didn’t think the teacher’s sphincter would expand to that diameter unless she practiced anal sex on a regular basis. So maybe Jack DID get to her a couple years ago.

“Mrs Irviner,” Candace smiled, “what do you think of erections in your classroom?”

“Oh ... my ... GOD!” the teacher shivered from her bent-over position. “All those high school students!” she breathed. “Thinking all those NASTY daydreams about me! It gets a girl HOT, you know! And I have NO PLACE to release it! My husband is just a limp-assed PUSSY! Curling up for naps in the closet. So I’m walking around, so JACKED UP and HORNY that I could just,” she stroked her ass with the vibrator, “CUUUUM at the very (slurp) TASTE of a COCK!”

Candace nodded smugly.

“Haley,” Ms Irviner smirked from her bent-over position, “who’s your daddy?”

Haley’s eyes grew wide, and she looked over at Richard with lust in her eyes. “Ohgod, RICHARD’S my daddy!” she said as she peeled out of her t-shirt bralessly. “And I am Richard’s bitch!” she said as she slid her tiny skirt off pantilessly. Then she stepped around in her high heels, got down on all fours, pressed her face to the floor and wriggled her ass in the air. “Ohgod, Richard!” she gasped, “I don’t care if you DO fuck other women! Just ... DO ME! DO me now!”

Mrs Irviner looked around the other shin to Richard’s wife then. “Candace ... won’t you be our little candy cane?” she asked as she stroked her own ass with the vibrator.

“Ohgod, Richard,” Candace sank to her knees on the floor and pressed her face at her husband’s crotch. “Let me ... mmmmm ... mouth-fuck you!”

Richard took note that Mrs Irviner was belting out cues for his recently treated wife and daughter. What did this mean? Had Jack been planning all this for two years?! Was he controlling ALL of them?! How could that be?!

Then Mrs Irviner looked up between her legs at Richard. “Richard, please! Boff me silly!”

Richard’s logical deductions stalled then, as he stood up and ... boffed the pretty blonde schoolteacher silly.

* * *

The foursome continued into the wee hours, urging each other on with trigger phrases they hardly knew they knew.

Candace left at about midnight, walking back home alone while her husband and daughter stayed behind for some more wild sex. Richard and Haley didn’t leave until about 3:00 in the morning, with the Bimbo Bambi Irviner begging to get “boffed up the butt again” while her husband snored in the coat closet.

When Candace home, she dressed in one of the lingerie costumes she had purchased this morning—the one that looked like a bride’s costume. Then, feeling sexy, she went to bed.

While the rest of the family was out, Peter had had this really wild dream that he had just gotten home from church. Where he had wed. His mother. Haley had whined—and buzzed—a lot that he should be marrying her instead of the needy attention-hungry twat, and his father had just sat in the corner, smiling and nodding.

He had carried Candace back to her bedroom when they got home and they were now getting ready to ... well, do the thing that newlyweds do ....

He realized he was having a dream and tried not to get too excited, to not jar himself awake, but when she sank down onto her knees ... and leaned in toward his crotch ... to suck ....

Well, he found himself awake. A shame too—that had been an interesting dream.

Only thing, though, was that he wasn’t laying down. He was upright in the dark. Had he been ... sleepwalking or something?!

He reached for the lamp, felt something tugging at his penis, but managed to turn on the lamp anyway.

And ...

Oh, boy ...

His mother was on her belly on the bed, her pelvis at the edge, her legs spread wide. Wearing a bridal veil. He was kneeling between her legs. His erection sunk to the hilt inside her.

How the HELL had THIS happened?!

“Young man, what are you doing shoved up inside my pussy?”

Oh ... grrrrrkkkkh! Grabbing each of his mother’s hips, Peter tensed as his cock unloaded inside her. He knew he would probably feel a little guilty later about it later somehow, but for right now ... oh, man!

When he was done, Peter pulled out and collapsed on the bed beside her.

“Jack didn’t take me,” Candace said quietly as she laid on her belly, full of contentment, full of cum.


“He just borrowed me.”

“I ... guess.”

“And he returned me ... changed.”

Boy, HAD he!

“Like something out of one of your father’s blue movies.”

“Blue movies?”



“I guess that makes me ‘something borrowed, something blue’!” she giggled.

* * *

Richard was sitting in the dark in Jack’s living room.

How did he know where to find Jack? Same way he knew how to get Mrs Irviner to bend over and take it up the ass—he had no idea how he knew, he just knew.

This little ... punk ... had harassed his daughter; had kidnapped his wife; had drugged and brainwashed his wife; had planted post-hypnotic commands in his daughter’s mind; had somehow planted posthypnotic command in Richard’s OWN mind; had somehow covertly trained Mrs Irviner to bend over for anal sex uppon utterance of a trigger phrase.

Well ... it stopped here. That was the last time someone was going to stick their finger up his butt and make him cum. Or make him do his daughter.

