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Ahead of the Game

Night Wolf

Chapter 4

“Holly! What the hell are you doing?” Jeff gasped in disbelief. “Please wait out here until I get back. I wont be long,” he told his companions as he stepped through the door, closing it behind him. Leandra and Diana were amused as they watched him go in, but Michelle seemed unconcerned as she waited patiently for her lover.

Jeff was stunned as he entered the house, for there on the couch, wearing nothing but a smile, was his little sister furiously fingering herself. As the boy watched the girl’s fingers frantically sawing in and out of her overflowing young pussy. Although Jeff was stunned at the erotic sight in front of him, his cock apparently had no objections as it began pulsating to life. As he gazed at her drooling cunt, Jeff felt himself being drawn to the beautiful sight awaiting him. When he reached her, it was as if he could actually taste the juices that were flowing out of the young girl.

Holly glanced up at her brother, but instead of being embarrassed, she felt herself become even more aroused as she watched the boy lick his lips. She had been hoping he would be home soon so she could finally seduce her brother. She had been planning it for weeks, and today she was finally going to lose her virginity. She slowly took her hand away from her steaming cunt to allow him to see her in all her glory. She could see by the look in his eyes, that he had reached his breaking point. Today, he would be hers.

Jeff’s hands seemed to have a mind of their own as he quickly undressed himself. As the last of his clothes were deposited on the floor beside the couch, he slowly lowered himself to his knees as he gazed hungrily at the prize that he was being given. He had been told that incest was wrong, but as he began lowering his lips to his panting sister’s and began kissing her, softly at first then more demanding, all the things he had been told were brushed aside. Holly pulled him to her, wrapping her arms tightly around her sibling as she pulled him on top of her. Jeff held himself up on one elbow as he began gazing into his sister’s eyes. He knew she was a virgin, and he didn’t want to hurt her, but he had to have her. All rational thought left him as soon as he began kissing her again. Her arms were wrapped around him as she began writhing beneath him, aching to feel his hard cock inside her. Jeff began trailing kisses down her neck, and to her proud breasts. As he reached her left breast, he licked all around her erect nipple, slowly drawing it into his waiting mouth. As he sucked on the pebble perched on her firm globe, he could feel the girl tense.

“Oh, that feels so good bro, don’t stop, please don’t stop,” she whispered as she felt the beginnings of her first ever climax with a boy. As the feeling’s continued to increase, she began pressing her smoldering cunt against his hot cock, straining to reach her goal. When Jeff switched to her other nipple, it was enough to send her over that magical peak. She began bucking wildly underneath him as she began feeling the intense waves of pleasure washing over her. Jeff held her as her orgasm continued unabated for a couple of minutes. After she began breathing normally, the boy felt it was time to take it to the next level.

“Sis, are you sure you want to keep going,” he asked her as he began tracing down her side with his fingers. When she nodded yes, he began kissing her stomach, trailing his lips down to her still dripping cunt. As he reached her clit, he sucked it into his mouth, swirling his tongue all around it, amazed at the way it grew in his mouth. As he continued to suck and lick on it, she began squirming under him, then suddenly reaching up, she pulled him on top of her.

“Please Jeff, I have to have you in me now. I feel like I’m going to burst if you don’t put it in me soon,” she told him as she grabbed frantically for his cock, trying to guide it inside of her. Jeff raised his hips slightly to allow the lust crazed girl to guide him into her velvety softness. As she fitted the head of his aching cock into her tight cunt, he was amazed at how tight she was. The boy began pushing gently into his sister, not wanting to hurt her any more than was necessary, but the girl was having none of that. As she grabbed his hips with both hands, she suddenly pulled him into her as hard as she could. Jeff thought his dick was going to break off as he hit the barrier, but it gave way to allow him access to his sister’s steaming depths.

