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This is a story for adults. It is fantasy fiction and any resemblance to real people or fact is purely coincidental.

Au Pair

by Hypno Sister

Part One: Sophia Takes Charge

James and Paula Benson were a well off couple with a four bedroom house set in its own grounds in rural Surrey. James was a successful accountant with his own firm in the city while Paula was a computer analyst for a major retail company. They had a happy married life and were largely content and without problems.

Paula had taken a few days off to welcome her new au pair and help her settle in. She had not had a servant or au pair before and she was somewhat nervous as she waited for the young woman to arrive. The expected arrival was a twenty year old Italian woman named Sophia who spoke good English and had experience as a maid in Italy. The letter of recommendation from Countess Gina Ferrari, her previous employer, was fulsome in its praise of Sophia’s attributes. Paula was sure that having Sophia in the house would change her life. She had no idea just how much.

Hearing the taxi pull up in her driveway, Paula went to the door to meet Sophia. She did not really know what she expected to see but it was certainly not a five foot eleven raven haired beauty with a stunning figure and the most alluring green eyes she had ever seen. Pulling herself together Paula extended her hand and greeted Sophia.

“Welcome to England. I am Paula Benson.”

“Thank you madam. I am so pleased to meet you” replied Sophia.

Paula was taken aback yet again by the voice which was as soft as velvet and caressed the ears. Honey was not so sweet to the tongue as Sophia’s voice to the ear. She was brought down to earth by the sound of the taxi driver asking for seven pounds fifty. Paula gave him ten pounds and turned to find Sophia had gone into the house but had left her two cases out side on the doorstep. Paula shrugged mentally and toted the bags into the hallway.

“Oh madam, I am sorry. I thought the driver would bring them in. Let me take them please.” She moved close to Paula who found herself enveloped by an overwhelmingly sensuous perfume emanating from the exotic Italian. As Sophia took the handles of her luggage her hands seemed to stroke Paula’s sending a tingle up her arm. A tingle which made its way through her body straight to her pussy. ’ My god’ thought Paula, ‘what is happening to me?’.

“Follow me and I will take you to your room” said Paula trying to ignore the dampness which was affecting her groin.

“Thank you madam” purred Sophia, flashing her emerald orbs at the already disturbed older woman. The au pair followed her employer up the stairs.

“This will be your room Sophia” announced Paula. “It has its own bathroom and toilet so you can have your privacy. I will leave you now to settle in and clean up after your trip. Perhaps you could join me in the lounge in an hour and I will show you around the house.”

“It is a lovely room madam. Quite the best I have ever had. Thank you so much.” She leaned down and kissed Paula on the cheek. Once again the perfume penetrated her senses and left Paula confused about her reaction to the sensuous woman. She beat a hasty retreat.

Sophia watched as the door closed behind Paula while her mind was analysing the woman she had just met. Blonde, elegant, good figure with nice but unexceptional breasts, firm enough body for a thirty two year old, obviously intelligent but with a mind that was clearly vulnerable to sexual influences. Sophia recognised a woman who was ripe for sexual domination and slavery and would be easy to entrance. Sophia suddenly realised she had neglected to ask about the husband. She would do that as soon as she joined Paula downstairs. She did not want him turning up at a crucial moment in her induction of Paula.

An hour later Sophia entered the lounge where Paula was reading a magazine. Looking up Paula saw a vision that instantly captured her undivided attention. Sophia was wearing a leopard skin patterned body suit that clung to her body and left no doubt that it was one of the most stunning bodies anyone was likely to see.

Her dark hair was tied up in a bun which made her look even taller, which was already very tall indeed given that she was wearing four inch heels.

“Are you ready for me madam?” asked Sophia archly as she towered over the seated Paula.

Paula stood up to find herself looking into a cleavage as deep as the Grand Canyon.

“When will I meet your husband madam” asked Sophia maintaining her physical closeness to Paula.

“He is away for a few days but will be back at the weekend” replied Paula dragging her eyes away from Sophia’s huge breasts to meet the young woman’s eyes. That was a mistake.