Richard cradled the gun in his hand. It had started off cool to the touch when Richard took his seat in this chair, but he had been here long enough that the gun was body temperature now.

Richard meant business. No more fingers up the butt!

His only hope ... the only thing he prayed ... was that he could still pull the trigger, that there wasn’t some posthypnotic that would cause him to sieze up, to stand there dumbly while the little prick walked up smirking and took the gun from his hand.

The only way to find out, he guessed, was to try it.

Another thirty minutes of waiting. Then forty-five.

Then ... he heard the front door unlocking. Opening. Footsteps as someone walked forward in the dark. Flicking the light switch.

Jack’s back was to him.

“One word,” Richard said, gun trained on the other man, “and I put you down. Think very carefully before you speak. Now turn around.”

Jack turned around, slowly, hands held submissively and benignly out from his sides. But with a huge grin. “Mr Gilliam—are you back, then?”

“Excuse me?”

“Are you back now? I couldn’t believe you ... would throw it all away like that.”

Richard kept the gun pointed. “Throw what away?”

“Man, everything you had. You had it ALL!”

Was this a trick? “I ... don’t understand.”

Jack lowered his hands. “You’re not, are you? You’re not back. You still don’t remember?”

Richard gestured with the gun. “Hands back up. And don’t blurt anything, or I put a piece of lead in your chest.”

Jack moved his hands back out to the sides. “Not a problem.”

“What ... did I throw away?”

“Man, you are my IDOL! You are, like, the brain-controlling guru of the world!”

Richard scowled. This was nonsense, gibberish. Was this leading to a trick?

“Man, I was hoping you were back. I mean, it’s been fun fucking with your wife and giving a poke to Haley on the side now and then, but I was hoping THE MASTER was back! To let the mind-control times roll!”

“You ... are saying ... that I did all this?”

“You were GREAT!” Jack grinned hugely. “I aspire to BE you!”

“But ... YOU’RE the one that kidnapped my wife.”

“Naw, I’m just your daughter’s boyfriend. Or at least that’s what I think I am. You could have told me I was your Aunt Nelly, and I would believe you. But I THINK I really am your daughter’s boyfriend. And one night you were showing off the things you could make her do. And your wife too. They just ... PERFORMED ... for you when you said triggers for things you’ve installed in their heads.

“Man, you’ve HAD your daughter. You’ve had ALL your wife’s sisters. You’ve had YOUR sister and your MOTHER. You’ve had your SECRETARY. And HER sister. You had Peter’s GIRLFRIEND. And both HER sisters. You’ve had every woman on this block that’s worth having. And most of their sisters. And a few of their daughters.

“You’ve done it all.

“You had the bitches licking your feet. You had the kind of life guys would kill for. But then a month ago, you start bemoaning about there being no challenges in life anymore.”

Richard kept the gun trained on the boy. “And yet I remember nothing of this. Why did—”

“Oh, man, I TOLD you something like this would happen. You got to whining how nothing was a challenge anymore and how you yearned for the old days when there was risk, when every outcome wasn’t assured.

“Simple existential crisis, I told you. But, no, you had to go come up with this scheme to get back to the days when ‘things were worth working for.’

“You set up a brainwashing program to run on yourself. You told me about it. Then ... you did it. You erased any memory of you ever porking your daughter, or having your wife lick the asshole of one of your mistresses. You wiped out every trace of the neighborhood nudity parties you used to hold, when every babe on the block stopped by and stripped while their husbands just fell asleep in the coat room.

“Man, I’ll never understand why you wanted to leave all that.”

“You are ... insane,” Richard whispered.

“No, I’m not. And you said, if I ever needed to convince you, if some emergecny came up and something got screwed up and you couldn’t remember, and I needed to remind you, you said to tell you to call your sister. And your niece.”

The boy was just buying time, Richard was sure. There was no way the story could be true. There’s no way ANYONE would give up power like that. Life would NEVER become that boring, that you would walk away from being able to boff anyone you felt like. Like Mrs Irvine. Or Mrs Friedelman, the redhead down the street.

“Call them,” Jack rolled his eyes. “You’ll see.”

“I ... have no phone.”

Jack sighed. “Use mine. Here—easy, easy—I’m just reaching to get my phone. See? Just my cell phone. Here,” he stepped forward and held it out. “Call and see if I’m not telling the truth.”

Richard took the phone.

And swallowed.

He was the man that had been offered the gamble of a lifetime. Roll the dice, open the box, see what’s behind door number two. And he would either become a god living among men, or be sentenced to enslavement and humiliation at the hands of this boy for the rest of his life.

“How ...,” he retrained the gun on the boy, “exactly did I accomplish all this that you claim I did?”

“Well, I don’t know exactly, or I’d do it myself. But you discovered something about subliminals, something important about they’re timing. ‘Progressive assimilation,’ you called it. You wrote a program to apply it to people. Then you used the program on a computer hacker and forced him to write a virus to carry it. To any machine that you wanted. And in today’s society, noone is too far from a machine. You said something one time that made me even think that you could infect the little digital clock readouts on microwaves and ovens and car stereos. Then any time you wanted to part a bitch’s nether lips and stick you shaft up her puss, you just sent the virus to her IP and twenty-four hours later, she just couldn’t help herself.”