“OW! Shit! Oh my god that hurts! Stay there for just a minute, please,” she begged him. Jeff remained where he was to allow his sister to get used to the feeling of being stuffed with his hard cock. He could feel her pussy massaging his dick as he lay there. He hoped the feeling would never end, but he knew that it would very soon. When Holly began squirming underneath him, Jeff knew she was ready to continue and began to slowly stroke in and out of her quivering flesh. Even though he had cum so many times already, he could feel it building as he began pumping in and out of her hot cunt. Holly wasn’t far behind him though and she began pushing back up on his down strokes, trying to get even more into her. As they both felt themselves getting even closer to their respective orgasms, they gave themselves up to their feelings. Jeff began pistoning in and out of her hard and fast, driving both of them higher, till the build up was too much for him. Jeff felt the sperm begin blasting out of his cock deep inside of her. When Holly felt his hot seed spurting into her, she was set off into her own orgasm. It was white hot and blinding in its intensity, seemingly going on forever. Finally coming down, they kissed each other tenderly, as they both tried to regain their breath.

“I love you Jeff, I’ve waited so long for you to do that. I didn’t think you would ever notice me,” she told him as she caught her breath.

“I love you too, I’ve been dreaming about this for years, but I could never have dreamt it would be this incredible. You are amazing,” he told her. A slight noise reminded him of his companions waiting outside, “Oh my god! I forgot our guests, we need to get dressed fast.” The two quickly began dressing, pausing only briefly between garments for quick kisses, until finally, they were dressed and looking presentable.

Jeff went back to the door and beckoned for everyone to come back in. As Leandra came in she glanced at Holly, then turned back to Jeff and told him with a smirk, " Now I see why it took you so long to come back for us.” When she saw Holly becoming embarrassed, she smiled softly at her, “I’m sorry, I just meant to tease him, you are very lovely and I can see why he loves you so much.”

Jeff led the group into the living room and invited them to sit. When everyone was seated, he sat down on the sofa, pulling Holly onto his lap. Holly eyed the group warily as Jeff started by telling her the tale of the events that had happened to him in the previous few days. As he continued with his tale, Holly began to shift in his lap, arousing the horny teen yet again. The girl began grinning wickedly at him as Jeff continued with his story. When he had finished his tale, Jeff introduced his growing band to his mischievous sister. She smiled at each of them, then looked puzzled as she came to Michelle. Seeing the confusion on his sister’s face, Jeff glanced at Michelle. The girl was looking down at the floor, seemingly engrossed in the carpet under her feet. Seeing this, Jeff told her, “Michelle, you are part of my family now. Please don’t be shy.” The shy girl gazed up at him with tears of happiness in her eyes, a smile forming on her lips. When he saw the happiness he had given her with just a few words, Jeff knew he had said the right thing.

Introductions completed,Jeff decided it was time he begin his training with the sword. With a gentle nudge, he let his sister know it was time for her to get off his lap. Holly gave one last wiggle on his lap then stood up, allowing Jeff to stand.

“Are you ready to begin my lessons, Diana,” he asked the beautiful, fierce looking warrior.

“Yes, I was beginning to think you would never ask,” she said with a wink as she glanced at both of the younger girls that had so recently had playing with him. “You will need to change your pants before we do anything though. The trousers you are wearing now aren’t the type of thing you will be wanting to wear while you are wielding a sword.”

Jeff walked to the stairway and was about to climb the stairs when he noticed Holly following him. He smiled at her as she took his hand, then received a shock when Michelle stood up and walked over to him. Carrying the new clothing the two instructors had purchased for Jeff, she followed the brother and sister up the stairs. After he reached his room, Jeff began to unfasten his jeans, but felt a pair of feminine hands taking this job over. Looking up, he saw Michelle awaiting his signal for her to unfasten and remove his pants, when she received a nod of assent; she quickly unfastened the button at the top and slowly opened the zipper to reveal the effect she was having on him. The girl licked her lips as she got them unzipped. She gently began to tug them off of him, sliding them down over his hips and thighs till they made a puddle at his feet. Stepping out of them, he felt her hand begin clutching to remove his briefs as well.