“You look tired madam. You have been working too hard perhaps. You should relax more. Now I am here you will be able to relax.” said Sophia in that velvet tone that Paula had noted before.

Paula was totally captivated by the bright green eyes and found she did not want to look away. “Yes Sophia, I should relax more.”

“And I can help you to relax?”

“Yes, you can help me relax”

“That is why I am here Paula” said Sophia, using the older woman’s first name for the first time. “You can relax so easily when you look into my eyes and listen to my voice .... it is so easy to relax ...... you want to relax ..... my eyes hold the secret of relaxation ..... look deeply into my eyes and you will discover the secret .... as you go deeper into my eyes you will be more aware of my voice which is also helping you to relax ...... looking and listening .... more and more relaxed ...... unable to keep your eyes open .... you must try to keep them open to be able to find the secret in my eyes .... it is getting harder and harder to keep them open but it does not matter now because you have found the secret ..... the secret is to listen to my voice .... now you know the secret you can close your eyes and drift deeper into relaxation. You can sit down now Paula”

Paula felt as if she was floating on a cloud. This wonderful woman had come into her life little more than an hour before and already she had allowed her to relax to a level that she had not previously dreamt was possible. She was an intelligent, professional career woman who was used to being in charge but somehow this beautiful young woman had assumed control without apparent effort. Of greatest surprise to Paula was the fact that she had not the slightest inclination to resist this control, rather she welcomed it.

“As you listen to my voice you are drifting deeper and deeper into a relaxed state Paula ...... you enjoy the feeling of the deep relaxation and you want nothing more than to go even deeper ...... I can help you go deeper Paula but you must trust me completely ....... trust me and obey me ..... trust and obey. Do you trust me Paula?”

Paula had no doubt that she trusted Sophia and nodded her head.

“Say it Paula” ordered Sophia. “Say you trust me and will obey me”

“I trust you and will obey you Sophia”

“It brings me pleasure to hear that Paula and I will ensure you will experience levels of pleasure that you have not previously thought possible. Sexual satisfaction beyond belief will be yours as long as you trust me and obey me. You desire my body. You will have no compunction about bringing me pleasure with your mouth and hands and will present your body to me whenever I wish it. Your Lesbian desires will only be directed to me and any woman I order you to want. All other women you will treat as if you are heterosexual. You will continue to love your husband but your relationship with him will change in accordance with my instructions. You will never question the new relationship. Do you understand my instructions Paula?”

“Yes Sophia”

“You will obey these instructions”

“Yes Sophia”

“Whenever you hear me say the phrase ‘Sleep for Sophia’ you will immediately return to the state of relaxation you are enjoying now. Each time you return to this state of relaxation you will go even deeper. Each time deeper and deeper. It is time to leave the state of relaxation now but you will not resist because you know that I can help you return to that state if you trust me and obey me. You will obey me.” Paula felt so secure to have Sophia in control. She knew that this would bring her pleasure beyond belief. She worshipped Sophia.

“Wide awake and refreshed now Paula. Time for us to tour the house.”

Paula opened her eyes and studied the beautiful young woman who stood before her, statuesque and so sexy. Sophia stretched out her hand and raised Paula to her feet. Putting her arm around Paula’s waist Sophia said quietly: “Let us get to know each other better as I get to know the house” Paula almost swooned as the other woman’s perfume engulfed her. Looking up into Sophia’s face, Paula whispered “I want to make love to you so badly I am soaking my panties”

“That is how it should be my sweet” smiled Sophia “but you must learn restraint because the longer you wait the greater will be the bliss you receive when I grant you permission to enjoy my body”

Paula moaned softly but accepted Sophia’s instructions. Sophia must be obeyed. As they toured the house, Sophia was constantly caressing Paula’s firm ass cheeks or softly kissing her employer on the ear and neck which, as intended, raised Paula’s passions to fever pitch. By the time the two women reached the master bedroom Paula was insane with the desire for sexual release. Sophia was well aware of the effect she was having and indeed was using the arousal to more firmly establish her control over Paula and instill in her the rampant lesbian needs she desired in the older woman.