“I was .. pretty clever, was I?”

“You were my IDOL!”

Richard kept the gun trained while he thought. He could dial. And the other end might be his sister and niece ready to say something to convince him of this insane but “too good to give up” story. Or ... there might be a recording at the other end with a trigger phrase. In that case, Richard might find himself hanging up the phone, putting the gun to his head and blowing out his own brains.

So ... what to do ... ?

Richard began dialing.

* * *

“Yeah, Frank?” Richard held the gun on Jack while he spoke, “I just realized that I hadn’t come into work a single day this last week.”

“No, you didn’t, Richard.”

“And it occurs to me that I didn’t even bother to call in to let you know.”

“No, you didn’t, Richard.”

“Well ... how do you feel about that, Frank?”

Richard had decided that if he were clever enough to do all the things that Jack claimed he had, he could put that cleverness to use to avoid a trap. So he had asked himself if anything had been amiss in the last week—other than everything else that had been amiss the last week. And ... he couldn’t remember ... calling his boss to tell him that he would be taking off.

So ... he made this safer phone call before calling his sister.

And this was the moment of truth ....

“Hey, Richard ... you’re the man! Anyone else, I wouldn’t put up with this shit. But you ... well, who would little Suzie suck off every morning if you weren’t here?”

“Yeah,” Richard chuckled, “just who would little Suzie suck off?”

“That’s what I mean!”

“I may be in tomorrow, Frank. Or maybe not.”

“Hey, it’s whatever you feel like, Richard. Be seeing ya.”


The dice were looking good ... so far ....

“You passed one test, Jack,” Richard said as he dialed his sister’s house. “Let’s see how you do on the next one.”

“McClellan residence.”

“Cheryl, is that you?”


“How are you doing, little sister?”

“Oooh ... GOD!” There was muffled grunting and screams on the other end for a few moments, then Cheryl came back on the line with a sigh. “Ohgod, DICK! WHY haven’t you STUFFED me lately? I have been SO horny! Did you hear that a minute ago? That was me cumming like a stampeding elephant, just from hearing your voice, darling!”

“Cheryl, put Robin on the phone.”

“Robin!” he heard his sister call. “It’s Uncle DICK!”

“Uncle DICK!” his neice enthused when she got on. “Mom and I have been diddling each other, just waiting for you to come and plug us both silly! But you never came! It’s been ... weeks!”

“Well, you should just suck off some of your college professors, honey.”

“Ohgod, Uncle Dick, I’ve been trying, but NOBODY makes me cum like you!”

“Well, I’m in the middle of something. I need to go now.”

“WAIT! When are you going to come fuck Mom and me?!”

“Yes!” Cheryl’s voice wafted across the phone from the background. “When are you going to let me SPREAD for you again, DICK?!”

“Soon, honey. I’ll give you a call.”

Richard looked at the boy that had kidnapped his wife. And revealed a story too bizarre to believe. “Well, you passed test number two, Jack,” Richard said. “Now I need to consider what you’ve said. So how do I keep you busy while I contemplate?”

“I’ll just stay right here and wait for you.”

“No, I don’t trust you that much yet. Why don’t ... why don’t you keep yourself busy with thinking about Haley doing you?”

“Oh, MAN!” Jack whined as he lowered his pants. “You didn’t have to go and do that!” He got down on hands and knees, then reached behind to stick a finger up his ass. “I was going to stay here and be good!”

Richard raised an eyebrow. “Well ... I guess now that’s guaranteed.” He stood and walked out, closing the front door behind him to give the boy some privacy.

* * *

Could he be?

Richard took another sip of coffee as he sat in his easy-chair and pondered.

Could he be that diabolical?

He tried a nefarious laugh. No, it should be deeper than that. He tried again.

Not bad.

Especially not if it got him this much pussy.

“Candy?” he called.

A minute later, his wife jiggled in naked, leading another woman. He’d told his wife to call her sister Darlene and tell her to come over. And if Darlene were busy, Richard told his wife to tell her that there would be jungle juice on the menu tonight. Darlene had been busy. But at the mention of the jungle juice, she dropped everything and came right over, pre-jucied. Now here she was, giggling around naked behind his wife.

“Come have a seat, Darlene. Over here, on my cock.”

With a giggle, his sister-in-law flounced over and moaned as she impaled her pretty little pussy on his manhood.

Jack—and Richard needed to remember to release that boy before he rubbed his own asshole sore—had said that he couldn’t understand how anyone could give up what Richard had. But Richard hadn’t given it up.

He just made himself forget about it so he could discover it all over again. Even more heady than HAVING such awesome power over people, was the realization that you suddenly DID have such power.

His sister-in-law started whimpering as she came in heaves of lust with his prick buried in her.