“As much as I would like to, we need to wait on that. I need to get changed so I can begin training,” Jeff told the girl as he kissed her softly. Glancing over to his sister, Jeff motioned her to him. Holly walked over to her brother and kissed him, wrapping her arms around him to let him know how much she loved him. The girls smiled at each other and began dressing the boy, seemingly enjoying the task. They began with Holly slowly sliding the black leather pants up his legs with Michelle leading the way, kissing every bare inch of skin ahead of the rising trousers, which was causing Jeff’s cock to begin rising yet again. Jeff gently grabbed Holly’s hands and pulled his pants up, closing them quickly lest he change his mind. After he had completed his dressing, Jeff quickly glanced down and saw that even though the slacks he had put on were tight, he could move easily in them. Satisfied with his appearance, Jeff led the two lusty girls down the stairs to join the two women already awaiting him at the bottom of the stairs.

“Are you ready young warrior,” Diana asked him as he reached the bottom of the stairway. With a nod, Jeff headed for the door, followed closely by the rest of his companions.

“I am looking forward to this,” he told his newest instructor as he opened the door and went out into the bright sunshine. As Holly closed the door behind her, he began the short walk back to the place that would help him prepare for his future battle.

Part 2.

Jeff stepped into the clearing, followed by his growing band, looking around him to see where the best place would be to start. He decided to move a few things around to give them more room. Jeff began using his new abilities to move rocks, trees, and bushes to give him the space he knew would be needed. When he was satisfied that he would have the area needed, he turned to Diana.

“First you will need a sword, I have brought one that I hope will meet with your approval,” she told him as she walked over to the items that had previously escaped his notice. Reaching into a bag, she brought out a long gleaming sword. It was encrusted with rubies and diamonds in the hilt, with a sleek glistening blade. It looked as if it could slice through a rock with ease. When Diana handed the sword to Jeff, he stepped away from her, wanting to take a few experimental swings with it. He was surprised at how easily he was able to swing it, he knew instinctively that it was well balanced and almost seemed like it was made for him.

“Are you ready to begin your first lesson,” Diana asked as she began warming up with her sword. Jeff watched the smooth arcs of her sword, as she swung it back and forth and in circles around her head. Jeff stood mesmerized by the sight. She was effortless in her motions and the sword seemed to be a part of her. The boy was startled as she suddenly stopped and turned toward him, raising her sword above her head. Jeff stepped back and copied her motion. With the sword held high above his head, he felt an unexpected peace. He felt like he was where he should be. A clear warm day, dueling with a worthy opponent, life didn’t get better than this. He didn’t know where that thought had come from, but it felt right to him.

The two began circling each other, thrusting and parrying, stopping once in awhile so Diana could show him a counter or a block. They continued to practice for hours, till finally, Jeff had to take a rest.

Jeff walked wearily to the nearest tree, and sat down, leaning back against its comforting support. Holly and Michelle joined him there, wiping his brow, snuggling close to him when they had completed their ministrations on him. After he regained his breath, he turned to Diana.

“Where did you learn to do that? You are awesome. I am worn out, and you aren’t even breathing hard.”

“I was holding a sword in my hands when I was very young. You have to be able to fight with a sword, if you live in the area I live in,” she replied.

“Prin.... Diana, remember, we are not allowed to give out too much information. Part of the game requires us to only tell him what he needs to know. Any more than that and you know what happens,” Leandra warned Diana.

“Yes, I had forgotten. The young warrior is improving so quickly, I have forgotten our purpose here,” she replied.

Jeff watched the interaction between his instructors and began wondering what was happening. What was Leandra about to say, and what purpose. The thoughts were all swirling through his head, providing more questions than answers. The boy decided not to puzzle over the obvious riddles that were puzzling him, but concentrate instead on what was awaiting him.