Sophia took Paula into her arms and kissed her possessively on the mouth. The Italian woman’s tongue forced its way into the submissive English mouth and turned Paula’s legs to jelly as the passion overcame her. Sophia released the trembling Paula and stood back from her. “Show me your body Paula” she commanded. A wave of pleasure washed over Paula as she obeyed the Italian temptress. Never in her life had she experienced such a degree of sexual excitement. The juices were running from her throbbing pussy and her panties were sodden as she removed them and cast them aside. Naked, she stood before the woman who in so short a time had changed her from a rational thinking woman in control of her life and her emotions into a sex obsessed bimbo. She exhibited her body so as to inflame the other woman by parting her legs slightly and placing her hands behind her head to accentuate the thrust of her breasts.

“Does my body please you Sophia?” she asked archly.

“Yes, your body pleases me Paula.” replied Sophia with a smile at the way the normally reserved woman was flaunting her body to tempt her. “You have earned my pleasure and you may now undress me and worship the body that you so desire.”

With a little whimper of delight Paula reached for the zip which was at the back of the body suit which the Italian enchantress was wearing. The tight garment came loose and was easily peeled off the amazingly sensual body to expose to Paula’s heated gaze the sight she had been yearning for since Sophia’s arrival. As Sophia stepped out of the garment which was crumpled at her feet, Paula stepped back to better view the stunning sight. The size of Sophia’s breasts were no surprise to Paula but the way the huge globes thrust out from the chest without a hint of sag caused Paula to gasp in amazement. Sophia’s body was athletic but, other than her thighs which rippled with muscle, not overly muscular. The centre of her sexuality, her pubic mound, was covered with a neatly trimmed, though thick, bush of black hair. Sophia reached out a hand and guided Paula to the king-sized bed which dominated the room. She lay on her back on the bed and commanded “Worship my body Paula”

Paula was in her element as she began her adoration of Sophia’s body by taking the nipple of one huge breast into her mouth while rubbing the other nub between her finger and thumb. She was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure from Sophia. Encouraged, Paula moved her mouth from one nipple to the other sucking hard and nibbling lightly with her teeth. Soon Sophia was moaning with pleasure and urging Paula to bite harder. Paula obliged—Sophia must be obeyed.

“Get to my cunt!” ordered Sophia, although it sounded as much like a plea as a command. Paula was turning the Italian on more than anyone had for a long time. Although Sophia knew she was in control of the blonde, she was aware that she was on the verge of losing her cool as a result of Paula’s unexpected expertise in the Sapphic arts. Within seconds Paula was proving that her expertise with a cunt was every bit as great as her ability in tit sucking. Wrapping her long tongue around Sophia’s already rampant clit she lapped it vigorously until the Italian was screaming with ecstasy as her body was rocked with the spasms of multiple orgasms. Before she had recovered from the shattering orgasms Paula was using her hand to enter Sophia’s wet love channel. At first it was only fingers but before Sophia could catch her breath her cunt was filled with Paula’s whole hand which was converted to a fist before the blonde began to pump it in and out. Sophia howled as the waves of sexual delight swept over her. Paula was turning the hypnotic dominant inside out with her lesbian skill. As the waves subsided with the withdrawal of Paula’s fist from her gushing pussy, Sophia began to recover her equilibrium and clear her head but Paula was not finished with her yet. As one hand began to strum Sophia’s clit the other attacked her asshole. In seconds Sophia was cumming again and losing control of her body.

When Sophia regained her senses she found Paula straddling her face with her soaking wet cunt poised above her mouth. For a brief moment Sophia thought she had lost control of Paula but Paula eased her fear by asking in a pleading tone “Please Sophia I need to cum so badly. I tried so hard to please you, can I have my reward?”

Dominant though she was, Sophia was not cruel. She reached up and drew Paula’s pussy to her mouth. So hot was Paula that she reached orgasm within seconds of Sophia’s tongue touching her clit. As the spasms shook her body, Paula sighed with contentment and fell on to her side to lie beside an amazed Sophia.

“Paula, sleep for Sophia” intoned the exhausted Italian beauty. Paula’s eyes glazed over and then closed in hypnotic sleep.

