The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: MissingGreen


Email Status: Valid as of October 2017

Story Codes Added
Alpha mc mf fd hm 16 Dec 2017
Comfortable mc ff ds 09 Dec 2017
Eight Hundred Nerve Endings mc ma ex md 04 Nov 2017
Invasion of the Wynford Wives mc mf ff fd ds 18 Nov 2017
Lost Weekend mc mf 28 Oct 2017
A Mantra for Mistress Cybelle mc fd ma 07 Oct 2017
Rapacious (MissingGreen) mc mf fd 18 Nov 2017
The Secret of Planet P’Leh mc mf fd sf 14 Oct 2017
Smarterwatch mc ma 09 Dec 2017
Thinking of Nothing mc ma fd ds 10 Feb 2018
The Wynford Wives mc ff ds 21 Oct 2017