It was clear to Sophia that Paula was an experienced lesbian. She had entranced many women into making love to her but never had any of them been as skilful in sapphic sex as Paula had shown herself to be. She needed to find out more of Paula’s background if her plans for this household were not to upset by unforeseen circumstances.

“Paula, I want you to tell me about your previous lesbian experiences. You will enjoy doing this because it will increase your ability to relax if you reveal all to me. You want to relax more Paula. Tell me about your lesbian lovers.”

A smile of contentment appeared on Paula’s lips and she began her story. “My first lover was Doreen when I was eighteen. She was our next door neighbour and about twenty three years old. She seemed so worldly I was always pleased to visit her and talk about things I could not discuss with my mother. She taught me how to suck pussy by first showing me how it is done and then giving me tuition on the job as it were. She was a good teacher and a really expert muff-diver. Doreen went to America when I was twenty and though I missed her it was as a friend and sex partner not a lover. There was great passion but no emotional attachment. There have been two others since Doreen. My flatmate Jean and I enjoyed sapphic sex on occasion though we were both more into men really. Since I have been married the only girl—girl sex I have had has been with Petra who is a fitness instructor at a gym I visit near the office. Great body and great tongue. That is my only experience.”

Sophia was pleased that there was no near- by lesbian lover who might be a problem but realised that she would need to amend her former instructions so that Paula could continue her sex sessions with Petra if she wished.

“You are deeply relaxed Paula and that brings you great pleasure. That pleasure increases as you obey me. You can continue to have sex with Petra if you wish but not with any other woman without my instructions. You will not reveal your sexual relations with me to anyone. When you are outside of this house you will think of me only as your au pair. Inside this house you will obey me. Do you understand Paula?”

“Yes Sophia”

For the next two days Paula went to work as usual and returned in the evenings to complete the housework before sharing blissful lesbian sex with her mistress. Sophia was pleased with the way things were progressing but was preparing herself mentally for the arrival of James Benson the following day.

A tired James Benson dragged his case from the boot of his car and headed for his front door. Before he reached the door it opened to reveal a young woman of such beauty and sensuality that James’s mouth dropped open in surprise.

“Welcome back Mr. Benson. I am Sophia your Au Pair. Your wife has had to work late tonight but she has instructed me to cater to all your needs until she returns.”

James was a faithful husband who loved his wife but the impact of the sultry voice combined with the visual stimulus of large unfettered breast thrusting in a tight sweater was overwhelming. For the first time in years he felt the stirring in his loins brought on by a woman other than his wife. For some moments he continued to stare in awe before gaining at least part of his senses and his power of speech.

“Um, ah, thank you.” he managed. “I’m pleased to meet you Sophia.”

Sophia was delighted with the immediate effect she had on her employer and moved closer to him to consolidate her advantage. As she reached for James’s suitcase, her perfume invaded his senses and his equilibrium was destroyed as she contrived to caress his arm with her breasts while whispering in his ear, “Just relax and let Sophia take care of you.” A wave of desire flooded through his body and he sighed with contentment.

“Yes” was all James was able to utter as Sophia took his suitcase from his grasp and looped her arm through his to lead him into the house. James had an odd feeling of disorientation despite the fact that he was entering his own house. The gentle rubbing of the young woman’s breasts on his arm as they walked added to the feeling of unreality he was experiencing but it was a feeling which he liked very much. Dropping the case in the hall, Sophia continued to lead the bemused man into the lounge.

“You must be very tired after your trip Mr. Benson so why don’t you just relax in your recliner while I make the gin and tonic you enjoy at this time of day. You do not have to worry about a thing. I am here to look after your needs. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the feelings of pleasure you experience when a tired tense body is able rest.” As Sophia brought the drink to her employer she was pleased to see that her coaxing had achieved the desired effect and that James Benson was reclining in a relaxed and somnolent state. She placed the drink on the table beside the chair.

“Your drink is ready when you want it but I expect you want just to lie there and relax that tired body and mind for a while before you drink it. Relaxation is so important for a man who has such a demanding job as yours. The chair is ideal for relaxing your body and you can feel yourself sinking into the soft fabric as each of your tense muscles relaxes but for someone with an alert and active brain like yours it is even more important that there is total relaxation of the mind. Do you agree Mr. Benson?”

“Yes” murmured James. He was amazed how perceptive this young woman was to his needs. Mental relaxation was indeed just what he needed.

“Why don’t you just close your eyes and let me guide you into a more relaxed state of mind. There is no need for you to concern yourself with problems at work or here at home. As you feel my fingers smoothing your forehead it is as if all the tension in your brain flows out through my fingers and leaves only a calm quiet void which is so restful and relaxing. With each touch more thoughts leave your mind and all that is left is the peacefulness that you desire. Clear of all thoughts now James ..... nothing in the world matters now but the quiet state of relaxation ..... only my voice remains in the void ...... nothing else matters ..... nothing matters but my voice which is replacing all the thoughts which have left your mind ..... only my voice remains but that pleases you because it is through my voice you have been able to completely relax your mind. I am going to count to ten now James and as each number passes you will double your depth of relaxation and double your desire to listen to my voice and obey the instructions it gives you.”

James Benson felt wonderful. He had never been so relaxed and at peace in his life and it was so delightful to have the soft caressing voice aiding him in thinking in his restful state. He did not want to think for himself because that would destroy the relaxed state he was enjoying. As he listened to the lovely smooth voice counting to ten he felt his relaxation reaching ever deeper levels but he did not have any desire to resist the pleasant experience. The voice was there to help him solve all his problems. All he had to do was obey the voice and he would be happy for ever. He knew this to be true because the voice promised him this would happen and the voice was always right. This convoluted concept seemed quite logical to his entranced mind. He was content.

Sophia had abandoned the stroking of James’s forehead when she reached the count of ten. She knew full well that her employer was helplessly entranced and was ready to have his mind reprogrammed to meet her needs and those of his wife.

“This is your Goddess speaking to you James. You will always worship and obey your Goddess without question or doubt. You enjoy the feeling of relaxation you have been granted by your Goddess so much that she has only to say ’ Relax for your Goddess, James ’ and you will immediately enter the deeply relaxed state you now enjoy. Do you understand, James?”

“Yes, Goddess” came from the hypnotised man.

To test her control Sophia woke her entranced employer and suggested he finish his drink. He did so with a confused look on his face as his mind tried to come to terms with the strange feeling he was experiencing in the young woman’s presence. As he placed his glass on the table, Sophia spoke: “Relax for your Goddess, James” James immediately returned to his entranced state without any resistance.

“Do you know who is speaking to you James?”

“Yes. My Goddess.”

“You have a wife James. What is her name?”

“Paula, Goddess”

“From this moment on whenever you are in this house you will address your wife as Mistress Paula and you will obey her as you would your Goddess. Do you understand James?”

“Yes, Goddess.”

“From now on James whenever you are in this house you will be constantly ready to a number of roles that your Goddess or you Mistress will demand of you. Your first role will be your normal role. In this role you will behave as you would outside of the house and will have no memory of the other roles you will be required to assume on command. Your second role will be your housework role. In this role you will perform all the household tasks such as, cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking etc. If you have any doubts as to how to perform any of these tasks you Mistress will provide you with the necessary instructions. You will immediately enter this role whenever your Goddess or your Mistress issue the order ’ Enter housework role’. Your third role will be your dildo role. When ordered to ’ Enter dildo role’ you will remove all your clothes, achieve full erection and lie on your back ready to be used as a dildo for your Mistress. However long your Mistress chooses to use you in this role you will not ejaculate until she orders you to do so.” Sophia paused to observe the effect of the instructions on her employer. His continued look of contentment told her that no conflict was going on in his mind. “Do you understand the instructions, James?”

“Yes, Goddess. I understand.”

“Your third role will be that of lady’s maid to your Mistress which you will assume on the order ’ Enter maid role’. In this role you will serve the needs of your mistress in preparing her clothes and her hair and in assisting her in bathing. The fourth role you will assume when hearing the order ’ Enter Sex Slave role” is that of a devoted sex slave to your Mistress and Goddess. While in this role you will perform any sexual act that is demanded of you and your sole aim will be to bring delight to these women without any regard to your own pleasure. You will move from role to role without conscious thought and without even being aware of the change. On the command ’ Return to normal’ you will return to your normal role without any memory of what you have done in your other roles. Do you understand all these instructions, James?”

“Yes, Goddess.”

“Will you obey these instructions?”

“Yes, Goddess.”

“Excellent. Your Goddess is pleased with you James. It is time for you to awaken now James and you will do so 30 seconds after I touch you on the forehead. When you awaken you will have no conscious memory of what we have discussed but you will retain all the instruction in you sub-conscious and will act upon them whenever you receive the orders from me or your Mistress. When you awaken you will think only that you dropped off after your drink.” Sophia touched the entranced man’s forehead and left the room.

Sophia went upstairs to the bedroom where Paula was in an hypnotic sleep that Sophia had induced when she saw James arriving. When Sophia awoke her, Paula looked at the au pair with sexual arousal in her eyes.

“Your husband is in the lounge waiting for you. You know what to do with him. You are his Mistress and he will assume any of the roles he has been assigned on your instructions. I expect you will want to have sex with him after his absence but you should remember that he has household duties to perform and not get carried away. I shall join you after an hour so that he can become accustomed to the two of us having sex together. Go now”

“Hello darling. Welcome back” said Paula as she entered the lounge.

“Hello Mistress” answered James. He frowned slightly at the use of the term Mistress for his wife But he immediately dismissed the doubt. She was his Mistress and entitled to being addressed as such.

“Make me a gin and tonic darling and then ‘Enter dildo role’”

James made the drink in a perfectly normal manner and brought it to his wife. Then he froze for a second before beginning to remove all his clothes. By the time he was naked he had a rampant erection. This stood at attention and ready for his Mistress to use as he lay on the carpet of the lounge. Paula observed her husband in the submissive position and felt a thrill of domination rush through her body. She took of the robe which was the only garment she was wearing and sat on the edge of the chair sipping her drink in such a position that James had a clear view of her hot pussy.

“Do you want my pussy to eat up that big hard-on you have there James?” she purred.

“Yes please Mistress.”

“Soon. You must have patience until your Mistress is ready.” She began to gently stroke the full lips of her cunt. She was careful to avoid touching her clit so as not to cum prematurely but her touch was calculated to set all the juices running in her channel. She knew the effect she was having on her husband and revelled in the sexual torture she was inflicting. Unknown to Paula, Sophia was watching her performance with her husband. Sophia was pleased with the dominance that the previously submissive wife was showing. It was amazing what could be achieved if one used hypnosis in an effective manner. She would continue to influence Paula’s sexual tendency to increase her dominance with all but herself. Paula was such a willing learner Sophia was considering teaching her the skill of hypnotism. Sophia grinned as Paula rose from the chair and poised her wet cunt teasingly over her husband’s yearning erection.

“My pussy is getting so hungry now James. Nearly time for her to eat that hard prick. Are you ready, James?”

Yes, Mistress” moaned James.

From her squatting position, Paula suddenly plunged downward to engulf her husband’s penis deep inside her with a huge sigh. It brought a howl of pleasure from James. His mind was filled with desire for his wonderful Mistress who was so good to him. Paula rode him hard, relishing the dominance that the position afforded her. She looked down at her husband’s face expecting to see anguish on it from his unusually subservient position but what she saw was a look of delight and adoration. After a couple of orgasms, Paula began to slow the cadence strokes to savour the delightful pleasure she was experiencing. At this point Sophia joined her employers.

As Sophia came into James’s line of sight, Paula was sure his erection became harder than ever. In view of the effect that the sight of Sophia’s body had on her it came as no surprise that her husband reacted to it. Sophia bent over and kissed Paula on the lips.

“You were born for dominance, Paula and it only needed me to bring it out and guide your progress. This is only the beginning for you. Soon you will be the Mistress of many but for ever you will be my lesbian love slave.”

“Your will is my will” answered Paula and a feeling of great contentment swept through her mind.

Sophia decided a bit of male tongue action on her yearning clit would be just the thing before James was placed into the housework role to do the vacuuming and prepare dinner for them. Spreading her legs on either side of James’s head she lowered her hot, wet cunt onto his face. As the dark haired pussy descended James knew this was paradise to have his Mistress riding his erection and his Goddess sitting on his face. No man was happier than he. Half an hour later, the two women agreed that much as they would like to continue, there was work to be done. Paula rewarded James by allowing him to ejaculate and then placed him into his housework role with an instruction to clean up the mess on the carpet as his first task. With the sound of the cleaner being used in the bedrooms filtering into the lounge, Sophia and Paula lay in each other’s arms on the settee gently caressing breasts and kissing deeply. The evening was one of domestic bliss for all three. Paula had had to provide James with some guidance in the kitchen but he was a quick study and produced a more than adequate meal. James as befitted his station ate in the kitchen while the women dined elegantly. While the women enjoyed coffee in the lounge, James washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. At ten pm. James reported to his Mistress that he had fulfilled his house keeping role for the day and was available for any other tasks she wished him to perform.

“Enter sex slave role” ordered Paula. “Remove all your clothes and obtain full erection. You will maintain that erection until you hear the phrase “flacid now”. When ordered to do so you will thrust your prick into my cunt and continue to fuck me until ordered to stop. You will not cum until instructed to do so.”

Quietly Sophia said “Sleep for Sophia, Paula” and the dominant wife sank into the hypnotic thrall of her au pair. It was time to control Paula’s growing dominance so that she would continue to be master of the house. While Sophia wanted to encourage Paula’s dominant urges she did not intend to allow Paula’s sexual needs to supersede her own.

“Paula, when making decisions in this house your prime concern must always be to ensure that my needs and desires are paramount. Your husband is your’s to do with as you wish but you and he are subservient to me at all times. You will never forget this even when you are feeling at your most dominant. Do you understand Paula?”

“Yes, Sophia I understand.”

Sophia woke Paula and saw a moment of confusion on the other woman’s face but it cleared quickly and Paula asked “Do my orders to the slave confirm with your wishes, Sophia?”

“Partly. You will suck my pussy while presenting your own to the slave to enter it from the rear.”

Paula raised Sophia’s skirt to reveal her unclad pussy and after a short pause to instruct James on his task, plunged her face into the waiting cunt. Sophia marvelled again at the expertise with which Paula used her mouth as she was brought to a rapid orgasm. Sophia could feel Paula’s face bouncing rhythmically into her gash as a result of the hard regular thrusts she was receiving from her husband’s hard cock but it did not distract Paula from her task and Sophia was brought to a second orgasm in double quick time. After a while Sophia instructed Paula to cease her sucking and she removed her clothes. The clothed but pantyless Paula continued to moan in ecstasy as her husband pumped into her. Sophia surveyed the scene and decided to change it. On Sophia’s instruction Paula put James into his dildo role which enabled Paula to continue to use his cock while Sophia could use his mouth and face. With the two women’s cunts satisfactorily occupied they were able to fondle and kiss each other while subjecting James to dual dominance. By midnight two happy women and an ecstatic man were ready for bed—Sophia and Paula in the master bedroom and James in the spare room. The new regime in the Benson household was now in place.

Two weeks later when James had set of to his office, his work at the office was not effected by his new home life which was hidden from his memory when he was not in the house or under direct control of one of the women, Paula was also preparing to go to her office.

“What do you have planned today?” Paula asked Sophia.

“I am going down to the gym for a work-out and sauna. There is a lovely young wife who is a regular there and I noticed her watching me in the shower the other day from behind the lockers. I think today I may persuade her to have a much closer look. If she is any good would you like me to bring her back here for you to play with?”

“I’d like that. Talking about gyms, I am getting fed up with the way Petra tops me when we have sex. I have tried to be more dominant with her but she is just too strong. You promised to help me with her.”

“Soon” replied Sophia.

The phone rang and Paula answered it. A few minutes later a grinning Paula joined Sophia in the kitchen.

“That was James’s sister Tina. She’s coming to visit for the weekend. I wonder if she can suck pussy as well as her brother can?”

“We’ll have to find out won’t we” laughed Sophia.

End of Part One.